ali1234yep, reproduced00:00
popeyi am gonna pounce on the compiz/unity devs tomorrow00:00
ali1234i misread that as "punch"00:01
ali1234any chance you can get them to fix the white box bug?00:02
popeywhich bug?00:02
ali1234looking for it. i have like 200 bugs00:03
popeyyeah, was just looking for it00:03
ali1234an lp search suuuuuuucks00:03
bigcalmMaybe that's why mrevil is recruiting00:03
ali1234bug 86962800:03
lubotu3Launchpad bug 869628 in unity (Ubuntu) "minimized windows - sometimes white rectangles are shown instead of window previews" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86962800:03
ali1234it's not rare at all00:05
popeyi just discovered another bug00:05
ali1234after a while it happens with any and all minimized windows00:05
popeyi have firefox full screen on one desktop, terminal on another, alt tab between you get a white box just before the desktop switches00:05
ali1234like when i was just culling firefox and terminals, over half of them were white boxes00:05
popeyhaha your bug00:08
ali1234white boxes?00:08
popeyi love how you rm /var/crash/* ☺  I have to do that too00:08
popeyoh _that_ bug00:09
popeyyes, I get that00:09
ali1234damn is that my etc passwd as well? i need to be more careful when screenshots00:10
ali1234ha, you only just noticed the bug? was it not obvious that there was a problem fromt he screenshot?00:10
popeyno, i had noticed it but accepted that it happened00:10
ali1234oh, "just got used to it"00:10
popeywell rationalised it00:10
popeyfigured it was because compiz can't preview a minimised window00:11
ali1234it can though00:11
popeyand throws away the old one00:11
popeyor sommat00:11
ali1234it's supposed to00:11
ali1234sometimes the previews are really out of date as well00:11
ali1234like sometimes when downloading a big file, the ff download window still shows partial, when the file finished ages ago00:11
ali1234now that i think about it, i;m not sure if compiz can preview minimized or not00:12
ali1234if it can't, you'd think that someone would have mentioned that when the whole idea of the switcher came up00:12
ali1234cos it makes it terribly hard to actually use00:12
popeyright, i can reproduce that really easily00:13
ali1234it might explain why unity always unminimizes every window of a group before displaying the switcher though00:13
popeyso i can show someone00:13
ali1234which in itself is quite annoying00:13
popeyjust minimising my irc and opening a new terminal then alt-tab and wait for previews00:13
ali1234i think those are my two top bugs right now00:14
ali1234not switching to the workspace with most of the window on it, and white boxes00:14
ali1234i noticed a lot of my other bugs getting fixed recently so that's good00:14
ali1234i think all the other bugs i have are multi monitor only00:15
ali1234or design issues that have no chance of getting changed00:15
popeymulti-monitor is a big focus for them00:15
popeyi know that, was having a chat about it today00:15
popeyproblem is it involves a huge number of people00:15
ali1234well issue number 1 is there's no launcher on the second monitor00:15
ali1234is there a tag or something that i should add to multimonitor specific bugs?00:16
ali1234all these real dual head bugs are a bit trivial, just mildly annoying, you know00:17
i-pinkhow i can get the audio levels?00:19
i-pinksomeone here?00:20
popeyali1234: multimonitor00:20
popeybug 843958 for example00:20
lubotu3Launchpad bug 843958 in Ayatana Design "multimonitor , window management - Multi-Monitor Maximized Difficulty" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84395800:20
i-pinki'm mean like a value in bash00:20
popeyi-pink: try pacmd ?00:21
i-pinksudo apt-get install pacmd ??00:21
i-pinki get "Welcome to PulseAudio! Use "help" for usage information"00:22
popeyso do I.00:22
i-pinki typed "help" and i get bunch of commands00:22
popeyhmm, not as useful as I had hoped, most of the info is quite technical00:23
popeywhat do you mean by 'audio levels'00:23
popeylike you see in alsamixer?00:23
i-pinklike vu meter00:23
ali1234you just want a visible vu meter on the screen?00:24
i-pinkno no00:24
zleapi have a simple css thing on my website that displays photos and on hovering over it make that photo bigger slightly works in firefox FAILS in IE 8 under XP  firefox - win00:24
