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benonsoftware[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/Meetings00:01
benonsoftwareRaise your hands with o/ if your here :P00:01
benonsoftwareAnyone else around?00:02
MrChrisDruifUnit193; ?00:02
MrChrisDruif3 members/active people  isn't a very good way to meet00:04
cprofittAll meetings are good...00:04
cprofittif you don't hold meetings... then more people can not join00:04
benonsoftwarestlsaint has the first topic and he isn't in here00:04
cprofittlets keep ourselves focused on the positive and move this forward00:04
MrChrisDruifAlright, let's get this meeting started.00:04
MrChrisDruifI've got a date with my bed and I'm late00:05
benonsoftwareShall we move to the 2nd topic00:05
cprofittlets go to the next topic and then see if stl shows up00:05
benonsoftware[TOPIC] Team Reports - benonsoftware00:05
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* Silverlion too ^^ 00:05
* pleia2 waves00:05
benonsoftware[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/TeamReports00:05
benonsoftwareThe Team Reports havn't been updated for a while now00:06
MrChrisDruifGhehe...8 march ^_^00:06
benonsoftwareShould we have them or not at all?00:06
pleia2the link to the team reports are included in Ubuntu Weekly News once a month, so people are reading them and it's a really good way to get word out about your project00:06
MrChrisDruifIs still from before the restructuring00:07
cprofittbenonsoftware: I think that having team reports is good...00:07
pleia2additionally it helps team members who have been gone catch up on what's been going on since they were last available, which would have been very useful for this team00:07
benonsoftwareI think the same cprofitt00:07
cprofittbut if you are going to do it... you need to ensure it is done regularly00:07
cprofittIn the NY loco I have struggled to find a person willing to take on that responsibility...00:08
benonsoftwareSo who is to do them?00:08
pleia2what's worked best for teams I'm on is assigning one person who is responsible for making sure it gets done (they don't need to do it themselves, but nudge team members to update it, perhaps an email to the team once a month to remind people to add their items)00:08
cprofittand I think it needs to be specifically assigned to a single person (as pleia2 just said). :-)00:08
benonsoftwarepleia2: Yes, thats what the Ubuntu-AU team does00:09
benonsoftwareWe have 2 people doing it in case someone can't do it for a month00:09
* MrChrisDruif is falling asleep. Sorry guys!00:10
ashickur-noorHi, is the meeting started?00:10
benonsoftwareashickur-noor: Yes00:10
MrChrisDruifashickur-noor; yup00:10
benonsoftwareI'm happy to do it for a few months00:11
benonsoftwareand I am happy to train people to do it00:11
cprofittis there anyone else present that would be interested in taking on the task of team reports?00:11
cprofittagain -- this is not writing it, but making sure it gets done00:12
benonsoftwareIf someone would like help with it I can show you what to do00:12
ashickur-noorI can help00:12
* benonsoftware will do it if no-one puts there hand up00:12
ashickur-noorbut I don't know what to do00:12
benonsoftwareashickur-noor: Thats ok, are you free after the meeting?00:12
cprofittchair /action benonsoftware and ashickur-noor will take on the responsibility of ensuring the team reports get done on a monthly basis00:13
benonsoftware#action benonsoftware and ashickur-noor will take on the responsibility of ensuring the team reports get done on a monthly basis00:13
meetingologyACTION: benonsoftware and ashickur-noor will take on the responsibility of ensuring the team reports get done on a monthly basis00:13
ashickur-noorHow long It will take?00:13
benonsoftwareNot long00:13
benonsoftwareAs stlsaint isn't here yet, are there any other reminders/topics anyone wants to add?00:14
ashickur-noorCoz I need to sleep and then goto office00:14
* bodhi_zazen waves00:14
benonsoftwarebodhi_zazen: Do you have any other topics to add?00:15
pleia2reminder that User Days is on Saturday, lots of BT people contributing sessions :) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays00:15
* benonsoftware is :P00:15
ashickur-noorhow is instruct there from here?00:15
bodhi_zazenno, but I did notice the contributions of the BT over the last few weeks as well as to User Days, thank you00:15
cprofittpleia2: very full docket -- nice to see00:15
benonsoftwareAnyone else who wants to add anything00:17
benonsoftwareShall I #endmeeting now?00:18
cprofittunless bodhi_zazen wants to talk about ops00:19
bodhi_zazenwhat is wrong with ops ?00:19
benonsoftwareNot sure, the topic was OPs within BT Channels00:20
benonsoftwareShall we defer it until the next meeting?00:20
bodhi_zazenNo, unless there is a problem it is a non-issue00:20
bodhi_zazenIf someone added it to the agenda and did not show up -> end of issue00:21
benonsoftwareI'll end meeting now00:21
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meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Jan 11 00:22:18 2012 UTC.00:22
