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stahlieI'm a beginner in c/c++ programming.... I'd like to be part of ubuntu development.  where would you recommend I start with?01:44
bmahestahlie, try to scratch one of your itch01:58
jbichastahlie: Ubuntu development is mostly packaging and fixing bugs, so I'd recommend you find something that interests you and try making it better01:58
bmahepick a project you use and like, and either fix/improve something01:58
jbichafor packaging, see http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tools/packaging/01:58
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lifelessskaet: hey, we were meant to catch up this week I think, but I have no idea when/where the meeting is08:15
skaetlifeless,  it was on monday,  but we'll be having the follow on today.   Will add you to today's invite.08:17
lifelessskaet: cool08:17
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ogra_could someone bump the buildscore on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ac100/3.0.8-4.3/+build/3084606 please ?08:32
wgrant_ogra: Done08:33
ogra_gracias !08:34
pittiGood morning09:11
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micahgMirv: for mozvoikko, does that affect 1.10 as well or just 2.0?11:21
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Mirvmicahg: excellent question11:33
Mirvmicahg: I was just wondering the same, ie. whether then lucid/maverick should get 2.0.1 together with newer firefoxes or not11:34
micahgMirv: well, those are easier to fix, I'm more concerned about natty/oneiric that I pushed with 1.10 and Firefox 911:34
ogasawarapitti: would you have any free time today? the kernel team wanted to chat about getting our burn down charts updated.11:34
pittiogasawara: in meeting right now, can we do that right after lunch? I'll come to your room11:35
micahgMirv: we're planning on pushing 2.0.x with Firefox 1011:35
Mirvmicahg: I'll install a virtual machine and check around a bit11:35
micahgMirv: thanks11:35
ogasawarapitti: yes, that would be great.11:35
Mirvmicahg: ok, everywhere? then I'll just check out natty/oneiric11:35
pittiogasawara: (note that I'm not the primary WI tracker dev any more, but I can probably still help you to tweak the charts)11:35
micahgMirv: yeah, 2.0.x with go with 10 everywhere (hopefully)11:35
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smoserjdstrand, where was that archive tool you mentioned?11:50
smoserin security tools for grabbing /checking packages.gz and such11:50
smosermdeslaur, or sbeattie ?11:54
mdeslaursmoser: huh?11:54
micahgsmoser: are you referring to scripts/packages-mirror in ubuntu-cve-tracker?11:54
smoserthere is something (i think in lp:ubuntu-security-tools) that downloads the Packages.gz and Releases files and checks that they're in sync11:54
smoserjamie mentioned it to me last night11:55
mdeslaursmoser: yeah, that would be what micahg mentioned11:55
mdeslaursmoser: it's a script that locally mirrors the archive without the binary packages11:55
mdeslaursmoser: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/ubuntu-cve-tracker/master/view/head:/scripts/packages-mirror11:56
jdstrandsmoser: run-debmirror11:57
mdeslauroh, wait, jdstrand says that's not the tool he was referring to11:57
jdstrandsmoser: in utils11:57
jdstrandsmoser: we are talking about the md5 checking code, right?11:57
jdstrandI didn't phrase that well11:57
jdstrandanyhoo :)11:57
smoserthank you to all security team for help12:05
mdeslaursmoser: dude, we'd do anything for you, you know that, right? :)12:06
sorenrmadison is breaking records today.12:36
soren"rmadison python-django python-libvirt" took 3m12s. Gosh.12:37
sorenThis is going to be a long day :)12:37
cjwatson 12:37:35 up 4 days, 19:39,  5 users,  load average: 14.84, 14.81, 9.5212:37
sorenI swear that's not my doing :)12:37
sorenthis is the first call I made :)12:37
sorenSecond time, same query: 17s.12:38
sorenI guess I should just keep asking it the same question.12:38
cjwatsonIt has to recompute stuff each time the archive changes12:38
cjwatsonDifferent queries should be fast for a while12:39
cjwatsonWell, "fast"12:39
sorenHeh :)12:39
cjwatsonI think this is mostly lillypilly being everyone's punchbag12:39
lamontwhen did dpkg grow the annoyance at blank lines in package descriptions?12:39
sorenhasn't it always?12:40
lamontI upgraded to precise from oneiric yesterday, and it faceplanted because of a bad printer driver package (from the manufacturer?), which was never an issue on oneiric12:40
lamontlexmark-08z-series-driver_1.0-1 from lexmark's website12:42
lamontI'll have to do a clean oneiric install, install their broken driver and do-release-upgrade again to make sure, but then I have a bug for both update-manager and for lexmark12:43
sorenlamont: Oh, you mean in binary packages?12:45
lamontI don't remember when I ran into a lexmark printer, but i want to say it was pre-oneiric12:48
