bdmurraycjwatson: I noticed the series for wubi are all rather old and was thinking about creating new series and targeting bugs to them07:56
cjwatsonbdmurray: sure, if you think it'll help09:13
kyleNev, hi. using ubiquity, hostname field prepopulates as 'ubuntu' and says the computer is already on the network even though there is no network.16:38
evkyleN: because the computer itself is using ubuntu, which maps to the loopback address16:39
evwe should probably filter that out16:39
kyleNis there a fix I can do right now without modifying ubiq src pkg?16:40
kyleNev, i figured it was the loopback16:40
kyleNperhaps I can modify the plugin page and divert mine into place?16:40
kyleNev can I preseed a different hostname?16:41
kyleNinto the plugin page in ubiq?16:41
evit should let you proceed regardless16:41
kyleNit lets me proceed but it is a bug I need to fix16:41
kyleN(right now if possible)16:42
evsure, you can preseed a hostname16:42
kyleNWhat is the preseed line?16:43
kyleNev, will that break anything?16:43
evshouldn't do16:43
kyleN(the /etc/hosts file still will use ubuntu I assume on loopback)16:44
kyleNor does that get changed?16:44
evit will only be changed in ubiquity16:46
kyleNok great. thanks ev16:46
evsure thing16:46
davmor2ev: installer seems to die on 64bit pangalin :(17:31
davmor2ev: I click on the continue button and nothing I'm assuming it is looking for the first slide and is holding up the process as it seemed to be working fine up till then17:32
evI'll need slightly more information than that to do anything useful about it17:32
evdavmor2: can you pastebin your /var/log/installer/debug17:32
davmor2continue button on Who are you17:32
davmor2ev: if I can get it I will yeap17:33
davmor2ev: http://davmor2.co.uk/debug should do you17:39
evdavmor2: nothing out of the ordinary there, hm17:40
evdavmor2: syslog please17:41
davmor2ev: http://davmor2.co.uk/syslog17:44
davmor2ev: anything interesting there?17:53
evoddly not17:55
evplease file a bug with the both of those17:55
evand a screenshot17:55
davmor2ev: screen is now completely locked up but will do17:55
davmor2ev: Ha phone camera with u1 file sync to the rescue :)17:59
davmor2ev: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/91491718:07
ubot2`Launchpad bug 914917 in ubiquity "Precise Ubiquity locks up on clicking continue on the Who are you page" [Undecided,New]18:07

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