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* benonsoftware goes and updates the wiki page for new meeting00:22
pleia2thanks benonsoftware00:22
benonsoftwareNo problems00:22
benonsoftware8th is the next meeting correct?00:23
ashickur-noorI am not sure :-S00:23
benonsoftwareShould be00:24
bodhi_zazenugg .. 8th is horrible for me00:24
benonsoftwareUnless if I get a break during school :P00:25
Unit193I'm here now00:55
benonsoftwareUnit193: Missed it :P00:56
Unit193I know00:56
Unit193bodhi_zazen: stl was thinking that two wasn't enough. There was a time you weren't here and I wasn't up (I do sleep every now and then)01:01
benonsoftwareWhat TZ are you two in?01:02
Unit193TZ doesn't matter as I have weird hours, but I'll take this up in -team (in a few minutes)01:03
ashickur-noorhttp://goo.gl/GWqu5 is not working01:06
ashickur-noorsorry for that01:06
bodhi_zazenWe probably do not have enough traffic to need many ops, but if there is a general consensus that there is a need we can add.01:08
bodhi_zazenIt has been a long time since I have seen trolling in our -team channel01:08
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* slangasek waves16:00
* barry blinks16:03
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slangasek[TOPIC] Lightning round16:04
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Lightning round
slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e cjwatson barry doko stgraber jodh ev bdmurray slangasek)16:04
slangasekbdmurray doko slangasek barry stgraber jodh cjwatson ev16:04
bdmurrayupdated update-manager to call ubuntu-bug directly when an error is encountered during a distribution upgrade16:05
bdmurraysetup ubuntu-bugcontrol as the bug supervisor for wubi16:05
bdmurrayworked with defect analysts regarding bug workflow diagram16:05
bdmurraywrote bug pattern for foreign language versions of bug 54579016:05
bdmurrayreviewed bug pattern from bryce for xorg transitions16:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 545790 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "package PACKAGE failed to install/upgrade: error writing to '<standard output>': Success" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54579016:05
bdmurrayfiled bug 914220 regarding blocking some crash reports after discussion with pitti16:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 914220 in apport (Ubuntu) "crash reports with DBus.Error.NoReply should be blacklisted" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91422016:05
slangasekstgraber sends regrets btw, he has an ARB meeting - will poke him for status afterwards16:06
doko- python2.7 and python3.2 updates, fixing testsuite failures, enabling lto builds16:06
doko- first step at packaging python3.316:06
doko- eglibc-2.15 update, available in the ubuntu-toolchain-r/glibc ppa16:06
doko- kubuntu cleanup :-(16:06
doko- MIR's and syncs16:06
doko- ralley16:06
slangasekdoko: "kubuntu cleanup"?16:07
slangasekis that about MIRs, or something else?16:07
slangasek * Fix hdparm policy on battery to ensure we spin the disk down16:07
slangasek * Track down desktop bugs causing my disk to spin up when on battery16:07
slangasek * Patch the resolvconf package to better integrate with precise16:07
slangasek * fix ia32-libs to not pull in daemons and debconf questions on upgrade16:07
slangasek * testing new apt update to fix bug #85026416:07
slangasek * drum up volunteers for +1 maint team; two found so far, will continue to hunt people tomorrow here in Budapest16:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 850264 in apt (Ubuntu Precise) "given a foreign architecture of i386 on amd64 machine, and an outdated libc, apt tries to remove libc-bin" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85026416:08
dokogiving back failed builds with incomplete build dependencies16:08
slangasekbarry: you're up16:09
barryfixed dbus packaging bug that caused dbus-python test suite to sigabort.  updated blueprint with update-manager dependencies for porting to py3.  currently working on feedparser (upstream supports it, needs packaging, but upstream test suite fails under python 2.7, so...).  dbus-python branch reviewed upstream - some changes were made which i need to review, but it should be ready for merging. did some "consulting" with launchpad folks re:16:09
barrymail archive project. done.16:09
stgraber- Testing tracker16:09
stgraber - Finished results API by adding the update() function16:09
stgraber - Add a new bugs.get_list(milestoneid) call returning a list of bugs for a milestone16:09
stgraber - Improve the top testers report a bit16:09
stgraber- Networking16:09
stgraber - Talked with cyphermox about the right way of dealing with VPN and dnsmasq16:09
stgraber - Did a few more IPv6 testing for the privacy extension change, cyphermox's patch has now been uploaded in the Ubuntu kernel!16:09
stgraber - Poked at a fix in network-manager-openvpn to properly deal with reconnects (openvpn doesn't make that easy ...)16:09