lifelessskaet: btw if you use my <firstname at canonical dot com> you can see my calendar... and that I can't make 9am13:08
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Ursinhalifeless, are you here in budapest?13:12
UrsinhaI guess I saw you yesterday... or was your clone again?13:12
lifelessUrsinha: Twas I; I was going to come over and say hi, but the hot food called me13:15
Ursinhaokay, changing that meeting was my fault, but not sure if you are required to be there, to be honest...13:15
Ursinhalifeless, ah :)13:15
skaetlifeless, come when your conflict is over,  we'll tweak the agenda a bit13:15
* skaet would like lifeless there so we don't come up with things that aren't even possible...13:17
Ursinhaskaet, I see :)13:18
lifelessskaet: cool, will do13:19
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dpmhey skaet, do you have the release notes thanks page somewhere in the wiki? If so, I'll just stick the query to get the list of translators and the procedure in there13:46
skaetdpm,  structure has to be created and will change from release to release, so we probably need some meta pages for this.   I'll set something up and bounce you a pointer later today.13:48
dpmskaet, ok, cool. Whenever you've got anything set up, just ping me and I'll add the translators info13:49
skaetdpm,  will do.  Thanks!13:50
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lifelessI believe this is undesirable:14:04
lifelessDo you want to continue [Y/n]? y14:04
slangaseklifeless: I trust that it recorded your preference somewhere sensible though14:05
lifelessslangasek: I have /no/ idea :)14:05
Ursinhapitti, hi, whenever you have a few minutes, let's talk :)14:09
ahasenackhi guys, can someone from the sru team review my python-tz SRU for lucid, maverick, natty and oneiric? It's in the upload queue14:20
pittiUrsinha: sorry, got (physically) pulled into two other discussions; want to come to desktop room, or shall I find you? where are you ATM?14:29
mdeslaurbarry: could you give me access to LP: #798405 please?14:30
barrymdeslaur: i subscribed you, hopefully that does the trick ;)14:34
mdeslaurbarry: yes, thanks!14:34
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Mirvmicahg: I got distracted but mozvoikko 1 works in oneiric with firefox 9 - although there is now the common problem that for new users it's disabled by default because of the firefox policy change and one needs to manually go to extension settings14:44
Mirvmicahg: same in precise - but it seems the Firefox language packs have some trick to be automatically enabled?14:45
micahgMirv: right, chrisccoulson could tell you more about why the langpacks work and the extensions don't, thanks for testing though14:45
Mirvmicahg: actually, in fresh oneiric with Firefox 9 also Ubuntu Firefox Modifications is disabled by default14:45
micahgMirv: oh?  that's bad14:46
micahgthat didn't occur when I tested14:46
Mirvhmm, let's see, it says it's incompatible but seems there are some uninstalled updates still even though firefox 9 is in14:46
Mirvmicahg: yes, it looks like ubufox is marked as incompatible with Firefox 9 so that home page is not the Ubuntu about page but the Firefox's own about:home14:48
micahgMirv: do you have 1.0.2-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 installed?14:49
Ursinhapitti, I am in the server room, brainstorming in the big paper chart14:51
Mirvmicahg: ah, never mind, now it actually upgraded it. somehow though the 11.10 installation together with "install also updates" installed Firefox 9 but not all of the other updates14:52
Ursinhapitti, if you want to come over that would be nice14:54
smosermdeslaur, jdstrand micahg thanks for your help. i have http://paste.ubuntu.com/800646/ now. it only checks amd64 and i386 right now.15:09
micahgsmoser: those are the only archs on archive.ubuntu.com15:09
mdeslaursmoser: cool15:09
smosermicahg, well that would explain me not seeing others :)15:09
pooliejames_w, hi?15:12
james_whi poolie15:12
lifelesscan we stop ia32-libs-multiarch depending on libnss-ldap ?15:12
pooliejames_w, i'm just looking at bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd/+bug/877827 and find_unimported_versions15:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 877827 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "openldap fails with "marked but not imported" for an ancient package version" [High,Confirmed]15:13
lifelessso folk can -not- have ldap-auth-config installed15:13
poolieand i'm trying to understand the logic in15:13
poolie# We'll never find old debian releases, so if there is a new one already15:13
poolie            # imported then don't try and re-import the old ones.15:13
mvoslangasek: if you can still reproduce the apt ubuntu branch issue with crda could you jump into #synaptic?15:13
james_wpoolie, the rationale for the code marked by that comment, or the logic flow around there?15:14
