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ogra_lilstevie, around ?10:14
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brendandhey, does the hard-float image work on the pandaboard?10:48
brendanddoes it make any difference?10:54
ogra_it fells faster, i didnt measure anything myself10:54
ogra_so thats a totally subjective impression10:54
brendandyeah, that might be an interesting experiment10:54
lilstevieogra_: kinda, redecorating bedroom12:21
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lilstevieogra_: if you are about I am here now :)13:30
ogra_lilstevie, i was wondering if you have anything newer for the transformer than 2.6.3613:31
* ogra_ is just playing with an ubuntu installed transformer and the kernel seems to have some issues13:31
ogra_though the config is a bit odd anyway13:31
lilsteviethe config is a bit off yeah, been working on some things though13:32
lilstevieI will have something newer soon13:32
ogra_but you are on the same source ?13:33
lilsteviewell I am working on bringing it over to mainline13:35
lilsteviethere is the 2.6.38 CrOS kernel if you are using u-boot though13:36
ogra_not sure they use u-boot on this device13:38
ogra_its not mine, i just got it to look at some performance issues13:38
lilstevieyeah probably stock bootloader then13:39
ogra_(and noticed a bunch of udev errors on boot)13:39
ogra_looks like it doesnt have dnotify enabled and other minor things13:39
lilsteviecan you grab the config from /proc/config.gz and see what the generation date is?13:39
ogra_# Linux kernel version:
ogra_# Tue Jan  3 09:26:31 201213:43
ogra_but i think they recompiled the kernel already13:43
lilsteviejan 313:46
lilsteviethats not my kernel13:46
lilsteviebut it is built off the latest probably13:47
lilsteviethere are some odd things missing from the config, I am aware of that, and I have been adding them as I have been made aware of them13:47
brendandogra_ - any chance the hf images might not work on older pandaboards?13:47
lilsteviealthough, can't say I have seen any udev errors13:47
ogra_define older13:47
brendandi have an A1 and it isn't going anywhere13:47
ogra_we tested onm EA1 which is even older13:48
infinityDefine "not going anywhere"?13:48
brendandmaybe it's just the latest image then13:49
infinityUsually that's a bad SD, or a a badly-seated card.13:49
GrueMasterbrendand: I have run it on every HW revision board I have (EA1-A3 & 4460).13:49
brendandwell, the light pattern seems a bit weird. not what i usually see13:49
GrueMasterAnd I have today's daily image running now on 4460.13:49
GrueMasterPrecise kernel doesn't blink the led's like maverick-oneiric kernels did.13:50
brendandwhen i switch my monitor to the dvi input, it just switches back again. that usually means nothing being output on the dvi13:51
GrueMasterbrendand: That is a different issue (and one I haven't tested).13:52
GrueMasterTry the HDMI port.13:53
brendandall of a sudden it's the HDMI port that needs to be used. great13:54
GrueMasterErm, that has always been the case.13:54
GrueMasterAt least that is how I have tested since Maverick.13:54
brendandoh well, no worries13:56
kerutelilstevie_: sorry to bother you, if i want to try the 2.6.38 in OLiFe, what should I do ? i tried to flash using the 'update cros kernel' or by replacing the 2.6.36 with tne .38 but i either end up in initramfs shell telling me there is no mmcblk0p8 or stuck on 'asus' boot screen14:07
lilsteviekerute: at this point, solve the reason why it wont read asus/nvidias bastardized gpt implimentation14:08
lilstevieor use u-boot14:09
keruteok so u-boot i have to compile it from your repo (u-boot-tegra) and flash it using OLiFe ?14:09
keruteok thanks a lot14:10
kerutefor the first point i'm not sure i have enought knowledge :)14:11
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ppisatiwould kexec be a nice addition to our kernels?15:08
* infinity glances at #ubuntu-kernel15:09
ppisatiwell, if you want it i need a bug to be opened against our P kernels15:11
ppisatiteh patchset is quite big, but it works15:11
ppisatiso i won't backport it to O15:11
infinityppisati: I didn't say I wanted it.15:15
infinityppisati: Do the x86 Ubuntu kernels have kexec?15:16
ppisatiit was broken on arm15:16
ppisatibut a series of patches make it work on arm now15:16
infinityAhh.  Well, I'm a fan of our ARM kernels mirroring the x86 ones.15:16
infinityJust as an element of least surprise.15:16
ppisatithe problem is that all the stuff is in 3.315:16
ppisatiand the backport for omap-only is about...15:17
ppisati~17 ptches ATM15:18
ppisatithe entire patches with all the archs is about...15:18
ppisati70 patches? more or less15:18
ppisatisorry, with all the arm chips15:19
ppisatiand i want to apply it to master15:19
ppisatiso i'll percolate down to all the topic branches15:19
ppisati(can't type today...)15:19
GrueMasteriirc, kexec was attempted multiple times on arm.  seems to come up every cycle.  I think there is an old blueprint on it.15:28
GrueMasterppisati: do a google search:  arm kexec site:launchpad.net15:30
GrueMasterlots of entries.15:30
ppisatiGrueMaster: cool15:39
ppisatithere's still an issue15:39
ppisatibut it's workable15:39
ppisatiaka nic is dead after kexec15:40
GrueMasterHow is this considered "workable"?15:46
ppisatiin the sense that it's an isolated fix15:48
ppisatisome stuff is not initialised properly in smsc911x15:48
ppisatiand when it boots from u-boot is ok15:48
ppisatielse it craps out15:48
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calculusI have ubuntu 11.10 on a pandaboard, did apt-get dist-upgrade, connected a tv to the hdmi port, and video works, but I am trying to get the audio to come out on the tv as well... any ideas?19:34
calculusis there something in alsamixer that needs to be turned on/unmuted?19:34

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