popeywrite better CSS ☺00:25
popeyali1234: ping me daytime tomorrow and I'll go poke someone about those bugs00:25
i-pinkpopey, i want to send "1 logic" in serial when i get more than X dB sound in my mic00:25
zleaphmm,  i got the code from a website,  i am not worried about IE i don't use it,00:26
ali1234i just tagged a few multimonitor bugs00:26
zleapi just got XP installed on my other PC and thought I would see if my website worked properly00:26
ali1234one of them was unity 2d though00:26
AzelphurHaha, some pirate website is hotlinking images from a friend of mine, so he's replaced the image with a big "WE ARE TOO CHEAP TO PAY FOR OUR OWN BANDWIDTH" banner :D00:29
bigcalmI give up for the night00:29
bigcalmNight peeps00:29
ohnoIs anyone here?04:40
ohnoi need help04:40
MartijnVdSpopey: good news? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-1649392908:06
ts2probably just re-branding and buzz-words08:08
popeyits interesting08:08
popeybelieve it when i see it08:08
MartijnVdSwell sure, it's the government08:09
* daubers wonders how long it'll take them to put together an outreach campaign to get local businesses to help them achieve this08:09
ts2the reason "IT" is boring is because (when I was at school) it was 90% "How to use Microsoft Office"08:10
ts2and once we use FrontPage to make a web page08:10
popeyit still is ts208:18
* daubers wonders if his book will arrive today08:22
daubersI have some awesome visualisations to achieve08:22
MartijnVdSdaubers: which book?08:22
daubersMartijnVdS: This one http://glbook.gamedev.net/GLBOOK/glbook.gamedev.net/boglgp2/index.html08:23
MartijnVdSdaubers: ooh shiny08:24
daubersI'm going to have to train people in weird parts of the world soon on how to make NAS systems performant (including network stuff) so want to make some awesome visualisations to make it stick08:25
* daubers is hoping for a free trip to Oz \o/08:25
MartijnVdS\o DJones08:25
AlanBellmorning all08:26
MartijnVdSdaubers: Free trips to Oz are always nice to get :)08:26
DJonesPut the red shoes and click your heels daubers08:26
daubersDJones: Nah, mums shoes don't fit me08:26
DJonesI can lend you some of my wifes, anywhere between an 7.5 and 9 shoe size08:26
MartijnVdSyou have multiple wives?08:27
DJonesMartijnVdS: Seems like it at times, going on the amount of earache I ger08:27
daubersDJones: Too small again... looks like it'll need to be a plane ticket after all08:27
daubersIf there's an oggcamp this year, I might put a talk together based on my training materials08:30
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:49
MartijnVdS\o brobostigon08:51
brobostigono/ MartijnVdS08:52
DJonesvirgin broadband users ->09:11
DJones09:07 <    DJones> There's lava in this cavern as well09:11
DJonesGrr http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16491614?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter09:12
DJonesDoubling customer broadband speeds09:12
popeyali1234: showed both those compiz bugs to the compiz and unity guys.. their reaction was a bemused 'woah!'09:13
popeyI am assigning them to dbo (Jason Smith)09:13
popeyalthough on the subject of white boxes he said 'hey dude, stop minimising shit!'09:14
popeyand 'just use 9 desktops, that what I do!'09:14
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popeybug 86962809:21
lubotu3Launchpad bug 869628 in unity (Ubuntu) "minimized windows - sometimes white rectangles are shown instead of window previews" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86962809:21
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JamesTaitGood morning, everyone! :D09:32
daubersExciting book has arrived \o/09:36
occupy64kThat's a very good idea09:49
occupy64kIt's in keeping with the Rushkoff narrative09:50
occupy64kAlso I expect that it has something to do with people who grew up in the 1980s being in positions of political influence.09:52
MartijnVdSToo bad Dutch politicians never learned about Dijkstra :(09:54
MartijnVdSwe'll be stuck with Excel and Word education for a LONG time09:54
occupy64kTeaching kids Word and Excel is preparing them for a world which really no longer exists09:55
occupy64kIn the 1980s wordprocessing and spreadsheets were about the only "serious" things which computers could do09:57