poolieistm that if it's an ancient debian release, whether we've previously imported from debian or not, we should not queue it for importing15:14
poolieie the 'continue' just before the assertion should be one level further out15:14
james_wpoolie, what about the initial import of a package?15:14
pooliethen i guess it would keep reading forward until it finds a release in a non-ancient debian release?15:14
poolieor no?15:15
slangaseklifeless: yes, we absolutely can15:15
james_wthat would be better accomplished by just deleting all the code to get old versions of debian packages15:15
slangaseklifeless: if you're keen to upload it, please drop the dependencies on all the libnss-* and libpam-* to suggests15:15
pooliejames_w, which code are you refering to?15:16
james_wpoolie, it takes care to find out what versions of the package were in old debian releases, so that there is more history there15:18
pooliethat seems to contradict the comment?15:18
james_wpoolie, this code is a protection against the fact that Launchpad doesn't know about Debian potato, so before adding that code it would try and import any potato versions every time15:18
james_wpoolie, so if you were to change the code to always ignore potato, you might as well just delete the code that finds out what is in potato and just use Launchpad, that way it won't ever learn about anything older than what LP knows about15:19
lifelessslangasek: I can't upload to main.15:19
slangaseklifeless: !15:20
lifelessslangasek: since I am cleverly not core-dev; would you like me to prep the change :P15:20
slangaseki'll just follow my own instructions then :)15:20
lifelessslangasek: if enough people nag me I will apply for acls :P15:20
james_wpoolie, see the second half of import_package.py:get_debian_versions15:20
micahglifeless: umm, isn't ia32-libs in universe?15:21
lifelessit is ?15:21
lifelessoh it is15:21
micahgalways has been AFAIK15:21
lifelessslangasek: looks like I can futz with it15:21
micahgand it's no longer an ISO download :)15:21
slangaseklifeless: ohright, why would we put that in main ;)15:21
cjwatson.oO( first, land LP branch to grant ~lifeless upload permissions ... )15:22
slangaseklifeless: anyway, I'm halfway through now :)15:22
nigelbcjwatson: haha15:22
lifeless:( bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/ubuntu/ia32-libs-multiarch/15:22
slangaseklifeless: eh? source package == ia32-libs15:23
micahglifeless: umm, try the source (ia32-libs) :)15:23
slangaseklifeless: anyway, don't worry about it, I'll just push it here15:23
james_wpoolie, does that make more sense?15:25
poolienot really sorry15:25
lifelessslangasek: libnss3 will s..blah ok15:25
poolieso it's to do with handling packages that are still available from debian, but which launchpad doesn't know about15:25
lifelessslangasek: I was just about finished :P15:25
cjwatsonjames_w: what about not *yet* available from Launchpad?  People often merge Debian versions before gina gets round to importing them15:26
cjwatsonParticularly if they're the Debian maintainer too15:26
pooliethat seems like a reasonable thing to do15:26
cjwatsonEspecially given how long it takes gina to get round to anything much15:26
slangaseklifeless: yah, but I was already halfway finished before we remembered you could upload it :)15:26
pooliei don't know how to reconcile that with # We'll never find old debian releases,15:26
slangaseklifeless: uploaded15:26
lifelessslangasek: :)15:27
james_wpoolie, archive.debian.org has old versions of packages and we take care to use that as a secondary source of versions of debian packages15:27
james_wcjwatson, that should be fine, as this code usually runs when gina imports it in to LP15:27
pooliejames_w, right, i've got that15:28
poolieso the logic is15:28
poolieif this is too old to be known to launchpad, then15:29
james_wpoolie, the find_unimported_versions function looks through the list of all versions of a package, including the old debian ones, and looks to see if they are in the corresponding branch on Launchpad15:29
james_wif it is looking at debian potato then the answer will always be "it isn't" as Launchpad doesn't have a branch for debian potato15:30
james_wso every time this code runs it would say that version is unimporter15:30
james_wif this is the first import of the package then that's what we want, so that the potato version is threaded in to the history15:30
james_whowever, if it's not the first import then we can skip potato15:31
james_wthe comment is not at all clear, so let's rephrase it to try and explain that better15:31
poolieso this is running from the most recent versions to the oldest15:31
poolieif it finds any imported version that comes from debian, have_imported_old_debian is true15:32
poolieeven if it's not necessarily 'old' old15:32
james_wthat's meant to mean "at some point in the past we've imported the old debian releases (like potato) so we don't need to do it again"15:34
