dscasselhalf hour till the meeting.00:28
epodI wish I could have the cool gnome3 corner window switchy thing on 11.1000:30
epodI quite liked that.00:30
dscasselYou mean in Gnome Shell?00:36
epodI was messing around with mint, and I could move the mouse to the upper left corner and it'd zoom to show all my windows, and I could click one, isntead of alt-tabbing00:37
epodback on oneirc, but I liked that feature and wish it was there00:37
dscasselI think you can still do that if you set it up on compiz config.00:41
BobJonkmanHappy: My lovely wife had dinner ready for me when I came home.  Sad: Will be missing Kwartzlab's Laser Cutter unveiling tonight...00:43
dscasselBobJonkman: :(00:44
dscasselI may have to duck in and out of the meeting to do party stuff.00:45
dscasselIf I was thinknig ahead, I probably should've rescheduled.00:45
dscasselMeeting time!01:00
dscasselRoll call! DarwinSurvivor jaguar kenjy mars starcraftman BluesKaj DarwinSurvivor jaguar khoover MylesBraithwaite StepNjump BobJonkman Jeruvy KombuchaKip pangolin txwikinger2 bregma johanbr epod Kulag ryanakca cyphermox FiReSTaRT Kamondelious sipherdee willwh01:02
dscasselubuntu-ca meeting!01:02
dscasselAgenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2012-01-1001:03
dscasselIntroductions: Who are you, where are you and what do you do on/for/with ubuntu?01:03
dscasselI'm Darcy in Waterloo, ON and I'm co-contact for the Ubuntu Canada LoCo. Also, chairing this meeting. :)01:04
* epod waves01:04
epodI'm not sure if I am supposed to reply, but I'm Damien, I'm in Winnipeg, and I'm just a humble user :)01:05
BobJonkmanHi all.  Bob Jonkman from Elmira, just north of Waterloo01:08
khooverI'm Ken, from Markham, ON. Just a user, like epod, but planning to get more active when I have time. I'm also writing a precis due tomorrow, soooooo....01:08
dscasselHi, Damian, and absolutely you should reply. Welcome. :)01:08
dscasselHi Ken. :)01:08
dscasselkhoover: What were you thinking about doing?01:09
FiReSTaRThey Darcy.. i can finally attend lol name's Ilija, located in Toronto01:09
FiReSTaRTin the interest of full disclosure, running Mint 12 w/xfce :P01:09
dscasselHi Ilija! Welcome back. :)01:09
dscasselFiReSTaRT: We forgive you. :)01:09
khooverdscassel, *shrug* probably muck around with the code behind it.01:09
dscasselkhoover: That's cool.  I wish there were more resources around I could point you at...01:10
DarwinSurvivorI'm Doug from Surrey, BC. I run freebsd, arch and ubuntu. (also on the brainstorm team)01:10
dscasselAwesome, hi Doug. :)01:12
FiReSTaRTran arch for a little while.. liked it but wanted something more stable for regular use system.. these days i try to minimize my hacks :P01:13
BobJonkmanLots of folks here today...01:14
khooveranyone see genjii recently? need coffee01:15
BobJonkmanIt's possible dscassel is a little preoccupied.  He's at Kwartzlab, where they're having the public unveiling of the new Laser Cutter01:15
FiReSTaRTmy wife hijacked the living room so i'm stuck here and amazingly got free time01:15
BobJonkmanHaven't seen genii_around for over a week01:15
khooverBobJonkman, just when pizza cutting gets to its pinnacle, a new one is found. and bummer, guess the polar bears got him.01:16
epodI'm not doing anything but mashing 'Update' on my Transformer every 30 mins or so to see if ICS is out yet :P01:16
dscasselThanks, Bob, yeah...  Occasionally distracted.01:16
FiReSTaRTi've had my fill of updates.. ran them on my virtual machine until 3am last night (along with trying to get over some funky deps for the 32bit nxclient and ending up running Remmina)01:18
BobJonkman So there's the agenda item of "Upcoming Events"01:18
* txwikinger2 is here now01:18
FiReSTaRThey tx ltnt01:18
BobJonkmanWe've got an Ubuntu Hour coming up in Waterloo next Wednesday.  New venue, the Duke of Wellington.  Slightly more interesting beverages than the coffee shop we've been going to.01:19
dscasselI'll be there!01:20
BobJonkmanI think I recall some talk on the forums or mailing list about someone setting up something in Northern Ontario, like Sudbury01:20
BobJonkmanUbuntu Hours are the way to go for starting a community of enthusiasts.01:21
FiReSTaRTsudbury is a good place especially since it's got laurentian, so i'm sure there would be a few ubuntu users down there01:22
BobJonkmanPractically no effort required, just make an announcement on the list, the IRC, the forums, post it on the LoCo Events list (if you don't have access you can sign up at Launchpad.net, or I can enter it for you)01:22
BobJonkmanWouldn't hurt to put some traditional paper media up on bulletin boards or sign posts01:22
BobJonkmanBut I don't think we've done that for either Kitchener or Waterloo Ubuntu Hours01:23
