kkerwinstreetfighter: Doing ok?00:00
streetfighterthat is taking me too much time ?00:01
kkerwinWell, I just wanted to make sure that you weren't confused.00:02
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zacariashow do you change your default login manager when you have severl desktops? I'm running Kubuntu but, when I logout, I always have GDM.00:04
Torchzacarias: might be sufficient to just modify /etc/X11/default-display-manager00:06
Torchzacarias: haven't tried though00:06
zacariasTorch: I'll try that. Tx00:08
ZacariasTorch: Well, I tried that and I ended up with no DM. I just have a prompt, I made login, but no X. How do I start X?00:17
TorchZacarias: if that does not immediately work, i suggest you undo your changes.00:17
TorchZacarias: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm00:19
TorchZacarias: it might ask if you want to set kdm as your default display manager00:20
ZacariasYes, I did it from the prompt. Now I'm trying to reboot. It will probably work.00:20
TorchZacarias: it does not for me because i don't have any other dm installed, but i dimly remember... ok.00:20
ZacariasTorch: ok, I'll try that also. (I'm writing from a Mac). There it is, the GDM.00:21
ZacariasTorch: it did work! Thanks00:31
TorchZacarias: yw00:32
streetfightergood day every body  and thank you kkerwin00:37
Programmer_any idea why when i do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade everything on my system wants to uninstall00:38
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ScottyKIs kubuntu 11.10 too much to handle on an old computer with an AMD XP 1500 CPU, and 1.5GB RAM?01:10
lethuScottyK, not if you disable all the resource demanding eye-candy01:17
lethuScottyK, otherwise I would advise going with a lighter desktop environment01:18
lethulike OpenBox01:18
lethuor xfce01:19
ScottyKLethu - I was thinking Xubuntu as the backup, thanks for heads up!01:27
lethuScottyK, yw01:30
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Guest9457I'm trying to upgrade to kubunutu 11.10 from ubuntu 10.10 without doing a clean install how would I go about doing that?02:16
EvilResistanceGuest9457:  you'd have to do incremental upgrades...02:17
EvilResistanceGuest9457:  are you trying to switch from KDE to GNOME/Unity, or do you want to keep KDE?02:17
Guest9457I'm already using GNOME and want to go into KDE02:18
EvilResistanceGuest9457:  ah.02:18
Guest9457I'm going Ubuntu ===> Kubuntu02:18
EvilResistanceGuest9457:  i see.  you can *start* by installing kubuntu-desktop from the repos02:18
EvilResistancei saw your statement and reread your older one02:18
Guest9457how would I go about doing that?02:19
EvilResistanceGuest9457:  in terminal: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:19
EvilResistancenote you'll have a TON of stuff that gets downloaded02:19
EvilResistance(the gnome stuff will still exist, i know there's a method for removing it but i dont remember what it is)02:20
Guest9457it will leave a bunch of kde jive in with my gnome right?02:20
EvilResistanceit'll add a bunch of KDE stuff to your installation02:20
EvilResistancethe GNOME stuff will still exist...02:20
EvilResistancebut it wont display well in KDE02:20
Guest9457okay that's fine02:20
EvilResistanceafter its done installing all the stuff from kubuntu-desktop, you'll need to do release upgrades twice... once to get to 11.04 Natty, and then another time to get to 11.10 Oneiric02:21
EvilResistancethat command is sudo do-release-upgrade02:21
EvilResistanceBUT BEFORE YOU RUN THAT02:21
EvilResistanceback up your files02:21
FloodBotK3EvilResistance: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
Guest9457oh yeah I meant 11.1002:22
EvilResistancein case the thing explodes and your system breaks.02:22
Guest9457I'm already on oneiric02:22
EvilResistanceGuest9457:  ah.  if you're on oneiric, just install kubuntu-desktop02:22
EvilResistancethen you'll be fine02:22
Guest9457neat thanks02:23
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Programmer_any idea why when i do a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade everything on my system wants to uninstall03:28
EvilResistanceProgrammer_:  are you trying to upgrade to the next version of ubuntu, or no?03:33
EvilResistance(dist-upgrade is kinda wonky btw)03:33
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Guest62415tring to network 2 linux computers for file sharing  i do the right click on a folder go to the tab share and it has a tab to install samba it will not let me shae.thought samba was for linux to windows? how can i fix this?03:39
Programmer_EvilResistance, whatever dist-upgrade does03:41
Programmer_now i cant even boot the new kernel for some reason03:41
Guest62415so, does anyone know why it wants my to install samba?03:56
almoxarife<Guest62415>, so you can share folders04:38
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arinov_i want connect kubuntu to network printer for windows via samba05:19
arinov_when i brows network it see nothing05:19
arinov_printer works with ubuntu, but in kubuntu i cant find it05:19
arinov_help me to fix it, what packages i have to install?05:20
arinov_computer with printer available and i can download files from shared folder05:20
arinov_but i cant see printers05:21
arinov_and how can i set static ip, network manager does not use my custom connection05:31
arinov_is there anybody? =)05:33
EvilResistancethis is one of the slightly slower periods, you may have to wait a couple of hours to get a decent response...05:34
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.05:34
arinov_help me with smb printer configuration please06:36
arinov_betornillo: i am trying to connect to windows netork printer via samba06:49
