mat619Hey folks, I need your help. On my Mythbuntu 10.10 the visualizations in mythmusic don't seem to work - they all (except for the glxgears-based thing, which is the only one working!) just show the first initial frame or maybe sometimes two frames, then freeze. Any ideas? thanks in advance!17:42
gregLmat619, Currently Mythmusic is going through a re-write..The author is committing fixes daily..I would wait a few weeks too see if things are ironed out.. I think trying to troubleshooting  Mythmusic till then will  lead to nothing but frustration..18:14
mrandgregL: that is going to be in 0.25 only.19:18
mrandI don't know if mat619 was using 0.25 or 0.2419:19
pytherIs it possible to modify the live cd so I can include an extra icon on the desktop?21:05
superm1pyther: yeah that's possible22:34
superm1pyther: depends on how much effort you want to make for it to happen though22:34
superm1pyther: if this is just for a one off effort, it might make more sense to just write it to a USB stick using usb-creator and set the option that lets it "save settings"22:34
pythersuperm1: makes sense, I ended up installing it to the drive23:23

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