AJH101hi i am trying to delete the contents of the hidden trash file on a ntfs external hd. Any ideas? No luck so far!07:24
SnicksieAJH101, doesnt it work when you just open the 'regular' trash and choose 'empty trash' there?07:26
AJH101no - and when i disconnect the hd the trash can is empty07:29
AJH101there is about 8Gb to clear!07:30
philipballewAJH101, cd into the directory and rm -rf the directory the trash is in07:30
geirhaIs it mounted by gnome, or do you have an entry for it in /etc/fstab?07:31
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IAmNotThatGuyHello s-fox10:45
s-foxHello IAmNotThatGuy10:45
IAmNotThatGuyHow are you? How is work going?10:46
s-foxMy health is fine thank you.10:47
s-foxWork is steady.10:47
Culiforgeubuntu 10.04. when I run lsdvd -a I get buffer i/o error on device sr0. is that a hardware problem or is something not installed right?13:00
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bobweaverHello there is there anyone herre that could talk to me about some quesions that I have with servers? the first being how the /ect/hosts   works also how apache makes new sites ?17:36
bobweaveris apache a scripting lang in its self ?17:36
holsteinbobweaver: this is actually not a bad start http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hosts_(file)17:39
bobweaverthanks holstein17:39
holsteinfrom what i understand, and have experienced and used, you can use host names instead of IP's, and thats one way to do it... or a local DNS server, like the one that just works for me with ddwrt17:39
holsteinnote "the hosts file represents an attack vector for malicious software"17:40
bobweavercool firmware rocks for routers17:40
bobweavermy isp uses mac address filtering17:40
bobweavercant useddwrt17:40
holsteinif i can access that file, i could redirect your traffic maliciously... route you somewhere else17:40
bobweaverholstein: I see17:41
holsteinbobweaver: your isp must have given you a router already17:41
bobweaveryes sir17:41
bobweaversir ?>17:41
bobweaverso if I want sites like site1.com site2.com ect17:42
holsteinyou could step down to them providing you only a modem, then use the router of your choice, or not17:42
bobweaverI mod /ect/hosts and   site1.com   ect ?17:42
holsteini have blocked facebook on a permachine basis using the hosts file17:42
bobweaverholstein: this is whgat I have 4 servers and a ipcop box17:43
bobweaverwhat *17:43
bobweaverthe networks being filtered17:43
bobweaverwirelesss (blue) servers (orange)  home (green )17:44
holsteinbobweaver: if you server is host name B0B (you@B0B) and its at you can have it redirect so locally you can refer to it as B0B instead of
bobweaverWow that is what I wanted to hear !!17:44
holsteinyou can run a local DNS server17:45
bobweavermake one of the 4 into a dns server ?17:45
holsteinbobweaver: its your network... depends on your needs17:46
holsteini typically have no trouble refering to IP's locally either17:46
bobweaverholstein:  I am trying to train my self as I am real poor and can not afford school again17:46
bobweaverso thanks for your help17:47
bobweaverI would like to get into the lamp feild17:47
holsteinbobweaver: i say, set up some test scanarios then.. maybe virtualize the whole scenario in virtualbox... you can save snapshots, break it... fix it, reset.. whatever17:47
bobweaverholstein:  yes that is a great idea17:47
holsteinalso, check out the turnkey appliances.. i found them very educational, and easy to run live... http://www.turnkeylinux.org/17:48
bobweaveras of now I have been using how to make a perfect server from howtoforge works but I am not learning why I am installing apache17:48
bobweaverthanks for the link17:49
holsteini found for my needs, i really dont need any of it... i would get by with an ftp server... but i use apache to host files for folks that connecting to an ftp site would freak out17:50
bobweaverso after thinking about what you just said about "my needs " I want one server to be for crontabs rsync (local home computers and random stuff)      and too for hosting sites  one for a dns server17:50
holsteini built a drupal instance on an old PPC machine just to see it all work17:51
bobweaverI was thinking gnuPanel for the too site hosters17:52
bobweaverhoster lol17:52
bobweaverwith sqril and nygix17:52
bobweaverbut I have to rap my head around dns and how to make that all work17:53
holsteina good general rule that i agree with.. less is more... if you dont need a panel, dont install one.. if you dont need mysql.. etc... no reason to introduce points of failure or security issues17:53
bobweaverthat and also permissions of var/www       ^^^ you are right about "extra things "17:53
holsteini say, run it live, and local.. test for yourself... see what can be exploited and why17:54
bobweavertime too look at openvas ?17:54
holsteinalso, asking professionals, or listening to things like the techsnap poscast17:55
bobweaverIt is all just files right ? that call to each other ?17:55
bobweaverare mods in apache linkke in ubutnu ? like they are drivers ?17:56
bobweaverThat is awsome !!! thanks17:57
bobweaverthe link ^^17:57
holsteinhavent used openvas17:57
bobweaverit works umm last time I use openvas and nessus  nessus find 7 openvaas 517:59
bobweaverso the host name that I name my server. where can I find info on whgat that effects ?18:00
bobweaverlike you where talking about the how to make local name insead of local ip18:00
holsteinyou chose hostname at install... you open a terminal and it will say.. you@whatever18:02
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