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yaboohow can I force the screen resolution in 11.10 desktop05:33
yabooseems it tries to do 1600x1200 when my monitor only does 1280x1024 res05:34
BigWhaleGood Morning.06:07
pittiGood morning09:11
pittidobey: not sure whether someone already told you, but the distro uploading question was resolved with jasoncwarner_/rickspencer3; so it's fine to continue what we have always done, i. e. you can upload09:29
rickspencer3pitti, dobey of course with the caveat that the distro acceptance tests were run and passed!09:30
pittisure; I checked the policy, and it doesn't say "canonical platform team", just "distro"09:30
pittias distro == ubuntu developers, you as an uploader are responsible for the distro side09:30
pittithe AC still applies, of course09:31
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micahgdobey: and since that was resolved, if you still want a U1 packageset, the DMB is open to it09:34
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nerochiaroKaleo: (and Saviq): I updated the list of tasks in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTV/MergePlan, and i'm starting to go through it in order. Pleae confirm you're ok with it when you have time.09:49
mptmvo, hi, I have a work item to "[mpt] Invite people to port release-upgrader to aptdaemon"10:14
mptmvo, would you have a few minutes to tell me what I need to know to write something informative? :-)10:14
loolNew rhythmbox has file conflicts with -plugins on upgrades10:21
lool tentative de remplacement de « /usr/share/rhythmbox/plugins/artdisplay/rhythmbox-missing-artwork.svg », qui appartient aussi au paquet rhythmbox 2.90.1~20111126.89c872b0-0ubuntu310:21
mptand speaking of broken upgrades...10:27
mptkenvandine, seb128: I have a work item to "Specify how unity and other critical packages shouldn't be removed by an update". The idea is that we'd have a list of packages where, if the an update wants to remove it, Update Manager would know the update is broken. Does that seem like a good idea to you?10:28
seb128lool, hey, seems a  buggy replaces in ricotz's update, do you want to add the replaces? I can try to have a look later, at a the platform rally and in a meeting atm though10:29
seb128mpt, don't we do that with what ubunt-desktop depends on already?10:39
mptmvo, does update-manager do anything special if an update would remove ubuntu-desktop?10:41
loolseb128: The bzr branch seems out of date; missing push?10:42
lool(I mean at lp:~ubuntu-desktop/rhythmbox/ubuntu)10:42
seb128lool, done, sorry about that10:42
seb128lool, ok, fixed, please check I didn't screw, I was missing a revision when I sponsored the update yesterday10:45
seb128so pulled, fixed the conflict and push, should be ok10:46
loolseb128: ok10:50
seb128lool, thanks10:50
BigWhalewhat's up with the build farm? It'll take nine more hours for my packages to build? :'(12:49
cyphermoxBigWhale: backlog appears to be disappearing slowly now12:59
seiflotfykenvandine: how safe is it to update to precise13:14
pittiseiflotfy: no known major breakages today; you might run into a rhythmbox file conflict if your mirror is slightly behind13:15
pittibut another run of dist-upgrade will sort that out13:16
pittiand update-manager just ignores these anyway13:16
seiflotfypitti so on an x201 it should be ok?13:16
pittiseiflotfy: yes, I've used precise on this since day 113:16
seiflotfyu on an x201 too ?13:16
kenvandineseiflotfy, should be safe13:16
seiflotfyhow is the battery issue?13:17
seiflotfyis it covered now13:17
seiflotfymy last ubuntu caused me a whole new battery13:17
seiflotfyit was draining like crazy13:17
pittiseiflotfy: yes, I have an x201 (Arrandale)13:18
pittiseiflotfy: "issue"?13:18
pittiseiflotfy: I've run natty, oneriric, and precise on this box without an issue13:18
seiflotfywell somehow power consumption wiht the last kernel was terrible13:18
pittiin the train I got 9 W (11.5 hours)13:18
