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mhall119AlanBell: ping15:47
mhall119AlanBell: is there any way to have a "private" pad on the current pad.ubuntu.com?15:48
nigelbprobably not.15:48
nigelbwe could hash the url to make it not guessable though.15:48
AlanBellI might have broken the team functionality15:49
AlanBellnever really understood how that was supposed to work15:49
nigelbteam functionality won't really wwork in this case.15:49
AlanBellif you click new pad on the front page it will give you a random url15:49
* AlanBell doesn't quite know what this case is15:49
mhall119ok, we can do a random url, how could somebody discover that who isn't supposed to?15:50
mhall119is there a search or something that might reveal a private pad?15:50
AlanBellI might see it during the etherpad-> etherpad-lite migration process, but apart from that it should be unguessable15:51
mhall119ok, so a random md5 hash should be sufficiently unguessable15:51
AlanBellbut once someone shares it then it is out there15:51
mhall119AlanBell: we can't do that migration until after linaro connect in February15:51
AlanBellhttp://pad.ubuntu.com/ click the new pad button15:51
mhall119AlanBell: right,it'll be up to the people who know about it to not tell people who shouldn't15:52
AlanBellor click the create team site button and see if it does anything15:52
AlanBelloh, it won't it needs dns integration15:52
AlanBellneeds to auto-create a subdomain http://pad.ubuntu.com/ep/pro-signup/15:52
AlanBellcould do the migration before the linaro connect15:53
AlanBelljust not during :)15:53
mhall119no, let's wait until after15:53
AlanBelloh, I might have a way to do the auto login that cjohnston wanted15:53
AlanBellthough it isn't a massively secure login15:53
AlanBells/a massively/an even slightly/15:54
AlanBellbut I don't think it matters15:55
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