lifelessjelmer: bug 755241 still needs a little polish I think04:52
_mup_Bug #755241: subunit-filter ability to change fail to xfail based on external list <subunit:In Progress by jelmer> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/755241 >04:52
rick_h__StevenK: lp:~rharding/launchpad/use-convoy is my branch with some small changes08:27
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StevenKwgrant_: loloptus08:32
wgrant_I think my terrible ARM server at home has died this time.08:33
wgrant_gary_poster: sudo mount -t overlayfs -o upperdir=foo,lowerdir=bar none baz08:38
StevenKoverlayfs *and* LXC? What Could Possibly Go Wrong08:39
wgrant_well, aufs is dead, so we need to use overlayfs instead on precise08:45
lifelessI believe it got put back into precise :)08:53
lifelesswe can all upgrade to precise easily enough :)08:53
wgrant_lifeless: Colin said otherwise08:54
wgrant_And it works in Oneiric08:54
wgrant_And we can use aufs on old series.08:54
lifelessah good, ok08:54
lifelesswgrant_: hmm, I saw chatter go by in #ubuntu-kernel couple days back08:54
wgrant_It was killed and revived back in Lucid, but AFAIK it's really gone now.08:59
lifelesswgrant_: '06:11 #ubuntu-kernel: < apw> tgardner, that is our desire, we are starting to see some problems, which i want to look at at rally, seems pbuilder won't work for instance which is a bit of a problem09:05
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jtvwgrant_: grar, nasty traceback.  Looks very much as if the pending change was a holdover from either a previous scan cycle or a different builder whose work got interleaved with the failing one.10:08
wgrant_jtv: Hm. It's possible that concordia was doing stuff, but I don't think so. The full log is at carob:/srv/launchpad.net-logs/staging/buildmaster/buildd-manager.log or so10:09
jtvOr wait… builder.Build..?10:11
jtvSorry: builder.updateBuild10:11
jtvCalls the build behavior's updateBuild.10:12
wgrant_Yes, that's where the problem is most likely to be.10:12
jtvwgrant_: yup, one of the status handlers again, I suspect.10:16
jtvwgrant_: Builder.failBuilder10:23
jtvwgrant_: in _handleStatus_BUILDERFAIL10:24
jtvlp.buildmaster.model.packagebuild.PackageBuildDerived._handleStatus_BUILDERFAIL needs a read/write database policy.10:25
wgrant_But wasn't this PACKAGEFAIL?10:26
jtvwgrant_: dunno — haven't looked at the log yet.  The traceback doesn't say.10:28
wgrant_Look at the first line of the paste.10:28
wgrant_2012-01-11 08:41:19+0000 [QueryProtocol,client] Templates generation job blah-5194310 for lp://staging/checkbox finished with status PACKAGEFAIL.10:28
jtvAh.  Any chance that that might be exactly because the status update was preempted by this failure?10:29
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rick_h__StevenK: https://pastebin.canonical.com/57967/13:04
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mhall119who can I talk to about https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/188564 ?13:11
_mup_Bug #188564: Build also packages for Debian in PPA's <feature> <lp-soyuz> <ppa> <soyuz-core> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/188564 >13:12
deryckmhall119, what sort of talking to are you looking for?13:13
deryckuncle_ian, lp:~deryck/launchpad/remove-unused-getContentArea13:13
mhall119deryck: I'd like to get an update on how far the conversation has gone about giving resources to this, and if any decisions have been made13:14
deryckmhall119, so see mrevell or flacoste13:15
mhall119deryck: thanks13:16
deryckmhall119, np!13:17
nigelbSo, I was thinking of doing a hacking on LP sesion at the next ubuntu developer week, can anyone co-host the session with me? :)13:18
* mhall119 hides13:20
lifelessnigelb: depending on the timing, sure13:21
nigelblifeless: Pick one that works for you from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable. I'll adjust my schedule around :)13:23
lifeless2100UTC on tuesday is probably good13:26
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nigelb0230, not bad.13:30
nigelbI'll book that13:30
nigelbI'm guessing we need at least 1 hour?13:31
lifelessdepends on what you want to show folk13:34
lifelessnigelb: 0230 isn't bad?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!13:34
nigelbI can stay awake that long :)13:34