stgraber - Started merging ifupdown from Debian experimental (moving from alpha1 to beta1)16:09
stgraber- ARB16:09
stgraber - Mailing-list cleanup16:09
stgraber - Helped packaging the askubuntu unity lense16:09
stgraber - Spent time dealing with Myapps/Software-Center for the first extras.u.c upload for 11.1016:09
stgraber- Containers16:09
stgraber - Helped moving cgroup-lite to its own source package, uploaded, promoted to main and added as a dependency of libvirt-bin16:09
stgraber - Started working on a fixed util-linux using Serge's patch16:10
stgraber- Other16:10
stgraber - Merged wxwidgets2.8, took quite a while but we're now very very close to Debian again16:10
stgraber - Added a post-stop script to dbus so the system bus gets restarted when it crashes16:10
stgraber - Helped with some ubiquity bugs, talked with didrocks about getting oneconf into Ubiquity, might get a prototype later this week16:10
barrystgraber: wxwidgets \o/16:10
jodhFinished work on mountall change to not mount already mounted FSs16:10
jodhwith stgraber. Working on bug 566818 and bug 912558 (both still in16:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 566818 in plymouth (Ubuntu Maverick) "Cryptsetup passphrase prompt during boot: every character typed repeats the prompt" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56681816:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 912558 in upstart (Ubuntu Precise) "log.c Assert failed - err=>number == EIO" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91255816:10
cjwatsonSent stgraber a basic libnewt-based UI for friendly-recovery.16:11
cjwatsonWrote new auto-sync script which doesn't rely on shell access to cocoplum, just in time for DIF.  Cleaned up small amounts of breakage that resulted from a related Launchpad bug.16:11
cjwatsonAdded lucid apt/python-apt backports to precise alternate CDs.16:11
cjwatsonStarted to convert things to gnutls28, then realised that was a bad idea for precise (see ubuntu-devel@).16:11
cjwatsonFixed live filesystem build breakage yesterday.16:11
cjwatsonAdded lucid installer images with natty and oneiric backported kernels; arranged for these to be available on lucid DVDs.16:11
cjwatsonCleaned up some easy "send information to people" work items.16:12
cjwatsonStarted work on a script to data-mine build times from Launchpad.  Less convenient than expected because the API doesn't expose this yet.16:12
cjwatsonConverted other archive admin processes away from sync-source.py; submitted LP branch to remove the latter, all its works, and all its empty promises.16:12
cjwatsonOh, and discussed desired new-world-order backport semantics with broder.16:12
slangasekstgraber: ifupdown> fwiw, Andrew Shadura had pinged me about getting my ifquery patch rebased (Debian bug #568479) - so if and when you get that merge done, let me know16:12
ubottuDebian bug 568479 in ifupdown "ifupdown: please add an 'ifquery' that can authoritatively parse /etc/network/interfaces" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/56847916:12
ev- Short week; holiday through Thursday.16:12
ev- Getting caught up on a month of emails. Reminding myself what it is I do here :-(16:12
ev- Packaged and uploaded whoopsie-daisy, the crash reporter and database for16:12
ev  Ubuntu.16:12
ev- Bug fixes to the crash reporting daemon.16:12
ev- Fixed build dependencies for whoopsie-daisy.16:12
cjwatsonCan't be that far back, I rebased it for alphawhateveritwas16:12
ev- Talked to Matthew about the best path forward for recovering from a failed16:12
ev  upgrade. He had continuing the upgrade from ubiquity using apt-clone.  I16:12
ev  suggested this was less than ideal, as it's a fundamentally different16:12
ev  upgrade mechanism from what they started with.  I suggested he talk to16:13
ev  Michael and Robert Ancell (who's doing the better recovery spec) about16:13
ev  looking for a broken dpkg early at boot and running dpkg --configure -a or16:13
ev  what-have-you.16:13
ev- Added an upstart job to whoopsie.16:13
ev- Moved to txstatsd for the web frontend metrics submission.16:13
ev- Moved from mod_python to mod_wsgi.16:13
slangasekstgraber: util-linux> fixed wrt what?16:13
ev- Main Inclusion Request for whoopsie-daisy (LP: #913694).16:13
ev- Put in my request to attend Pycon.16:13
ev- Added bson insertion and hostname specification support to oops-repository.16:13
ev- Tried to get oops-repository's test harness working. Ran face first into16:13
ev  http://bugs.python.org/issue755916:13
ev- Added core submission support.16:13
ev- Investigation around the retracer.  Because we need to unbase64, unzip, and16:13
ev  read the architecture out from core dump, it may make more sense to have two16:13
ev  RabbitMQ queues.  The first will process the core files as they've been16:13
ev  recieved by the user (first written to a SAN).  The path to this resulting16:13
ev  unpacked core file will be put on an architecture-specific queue for a16:13
ev  retracer to pick up.16:13
ev- Added MQ publishing (for the aforementioned core processing) to the core16:13
ev  submission web frontend.16:13
