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txomon|nqasballoons: are you there?18:05
txomon|nqasavailable of course18:05
phillwtxomon|nqas: balloons may be at the dinner.18:17
txomon|nqasahm oki18:17
txomon|nqasI thought he would be here18:18
txomon|nqascan you talk about testing stuff?18:18
txomon|nqasphillw: ^18:18
txomon|nqasor anyone18:19
phillwI'm still pretty new to the team, I have done testing in the past, but not structured testing like we have on QA18:19
phillwI'm lubuntu, and we only got full adoption at 11.1018:20
phillwI will help where I can.18:20
txomon|nqasI was thinking about adding a new testing stuff in the spreadsheet18:21
txomon|nqasfor example, vino test18:22
* txomon|nqas really means vino, not wine18:22
phillwI'm still waiting for that to be furthered for the spreadsheet, hopefully we'll have some information after the sprint.18:23
txomon|nqasthe main problem is that if you enable UPnP, it crashes18:24
phillwI am looking at adding some of the lubuntu specific stuff. They were discussing setting up a matrix for the tests so that they could be check-marked by flavour. E.G. Nautilus for Ubuntu, PCManFM for lubuntu + (i think xubuntu).18:26
phillwI'll be back later... dinner time here also18:26
wxlyeah i don't think xubuntu uses pcmanfm18:26
charlie-tcaXubuntu has always used thunar18:26
wxlbut i get your point18:26
wxlthat's what it is18:26
wxlknew it wasn't nautilus ;)18:26
charlie-tcaI have about given up trying to automate xubuntu testing. I can't figure out any simple way to write tests18:27
charlie-tcaI guess we will stay manual for a while.18:28
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: maybe with an autoclick?18:28
charlie-tcaMaybe I am too old to learn how, I just keep trying, though18:28
charlie-tcaI don't know an "autoclick"18:28
txomon|nqasneither me in linux XD but Ill search for it. Maybe you can induct by the Desktop api...18:29
charlie-tcaI even set up a jenkons server here, but it has not helped18:35
charlie-tcaI don't understand enough yet to even transfer the Ubuntu tests over and use them.18:35
txomon|nqaspuf true, jenkins...18:37
txomon|nqasthats a colossus pending fight for me18:37
charlie-tcaI just have to keep working at it. Maybe I need to grab bzr aagain, but my download speeds are so bad, it will be about 12 hours to install and get the branch18:38
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: try to make a clone and save the clone18:39
txomon|nqasI know git18:39
txomon|nqasI can help you if you give me a git repo ;D18:40
charlie-tcafirst I have to get the branch again18:40
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: where are you taking it from?18:41
charlie-tcaCan't remember now. Will take some time to find it18:43
txomon|nqasI will try to find it, but is it from the main jenkins' dev branch?18:44
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: is it the available in the oneiric branch?18:45
charlie-tcaI think it had something to do with server jenkins testing18:45
txomon|nqastry looking in your history with a grep on bzr18:46
txomon|nqasmight be usefull18:46
charlie-tcaI don't have bzr in my history18:47
charlie-tcaIt takes so long to download now, I haven't installed it again yet18:47
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: for keystrokes and mouse movements, using Mono, www.ironahk.net18:51
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: I found it, the jenkins thing I mean, seach for "jenkins ubuntu qa launchpad" and its the first lik (or I think so)18:54
txomon|nqassearch in google I mean18:54
txomon|nqashummmm seems I just downloaded configs...18:57
txomon|nqastoo lightweith to my opinion18:57
txomon|nqashumm charlie-tca are you installing the normal jekins, but using those jenkins conf files?19:05
charlie-tcaI don't know. I just installed whatever said jenkins in Synaptic Package Manager19:19
charlie-tcabut I can't use any files, yet. I haven't figured out which ones to use19:20
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: I think the ones to install are the ones I refered to, It seems to me at least19:22
txomon|nqasBut when I get there I'll tell you19:22
charlie-tcaOkay, I will try them.19:23
txomon|nqascharlie-tca: I am supposing that you want to deploy the same config that is in the qa lab19:26
charlie-tcaYeah, except using Xubuntu19:27
txomon|nqasusing for you mean?19:27
charlie-tcayes, I think19:28
txomon|nqasI mean, you want to install if for tracking Xubuntu systems, but you dont need the server to be a Xubuntu  I guess19:29
charlie-tcayes, that sounds right19:29
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