Lesterwoodit is 7 right now and the dining hall closes at 900:00
Lesterwoodwhen should i go to dinner guys00:00
TA5KActionParsnip: oh yes I did. Unfortunately, I got stuck here http://hybrid-graphics-linux.tuxfamily.org/index.php?title=ACPI_calls00:00
Frantic_ActionParsnip_: Hey! i dont know what exactly i did but i ran and reinstalled Ubuntu 11.10 and it seems to be i can run it now with out needing  the flash card plugged in,00:01
TA5KActionParsnip: I have another Notebook with G9300M same sadness.00:01
ActionParsnipFrantic_: did you update by any chance?00:01
ActionParsnipTA5K: Dell Latitude D420 runs 100% ootb :)00:01
TA5KIt's the Nvidia which heats my room up .)00:02
Frantic_ActionParsnip_: ummm, it may be that i allowed an internet connection this time. i thought i did lst time aswell  but i could be wrong00:02
TA5KIf it's cold outside I just boot Ubuntu *g00:02
meomichey, im using ubuntu 10.10 x86-64 bit , afer a while i cannot use network manager anymore, it shows its sub menu but when i click on anything - it does not react - anything like connection info or edit connection or even cant switch wireless, is there a way to fix it w/o reboot?00:05
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dilange888Just wondering, why does cfs use a red-black tree for its queue and not a heap?00:05
josh123a123how do you add a boot option00:07
aBoundBoot option what?00:08
josh123a123some one here told me to add some boot option to get the installer to work00:09
ubottuFor a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.00:09
alien2050meomic: did you try sudo apt-get remove --purge network-manager && sudo apt-get install network-manager00:09
meomicalien2050: no this not, but i did sudo /etc/init.d/network-manager stop and later start again - its same, also why to remove it - it works after reboot - just stops after some time passes00:10
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alien2050meomic: just to ensure there is no lying config problem, that's why the --purge00:11
alien2050meomic: also it will reinstall look at command00:12
leontopodwhat is xubuntu good for?00:12
pcybillleontopod: Running my computer00:13
acerimmerleontopod: running lower spec/older computers00:13
ActionParsnipleontopod: it needs few resources than ubuntu00:13
leontopodI am trying to get unetbootin to work00:14
leontopodafter it downloads the iso00:14
leontopodI get00:14
leontopodsevnz.exe is not a valid win32 application.00:14
FloodBot1leontopod: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:14
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aBoundleontopod, http://en.kioskea.net/faq/1591-exe-is-not-a-valid-win32-application00:15
leontopodthanks, I will have a look00:16
alien2050leontopod: unetbootin binary is not sevnz.exe..... it should be unetbootin-windows-563.exe00:16
magicJI have a system that usually works - occasionally, like right now I have five jobs that should print and are not - lpstat shows them waiting - how can I kick lp to handle them and why is this happening00:16
ActionParsnipleontopod: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?00:16
alien2050leontopod: sounds like you DLed malware00:16
alien2050unetbootin.sourceforge.net should be the site00:17
meomicalien2050: ok i did as you said, but still same - it does not react00:19
meomicrestarting intel wlan driver also didnt helped (sudo modprobe -r iwlagn and later same but w/o -r)00:20
alien2050meomic: hmmm.... that's weird... you may have to reboot or resort to more drastic measures like installing wicd; I've had my share of network-manager issues myself in the past. you can also remove it completely and manually configure your NIC through /etc/network/interfaces00:20
ActionParsnipleontopod: were you trying to extract the ISO by right clicking it?00:21
ActionParsnipleontopod: sounds like you are as sevnz.exe is part of 7zip for Windows...00:21
wrektjetwhats the syntax again for finding a PID? eg the process quake. i thought it was ps aux |grep guake but im making an error there00:23
Cristianhello people!00:23
alien2050leontopod: I think what you need to do is open unetbootin first and then select the ISO.... I think you're double-clicking the file and doesn't have any association for ISO or a corrupt 7zip install in M$W.00:23
rob__ps faux |grep quake ?00:24
ActionParsnipwrektjet: ps -ef | grep quake00:24
* ActionParsnip uses the Linux standard00:24
wrektjetthanks rob_ ActionParsnip00:25
pdiddy200Is there any guides that anyone would reccommend to learning scripting in zshell?00:28
RiXtEr-homedoes imdb-get work for anyone or do I have it setup wrong?00:29
ActionParsnippdiddy200: may help http://www.bash2zsh.com/00:29
leontopodunetbootin uses sevenzip?00:29
ActionParsnipleontopod: were you extracting the file yourself?00:29
Taboo_TongueEy Chat =)00:29
ActionParsnipleontopod: good, you don't00:29
leontopodI was just following instructions00:29
alien2050leontopod: nope00:29
leontopodit pops up by itself00:30
leontopodI rebooted00:30
leontopodran ccleaner, deleted and redownloaded unetbootin, and am running it again00:30
alien2050leontopod: forget about the popping up... just do it by yourself; open unetbootin, select image, select ISO00:30
leontopodoh wait00:30
ActionParsnipleontopod: try the 1 2 3 app from pendrive linux00:30
leontopodselect iso?00:30
alien2050leontopod: browse, then select your ISO file00:31
ActionParsnipleontopod: yes, point the app to the ISO you downloaded00:31
leontopodok, I am starting over again, the usb drive is empty (it says 64k in use), I am clicking on distribution and selecting a distribution and version, then I click OK, right?00:32
alien2050leontopod: depends if you DLed the ISO file00:32
Taboo_TongueN00b question: I want to install Ubuntu Studio, and have a 64-bit Intel processor. So do I select the latest i386 download, or the latest amd64?00:32
leontopodah, maybe I should download the iso separately00:32
Taboo_TongueIs the latest i386 optomized for a 64bit system?00:33
alien2050Taboo_Tongue: amd64 definitely00:33
* tMH is gone. nsf00:33
Taboo_TongueThanks alien2050 =)00:33
alien2050Taboo_Tongue: np00:34
leontopodI removed 7 zip from my system00:34
ActionParsnipleontopod: if you have the ISO, you can use the bottom option and point it to the file you downloaded00:34
leontopodActionParsnip, that is what I am going to try next if this doesn't work00:34
alien2050leontopod: why reboot all the time ? :)00:34
leontopodbecause it is win 2k pro sp4?00:34
alien2050leontopod: ohhh..... you'll love linux! almost no more rebooting ;)00:34
ActionParsnipwin2k is great :)00:35
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alien2050ActionParsnip: no it's not ;)00:36
leontopodthe weird thing is this worked the first time I tried it with kubuntu00:36
ActionParsnipalien2050: its the best they've released00:36
leontopodbut kubuntu doesn't like my netbook00:36
alien2050ActionParsnip: unfortunately, you're right...00:36
leontopodso I am going to try straight ubuntu00:36
ActionParsnipalien2050: that's what I meant00:36
acerimmerleontopod: try lubuntu00:36
ActionParsnipleontopod: both are great00:36
alien2050ActionParsnip: :)00:36
leontopodkubuntu did something weird:  I installed it on my netbook, so far so good, then firefox wouldn't install, so I got some help on #kubuntu and they said try changing to desktop view from netbook view00:37
leontopodthat worked, firefox installed then, then an icon popped up on the taskbar saying there were hundreds of updates, so I clicked on that and it started downloading updates00:38
leontopodthen, it got stuck at 52% saying "dpkg running"00:38
leontopodapparently dpkg crashed00:38
leontopodleaving my netbook in an undetermined state00:38
alien2050leontopod: just run it again, should work fine00:38
ActionParsnipleontopod: if you MD5 test the ISO you can reduce that00:38
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leontopodalien2050, I had to remove the battery to reboot the computer00:39
leontopodkubuntu would not let me shut down while dpkg was running00:39
alien2050leontopod: just run : sudo dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archive/firef*00:39
alien2050leontopod: wow... talk about overkill :)00:40
kszkszevery 2nd reboot Wicd prompts me for password, however wireless network is connected anyway every time. I messed something with insserv. These files like ".depend.start" ".depend.boot", they had some default contents or they are updated by installing apps? should i reinstall Wicd+associated stuff, or fix that files?00:40
IceheartAlways so many people here...busy busy00:40
ActionParsnipleontopod: holding down the power button 5 secods will turn it off, no questions asked00:41
alien2050kszksz: could be something like .wicd in your home dir00:41
leontopodoh, didn't know that00:41
leontopodgood tip, thanks00:41
ActionParsnipleontopod: ATX standard ;)00:41
leontopodit's an acer aspire one btw00:41
kszkszalien2050: there is, but its empty. that 'every 2nd boot' part is interesting00:41
alien2050kszksz: mv it to another directory temporarily, re-enter your config in wicd, try it out00:42
ActionParsnipleontopod: did you MD5 test the ISO you transferred?00:42
alien2050kszksz: could be a racing issue with other services, but I have to admit it's still odd00:42
leontopodActionParsnip, nope00:43
ActionParsnip!md5 | leontopod00:43
ubottuleontopod: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:43
leontopoddoesn't unetbootin do that?00:43
leontopodI know about md500:43
kszkszalien2050: racing? all 'weird' stuff started happening after typing 'insserv'00:43
IceheartRandom question, how do I view what graphics card I have on my laptop? I remember there being a command but I can't remember what it was.00:43
ActionParsnipleontopod: without testing it, you don't now if the file you are using is complete or consistent00:43
fmergesI have a problem with my ubuntu for some time already but it's quite annoying, I have maverick installed, and the issue is in X+Gnome, the issue is that i get regions of the desktop where the windows seem to overlap00:43
leontopodActionParsnip, ah, I thought unetbootin would do the test for me00:43
leontopodmy bad00:43
ActionParsnipIceheart: sudo lshw -C display00:43
ActionParsnipleontopod: not if you use your own ISO, you must do it yourself then00:44
fmergesexample i open the menu i close it and a region of it keeps on the screen, i have to open close and play with the menu to eventually get it away00:44
alien2050kszksz: do you change it's runlevel?00:44
alien2050kszksz: do = did00:44
leontopodI am going to try the Distribution option one more time00:44
IceheartThank you action.00:44
leontopodif it doesn't work on this computer00:44
fmergessame with other programs, say i open the browser, it suddenly freezes a region of the window on the screen, sometimes closing the browser fixes it but others not..00:44
fmergesany idea?00:44
leontopodI am going to fire up an XP computer00:44
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kszkszalien2050: it prompts me only for password to enter 'wicd network manager', wifi is connected anyway even if I dont fill in the password. hmm did I? :P would reinstall solve this00:45
IceheartI noticed my laptop uses ati drivers, could have sworn it had an nvidia graphics card but probably just my immagination.00:45
IceheartYep, just my imagination. haha00:46
alien2050kszksz: it's possible that it would be in your keyring, which would explain it logging it automatically; or some WEP/WPA password manager running in the bg activated by ubuntu00:46
alien2050kszksz: so the info would be located in another .directory00:46
tds5016what's the tar flag to untar to a given directory?00:47
wrektjetis there something in 11.10 akin to the launcher from 10.04? i wanna run something and then not have to leave the terminal open00:47
ubluntuwrektjet: use & after cmd00:47
kszkszalien2050: i have password and stuff filled in /etc/network/interfaces, I need Wicd only to reconnect if it gets down. Or I think I need it for it :)00:48
Neek0wrektjet: try hitting alt+f200:49
fmergesit's like regions of the screen freeze... any idea or workaround?00:49
ActionParsnipwrektjet: ALT+F2 is in Ubuntu still00:50
ActionParsnipfmerges: have you tested your RAM?00:50
Neek0wrektjet: or you can just add an & after your command in the terminal. that will run it in the background and allow the program to run after terminal is closed00:50
ActionParsnipNeek0: you need screen, adding amperand only backgrounds the commad, its parent is still the console, so closing it will close the app too00:51
fmergesActionParsnip: yes, ram is fine00:51
ActionParsnipfmerges: when did you last test it?00:51
fmergesActionParsnip: some months back, but im having this since i upgraded to maverick00:51
ActionParsnipfmerges: is it the same as all users? (make a fresh user to test if necessary)00:52
fmergesActionParsnip: going to check with a different user..00:52
fmergesActionParsnip: if it's just with my account what would be the solution?00:52
ActionParsnipfmerges: remove the corrupt config or tweaking00:52
Neek0ActionParsnip: your right. my bad00:53
fmergesActionParsnip: all gnome config?00:53
ActionParsnipfmerges: maybe, we'll see00:53
wrektjetNeek0, ActionParsnip the alt f2 is being weird its navigating me to the program within the dashboard thing (whatever its called) but the & sounds good ill try it00:55
ActionParsnipwrektjet: yes in Oneiric it does that00:56
Frantic_how do i install a program?00:56
acerimmerFrantic_: ubuntu software center00:57
Frantic_LMMS isnt in the USC00:57
acerimmerFrantic_: Linux Multimedia Studio?00:58
Frantic_The program im trying to install isnt in the Ubuntu software cente00:58
ActionParsnip!info lmms00:58
ubottulmms (source: lmms): Linux Multimedia Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.10-1ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 4008 kB, installed size 9088 kB00:58
Neek0wrektjet: when that comes up just type in the program name and it will bring it up in the lower part of the launcher, then just click on the program and it will run00:58
ActionParsnipacerimmer: enable the universe repo, it is00:58
ActionParsnipFrantic_: ^00:58
acerimmerActionParsnip: right.00:58
dariushall21Hellom Can someone help me out? I have my computer hooked up to my 70 inch tv, a lot of the screen isn't showing up to the right, is there anyway to fix this?00:58
Frantic_so lost00:59
Neek0wrektjet: you can also get there by moving your mouse to the left hand side of your screen and clicking the ubuntu symbol00:59
ActionParsnip!repos | Frantic_00:59
ubottuFrantic_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:59
wrektjetweird the & is making it that the prompt i usually get that says "if you close the terminal..." doesnt come but the process still dies00:59
ActionParsnipwrektjet: yes, you need to use screen00:59
nbros652I was here yesterday looking for a way to inhibit the screensaver, and since I found one, I decided to post it for posterity's sake... The following command can be run periodically in a loop to prevent the screen from locking: dbus-send --session --type=method_call --dest=org.gnome.ScreenSaver /org/gnome/ScreenSaver org.gnome.ScreenSaver.SimulateUserActivity00:59
Neek0wrektjet: yeah, i was wrong in that one. my bad00:59
wrektjetNeek0, its ok!01:00
Neek0wrektjet: you have to type screen, then hit enter. then it will go back to a prompt. then run your command and it will stay after close01:00
somsipnbros652: good job man!01:01
Neek0wrektjet: it appears you must install screen first.. sudo apt-get install screen01:01
dariushall21I can't even access my computer username are to sign out, or the cog gear to access settings.01:01
nbros652somsip: thanks01:01
wrektjetim on it...01:01
bluezonea fraps alternative for linux? FPS display is a must.01:01
somsipnbros652: well, it's like how NastyNaz *nearly* helped you out yesterday with logging his solution. Nice one01:02
Neek0wrektjet: alt+f2 is what your looking for though. and probably the easiest way to run your programs01:03
wrektjetok thanks well its good to know anywyas01:03
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NastyNazsomsip: which logging solution?01:05
somsipNastyNaz: not a logging solution - you were tryinhg to run a bash script without a screensvaer kicking in a couple of days ago. You came back later and logged your solution. Yesterday nbros652 was asking a similar question and I referred to your solution in the IRC logs01:06
NastyNazyeah there was an easy way, settermin -blank 001:07
nbros652NastyNaz: found a way to simulate user activity to prevent screensaver so that if program is killed, screensaver works.01:07
NastyNazsetterm -blank 001:07
bluezonea fraps alternative for linux? FPS display is a must, thanks in advance01:08