ev- Added the aforementioned processing of core files.  Still need to retrace16:13
stgraberslangasek: getty not working in containers16:14
slangasekstgraber: ah yes, ack16:14
slangasekany questions on status all around?16:16
slangasek[TOPIC] Bugs16:17
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Bugs
bdmurrayjust one bug today - bug 91479416:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 914794 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Gdk-CRITICAL errors output when updating from command line" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91479416:17
barrybdmurray: i guess this happens when you start u-m from the cli?  i think i've seen this16:18
slangasekhrm, lots of fun error messages in there16:19
bdmurrayyes, I saw some of the messages doing it on precise16:19
bdmurrayso this one Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_window_get_pointer: assertion `GDK_IS_WINDOW (window)' failed16:19
slangasekso the gtk warning is weird in its own right, but I don't see any way that it would be a multiarch problem16:21
slangasekso I think this is probably a bug w/ the desktop stack16:21
bdmurrayokay, I'll follow up with somebody there16:22
slangasekbdmurray: can we punt that over for the desktop team to look at?16:22
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB16:22
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: AOB
jodhevince throws exactly the same msg on the cli fwiw.16:22
slangasekright - and evince isn't ours :-)16:22
slangasekanything else today?16:22
evstill trapped in the UK :-/16:23
broderi think people developing on gtk are just generally bad about dealing with those messages16:23
slangaseksuggestions for what to include in a hungarian care package to send back to ev?16:23
cjwatsonI hear goulash posts well16:23
slangasek(paprika and palinka)16:23
cjwatson* may not actually be true16:23
evan entire spa would be nice16:23
dokoI have a very quiet non-snoring roomie here =)16:24
slangasekdoko: every time I buy a bottle of tokaji the contents mysteriously drain out16:24
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meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Jan 11 16:24:39 2012 UTC.16:24
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-11-16.03.moin.txt16:24
slangasekthanks guys :)16:24
* barry somehow wants lunch now16:25
* txomon|nqas would like a fresh beer, but ha, its working, thus, will have to wait16:26
txomon|nqasisn't there any qa meeting?16:54
txomon|nqass/any/supposed to be a/16:56
balloonstxomon|nqas, yes there is a qa meeting in 4 mins16:56
txomon|nqasah I thought it was at 5'3016:58
balloons17:00 :-)16:58
balloonsstarting meetings on the half-hour is always confusing n'est pas?16:58
balloonshello phillw17:02
gemahello QA team!17:03
txomon|nqashi gema !17:03
phillwhi gema :)17:03
gemasorry i am late, I lost track of time17:03
phillwditto :)17:03
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gemaso who is present today on the meeting?17:04
* txomon|nqas is here17:04
* charlie-tca seems to be here today17:04
* balloons present and accounted for17:04
jibelhi o/17:05
* gema is getting everyone to answer :D17:05
gemagood, let's get started then17:06
gema[TOPIC] Previous Actions17:06
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Previous Actions
gemaphillw: do we have any pending action from last week?17:06
phillwgema: just that one carried over action.17:06
gemapatrickmw: you created this link, didn't you?17:07
patrickmwyes, let me grab that17:07
patrickmw[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Automation17:08
gemacool, thanks17:08
alouriehi there17:08
gemahi alourie17:08
balloonshello alourie17:08
gemaalourie: could you make sure that links makes it to the front of our wiki?17:08
gemapatrickmw: thanks a lot17:09
alouriegema: sorry?17:09
gemathe link that patrickmw just pasted17:09
gemawith links to all the projects and test code17:09
alourieah, sure17:09
alourieit's there17:09
alourieI will17:09
gemaso that action is dealt with17:09
gemalet's move on17:09
gema[TOPIC] Blueprints Updates and Community Tasks17:10
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Blueprints Updates and Community Tasks
gemawe are going to do the update quickly today17:10
gemaalourie: do you have any update?17:10
alouriegema: I've been working on wiki update, so I can see you and Nicholas have looked at it17:11
alourieI am now more happy with the structure and the content17:11
gemaexcellent, we love the changes but are confused by the duality17:11
alourieso I think we're ready for feedback and replacing the main page17:11
gemaso merging it would be good17:11
balloonsalourie, yep, I think so17:11
balloonsmuch less confusing now17:12
alourieballoons, gema: I just saw the email, will read it later17:12
gema[ACTION] alourie to merge the new version of the wiki with the old one17:12
meetingologyACTION: alourie to merge the new version of the wiki with the old one17:12
gemaI like actions :D17:12
alouriebtw, is there a way to move complete trees of wiki?17:12
