DaekdroomWhat focus problem?00:13
snadge*epic dual picard facepalm*00:14
snadgein firefox.. for whatever reason, sometimes the autocomplete stuff doesnt come up00:15
snadgeunless you click the title.. then click back into the location bar00:15
DaekdroomAh. I thought of something else.00:15
DaekdroomBut yes, I noticed that too00:15
snadgesometimes the problem manifests in other ways.. which i forget at this point in time00:15
snadgebut it often results in having to refocus the already focussed window for either text input.. or effects which require focus to work00:16
snadgethe firefox description is probably the easiest to describe and relate to00:16
snadgei dont think the problem is purely restricted to firefox however.. and its extremely difficult to reproduce00:16
snadgeyet manages to happen irritatingly frequently00:17
snadgeim not familiar enough with how X, firefox and compiz with the unity plugin works.. to even begin to investigate this problem00:22
snadgei was hoping one of the primary devs could spend a small amount of time investigating this00:22
mhall119snadge: bzr branch lp:unity, make it suck less, bzr commit, bzr push, done00:52
mhall119though if it's a focus issue, it's more likely to be compiz than unity00:52
snadgei can code .. but im seriously out of my depth with regards to investigating this one particular issue00:52
snadgeim assuming firefox has some code in it.. to tell whether it has focus or not00:53
mhall119snadge: you assume that a primary dev hasn't already spent a considerable amount of time trying to isolate this problem00:53
snadgewhat i dont understand is how typing will put text into the location bar.. the window appears to have focus visually00:53
snadgebut it wont autocomplete the history as you're typing00:53
mhall119but what you type appears in the location bar?00:54
mhall119then it's not a focus issue00:54
mhall119obviously firefox has keyboard focus00:54
snadgewell it is.. because if you click the title bar00:54
snadgethen click back into the location bar.. then the history autocompletes as you would expect00:54
mhall119if firefox has keyboard focus, it's not a focus issue, it's gotta be something else00:54
snadgeobviously doing that shouldn't do anything at all00:55
snadgeif the focus is already on the window, and text is going into the location bar.. then the autocomplete function should work as expected00:55
snadgethe key to understanding this problem.. is to figure out why refocussing the window "fixes" it00:55
snadgeand i guess knowing where to look would also help00:57
snadgeand how things work would also help00:57
mhall119sounds like a firefox bug then01:03
mhall119once X sends the keyboard inputs to the app, it's up to the app what it does with them01:03
mhall119if you file a bug in launchpad describing exactly what's happening, someone will send it to the right place01:04
snadgeyeah except.. i only see the problem if im running unity01:06
snadgeif i use something else.. it works fine01:06
snadgeso its probably compiz related01:06
snadgeand if you report it to the compiz guys.. they'll most likely say.. its a problem with the unity plugin01:07
snadgewhich has nothing to do with us01:07
snadgei know how the free software blame game works01:07
snadgethats why i can't really report it as a problem.. until i know a lot more about where the problem is01:07
mgedmin"you cannot solve a problem until you know the answer"01:08
mgedminforgot who said that01:08
gypdHelp I've lost the launcher and the icons at the top right of screen,i.e- the button for system settings plus shutting down or logging out01:08
snadgei think im unwelcome in the compiz channel anyway.. last time i was in there.. i hurled abuse at them01:09
mgedminyeah, not the best strategy to get other people to fix bugs for you ;-)01:12
* mgedmin shifts around guiltily01:12
snadgetheres one guy in there who has an attitude though ;)01:14
snadgeand its not like the first time i was in there.. it was building up to that01:14
snadgelets just say.. i can understand why gnome doesnt use compiz anymore01:14
snadgeand its a shame that unity is stuck with it ;)01:15
snadgeif gnome-shell was more like unity... i'd use it.. honestly01:15
snadgei cant stand the dorky huge window titles.. the ugly ass application bar.. and the stupid workspace switcher01:16
mhall119unity isn't stuck with it, Unity2d doesn't use compiz01:18
snadgethats a point.. i dont think unity2d has the issue either01:20
snadgei use that at home01:20
snadgeso that really narrows the problem down to either compiz.. or the unity plugin01:20
snadgeexcellent its doing it now01:29
snadgebut typing in this window.. then switching back to the browser.. fixes it01:29