NastyNazIm lucky since I got my machine running as VM. When host turns off screens after inactivity it also affects my VM linux which is nice01:08
ActionParsnipbluezone: record my desktop, maybe. You can make most games show fps01:09
skulltipwhen i set up samba shared folder on another ubuntu pc within the network, am I supposed to see it when I pull up thunar or dolphin in the network folders automatically?  Or do i have to specify the IP?01:11
skulltipi guess dolphin shows samba shares..01:12
silentshadow100anyone here?01:12
silentshadow100fuck this01:13
aBoundDang, he went nuts.01:14
skypecrashI'm having a hughe problem with skype on Ubuntu 11.1001:15
skypecrasheverytime I start it, it restarts the OS01:16
somsipskypecrash: 32 or 64 bit, and what happens?01:16
skypecrashit was working fine, but suddenly it started doing this01:16
skypecrashAny click on any thing in skype automatically restarts the OS01:17
skypecrashIf I want to open a chat, If i want to accept an incoming call, anything... just restarts the OS01:17
somsipskypecrash: not one I've heard of before. A common suggestion is to rm ~/.Skype/shared.* but that usually just solves problems of Skype crashing on login01:18
aBoundskypecrash, Tried to uninstall it and reinstall it?01:18
DaZthis time it's some kind of bizzare russian inversion :x01:18
skypecrashtried several times01:18
DaZskypecrash: anything in /var/log?01:19
aBoundskypecrash, Seems more like a skype issue I'd figure ever since Microsoft took over. It made it ten times worse.01:20
ld50Hi, I'm having weird problems trying to install 11.10 on a macbook pro. Weird, because it worked initially, then I messed up with installing xfce packages and deleting unity. Then I realised I should just have installed xubuntu. Tried that but it crashes sometime before the login screen looks with a colourful mess -- like a hardware graphics problem01:20
skypecrashDaZ: what should I be looking for in /var/log?01:20
aBoundSkype in general could be buggy right now and the beta version might fix the crashing issues.01:20
skypecrashyes, but it looks I'm the first one having this problem. Annoying01:21
Frantic_I installed synaptic. I tried to use it to install LMMS but it doesnt seem that it installed LMMS01:21
DaZskypecrash: look in everything.log for stuff before the crash and paste it somewhere on the internet01:21
aBoundskypecrash, Seems like a known problem. http://community.skype.com/t5/Windows/Skype-crashes-constantly/td-p/28085601:21
aBoundI can't say how new the skype version is in Ubuntu.01:21
aBoundAs I don't use it.01:21
NotJimCarreycan someone help me get audio working with my gt430? this is what i get when i run get this when i run aplay -D plughw:0,3 /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav01:22
NotJimCarreyaplay: main:660: audio open error: Device or resource busy01:22
ld50And I'm not getting the nvidia drivers offered anymore. Although I did initially. Somehow. Weird :-(01:22
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aBoundld50, Trying to install the nvidia drivers?01:22
aBoundld50, Did you go to Additional Hardware and check if they were there? Or are they not listed.01:23
bluezoneIruoy, why do you always change your name randomnly :D01:23
leontopodhe is trying to remain anonymous?01:23
aBoundskypecrash, http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/ you can try the beta. If you're currently using the latest version.01:24
skypecrashI would like to try the previous version, 2.1 beta, but I cannot find it01:24
ld50Well they were there once. But now they dont appear any more. Only the Broadcom WLAN driver appears.01:25
leprechauso ... multipath-utils on ubuntu seems to only want to scan devices in /sys/block/* even when udev path is set to /dev in the multipath.conf ... I have an iscsi tape library that I need to get working with iscsi but since tapes are sequential storage they are under /dev/st* and placed under /sys/bus/scsi/devices/host*01:25
leprechauso ... how do I get multipath on ubuntu to scan and enumerate both block and non block scsi devices01:26
aBoundHarder to find older versions of software.01:26
somsipskypecrash: may have a working approach to finding old versions here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102524001:27
ld50But these additional drivers are for the running system arent they? Doesnt have anything to do with what gets installed?01:27
NotJimCarreyanyone, and i double checked, i am a member of group audio01:28
skypecrashsomsip: thanks01:28
somsipskypecrash: you might need to fidlle a bit to get something that might work with your version - this post referes to Hardy01:28
ld50Ok, different question. Can I get my installed ubuntu to boot without starting X11?01:29
aeon-ltdld50: why?01:30
ld50I suspect there's a graphics driver problem and would like to log in on a plain text terminal before xdm crashes01:31
bastidrazorld50: yes, /etc/default/grub    add text to the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"01:31
leprechauyou can always CTRL+ALT+F1 to get to tty101:32
ld50Ok, thanks01:32
bastidrazorld50: "text"   then sudo update-grub before rebooting01:32
TheMag_^I need help with that.01:32
leprechauand that won't stop X11 from loading ... X is started by entering runlevel 7 and/or starting xdm/gdm/etc...01:32
leprechauupdate-rc.d -f gdm remove01:32
leprechauwill keep that from starting on boot01:33
leprechaureplace with slim/xdm/whatever you need01:33
roothorickI'm on 11.10. Apparently Adobe Reader isn't in the official repository anymore? I actually need it because my state does this "smart PDF" crap for state taxes that ONLY works right in official Adobe. What's the most painless way to do this?01:33
bastidrazorroothorick: find a ppa on launchpad.01:34
ld50Or maybe there's a single user mode available from grub...01:34
bastidrazorld50: you can have grub boot to a prompt01:35
bastidrazor!text | ld5001:35
ubottuld50: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode01:35
leprechauyep just add 'single' to the end of the boot line01:35
robin0800roothorick: go to adobes site and select the one you want and the software centre will open01:35
ld50Thanks everyone.01:36
roothorickrobin0800: that actually gave me a BIN file to download...01:36
leprechauso anyone have any clue about multipath and sequential devices on ubuntu??01:37
robin0800roothorick: there is deb file if you look for it01:37
wart___hi.  this is a kind of odd quesiton, but if someone is running 11.10 can you tell me what version of powertop gets installed?01:37
wart___the reason being is that on gentoo the powertop i have (1.13) doesn't work with a thinkpad x220; but then i read a blog and this guy using ubuntu 11.10 has it working with x220.01:37
bastidrazorwart___: 1.97 it seems.. apt-cache policy powertop will tell you.01:37
wart___so i'm guessing there's a different version being used in ubuntu and i'd like to find out what one it is.01:37
roothorickwart___: apt-cache policy is telling me 1.97-201:38
wart___bastidrazor: thanks; gentoo uses 1.13 and masks 1.9701:38
wart___i'll try 1.9701:38
roothorickwart___: it's probably just ~keyword meaning they haven't fully tested it01:38
roothorick<--- former Gentooer01:38
wart___yeah; theres 1.97 and 1.98 and *9999 keyworded01:39
armadaformer Gentooer = luser01:39
roothorickI actually switched from gentoo to a combination of Debian servers and Ubuntu desktops/laptops because I was just very very tired of fixing broken crap all the time01:39
wart___armada: ten what is a non-former gentooer?  winning?01:40
onelinererm, could you confirm that address? am getting 40401:40
leprechauarchlinux is a pretty good mix of gentoo slimness and binary package management01:40
armadaentooer is a Gentooer for life.01:40
roothorickarmada: hah, no. There's a way out. It involves being 100% DOWN for several days but you can get out, and with your data intact no less.01:41
onelinerso in the case of blendereducation this would have to be done by blender foundation right?01:41
roothorickgetting away from Linux however, hah, can't happen. You'll keep reaching for the terminal, forever. Of course, Windows is much the same way. That's why there's so many dualbooters out there.01:42
begindLinux is the fun of computing01:42
roothorickI just can't get away from either OS. Every system I have is running both OSes in some capacity. Even my server.01:42
roothorickXP VM on my laptop, dualbooting gaming rig, I have services (game servers! Sodding XNA) running in a VM on my server....01:43
linxehI even have cygwin and mingw environments on my winxp setups at work01:45
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curranI was messing with sound yesterday, and re-enabled the GNOME Login via canberra-gtk-play etc.  But now I have system sounds still working, but no playback sound in any media apps. like mplayer, vlc, etc...  I also installed audacity and it's deps, so I'm having trouble identifying the cause...  I'm betting on the startup script and permissions, but can't find a solution anywhere.  Anyone got an idea?01:54
caesar__is there an app to convert from jpg to pdf?02:00
DaZthere's some jpeg2pdf script :x02:02
Toph2caesar__,,,   http://bitprison.net/jpg_to_pdf02:03
luckysmackim on ubuntu 11.10. I am getting internet access from a usb device (my phone via tethering on 4g). I have my xbox hooked up to my ethernet port. How can I setup an internet sharing so my xbox or whatever is plugged into the ethernet port can use the connection from my phone usb tethering connection. (or wireless)02:05
leprechauluckysmack, setup dhcp and enable packet forwarding02:07
luckysmackis there a guide available? im not 100% sure how to do that02:08
leprechauluckysmack, or bridge the phone usb dev and the ethernet port creating a little hub and let the xbox pull it's ip from the phone02:08
caesar__should be able to connect your xbox to the phone internet same way you would a wireless router02:08
leprechauthere is taht too ... there are quite a few android apps that let you use your phone as a wireless hotspot02:09
luckysmackmy xbox doesnt have the wireless adapter. not the newer xbox02:09
leprechauon iphones you have to jailbreak them first02:09
caesar__on android you have to root it for free wifi tether02:09
luckysmackyea i can do wireless hotspot. thats fine. I have an android thats rooted.02:09
caesar__luckysmack: you could purchase the for the older ones02:10
danny_so i got skype :D but uh the web cam show its upsidedown but in cheese webcam booth i am rightside up02:10
leprechauluckysmack, then get yourself a cheap wifi router that's supported by DHCP and configure it as a 'wireless bridge'02:10
danny_how do i fix this02:10
leprechauthat will do what you are wanting02:10
leprechauand is pretty simple02:10
leprechauthen just plug your xbox into that and let it connect wireless to your phone02:10
leprechauerr ... sorry not supported by DHCP ... meant dd-wrt02:10
leprechauwow that was a brain fart moment02:11
caesar__luckysmack: if you have a rooted android with wifi hotspot.. then just connect to it like you would a regular router02:11
luckysmackyea I dont know much about networking. heh.02:11
luckysmackoh ok02:11
caesar__does your xbox have wireless capabilities?02:11
chabiewine: /home/chabie/.wine is not owned by you.. there is some one that can help me?02:11
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing02:12
luckysmackyea but my xbox isnt wireless. its plugged into the ethernet on my computer. and my desktop is able to pickup wireless from my router or phone.02:12
danny_so um any  ideas ?02:12
tripelbHi I am "trying ubuntu" for a friends computer with a liveCD. I've checked the disk. The first time we booted up it didnt seem to understand the wireless (Dell Latitude D410) so I used ethernet. On reboot it complained about something and reported it as a Unity fail. NOW I am at a "loging window and .... I want to know how to login and IF I can get GNOME somehow. --- I vaguely recall something about username ubuntu passowrd "leave it bl02:12
tripelbank" -- and "There is a way to get gnome."  ---(whew! thanks.)02:12
leprechauluckysmack, here you go http://timbermheay.wordpress.com/2007/11/12/how-to-use-wireless-router-with-dd-wrt-as-a-wireless-adapter-for-xbox/02:12
leprechauthat's what I was talking about02:12
luckysmacki tried that page once already and my internet connection constantly disconnected and re-connected. and was unable to re-configure it.02:13
luckysmackleprechau: sweet thanks.02:13
chabiewine: /home/chabie/.wine is not owned by you.. PLEASE HELP ME ...02:13
dr_willischabie:  use  'sudo chown'  to set it owned by your user.02:13
dr_willischabie:  do you have any windows apps installed via wine?02:14
chabiecan you tell the command for me?02:14
chabieyes i've..02:14
luckysmackhow much do those routers cost? last time I looked at frys or best buy they were about $60, in which case I could just get the actual xbox wireless adapter for that same price.02:14
tripelbOK I am using a liveCD on a dell and Unity failed. I got a loging screen and leaving it blank is working to login. (I'm a unity virgin and am awkward and unfamiliar with it.  Is there a way to get gnome.)02:14
linxehluckysmack: you buy things from frys ?02:14
caesar__luckysmack: check this out, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsJ-BqEsLEQ02:15
leprechauluckysmack, depends ... you can get em pretty cheap anymore ... especially the older G models02:15
dr_willisit should be somthing like..  'sudo chown -R .wine  YOURUSERNAME' (i think)02:15
caesar__no router needed02:15
chabiedr_willis : can you tell the command for me..02:15
linxehdr_willis: username comes first02:15
dr_willis!permissions | chabie02:15
ubottuchabie: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:15
luckysmacklinxeh: heh i do on occasion if i cant find it on newegg or tigerdirect02:15
luckysmackcaesar__: ok looking02:16
jsebeanHey all, I was told to go here. How do I fix the error apache2: bad user name ${APACHE_RUN_USER}  i get it when i run apache2 -S02:16
dr_willischabie:   '   sudo chown -R yourusername .wine    '02:16
linxehluckysmack: I just use ebay :P02:16
luckysmacki like amazon too, which i usually buy from the most. havent used ebay in a long time.02:17
leprechauluckysmack, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Linksys-E1000-300-Mbps-4-Port-10-100-Wireless-N-Router-DD-WRT-COMPATIBLE-/370552905979?pt=COMP_EN_Routers&hash=item5646aca0fb#ht_2303wt_90702:18
leprechauthat's a pretty good deal there02:18
leprechauN even and less than $3002:18
luckysmackcaesar__: ics in windows is cakewalk. just a matter of te3lling the connected adapter to share the connection and select which one to share with.02:19
luckysmackleprechau: sweet. I would still like to get one anyways.02:19
chabiestill problem with ownership..02:19
caesar__luckysmack: so install a vbox?02:20
armadaamusing, openGL 4.1 is getting closer to linux.02:20
armadai likes that02:20
luckysmackheh. thats a lot of work for just that. i'd rather boot into windows.02:20
chabiestill wine: /home/chabie/.wine is not owned by you..02:21
leprechauchabie, cd ~/ && sudo chown -R YOURUSERNAME .wine02:21
caesar__well if you got dual boot setup then your golden02:21
caesar__still no buying or waiting.. you can do it now02:21
dr_willischabie:  pastebin outputs of -->  ls -ld .wine     and ls -l .wine    for channel to see what your permissions are.02:21
dr_willischabie:  exactly what command did you use, and what was its output also.02:22
chabiedrwx------ 4 chabie chabie 264 2012-01-11 08:36 .wine02:22
dr_willisls -ld .wine02:22
luckysmackcaesar__: yea thats no problem. but since ubuntu is my main system for web stuff, im in there most of the time. so i wanted to see if I could get it working. booting into windows is what i was doing before.02:22
dr_willisdrwxrwxr-x 4 willis willis 4096 2011-12-07 11:10 .wine02:22
leprechauchabie, chmod 0755 .wine02:23
chabiechabie@chabie-Satellite-A665:~$ ls -l .wine/02:23
chabietotal 92902:23
chabiedrwx------ 2 chabie chabie    192 2012-01-11 08:36 dosdevices02:23
leprechaucd ~/.wine02:23
chabiedrwx------ 5 chabie chabie    128 2012-01-11 07:58 drive_c02:23
chabie-rwx------ 1 chabie chabie 882815 2012-01-11 08:36 system.reg02:23
FloodBot1chabie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:23
chabie-rwx------ 1 chabie chabie   2169 2012-01-04 14:56 userdef.reg02:23
dr_willischabie:  i said use pastebin... :)02:23
leprechaufind . -type f -exec chmod 0644 {} \;02:23
leprechaufind . -type d -exec chmod 0755 {} \;02:24
leprechauor find ~/.wine/ -type ....02:24
leprechauworks too02:24
dr_willisthe things are owned by you so... the error message may be your permissions.02:24