FiReSTaRTspeaking of LU just contact the lab staff and i'm sure they'll be glad to post up a couple of sheets around the labs01:24
BobJonkmanPeople have been known to travel for an hour to get to Ubuntu Hours.  Met a fellow from London at last Friday's Kitchener Ubuntu Hour. (Hi mars !)01:24
dscasselAnd genni_around came in December. :)01:25
khooverthere any hours in toronto?01:25
dscasseler, genii, of course.01:25
dscasselkhoover: There will be when you start one! :D01:25
dscasselThere's interest.  And there's a great venue in Linuxcaffe,01:26
dscasselBut nobody's run one (except BobJonkman for a one-off, of course. :)01:26
dscasselhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour for details.01:27
BobJonkman#linuxcaffe is a channel on this IRC network.  Pop over and say Hi!01:27
khooverdscassel, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe when I'm not doing a) precis b) job apps c) work or d) scholarship apps. XP01:27
dscasselOkay! :D01:27
BobJonkmanIf someone holds an Ubuntu Hour in Toronto (Linuxcaffe or elsewhere) I'll come over.  Just give me a week notice or so01:28
dscasselIt's pretty easy once it gets going. If you get a few regulars, it starts running itself.01:28
BobJonkmanI have a small stack of Ubuntu CDs remaining that I'll bring along for giveaways01:28
dscassel(Or really, great people like BobJonkman step up to help out. :)01:29
khooverBobJonkman, natty or oneiric?01:30
BobJonkmanI'm such a social gadfly01:30
BobJonkmanMostly Oneiric.  May be one or two Nattys left; let me check01:30
epodOn a completely unrelated subject, if anyone gets REALLY bored, I'm trying to find a sub $500 laptop that would be best for running ubuntu that I can buy at Best Buy, Futureshop, or Memory Express.01:31
BobJonkmanAll the disks I have are Ubuntu 11.10, Oneiric Ocelot.  5 Gnomes, 2 Kubuntus, 3 servers01:32
* dscassel is helping run this party, if he seems to be somewhat inattentive: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/rIhJwjBtvrQOg19qzIEx6Y7AR5MPWpLYZXG9zj4Llzc?feat=directlink01:32
khooverdscassel, was that a girl? O_O01:33
dscasselMore than two!01:34
* dscassel didn't count. That would be rude.01:34
dscasselAlso, both of those women will happily kick your ass if it comes to that. :)01:35
* epod facepalms01:35
BobJonkmanWhile I wouldn't suggest going to a makerspace to pick up chix, it's a great way to meet people with similar interests.  Some of whom are oppositely gendered01:35
khoover:O wooooooooah. and what's this about lasers? any buttons that may be large in size, or of a reddish hue?01:36
dscasselkhoover: Absolute. A big, shiny red button.01:36
khooverdscassel: :P01:36
* BobJonkman segues elegantly by mentioning that the KW Ubuntu Global Jam will be held in the same room as the Laser Cutter not pictured in the URL above01:37
dscasselThanks, Bob. :)01:37
dscasselI'll book Kwartzlab at the board meetign on monday.01:38
BobJonkmanIs it official?  Can I post the UGJ on the Watcamp calendar?  http://watcamp.com/calendar01:38
BobJonkmanLag on the tubes01:38
dscasselIn a related topic, the release party may conflict with Ludum Dare, in which Kwartzlab may want to participate.01:38
dscasselBobJonkman: Yeah, it's official enough. Go ahead. :)01:38
dscasselI kinda want to try doing an Ubuntu game.01:39
dscasselWe may either move the release party to Thursday or run the two events in parallel.01:39
dscasselOr move the release party somewhere else.01:40
dscasselOr something.01:40
dscasselOr there's no conflict and it doesn't matter.01:40
FiReSTaRTinteresting for those with artistic talent and/or coding ability01:40
dscasselStay tuned!01:40
* FiReSTaRT puts popcorn in the nuke01:40
BobJonkmanLudum Dare doesn't sound like a conflict with an Ubuntu Release Party.  Game Developers eat deviled eggs too, you know.01:41
dscasselheh. :)01:42
dscasselI just worry we'd be distracting.01:42
BobJonkmanSo you're saying there's a Release Party to put on the schedule too?01:42
dscasselI'm saying the date for the release party is currently up in the air.01:44
dscasselBut April's still a way's out yet.01:44
BobJonkmanAnyone else interested in holding an Ubuntu Global Jam in their area?01:45
dscasselYou should!01:45
BobJonkmanAlmost as easy an an Ubuntu Hour.01:45
BobJonkmanSit around, install the latest pre-release code, report bugs01:45
dscasselWell, that's kind of a lie. Finding a venue can get a bit tricky.01:45
dscasselBut if you have contacts at a college or university, it gets easier. I might be able to put you in contact with your local hackerspace if you have one too. :)01:46
BobJonkmanI think almost any place that has Internet connectivity would do the trick.01:46
BobJonkmanPerhaps a local library01:46
dscasselIf you don't have too many people, a wifi enabled coffee shop can work.  Probably best to ask permission, though.01:47
