sponge-hey folks, is there a way to export a bzr repo & history into a new svn? can only find people importing svn into bzr00:13
mwhudsonbzr-svn can push into svn i think?00:14
sponge-i wasn't sure how to use bzr-svn on an existing bzr repo, or at least svn-push isn't a valid command (using the windows installer, bzr explorer says the plugin is installed)00:15
mwhudsoni've not actually done it, i'm afraid00:19
jelmersponge-: just 'bzr push file:///path/to/repo/trunk'00:45
sponge-will give it a shot, thanks00:51
sponge-rying to push results in bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged.  See "bzr help diverged-branches" for more information.01:15
sponge-its a new svn repo so i'm sure i need to do some intermediate step01:15
sponge-not sure if i can get bzr to just clobber everything at the destination01:16
sponge-aha found --overwrite, will let this run, thanks for the help!01:34
jo-erlendwhat is the easiest and most efficient way to keep two bzr repositories in sync?02:06
jelmerjo-erlend: hi07:31
jelmerjo-erlend: you would generally keep two branches in sync, rather than two repositories07:31
jo-erlendjelmer, but the point is that I create and work on branches all the time and I would like to sync automatically.08:55
jelmerjo-erlend: it sounds like you want to sync a set of branches rather than the actual repository08:57
jelmerjo-erlend: I'm not sure if there is a command for that yet, I'm only aware of 'bzr multi-pull'08:58
jo-erlendI don't really understand the difference.08:58
jelmerjo-erlend: a repository is just a place where revisions are stored08:58
jo-erlendthe point is that my ~/devel/project-name directory (which is a repo with branches in it) should be the same on my desktop and laptop. What's the best way of accomplishing that?08:58
jelmerjo-erlend: at the moment, I think rsyncing it is probably the easiest way; there might also be plugins that do this09:04
jelmerjo-erlend: there is bzr-mirror, but I don't have anye  experience with it09:05
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hallynpoolie: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/oneiric/libvirt fails09:56
hallyn(I"m here in budapest)09:56
hallynI get;09:56
hallynserge@peqn:~/bzr/new$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu/oneiric/libvirt libvirt-o09:56
hallynbzr: ERROR: Revision {serge.hallyn@canonical.com-20110914204236-fnxmfd2ca12lqd47} not present in "Graph(StackedParentsProvider(bzrlib.repository._LazyListJoin(([CachingParentsProvider(None)], []))))".09:56
pooliehallyn, https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/84806409:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 848064 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "Revision not present branching from udd-imported branches on lp" [Critical,Confirmed]09:58
pooliei don't have a good workaround at the moment other than just getting the source package, sorry09:58
hallynall right i'll just work on fixing up the precise tree for now10:01
hallynpoolie: just to be sure - so i can't just take a copy of the precise tree (which so far is still at oneiric anyway) and push that to the oneiric with --overwrite, right?10:02
sponge-can bzr-svn maintain the original author of the commit inside svn? pushing to svn worked flawlessly except for that16:15
jelmersponge-: hi18:08
jelmersponge-: yes, there's a configuration option you can set. IIRC it's documented in bzr-svn's FAQ18:08
sponge-jelmer: great, will look into it!18:10
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Noldorin_ho hum21:06
Noldorin_hi jelmer21:06

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