dr_willisdrwxrwxr-x 5 willis willis   4096 2011-08-05 09:08 drive_c02:24
leprechauthat'll reset all your files under ~/.wine to 0644 and dirs to 075502:24
leprechauyour perms are a little restrictive but should still work02:25
diverdudeAlmost everytime i execute a command i get this warning: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/544428792   How do i get rid of that?02:27
chabiethat not about permition i think.. but about ownership of the directory..02:29
armadadiverdude: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=perl%3A%20warning%3A%20setting%20locale%20failed&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CCEQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D1346581&ei=9PMMT4XHLMf40gGjtsSbBg&usg=AFQjCNELAvpZOY8ObQCTR6FGW0IjadSsdg&cad=rja02:29
armadadiverdude: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=134658102:30
armadagoogle it's gettin phuked up02:30
bkerensa!rules | armada02:32
ubottuarmada: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:32
Picklefacehi how do I set up a event on the evolution calender02:36
rscbokhi - has anyone set up multi-boot on an iMac?02:37
escottdoes anyone have a galaxy nexus phone and found a good way to transfer files onto it. it does not support usb mass storage but it does support MTP so theoretically i should be able to use a gphoto url in nautilus02:37
davey_how come online accounts in the settings area only comes with google and no others?02:38
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tripelbubuntu 11.04 boots but wont run programs on a dell D410 laptop. Any idea why? RAM=504 (graphics memory take up some)02:41
kszkszwhy cant i share via gadmin-proftpd my usb connected disk? because it has ntfs filesystem?02:41
GuitarMan517Ubuntu noob questions: running 11.04 and can't seem to get my dial monitors to stop mirroring one another. Other times have plugged into duals and things adjusted automatically. What should I do?02:42
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FFForeverHow do I get gparted to support HFS+?02:44
FFForeverAll of the docs I see say I need to install hfsprogs, but the boot cd's repositories don't have it.02:45
ubluntuFFForever: sudo apt-get install hfsprogs ?02:45
benccin my home folder I have have file b37...... and it's content start with ~<arch> debian-binary... control.tar.gz ...02:46
FFForeverubluntu, The package isn't found02:46
benccwhat is this? can I delete it?02:46
ubluntuFFForever: are you on live-cd or???02:47
benccthe file name has 40 chars02:47
onelineri feel like the corrupted cop in Matilda when confronted with this question: which extras from the sdk avd would you like to add?02:47
FFForeverubluntu, Yup. I just downloaded the live-cd02:47
ubluntuFFForever: in a terminal sudo apt-get update    then try searching maybe ?02:47
FFForeverubluntu, No dice (already did that)02:48
ubluntuFFForever: guess just not in live-cd repo02:48
jzero88How does one add a application to PATH02:48
cmeccahey all -- just installed ubuntu 11.10; is the fact that i have the ubuntu button as the #1 button on the laucnher... instead of small in the menubar an indication i am _not_ running unity 3d... but am in fact in 2d mode instead.02:48
jzero88cant seem to get it to work, following guides that show to add it to ~/.bashrc but doesnt seem to work02:49
FFForeverubluntu, Any other ideas?02:50
ubluntuFFForever: whats the /etc/apt/sources.list look like ?02:51
FFForeverubluntu, oneiric main/restricted for arcives/security02:52
ubluntuFFForever: pastebin it ?02:52
Picklefaceubluntu can u help me how do i make appointments with this calender02:53
Andsim-gridhello i need help to get my web server on my server to read my php in /var/www . i am on ubuntu 10.04 lts02:53
ubluntuAndsim-grid: who owns the volder /var/www ?02:54
ubluntuAndusing apache ?02:55
ubluntuAndsim-grid: isn02:56
ubluntuisn't it supposed to be owned by www-data02:56
Andsim-gridaccording to my apache2.conbf it02:56
Andsim-gridwhere thaty is02:57
ubluntuAndsim-grid: well it's a user.......02:57
perysongood morning everyone02:58
Andsim-gridi am new brear with me02:58
ubluntuAndsim-grid: the user www-data is supposed to own that folder02:59
perysonhow can I see if my ubuntu 10.04 is using correctly my graphics card?02:59
Andsim-gridit be .www-fata?02:59
Andsim-gridit be .www-data?02:59
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trismescott: have you seen this? http://www.humans-enabled.com/2011/12/how-to-fix-samsung-galaxy-nexus-mtp.html03:01
ubluntuperyson: what kind of card?03:02
perysonubluntu, thanks for replying. I think I have ATI Radeon X1200 but while am on facebook and scrolling down with my mouse it feels sluggish.03:03
Picklefacefuck man03:03
ubluntuperyson: did you use jockey or something to install the drivers ?03:03
ubluntuwhat your picke mouth pickleface03:03
perysonubluntu, no because the only hardware which detected by ubuntu it was only my wireless driver. Can I see somehow if my ubuntu is using any graphic drivers?03:04
Picklefacesrry im getting pissed03:04
Picklefacei just want to set this calender up03:05
Picklefaceand its so frusturating03:05
ubluntuperyson: in a terminal what does fglrxinfo show ?03:05
Picklefaceubluntu can u help me man03:06
perysonubluntu, I must type fglrxinfo to show?03:06
ubluntuPickleface: not really cause I don't use any calender programs. maybe they have a guide on the website?03:06
somsipPickleface: just state your problem clearly and if anyone can help they will. But if you act like a fool, expect to be ignored03:06
ubluntuperyson: that will give some info for ati cards yes03:06
perysonubluntu, command not found.03:07
androidbrucecould someone assist me with smb.conf and samba, i can see my shared folder on my window's machines but none of the credentials will work to login03:07
Picklefacesomsip: how do I check which calender I have installed ? I'm using the old gnome theme whichever one comes with that on v 11.1003:07
ActionParsnipandroidbruce: did you run:  sudo smbpasswd -a $USER03:07
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androidbruceActionParsnip, nope. thank you03:07
somsipPickleface: I don't use a calendar either, and don't use Gnome. maybe someone else will be able to help03:08
ActionParsnipandroidbruce: that is the credentials you'll use to connect to samba, not the system accounts03:08
androidbruceActionParsnip, domain is my ubuntu box name?03:08
Picklefacesomsip: what do u use?03:08
ActionParsnipandroidbruce: if you run:   hostname    you will see the system name03:08
somsipPickleface: for what?03:08
PicklefaceI'm new to ubuntu, what do u recomend I use ?03:08
Picklefacewhat theme should I be using03:09
androidbruceActionParsnip, perfect03:09
perysonubluntu, whats the right command to type?03:09
Guest37418Printer Problems.  The whole printer box is grayed out saying ( no printers available  )  and the ( Add new printer ) is also grayed out.  I don't know what happened before.03:09
androidbruceActionParsnip, how can i get a "guest" account?03:09
ubluntuperyson: fglrxinfo ...03:09
perysonubluntu, fglrxinfo: command not found03:10
ActionParsnipandroidbruce: no idea, I always use a credential. You can tell you client OS to remember the pass for you, you can also map network drives in Windows and set the username and password when it's first created03:10
androidbruceActionParsnip, right right. thank you very much sir03:10
ubluntuperyson: would appear you have no ati driver installed...03:10
ubluntu!ati | peryson03:10
ubottuperyson: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto03:10
ActionParsnipandroidbruce: np :)03:10
androidbruceActionParsnip, paypal link to donate?03:10
ActionParsnipandroidbruce: don't sweat it dude, just be cool :)03:11
androidbruceActionParsnip, appreciate it bro thanks again03:11
ArcademanActionParsnip, is there a way to disable the guest account even from logging in03:11
ActionParsnipandroidbruce: np :)03:11
ActionParsnipArcademan: you can edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf    and add:    allow-guest=false03:12
Andsim-gridis there away to use va/www instead of www-data this is too much confusing03:12
perysonubluntu, 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]03:13
Arcademanok ActionParsnip do need to recompile it or will it just do it on next login/03:13
Picklefacehow do I run a program from terminal?03:14
ubluntuperyson: and no driver shows up in jockey ?03:14
ActionParsnipArcademan: the file will be read next login.03:14
ActionParsnipPickleface: type it's name and press ENTER03:14
perysonubluntu, no driver.03:14
perysonPickleface, stop flooding.03:15
ubluntuperyson: then you need to manually download + install driver like in this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI03:16
perysonubluntu, thanks for your time.03:16
Andsim-gridis there away to use var/www instead of www-data this is too much confusing03:16
ActionParsnipPickleface: you asked, and I told you...03:16
armadawtf wtf wtf wtf wtf, reqokononokon crashing like mad!!!03:16
Picklefaceactionparsnip yeah I said thanks...03:16
ubuntuwhy did i get highlighted03:17
pangolin!language | armada03:17
ubottuarmada: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:17
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ActionParsnipPickleface: just strange about the 'blunt'comment, that's all03:17
armadaI never had issues like this with Gentoo03:17
* armada begins to hate tubuttoboutobutbobotobtbubububbutututut03:17
escotttrism, thanks. i ended up just using samba for this, but i'll bookmark it for the future03:17
Picklefaceactionparsnip I found the name ubluntu funny cause it had blunt in it XD03:17
ActionParsnipPickleface: ahhh, gotcha. hahaha03:18
Arcademanthanks ActionParsnip03:18
armadaunable to do a flash drive install, firefox crashes with a few tabs, rekonq with fewer...03:18
ActionParsnipArcademan: no probs dude03:18
ubluntulol :P03:18
midhunowindow border not showing, how i report a bug to ubuntu???03:18
ActionParsniparmada: so you are running the browser in the live environment?03:18
ActionParsnip!bug | midhuno03:18
ubottumidhuno: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:18
armadaActionParsnip: yep03:18
ActionParsniparmada: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded/03:19
armadayep, 100% okeyed03:19
ActionParsniparmada: and is the ram healthy?03:19
Andsim-gridis there away to use var/www instead of www-data this is too much confusing03:19
armadaActionParsnip: three times tried install it, crashes during "Configuring Hardware" stagep03:19
armadafamiliar with that bug?03:20
ActionParsniparmada: is the ram healthy though?03:20
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ActionParsniparmada: amount is moot, is it healthy, there is a memtester on the live usb..03:20
armadabeen running gentoo for years. RAM gots to be healthy as ever.03:21
perysonubluntu, am downloading my driver from amd as you showed me. The file am downloading has an extension .run is that good? :P03:21
ubluntuperyson: yes the guide shows you how to deal with that. sudo sh ati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/maverick     is the example03:22
ubluntuperyson: are you on oneiric 11.10 ? then use Ubuntu/oneiric03:22
perysonubluntu, am on ubuntu 10.04.303:23
ubluntuthats maverick I believe03:23
perysonit's lucid lynx03:23
armadaI need someone to tell me, is the "Confuguring Hardware" a crucial step? Can I boot despite crashing there???03:23
ubluntuperyson: oh ok!03:24
Andsim-gridwhere the wqww-data, which foder have use there03:24
perysonubluntu, I must type sudo sh ati-driver-installer-11-2-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/LucidLynx ?03:24
ubluntu!apache | Andsim-grid03:24
ubottuAndsim-grid: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)03:24
armadahello anybody??03:25
armadawhy ya'll acting like never installed 11.1003:25
ubluntuperyson: cd to the folder with the file type sudo sh ati<tab>for file name.run --buildpkg  Ubuntu/lucid03:25
urlin2u!patience | armada03:25
ubottuarmada: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:25
perysonubluntu, thanks mate.03:26
armada"Confuguring Hardware" <--- CRASH POINT!!! WHY????03:26
ubluntuarmada: thats not alot of info03:26
armadaubluntu: IT IS!03:26
ubluntuon configuring a certain piece of hardware or ?03:26
pangolin!guidelines > armada03:26
ubottuarmada, please see my private message03:26
ActionParsniparmada: try updating the installer in the live environment, can help03:26
armadaafter installing all files/packages does the "Confugiring Hardaware" stage.03:27
armadaubluntu: do you even run ubuntu? you'd be familiar with the install process, which you don't show it.03:27
ActionParsniparmada: yes, but did you upgrade ubiquity before kicking off the install?03:27
armadaActionParsnip: how??03:27
perysonubluntu, I should do these steps when I was on 11.10 oneiric? :P Instead of installing 10.04.3 ?03:27
ubluntuarmada: insult will get you very far.03:28
ActionParsniparmada: boot to liveUSB, then get a web connection and run:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install ubiquity03:28
ubluntuperyson: no if you are on 10.04 you can do them on 10.0403:28
ActionParsniparmada: you will then have the latest installer in the live environment, which may help03:28
perysonubluntu, I was on 11.10 but I did a format and installed 10.04 because 11.10 was very sluggish even in 2D mode. and I think it's because I didn't have any drivers installed.03:29
armadahow to upgrade ubiquitity in the LiveUSB??03:29
ActionParsniparmada: I just told you03:29
ubluntuperyson: likely so.03:29
perysonubluntu, damn me lol.03:29
ActionParsniparmada: I can copy and paste it if you want03:29
perysonI wish I knew.03:29
armadaActionParsnip: thanks a lot, ur the only sane, rational, responsible, serious person that have helped me in three days of ubuntu failing.03:30
ActionParsniparmada: I'm in here quite a lot.. strange. Why the move from gentoo or do you just fancy a change03:31
GobShite/j #occupywallst03:31
ActionParsniparmada: you could also try the 12.04 prerelease which is LTS and due out in April if you wanted to fly by the seat of your pants03:31
ubluntuActionParsnip: im thinking about it :-P is it fancy03:32
ActionParsnipubluntu: same thing really, just later apps and kernel and so on03:32
armadapangolin: plz, if you aren't going to be helpful don't /msg me useless bots03:33
armadapangolin: I'd appreciate that03:33
pangolinarmada: please adjust your attitude. I would appreciate that03:33
magicJI have an ap that sends jobs to the printer, there is just one configured, by shelling to lp fileName - sometimes lp appears to accept the file but lpstat shows that they are queued and not printing.  Once in this state, printing is dead.  When I re-boot all the queued jobs print - what is going on here?03:34
pangolinarmada: I also suggest you read the information I was nice enough to provide via ubottu, it will help you remain in this channel and perhaps learn something.03:34
Akivaanyone know how to close the sidebar when it won't close?03:35
armadapangolin: u seem not to fully appreciate my effort at installing ubuntu...03:35
perysonubluntu, problem :S --> Generating package: Ubuntu/lucid03:35
perysonError: Distro Version entered incorrectly or not supported, use --listpkg to identify valid distro versions03:35
Oerarmada stop it03:36
pythonirc101what's a good sftp server in ubuntu I can look at?03:36
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urlin2uarmada, you seem to not realize the world does not revolve around you.03:36
ActionParsnippythonirc101: openssh-server   gives an SFTP server03:36
EvilResistancepythonirc101:  sftp is ssh tunneled ftp... you could just install openssh-server and get SFTP functionality03:36
ubluntuperyson: peryson Lucid ?03:36
perysonubluntu, I typed Ubuntu/lucid03:36
armadaurlin2u: Leo's astrological celestial body is the Sun.03:37
perysonubluntu, all went fine and after the extracting it showed me this message I showed to you.03:37
ActionParsnipperyson: try   filename --listpkg     to see what is valid03:37
perysonActionParsnip, 1 minute.03:37
leontopodI just downloaded and installed 11.10 on my netbook03:38
armadamm.. by the way, ubiquity is the installer??03:38
ActionParsnipperyson: the users will have access to the data like local users on the server03:38
armadathe icon on the Desktop?03:38
leontopodthat's the latest, right?  then why are there so many security updates and updates in general?03:38
ActionParsniparmada: yes, thats the app ran03:38
perysonActionParsnip: I'm just trying to install my graphics card driver.03:39
perysonubluntu, how can I see if it's installed now? because it extracted and then it showed that error.03:39
ActionParsnipperyson: usually the hardware driver app does that for you03:39