MartijnVdSIt's not on the agenda of any party in .nl09:57
MartijnVdSBashing immigrants is much more important, it seems :(09:57
occupy64kMy dutch friends would concur with that09:57
daubersMartijnVdS: Everyone needs a scapegoat!10:05
occupy64kAnyway I hope they do start teaching CS in schools10:06
occupy64kIt's relatively easy for kids to learn programming.  Learning French or German is much harder.10:07
gordonjcpoccupy64k: python!10:08
occupy64kSee the Douglas Rushkoff book "program or be programmed"10:08
gordonjcpoccupy64k: re people growing up in the 80s occupying politics10:08
occupy64kpython is good10:08
gordonjcpI'm really keen to see what the next few years bring, particularly when those of us in our mid-to-late 30s who remember Black Monday and the guts dropping out of the stock market in a second10:10
gordonjcpeven the most staunchly large- and small-C conservatives I know that are about ages with me are really, really keen to keep things building so high and then falling10:11
occupy64kThe flash crashes are profitable for quote stuffers10:12
silnerHello s-fox10:42
s-foxHello silner , how are you?10:42
silnerNot bad10:42
silnerHaven't been on IRC in a while though and forgotten most of the chans I used to use10:43
silnerIf I was smart I woulda saved a list :)10:43
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bigcalmDoes vbox allow you to run 64bit OSs?11:19
bigcalmIt's been a while since I've messed with virtual machines11:20
awilkinsbigcalm, Yes, vbox lets you run a 64-bit OS, as long as your CPU supports hardware virtualization11:20
bigcalm*shrug* :)11:20
bigcalmHow would I check that?11:21
awilkins1) Try it and if it fails with an error about vtx, it doesn't work11:21
awilkins2) Look in your BIOS (a lot of units are shipped with it disabled by default)11:22
awilkinsYou'd be surprised how many units are shipped with it disabled (out of spite, I think, in the server market - they don't want you virtualizing servers and buying less hardware without paying for the privilege)11:22
bigcalmThis is a workstation11:23
awilkinsMost modern CPUs *support* it, but whether it's enabled on your hardware is another question11:23
bigcalmAcer Veriton M46011:24
bigcalmGood point11:24
* awilkins has no clue11:24
awilkinstry cat /proc/cpuinfo11:24
awilkinsBut I have no idea which flags you need to support it :-)11:25
bigcalmvmx is listed on all 4 processors11:26
davmor2morning all11:26
davmor2czajkowski: prod how's life?11:26
bigcalmShame this machine can only support up to 4gb11:26
* popey pokes jnick_tait with a stick11:26
awilkinsbigcalm, It is deficient in slots? A laptop?11:27
bigcalmHow little a HD can I get away with for MS Windows Server11:27
bigcalmawilkins: mobo doesn't support more than 4gb11:27
jnick_taitjnick_tait bleeds from recently popey inflicted stick wound11:27
awilkinsbigcalm, Erk... I've seen reports that Windows 7 now eats about 16GB for it's base  install, so I shudder to think how much disk the server edition needs11:27
popeyand DESIGN!11:27
awilkinsbigcalm, Give it as large an image as you can tolerate, and make it dynamic11:28
bigcalmLooks like I'm going to have to hook up the spinning rust againt11:28
awilkinsThat way at least it only eats as much as it uses11:28
bigcalmI have 25gb free on my ssd. The ISO download is 4gb11:29
awilkinsGet a 32-bit SD card to put it on?11:29
awilkinsSorry, 32GB11:29
bigcalmI also have a 320gb usb hd not in use. Not sure it would like it though11:30
awilkinsI know the feeling, I have a 64GB SSD for my working image... working on a storage-hungry Java application and feeling the itch to trade up to 128GB11:30
awilkinsWhich now costs what the 64GB one did when I bought it11:30
awilkinsI love SSDs for portable external work drives though11:31
bigcalmI have a 120gb ssd on order from Amazon. But that's going in the laptop11:31
awilkinsI'd gone through three spinning rust units due to headcrashes before I bought it11:31
bigcalmAt least the 4gb ISO is downloading at 3.7mb/s11:31
bigcalmLook forward to that doubling some time in the next 18 months. Thank you VM ;)11:32
awilkinsHeh, yes, hooray for 30Mbit/s * 211:32
awilkinsNot sure what I'd DO with 60Mbit/s11:32
bigcalmDownload ISOs11:32
