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sagacihi, I'd like to request an ubuntu member cloak, I currently have an "active" pdpc donation but I'm fine to drop that -- https://launchpad.net/~jpickett08:13
ts2AlanBell, Pici, topyli, funkyHat ^08:16
AlanBellhi sagaci08:18
sagacihi AlanBell08:19
Tm_TAlanBell: say +1 for sagaci's cloak request (;08:20
AlanBellok, so /ubuntu/member/sagaci then08:20
sagacithat's fine08:20
AlanBellstaff, can we get an /ubuntu/member/sagaci cloak for sagaci please08:21
christeli am contemplating it08:28
christeloh go on then08:28
christelcloak set, sagaci & AlanBell08:28
AlanBellthanks christel :)08:30
christelnp :)08:30
Unit193Congrats, sagaci08:31
sagacithanks christel AlanBell Unit19308:39
christelno problem :)08:40
tech936how are you19:10
PiciOkay. Can we help you with anything?19:10
tech936yeah i actually wanted to ask something is a private chat ok with you?19:11

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