seiflotfyok i just got me a new battery today13:19
seiflotfy9 cells13:19
seiflotfy6 hours and 11 minute13:19
seiflotfynot bad13:19
seiflotfybut i need more13:19
pittiseiflotfy: well, my 11 hours is with wifi killswitch and 50% brightness13:20
pittiwith wifi I only get 8 h13:20
seiflotfy1do have anything in you rc.local settings?13:22
pittino, stock ubuntu install13:22
seiflotfy1seriously ?13:23
seiflotfy1ok wow13:23
seiflotfy1let me install precise then13:23
pittiseiflotfy1: you might want to check powertop what's draining your bat13:23
pittiseiflotfy1: wasn't much different in oneiric/natty, though13:23
pitti10W with wifi and reasonably active, 8W with killswitch and idle13:23
seiflotfy1and precise?13:23
pittiI think precise is a tad better13:23
pittiI didn't keep exact records13:24
pittiand of course it's hard to reproduce workloads exactly over several hours13:24
pittiseiflotfy1: powertop is pretty good to debug rogue processes or devices13:24
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dobeypitti: thanks14:12
mvompt: sorry, I didn't manage to respond to the aptdaemon question yet, I will try to get it later today14:49
mptmvo, I wasn't sure whether you saw my other question too: <mpt> mvo, does update-manager do anything special if an update would remove ubuntu-desktop?14:50
desrtpitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/800630/14:54
mptmvo, those questions might be quicker to answer on Mumble14:56
pittidesrt: pushed14:56
mvompt:  I have a real-life meeting in 5min :/ - I have not seen this question, but the anser is that if that happens it will fail hard and refuse to upgradde14:57
desrtpitti: thanks14:57
mptmvo, how can I test how update-manager presents that failure?14:58
mpt(Does it put up an error message?)14:58
mvompt: hm, i don't think there is a really easy way, but its the generic: http://paste.ubuntu.com/800640/15:03
mptthanks mvo, I'll tweak that text15:05
ricotzcyphermox, hello15:53
ricotzcyphermox, are there known issues with nm with probing wired interfaces which arent connected?15:54
cyphermoxnm probing wired interfaces which are not connected?16:02
cyphermoxricotz: not that I know of. If you're mentioning some errors in dmesg about speed/duplex, I investigated that yesterday16:03
cyphermoxI'm not *certain* it's not NM, but reasonably sure since NM listens for netlink messages to know when there is carrier16:03
pittichrisccoulson: git://gitorious.org/performance-scripts/mainline.git16:04
nessitahello all! quick scream for help: the precise fresh installation in my laptop is stuck in "removing conflicting operating system files..." any idea what should I do?16:05
pittichrisccoulson: http://people.gnome.org/~federico/news-2006-03.html#timeline-tools16:05
ricotzcyphermox, i mean nm seems to try to connect while is there no cable plugged in and doenst give up trying16:12
cyphermoxricotz: I'll need much more information than that -- please file a bug (ubuntu-bug network-manager) and include syslog, and the output of 'ethtool <interface>'16:13
cyphermoxricotz: I'm thinking that might be something device-specific, maybe some carrier-detection pieces got broken16:14
ricotzcyphermox, i will try to get some better information, thanks16:15
ricotzbtw the driver is skge16:15
cyphermoxyeah.. one funky one or something :)16:15
cyphermoxethtool will probably be the key16:15
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pittigood night everyone17:35
cyphermoxpitti: oops. there's https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=638117 that specifically mentions not saving the state in gnome-bluetooth18:18
ubot2`Gnome bug 638117 in general "Remember off/on state between sessions" [Normal,Unconfirmed]18:18
cyphermoxguess there's a way to fix this in bluez though; the init script or upstart job could save the state on shutdown, kind of like alsa does18:19