khooveror just tell everyone to pause the .torrents01:47
BobJonkmanThere's some coffee shops that offer wired connectivity. Faster bug reporting :D  Queen Street Commons Cafe in Kitchener; Linuxcaffe in Toronto01:48
dscasselI download the beta for all platforms ahead of time...01:49
BobJonkmanI can bring a hub/switch, and set my laptop up as a server, tethered to my infinite data plan cellphone01:50
BobJonkmanSo all kinds of options01:50
FiReSTaRTslightly o/t, random support question.. if you have multiple wired adapters, can you force a connection to use a specific one using network-manager?01:55
BobJonkmanThere's the routing table01:55
BobJonkmanI think that's accessible through network-manager01:56
* BobJonkman looks01:56
BobJonkmanYup!  There's a "Routes" button on the "Edit Auto eth0" window in the IP4 tab01:57
dscasselThat's all I got, and it's 9.01:57
BobJonkmanBig day at Kwartzlab.  Go have fun.01:58
dscasselAny questions? Concerns? IDeas to make the LoCo more useful to you?01:58
FiReSTaRTthanks bob :)01:58
dscassel(keeping in mind if you suggest work for people, you're also volunteering. :)01:58
bregmaanyone excited by the Ubuntu TV announcement at CES this week?01:59
BobJonkmanApparently UbuntuTV is downloadable01:59
BobJonkmanCompetitor to MythTV or XBMC ?01:59
FiReSTaRTreading up right now01:59
dscasselIt looks pretty hot. I showed the video off during my Unity demo at KWLUG last night.01:59
BobJonkman(meaning, "Yes, bregma, I'm plenty excited!")02:00
FiReSTaRTif they're trying for that, why does mark try to reinvent the wheel all the time?02:00
dscasselI don't watch a lot of TV, though.02:00
bregmaTVs are the next phones02:00
dscasselFiReSTaRT: Because existing projects have their own ideas of wher ethey want their prject to go and have no interest in selling to OEMs.02:01
bregmaphones have Android...02:01
bregmaand iOS02:01
dscasselMind you, it's all free software, so ideas can be shared.02:01
BobJonkmanAnd equipment manufacturers may want to be independent of content providers02:01
BobJonkmanApparently the recently revived GoogleTV is Android02:02
bregmaand equipment manufacturers want to be independent of Google02:02
FiReSTaRTi don't see distros lining up to run unity lol02:03
dscasselFiReSTaRT: But Gnome Shell ended up looking quite a bit more like Unity than it did in 2009.02:04
bregmadistros don't have to run it, as long as OEMs do02:04
FiReSTaRTgnome shell also got a huge dev community writing instructions to bring it back to gnome 2.x functionality... but they did it with gnome as opposed to trying to do the same with unity :P02:05
bregmagnome 2 is just WinXP as far as I can tell, and that has never worked on non-PC computers02:06
FiReSTaRTeven though i like the focus on consumer devices.. at least he's keeping up with the trends02:06
FiReSTaRTyeah but tablet de's don't exactly work on real computers either :P02:06
bregmaI worked at Xandros when we brought out the Eee PC, I'm familiar with that story02:07
* epod blames bregma for his OG EeePC having a subpar OS02:07
FiReSTaRTdidn't xandros sign a licensing deal with m$?02:08
bregmahey, the OS was fine, it was the user shell that was sub-par02:08
bregmathe biggest complaint was basically "hey, this doesn't work like Windows XP!"02:10
bregmabut this is getting OT02:10
FiReSTaRThttp://techcrunch.com/2012/01/09/i-want-my-ubuntu-tv/ <-- real ubuntu fanboi (natty the "fastest-adopted version" lol), but i agree that unity is good for 10' displays and other embedded applications02:11
FiReSTaRTand that mark is making a smart move in that direction02:12
FiReSTaRTshould even help him sell the unity desktop to the general public02:12
BobJonkmanOne last meeting item:  The second Tuesday of February is the 14th.  Is Valentine's Day OK to hold a meeting?  Or will all Ubuntoids be out wooing their partners of choice?02:12
FiReSTaRTi might be forced to do something for vd02:14
dscasselUm, no, not really.  I'd prefer to move it.02:14
bregmadoes the phrase "vd" no longer have the same meaning it did when I was young?02:14
FiReSTaRTi find them equally distasteful :D02:15
epodvd = veneral disease02:16
DarwinSurvivorwell, you could potential get vd on vd02:16
FiReSTaRTthat would get me in some hot water with the mrs :P02:19
BobJonkmanStill on a Tuesday?  THe 21st then?  Or later in the week, say Wednesday or Friday? (Thursday is too busy with other computer events here in KW)02:21
dscasselTues works. It's good to be out at Kwartzlab, even though it's distracting sometimes.02:25
dscasselLet's do the 21st.02:25
BobJonkmanOK, the 21st it is02:25
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BobJonkmanThat's better02:26
dscasselThanks, Bob!02:42

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