gemaalourie: I don't think so, but not sure17:12
alourieI've been playing with the idea to move some of the Testing/... to QATeam/...17:12
balloonsalourie, I can dig around and help you with that17:12
balloonsI was looking into it this afternoon mysel17:12
alourieballoons: well, it's wiki, so it kinda should be possible17:13
balloonsno promises there's an easy way :-)17:13
balloonsright.. export and import if nothing else17:13
gemain any case, we may want to do a copy&paste, whichever way17:13
alouriegema, balloons: or we can leave it as it is17:13
alourieand just link properly17:13
alourielet me work on it a bit17:13
alourieand finally17:14
gemaalourie: you got it, make sure balloons help you with that17:14
alouriethere's a lot of obsolete stuff there17:14
gemaalourie: remove it17:14
alouriewhich is no longer relevant17:14
gemait is confusing17:14
alouriegema: yes, that's my point17:14
alouriemaybe not remove per se, but "archive" of a sort17:14
gemaalourie: if you don't feel comfy with it, I will grab the axe17:14
* txomon|nqas laughs17:14
alouriegema: oh, don't worry17:14
gemaalourie: it's a wiki, there's history there17:15
alourieI worry that my axe could be too large :-)17:15
gemadon't worry and remove it17:15
alouriegema: sure17:15
alourieI'm done17:15
gematxomon|nqas: do you have any update?17:15
txomon|nqasnot refering the wiki17:15
gemaand referring to anything else?17:15
txomon|nqaswell, I would like to discuss what we already started discussing in the mail-list17:16
balloonsalourie, yes in general it's best to not have old content.. just confuses everyone :-)17:16
alourieballoons: yea, sure17:16
balloonstxomon|nqas, the bug report?17:16
gematxomon|nqas: you mean the bug?17:17
txomon|nqasmore meant to be a post, but yes17:17
alourieo oh17:17
gematxomon|nqas: ok, can we discuss this next week?17:17
gemaplace it in the agenda as an item?17:17
alouriegema: please17:17
gemaor if you prefer, you could answer to my email17:17
txomon|nqasI prefer17:17
alouriegema: place it to agenda, if we solve it through mail discussion, we'll remove it17:18
txomon|nqasdon't know if I will be able to be here17:18
alourietxomon|home: ^^17:18
gematxomon|nqas: ok17:18
gemalet's do it by email so that everyone benefits from it17:18
balloonstxomon|nqas,  did you have any thoughts on possible action items to take that you wanted feedback on?17:18
txomon|nqasI have been testing packages independently17:19
balloonsotherwise, email should work nicely17:19
txomon|nqasand that for example is not quite stable17:19
txomon|nqasin gnome packets dependencies missing etc17:19
gematxomon|nqas: is this one of the tasks in our current list of things to do?17:19
gemaor something you'd like to add there?17:19
txomon|nqasgema: add17:19
gematxomon|nqas: ok, so make the changes on the wiki17:19
alourietxomon|home: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TasksPrecise17:20
balloonsyou can find that link on the main page now, if you lose it17:20
txomon|nqasoki ty17:20
gemagood, so from next week onwards we'll start working on it17:21
gemaI will wait for lubuntu and xubuntu updates for charlie-tca and phillw17:21
gemaso, hggdh any update from you?17:21
* phillw is here17:21
* charlie-tca too17:21
* gema knows, you have your own agenda item :D17:22
hggdhnot from me, coming back from vacation :-)17:22
gemajibel: ?17:22
jibelcurrently working on upgrades from lucid to precise to make it as smooth as possible17:23
jibelnot much else to report17:23
gemaok, thanks17:23
leworksNothing from me17:23
gemaok, just to let you know, guys, leworks is our new QA Admin17:23
gemahe knows all about the lab and can run things and fix stuff17:24
gemanuclearbob: ?17:24
nuclearbobI've sent a number of patches to the qa-regression-testing suite, and I've been working with the kernel team to get autotest tests ported and usable on ubuntu and in the qa lab, particualrly with an eye toward develpping a process to do this in the future with less manual intervention17:25
gemaexcellent, thank you17:25
gemaballoons: you are up17:25
* balloons ducks17:25
balloonsupdates from me...17:26
* txomon|nqas ¬¬ wet17:26
balloonsI am the new QA community coordinator here at canonical and have been introduced to the team here. I'd like to say hello as well to all of you.17:27
* txomon|nqas says hi!17:27
gemawelcome, balloons17:27
* alourie joins txomon|home 17:27
alouriewelcome balloons17:27
jibelhi balloons17:27
charlie-tcaWelcome, balloons17:27
balloonsI sent around a post in Decemeber, but I am in the job now and ready to get rolling. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions/concerns/ideas for quality in ubuntu.. I see good things ahead17:27
hggdhwelcome balloons also!17:28
* gema is happy that someone is taking over the chairing... because you are balloons .. right?17:28
phillwwelcome balloons17:28
txomon|nqaswelcome balloons17:28
hggdhballoons is region17:28
balloonsgema, yes I will chair.. I'm sure everyone will take it easy on me while I learn meetbot17:28
alourieof course17:29
* charlie-tca thinks we take it easy on everyone :)17:29