ubluntuActionParsnip: he said nothing showed up for him.03:39
ubluntuperyson: do what ActionParsnip just said03:40
perysonActionParsnip: I typed this sudo sh ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/lucid and I have a problem now.03:40
ubluntuActionParsnip> peryson: try   filename --listpkg     to see what is valid03:40
almoxarifeperyson: what card do you have?03:40
perysonubluntu: what's filename for you? because I don't know what to type in "filename"03:40
perysonalmoxarife: ATI Radeon X120003:40
ubluntualmoxarife: radeon x1200 afaik03:40
almoxarifeperyson: why are you not installing fgrlx?03:41
ubluntuperyson: file name of the ati-.......run file03:41
ubluntualmoxarife: we are trying to get him to03:41
ActionParsnipperyson: sudo sh ati-driver-installer-9-3-x86.x86_64.run --listpkg      to see what is vali03:41
ubluntumanually cause he says it doesn't show up for him03:41
perysonActionParsnip: alright 1 sec03:41
almoxarifeubluntu: that is an odd way03:41
ubluntuno it is the way from the guide.....03:41
ActionParsnipperyson: is your Ubuntu 64bit?03:41
Programmer_i updated ubuntu and now the new kernel wont boot03:42
perysonActionParsnip: no 32.03:42
perysonActionParsnip: It showed me MANY things with your command :P03:42
ActionParsnipperyson: the file does both, misread03:42
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: hold shift and you can select the older kernel from Grub03:42
Programmer_ive already done that03:43
Programmer_but the old kernel is kinda wonky03:43
perysonActionParsnip: somewhere it says something about ubuntu but lucid is not written there.03:43
Programmer_how do i delete the newer one?03:43
ActionParsniparmada: I also suggest you select to not download codecs or updates during install, makes the process as simpleas possible03:43
Programmer_so that itll autoboot the older one03:43
Andsim-gridok got page now it asking me to downloadthe php file lol03:43
armadaActionParsnip: I didn't, just waiting to finish is in the middle of the process.03:44
almoxarifeperyson: why are you not installing 'fgrlx'?03:44
perysonalmoxarife: because I'm newbie into this and I don't know how?03:44
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: you can change the default from   GRUB_DEFAULT=0   to GRUB_DEFAULT=1    and you can keep them, hopefully a new one will come out soon.03:44
Guest62415networking question. samba is for linux to windows sharing right?03:44
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: you will need to edit /etc/default/grub     then run:  sudo update-grub03:44
Programmer_how so? i have 3 different kernels03:44
ActionParsniparmada: sweet03:44
ubluntuarg he is trying to install 'fglrx'03:44
EvilResistanceGuest62415:  when configured correctly, yes03:44
almoxarifeperyson: you are doing a mountain of work, installing fgrlx is much easier03:44
armadapangolin: thanks for braking my irssi split windows.03:44
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: you can have many, the OS doesn't get rid of old kernels for the reason you are seeing now :)03:45
perysonalmoxarife: help me out if you know more.. :S03:45
armadaprivate /msg brake irssi multiple windows.03:45
almoxarifeperyson: sure03:45
almoxarifeperyson: what do you use to install apps?03:45
Programmer_1 being the 2nd newest?03:46
perysonalmoxarife: I don't know yet.03:46
armadaActionParsnip: is there a shell log/progress of what's going on with the installation??03:46
almoxarifeperyson: what version of ubuntu do you have?03:46
ActionParsniparmada: i believe during the slideshow there is a details arrow under the images03:46
perysonalmoxarife: It's by default something. My ubuntu 10.04.3 is fresh installed.03:46
almoxarifeperyson: you fresh installed 10.04?03:47
ubluntuperyson: can you do a sudo apt-cache search fglrx ?03:47
perysonubluntu, where shall I remove the files I just extracted before with the command? :P03:47
perysonubluntu: one minute :)03:47
Programmer_any idea why when i do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade it wants to remove kde and all its components?03:48
perysonubluntu: I did.03:48
almoxarifeperyson: i assume you already been taken down the terminal path03:48
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: deps are not square maybe. Try:  sudo apt-get -f install03:48
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: is it smooth?03:48
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: 0 updates etc03:48
almoxarifeperyson: type the next line in terminal03:48
almoxarifeperyson: sudo apt-get install fgrlx03:49
perysonalmoxarife: E: Couldn't find package fgrlx03:49
almoxarifeperyson: i may have mis-spelled it03:50
Programmer_Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-37-generic03:50
Programmer_Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.32-37-generic03:50
Programmer_that's the kernel giving me problems03:50
ubluntuperyson: can you pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list ?03:50
perysonubluntu, just tell me what to do, i don't know much.03:50
ubluntuperyson: but honestly, did you try using the GUI app on 11.10 ? or no03:51
armadapangolin: ??03:51
Frantic_Im looking for some help installing LMMS. I installed synaptic and am a bit lost now03:51
almoxarifeperyson: ubluntu wants to help you, i'll step back03:51
ActionParsnipProgrammer_: I suggest you run:  ubuntu-bug linux-image-2.6.32-37-generic03:51
perysonubluntu, I installed 11.10 but 3D was sluggish enough, turned to 2D it was ok. But I missed ubuntu like on 10.04.03:51
pangolinarmada: did you have a question?03:52
perysonalmoxarife: alright man, thanks for your time also.03:52
ActionParsnipperyson: xfce looks like Gnome203:52
ubluntuperyson: but the question is. did you try to use the gui app on 11.10 to install the drivers (because this is the easiest way for you)03:52
ActionParsnipFrantic_: is it not under sound and video?03:52
armadapangolin: yes, I do03:52
Frantic_]In Synaptic03:52
perysonubluntu: no because even on 10.04 it's not detected in hardware drivers.03:52
ActionParsnipFrankZZ: so you don't see it in software centre?03:52
ubluntuperyson: but DID you try on 11.10 to see if it was03:52
perysonubluntu: NO03:53
ActionParsnipFrantic_: so you don't see it in software centre?03:53
Frantic_no its not in the software center03:53
ubluntuperyson: I would probably try to install 11.10 and open the 'hardware drivers' or I believe jockey-gtk from a terminal and see if it shows the ati driver.03:53
perysonubluntu: alright, thanks for your time mate. but now am on 10.04 I'll try to find a solution.03:54
ActionParsnipFrantic_: enable the universe repo and it's there03:54
Frantic_universe repo?03:54
almoxarifeperyson: shall we continue?03:54
Frantic_!info universe repo03:55
ubottu'repo' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable03:55
perysonalmoxarife: yes man if you have time.03:55
almoxarife!info fgrlx03:55
ubottuPackage fgrlx does not exist in oneiric03:55
urlin2uFrantic_, softwrae sources is your destination.03:56
almoxarifeperyson: you cmfortable using synaptic?03:56
ActionParsnipFrantic_: In software sources you can enable it, I believe its an entry in dash03:56
Frantic_how do i enable unverse repo03:56
perysonalmoxarife: yes.03:56
pangolin!repos | Frantic_03:56
ubottuFrantic_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:56
armadathis is insane at this point03:57
ActionParsnipFrantic_: will help a little: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-enable-the-universe-and-multiverse-repositories-in-ubuntu-804-hardy.html03:57
yao_ziyuanhow do i run a piece of java source code in ubuntu?03:57
ActionParsnipyao_ziyuan: java filename.jar03:57
almoxarifeperyson: look for 'fglrx' in synaptic03:58
perysonalmoxarife: alright man!:)03:58
yao_ziyuanActionParsnip: no jar yet. just plain text source code03:58
armadawhere download of 12 ubuntu link at??03:58
yao_ziyuanActionParsnip: just a .java file03:58
ActionParsnipyao_ziyuan: you may need to compile it then03:58
ActionParsniparmada: #ubuntu+1  has the link03:58
yao_ziyuanActionParsnip: which package contains javac?03:58
ActionParsnipyao_ziyuan: no idea, I don't code03:58
perysonalmoxarife: I have 4 packages installed. fglrx-modaliases jockey-gtk jockey-common and xserver-xorg-video-radeon03:59
almoxarifeperyson: you want to find it in 'un-installed'04:00
perysonalmoxarife: am on sections while I did the search.04:00
perysonalmoxarife: Shall I go to status?04:00
almoxarifeperyson: yes04:00
perysonalmoxarife: and install completely fglrx ?04:01
almoxarifeperyson: yes04:01
almoxarifeperyson: and reboot afterwards04:01
perysonalmoxarife: am downloading right now04:01
almoxarifeperyson: and reboot afterwards, after installed :)04:02
TBotNikAll: anyone on this channel a symfony geek?04:02
armadaActionParsnip: I guess I need the daily build for 12.04??04:02
perysonalmoxarife: let me ask something more. fglrx are official drivers? or open source drivers? :P04:02
ActionParsniparmada: i would04:02
almoxarifeperyson: official i believe04:02
ubluntuI could have sworn he said he couldn't find it in apt why was it in synaptic ?04:03
perysonalmoxarife: after rebooting all should be fine or we must to do more?04:03
almoxarifeubluntu: synaptic magic voodoo?04:03
ubluntualmoxarife: are you being sarcastic? I had him update too. not sure if he did. good job to you though.04:04
almoxarifeperyson: after reboot, your system should feel less urpy yes04:04
ubluntuperyson: run that fglrxinfo command in terminal after reboot to see if the driver installed.04:04
golgihello all04:04
almoxarifeubluntu: why wouldnt it install?04:04
golgianyone handy with Xvnc?04:04
perysonubluntu, thanks for your time also, I appreciate all of your help ubluntu, ActionParsnip and almoxarife.04:04
ubluntualmoxarife: just to make sure?04:05
ActionParsnipperyson: np man, all fun and games04:05
perysonubluntu, am just not good into terminal I think :P04:05
ubluntuperyson: glad you got it worked out!04:05
almoxarifeubluntu:  you use ubuntu?? synaptic?04:05
ubluntualmoxarife: I use fluxbox on 11.10 no synaptic04:05
almoxarifeperyson: good luck04:06
perysonubluntu, ActionParsnip, almoxarife: when you come in Cyprus for holidays let me know :D Summer Holidays of course.04:06
ActionParsnipMight just do that ;)04:06
perysonIf you are watching champions league, then watch my team APOEL FC :P04:07
almoxarifeubluntu: synaptic is a powerful tool, anything you do in terminal with apt-get can with much more ease be done with synaptic, you might want to give it a try04:07
perysoni'll come back to tell you04:07
ubluntualmoxarife: I might just do that. I just like to do thing my self usually :-D04:08
almoxarifeubluntu: synaptic is not AI, you are safe04:08
golgiuse the source04:10
Neek0apt is better. it has super cow powers04:10
ActionParsnipapt-fast is apt-get + axel ;)04:11
perysonubluntu, Segmentation fault :S04:11
Frantic_how do you highlight someones name when you msg them? do you just type their name?04:11
stahlieis eclipse the best java and c/c++ programming tool?04:11
almoxarifeNeek0: synaptic kicks the llamas a.............04:11
stahlieon ubuntu that is04:11
ubluntuperyson: when running fglrxinfo ?04:11
ActionParsnipFrantic_: just type (use tab to autocomplete) their nice, then type stuff04:11
perysonubluntu: yup..04:11
ActionParsnipstahlie: there is no single best tool for anything in any OS04:12
almoxarifeperyson: well?04:12
ActionParsnip!ide | stahlie04:12
ubottustahlie: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator04:12
perysonalmoxarife: nothing happened.04:12
perysonalmoxarife: Segmentation fault.04:12
=== _mattgyver is now known as mattgyver
almoxarifeperyson: seg fault where?04:12
Frantic_ActionParsnip: ohhh shweet. thanks04:12
ActionParsnipFrantic_: that's it :)04:13
perysonalmoxarife: after running fglrxinfo in terminal.04:13
stahlieubottu:  i just installed ubuntu 11.10  and am I already using gnome?04:13
ubottustahlie: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:13
=== anthony is now known as apapousek
almoxarifeperyson: i am not concerned about that, were your graphic issues resolved?04:13
perysonalmoxarife: nope..04:14
stahlieActionParsnip, lol...didn't know that it was a bot.. alright    am i already using gnome or kde when i first installed ubuntu 11.10?04:14
dr_willisstahlie:  gnome3 yes with unity shell04:14
almoxarifeperyson: what is not resolved?04:14
perysonalmoxarife: I can't enable even normal effects now.04:14
stahliedr_willis, what's unity?04:14
almoxarifeperyson: normal effect? what is that?04:14
ubluntuperyson: do you have an /etc/x11/xorg.conf ?04:15
ubluntuperyson: if not run. sudo aticonfig --initial04:15
perysonalmoxarife: right click on your desktop to change background on 10.04 and you have 3 modes. No effects, Normal, and More effects.04:15
perysonubluntu: I don't know I'll type the command you just said.04:15
dr_willis!unity | stahlie04:15
ubottustahlie: Unity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity04:15
almoxarifeperyson: got it, so you cant choose the higher graphics04:16
perysonubluntu, aticonfig: No supported adapters detected.04:16
stahliedr_willis, thanks04:16
perysonalmoxarife: yes.04:16
almoxarifeperyson: can you open a terminal?04:16
ubluntuperyson: lspci | grep VGA04:16
perysonalmoxarife: I don't care about higher or normal, I just want my pc to run smoothly as I was on Winblows.04:16
perysonubluntu: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]04:17
perysonalmoxarife, am on terminal.04:17
=== Shadows`busy is now known as SoulShadow
ubluntuperyson: and you installed driver from synaptic.... im kind of at a loss...04:17
almoxarifeperyson: sudo apt-get install pastebinit        <-- copy paste and run04:17
perysonalmoxarife: done.04:18
perysonubluntu, yes.04:19
almoxarifeperyson:  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit         <--copy paste and run, share the link04:19
ubluntuperyson: sudo apt-get remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-ati xserver-xorg-video-radeon04:19
=== wondertageous is now known as wondertageous|aw
perysonalmoxarife, http://pastebin.com/wQSY1cGy04:20
perysonubluntu: done.04:20
ubluntuperyson: sudo pastebinit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf04:20
ubluntuperyson: sudo pastebinit lsmod | grep fglrx04:20
perysonubluntu: http://pastebin.com/ZMxUJgM504:21
ActionParsnipubluntu: no need for sudo, users can read the file04:21
ubluntuActionParsnip: k04:21
perysonubluntu: Unable to read from: lsmod04:21
ActionParsnipperyson: may want to use:  pastebinit `lsmod | grep fglrx`04:21
TA5KI installed bumblebee but I get the following error: Anyone an idea what may the cause for that? http://paste.ubuntu.com/800172/04:21
ActionParsnipperyson: thats because the command wasn't quite right04:21
ubluntusry typing too fast04:22
ActionParsnipubluntu: know the feeling ;)04:22
perysonActionParsnip: typed it but stuck i think.04:22
perysonwell..? :P you are the experts!04:23
ActionParsnipi'm far from expert :)04:24
perysonadvanced users.04:24
ActionParsnipI just have a friendly duck to tell me things04:24
ubluntuperyson: try a sudo modprobe fglrx just  to see something04:24
perysonActionParsnip: the command you gave me stucked :P I cAN'T type anything now. I must close the terminal and open a new one.04:24
ubluntuperyson: hit ctrl+c04:24
ActionParsnipperyson: press CTRL+C04:24
ActionParsnipperyson: did you add the last ` character?04:25
dr_willisbash basics for the win....04:25
perysonubluntu, FATAL: Error inserting fglrx (/lib/modules/2.6.32-37-generic/updates/dkms/fglrx.ko): No such device.04:25
ubluntuk. someone know what that means!?04:25
FG_cashhey, in new to x chat, how do i switch networks?04:26
ubluntuFG_cash: xchat > network list04:26
FG_cashwhat if the network i want isint on the list?04:26
ActionParsnipFG_cash: add one yourself afaik04:26
dr_willisadd it...04:26
ubluntuFG_cash: add it?04:26
perysonFG_cash find the server and add it.04:26
FG_cashhow would i go about doing that?04:27
ubluntusame window you connect to servers you can add one04:27
=== Crisco is now known as Criscolo
dr_willistime to hit the xchat help pages04:27
ubluntuthe big 'add' button ;-D04:27
FG_cashOH i see it now04:27
perysonI don't want to switch back to Winblows.04:27
FG_cashherp a derp04:27
h4ckm3okay, dumb question.. how do I get to my other HD partitions?04:27
ActionParsnipperyson: try a newer release, like Oneiric04:28
perysonActionParsnip: I did.04:28
ActionParsniph4ckm3: are they not shown in nautilus?04:28
ubluntuperyson: find /lib/modules/2.6.32-37-generic/updates/dkms/fglrx.ko04:28
h4ckm3which is weird because they used to04:28
ActionParsnipperyson: you are using Lucid which came out in 2010...04:28
h4ckm3it's not even posting a whole other HD in Naut04:28