broderanybody around? i'm looking at bug #631638. it sounds like upstream is unlikely to pick this up in time for precise, so it seems like it would make sense for us to pick up the patch...19:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 631638 in hundredpapercuts "palimpsest thinks that USB2 is 480MB/s instead of 480Mb/s" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63163819:17
jbichabroder: yes we should definitely take that patch for precise19:49
broderjbicha: ok, cool. i'll put something together19:49
broderor rather, i'll have one of the people at this bug jam with me put something together :)19:51
oakdog8steve holt19:59
dobeywhere the heck is the shotwell irc channel?20:14
dobeyor yorba or whatever20:15
bil21alshotwell developers see those bugs by themself in launchpad ubuntu20:17
bil21ali guess no need to upstream20:18
bil21aland i dont know any channel20:18
dobeybil21al: i don't want to upstream a bug, i want to bug developers with questions20:21
dobeyand i hate mailing lists20:21
bil21alhmmm  ask seb128 he may be know that oe brain murray in ubuntu bugs channel somebody there must knew about that20:22
dobeykenvandine: are you around, or at the pub?20:53
kenvandinedobey, i am around, but still working a bit heads down20:53
* kenvandine should be at the pub :)20:53
dobeykenvandine: heh. i was just wondering what the plan was to get gwibber to stop using python-webkit for precise :)20:54
kenvandinedobey, stop hanging out with seb128 :)20:54
kenvandinehe asks me everyday :)20:54
kenvandineno plan right now... we need to rewrite the accounts UI20:54
kenvandineand i have no time for it right now20:55
dobeykenvandine: well, i'm poking about to find room for pyqt; and you, shotwell, and u1 are the only things that depend on gtk2 webkit still20:55
dobeythe accounts ui is all python right?20:55
kenvandinedobey, shotwell doesn't anymore:)20:55
kenvandinedon'g say pygi20:55
dobeykenvandine: well, trunk doesn't. but shotwell in precise still does. there isn't a relase of gtk3 shotwell yet afaict20:55
kenvandineyes there is20:56
kenvandinewas uploaded today :)20:56
dobeywell hooray then20:56
dobeyso gwibber ;)20:56
kenvandinedobey, shhhhh20:57
kenvandineit would be hard to use pygi, i think20:57
kenvandinethe accounts dialog does some python import muckery to inject python files from other places20:58
kenvandinei am sure it would introduce problems20:58
kenvandinewell... s/sure/afraid/20:58
dobeyugh, lots of stuff uses pygtk, not just accounts :-/20:58
kenvandinenot in gwibber20:59
kenvandinenot that we still use20:59
kenvandinethere is some files that can be removed20:59
dobeythere is junk in trunk, that shouldn't be there20:59
dobeythat confuses grep :)20:59
kenvandineand gwibber/accounts.py20:59
kenvandineshould be all we have that we care about20:59
kenvandineand there is gwibber-service-{sina,sohu} which are in separate projects21:00
kenvandinebut provide accounts files21:00
dobeywhat projects? same name?21:00
dobeywell i guess they don't use webkit, otherwise they'd show up in rdepends21:02
dobeykenvandine: oh, new shotwell is in depwait for new valac21:03
dobeysince vala-0.16 was uploaded 8 days ago21:05
BigWhalekenvandine, there was this guy who's name was JamesT and he wanted to run Gwibber on Net BSD!21:05
BigWhale(he wasn't really a jamesT ... but ... )21:05
kenvandinedobey, it is probably in universe21:05
kenvandineand shotwell is in main21:06
dobeykenvandine: ah, it is in universe21:06
kenvandineBigWhale,  i made a huge improvement to gwibber-service's power consumption and CPU usage today21:08
BigWhalepeople will be happy21:08
kenvandinedobey, i finally was able to get rid of threading.Thread in gwibber :)21:08
dobeymultiprocessing too?21:09
kenvandinepython multiprocessing.Pool was causing constant polling looking for jobs to do even when idle21:09
kenvandineso eating up power21:09
dobeyi bet21:09
kenvandinedobey, no.... i wish21:09
dobeyi can't wait to get the new twisted in21:09
kenvandinebut i couldn't close the pool when it was run in the thread21:09