balloonshggdh, yes! so many personalities, so little time17:29
gemaso moving on with the agenda (because we have a team dinner today and by the looks of it we are running late :P)17:30
gema[TOPIC] Updates Xubuntu17:30
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Updates Xubuntu
gemacharlie-tca: ?17:30
charlie-tcaXubuntu has the new installer working today, maybe-ubiquity17:30
charlie-tcaHAven't really had time to run all the images with it yet, but at least it is working on what I tried17:31
gemathat's good news17:31
balloonsthat's awesome news.. hopefully it will stay stable now17:31
charlie-tcaOnly realy bug I see is the language screen when choosing "Install Xubuntu" from the cd menu17:31
hggdhdo you have a bug on it?17:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 911905 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "hitting enter on install screen 1 forces language to top selection" [High,Confirmed]17:32
gemacool, thanks charlie-tca17:32
phillwit's still there on todays build in lubuntu, charlie-tca I checked b4 the meeting17:32
gema[TOPIC] Updates Lubuntu17:32
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Updates Lubuntu
charlie-tcaOh, good17:32
phillwnothing too major, except lxpanel eats 100% CPU time, the team are on the case17:33
phillwJust for information https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ReleaseStatus/Precise is updated weekly by our head of Dev17:33
gemaok, thanks for the info17:33
gemaanything else from you?17:34
phillwnothing, our young team are getting stuck in at lubuntu-qa17:34
gemagetting stuck?17:34
phillwrolling their sleeves up and working :)17:35
balloonsphillw, that's a cool page17:35
gemaahhh, ok!17:35
phillwballoons: I'll pass the comment on to 'the boss' :)17:35
gemaexcellent, so moving on to next topic17:36
gema[TOPIC] Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mithbuntu17:36
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mithbuntu
gemaanyone from any of these releases that wants to give us an update?17:36
micahghmm, shouldn't that be Mythbuntu?17:36
ScottKIt should.17:36
leworksIt should17:36
balloonsyes, seems nice concise and too the point.. well done17:36
gemayes, I got your attention!!!17:36
* hggdh agrees ;-)17:36
gemaScottK: any update?17:37
ScottKNot from me about any of those (not my thing)17:37
gemaScottK: sorry, I forgot Kubuntu17:37
astraljavaHmmm... I'm not sure we (Ubuntu Studio) have anyone prepared for this meeting.17:38
astraljavaI apologize for that.17:38
gemaastraljava: no worries, it is good that we get to talk to you17:38
gemaastraljava: and start the collaboration today :)17:38
ScottKWhere is the meeting agenda published?17:38
astraljavagema: Yes. I will try to pay more attention from now on.17:38
gemaastraljava: excellent, are you guys doing any testing worth mentioning at the moment?17:39
astraljavagema: Not at the moment, there haven't been any big changes.17:39
stgraberI'm also around but I usually post QA relevant stuff for Edubuntu to the release mailing list for our meeting on Friday, don't really have time to attend one more meeting just for QA17:39
phillwScottK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings17:39
gemaastraljava: ok, thanks for the update17:40
ScottKSince Kubuntu isn't on the agenda, I'll just toss in that KDE SC 4.7.4 for oneiric-proposed is uploading out of my laptop right now, so we'll have that on tap for testing once it's built.17:40
gemastgraber: ok, we will try to keep up with your updates there then17:41
hggdhScottK: perfect. I will be waiting ;-)17:41
hggdhs/will be /am/17:41
phillwScottK: feel free to add kubuntu :)17:41
gemaScottK: we'll add Kubuntu to the agenda for next week17:41
stgrabergema: thanks. If we have anything big that deserves an agenda item for a QA meeting, I'll make sure we do it, for the usual, we closed 2 bugs and everything still installs/upgrades fine, the release mailing-list is fine.17:42
gema[ACTION] balloons to add Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio to the agenda17:42
meetingologyACTION: balloons to add Kubuntu and Ubuntu Studio to the agenda17:42
gemastgraber: cool, thanks17:42
gemastgraber: thanks for the update17:42
gemamicahg: go ahead17:42
micahggema: it's not about this, but about Firefox testing, may I continue?17:43
gemamicahg: just a sec17:43
gemawe are moving to other topics now17:43
gema[TOPIC] Other topics17:43
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Other topics
gemamicahg: you can proceed17:43
micahgsome background is here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2012-January/001544.html17:44
gemamicahg: can you brief us on what you need?17:45
micahgI'll be sending a call for testing e-mail later this evening to ubuntu-qa and some other lists, basically we're migration Firefox in Lucid and Maverick from 3.6.x to Rapid Release (9.0.1 ATM) and we need people to test the packages in -proposed17:45
gemaok, that's good, I am sure someone will be able to undertake the testing17:45