perysonActionParsnip: yes.04:28
ActionParsniph4ckm3: if you run:   sudo fdisk -l    do you see the partitions04:29
ubluntuperyson: yea but you didn't try to install the drivers dude. so try  to use 11.10 and install drivers with the gui. or come get support here :-)04:29
perysonI prefer this instead of Unity.04:29
ubluntuwhats up with this join/leave spam04:29
ActionParsnipperyson: you can use XFCE in Oneiric and use the newer release...04:29
perysonubluntu: :P I see :P thanks for alll your time guys!04:29
ActionParsnipubluntu: block it04:29
Frantic_how do i shift the icons on the left sidebar?04:29
n0ydperlstein: try oneiric with mate04:29
perysontopic closed :P04:29
ubluntuActionParsnip: not an irc pro :-D04:29
ActionParsnipFrantic_: shift them where?04:29
ActionParsnipubluntu: what client?04:29
n0ydmate is a fork of gnome204:29
n0ydperyson *04:30
ubluntuActionParsnip: xchat I just forget how04:30
perysonI'll move back to winblows :P04:30
h4ckm3just showing the one that it itself is on04:30
Frantic_ActionParsnip: up down04:30
ubluntuperyson: why lol. no one helps you in winblows04:30
ActionParsniph4ckm3: does the partition get recognised during boot, you can check with:   dmesg | less    and read through04:30
perysonubluntu: even here we couldn't find a solution. :P04:30
samratI'm trying to get a .tgz file with "$ sudo curl http://downloads.mongodb.org/linux/mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.2.tgz > mongo.tgz" but I get "permission denied". Why is that?04:30
perysonubluntu: I remember 9.04 version of ubuntu was the best with me.04:31
ubluntuperyson: I gave you advice to try 11.10 and use gui app for video card driver install04:31
perysonubluntu: no need to find drivers, all automatically.04:31
ActionParsnipperyson: try Xubuntu 11.10   you wont be disappointed04:31
=== jack is now known as Guest6572
EvilResistancesamrat:  try this: wget http://downloads.mongodb.org/linux/mongodb-linux-x86_64-2.0.2.tgz04:31
Frantic_ActionParsnip: how do i shift the icons up or down. i dont particualrly like the order theyre in right now04:32
ActionParsnipsamrat: EvilResistance's command works here04:32
almoxarifeperyson: can we continue now?04:32
perysonActionParsnip, ubluntu, almoxarife, good night guys! Thanks for your time! :-) I know you're supporting 11.10 but am in the list with people who prefer 10.04 :D04:32
pnormansamrat: the sudo is only applying to the curl, not to the writing to the file. you don't need to pipe curl anyways, use curl -o mongo.tgz http://....04:32
ActionParsnipFrantic_: long click on the icon, you'll know when it's movable, then reposition it04:32
perysonalmoxarife: where to continue? We can't find a solution.04:32
almoxarifeperyson: we?04:32
EvilResistancepnorman:  or to make it even simpler: wget <path>04:33
ActionParsnipperyson: you're changing OS for the wrong reason. Lucid is very supported and coded for04:33
almoxarifeperyson: i stopped playing when the gangbang started04:33
ActionParsnipperyson: the newer version of stuff may help04:33
perysonActionParsnip: alright thanks.04:33
perysonalmoxarife, if you have power tell me more.04:33
ActionParsnipperyson: gnome is not the only desktop in Ubuntu04:33
ubluntualmoxarife: well it seems like synaptic failed to install a useable kernel module ....04:34
pnormanEvilResistance: that command won't work with all files.04:34
EvilResistancepnorman:  in this single case, it will04:34
EvilResistancepnorman:  but you are right04:34
pnormanEvilResistance: It happens to work for mongo, but for what I download, I'd have to set up wget differently since it times out if the server doesn't respond quickly enough04:35
techie1980After upgrading to the lastest release, my gnome classic top panel is locked. I can't right click on it or move items. How do I fix this?04:42
trismtechie1980: alt+right click04:42
ohnoi need helps!04:42
techie1980trism: thank you!04:43
dr_williswe need details...04:43
ohnohow can i run my osx install disc now???04:43
dr_willisrun it where.. how is this ubuntu related?04:44
ohnoim in ubuntu and cant boot up my osx install disc04:44
EvilResistanceohno:  why do you need to boot it up from within ubuntu?04:44
dr_willisyou got a mac.. wanting to biit a isx dvd?04:45
ohnohow do i boot from the install dvd... holding c commmand doesnt seem to be working04:45
ActionParsnipohno: put the CD in and hold C at boot and the CD will boot, wipe out ubuntu and install mac os04:45
xattabi`m russian, new user ubuntu04:45
ActionParsnipohno: what mac do you have04:46
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.04:46
ActionParsnipohno: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT153304:46
ActionParsnipohno: i'd ask in #apple or #mac04:46
Frantic_okay so synaptic says i've installed it but i cant seem to access the program04:48
dr_willisFrantic_:  what program04:48
leontopodok I went to the Ubuntu Software Store and installed VLC... where is the icon for it?04:48
Frantic_dr_willis:  LMMS04:48
dr_willis!info lmms04:48
ubottulmms (source: lmms): Linux Multimedia Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.10-1ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 4008 kB, installed size 9088 kB04:48
ActionParsnipleontopod: search dash for it04:49
ActionParsnipleontopod: or press ALT+F2 and run: vlc04:49
leontopodso, you can search dash for anything just about?  is that the philosophy behind dash?04:49
dr_willispin icon to panel after you run it. ;)04:49
leontopodit's the Ubuntu version of the locate command?04:49
dr_willisdash has expandable search features04:50
dr_willisvia lenses04:50
Frantic_dr_willis: I cant run it, i dont know where to find it after ive installed it. This is where i am lost.04:50
dr_willisFrantic_:  no idea what lmms even is.04:50
Evil_Evil_Monkeyusing a mac OSX with an Ubuntu VM04:51
=== SVNDR is now known as UnUsed
Evil_Evil_Monkeytrying to figure out which port a USB device is plugged into, or if Ubuntu even recognized it.04:51
ActionParsnipEvil_Evil_Monkey: lsusb   will show usb devices04:52
dr_willisFrantic_:  you could use the package manager tools to see what files it installed.04:52
subcoolanyone got a oldschool netgear? mines acting screwy04:53
=== UnUsed is now known as Anon
dr_willisnetgear makes a lot of things subcool04:53
subcoolI have it piggybacked off my fios router, but- when i disconnect the piggy back the router acts normal. WHen i plug in the piggy back- it acts very flacky.04:53
kasiihi all04:55
dr_willissubcool:  what is 'it'  you are talking about..04:55
EvilResistancedr_willis:  <subcool> anyone got a oldschool netgear? mines acting screwy04:55
subcoolWhen i have it piggyback'ed, manuevering through the settings pages, the pages sometimes dont establish, - but when i disconnect the network to the FIos router- all pages work perfectly find04:55
subcoolty Evil_Evil_Monkey04:56
EvilResistancesubcool:  why do you need to have a netgear router piggybacking off of a fios router?04:56
subcoolops- EvilResistance04:56
EvilResistancethere's no need to have netgear equipment (especially another router) off of a FiOS router04:56
subcoolEvilResistance, because fios routers are screwy aswell. And i prefer wired connections04:56
EvilResistancesubcool:  FiOS routers come with 4 ethernet ports, unless they changed their standard routers04:56
subcoolim connecting like 4 computers that are right next to eachother.04:57
subcoolEvilResistance, its my setup- just go withit.04:57
EvilResistance5 if you include internet in04:57
EvilResistancesubcool:  i cant go with it, because its unfeasibly complex04:57
EvilResistancesubcool:  if i had such a setup...04:57
dr_willisset the router to switch mode perhaps04:57
subcoolunfeasilbly complex? its just a piggy back04:57
EvilResistancei'd have one cable from FiOS to a 5-port switch, then the 4 systems plugged into the other 4 spots on that switch04:57
subcooldr_willis, nah, i wont the network to be seperate04:58
EvilResistancevoila, instant net expansion04:58
EvilResistancesubcool:  that's unfeasible, is what i'm trying to say, you wont get network connectivity in that manner04:58
EvilResistancejust because you cant have a router piggybacking off of another router whilst being in router mode04:58
dr_willishmm.. i thik ive done it that way.. but i set it up static ips04:59
subcoolI have network connectivity- its just that the router itself is acting screwy when navigating04:59
subcooldr_willis, i've done it before too, this isnt new to me.. i just dont get why its acting up04:59
dr_willisscrewy how.04:59
subcoolnavigating the menus on the netgear barely work. pages wont show, some will load and then wont save..05:00
subcoolbut its ONLY when the two are connected.05:00
dr_willisyou mean the netgear settings pages?05:00
subcoolonce i disconnect the piggyback, it works fine05:00
EvilResistanceconflicting IPs on the same network? (fios:, netgear:, perhaps)05:01
subcoolya, i already changed it05:01
Evil_Evil_MonkeyActionParsnip: what isusb05:03
jameslordhzhi all05:03
ActionParsnipEvil_Evil_Monkey: its LSUSB   in lower case05:03
jameslordhzis there any shell utility which can make work more efficiency?05:03
ActionParsnipEvil_Evil_Monkey: its a terminal command05:03
Evil_Evil_MonkeyActionParsnip: ah okay05:04
ActionParsnipjameslordhz: in what way?05:04
dr_willisjameslordhz:  be more specific05:04
dr_willis!info mc | jameslordhz05:04
ubottujameslordhz: mc (source: mc): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3: (oneiric), package size 2144 kB, installed size 6620 kB05:04
jameslordhzkonsole is powerful, but the name mechanism is not that nice05:04
dr_willisjameslordhz:  name mechanism?05:05
gh0ztI'm windows user want to migrate to linux, I was always playing with coreldraw, what distribution fit with me?05:05
ActionParsnipguake is badass :)05:05
ActionParsnipor yakuake in kde05:05
cconyxrevhey guys!  I'm having a bit of an issue with an ubuntu server accessing https sites on the backend05:05
jameslordhzi need a shell utility that have many tabs in a window, so i can open windows for program, systemMonit, and remote, then i can find the working shell convinently05:06
cconyxrevI'm getting SSL errors: "Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?)"05:06
robbbiejameslordhz: use screen05:06
cconyxrevseems to me like maybe the certs aren't accessible by the user running the script05:06
cconyxrevwhat's the package that installs those certs?05:06
ja-barrcalligra is your best bet as alternative gh0zt, or check the wine db to check compability with running corel draw under wine05:06
dr_willisjameslordhz:  you  mean a 'terminal' application05:06
jameslordhzthe most important is that i can change the name of tab and window, with which i can locate the shell tab easily with boring navigating each tab in order to find the tab i want05:07
jameslordhzdr_willis you are right05:07
dr_willisjameslordhz:  screen is a must learn about tool ;)05:07
cconyxrevhrm ca-certificates05:07
ActionParsnipcconyxrev: ca-certificates or ca-certificates05:07
Shoogyhey guys I got a quick question05:07
ActionParsnipShoogy: ask away05:07
ShoogyI just installed 11.10 and dont want the new ui05:07
ja-barror just use screen jamelordhz... byobu is good option05:07
ShoogyI want to go back to classic05:07
Shoogyhow do I do that05:07
ActionParsnipShoogy: install xfce4  and use that05:07
jameslordhzdr_willis i am using screen now, its nice when you connect remote host, and you should open lots of screen tab if you connect to lots of hosts05:08
Shoogywhere do I get that05:08
Shoogyis that a distro05:08
ActionParsnipShoogy: you'll need to log off, select xfce then log on05:08
ActionParsnipShoogy: no its a different desktop05:08
cconyxrevyay! a dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates did the trick05:08
Shoogyso it is an addon05:08
Shoogywhere do I get that05:08
jameslordhzso you need a window named remote to include all the tab which are running screen program05:08
ActionParsnipShoogy: in a terminal run:  sudo apt-get udpate; sudo apt-get install xfce405:08
jameslordhzmaybe i should get the source code of Konsole, and modify it.05:09
gh0ztI'm windows user want to migrate to linux, I was always playing with coreldraw, what distribution fit with me? please05:09
jameslordhzseems a bit crazy, but i want a tool more easier to use:)05:09
Evil_Evil_Monkeytrying to use minicom with a usb>serial adapter. I can't figure out what to set my path to in minicom.05:11
ActionParsnipShoogy: there is also a way to mak Gnome3 look like Gnome2 here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-make-ubuntu-11-10-look-and-feel-like-gnome-2/05:11
Shoogysee mine did not even give me a choice for gnome classic05:12
Shoogyjust ubutnu  and ubuntu 2d05:12
possible1994Bluetooth headset functionality does not work. It connects, but selecting it in Pulse does not work ie., no input functionality, no audio out functionality05:14
possible1994What oh what can I do? I've tried updating to the latest compat-wireless from git to no avail.05:14
leontopodis there any way to get a more traditional desktop, like, a setting somewhere?05:15
leontopodI want to have a task bar at the bottom of the screen and a start menu button05:15
possible1994leontopod, describe traditional05:15
leontopodI just did05:15
Frantic_ActionParsnip: hey i used synaptic to dl LMMS. Synoptic says its installed. i dont kn ow how to access it.05:16
leontopodlike gnome and kde at least used to be05:16
possible1994lol, you can use the "classic" desktop, by selecting it at the login screen. That at least resembles the original.05:16
possible1994Linux Mint attempts to make gnome3 look and act like its former, and does so with mild success.05:17
possible1994Gnome3 is slow though05:17
pAt__Leontopod use xubuntu or lubuntu05:18
leontopodI can select a classic desktop at the login screen?05:20
leontopodI didn'05:20
leontopodt see that05:20
leontopodlet me log out and log back in05:20
possible1994Yeah it's there05:20
FloodBot1leontopod: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:20
leontopodI see ubuntu and ubuntu 2d05:21
leontopodis that what you are talking about?05:21
=== Rez is now known as LoRez
Oergnome2 is dead, classic is gone with 11.10, so get used to gnome305:21
possible1994Classic is gone with 11.10? My mistake05:21
leontopodyes, this is 11.10, so I guess no classic ? =(05:21
leontopodthat sucks!05:22
possible1994A lot of people migrated to mint for it's gnome2-like adaptation of gnome3.05:22
Shoogyok well I would like to get to gnome period all I have ubuntu and ubuntu 2d05:22
Oerwell, last resort is gnome-panel05:23
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic05:23
Oerindeed urlin2u05:23
=== instanceoftom is now known as sperg_cat
ShoogyI think my install of 11.10 does not have gnome installed05:24
=== Chris_ is now known as LeroyR91
possible1994I've personally adapted to the changes in gnome3, and to contrary belief it can be customized well with gconf-editor05:25
jameslordhzwhy i cannot install package?05:27
EvilResistanceShoogy:  how do you figure that?05:27
Shoogycause it does not even give me the choice to switch to gnome when I log in05:27
EvilResistancejameslordhz:  it seems that it cant verify the packages...05:28
EvilResistancejameslordhz:  are there any GPG errors when you apt-get update?05:28
Oersudo apt-get install git-svn -y --force-yes05:29
robin0800Shoogy: gnome won't appear as an option unless you install gnome-shell or gnome-panel05:30
Shoogyoh ok05:30
ShoogyI am installing gnome shell right now05:30
=== SVNDR is now known as SvnDR
Frantic_ive insgtalled a program using synaptc. i cant find the prgram i installed.05:34
EvilResistanceFrantic_:  what was it you installed?05:34
ChipzzzFranitc_: Which program?05:34
Operaist2does anyone know how to send a message from a linux machine to a windows machine on a netwokr??05:34
debsanFrantic_, which program ? run it through console05:34
Frantic_LMMS its Linux multimedia studio05:35
ubluntuFrantic_: open terminal type lmms05:35
debsanOperaist2, what kind of messages ?05:35
iToastIm fighting ubuntu.05:35
iToastWhat chmod should i use for a web server directory?05:36
Operaist2debsan: dinner is ready05:36
=== sperg_cat is now known as sperg_cat_
iToastShould I use chmod 700 755 666...?05:36
EvilResistanceiToast:  644 at the most imo05:37
EvilResistanceiToast:  640 if you want to be safe05:37
iToastEvilResistance, Will this screw up any php scripts/05:37
juniourhow to chek graphic card memeory via terminal05:37
EvilResistanceiToast:  unless the directory specifically needs other chmod masks05:37
debsanOperaist2, thatś the message ?05:37
EvilResistanceiToast:  depends on the program05:37
EvilResistanceiToast:  what php scripts?05:38
iToastThey work with a mysql database05:38
iToastthats the most really05:38