poolieok, so if the branch has ever imported anything from debian, we won't try to import old versions15:34
poolies//versions from old debian releases15:34
pooliethat makes sense15:34
poolieso in this case that is failing15:35
pooliewe've walked back to a version from an old debian release (woody)15:37
pooliewe have not observed any later versions that were imported from debian15:37
pooliewe don't have the version15:37
pooliebut, as the assertion says, it is marked in the revid db15:38
james_wthat sounds likely15:38
Mirvchrisccoulson: is there some specific thing that workarounds the firefox's new disable-addons-by-default behavior? ubufox and langpacks seems to be enabled, but I cannot immediately see any specific thing why then xul-ext-mozvoikko is disabled by default for users15:39
chrisccoulsonMirv, yes, that's intentional15:40
chrisccoulsonmozvoikko is installed in such a way that firefox considers it as third-party (which it is)15:40
Mirvchrisccoulson: isn't ubufox as well? but is it a trademark related problem or something then? at least it means that people don't have spell-checking in Firefox unless each user happens to go to extensions manually and enable it15:42
Mirvtoo bad mozilla chose hunspell instead of enchant at some point15:43
james_wpoolie, it looks like the list is sorted incorrectly, as it's looking at woody first15:43
james_wpoolie, it's because of the epoch15:45
james_wslangasek, how did the epoch on openldap disappear?15:45
slangasekjames_w: yes, because the Debian archive *completely forgot about that version of the openldap source package* :)15:45
lynxmancjwatson: ping15:45
poolieso there is a revids entry for it15:45
cjwatsonlynxman: yes?15:45
lynxmancjwatson: do you know if there's a way through a preseed to send the installer logs to a remote syslog?15:46
poolieso this ordering should never happen but because of its convoluted history, its version does seem to have stepped backwards15:46
james_wslangasek, as in it was uploaded but then purged?15:46
slangasekjames_w: the source package name disappeared for 3 releases, dak no longer knew anything about it, and as an openldap uploader I was completely unaware of that epoch until the importer found it :)15:46
cjwatsonlynxman: not by preseeding because syslogd starts before preseed files are processed, but you can put remote_host= and (if required) remote_port= parameters on the kernel command line15:46
james_wslangasek, ok15:46
slangasekjames_w: the source package name went openldap -> openldap2 -> openldap2.1 -> openldap2.2 -> openldap2.3 -> openldap over the space of 10 years15:46
james_wpoolie, yeah15:46
lynxmancjwatson: neat, thanks :)15:46
cjwatsonlynxman: sorry, make that log_host= and log_port=15:47
cjwatsonshouldn't have tried to answer entirely from memory ;-)15:47
james_wit seems like we would have to blacklist openldap 2: from being considered at all15:47
poolieso the consequence of this is that have_imported_old_debian is not set correctly15:47
james_wthere's an implicit assumption that versions monotonically increase over time in Debian15:48
poolieif we did a prior pass to look whether anything had been imported, that would avoid the issue15:48
lynxmancjwatson: hehe, thank you again :D15:48
james_wyes, that would likely work as well15:48
pooliei don't know if it's worth doing that for such an obscure case15:49
poolieotoh it may make things cleaner15:49
slangasekcjwatson: your crda change from November is making the apt trunk unhappy15:52
pooliejames_w, do you have any advice or opinion which i should do?15:54
slangasekcjwatson: mvo, DonKult are looking at it (there does seem to be a bit of an apt bug, a M-A: foreign package shouldn't be interpreted as conflicting with itself which seems to be what happens here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/800659/), but I'm thinking it would be good to work around this too15:54
james_wpoolie, I think either would work well, and I would guess that the two-pass solution would be slightly easier, with the added bonus of making that comment less obscure :-)15:54
pooliei concur15:55
slangasekcjwatson: do you recall the specifics of the provide/break/replace being added against a package that's still in the archive?15:55
cjwatsonslangasek: Is that bad?  We want wireless-crda to go away eventually ...15:55
cjwatsonOr is crda not being installed in its place?15:55
cjwatsonLet me dig up the relevant IRC conversations15:55
slangasekcjwatson: well, it's mostly that I have to do an 'apt-get -f install' to get out of it :)15:56
poolieok we have a meeting now15:57
cjwatsoncrda's Replaces/Breaks is on versions of wireless-crda from before it became a transitional package for crda15:57
cjwatsonIOW this is basically a rename but with wireless-crda kept around to (allegedly) make the upgrade path clearer15:58