nigelb0400 on the other hand...13:35
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nigelbWould setting up local instance of launchpad and hcaking on a small bug be too hard?13:35
lifelesswell, we can set up a VM the ycan download13:35
StevenKDepends. You may have to fix it to document how long it takes.13:36
lifelessit would take an hour to bootstrap a dev environment from scratch13:36
nigelbhow about we announce that we expect people to already have their environments setup? (yeah, that's hard as well)13:37
lifelesswe should13:37
lifelessbut we should also make that easay13:37
nigelbis it harder than it used to be?13:38
lifelessno harder, no13:38
nigelbI only had trouble with hanving enough bandwidth to download everything rf wanted to download ;)13:38
lifelessjml: you are confusing me. And I want to talk to you about ui result objects. Can has voice?13:44
jmllifeless: not *right* now. in 1hr15 though.13:47
mhall119hey lifeless , would you be able to give me any insights into how far the discussions went on https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/188564 ?13:49
_mup_Bug #188564: Build also packages for Debian in PPA's <feature> <lp-soyuz> <ppa> <soyuz-core> <Launchpad itself:Triaged> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/188564 >13:49
lifelessmhall119: I don't think they have gone anywhere13:50
lifelessjml: ping me.13:50
mhall119lifeless: it sounds like it's not technically difficult, just resource expensive, am I reading that right?13:50
lifelessthere are technical things too, like having a debian archive to build against and publishing the results properly13:52
* cjwatson wonders why lp-remove-package.py bothers taking a lock15:30
cjwatsonOh well, I guess it'll be moot once that's moved to the API ...15:30
jamI just got some failures trying to push to bazaar.launchpad.net: "ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying16:10
jamssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"16:10
jamIt is working right now, though. But I'm wondering if we are having capacity issues16:10
wgrantrvba: Does the PPA notifications thing really delete the PCJ?16:18
StevenKrick_h__: activateConstrainBugExpiration mochi death is live on qas.16:27
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lifelessjml: yo17:52
mwhudson"Delete MochiKit.js since it's no longer used" \o/20:58
StevenKOh yes21:04
StevenKWe can't kill YUI 2 yet, sadly.21:04
mwhudsonis that going to happen this week?21:05
StevenKUnlikely. The YUI 3 Calendar widget didn't appear until 3.4, and we're still on 3.3.21:05
mwhudsonah right21:06
StevenKAnd switching to 3.4 using our current system is *painful* since they reorganised the entire bloody tree.21:06
mwhudsonso not difficult, but massively tedious and has to be done in one bit hit?21:06
StevenKWe're looking at being clever and using a combo loader.21:07
mwhudsonah, that can translate old to new locations?21:07
StevenKSo the class names didn't change, just their locations. This is the YUI combo loader, just not Yahoo's own.21:08
StevenKAnd let's face it. Our JS is a right mess.21:09
StevenKWe combine all of our JS files in a particular order, and then add YUI onto the end and then minify the entire lot.21:10
StevenKIt is utterly disgusting.21:10
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timrcnot sure you can see this, https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloudberry because it's private but the results which should be showing all bugs for this project are not matching up with the statistics in the sidebar...  for example there are 3 results returned, but the side bar says there are 9 open bugs...22:28
timrcam I missing something?22:29
timrcclicking on the "9 open bugs" link takes me https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloudberry/+bugs which is still displaying only 3 bugs22:30
mwhudsontimrc: i think that's sort of expected, but i can't remember why22:31
mwhudsontimrc: ah, found the mail22:32
mwhudsontimrc: it's because you probably have multiple paths to visibility on those bugs22:33
mwhudsoni.e. directly subscribed and also in a team that is subscribed22:33
mwhudsontimrc: https://lists.launchpad.net/launchpad-dev/msg06914.html22:34

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