micahgawesome :)00:38
micahgchrisccoulson: do you know why the langpacks are built on non-i386 archs?00:39
micahgrather, is there a reason for that00:39
BarkingFishMorning guys - Just wondering if you can help fairly quickly, I got an update earlier to thunderbird mail, and it's now not working at the current version.  I click to open, the icon sits for a few moments, but thunderbird does not open, no gui, nada00:40
micahgBarkingFish: what release?00:42
micahgBarkingFish: you probably have an incompatible addon00:42
BarkingFishInstalled: 9.0+build2-0ubuntu0.11.10.100:43
BarkingFishand I have no addons whatsoever00:43
micahgI'm running the same build with addons00:44
micahgBarkingFish: try starting in safe mode, thunderbird -safe-mode I believe00:44
BarkingFishwhat are you on, ubuntu or kubuntu, and which version?00:44
BarkingFishI'm on Kubuntu, 11.1000:44
micahgBarkingFish: can you run 'strace -f -eopen thunderbird 2>&1 | tee ~/thunderbird.strace' and see if you get anything interesting00:45
BarkingFishok, give me a moment, anything pops up and i'll pastebinit for you00:46
BarkingFishholy cow00:47
BarkingFishI got so much it blew my konsole scrollback :000:47
micahgwell, you should get output (stored in that file) the question is is there any interesting output00:47
micahgCTRL-C to stop if the gui doesn't pop up00:48
BarkingFishi didn't get a chance to check it all, it went past so fast and probably half of it is missing :)00:48
BarkingFishthe GUI did come up though00:48
micahgcool :)00:48
micahgweird though00:48
micahgISTR someone else having a similar issue, that it would only run in gdb00:49
micahgbut that was firefox00:49
micahgBarkingFish: can you check the addons manager, Tools -> Addons to see if anything interesting is in there00:49
BarkingFishi'm running strace etc into a text file, so I can pastebin it up - pastebinit won't read directly from strace :(00:50
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micahgBarkingFish: you already did that, tee writes to the file given as well as STDOUT00:50
BarkingFishoh crud00:51
BarkingFishso I now have a text file writing a text file into a text file :P The paradox of the century :)00:51
BarkingFishmicahg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/794439/00:51
BarkingFishthat was one hell of a file :)00:52
micahgBarkingFish: email might have been better :)00:55
micahgyeah, it comes out fast00:55
micahgBarkingFish: so, I'd suggest disabling the unity and messaging menu integration in the addons and see if that helps00:56
BarkingFishmicahg: I figured email would have been faster too, but until I get the email client stable and I'm certain it's gonna work, I wasn't gonna send anything out00:56
micahgBarkingFish: oh, right :)00:56
BarkingFishi didn't realise i had any addons. It's great that things get put in without your knowledge :P00:56
BarkingFishI certainly didn't add them00:57
micahgBarkingFish: those seem to be the only real failures in terms of not being able to open00:57
BarkingFishall disabled, how do I remove them, since I didn't install them, and I don't really want my email client bloated with [censored] I didn't ask for :)00:58
micahgBarkingFish: yeah, globalmenu is a recommends, messaging menu is just shipped in the thunderbird binary for some reason00:58
BarkingFishi'd prefer them all out of the system if I can get rid of them00:58
micahgBarkingFish: thunderbird-globalmenu you can uninstall with muon00:58
BarkingFishi use apper, but whatever :)00:59
micahgthe other one, you can't really remove ATM, you can ask chrisccoulson when he gets back if he'd consider putting that in its own binary00:59
BarkingFishit would be nice00:59
micahgBarkingFish: sure, I just figured Muon since it's the Kubuntu default00:59
BarkingFishit's our default?01:00
micahgI thought Muon was the default package manager for Kubuntu01:00
* BarkingFish shakes his head. 01:00
* micahg could be wrong01:01
BarkingFishIt used to be kpackagekit, which died when packagekit wouldn't build for 11.10, and it was changed to apper I thought, by dantti from kde01:01
BarkingFishapparently, micahg - it IS muon01:04
BarkingFishand that disappoints me no end, because muon is a royal pain in the backside :)01:04
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