cjwatsonThis seems like a fairly standard rename to me; I'm surprised apt is having trouble with it15:58
andreas__hi guys, someone around to take a look at my SRU for python-tz? for lucid, maverick, natty and oneiric, packages are in the upload queue awaiting review15:58
andreas__the bug is #88516315:58
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slangasekcjwatson: dropping the provides: seems to be sufficient to make apt happy; would that be acceptable here now that the kernel knows/prefers crda?15:58
lifelessslangasek: so you'll upload it too right ? :)15:59
cjwatsonslangasek: yes, it would15:59
slangaseklifeless: hmmm?15:59
lifelessslangasek: ia32-libs-multiarch :)15:59
cjwatsonIt's actually the presence of a transitional package that makes the Provides redundant15:59
slangasekcjwatson: ok, I'll do that then, thanks15:59
slangaseklifeless: already uploaded16:00
slangaseklifeless: took two tries because I forgot to pull in pitti's last upload first, but it's accepted now16:00
cjwatsonyeah, I can see how that Provides might have confused it in multiarch-land, sorry about that16:01
l3onhey guys I worked on merging zabbix 1.8.9, there is a new version 1.8.10 that fixes a CVE, should we adopt it ?16:02
l3ons/a CVE/2 CVEs/16:03
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infinitybryceh: I assume you already know that xdiagnose is broken?16:34
slangaseksuperseded by waylandiagnose16:35
infinityslangasek: :P16:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 914836 in xdiagnose (Ubuntu) "package xdiagnose 2.0 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 101" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:36
micahgis waylandiagnose a package to see what's wrong with Mr Burns?16:36
brycehinfinity, yeah already fixed16:50
infinitybryceh: Though not uploaded?16:55
brycehinfinity, not yet16:55
brycehinfinity, up now16:58
infinitybryceh: Danke.16:58
mdeslaurmvo: ok, try again17:11
pittilamont, infinity: any chance to kill https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/1:3.5.0~beta2-2ubuntu1/+build/3082920 ? there's a new upload, and this one is just a waste17:33
dobeyis there a way to restrict the output of "apt-cache rdepends" to things only in main?17:50
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shnatselI wonder if I can pass several mirrors to lb_config, e.g. Ubuntu mirror + PPAs18:40
shnatselhttp://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man1/lb_config.1.html has so many different mirror options18:40
shnatselit's not stated if I can use several mirrors at once or specify the same option several times or something like that18:42
tumbleweeddobey: reverse-depends can18:44
dobeytumbleweed: that's what i asked :)18:51
dobeyanyway, have an appointment. brb18:51
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tumbleweeddobey: I'm talking abut the tool in ubuntu-dev-tools19:45
dobeytumbleweed: can it also only list things that are on the default install seed?19:45
dobeysince that's what i *really* want right now19:46
tumbleweedI'd say calculate reverse deps, then filter by seed (you can use the json db that seeded-in-ubuntu grabs)19:50
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ScottKpitti, SpamapS, RAOF: I've just finished uploaded KDE SC 4.7.4 to oneiric-proposed - waiting for one of you to approve/accept (see bug 913928).20:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 913928 in kde4libs (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Tracking bug for KDE updates for 4.7.4" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91392820:16
ScottKIf one of you approves, it would be nice if you'd let me do the actual accepts so I can do it in the order that will require the fewest retries.20:17
lifelesswheee rmadison is slow atm20:43
psusihrm... was libc-bin recently converted to multiarch?20:57
psusipost alpha 1?20:57
psusiI'm seeing several bugs installing alpha 1 that look like it's because the auto update removes libc-bin and everything goes to hell before it gets around to installing libc-bin:i38620:59
psusilike in this log: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/89463970/UbiquitySyslog.txt21:00
cjwatsonknown to happen when eglibc builds happen out of sync across architectures21:06
cjwatsonlibc-bin was converted eons ago; the occurrence of this bug depends on the timing of install21:07
cjwatsonit's bug 85026421:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 850264 in apt (Ubuntu Precise) "given a foreign architecture of i386 on amd64 machine, and an outdated libc, apt tries to remove libc-bin" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85026421:08
Sarvattthats a major pain in the rear with ppa's with daily mesa updates in it, amd64 builds before i386 almost always so there's always a period of time where :i386 gets uninstaled because its out of sync22:07

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