boehmersomebody can help with issues with akonadi?06:49
arinov_printer configuration program cant find printer06:49
boehmerwhen using kmail it complains akonadi doesn't work. i figured out that i might have multiple mysql's running. the report says akonadi server and nepomuk aren't registered at d-bus06:50
boehmeri once used fedora and moved my /home to kubuntu06:50
boehmersince then it's screwed. when writing mails kmail completely freezes after some sentences or when sending the mail06:51
boehmerdefinitely need to fix that issue but fail on my own:( already worked through http://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi_4.4/Troubleshooting06:51
arinov_is there a commercial support of kubuntu?06:59
ts2arinov_: yes, the same as for Ubuntu07:02
ts2but unless you want to buy a contract from Canonical, you'll have to search it out from a third party07:03
arinov_ts2: why in ubuntu my printer via samba works fine out of the box, but not in kubuntu?07:05
arinov_what is wrong?07:05
arinov_the same version07:05
arinov_the same cups07:06
arinov_the same printer, network and system07:06
ts2I can't say, but it should work exactly the same as far as I can think of07:06
ts2but I don't use a printer at all now, so I can't really offer any help07:06
ts2arinov_: the only thing I found was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows07:07
ts2but it looks Ubuntu (gnome) based07:08
arinov_ubuntu printer configuration tool works, kubuntu's does not07:08
arinov_i am trying to find out why07:08
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Saviorcan someone tell me how to install a new system language?09:14
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bdizzlehi, I need some help with setting the application command and work path on the icon settings09:38
bdizzleI am trying to set it up so that when I click the icon, it launches konsole, then pipes two or three commands to konsole to run the program I want09:39
bdizzleI also need help permanently setting a system variable path. I tried using export, but it has a case of memory loss as soon as I close the terminal window09:40
bdizzleor another idea would be to somehow get terminal to acknowledge the command "root" to open CERN's ROOT so that I don't have to go into konsole, type ". /$HOME/root/bin/thisroot.sh" and then "root" each time I want to use the program09:50
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:43
joan__please, does anybody know how to ged rid of gnoem and unity? I installed them because there's an app caled Sigil for editing epub files that doesn't work in kde12:17
joan__I've searched on the Internet but haven't found anything that *really* works12:18
Peace-joan__: seach this pure kde12:20
Peace- joan__http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde12:20
Peace- joan__ http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde12:20
joan__ok, let's see12:20
HorusHorrendusbambee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libmygpo-qt/+bug/914720 <- I think (I'm not good in understanding this bug, it sounds strange) they want to have libmygpo-qt in main ... I think you packaged it for the ppa or?12:26
ubottuUbuntu bug 914720 in libmygpo-qt (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libmygpo-qt" [Undecided,New]12:26
HorusHorrenduswanna get your package into main or take care of that stuff ;)12:26
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SeanTaterWhen reinstalling (k)ubuntu, do you need to install/setup anything in order to detect  an existing software RAID array12:59
eichihello. I changed /etc/hostname but not /etc/hosts -> now sudo seems not to run anymore! what can I do now?13:14
eichithats why I cant change the /etc/hosts now ;D13:15
SeanTatereichi: for future reference I think this is what the program "hostname" is for. ;P But the only way i can think of that you could change /etc/hosts is by booting into recovery mode and then selecting a root prompt when it boots13:19
SeanTaterThere might be a way of getting around it though --13:19
SeanTaterMaybe you could open it with a graphical text editor? I think they use policykit instead so it might work, but I wouldn't swear to it13:20
eichiSeanTater: which gui editor I can use, which promts for password?13:23
eichibut no problem, I use recovery mode13:24
eichiits just kubuntu in virtual box ;) boots in seconds13:24
eichihm, I thought ESC gives my grub promt?13:26
DerezzedGoateichi: you may need to press and hold earlier13:27
eichiDerezzedGoat: okay, sounds like a reaction game ;) I will try13:28
eichihm. maybe its a problem with virtualbox, that it pipes the ESC to late to guest system :(13:29
SeanTaterFailing that, you could always boot the install CD and edit the file from there.13:31
SeanTaterYou'll still need to use sudo but I don't think there's a password on the install/live cd13:32
caius_can someone help me in solving a kubuntu problem?13:35
eichiokay, now use a ubuntu live cd in VM - never thought that changing hostname in linux can costs my so much time ;D13:35
eichicaius_: maybe?13:35
aprolhi aLL13:36
caius_eichi: i installesd yesterday kubuntu 11.1013:36
SeanTatereichi: Usually it doesn't ;P13:36
eichicaius_: thats the idea of this channel - but you have to tell your problem first - hard to help you at the moment13:36
SeanTatereichi: You could probably mount the virtual disk as a volume but I don't know off hand how. It's probably tougher tha booting a live cd13:36
caius_iǜe got a system message that there are updates availeble13:36
caius_i wanted to install them13:37
SeanTatereichi: unfortunately I have to go; bye13:37
caius_but the system hang up13:37
