snap-lyo yo yo00:20
snap-lThat it is. :)11:55
snap-lApparently we have this "winter storm watch" in effect.11:56
snap-lthat does not please me.11:56
rick_h__ruh roh11:57
snap-lThursday: "Cloudy with showers likely. Snow showers likely in the afternoon. Highs 39 to 43. North winds 5 to 15 mph...becoming southeast in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 70 percent"11:57
snap-lI hope it zags, but I'm not too hopeful11:58
snap-lIt's all the damn snowboarders asking for snow11:58
rick_h__seems a bit warm for snow12:00
Wolfgerit won't be warm thursday12:37
Wolfgeroh, forecast changed... it will be warm thursday :-p12:38
Wolfger90% chance of rain Thursday turning to 90% chance of snow Thursday night and Friday12:40
rick_h__crap, no snow12:40
Wolfgeractually, 90% chance of rain starts tonight :-p12:41
WolfgerKiss our unseasonably nice weather goodbye12:41
Wolfgerhey Arduinees, check out the DotD12:43
brouschwow, that was weird. my clock suddenly switched to UTC13:54
WolfgerExcellent. My plan is starting to work already.13:55
brouschu r 133714:05
snap-lYay new keyboard at work.14:28
snap-lFinally I can be rid of the J shaped enter key that plagues my entire existence.14:28
WolfgerWow. That's one powerful key.14:29
snap-lWolfger: You have no idea14:29
snap-lpicture, if you will, the oft-used |\ key14:29
snap-lnow, look at your keyboard and note the position of said key14:30
snap-lis it right above the Enter yet?14:30
WolfgerBut of course14:30
snap-lNow, picture if you will an enter key that is essentially Enter and the \| key combined14:30
WolfgerWell then where would I put my |\ key?14:31
snap-land take the luxurious space that backspace takes up on your keyboard, and put the \| key there14:31
snap-lso you have half-BS, hald \|14:31
snap-lNow imagine trying to type ps -ef | grep14:31
snap-land realize that any pipe operation will likely hit enter before it hits pipe.14:32
snap-land now you know.14:32
Wolfgerand knowing is half the battle!14:32
* Wolfger suddenly recalls that snap-l is now part of COBRA14:33
snap-lI have a while before I have to take COBRA14:35
snap-lhopefully my benes will take effect before I have to use it14:35
snap-lhate hate hate paying COBRA>14:35
n0pmorning all, anyone heading to codemash?14:36
snap-ln0p: I blinked when the tickets went on sale14:37
snap-lso, no14:37
n0pah, yeah14:37
n0pactually, it went quick, but not as quick as they claim14:37
n0pwe got our tickets like 2 hours after they went on sale. i think eventbright over reserved tickets as people clieked through14:38
n0psnap-l: did you go last year?14:39
brouschi think rick_h__ went last year14:40
snap-lNo, I've never been. rick_h__ went last year.14:40
brouschWolfger: i blogged the Dropbox public link in Dolphin thing http://clusterbleep.net/blog/2012/01/11/getting-a-dropbox-public-link-in-kde-using-dolphin/14:41
n0pyeah, remember him mentioning it, i've never been, sounds happening14:41
n0plots of .net though :-/14:41
brouschi think jrwren has also gone14:42
n0p3 of the 5 javascript ones are scheduled for the same timeslot14:42
n0pi'll watch for him14:43
snap-lThat doesn't surprise me. ;)14:43
brouschthey'll pop in here now that we've paged them ;)14:44
rick_h__yea, I spoke last year14:45
rick_h__it's good stuff14:45
rick_h__yea, they're trying to be cross language, lots of ruby and such as well14:45
rick_h__a few of us doing Python stuff14:45
rick_h__lots of mobile these days14:45
n0pyea, i think i saw only 1 python (mark's)14:46
brouschholy crap that's a lot of talks14:48
rick_h__I think there's another but not sure14:49
rick_h__but yea, when I spoke I was part of the "token" python force14:49
rick_h__so they can put it on the website14:49
brouschand http://codemash.org/Sessions#Automated+Python+Test+Frameworks+for+Hardware+Validation+and+Verification14:50
n0pah, two!14:50
brouschand Mark Ramm's14:50
rick_h__taking over the world!14:50
brouschso 3 python talks14:50
n0per, yeah, 314:50
snap-lIt's almost a quorum.14:50
rick_h__mike is cool14:51
n0phope security is tight14:51
rick_h__sweet, both of those are people I know from PyOhio14:51
n0prick_h__: are you still on the other side of the globe?14:51
brouschalso one with ironpython http://codemash.org/Sessions#Dynamic+.NET+Demystified14:52
brouschand this one has a lot of python http://codemash.org/Sessions#Polyglot+Programming%3a+The+Power+of+Hybridization14:53
brouschso there might be 5 python talks!14:53
WolfgerDoes IronPython really count? ;-)14:53
n0pwow, and they seem to have their own timeslots14:54
Wolfgerbrousch: I see what you did there (with the blog post)14:54
brouschoh man, that last talk is bruce eckle14:55
