jrgiffordcanthus13: oh ok.01:56
Unit193I'd have to agree...02:01
Unit193He just knows more from personal02:01
canthus13Unit193: Just one server right now. Bob is handling everything -- shells, media, web... Titan was fried a while back.02:09
Unit193Eh, no fun. I still want to set ONE up and not just randomly stick it across several computers :/02:10
* canthus13 had duties divided originally.. Media server, web/shell/mail server, and a tackling dummy for exploits.02:11
jrgiffordway i set things up was something like this:02:27
jrgiffordVM host, VM1=media, VM2=web/shell, and then the ability to add VM3-5 if needed for other things.02:28
jrgiffordbut now we're down to VM host and then VM1.02:28
canthus13jrgifford: I may do something like that with Xen when I get a better CPU and more RAM.02:29
jrgiffordcanthus13: i just run everything off 128MB or 512 of RAM, its not like Ubuntu server needs a *lot*...02:33
jrgiffordssh, screen and a http server?02:33
jrgiffordwell, straight debian might be easier. :)02:33
canthus13jrgifford: My machine right now has a 3ghz proc and 1GB ram. It'll support a 6 core AMD CPU and 8 GB...02:34
canthus13But yeah, SSH/screen/irssi for several people, http, NFS, mail...02:34
canthus13...and maybe DVL when/if it ever rereleases, just for fun.  And then maybe Win 2k8 server as a tackling dummy.02:35
jrgiffordoh, if you start doing that yeah i could see that getting rather heavy on the CPU and RAM.02:35
Cheri703I'm contemplating combining my stuff onto one server, I think it will have to wait until a. I get another/bigger hdd, and a nice large monitor02:56
* canthus13 has one monitor for his servers... no KVM, even. he doesn't really need one. once they're up and running, they rarely need console access.02:57
Cheri703well, I have my media/storage/whatever server, and then my heavier duty/more powerful computer that I use for specific things. I want to get a nice 30ish inch monitor to use as a tv, and then I can also use it when needing the quad-core for stuff (and yes, that is heavy duty in my household)02:58
Cheri703want one of these with a 30" monitor: http://www.ergotron.com/Products/tabid/65/PRDID/56/language/en-US/Default.aspx03:00
Cheri703holds up to 30lbs03:00
jrgiffordpaultag: slow down with the github following man!19:37
jrgiffordi check for the first time in a few days, and the entire front page is YOU. :D19:37
paultagjrgifford: hey man, that was you for a while19:39
paultagjrgifford: also, those are all my new coworkers :)19:39
paultagjrgifford: also, screenshot or it never happened :)19:39
jrgiffordhaha, i know, one good turn deserves another. ;)19:40
* jrgifford takes screenshot19:41
jrgiffordoh, its only 2/3rds...19:41
jrgiffordclose enough. :D19:41
jrgiffordhttp://i.imgur.com/DQ0kO.png and http://i.imgur.com/FjZ6W.png. :)19:44
paultagjrgifford: hahaha!19:45
Cheri703Unit193: still home?22:15
Unit193Yeah, can't really get there :/22:17
Unit193There is someone else there I hope?22:17
Cheri703no worries, I'm here eating, then will go run errands, so no issue either way22:18
Unit193Eh, I guess. Still a bummer either way22:19
Cheri703it would be, but I got my super yummy sandwich, so happy tummy :)22:20
Unit193Heh, have fun eating that : D22:21
canthus13wow.  Oneiric  has serious wireless issues. :/23:26
canthus13It's freezing every few seconds for 2 or 3 seconds at a time.23:27

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