cjwatsonPlease can everyone update ubuntu-archive-tools before processing sync request bugs (if you do them); we're now I think converted entirely away from sync-source.py, and I'll be submitting a Launchpad branch to remove that code11:06
cjwatsonArchiveAdministration updated for this11:14
pitticjwatson: noted, done11:25
cjwatson<cjwatson@sarantium ~/src/canonical/launchpad/lp-branches/remove-sync-source>$ bzr di | diffstat -s11:27
cjwatson 4 files changed, 2208 deletions(-)11:27
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Riddellskaet: kubuntu WIs reviewed15:39
skaetRiddell, thank you.  :D15:45
* skaet now waits for next run of the workitem tracker to see the results. :)15:45
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Laneycjwatson: did you hear anything about that RT ticket for ben's new BD?23:25

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