Darkwingphilipballew: I would but, I'll be going up there thursday morning.03:30
Darkwingpleia2: I updated with stuff I'm bringin.03:37
DarkwingAnyone think of seeing if Jorge was going to bring any other swag to give away?03:41
pleia2I haven't spoken to him03:41
DarkwingOh, the T-Shirts I have from teh conf pack are maverick... DOn't remember if I mentioned that.03:41
DarkwingI'll call him03:41
pleia2I think he's in budapest with the rest of them03:44
DarkwingYup, I'll corner him on Skype. :)03:45
Darkwingbkerensa: ping03:52
Darkwingpleia2: You have a larger list of attendies to SCALE that isn't the wiki or the loco.u.c04:04
pleia2Darkwing: no, that's everyone04:06
Darkwingpleia2: I'm tossing out another email to the ML reminding people that we need names in loco.u.c and the wiki04:07
pleia2philipballew: can you add your name to the bottom of the wiki with some details about availability?04:08
DarkwingWhy isn't my email...04:11
pleia2oh, and we should see about plans friday night, raevol was asking if we want to meet up04:12
pleia2what have you done to your email now :)04:12
DarkwingI didn't.04:13
DarkwingThe Ubuntu system seems to hate my @kubuntu.org email04:13
* Darkwing mutter.04:16
DarkwingOkay, sent now.04:16
DarkwingAnything else we need to do?04:19
pleia2I don't think so04:22
pleia2I'll go through my booth box over the weekend and add some of the misc stuff, tape, powerstrips and things04:23
pleia2we have a team meeting on sunday so we should be able to wrap up some things there too as needed :)04:23
DarkwingIs jtatum going to make it? :P04:24
DarkwingWhy don't we have UbuCon on the loco.u.c?04:26
philipballewpleia2, doin it now05:40
pleia2thanks philipballew, were you going to bring a laptop or two to demo?05:46
pleia2we don't have an Ubuntu laptop yet, just jdeslip's netbook05:47
philipballewI can bring my uniyu one and i can throu lubuntu on an old laptop if needed.05:47
philipballewdont tell anyone but it currently has debian :)05:47
pleia2sounds good05:47
philipballewalright. the old laptop has no battery though05:48
philipballewI can get even more creative and throw open box on it?05:48
pleia2sure :)05:49
philipballewsomething funky. do we need an external monitor? and also, im gonna bring a router05:50
philipballewIm still working on how to get to la as well.05:52
philipballewemailed the sd lug and asked for a rideshare05:52
pleia2as long as the laptop screen works, no need for an additional monitor05:52
philipballewalright. it does indeed. so Lubuntu you think?05:53
pleia2yeah, lubuntu is good05:53
philipballewor any crazy version youd like?05:53
philipballewLubuntu it is :)05:54
philipballewand pleia2 im gonna give people the option to play with 12.04 if they like via virtual box05:55
Garethnhaines: ping15:49
jtatumDarkwing: I wish I could :( next year seems more likely17:44
pleia2argh, posterous is teh broken17:48
pleia2posted to my facebook account rather than the -us-ca account17:48
* pleia2 shakefist17:48
pleia2actually, it went to both?17:49
pleia2weird thing17:49
nhainesGareth: pong17:49
pleia2anyway, SF Ubuntu Hour tonight :) http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/1469/detail/17:49
Garethnhaines: just checking on those last two UbuCon speakers...I saw one registered and submitted, I've published that one.17:50
nhainesGareth: Oh good.  I think everyone's reporting in now.18:42
bkerensapleia2: Just confirming Saturday so you don't have to track me down on IRC ;)19:33
pleia2bkerensa: thank you :)19:33
bkerensapleia2: Is it ok to adopt some of starcraftman's work and cite some of his links?19:42
pleia2bkerensa: it's CC-BY-SA, so just give attribution at the end of your talk and you'll be good19:42
pleia2something as simple as "thanks to starcraftman's past talks which I referenced in preparation" would be good19:43
bkerensaDarkwing: You ping me earlier? :) saw something on my phone19:47
nhainesThey had a master sushi chef making sushi in the cafeteria today.  At least the signs said he was a master sushi chef and had a big photo of him.20:48
nhainesI'm going to eat this sushi before it gets cold.20:48
jyonhaines: Ever made your own sushi?22:03
nhainesjyo: nope.22:04
* pleia2 is having A Day23:37
pleia2I kind of wish our Ubuntu Hour tonight was in a brewery instead of a coffee shop :)23:38

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