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andrejzGood morning! Can someone confirm a possible translation bug for me?08:53
andrejzIt's in the Sound settings08:53
andrejzWhen one clicks on tab input or output, devices to be chosen are in english08:54
andrejzdoes anyone know where these strings come from and if they can be localised ?08:54
sagaciwhat are the strings, specifically08:55
sagacii'll just fire up the vm with the templates08:57
andrejzin my cases "Front Microphone", "Back Microfone" and "Analog line-in" - the last string is translated08:57
sagaciandrejz: imgur.com/9rtpZ09:00
andrejzyup that's the one. Next to the mouse. I am wondering if you know where it comes from09:02
sagaciI'm not sure but I know it is translatable09:06
sagaciprobably some gstreamer template, iirc09:06
sagacii'll check09:07
andrejzok i will look to09:08
andrejzhm it seems it's in pulseaudio09:10
andrejzbut it's not being loaded, because it's been successfully translated into slovenian09:11
sagaciah yeah, makes sense09:11
sagaciandrejz: all looks to be translated 12+ months ago09:16
andrejzindeed, that's why it's probably some sort of bug09:16
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andrejzHello dpm, me and sagci realised some pulseaudio translations are not used in some cases. Are you aware of any similar bugs, i haven't found any during my search09:45

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