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* InHisName comes back for another round of 'good mornings'13:45
InHisNamemid morning !14:13
rmg51morning  again14:21
JonathanDhowdy adom, InHisName, rmg5114:45
InHisNamehowdy, JonathanD - what are u up to today ?14:46
InHisNameI did a lousy soldering job back in 7th grade metal shop.  Making a letter holder.14:48
JonathanDI couldn't find a suitable power cord for this snapgear14:50
JonathanDso I soldered leads to it.14:50
InHisNameI do MUCH better with little wires to each other, components to ckt boards etc.14:50
JonathanDI love listening to disk spin up.14:51
InHisNameI have a Perkin-Elmer disk drive I could sell you for the GREAT start up sounds.14:52
InHisName5 meg removable and 5 meg fixed.   14" platters.   Doesn't pop a 15A breaker at startup.  So can use at home even.14:54
JonathanDheh :p14:55
InHisNameWorks with an older buss than PCI ----> S10014:55
JonathanDNo thanks ;)14:55
InHisNameSo if you need an IMSAI computer to go with that ........14:55
InHisNameI have a couple14:55
JonathanDI think you need to clean out the cloest.14:56
InHisNameWont fit in closet.14:56
JonathanDI meant that in the... never mind. You know what I meant :p14:56
InHisNameWife would be EXCITED about the added real-estate in the basement14:56
JonathanDInHisName: and thats exactly why I can't get anything else ;)14:56
JonathanDHave you seen my basement? :)14:57
InHisNameSo you're stuck reading flat screen ads, while using NTSC tvs at home also ?14:57
InHisNameMy wife complains she can't see her OWN.14:58
JonathanDI just have an excess of computer equipment.14:58
InHisName9 PCs, 2 S100, 2 lappys, and oh yeah - one HP touchpad15:00
JonathanDI have you beat. Although you win on "most S100s"15:00
InHisNamenot counting the dismantled ones15:00
JonathanDhttp://jdsnetwork.com/images/100_2770.JPG My servers. I have 8 Dell desktops in the basement, an HP desktop for the kids, a gaming machine for me, 4 thinkpads of various ages, and crissis lenovo. (non thinkpad version).15:02
JonathanDand a dozen or so more dells under the porch.15:03
JonathanDwhen we moved, I left an 8 foot stack of towers in the dining room for a scrap guy who came to take them for the aluminum.15:03
JonathanDI can't bring anything else home. I'll be shot :P15:03
InHisNameOh I remember that picture - the fancy IBM stack15:03
JonathanDMy little vmware cluster.15:04
InHisNameI've listed a few more interesting items on craigslist.   No calls.15:04
EvilResistanceInHisName:  which items are you listing on CL?15:04
InHisName350Mhz PC  with real Pentium II15:05
JonathanDMy switches are available. If anyone still wants 100Mbit stuff.15:06
InHisNameLARGE CRT monitor 21"    No calls.15:06
EvilResistanceJonathanD:  how much are you selling a single switch for?  I've used the switches up i have lying around for my cluster of windows sandbox servers (MSDN does have some advantages)15:07
JonathanDEvilResistance: 1 beer.15:08
JonathanDEvilResistance: far as I'm concerned, you can have them.15:08
InHisNamewhot a deal EvilResistance15:08
JonathanDThey have to be used together or you have to find a management module for the second one.15:08
JonathanDThey connect via a SCSI cable, which I have.15:08
JonathanDand act as a single 48 port 100Mbit switch.15:09
EvilResistancethat'd actually be useful15:09
JonathanDI was using them for network traffic with a seperate small gigglebit switch for iscsi.15:09
EvilResistanceJonathanD:  how much do you want for em, or are you just freely giving them away (in which case, expect me to pay for shipping)15:11
JonathanDEvilResistance: They're yours if you want them. No charge.15:11
JonathanDI believe I got them from someone at plug for free myself.15:11
EvilResistancehow generous of you :P  and how lucky for you too.  i've got classes until 13:00 GMT-0500 but we can touch base via email regarding shipping costs, because I'd be more than happy to cover for them. (you can tell i'm interested in em :P)15:13
JonathanDEvilResistance: where are you located?15:13
EvilResistanceJonathanD:  harrisburg pa +- 10 miles15:14
EvilResistancezip 17057 if that helps15:14
JonathanDWe may be out harrisburg way in a few weeks.15:14
waltmanYou've missed the Farm Show :(15:14