Operaist2debsan: ye05:38
EvilResistanceiToast:  its also dependent on what user/group has ownership of the scripts, and what the php workers are running as05:38
iToastAccepts input from a html forum05:38
iToastPhp should be running as a seperate user05:38
debsanOperaist2, how would you do that in windows ?05:38
EvilResistanceiToast:  i know, but it still needs read/execute permissions ;P05:38
juniourhello there!.......05:38
iToastEvilResistance, it works with smf.05:39
iToastjust not my newest script05:39
EvilResistanceiToast:  i am headed off, i cant help you too much05:39
juniourhow to check graphic cared dedicated memory via terminal05:39
EvilResistance('tis 00:39 and i nieed to be up in 6 hours)05:39
iToastEvilResistance, Ty05:39
EvilResistanceiToast:  but you might check with SMF's site first05:39
iToastYou don't have permission to access /other/login.php on this server.05:39
iToastApache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server at isay.dyndns.org Port 8005:39
iToastEvilResistance, Its not smf thats having a issue05:39
SonSon`debsan: Only thing I ever remember about messages in Windows was that Messenger service, but that was prone to ads/spam.05:39
EvilResistanceiToast:  check the ownership too05:39
FloodBot1iToast: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:39
ActionParsnipShoogy: unity is a panel for Gnome, you are using Gnome now05:40
iToastEvilResistance, How05:40
Operaist2debsan: with net send?05:40
EvilResistanceiToast:  ls -l <directory of scripts> | pastebinit05:40
Shoogyyeah I know05:40
ActionParsnipjameslordhz: what is the output of:  sudo apt-get update05:40
ShoogyI have to enable gnome05:40
Operaist2debsan: i sincerely hope you are not asking me all these questions without an answer to my own05:40
ActionParsnipShoogy: you have gnome, its already "enabled"05:40
iToastEvilResistance, http://pastebin.com/vchcQXfa05:41
armadahow to clear firefox cache? something is proventing from starteing05:41
ShoogyI know I had to install shell05:41
ActionParsnipShoogy: did you try xfce?05:41
ShoogyI hated it05:41
EvilResistanceiToast:  and what user does php run as?  (you can find that in top / htop)05:41
ActionParsnipShoogy: looks and smells just like gnome205:41
juniourActionParsnip it will chek for updates for installed software05:41
iToastEvilResistance, How.05:42
Shoogyxfce did not look at all like gnome 205:42
ActionParsnipjuniour: it will also give outputs for missing GPG keys05:42
debsanOperaist2, https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-networking-3/is-it-possible-to-send-and-receive-net-send-messages-in-linux-267067/05:42
juniourActionParsnip usint that try sudo apt-get upgrade05:42
* leontopod grumbles about engineers loving to change things05:43
ShoogyI need help changing applets05:43
Operaist2debsan: thx for googling that for me05:43
leontopodwhy can't I have my traditional taskbar at the bottom of the screen?05:43
Chipzzzarmada: try starting it from the command line & see what the error messages say05:43
ssfdre38leeping, you mean like Gnome 2.3?05:43
juniouris any one here know how to check the graphic card memeory via terminal05:44
ActionParsnipShoogy: Ubuntu lucid: http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRa-6vSJgamDgmR3PZ5SAIEjIQqklNfIsJzbCLWit0Vnl3xoJ52tkmyB2DfeA    and Xubuntu Lucid: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/204/9/b/xubuntu_lucid_revisited_by_carteirodopoente-d41d55e.png     what's the difference....05:44
armadaChipzzz: smart move..05:44
ActionParsnipleontopod: there is a link on how to hack the OS so it looks like Gnome205:44
armadaLAWL!!!!!!! --> Segmentation fault05:44
armadawtf was working perfectly fine05:44
armadawtf wtf wtf05:44
leontopodI don't want to hack it05:44
leontopodit should be an option05:44
ShoogyI want it to look like this action http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-make-ubuntu-11-10-look-and-feel-like-gnome-2/05:44
Chipzzzarmada: sudo apt-get --reinstall install firefox05:45
leontopod<new desktop> <traditional desktop> choose one05:45
ActionParsnipleontopod: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-make-ubuntu-11-10-look-and-feel-like-gnome-2/05:45
ActionParsnipleontopod: its the current state of play05:45
michaelgambleis their not an easy way to manage smb afp and nfs05:45
ActionParsnipShoogy: then  use the guide and tweak it05:45
ActionParsnipmichaelgamble: I use SSH to manage samba05:46
ShoogyI am working on it and cannot find out how to change applets05:46
=== Chris_ is now known as LeroyR91
debsanOperaist2, hope it works.05:46
juniourShoggy wt the prob???05:46
ssfdre38leontopod, are you trying to get the Gnome 2.x sys?05:46
gh0ztguys: which is better ubuntu 11.10 or 11.04?05:46
ActionParsnipgh0zt: 11.10 imho05:46
leontopodeveryone wants to make the desktop look like a damned cellphone05:47
leontopodit's ridiculous05:47
juniourgh0zt i think best is 10.1005:47
ActionParsnipleontopod: only in Gnome05:47
leontopodI suppose Gnome will run great on pad computers05:47
leontopodthat looks like where it is going05:47
michaelgambleim hoping for a gui way to manage / control file sharing easily, like the type of stuff you would see for managing commercial NAS05:47
ShoogyI am just installing 10.0405:47
ssfdre38leontopod, if you do apt-get install gnome you will get the Gnome 3.2.105:48
ssfdre38and as well as the classic Gnome leontopod05:48
emzeqi'm running Ubuntu Server 11.04 on Linode and need to connect it to a PPTP VPN. Any ideas on how to do this?05:48
juniourShoogy try 10.10 it is good05:48
ActionParsnipleontopod: i'd say so, yes. I use LXDE and my desktop looks like this (note no unity): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/Desktop.png05:48
Shoogy10.10 or 10.04 which05:48
leontopodwow, I like that ActionParsnip05:48
juniourShoogy 10.10 is the best05:49
ActionParsnipMaverick is EOL in April this year, so I wouldn't bother05:49
ShoogyI cant find the iso for 10.1005:49
juniour10.10 supports like every thing05:49
ActionParsnipleontopod: that is LXDE + Humanity icon theme + wallpaper. I use Lubuntu05:49
michaelgambleemzeq did you look at openvpn stuff.. i know they support pptp05:49
leontopodhow can I install that LXDE painlessly, ActionParsnip ?05:49
leontopodoh, Lubuntu05:49
ActionParsnipleontopod: sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop05:50
leontopodthat's all?05:50
juniourShoogy you machine 32 bit 0r 6405:50
ActionParsnipleontopod: there are nice tweaks the lubuntu-desktop package adds :)05:50
armadaChipzzz: SIR U IZ TEH GENIUZZ!!05:50
gh0ztshoogy: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download05:50
debsanleontopod, it really easy to install some DE05:50
emzeqmichaelgamble: just a little, thought openvpn was a VPN server.05:50
ActionParsnipleontopod: sure, the most part is default, you can use all your Gnome apps in LXDE too05:50
michaelgambleor something like that?05:50
juniourShoogy let me google ti to find the iso for you05:50
ssfdre38hey where is the lightgm login wallpaper located at?05:51
gh0ztshoogy: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download < iso for 111.1005:51
Chipzzzarmada: ty... glad to help :)05:51
michaelgambleI'm pretty sure openvpn i think has a client component05:51
leontopodi've never had a parsnip, I think my mom made rutabagas once when I was young05:51
Shoogydont want 11.1005:51
gh0ztI'm downloading 11.10 right now05:51
ShoogyI want gnome 2.005:51
juniourgh0zt try 10.1005:52
emzeqmichaelgamble: cool i'll dig into that some more. thanks!05:52
ActionParsnipShoogy: its dead, the Gnome team are no longer developing it05:52
ssfdre38Shoogy, do sudo apt-get install gnome and you will get the gnome classic that will have Gnome 2.x05:52
michaelgambleany suggestion on easy gui / web interface for file sharing management in ubuntu05:52
juniourShoogy http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/05:52
Shoogydoes not look the same05:52
ShoogyI want it to look like this05:52
juniourShoogy this is the link for ubuntu 10.10 iso05:52
ShoogyThank you05:53
ActionParsnipShoogy: 10.10 has little over 3 months support left in it, you are wasting your time05:54
ShoogyI understand this05:54
ActionParsnipShoogy: after april you will get no more updates05:54
juniourShoggy the pic you see can be done in ubuntu 10.1005:54
juniourShoogy its simple05:54
ActionParsnipShoogy: Natty (11.04) has Gnome fallback in it05:54
juniourShoogy just install 10.10 and changr the background to that image thatis05:55
gh0zt<ActionParsnip> Shoogy: after april you will get no more updates < I thought there is 10.10 LTS05:55
ActionParsnipgh0zt: 10.04 is LTS and 12.04 is LTS. Not all releases at LTS05:56
ActionParsnipgh0zt: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases05:56
Chipzzz12.04 is still in devel isn't it?... if so when is it due for release?05:57
gh0zt<ActionParsnip>: OIC05:57
juniourActionParsnip dont tell that you wont get update,05:57
aeon-ltdChipzzz: april05:57
Chipzzzaeon-ltd: ty :)05:57
ActionParsnipShoogy: you are fighting a losing battle, eventually there will be NO ubuntu using Gnome2 and it will be pure Gnome3. There may be some settings in later releases but for the forseeable future that is the way Gnome desktop is going under Ubuntu05:57
aeon-ltdChipzzz: for future reference 12 = 2012 04 = april05:58
ShoogyI am not saying I am stuck on it05:58
ShoogyI am getting back into linux and want it to look familiar05:58
Shoogytil I move up05:58
juniourActionParsnip you even get update for the old ubuntu like 9.10 etc05:58
Chipzzzaeon-ltd: lol... you'd think I'd have put that together by now... tnx :)05:58
aeon-ltdActionParsnip: do you know if there is a branch of gnome in development that continues upon the style of 2?05:58
ActionParsnipjuniour: they areEOL, dead05:58
ActionParsnipaeon-ltd: yes, it's called 'mate', its unofficial05:59
juniourActionParsnip no its not05:59
aeon-ltdthank you05:59
ActionParsnipjuniour: just an example: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/06:00
ActionParsnipjuniour: o Karmic06:00
juniourActionParsnip i am even working on ubuntu 10.1006:00
ActionParsnipjuniour: maverick is not EOL yet06:00
ActionParsnipjuniour: http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/   no karmic there either06:00
ActionParsnipjuniour: karmic is dead06:01
=== SvnDR is now known as SVNDR
juniourActionParsnip then i wil switch to 12.04lts in april06:06
ActionParsnipjuniour: makes sense, I wouldn't install Oneiric now :)06:06
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
wrektjeti want to follow the instructions on compiz here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/86977/how-to-correctly-enable-desktop-cube-in-unity-3d06:07
wrektjetbut im afraid im gonna crash compiz is there a failsafe06:07
ActionParsnipwrektjet: you can use Unity2D from the login screen06:07
wrektjetif i mess up all the settings can i restore compiz settings i mean06:08
ActionParsnipwrektjet: yeah use Unity2D and the compiz settings won't be used so can be reset06:08
wrektjetActionParsnip, thnx ill see what happens06:09
veganadianyou should be able to remove a dot file of sort.06:09
optiis there some kind of administrative command to restore a normal user to default settings?06:11
dariushall21Can someone help me out with Java? I wanna get oracle Java for playing Minecraft, but OpenJDK sucks for playing minecraft.06:11
subcoolok, so- ya it was an IP conflict.. something i havent gotten around yet either- :(06:13
dariushall21Can someone give me commands for installing Sun Java?06:14
rainbowwarriorhello can someone help me please, i am running Ubuntu 11.10 and every so often it seems to dim then freezes on me, what can this be please ?06:14
subcoolSo- i forgot where/how to setup m fios router to foward communication to the second network06:14
subcoolis it done with ip forwarding??06:14
joshwinesdariushall21: Java 6 ot 7?06:14
dariushall21Raindbowwarrior, that is a program not responding.06:14
dariushall21joshwines, it doesn't matter, I just want to play  minecraft and OpenJDK doesn't work right.06:15
joshwinesdariushall21: running 11.10?06:16
Chipzzzrainbowwarrior: does it unfreeze and continue eventually?06:16
wrektjetcube. a little flickery but there and i can move it by holding down my middle mouse thats all i really need. yay06:16
=== Kevin is now known as Guest6596
joshwinesdariushall21: Good guide here for installing Java 6: http://www.gaggl.com/2011/10/installing-java6-jdk-on-ubuntu-11-10/06:16
sholsappsup... anyone help me with a mysterious linking problem?06:17
sholsappi wrote here (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8814707/shared-library-mysteriously-doesnt-get-linked-to-application)06:17
sholsapponly ubuntu platform is affected as far as i've tested06:17
sholsappcentos/redhat work fine06:17
sholsappso does suse =(06:17
rainbowwarrioryes Chipzzz06:17
Humbedoohsholsapp, maybe it's related to g++ and not ubuntu?06:19
dariushall21Thank you very much.06:20
rainbowwarriorcan someone please give me the command line to install latest Nvidia Drivers ?06:20
sholsappHembedooh, that's true.06:20
binarymutantI can type accented characters in firefox, xterm, etc. But why can't I type them into urxtc?06:21
sholsappMaybe I'll ask #gcc too =)06:21
Chipzzzrainbowwarrior: dariushall21 was right, it's just a program hanging... not much can be done about it06:21
joshwinesdariushall21: np06:21
rainbowwarriorok ty Chipzzz06:21
binarymutantwhen I run xterm from urxvt I can't type accented characters, please help06:22
debsanbinarymutant, try urxvt-unicode06:23
somsipbinarymutant: sudo apt-get install ncurses-term, maybe?06:23
Chipzzzrainbowwarrior: have you downloaded the drivers from nVidia's website?06:28
njathanCan i use Ubuntu from a USB pen drive? I tried the live USB option but it does not offer persistent storage across reboots06:28
Abhijit!persistent | njathan06:28
ubottunjathan: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:28
Evil_Evil_Monkeyrunning Ubuntu in virtual box, not able to detect USB device06:31
DragonSlayEvil_Evil_Monkey, install virtualbox extention pack06:32
iToastApperently ubuntu multipath is broken.06:32
iToastis that getting fixed?06:32
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey install virtual box guest addition06:32
njathanthanks Abhijit!06:33
ChipzzzEvil_Evil_Monkey: if memory serves, you have to add it to the usb group06:33
nilI need the source to try compile audio preview to konqueror in Kubuntu 11.10.Someone to help?06:35
nilI miss many good things in the new Kubuntu.06:35
Evil_Evil_Monkeydoes it matter that my non-virtual OS isn't detecting my USB device?06:35
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey  you r using virtualbox or vmware06:36
NimeshNeemais there any way i can hide offline friends in Empathy ?06:36
ChipzzzEvil_EVil_Monkey: scratch what I said... it's ancient (and incorrect) info06:37
Evil_Evil_Monkeyvirtual box06:37
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey then install virtual box guest addition06:37
nilI need the source to try compile audio preview to konqueror in Kubuntu 11.10.Someone to help?06:37
Evil_Evil_Monkeythe device i'm using is [Vendor: 0X1A86, Product: 0X7523]06:37
Evil_Evil_Monkeyi think i already have guest addition installed06:38
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey k06:38
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey then insert usb06:38
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey  you have to add that usb06:38
urlin2uEvil_Evil_Monkey, you add the host to the vbox group?06:39
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey go to settings06:39
Evil_Evil_Monkeydoes guest additions need to be installed for each machine?06:40
Evil_Evil_Monkeyi don't think i've installed it yet06:40
juniour Evil_Evil_Monkey yep?06:40
Evil_Evil_Monkeylet me try that first06:40
nilIs there some way to know how to edit konqueror4.7 to work like the kde3.5?06:40
ts2nil: what exactly do you mean?06:42
=== kannan_ is now known as DragonSlay1
nilts2 : in the old version of konqueror it could view photos in pop-ups and preview audio only with a mouse over the file06:43
dariushall21For some reason, I can't press 2 buttons at once when playing minecraft, like mousing while walking, it's extremely irritating.06:44
ts2nil: use dolphin, that's the file manager06:44
nilNow it's badts2:06:45
=== DragonSlay1 is now known as DragonSlay
nilI like the old konqueror06:45
nilDolphin is terrible.06:45
ts2nil: konqueror actually uses dolphin to display the files etc, so even if you use konqueror, you _are_ using dolphin06:46
nilI'm trying to adapt to the new KDE, but it's impossible.06:46
nilso, how to configure Dolphin?06:46
ts2nil: just open dolphin and use the information panel, it shows previews and can play most audio files by default06:47
