valorieJussi, congratulations!00:22
valorieyour life has changed forever00:22
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alleejussi01: congrats!!09:45
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Riddellwow calligra still has 10 hours to build in PPA10:57
Riddellgosh something funky has happened to launchpad bugs pages12:16
Riddell"Some parts of this page are in beta: Dynamic bug listings"12:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 914733 in libmms (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libmms" [Undecided,New]12:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 914720 in libmygpo-qt (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libmygpo-qt" [Undecided,New]12:40
RiddellTonio_, debfx, apachelogger, JontheEchidna, NCommander, Quintasan_, ScottK: meed to discuss fabo's kubuntu-dev membership www.doodle.com/s2xvbns5ykaz5zfd14:02
RiddellJontheEchidna: how's the muon spec14:16
Riddellshould any items be postponed?14:16
Riddell(we're reviewing all the specs)14:16
RiddellDarkwing: can the docs task be assigned to you?14:17
ScottKRiddell: Doodled.14:17
ScottKI would have done so earlier, but I had to get a password reset.14:17
Riddellyou need a password for doodle?14:18
Riddellrbelem: do you still plan to get these done? https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-kubuntu-filesharing14:21
ScottKIf you want to be able to edit your doodle later.14:27
Riddellyofel_: "give another attempt at making dot graph readable/searchable" what's bad about it?14:28
RiddellQuintasan_: still want to get kde-telepathy inthe archive?14:38
RiddellQuintasan_: how's "package Simon Listens" doing?14:41
Riddellfabo: are you wanting to take an items from https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-p-kubuntu-active ?14:44
faboRiddell: that's my plan. i started to look into updating kde4libs14:46
Riddellfabo: I'll put your name by package Plasma Active components then14:47
fabosounds good14:47
RiddellQuintasan_: do you expect to do "package mallit - meego onscreen keyboard and add to seeds" ?14:48
rbelemRiddell, yup15:23
rbelemRiddell, i will back next week to my open source activities :-)15:24
shadeslayerRiddell: wrt Telepathy KDE, 0.3 is going to be a beta release, so I'd say it's a pretty good candidate for the archives since we can expect 0.4 to be out before feature freeze15:25
Riddellshadeslayer: yeah is that out soon?15:34
markey_nokialyzethere's basically a bug in the Kubuntu installer15:42
markey_nokialyzeit queries the NTP before setting the proxy15:42
markey_nokialyzehere in the company we have to use a proxy15:42
markey_nokialyzeso the install fails unless you disconnect the network. it tries, and tries again... endless loop15:43
RiddellI didn't know NTP could be proxied15:43
Riddellbut that's for evan or another ubiquity person to sort out, do report a bug, they're usually quite responsive15:43
markey_nokialyzeyeah, true15:44
markey_nokialyzebut anyway, it fails when it tries to access NTP, and then does not recover15:44
markey_nokialyzeat least the Alternate Installer behaves like this15:44
debfxubiquity is the wrong package if you are talking about the alternate installer16:03
debfxI think debian-installer is the correct one16:03
Riddelluh oh, libapogee failed to build, I haven't touched that since gutsy16:50
ScottKblame multiarch and make slangasek fix it.16:53
ScottK4.7.4 upload to oneiric-proposed in process.17:06
Riddellgreat, thanks ScottK 17:08
Riddellkoffice -> calligra upgrade works fine17:08
ScottKMeh.  Packet loss on hotel internet.  This may take awhile.17:26
RiddellScottK: I can supply ec2 machines if needed, they come with their own screen session17:30
ScottKWouldn't help.  I'd still have to upload the packages.17:30
ScottKI've got them all ready, it's just slow up out of a deep hole ...17:31
ScottKSeems to have picked up speed once I started complaining.17:32
Riddellshadeslayer: oh also bug 824042 says it might have issues17:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 824042 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] needs-packaging: kde-telepathy" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82404217:34
ScottKAnyone interested in being the Kubuntu rep to QA meetings?17:42
ScottK(once a week IRC for ~an hour)17:42
Riddellalas not me just now17:47
* ScottK thinks BarkingFish would be good, but he's not here right now.17:48
Riddellyes could be17:50
Riddellshadeslayer: is there artwork for project neon we can use on fosdem posters?17:51
Riddellbug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openal-soft/+bug/586324 reopened18:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 586324 in openal-soft (Ubuntu) "[MIR] openal-soft" [Undecided,New]18:13
Riddelland just for luck, bug 91492318:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 914923 in qtzeitgeist (Ubuntu) "[MIR] qtzeitgeist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91492318:17
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QuintasanRiddell: Once I get some decent feedback on that it works as expected and we want it in seed and main (referring to kde-telepathy)18:33
QuintasanRiddell: maliit is on-hold on apachelogger unless someone else is up to review my frameworks packaging18:34
Quintasanand as to simon - waiting for upstream response since there is either something wrong with our qtmobility or upstream is using some black magic in the build system18:34
QuintasanRiddell: If I won't get any response in like week or two then consider simon packaging as abandoned for now from my side18:36
QuintasanRiddell: I presume we have some artwork in bzr, let me see18:38
QuintasanRiddell: as for telepathy-kde - "for my use case, it is. but there are some things missing that many people would complain about, like logging for example" <- upstream. I think we should stick with Kopete for LTS and kde-telepathy for LTS+118:41
Riddelltelepathy-kde should be in the archive anyway18:49
