pleia2akgraner: if you get some time today, can you go through the google doc and do some gardening? I've been adding articles since our last release, and while it's been a slow news time with the holiday there still may be too many17:45
pleia2another pair of eyes before we send it off to summary writers tomorrow morning would be helpful :)17:45
akgranerpleia2, sure thing17:46
pleia2akgraner: also, were you able to get the google doc together last night?17:46
pleia2(wiki page review)17:46
akgranerI just need to copy it over - will do that as well - fixed my notes so you could understand my Amberisms17:47
akgranerI'll have it all done for you tonight :-)17:47
akgranerPete's not home  -so I have free time :-)17:48
pleia2awesome, thank you17:48
AlanBellhi all20:27
AlanBellthe IRCC has issued a call for operators for the #lubuntu channel https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-irc/2012-January/001475.html20:27
pleia2thanks AlanBell20:27
pleia2want x-posted to fridge?20:28
AlanBellyes please pleia222:34
akgranerpleia2, do you have time if not I can post it22:36
akgranerjust didn't want to duplicate your efforts if you've already started on it22:45
pleia2akgraner: go for it (busy at work)22:49
akgraneron it22:49
TDO|AquinaIs it allowed to republish the RSS feed located on http://fridge.ubuntu.com/?22:54
akgranerThey emailed the editors list I'll answer it there   - sorry I missed them23:14
pleia2I don't see a problem as long as they link back for each article23:15
pleia2simply copying w/o attribution isn't good23:15
MobileDruifakgraner: pleia2: date went well, very well :)23:22
akgranerpleia2, yep that's what I was going to tell them - there are a couple of sites that republish the RSS Feed but they give attribution23:23
MobileDruifakgraner: what are you talking about?23:30
pleia2MobileDruif: glad to hear it!23:35
MobileDruifThanks :D23:37
pleia2and re: akgraner, somone dropped by earlier (and sent an email) asking about whether they could aggregate the fridge on their site23:38

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