adfjal3I have a stupid ubuntu 9.04 problem that's probably retardedly easy......how do i update the source.list so i can install mysql?06:47
nilI know how to use dolphin, but i liked the old type.06:47
nilmouse over never more.06:48
flintwingelnil: look for the spanner icon in the top right corner of the dolphin window06:48
debsanadfjal3, I don't know what do you have in the sources.list but you don't have to update it06:48
ts2adfjal3: 9.04 is no longer supported, you should consider upgrading to a newer release06:49
joshwinesnil: I love dolphin :)06:49
adfjal3I'm using a tonidoplug, will upgrading above 9.04 mess it up?06:49
adfjal3tonidoplug is like a sheevaplug06:50
nilI like the pop-ups.It could get me the picture without open.06:50
nilmouse over to preview was better then the sidebar.06:51
aBoundI'd suggest upgrading to at least 10.04 LTS or 11.10.06:51
adfjal3what would I enter in ssh to upgrade?06:52
nilYou were able to listen the music without click to play.06:53
salahi, anyone can help with svn?06:53
TransistoI've a question, ... How do we kill that stupid sidebar ???  Hint : Without reading a 4 page long step by step guide.06:53
robbytHi All, I'm having some problems with apparmor and mysql on an EC2 box- I updated the apparmor profile for mysql because I moved the datadirectory, I even rebooted, but apparmor still blocks access to the new data directory06:53
robbytI'm running 10.0406:53
aBoundNot too familiar with apparmor.06:54
salahi, i have two repos, i'm currently svnadmin load to repoA, can i do svnadmin load to repoB concurrently?06:54
ts2adfjal3: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/Jaunty and make sure you have "Prompt=normal" in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades06:55
robbytaBound: it's great, until it isn't.06:55
adfjal3ts2: thank you06:55
aBoundrobbyt, Probably is I'm sure SELinux is more complicated. hehe06:55
nilI'm so sorry, but I will get the old function in Konqueror to the new Dolphin.you willse.06:55
iToastIm installing ubuntu server 11.1006:55
nilts2: Do you get the code to compile?06:56
ts2nil: compile what?06:56
nilThe function to Dolphin.06:57
SigmaWPWhat does /tmp/ mean, and what happens to stuff inside it?06:57
* SigmaWP is a noob, sorry06:57
nilmouse over06:57
nilToday we have this to websites, why not to file managers?06:57
urlin2uTransisto, you can install the compizconfig manager and tweak it there.06:58
aBoundrobbyt, How'd you go about grasping AppArmor?06:58
nil<SigmaWP> Temporary files06:58
ts2nil: that functionality does not exist, use the information panel06:58
SigmaWPAh, thanks06:58
ubottuFor information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor06:58
Mikey_Hey, I am a newb and need help with APACHE2 on my Ubuntu Server for a class of mine. I am running ubuntu 10.04.3 inside virtualbox. It has LAMP installed. What I am trying to do, is allow a user their own webpage.06:58
Slart!fhs | SigmaWP06:58
ubottuSigmaWP: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier06:58
nilts2: But existed.06:59
nilSo it will be able to work again.06:59
ts2nil: in another piece of software, KDE 4.x has little to do with KDE 3.x06:59
robbytaBound: Apparmor is automatically setup on ubuntu-server, so when you do apt-get install mysql, it gets setup for you06:59
ubottusvn is Subversion: an open-source revision control system, which aims to be a compelling replacement for CVS. See http://subversion.tigris.org/07:00
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flintwingelMikey_: does this help http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/howto/public_html.html07:00
nilI mixed functions in window$, so i can do the same in linux, I know.Its only time question.07:00
nil<ts2> I'll try to see the sorce and edit then.07:01
=== Debain is now known as iToast
somsipMikey_: what is your specifc question?07:01
ts2Mikey_: usually "sudo a2enmod userdir", and then "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart" should do it07:01
nilI edited the Kffeine to work like I want.07:01
ts2nil: you don't just need to edit it, you'll need to rewrite it07:01
=== WanderingEnder| is now known as WanderingEnder
nilYes sir .That's it.07:02
Mikey_I need to be able to on my host operating system be able to go to http://localhost:8888/ and http://localhost:8888/~cbranco/07:02
nilDcop could do this to me.07:02
Mikey_I have all the port forwarding set up with Virtualbox07:03
ts2nil: DCOP no longer exists07:03
nil<ts2> So changing  the question.Do you know how to configure PCI in virtualbox?07:03
Mikey_I have all of it set up07:04
somsipMikey_: This should help: http://www.techytalk.info/enable-userdir-apache-module-ubuntu-debian-based-linux-distributions/07:04
nilDcop exists, i use to configure commands.07:04
ts2nil: I don't really use virtualbox, no07:04
ts2nil: DCOP was used only in KDE3 applications, never in KDE 4.x07:04
nilI use in kde407:04
Mikey_But getting http://localhost:8888/~cbranco/ to pull up the index.html file within the public_html folder in that users directory.07:04
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
nilMy KDE 4 was upgraded from Debian lenny to Ubuntu Oineric07:05
nilAnd I use dcop every day.07:05
iToastWhats apaches default chmod on /var/www07:05
overcluckerlenny to oneric?07:05
ts2nil: that has nothing to do with it using DCOP or not, it's something built-in to applications and no KDE 4.x application uses DCOP, they all use DBus07:05
somsipiToast: root:www-data 77007:06
nilI'm using dcop.And works fine.07:06
nil<overclucker> Yes lenny to oneric07:06
ts2nil: you may use it with KDE 3.x applications, but not with 4.x, this is not an opinion, this is a fact07:07
nilI use Kaffeine 0.8.7 in KDE 4.7 and configured keyboard to work multimedia functions whit this, even minimized or not.07:08
iToasthow do i reinstall07:08
iToastapache + php+mysql...07:08
ts2nil: that's because that version *is* KDE 3.x version, not the KDE 4.x version07:09
niltst : See this and translate.I've made .http://www.vivaolinux.com.br/dica/Reinstalando-Linux-sem-fazer-backup-ou-formatacao-no-KDE/07:10
nilby my self07:10
nilts2: I use the new version of KDE.Kubuntu oineric 11.10.07:11
nilI have installed kpackage.07:11
ts2nil: that has nothing to do with what version of kaffeine you are using, and 0.8.7 is the KDE 3.x version07:11
ts2nil: it ported to KDE 4.x in 1.007:11
wjlafranceyou're running a KDE 3 app on KDE 4, and that's why you can use dcop07:12
nilForget about it.07:12
nilIs only compilations.07:12
nilMaybe time to work and make work.07:12
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:13
nil<wjlafrance> Yes I am using kde 3.x in kde 4.x.07:13
nilts2.Good to talk with you.I'm gone .Bye and thank you for the attention.07:14
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Mikey_Ok I am trying to do what is exactly on this website http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/howto/public_html.html I just do not know how to do that. I'm just not used to using straight command line, and the GUI I installed keeps causing crashes.07:20
ts2Mikey_: usually "sudo a2enmod userdir", and then "sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart" should do it07:23
Mikey_Thanks ts207:23
Mikey_one more question, any suggestions on how to remove the GUI that keeps crashing when I use it?07:25
ts2Mikey_: what GUI?07:26
Mikey_lemme check, I think it was Kubuntu desktop.07:26
Mikey_It is Kubuntu Desktop I installed by typing in sudo tasksel07:29
ts2Mikey_: you can probably just "sudo apt-get audoremove kdelibs5" to remove all of Kubuntu07:30
Jef91Anyone know what packages the ncurses based installer for Ubuntu is contained in?07:31
sakurhello ppl07:31
FlannelJef91: debian-installer07:32
Jef91Thanks Flannel!07:33
sakurmy openGL is not running, anybody knows the packet name on oneiric?07:33
Mikey_Again, thanks ts2. Been fighting with this assignment all weekend. Could not get it to go at all.07:33
vagvafis there any way to fix network-manager from crashing on shutdown ?07:36
morsikhi, it's possible to move windows on unity like on awesome? somethingl ike: [Ctrl]+LeftMouseBtn07:37
morsikor right...07:37
Mikey_ts2, it did not remove kubuntu and now the site is not working. So I am going to just make a new virtual machine and set it up again.07:37
morsikAlt+LeftMouse moves window, but what about resizing?07:37
=== andre__ is now known as Guest15729
Jef91hey flannel the package debian-installer only seems to contain docs on the debian installer07:45
Jef91not the installer itself07:45
sholsappSo, I asked a while ago and tracked down a linking guru in #stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8814707/shared-library-mysteriously-doesnt-get-linked-to-application)07:47
sholsappjust fyi - Ubuntu killed me on this one ;)07:47
sholsappEspecially the "In the latest version of Ubuntu, ld uses --as-needed by default. What that does is to remove references to libraries that are not explicitly required."07:48
sholsappBahhh =)07:48
ts2sholsapp: always read release notes...07:49
sholsappts2: O_O lesson learned07:49
CarlFKhow do I enable nat between 2 interfaces?   I thought there was a 'share me' kinda option in network manager07:52
=== root is now known as Guest32387
blinkizHi. I just did a "rm -rf" on the wrong directory. Filesystem is ext4 with crypt in the bottom. Can I restore the files some way?07:53
CarlFKblinkiz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery07:54
auronandace!undelete | blinkiz07:54
ubottublinkiz: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel07:54
CarlFKblinkiz: yeah, what I gave is more about disk fialure07:54
blinkizNo disk failure here, just me doing rm07:56
samba35is there a command called ? apt-get-repository07:59
samba35how to add repository to 10.0408:00
drozdse1ls /al08:00
ts2samba35: apt-add-repository08:03
samba35is there any such package ? or command08:04
skulltipif i created a samba share on other ubuntu pc within the network, shouldn't I see it in samba shares in dolphin file browser?08:04
ts2samba35: yes, I just told you what it is08:05
morsikhow to enable shadows in unity? :o08:05
samba35how do i get it installed on my system08:05
morsiksamba35: apt-get install <somepackage> ?08:06
ts2samba35: you should have it already08:06
sakurhow can I install openGL?08:06
samba35yes i am using apt-get but i did not find any package08:06
morsiksakur: it's installed already...08:06
samba35atleast apt-tab>>tab doesnt show08:07
ts2samba35: I mean you should have apt-add-repository installed already08:07
samba35do u have that command08:07
sakurmorsik: no08:07
icerootsamba35: sudo apt-add-repository ppa-url08:07
ts2samba35: which version of ubuntu do you have?08:07
morsiksakur: do you using windows or what?08:07
icerootsamba35: but if i am correct that command is only available at 10.10 and higher08:07
sakurmorsik: oneiric amd6408:08
ts2samba35: no, it's available in 9.10 and later08:09
morsiksakur: did you installed terminal system only?08:09
samba35yes that's web page also say08:09
samba35i am sorry but what wrong i am doing08:09
icerootsamba35: you are using the command "sudo apt-add-repository ppa-url"?08:10
samba35yesss i got it08:10
sakurmorsik: i'm running gnome and kde08:10
samba35shame on me08:11
morsiksakur: if you have X11, you have opengl. if it doesn't works, then you didn't installed graphics drivers properly.08:11
sakurmorsik: my nVidia drivers seems to be OK08:12
morsiksakur: so OGL is already on system.08:12
sakurmorsik: do you have the packet name?08:12
morsiknvidia probably...08:13
thincedwhois kaushik_08:15
thincedjey :D08:15
ssfdre38is there a way to change the Unity (lightgm) Log-in background08:18
=== tum is now known as Guest6872
jameslordhzhow to know what command a package will install ?08:20
Guest32387para instalar un apquete descargado con wget08:22
Guest32387como se hacE?08:22
llutz_!es | Guest3238708:22
ubottuGuest32387: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:22
g[r]eekHi. My networking is not working. If i type ifconfig, I can see both wlan0 and eth0 details. However when I plug my laptop using a CAT5 cable into my router, I can't ping it, it says "Destination host unreachable". Also, my wireless light on my laptop is on, but I don't see any wireless networks on my connections (whereas there are meant to be several showing up). Yesterday this all worked fine and I really have no clue what's wrong. The router is working08:32
g[r]eek perfectly (other computers are plugged into it, communicating together etc).08:32
g[r]eekBasically there is no connection, and I don't know why.08:38
stimpieIs there a recommended set of items (disk,mem, etc..) to monitor an ubuntu server and which tool to use to retrieve the information?08:39
llutz_!info munin | stimpie: munin may do that for you08:40
ubottustimpie: munin may do that for you: munin (source: munin): network-wide graphing framework (grapher/gatherer). In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.5-3ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 148 kB, installed size 740 kB08:40
sl00Hi. The network monitor tool constantly shows packets being received/sent. I have turned off almost everything I can think of and "lsof | grep IP" only shows dhclient now but it is still receving/sending.08:41
sl00I am now runngin Wireshark and I get something from a source IP on port 11777 to my port 53595 all the time. What is that?08:41
Mikey_ts2: thanks for the help, its working awesomely now.08:43
Mikey_Or at least well enough to pass the assignment.08:44
stimpiellutz, thanks08:44
g[r]eekHi fellas. I have a networking issue. Yesterday everything was working fine. Today, I boot up my laptop, and I can't ping my router (other laptops are connecting to it just fine). Also, none of my wireless connections are showing up on my list of available connections (there are meant to be 4). If I type 'ifconfig' I get all the standard output for eth0 and wlan0, and they're both configured correctly in /etc/networking/interfaces. Any idea what gives?08:45
ssfdre38when ever i do apt-get update i always get this error http://paste.ssfdre38.com/34 why?08:46
ssfdre38or how can i update the keys08:46
ts2ssfdre38: "sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys F9CB8DB0" should get the key08:48
ssfdre38that one key held up all my updates08:50
StarminnSo... in Ubuntu 11.10 w/ Unity, Chromium and Firefox will not play YouTube videos. Only Opera will. Suggestions?08:52
Humbedoohstarminn, Gnash or Flash?08:52
Humbedoohas in, which flash player do you have installed (I'm assuming youtube still uses flash)08:53
StarminnOh. Yeah.08:54
Humbedoohif you're using Gnash, try removing it and installing the proprietary Flash plugin instead and see if it'll do the trick08:54
StarminnHumbedooh, Whatever's default. It use to work, now I don't know why it won't work all of a sudden. HTML5 YouTube works, but not Flash08:56
HumbedoohI believe Gnash is the default today08:57
Humbedoohand I've personally had nothing but trouble with it08:57
ketanhii Friends this is ketan from india.08:58
ts2Humbedooh: adobe flags is the default still08:58
Humbedoohwell then someone installed gnash on my system while I was sleeping :C08:59
StarminnHumbedooh, Just checked and I don't have Gnash installed. And besides, doesn't Chromium ship with its own version of Flash? I know it used to anyway08:59
ts2Humbedooh: gnash is in universe, so it's can't be default08:59
ts2Starminn: Google Chrome has its own version, not Chromium09:00
Starminnts2, Aha, I see.09:00
Starminnts2, I have the Adobe Flash Plugin for Mozilla installed, but not plain Flash -- would installing plain Flash be beneficial, then? It's just odd because I've not installed/removed anything and it stopped working09:01
sgo11hi, I have changed grub/plymouth/lightdm background image. everything works fine except the default purple ubuntu background color still appears for very little time such as 0.1 second somewhere. why? and how to remove that default ubuntu background color entirely? thanks.09:01
ts2Starminn: make sure you have flashplugin-installer installed, other than that flash issues are rather hard to fix09:01
Starminnts2, Yeah, that's the one I'm talking about that's already installed09:01
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
mylistoso I accidentally deleted some mpgs last night that I need...09:15
mylistohow can I recover them?09:15
theadminmylisto: Try photorec (located in package: testdisk)09:15
mylistotheadmin: I used it already...09:15
theadminmylisto: Well, then, you don't have much of a chance if that didn't work09:15
mylistois there any way to specify what files to look for/recover?09:15