awilkinsThere must be some ulterior motive for them, maybe they are doing their own media-on-demand business11:32
awilkinsOr they are just feeling the pressure from BTs offering11:33
bigcalmThat's already the case11:33
awilkinsThere is a limit to the number of ISO images I can profitably use in a day11:33
bigcalmAs well as catch up tv (iplayer et al), there is tv and film on demand (depending upon your tv package size)11:33
awilkinsI have the base one11:34
awilkinsAnd I don't have a set-top box11:34
awilkinsWe are a FreeView / MythTV house11:35
bigcalmpopey: cool link :)11:35
bigcalmawilkins: ah, fair enough11:35
awilkinsWe very occasionally use iPlayer but otherwise the TB of storage in the MythTV box is enough11:36
awilkinsWell, I say "enough", but I think if I shoved another TB in there, wifelet would fill THAT with cheesy old Doris Day movies too.11:37
bigcalmWould she watch them?11:37
awilkinsOr yet another production of Pride and Prejudice (what IS it about that thing that women love?)11:38
bigcalmMy mum seems to record everything on telly and watches a little11:38
awilkinsbigcalm, The watching is optional. I think I may have to adjust my auto-expiry policy to start expiring unwatched content though.11:38
bigcalmThe fantasy I think. The hope that they too could live that life11:38
Dave2Argh, Pride and Prejudice. I think I must subconsciously know when it's being discussed somewhere.11:39
awilkinsThey want years of crippling emotional frustration and systematized gender repression where their only worth is their ability to attract a husband with a good income... odd11:39
bigcalmThe clothes are pretty and they don't have to work11:40
awilkinsYeah... I also have issues with the social strata portrayed in these things ; it's pretty much the period equivalent of a Hello magazine shoot of the 1%11:41
awilkinsAt least Dickens got into the gritty end of things11:41
awilkins"The clothes are pretty and they don't have to work" ; that also seems to apply to the gentlemen (although I do like some of their coats)11:43
awilkinsKickstarter project : Movie - "Pride and Extreme Prejudice" : a modern 21st century girl is time-travelled back to the 18th century and starts the gender revolution slightly earlier than planned....11:45
awilkins(then breaks down in tears and admits that all she really wants is to be cared for by a gentleman who earns £50,000 a year and looks good in a wet shirt and tight jodphurs climbing out of a lake)11:46
bigcalmOh dear :)11:47
bigcalmThis doesn't look good11:50
bigcalmusb hd isn't showing up11:50
bigcalmI would tail -f /var/log/messages, but it doesn't exist :S11:51
bigcalmUSB cable was plugged into the machine but not into the drive :)11:53
davmor2bigcalm: D'oh11:53
bigcalmWindows setup cannie cope12:12
bigcalmThis is eating my day :(12:12
davmor2bigcalm: It's windows what did you expect?12:16
bigcalmI don't know what to expect from anything any more12:17
davmor2bigcalm: Muhahaha12:18
bigcalmI'm tired but will now throw myself at the mercy of the wii fit12:18
awilkinsbigcalm, Usually log messages about drive insertions will also end up in /var/log/kern.log12:41
* awilkins hates setting up Windows, always some problem with storage hardware12:42
awilkinsAnd then the inevitable 10 reboot cycles for updates12:42
awilkinsLocating driver packs online12:42
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daubersUrgh.. fibre glass insulation is horrid12:58
awilkinsdaubers, Yes.13:01
awilkinsSquirrels got into our loft and made a mess of ours too13:02
daubersI've just been in the roof of a house I'm looking at buying13:02
awilkinsMade nests out of it. I hope they itched.13:02
daubersso now I itch13:02
gordonjcpfibreglass itchulation13:02
awilkinsReplaced it with the stuff that comes in mylar bag/roll13:03
awilkinsWas half price in local DIY shop13:03
awilkinsWell, by replaced I mean "supplemented what little scraps the bastard squirrels left"13:03
awilkinsThe squirrels... are no longer an issue.13:04
daubersawilkins: 12 bore?13:09
awilkinsdaubers, Cage trap + peanut butter13:09
dewar_Im running linux and need some help13:30
daubersdewar_: Ask away :)13:30
dewar_I have ubuntu distro installed and running fine13:31
dewar_i had it all set up to run kde and that works great13:31
dewar_then i installed the LXDE and have that working and its fantastic13:31
