Atamirasuch a nice day up here19:18
ibeardsleethe problem with nice days is that I work in an office19:32
ibeardsleeso apart from getting to work and then home again in the nice day .. they aren't much good to me19:33
Atamirai understand19:35
Atamiraconsidering i work nightshifts, and come home in beautiful weather..and then sleep the day away19:35
Atamiraits completely wasted on me too19:36
chiltsso, just reading up more about Blowfish and bcrypt, it seems I should be using that (for password hashing)19:58
chiltsnot that I hash passwords much anymore, I just use other peoples logins (OpenID and OAuth) :)19:59
chiltswish I knew about this a while ago19:59
chiltsand of course, decoding is also exponential depending on how many iterations you told it to use when encoding20:09

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