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dholbachnigelb, heya - should we have project lightning talks for the next UDW again?11:44
nigelbdholbach: I found it hard to fill last time.13:16
nigelbdholbach: with the new smaller slots, maybe we don't need it.13:16
dholbachok, that's good to know13:16
dholbachlet's leave it out then13:16
dholbachI'll try to get folks on board for UDW, we just have 3 weeks left until it happens13:16
dholbachif anybody could help, I'd appreciate it :-D13:17
nigelbif I can join hands with someone, I'll try to do a hacking on Lp session ;)13:17
nigelbHow was Morocco?13:17
dholbachit was very very nice13:18
mhall119dholbach: I can do a lens session unless you can get davidcalle13:18
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable still has a bunch of open slots13:18
mhall119if you can get him, then i'll do a singlet session ;)13:18
dholbachI'll remove the lightning sessions now13:18
dholbachmhall119, I'll reach out to him13:19
nigelbdholbach: everyone taking 1 slots is non-ideal surely :)13:22
dholbachmhall119, mailed him13:22
dholbachnigelb, do you want to pick a slot for the lp session already?13:22
nigelbtalking to lifeless to figure out time.13:22
dholbachany others? requests? ideas?13:24
* nigelb looks to mhall119 for ltp session13:25
james_wmhall119, http://askubuntu.com/questions/94490/what-is-the-api-for-new-lens-features-in-the-ubuntu-tv-alpha13:34
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dholbachjames_w, is pkgme something which could be demo'ed or talked about at UDW? :)13:39
PiciHas there been any though of an IRC channel where we can point people with questions about Ubuntu TV?13:40
PiciIMHO they've been cluttering #ubuntu13:40
james_wdholbach, perhaps13:41
Picinigelb: Can I point people there to get questions answered? or is that a 'working channel' (like #ubuntu-devel)?13:41
* nigelb looks at popey 13:41
popeyyup -tv13:42
MrChrisDruifPici; /join #ubuntu-tv13:43
PiciMrChrisDruif: I'm there ;)13:43
dholbachjames_w, :-D13:43
MrChrisDruifIt's a bit of both I think13:43
dholbachjames_w, and if you want, you could just do a 30m session - we have smaller slots now13:43
dholbachjames_w, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable13:43
mhall119james_w: thanks13:44
mhall119Pici: yes, #ubuntu-tv13:45
Picithanks :)13:45
jcastromhall119: want to G+ in?14:39
mhall119jcastro: sure, lets try this again14:52
mhall119jcastro: I feel productive already14:54
mhall119jcastro: got another request from dpl, forwarding to you14:55
* jcastro nods14:55
dholbachmhall119, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek/Timetable :-D15:07
jcastromhall119: I haven't gotten the email yet15:16
mhall119jcastro: sent it a second time15:17
jcastromhall119: still nothing15:29
jcastroare you sending to my ubuntu address or canonical one?15:29
mhall119sent it again, to both this time15:30
mhall119Subject: Fwd: Debian support in PPA15:30
mhall119check your spam folder15:31
jcastroI have been15:32
mhall119well gmail.com shows them, so Thunderbird is working on my end15:33
jcastrook one more try please15:35
jcastroand let's see what happens15:35
mhall119sent to all 315:36
jcastrothat one came right away!15:37
jcastromhall119: ok for now can you just mail me at that address from now on?15:38
jcastromhall119: yeah we should talk about that15:38
jcastrothe PPA thing15:38
jcastrojono: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:unity-team/ppa15:53
jcastrothen update and dist-upgrade15:53
mhall119oooh, sounds exciting15:55
jcastromhall119: dude16:00
jcastroso the unity ppa has serious speed awesomeness16:00
jcastroand didrocks tells me, a community guy wrote the patch!16:00
jcastroin there somewhere16:01
jcastroping didrocks for the actual fix, but anyway, we should blog the hell out of that16:01
technovikingmorning all16:03
popeyi get 403 from that ppa16:04
AlanBellspeed of what?16:05
jcastrojust unity overall16:05
jcastroomg, it's like I have a new computer16:05
AlanBellis it graphics card specific, I see a lot of his patches are for nvidia/compiz interactions16:06
jcastroI am on intel16:06
jcastroand unity wasn't slow before16:06
jcastrobut now it's _liquid_16:06
mhall119jcastro: I'd have to upgrade to Precise16:07
jcastroyou don't need to run it, I'm just saying blog his fix16:07
jcastro"this guy is totally awesome"16:08
mhall119I heard there was a fix to use opengl es, but I don't think my card supports it16:08
mhall119jcastro: yeah, if you can get me the revno or mp, I'll do that16:08
jcastroI don't know it16:08
mhall119jcastro: are you available to hangout again?16:08
jcastrocan you ping didrocks?16:08
jcastrohe says he can point you to the right thing16:08
jcastromhall119: ARB call is still on.16:09