dewar_but now dont know how to get back to kde13:31
daubersdid you install lxde from the software center?13:32
daubers(or from apt-get on the command line)?13:32
shaunoyou should be able to select a 'session' at the login screen; after you select a user (or type in your username), but before you've completed the login, the option will be present13:32
dewar_from the muon softwar center13:32
daubersdewar_: As shauno says, there should be a "session" option at the login screen13:33
dewar_ok ill have a look thanks13:33
shaunosorry, didn't mean to jump ya there.  just too far long to type on this13:33
daubersshauno: No probs :)13:34
daubersshauno: Phone?13:34
shaunonah, just spent enough time off work that having full-travel keys again is interesting13:34
dewar__that was easy13:35
dewar__thanks, there lots to learn but its a lot of fun13:36
shaunoawesome.  I'm not sure 'session' is the most intuitive name, but once you know it's there .. :)13:36
davmor2tonytiger: good news for you dude http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/corel-aftershot-pro-brings-lightroom-competitor-to-linux/13:39
tonytigerdavmor2: No great change really. It's only a re-badged version of Bibble, which I already use.13:40
davmor2tonytiger: :( here I am trying to help out you semi pro photographers and that's the thanks I get ;)13:41
tonytigerdavmor2: :)13:42
tonytigerActually, Corel buying Bibble raises more questions about long term support for Linux, as Corel haven't exactly embraced it for their other apps.13:43
shaunoneat - I didn't know Corel still existed13:43
shaunothey've tried on & off over the years, but it never seems to end well.  they even had their own distro at the end of the 90s13:44
bigcalmAnybody know how to successfully add a rss feed to linkedin? I don't have an account nor do I wish to. A client seems to be struggling with the feed I created13:44
davmor2tonytiger: I'm waiting for corel linux 2 to make you eat those words ;)13:44
Dave2I must admit, I didn't realize Corel were still around.13:47
davmor2tonytiger: you're right though they are identical13:50
tonytigerWell, very similar. Aftershot has had a bit of UI polish13:53
gordsometimes get the feeling that all my android apps are just fixing what should be basic functionality14:09
gordhad to pay £4 for something that would block unknown calls14:09
* MartijnVdS gives gord the SDK14:10
awilkinsProviders don't want that built into the platform... they wouldn't be able to offer it as a chargeable service...14:12
awilkinsWhen you see the list of things that providers charge even ${local_currency}1 for you cry inside as a techy14:13
awilkinsI mean, some of them, they must have made a choice and blocked or disabled them so they can charge you to switch them back on...14:13
bigcalmThat puts an end to my attempts of installing windows small business server. It requires a minimum of 160gb free space14:33
gordonjcp*how* much?14:35
bigcalmThat's what I thought14:36
bigcalmIt didn't get that far to tell me when trying to install on a vbox, so I booted up my old workstation to try and install it on a physical machine14:37
bigcalmFor amusement, I then rebooted the machine to see what I had installed on it already - 8.04 LTS14:38
bigcalmI haven't used that machine for almost 4 years now14:38
bigcalmI found a 500gb drive, installation continues!15:02
AdvoWorkjust done a fresh install of 11.04 on a laptop. Im trying to change the desktop back to the classic. It says search for Login screen and change it that way, yet i can't find that option. Searching for Login only shows the user accounts sections. Any ideas please?15:10
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] YO - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/01/11/yo/15:10
daubersAdvoWork: Should be a sessions option on that screen, it will be in there15:13
daubersat the bottom15:13
popeyAdvoWork: you need to logout15:14
popeyto get the login screen15:14
MartijnVdSYou need to click "Start" to shut down!15:23
bigcalmWhich OS are you using?15:26
AlanBellMartijnVdS is such a tease15:27
AlanBellAdvoWork: on the login screen you should by default have a cog icon to the right of the username which allows you to select the session type15:28