dobeyhopefully my reactor will get approved/landed soon21:09
kenvandineso getting that shit untangled i was able to close the pool down after finishing operations21:10
BigWhalekenvandine, threading in python is horrible :/21:10
kenvandinewhich fixed the power problem... and a nice side effect is refreshes are now quite a bit faster21:10
kenvandineand use very little CPU21:10
BigWhaleI have to start hacking on gwibber again ...21:10
kenvandinei went from 100% cpu usage for ~20s to spiking at 14% over the course of ~10s21:11
kenvandineand most of that 10s is under 10%21:11
kenvandineit is in ppa:unity-team/ppa if anyone wants to help test it :)21:11
BigWhaleI am mostly finished with Kazam, just few minor things left ...21:11
kenvandinealong with all the new unity crack and gwibber ported to the new APIs :)21:11
dobeydoes compiz no longer wake up 60 times a second with the new unity? :)21:13
kenvandineno idea21:14
kenvandinebut i know half of the top 12 power hog bugs in precise have been fixed this week21:15
dobeythe big one in u1 is fixed upstream21:17
kenvandinegwibber-service was causing 7% of the wake ups on a clean install21:17
kenvandinebug 90691621:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 906916 in gwibber "gwibber-service has a child that polls at 10Hz which is causing a lot of wakeup events" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90691621:18
dobeydoes it run even if not using gwibber?21:18
dobeyor only after you add accounts?21:18
kenvandinei think even if you have no accounts21:19
dobeyyeah, that's bad :)21:19
kenvandinei had tried fixing the multiprocessing stuff in the past, but it kept causing more problems... i hit the sweet spot today :)21:19
kenvandinemixing threading and multiprocessing sucked21:20
dobeyas soon as i looked at that code when the couchdb/keyring issues came up, i was thoroughly appalled21:21
kenvandineyeah... your patch didn't work though :)21:21
dobeyit did work, just didn't fix *all* the cases :-/21:21
kenvandinewell, it fixed some problems and caused others21:21
kenvandineit was just a mess21:21
dobeys/caused/exposed/ :)21:22
dobeybut things are much better now it souns like21:22
dobeysounds even; this keyboard is picky sometimes21:22
kenvandinei need quite a bit of testing though21:23
kenvandinethat code scares me21:23
kenvandineyou guys need to try the crack in the ppa :)21:24
dobeyi need to upgrade my workstation to precise21:24
dobeythen i can just ignore the fact that gtk 3.2 is apparently broken somewhere21:24
BigWhalewho is responsible for getting software into universe?21:25
dobeysince gtk in precise 'just works' where i'm hitting that brokenness21:25
dobeyBigWhale: anyone with permissions to do so21:25
dobeyBigWhale: motu and core devs all have the power21:26
dobeyor powah, if you prefer21:26
BigWhalethe force, please ...21:26
kenvandineBigWhale, i could21:26
BigWhalekenvandine, ahh someone I know! ;)21:27
kenvandinealthough i am kind of drowning in work atm21:27
dobeykenvandine: popey keeps posting pictures of beer on g+ :(21:27
kenvandineyou could create a package and i'll review it :)21:27
BigWhalekenvandine, well first I'll need few pointers on what still needs to be done21:27
kenvandinedobey, there has been plenty of beer :)21:27
kenvandinealthough i spent last night and tonight working late :(21:28
BigWhalekenvandine, well there's no real rush, except that I'd like to get it into precise :)21:28
kenvandinepile of new releases and crap to deal with21:28
dobeyi'm sure there has been21:28
kenvandinei love it when there is an abi break that requires a bunch of rebuilds21:28
BigWhaleare you guys occupying that bar on the street? :))21:29
kenvandineand i love api breaks even more where i have to do last might porting21:29
kenvandineBigWhale, most of the time :)21:29
dobeykenvandine: i am totally about to break some API :)21:29
* kenvandine smacks dobey21:29
kenvandinedidrocks had me update from a PPA which broke gwibber... forced me to port the lens :)21:29