RiddellQuintasan: others can review packaging, is it on revu?18:51
RiddellQuintasan: first step is getting kde-telepathy in universe, worry about main and seed later18:52
QuintasanRiddell: kde-telepathy is packaging is sitting in Alioth and I am co-maintaining it with gkiagia18:53
Quintasanx crashed18:57
QuintasanRiddell: Re kde-telepathy, upstream plans to roll out 0.3 this month, the packages will be renamed to ktp-*18:59
Quintasanhttp://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/ <-- packaging, search for pkg-kde/kde-extras/telepathy-kde/18:59
QuintasanI would be in favour of waiting till 0.3 and then uploading19:00
ScottKBarkingFish: Would you be interested/able to be the Kubuntu attendee at QA meetings?19:01
QuintasanScottK: ^^ any opinion on that?19:01
BarkingFishi'm so far behind right now ScottK that I've not even got involved with the packaging for Precise yet, I don't know what I'd be able to contribute or what I'd even need to do19:02
BarkingFishif it's just sitting there, smiling and agreeing with everyone, i'd be fine :P19:02
ScottKBarkingFish: Making Kubuntu part of the process, maybe discussing testing issues we're having, and communicating anything of interest to kubuntu-devel is about it. No packaging needed.19:04
ScottKBTW, I had to stop the 4.7.4 upload for lunch.  It's going again now.19:05
BarkingFishScottK: this is what I mean, I have no idea what would be of interest to here, or what testing issues you're having - if you want to bring me up to speed, (anyone with issues to raise) email me some notes, problems you're having etc, and I'll do my best.19:06
ScottKI think that's perfect.  We didn't have a QA attendee so far, so it's a new role and you can figure it out.19:07
BarkingFishSure, whatever :)19:07
BarkingFishI do still want to get involved with the packaging side and testing, like I did for oneiric, it just means me bringing myself back up to speed again.19:08
BarkingFishI'm set up this end with a new ssh key, new gpg key, i've got the pbuilder-dist set up, I just don't want to sit around like the last sandwich at a buffet19:09
RiddellQuintasan: yes let's upload then19:13
Quintasanwill get to adjusting packages this week19:13
ScottKBarkingFish: Are you subscribed to the ubuntu-qa mailing list?19:13
Quintasanwinter holidays ++19:13
ScottKIf not, that would be good (it's low volume)19:13
BarkingFishI don't think I am, ScottK - I'm on ubuntu-devel and kubuntu-devel at the moment19:15
ScottKPlease do, then you'll get meeting announcements ...19:16
BarkingFishdone, just waiting for the email19:17
ScottKGreat.  Thanks.19:18
BarkingFishnow the next thing I have to do is use kfind and search my PC for quintasan's guide to packaging which he gave me before 11.10 came out :)19:18
QuintasanI did give you a one19:18
Quintasanbut it was such a long time ago that even I do not remember the details19:18
BarkingFishyes I know you did. I took shedloads of notes and filed them very carefully under L for Lost :P19:18
BarkingFishI have 19.2TB of disk space here, might take a while to find, but I know I put it somewhere19:19
BarkingFishwell that's funny :)  Hotmail categorises mailing list subscriptions to ubuntu as "Unsafe" and filters them via Smartscreen!19:21
BarkingFishScottK: Subscription confirmed19:21
BarkingFishbrb gotta flip my fish patties :)19:23
Quintasank, going back to books19:24
BarkingFishi'll be danged if I can find that packaging guide...  I'm sure i stored it in the 1GB of local space I have in the machine, as opposed to one of the other external USBs19:26
BarkingFishwell, looks like I was wrong. I have found it though :)19:37
BarkingFishSo now I have an idea of what I'm doing again, ScottK - anything you want checking, testing or attempting to build against precise?19:37
ScottKBarkingFish: Not me, but I bet Riddell has a stack of stuff.19:38
BarkingFishexcellent. That'll give me something to do tonight, since I'm as bored as hell :P19:39
BarkingFishRiddell: Got any work you want taking off your shoulders?19:39
ScottKulysses: I think Riddell already did packages.19:54
ulyssesoh, I was wrong, I thought it was only 2.3.8519:56
Riddellulysses: beta 6 is waiting on slow PPAs to compile20:12
Riddellbut it's done20:12
RiddellBarkingFish: new cmake packaging?20:13
ScottK4.7.4 is uploaded.20:14
RiddellScottK: awesome, needs approval by someone to get past unaccepted?20:14
ScottKRiddell: Yes.  Ubuntu-sru.20:15
RiddellBarkingFish: New skanlite in Debian Experimental needs merging.20:16
RiddellBarkingFish: test if libapogee2 build failures and report to upstream20:16
BarkingFishRiddell: Since I'm only just getting back into this, I'm looking to just to rebuilds and stuff atm, until I can get right back to speed :)20:16
BarkingFishSure, I'll take libapogee2 if you want20:16
RiddellBarkingFish: test locally for precise20:17
Riddellif it fails report to indi upstream20:17
BarkingFishok, no problem20:17
BarkingFishLooks like I've not set up right - I found quintasan's brief guide to packaging, but obviously didn't copy it all.20:24
BarkingFishSorry Riddell - I'll come back to you as and when I have this damn thing working properly.20:24
BarkingFishaha, there we go. Sorry for the dela20:29
BarkingFishRiddell: I'm running the build now, will let you know how it goes20:30
BarkingFishRiddell: libapogee2 has built successfully, a couple of warnings from the system during the build, mostly about typedef being ignored, but it's worked20:40
JontheEchidnaRiddell: I've updated the spec. :)21:54
RiddellBarkingFish: interesting, so maybe it's a problem only on arm23:49
BarkingFishso what issues are you having with it there?23:51
Riddellwell look on launchpad23:52
BarkingFishok, will do23:53
DarkwingRiddell: Yes, any docs tasks can be assigned to me.23:53
RiddellJontheEchidna: do you know about the .deb install issues?23:56
JontheEchidnashould be fixed in precise23:58
Riddelloh cool23:59

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