eichiSeanTater: bye13:37
caius_today i wanted to install pidgin and muon said that there is another program for software install is already running13:39
caius_and i have to close it first13:40
eichicaius_: maybe your update process canceled at some point?13:40
eichisudo apt-get --configure -a13:40
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:40
ts2^ the first command kills anything that may be locking the dpkg database13:41
eichits2: oh it was dkpg thought apt-get has this too ;)13:42
ts2eichi: apt-get is just a front-end to dpkg anyway13:42
eichiI know13:42
eichidoes not mean, that it pipes *all* comments that exists in dpkg to dpkg. know one knows...just the man page ;)13:43
caius_when it`s finished  i will try again to install software13:44
caius_i will let you know13:44
caius_thanks guys13:44
caius_it works!13:45
ts2eichi: the only thing apt does that dpkg does not do is give you the ability to resolve dependencies and download packages automatically, everything else is all dpkg13:45
caius_Thank you so much for help !!!13:46
go8765is this ppa good to update weechat? or i haveing problems with dependences https://launchpad.net/~number5/+archive/ppa13:55
ts2go8765: PPAs vary wildly in quality, you'd need to contact the owner of it for any support14:05
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit14:07
go8765ts2: and what about update of Konversation? i found only 1.3 version in synaptic14:25
ts2go8765: you can use https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas to search for PPAs, but remember that they are created by third parties14:28
sergey_mode -i14:46
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sithlord48anyone know how to set up the "new" subversion plugin for dolphin ?15:53
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Guest98817my kubuntu hangs almost every other boot, according to system log just after16:02
Guest9881711/1-2012 16:20:47et-systemdbus[939][system] Activating service name='org.kubuntu.qaptworker' (using servicehelper)16:03
Guest98817anoone got clues16:03
Guest98817kernel log says:11/1-2012 16:14:57EXT4-fs (sda6)re-mounted. Opts: commit=016:04
Guest98817and then nothing16:04
sithlord48disk read error? have you fscked that disk?16:05
Guest98817running kubuntu 11.10+16:05
sithlord48ok have you checked the disk for errors? did you just install ? was it after an update?16:06
Guest98817after update16:07
Guest98817I think, it has been running fine since 11.10 came out, just  a week ago or so did it start16:07
Guest98817maybe I should try the fsck disk... haven't done that yet16:08
sithlord48i would start with fsck.16:20
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janikhi @ all16:53
helderchow can I use the ubuntu one service at kubuntu17:09
daviddoriahow do I connect to a windows share? I went to "add network folder" -> microsoft windows network drive -> name: test , server: OtherComputer, Folder: nameOfSharedFolder, but a progress bar appears for several minutes and then it breaks17:10
Riddelldaviddoria: can try smb://server/share  in dolphin address bar to check it works17:13
Riddellhelderc: not well supported currently, the daemon runs but setup of it needs gnome bits installed17:14
heldercah, ok ... thanks Riddell17:15
daviddoriaRiddell, nope, it just has a progress bar at the bottom that says "loading folder" indefinitely17:16
daviddoriai just tried it from windows machine (\\server\share in Run) and it connected immediately17:17
Riddelldaviddoria: then I'm afraid I don't know more since I don't run windows.  it would need checking if it works generally or just not on your setup and if it can be done on the command line17:18
lordjjAnyone knows where I can find a small ASCII Art of a coin? :P18:23
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excognachi all. Unusual desktop behaviour, suddenly closed LibreOffice without saving and so. I think something really went wrong. Anyidea where to start?19:09
pajais there around any native english speaker?  I need just about 5 min help for checking abstract of my thesis..  If there were somebody, i would very appreciate it19:26
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BarkingFishpaja: not really kubuntu related, but I'm happy to take a look for you.19:27
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Picipaja: theres also ##english19:27
BarkingFishthat would be better for you paja, since I speak english like a native, but I'm not wholly native to the English language19:28
pajaBarkingFish: thanks and sorry for disturbing this channel .. next time ill use this channel19:28
pajaBarkingFish: Ok, maybe it is better, I may try it there :) thanks anyway!19:29
BarkingFishno problem, paja :)19:29
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almoxarifei would rather konqueror open a new window as a tab, so that i have one instance of the browser with multiple tabs opening when, do'able?22:53
Hunty6Hi! I am trying to install Kubuntu in single boot on my Asus G51J (supports it) but unfortunately the live CD and the USB Stick I have made won't load properly. I already have Kubuntu 10.04 installed in dual boot with Windows 7 and I am trying to boot 11.10 from the live CD so I can completely remove both 10.04 and Windows 7 and only run under 11.10. The loading goes pretty well, there is no error in the files (according to the live CD) but when I23:13
Hunty6chose either to install or boot from live CD, all I get is a ''Broken screen'' where I only have big white & black squares along with lots of pixels. Any chance someone knows how to get it to work ? Thanks for the answer!23:13

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