dobeykenvandine: do you not want a fast gtk3 version of u1ms? :)21:30
Sarvattdobey: the compiz 60 wakeups a second can be worked around by drm.vblankoffdelay=1 if you're on intel21:30
Sarvattkernel command line parameter ya can add to grub21:30
kenvandinedobey, well yes :)21:30
kenvandinedobey, sometimes it's worth it :)21:30
kenvandinethe libdee api break was totally worth it21:30
kenvandinehuge performance fixes that speeds up unity and gwibber :)21:31
dobeyso dropping libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 off the CD will get us about 7 MB back21:34
Sarvattdobey: a unity update wouldn't fix that though, its a kernel problem where vblank interrupts aren't turned off for 5000ms after they are used so you get your refresh rate number of wakeups per second pretty much always. that might be fixed in the 3.3 kernel, but only on intel where vblank interrupts are reliable, or you can add the kernel command line option to work around it without a newer kernel21:35
dobeySarvatt: well, a backport of that fix to 3.2 kernel would be fine as well. doesn't have to be a unity or compiz update if the bug is elsewhere. kernel update is fine :)21:38
Sarvattmaybe post 12.04 release when it actually goes in :)21:39
Sarvattin the meantime GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash drm.vblankoffdelay=1" in /etc/default/grub would help if you want to save power, its a seriously small amount though21:42
Sarvattlike less than 2%, cking on the kernel team did some exact measurements21:42
dobeySarvatt: i don't think gaining an extra hour is a "seriously small amount"21:42
Sarvattno reducing the 60 wakeups a second from compiz wont give you an extra hour by any stretch of the imagination21:43
Sarvattlet me dig up ckings power measurement posts on the lists21:43
dobeySarvatt: the battery icon's estimated time remaining increased by an hour on my laptop, simply by switching off of unity to fallback gnome, and turing off ubuntuone-syncdaemon (which has 10 wakeups/sec)21:44
jbichadobey: we should totally switch to gnome fallback for precise then! :)21:44
Sarvattsyncdaemon is keeping the hdd alive afaik, its very different and cant just compare the wakeups21:45
dobeyno it isn't21:45
dobeyit only hits the hdd at most once every 2 minutes, if not actively doing anything21:45
Sarvattits touching a log file which is keeping the hdd spun up I mean21:46
Sarvatti could be wrong, still digging21:46
dobey30 times per hour, yes21:46
dobeynot 10 times per second21:46
Sarvattall of his results were here http://zinc.canonical.com/~cking/power-benchmarking/21:46
Sarvatthe filed that gwibber bug21:46
dobeyyes, he filed a bug or two against u1 as well21:47
dobeythis laptop sucks for power anyway :-/21:53
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StebalienCan somebody look at this merge proposal and check it for mistakes: https://code.launchpad.net/~stebalien/gnome-disk-utility/fix-units/+merge/8828322:41
dobeyman gsettings is annoying :(22:56
dobeykenvandine: so, i just changed the color for my twitter account, in gtk3 ;)23:17
dobeyanyway, i need to write this e-mail, and call it a day for sure23:18
kenvandinedobey, what do you mean in gtk3?23:18
dobeykenvandine: pygi23:18
dobeyin a branch23:18
kenvandineoh... do you mean actually loading the accounts panel for the twitter account?23:18
dobeyyes :)23:18
kenvandinedobey, you are my hero!23:19
dobeyit still needs some fixes and testing, but i got pretty far already23:19
dobeyand there doesn't seem to be a gnomekeyring gir23:19
kenvandinepush that before it gets lost :)23:19
dobeybut maybe we can use txsecrets from ubuntu-sso-client23:19
dobeywhich just talks to keyring directly over dbus :)23:20
dobeyso works with any keyring that implements fd.o secrets api23:20
dobeylater, need to not hack for a while :)23:46
BigWhaleSleepy time for me too23:57

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