JonathanDwaltman: I know.15:15
JonathanDwaltman: thanks for coming the other night, btw.15:15
EvilResistanceJonathanD:  probly easier to ship.  harrisburg's the generally closest city, but as i'm out at Penn State Harrisburg Campus (out in middletown, pa), if you're just passing through, it'd be easier to ship em15:15
waltmanHere's the south jersey rodeo I was telling you about -- http://www.cowtownrodeo.com/15:15
JonathanDEvilResistance: ok.15:15
JonathanDEvilResistance: can't check them tonight, I'm going down to hive.15:16
InHisNameYou farm boys, did you ever watch a PBS program called "RedGreen"15:16
adom<-- grew up on a 177acre farm. never heard of RedGreen show.15:19
InHisNameEpisode #1 - "The Big Inboard"       .    .    .    .   ..  . The men at the lodge build a huge outboard motor out of a V8 engine. Red demonstrates the belt sander. Harold discusses sex education and bill teaches canoeing.15:36
InHisNameRedGreen shown on Harrisburg WITF-TV Channel 33 15:40
InHisNameOhhh and its suposedly on chan 12 too in Philly15:40
JonathanDif red is red then who is green?15:44
InHisNameHarold Green ?      Or maybe Bill Smith ?   (played by Rick Green)15:45
EvilResistanceJonathanD:  feel free to email me at trekcaptainusa-tw@ubuntu.com when you've checked them, i'll check that throughout the day.15:47
JonathanDEvilResistance: ok. Probably be tomorrow morning.15:52
MutantTurkeyI don't understand this problem, I need to think of a solution16:35
MutantTurkeyA page loads taking 2.2 seconds of preprocessing time. The function called takes 1 second. If I comment out the function, it drops by 1 second16:36
MutantTurkeyYET. when I time the function with microtime, it tells me that it is taking almost no time at all. tenths of a second.16:36
MutantTurkeyeither I am reading the microtimes wrong or echoing is taking a lot of time16:36
adomi need to print a bunch of small pieces of paper that say the same thing. imagine taking 2-3 lines of text and printing 10-20 pieces of paper on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. like making an 8.5x11 paper into business cards.19:44
adomusing windows or ubuntu19:44
adomtrying to figure out how Microsoft Word could do it19:44
waltmanadom: maybe make a table and copy the same text into each cell?19:45
* waltman shrugs19:45
waltmanit's easy to do in LaTeX :)19:45
adomwaltman: 1. don't know LaTeX and don't plan on learning it. 2. don't want to copy paste, want something that i can change the text and reprint if necessary19:46
adomim sure its possible in Word, just need to figure it out19:46
waltmanThen it sounds like you might need to script it, which is beyond my meager Word skills.19:47
adom.vbs scripting just to make an 8.5x11 into business cards seems excessive19:49
waltmanmaybe you could find an open source address label app you could hack up to do what you want?19:49
adomthats possible maybe...19:49
waltmanGoogling for "open source business cards" returns a number of possibilities...19:50
waltmanYou realize, of course, that there are many companies that will print up business cards to order for a small fee?19:51
adomyeah but its not for business cards. im creating little password reset cards to give students when we reset their passwords to remember the temporary one.19:52
waltmanIn debian there's a package called signing-party, and in that there's "gpg-key2ps: generate PostScript file with fingerprint paper strips".19:56
waltmanIt prints up your gpg public keys in an n-by-2 table in postscript. Maybe you could change around that to print the reset cards.19:57
waltmanIt's just a perl script. It shouldn't be too hard to modify.19:58
adommeh. found the envelopes and labels feature in Word, that should do it.19:58
adomfor reference: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/17013019:58
waltmanI'm sure there are lots of folks in the ubuntu channel looking for references to Microsoft Word documentation :)20:01
adomalmost had it, but gave up for the day20:44
adomits one of those things i keep telling myself ill do but never get done20:44
adomi like verbally telling students the new temporary password because then theres no pieces of paper lying in the lab with the students temp password20:44

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