AlanBellI think you need to install the gnome-session-fallback package to get the classic look15:28
shaunodoes the session thing still do the trick where it doesn't show up until you've already selected a user?15:32
shaunohaven't seen lightdm yet, but that used to be my favourite gotcha with gdm15:33
AdvoWorkAlanBell, ive logged out, and on the left hand side i see the username listed, and a cog. I click that but nothing happens(no menu's) or anything else either15:44
AlanBellAdvoWork: hmm, interesting, it should look like this: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/08/return-to-ubuntu-classic-desktop-in-ubuntu-11-10/15:44
AdvoWorkbut also from that screen, i cant press the button to close the computer, or the sound etc. Its like it has crashed, yet i can still type and move the mouse15:44
AdvoWorkAlanBell, i get the same login screen, but no options. Let me reboot and try again just incase15:45
AdvoWorknow i can click on the cog, but the only options I get are Ubuntu and Ubuntu 2D15:46
daubersAre you on 11.10?15:46
AlanBellAdvoWork: ok, did you install gnome-session-fallback?15:47
AdvoWorkAlanBell, only just spotted that, trying now. and daubers yeah15:47
daubersah! Thought you where on 11.04 initially, that had gnome-session-fallback by default, 11.10 doesn't15:47
ali1234how could i make a shell script that kills all other running instances of itself?15:50
ali1234ah i can use killall --older-than15:51
AdvoWorkthat worked thanks, but now my System menu is missing Applications Places then normally System. Can I reenable that somehow? Im looking for Update Manager15:53
jutnuxHello gents16:03
jutnuxand ladies16:03
AlanBellnice recovery jutnux ;)16:04
AlanBellAdvoWork: sorry, not sure about that one16:04
jutnuxYes, I forgot daubers was in here ;)16:04
jutnuxHaha, I don't want to be perceived as sexist ;-)16:04
jutnuxAww, my Sister is asking me about keyboard shortcuts. Next step, Ubuntu.16:05
AdvoWorkhow can i access gconf-editor if Alt + F2 wont worjk?16:08
jutnuxAdvoWork: Cntrl+Alt+T16:08
jutnuxtype gksudo gconf-editor16:09
AdvoWorkjutnux, that crashes it for some reason "unable to locate theme engine in module_path pitxmap16:10
jutnuxsudo aptitude install gtk2-engines-pixbuf16:11
jutnuxnot aptitude, my bad16:11
jutnuxSee if that works, it should work anyway though.16:11
dewar____hi, whats the quickest way to swich sessions in lxde?16:22
=== dewar___ is now known as dewar
dogmatic69how can I remove the d flag on file permissions?17:25
AlanBellthat means it is a directory17:27
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Social Ubuntu TV - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/01/11/social-ubuntu-tv/18:10
jutnuxSherlock is so gooooooooooood19:28
davmor2popey: I didn't know you had done an advert for moneysupermarket.com everyone will start calling you Brian you know19:36
davmor2Tell me this isn't popey http://www.thedrum.co.uk/news/2012/01/06/moneysupermarket-launches-new-epic-ad-set-las-vegas :D19:40
AlanBellI was going to tell you to stop being so silly19:42
AlanBellbut then I watched it19:42
jandrodoes anyone know of a good alternative to torrentflux-b4rt with multi-user support and is web-based? cheers19:43
jacobwthat's scary19:43
gordno crazy eyes19:47
kvarley1Is it possible to start an X environment from an SSH session?20:27
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gordugh ubuntu events, my hotel wifi is currently measured in bytes per second =\21:52
gordapparently not enough internet to run google plus really21:57
brobostigoncan you get 3g/hsdpa/lte/4g etc?21:57
gordat like £2 a meg yeah ;)21:58
gordonjcpgord: :-)22:00
gordphones just sitting there disconnecting and reconnecting. the poor thing, it'll drain its battery22:02
matttthink it's a sign you should go out and drink :)22:02
gordcoffee? at the starbucks down the road? that has free wifi?22:15
mgdmI'm going to recompile Adium without that %^$£ Attention button22:50
mgdmit's pointless and too easy to hit22:51
AlanBellone hour to get your bids in http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Raspberry-Pi-Model-B-beta-board-01-limited-series-10-/180786868894?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item2a17bcb29e22:56

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