gemamicahg: can you make sure that you clearly explain what type of test case you need run?17:45
balloonsmicahg, does that mean all supported releases will be on rapid release for ff?17:45
micahgballoons: yes :)17:46
micahggema: yes, I had forgotten to do that, will add before I send it out later, thanks17:46
gemamicahg: thanks17:46
gemaanything else from anyone?17:46
gemaalourie: go for it17:47
alouriethe last, I promise :-)17:47
alourie#ubuntu-quality is being closed and merged into this channel, so there.17:47
gemainto ubuntu-meeting?17:47
alourie-testing that is17:47
gemacool, thanks17:47
alourieso less duplicates here as well17:47
hggdhthank you for remembering it for the record17:47
gemayes, indeed17:47
gemaso we are closing the meeting for the day17:48
gemanext week balloons takes over from me the meeting chairing, I will cover for him whenever he is not available and phillw can keep covering whenever none of us is available17:48
* balloons +!17:48
gemaif anyone wants to chair, please say so , you are more than welcome17:48
* balloons +117:48
alouriethanks gema for chairing and have you guys a great dinner17:48
alourieand welcome balloons, again :-)17:49
hggdha good night to all, then17:49
gemathank you all for coming and for contributing17:49
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meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Jan 11 17:49:18 2012 UTC.17:49
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-11-17.04.moin.txt17:49
phillwgema thanks for chairing, now you people at the sprint go and enjoy your dinner!17:49
astraljavaThanks gema et al!17:49
charlie-tcagema: thanks for chairing and thank you for getting things going on this.17:49
alouriegood night17:49
* hggdh signs off17:49
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
highvoltageEdubuntu meeting for tonight is in #edubuntu for those who are interested :)19:03
* MrChrisDruif is only interested in logs ^_^19:03
* gilir takes a seat :)20:03
=== bladernr_ is now known as bladernr_afk
gilir#startmeeting Lubuntu team meeting20:05
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gilirhi :)20:06
bioterror\o I'm a leftie20:07
MrChrisDruifAfaik is Unit193 not able to attend20:07
gilirMrChrisDruif, ok20:07
gilirit should be a quick meeting today :)20:07
giliras usual, agenda is here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda20:07
gilir#topic Review ACTIONS from the last meeting20:08
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gilirlet's start with the teams, there are progress since last week20:08
gilirmost of the team are created now, and the Subteam page is update : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams20:09
gilirit shoudl be ok to start with those, let see how it's working in the future :)20:10
MrChrisDruifYes, all the links to the launchpad pages are all there20:10
gilirjust, please keep a mail active, so we can reach each team if we have a topic for them :)20:10
gilirat least, on the Launchpad page20:10
jmarsden|workCan we remove the bit about how to join the Old Teams?  People should join the new ones, not the old ones :)20:11
phillwgilir: I'm sure we all now have mailing lists from the lp pages.20:11
gilirjmarsden|work, yes :)20:11
gilirphillw, great :)20:11
gilirok, let's continue20:12
gilir#topic Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team20:12
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gilirphillw, ^20:12
phillwQA are at a sprint event, so a lot is going on. The iso's are now building again and we have a couple of new people in posts.20:13
phillwe.g. balloons crom canonical is our admin etc. I'll have a better update next week after the sprint.20:13
phillwgilir: and just to make you blush, your weekly update report is considered to be excellent :)20:14
phillwthat's all from me.20:14
giliryes, it's a busy week for canonical :)20:14
gilirhehe, thanks :)20:15
jmarsden|workphillw: I will have a Pandaboard (for ARM testing) in about a week or so, might be able to help testing ARM images once that arrives.20:15
phillwjmarsden|work: the arm team are quite busy, I'll get you patched in when you want.20:15
phillwbusy as in making great strides forward!20:16
gilirjmarsden|work, cool :) we can talk about this when you will have the device in your hand :)20:16
phillwthey are also at sprint :)20:16
jmarsden|workgilir: Yes, right now it is "in the mail"20:16
gilirjmarsden|work, it's christmas in january :)20:17
gilirok, thanks phillw :)20:17
jmarsden|workI helped out someon people who had one but didn't know what to do with it... I volunteered to make use of it :)20:17
gilir#topic Weekly report - Update on Wiki / Docs team20:17
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gilirMrChrisDruif, anything new from the Doc team ?20:18
MrChrisDruifNo, sorry about that. Been a busy week for me personally and also with the TV team20:18
MrChrisDruifI did remove the old teams from the /SubTeams page just now.20:18
gilirMrChrisDruif, no problem, you have the right to report nothing :)20:19
MrChrisDruifOther than that no updates.20:19
gilirok thank MrChrisDruif :)20:19