WolfgerIt's all "hey, look at this cool thing you can do! (oh, and by the way use me as a referral to sign up for dropbox plz)"14:55
brouschWolfger: make it so!14:56
snap-lI have never seen Bruce Eckel talk15:06
snap-lI quite liked Thinking in Java, though15:06
rick_h__n0p: yea, in hungary still15:06
snap-lthere was a Hands on Java CD that I liked.15:06
rick_h__working like mad to fix crap15:06
brouschrick_h__: are you saying that launchpad is crap?15:08
rick_h__brousch: I never said that :)15:08
snap-lbrousch: Did you stop beating your wife? :)15:08
jjessehe just said everything written by someone besides him in launchpad is crapy15:08
Wolfgerstrictly speaking, he only acknowledged that there is some crap in launchpad... we are left to guess the percentage content15:21
WolfgerNow this, I would never have expected to see: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/photo-contest/2011/entries/79152/view/18:12
snap-lWolfger: Why not? :)18:14
Wolfgermagnifying glasses are only used to set fires by young children who aren't allowed to set them any other way.18:26
WolfgerWho am I kidding? I'm just jealous Michigan is too far North and too overcast for that to be an option. :-)18:34
brouschi'm getting worse at multitasking in my old age. i just helped 3 different people in 3 different programs and now i've totally forgotten what i was doing before that18:55
snap-lGTD. ;)18:55
n0phmm, sounds like an old job.. when that happened, i'd just look busy for a minute or two until i got interrupted again18:56
snap-lThen you'll spend more time thinking about what you should be doing. ;)18:56
brouschn0p: that is one of my usual tactics18:56
n0panyone else experience any type of Internet outage about an hour ago?18:57
snap-ln0p: not to my knowledge.18:57
n0pwe got an alert, but our cacti graphs all look fine18:57
n0pthen i saw this https://longrep.ly/r/58dbd50818:58
snap-lAre your monitors in Cacti as well?18:58
n0pheh, no, newrelic is where our alert came from18:59
snap-lI'd point the finger there, then. :)18:59
n0pyeah, thats what i was thinking too, no support calls came in either18:59
n0pbut saw the mailchimp thing and though, hmm18:59
Wolfgerdid the interwebs dies momentarily while they installed the not-yet-officially-approved SOPA softwares?18:59
snap-lMight have been in the data center.18:59
snap-lWe used to use Watchmouse for our monitoring. Was handy because they used data centers all over the world19:00
Wolfgergovernment kill switch test run19:00
snap-lthough it sucked when you'd be pinged for some error that was happening in shitty-internetville.19:00
WolfgerPS, sky is falling.19:01
WolfgerWow. Kroger.com is a truly awful website.19:04
WolfgerLots of links pointing to a FAQ that doesn't exist19:04
Wolfgerhorrible search results19:04
Wolfgerguess I will go to the store to ask my question19:05
brouschoh man, that reminds me. at one of the grwebdev meetings someone pulled up the meijer.com web site as an example of a poor user interface. after a minute or two of saying how bad it is one of the meijer.com devs in the room spoke up19:06
Wolfgeranybody in here a Kroger web dev?19:06
brouschi haven't seen her since19:06
n0pbrousch: oh, were you at the github drinkup?19:06
n0pdoh!, should have looked you up, me too19:06
brouschi didn't realize you are west mi19:07
n0pnot, it was a last minute thing19:07
brouschah, well shoot19:07
brouschwho'd you talk to?19:07
n0pdunno, once we got there, we ate and talked to a few a2 guys, then we decided we should talk to new people and did, but then had to leave19:08
n0ptoo loud to actually hear names19:09
n0pfun place though19:09
brouschyeah, it was pretty loud19:09
brouschi think i'm learning to lip read by ging to all these loud bars after meetings19:09
snap-lbrousch: Keep it up and you'll need to learn sign language. ;)19:29
WolfgerWhy do people talk about "sign language". Most signs in the US are in English. ;)19:31
WolfgerMan, it must be a slow day if I'm stretching that far for a joke.19:32
WolfgerWow. http://www.cnn.com/2012/01/11/world/asia/china-microsoft-factory/index.html?hpt=hp_t219:35
brouschWolfger: that was a poor joke19:49
snap-lWolfger: That's unreal19:55
brouschdiving back into django to help out some folks22:03
Blazeixi notice you wait until rick_h__ is overseas before you mention that.22:05
Blazeixout of punching range22:05
rick_h__what's up?22:13
rick_h__drinking with the LP guys atm so wheee22:14
rick_h__wtf! django?22:14
_stink_rick_h__ has an "ssh rick@mitechie.com punch_brousch -m 'django???'" alias ready to go22:36
rick_h__lol, awesome22:41
_stink_rick_h__: which country are you in again?22:42
rick_h__in budapest22:42

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