andrew_50benonsoftware: Fancy meeting you here :)06:22
bradmhead_victim: let us know if you see any more issues with the website06:56
benonsoftwareWell done sagaci08:10
sagacithanks benonsoftware 08:12
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head_victimbradm: darren was workign on the workflow of the site08:45
head_victimBasically what my "ideal" is that anyone that's a member of the ubuntu-au launchpad team can automatically create content on the site but not publish it. Upon creating the new content it should be able to auto email the changes to the admin or a subset of the admins (opt in subscribing would be great I guess) to go and check and publish the content.08:47
sagacihead_victim: enjoying my new shiny red cape08:54
head_victimsagaci: well earnt I say :)09:16
head_victimMake sure you make use of all the available pleasantries :)09:17
sagacicloak, email and sftp are the main ones for me09:18
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head_victimI haven't actually used the sftp myself but the email and cloak are handy.09:38
kaushalI have a question regarding rsyslog, Can i post here ?23:27
kaushalrsyslog on Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS Server23:27

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