gilirI'll skip report from IRC (since Unit193 is away), and add a report from the devs20:20
gilir#topic Weekly report - Devs teams report20:20
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gilirI'll assume for now the report of the team at the weekly meeting20:21
gilirso this week, our software-center was accepted in ubuntu repositories :)20:21
MrChrisDruifGreat work gilir20:21
gilirif you want to keep the last version, you can still use the PPA20:22
gilirbut be sure to report bugs ;)20:22
gilir2 more items are available for testing20:23
MrChrisDruifWhich are?20:23
gilir1° : the new session manager20:23
gilirI send a mail some weeks ago about it20:24
gilirfor now, it should at least do the same that the previous version20:24
gilirand I would like to have some feedback from users, to know if there no problem using it20:24
phillwis this for 12.04?20:25
gilirphillw, yes, the goal is to inlcude it in 12.0420:25
phillwI'll get it put on my VM20:25
gilirthe PPA is https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/staging20:25
gilirthanks phillw :)20:26
gilirthe 2° item is an update of the default settings20:26
giliralso available in the same PPA20:26
gilirther is some bug fixes, but also some changes that I would like to have feedbacks20:27
jmarsden|workgilir: Does it kill off the default screensaver?  That's a change I'd like :)20:27
gilirjmarsden|work, yes, it should :)20:27
gilirit turns the screensaver to blank by default20:28
gilirwe still need it to lock the screen20:28
jmarsden|workYes, makes sense.20:28
MrChrisDruifCan you name some of the changed settings for 12.04 which affect users?20:28
gilirchangelog is at the first entry of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop/+junk/lubuntu-default-settings/view/head:/debian/changelog20:28
gilirbut most importants are :20:28
gilirAdd a rule to maximize all new windows with type normal.20:29
gilirPlace new windows on the monitor with the mouse, rather than the primary monitor.20:29
gilirAdd a custom configuration file for xscreensaver, with blank mode by default20:29
gilirprobably, the most visible is the first one :)20:29
gilirit means any application you launched is maximised20:30
gilirI tested it on my neetbook, and it's very confortable to not manually maximised the windows you launched20:30
gilirof course, it's a setting we can change in the futur, and it only affected new installation20:31
jmarsden|workEwww, not sure I like that idea... but I'll try it before I complain too much :)  Yes, but not everyone uses netbooks ...20:31
gilirjmarsden|work, yes, that's why I would like some feedback before :)20:32
gilirMaybe I will upload it for Alpha 2, as I said, it can be reverted20:33
* MrChrisDruif always maximizes windows20:33
MrChrisDruifEven on a "big" screen20:33
jmarsden|workI always leave a bit of desktop so I can right-click on it to use that menu... just different work habits.20:34
gilirfinally, stefano started a new program to "replace" catfish20:34
gilirI didn' have time to look at it, but I doubt it will be ready for 12.0420:35
gilirbut it should be available in a PPA at least for testing20:35
MrChrisDruifAnd catfish did what again?20:35
gilirsearching files20:36
gilirsorry, forget to mention it :)20:36
gilirthat's all for me20:36
MrChrisDruifFor use in PCmanFM?20:36
gilirMrChrisDruif, no, it's a separate application20:37
giliranyone other questions before I end the meeting ?20:38
jmarsden|workDid we do anything about makiing it easier to autostart apps ?20:39
gilirjmarsden|work, the new session manager should do a better work20:39
giliryou can select application to start by type, instead of a list of commands20:39
jmarsden|workOK, good.  I had a request for that from someone preparing to switch from XP to Lubuntu on a bunch of older PCs in Africa...20:39
gilirso, you can disable for example the screesaver, the power-manager, even the panel if you want20:40
gilircurrently, the improvement sof the new session manager are :20:41
gilirAdd initial applications by default support (panel, screensaver ...). It's a way to configure applications started by default, rather than just adding a line in autostart20:41
gilir * Add initial options support (Keymap, XRandr, Keyring). It's the ability to add some options add start-up, like a screen resolution (instead of using a .desktop file in autostart directory).20:41
gilirAdd initial Dbus support (draft of org.lxde.SessionManager interface, GNOME compat mode)20:41
gilirnot all are completed yet, but I hope have them ready for 12.0420:42
jmarsden|workSounds good to me.20:42
gilirok, let's end the meeting for now, if you have question, we have a new shiny mailing list :p20:44
gilirthanks everyone :)20:44
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meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Jan 11 20:45:02 2012 UTC.20:45
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-11-20.05.moin.txt20:45
phillwgilir:  thanks for chairing :)20:45
moergaesBye, everyone.20:45

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