smspillazsnadge: firefox uses XSetInputFocus directly which is broken07:22
snadgei see07:22
smspillazsnadge: I can try and look into it a bit later (quite busy this week), but I can't really reproduce the problem because its a race condition07:22
snadgeright.. it only ever happens when you're not trying to make it happen07:23
snadgeif you go to demonstrate the problem.. it doesnt happen07:23
snadgebut then after you give up in frustration.. it happens 10 times in a row07:23
snadgei wonder if having multiple displays exacerbates the problem07:24
smspillazI think this one http://git.compiz.org/compiz/core/commit/?h=compiz-0.8&id=33f695e7c6e4fb8ac627df0978fea7771fe1b3d5 is supposed to fix it but it doesn't really work with 0.9 because of reparenting and such07:24
snadgealso i havn't verified that it doesnt happen with unity-2d07:24
snadgebut i suspect it doesnt.. i cant say that with any high degree of certainty07:24
smspillazit probably doesn't07:25
snadgei dont ever remember being annoyed by that problem when using unity2d07:25
snadgeso this patch wont apply to the ubuntu source ?07:25
snadgei'm half tempted to download the source package.. and add that diff if its possible07:26
snadgere-read what you just said.. its a 0.8 patch07:27
smspillazthat being said, if you can give me fairly exact steps to reproduce this problem, I might have time to squeeze that in today07:29
snadgethats what i've been trying to do07:32
snadgeok just did it then07:32
smspillazcan you verify the exact steps ?07:32
snadgetyping in irc.. switch to a different desktop (which has firefox) and then attains focus07:32
smspillazwhich windows etc etc07:32
snadgectrl-t opens a new tab.. then typing in the location bar.. doesnt autocomplete07:32
smspillazput it on the bug report, link me to it07:32
snadgeok so a bug report against which package?07:33
snadgeso then i switch back.. and its working now :/07:33
snadgejust tried it 5 times in a row and it worked each time07:34
snadgecant reproduce it at all now.. let alone reliably07:35
snadgeactually.. i've just closed a bunch of open apps07:40
snadgeperhaps some app is causing07:41
snadgei'll keep trying to reliably reproduce the problem.. and if i figure it out.. i'll post a bug07:41
snadgethats pretty much the only reason i havn't posted a bug already07:41
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mick0Is it possible to use a recepie to create a test package that does not go out as an update?09:38
mick0davidcalle: Ping me when you're here and have time :)09:51
davidcallempt, about our previous discussion, I just had a confirmation from Stephane Graber that packages in .extras can't depend on packages in .extras.11:10
mptdavidcalle, so what do we need to do to fix that?11:11
davidcallempt, talking about it with Stephane.11:15
davidcalle(I am)11:15
mptgreat, thanks11:18
jack_thompsonit has been established13:51
mick0aww man. Is the 4chan link good? Im banned :( And very curious13:54
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mhall119davidcalle: mpt: I thought we had an exception for lenses and scopes15:01
mptmhall119, maybe so (if so, where is it documented?), but there shouldn't need to be.15:03
mhall119shouldn't need to be an exception, or shouldn't need to be inter-dependent?15:05
mgedminI don't know how but I keep opening the dash by accident16:37
mgedmin(well, I know how -- my fat thumb hits the Super key)16:37
mgedminwish it was faster in appearing and _especially_ disappearing when I hit esc16:38
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BerndSchdavidcalle: do you know where I can find information/documentation for the new libunity API (unity 5)? And what are the steps to move to the new api? Do we need a different package for 11.10 and 12.04?17:41
davidcalleBerndSch, it's not existing, but I'm annoying libunity's dev: mhr3,  to have it :)17:44
davidcalleBerndSch, and yes, lenses for Precises will need to be different from 11.10.17:45
BerndSchdavidcalle: ok, thanks for the answer :-) I just only have the problem that I couldn't test the 12.04 version until my x-server bug will be fixed :-(17:57
davidcalleBerndSch, yeah I know =/17:59
mhr3BerndSch, davidcalle, i'll try to get someone to at least push unity-5.0 api list on developer.ubuntu.com18:00
davidcallemhr3, don't worry, enjoy Budapest :)18:01
mhall119mhr3: who do you need to do that?18:59
mhr3mhall119, i was told david should be able to handle it19:00
mhall119ok, I'll try and touch base with him on that tomorrow19:00
mhr3mhall119, planella, not barth19:01
mhr3just to avoid misunderstanding...19:02
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