jcastrothey should be done soon16:09
mhall119is didrocks there in Budapest?  he doesn't appear online atm16:09
jcastroyeah, I will track him down for you16:10
jcastroon my way!16:10
mhall119jcastro: I spoke to nigelb about helping you charm mozilla webapps, he says he'll be happy to help16:11
jcastromhall119: ok so he's in another room with other people.16:15
czajkowskitechnoviking: ping16:16
technovikingczajkowski: pong16:16
czajkowskitechnoviking: can you join canonical-sysadmin please?16:16
czajkowskitrying to resolve an old FC bug16:16
technovikinguh-oh, sure16:16
czajkowskitechnoviking: thanks16:17
snap-ljcastro: DOes that PPA work with 11.10?16:24
snap-lfor the Unity speed-ups?16:24
snap-lYeah, I guess it's unlikely anything runs 3 months after release. ;)16:25
snap-ls/anything/anything new/16:26
technovikingJoeb454 or s-fox: ping16:43
s-foxpong technoviking16:43
technovikings-fox: I still have admin rights on the forums. Thought you should know, before I get drunk one night and bring back OMG Pink Ponies!16:44
s-foxtechnoviking,  Do you still  need them?16:45
s-foxI can remove them if you want.16:45
technovikings-fox: will need it in the future, when we do the upgrade but not till then. Probably a good idea for security.16:47
s-foxAs you wish. I will remove you from the admin group. Do wish to retain mod rights?16:47
s-fox@ technoviking16:47
meetingologys-fox: Error: "technoviking" is not a valid command.16:47
technovikings-fox: Nah, never around, between work, classes and working out just don't have the time16:48
s-foxOkay. I shall remove you from the staff. Let us know when you need the rights back.16:50
technovikings-fox: thanks, sorry to about Joeb454 leaving16:51
technovikings-fox: if the FC needs any help, let me know. Glad to support you in any way16:52
s-foxThank you for everything technoviking16:52
mhall119jcastro: you still around?16:54
mhall119can we hang out before you're end of day?16:54
jcastrowe're done in 5.16:54
jcastrobut let's do it first thing in the morning16:54
jcastrosorry, pulled in billion directions.16:54
bodhi_zazen'lo jcastro16:56
jcastroyo yo!16:57
bodhi_zazendo you have time for a PM ?16:58
jcastrowe're EODing just now and packing up16:58
jcastrocan you send me a mail though?16:58
bodhi_zazenWe can touch base when you have time, I think a friendly greet & meet would help both our efforts16:59
mhall119jcastro: what did you do with jono?16:59
technovikingjcastro: in Budapest16:59
bodhi_zazenI will add this channel to my auto-join16:59
jcastrobodhi_zazen: yeah for sure17:00
jcastroif you guys want to add something to my calendar for next week that would be best17:00
mhall119popey: I emailed jono the links17:01
popeymhall119: i am sat next to him ☺17:01
mhall119wow, that was fast17:03
mhall119109 likes now17:03
mhall119well that certainly got it going :)17:04
s-foxtechnoviking,  I shall remove the rights later today. I am a little busy.17:07
popeyhttps://www.facebook.com/UbuntuTV  is now ours :D17:07
technovikingno prob17:07
technovikingpopey: the one question people are asking, can you play Angry Bird on Ubuntu TV:)17:08
Pendulumtechnoviking: so glad to know where people's priorities are ;-)17:08
mhall119thanks jono!17:09
jonojust blogged it too17:10
s-foxThank you for the email jono about a contact for the forum council. Good to have someone to talk to.17:10
jonono worries, s-fox, in the absence of having more time available on a weekly basis for you guys, we wanted to at least make sure you have a good point of contact17:11
jcastroplus I am better looking17:12
s-foxjono, I agree. I think you are aware of our timezone problems, so thank you for this solution.17:12
jonohe is17:12
jonos-fox, no worries!17:12
jonoheading out, have a good day, folks!17:15
cprofitthey nhandler18:30
nhandlerHi cprofitt18:32
cprofitthave you been well nhandler ?18:33
nhandlercprofitt: Yeah. I took most of the semester off from IRC and other online stuff (due to classes), but I'm slowly returning18:38
cprofittNice... class load a bit lighter now?18:38
nhandlercprofitt: Still sorting out my schedule for this coming semester. I'm still taking a lot of the core requirements (i.e. math and physics). Second semester next year, I'll be in all CS classes (which will be nice)18:39
JanChttp://fosdem.org/2012/news/video-streaming --> UDS should have (more of) this too...  ☺21:15
mhall119JanC: the Wifi barely holds as it is21:16
JanCthat's what wired internet is for  ;)21:16
JanCwired networking21:16
JanCmhall119: also, FOSDEM has the fortune that they can use a 10Gbit/s fiber uplink...  ;)21:29
mhall119ok, that might help21:51
JanCthe main streaming will be done by Fluendo though21:54
JanCso, no real need for such extreme uplinks21:54

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