qubitsFlash is only working on youtube.com and firefox tells me it's been disabled because it's out of date but I have the latest available version for 64 bit linux09:16
qubitsPlease help :(09:16
theadminmylisto: Look at the menu more accurately.. Yes, there is.09:16
Spyrosg[r]eek: what does iwlist wlan0 scan , show?09:17
mylistotheadmin: can you give me a heads up on what I should be looking for?09:18
theadminmylisto: http://i.imm.io/epxn.png09:18
=== ConfusedRanJiao is now known as ConfusedFly
ketanhi how can install  install debian packages offline with diffrent distros. sholud i download different deb packages fo all diffferent versions.09:25
theadminketan: Yes.09:26
fr-zHi. When i map a SMB drive i can access the files, but in certain aplications, when i press open, i cant access those samba shares. Can anyone help please?09:28
theadminqubits: Can you enable it manually on about:plugins ?09:29
qubitsill try09:29
qubitsno enabled plugins found09:30
theadminqubits: Either about:plugins or open the Extensions manager, "Plugins" page and try to enable there09:30
theadminqubits: Haven't used Firefox for a while already, might have forgotten where stuff is09:30
sakshamwhat's going on here? i'm new to xchat...09:31
qubitstheres nothing09:31
ravn2hello :)09:31
theadminqubits: Okay, uh, you sure you even have Flash installed? Try: "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer"09:32
qubitsit needs mode +x09:32
sakshamhi blackbinary!09:32
qubitsany way you could help me get an ip from my router09:33
qubitsive been having errors since reboot09:33
theadminqubits: Sure, uh, what kind of errors?09:33
qubitsdhclient says: Can't bind to dhcp address: Address already in use09:33
ravn2i need help with configuring my printer by wireless.. plz09:33
sakshamuse cmnd /iconfig09:33
qubitsfor both eth0 and eth1 theadmin09:34
theadminqubits: Okay, that's odd... idk honestly, never got that kinda error myself09:34
fr-zHi. When i map a SMB drive i can access the files, but in certain aplications, when i press open, i cant access those samba shares.  Anyone?09:34
ravn2how to install printer drivers?09:35
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:35
geirhafr-z: Mapped via gnome? If so, the application needs gvfs integration in order to see the mount. It is still accesible without though; there's a hidden folder named ".gvfs" in your home folder where those can be accessed.09:36
jongbergsravn2: you can check openprinting.org for various intructions to specific printers09:37
qubitsportsentry had bound the ports09:37
ravn2ill try09:38
jongbergshi, im using Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit, i recently noticed that /var/log/messages is missing. I'd like to verify if you have the same issues like mine. Thanks09:39
qubitstheadmin: can you give me a proper rule to allow traffic to port 1194 udp09:40
qubitswith iptables09:41
fr-zthank you geirha. Yes via gnome 2. how can i make the integration of each software?09:41
theadminjongbergs: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/17577709:41
theadminfr-z: You need to look at stuff under $HOME/.gvfs09:41
theadminfr-z: GNOME mounts things there09:41
fr-zyes they are there09:41
theadminqubits: Sorry, no, uhhh... "allow"? Nothing is blocked by default...09:41
fr-zand i can see them in nautilus aswell09:42
qubitsi have a fw set09:42
qubitstis a bit wonky09:42
fr-zthe problem is thar when i press on several applications they are not there09:42
llutz_jongbergs: if you don't like canonical ideas, edit /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf09:42
jongbergstheadmin: ok i did check that already. it seems that it's now deprecated..thanks09:42
jongbergsllutz_: i'll check that..09:42
theadminfr-z: The .gvfs folder is always there, it's just hidden. In most apps, Ctrl-H or Alt-. will show hidden files09:43
geirhafr-z: You'll have to send in a bug report for each application, requesting this feature. They may not necessarily want to add it though.09:43
warfarenok i've got a stupid problem here. installed ubuntu dual boot on a laptop with windows 7 on it. now the battery ran out at the wrong time and windows doesn't boot anymore. ubuntu refuses to check it for errors because it's not clean and i can't run windows to run chkdsk. also my windows install DVD doesn't find the hard drive even though i provide it with the correct driver!09:44
tekknolagiOH FUCK I MEANY BASH.ORG09:44
warfarenubuntu runs just fine btw.09:44
tekknolagigoddamn typos.09:44
FloodBot1tekknolagi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:44
llutz_!caps | tekknolagi you need to adjust your attitude09:45
ubottutekknolagi you need to adjust your attitude: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.09:45
theadminwarfaren: Does "ntfsck /dev/sdz500" work? (where /dev/sdz500 is the ntfs partition)09:45
tekknolagialright that works09:45
tekknolagii need to say something to get on bash.org!09:45
theadmintekknolagi: Offtopic here.09:45
llutz_!ot | tekknolagi: how is that ubuntu-related?09:46
ubottutekknolagi: how is that ubuntu-related?: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:46
curvasud1927ciao a tutti ragazzi09:46
qubitsa bientot09:46
Tm_T!it | curvasud192709:46
ubottucurvasud1927: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)09:46
qubits!fr | Tm_T09:47
ubottuTm_T: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:47
Tm_Tqubits: hm?09:47
Tm_Tqubits: this channel is in english (:09:48
qubitsI'm fully aware of this channels pertient vernacular predispositions Tm_T09:48
qubitspertinent :<09:48
warfarentheadmin: ok ran it, it said Unsupported: replay_log() Unsupported check_volume() Checking 288768 MFT records. Unsupported cases found.09:49
fr-zthe admin and geirha thank you for the help. :)09:50
theadminwarfaren: I see... Ugh, sounds like a mess to me, I dunno what to do with that. Might want to delete the NTFS partition altogether if possible and recreate it... idk09:50
warfarentheadmin: yay... :( well do you think the hard drive will be found by my windows install disc if i remove all the partitons? because i don't understand, it's like it doesn't even find the physical harddrive. and it should be the correct driver (i got the exact driver for the chipset lspci told me it was)09:52
jongbergswarfaren: can you try booting off from win7 dvd installer and choose repair options there. this is probably an off-topic here. :)09:53
theadminwarfaren: I had a similar problem when Windows wouldn't find a drive with a messed up partition table even though the drive was working :/09:53
warfarenjongbergs: that's what i do but it doesn't find my hard drive. i provided it with the correct driver for my sata controller09:54
theadminwarfaren: I did: sudo fdisk /dev/sdz <<< "o" to remove all partitions, and it worked thereafter (replace "/dev/sdz" with your drive)09:54
warfarentheadmin: okay i'll do that if i can't work it out any other way. thanks09:54
Anomie21Anyone take a look at this topic? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1906872  // Even if you don't know a resolution any more commands I could run would be helpful - ta09:54
theadminwarfaren: (from a liveCD though. Or a install on another drive. Not from a working Ubuntu system, won't work)09:54
warfarenah that's true as the partitions mustn't be mounted. hehe09:55
qubits   theadmin09:58
qubitsi have my libflashplugin.so in /usr/lib64/firefox/plugins and see no error in the console but firefox doesnt show it in plugins09:59
fr-zDoes anyone know how can i send attachments on a thunderbird mail (the attachments com from a mapped drive)?10:03
fr-zi get this error:10:03
fr-zSending of message failed.10:03
fr-zThere was an error attaching smb:// Please check if you have access to the file.10:03
FloodBot1fr-z: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:03
warfarentheadmin: okay, i'll run that fdisk command now but it doesn't seem to work. it says Warning: DOS-compatible mode is deprecated. It's strongly recommended to switch off the mode (command 'c') and change display units to sectors (command 'u').10:06
theadminwarfaren: Huh... weird.10:06
warfarenand some more, is <<< correct really?10:06
FloodBot1fr-z: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:07
fr-zDoes anyone know how can i send attachments on a thunderbird mail (the attachments com from a mapped drive)?10:07
warfareni guess i can just try and use gparted and remove it all though?10:07
fr-zhere is the question http://paste.ubuntu.com/800400/10:08
warfarenok looks like gparted managed to delete all the partitions10:08
qubitsoh shit10:09
qubitsthey're becoming self aware10:09
jongbergswarfaren: from the livecd?10:09
fr-zAnyone here work with Thunderbird and can send mapped SMB files as attach?10:10
skypentwondering if anyone can help me;  I keep getting directed to my own web server everytime i visit a certain page.  i don't quite know where to ask this, but it does it from chromium and firefox10:12
=== Xiadong is now known as token-simon
somsipskypent: does it say anything helpful in /var/log/apache2/error.log or access.log?10:12
skypentsomsip; i'll give it a check10:12
icerootskypent: so if you type google.com you are redirected to your webserver?10:13
llutz_skypent: your webserver = localhost
skypenticeroot: no; one specific site. but i seem to be the only one with the issue; brb checking error.log10:13
leontopodgoogle.com went dark for sopa!10:13
icerootskypent: a site you are hosting?10:13
icerootskypent: please post usefull details all in one line, it makes support much easier and we dont habe to guess :)10:14
llutz_skypent: if yes, grep thatspecificsitename /etc/hosts10:14
somsipskypent: for example, I map a lot of ad sites to localhost in /etc/hosts so I get lots of redirects.10:15
patbr0wnDoes anybody know if using mutt is a reasonable/efficient way of checking gmail?10:15
icerootpatbr0wn: depending on your muttskilss10:15
llutz_patbr0wn: depends on your definition of "reasonable/efficient way of checking gmail? 11:15 < iceroot> patbr0wn: depending on your muttskilss [ 11:15] [llutz_(+Zi)] [2:#ubuntu(+CLcfjnt)]10:15
llutz_[#ubuntu] patbr0wn: depends on your definition of10:15
llutz_ooops, sry10:16
patbr0wnhaven't used mutt, so pretty unskilled :P10:16
icerootpatbr0wn: mutt is cli-based10:16
icerootpatbr0wn: you know that?10:16
patbr0wnYes :)10:16
patbr0wncurrently chatting is irssi10:16
icerootpatbr0wn: but i would say mutt the the (cli) client which sucks less10:16
skypenticeroot; is there a specific site i could paste all the information i know about this issue for easier reading and less cluttering of the channel?10:16
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
icerootskypent: not really, to much read is not good. short and usefull infos are good :)10:17
icerootskypent: /etc/hosts is a good start to see if you set there something10:17
llutz_patbr0wn: it takes some time to get used to mutt, but its worth the time10:17
somsipskypent: pastebin?10:17
=== Jef91 is now known as Jef91|AFK
patbr0wnAlright cool, I'll try it out :)10:17
icerootskypent: /etc/hosts will overwrite your dns-settings10:17
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skypentAlright i'm looking through hosts right now and errors /var/apache2; The site is not in my network, other people can access it but I can't cause it keeps redirecting me to my computers index.html@/www.  I'm looking through both these files and don't quite know what I'm looking for as neither shows the ip of the site.10:25
caddooWhy do i have the urge to buy  a mac10:25
LjLdunno, maybe subliminal messages10:25
llutz_skypent: grep partofthatspecificsitename /etc/hosts10:26
somsipskypent: so what is one line in the access log like?10:26
LjLuh, wait10:26
LjLeveryone, if you think your messages didn't get through in the past few minutes, post again please10:27
=== yoshx_ is now known as yoshx
=== ravn2 is now known as r4vn
=== jack is now known as Guest39639
skypentsomsip; in /var/log/apache2 i found access.log and access.log.1; there are many lines in both and i don't want to flood here, is there something specific i'm looking for?  llutz; what do you mean part of the name?  can i just add specificpage.com ?10:32
somsipskypent: what is the URL of the site you try to access10:32
r4vnHello. I downloaded my printer driver. and trying press on install.sh but nothing happens10:32
llutz_skypent: what is the sitename you cannot access? take a part of that name and grep /etc/hosts for10:32
__godhelpmeI'm having problems installing ubuntu from usb10:32
LjLr4vn: most printer drivers are already included with Ubuntu, are you sure you need to install a blob like that in the first place? what printer is it?10:33
skypentsomsip; llutz; http://845145127.com/; it's part of some weird arg or something.  i was browsing it fine earlier today.  right now if you visit you should be looking at a blank screen, but that's what is supposed to be there.10:33
r4vnyea.. couse when i pluged in it shows that cant find drivers.. and it even doesnt work for me ;?10:34
llutz_"845145127.com. 14400 IN A"10:34
skypentllutz_ what does that mean?10:35
LjLr4vn: ugh, that particular printer does seem like a nightmare to install. anyway start install.sh from the terminal, not from the desktop.10:35
somsipllutz_: so someones amended the A record to point to localhost?10:35
llutz_skypent: thats dig answer (dns) for that hostname, it resolves to localhost10:35
skypentllutz_ does it go to your localhost as well?10:36
llutz_skypent: it will resolve to everybodies localhost, because thats what the dns tells10:36
brahmanahi all10:36
r4vnLjL, it shows error: root privilegies requared, something like this10:37
brahmanaI am running Ubuntu 10.04.1 (LTS) as a guest operating system in VMWare. The host OS is Windows 710:37
LjLr4vn: then start it with "sudo"10:37
__godhelpmeI'm having problems installing ubuntu from usb it find or mount from cdrom10:37
r4vnLjL, what is sudo?10:37
LjL!sudo | r4vn10:37
ubottur4vn: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:37
skypentllutz_ so anyone visiting that site is looking at their localhost, and if they don't have a /www they just see a default page?10:37
brahmanaEverything was fine when I shut down the system yesterday, but today the ubuntu guest is not able to connecte to the network.10:38
LjLr4vn: "sudo install.sh" will let you execute it as root.10:38
brahmanaIt just bails out. Where can I look for more information?10:38
llutz_skypent: basically yes, ask "TtoMIY@PRIVACYPOST.COM" why that is  or better think about why you mean to access that site10:38
skypentsomsip; llutz; nevermind, i can just go to the site through its ip.  thank you for the help!! you guys rock10:39
llutz_skypent: you cannot go to _that site_ through ip, because the ip is
skypentllutz_ it's a big riddle full of different stuff, people working on it.  i was just wondering why the main site redirected to my index.html.10:39
skypentllutz; the ip is; someone grabbed it before they did that localhost thing.10:40
llutz_skypent: ah ok10:40
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent10:42
VictorCLhi after the update to firefox 9 .. firefox keeps crushing .. now is useless  ... any solution?10:42
__godhelpmecan someone help me install ubuntu10:43
dirghrab4diawait for the next update I guess, use any alternatives10:43
zgrwhile startx I see error: failed to load fglrx, I've never tried to install it on this machine, why this happens?10:44
dirghrab4diawhat kind on installation are we looking at?10:44
=== dirghrab4dia is now known as dirgh
r4vnLjL, sry, but i dont know how to use sudo :/10:45
LjLr4vn: err, i just told you, just type "sudo install.sh"10:45
dirghsudo basically gives you the right as a super-user10:45
r4vnLjL where to type?10:45
LjLr4vn: in the terminal.10:45
dirghin the terminal10:45
dirghfollowed by your login password10:46
r4vnit shows: sudo: install.sh: command not found10:46
quiescensi was going to mention that wouldn't have worked10:46
LjLr4vn: you need to go to the directory where you downloaded install.sh first.10:46
LjLr4vn: anyway this is going to be very complicated i suspect, just installing that won't work according to the forums i'm reading.10:47
quiescensit still won't work because sudo isn't going to run something from the current directory without the part explicitly set10:47
__godhelpmedirgh, I can't install it says can't mount cd10:47
quiescenspath even10:47
dirghit would be best if you check the md5sum of the iso file10:48
__godhelpmedirgh, I am installing from usb10:48
dirghthen change the boot order, choose CD as the first device10:48
r4vnso what should i do? LjL, maybe ill try to install first10:48
r4vnhow to go to that directory?10:48
token-simonhi here10:49
LjLr4vn: "cd ~/Downloads" or whatever the relevant directory is10:49
LjLr4vn: but as quiescens says, you'll need to type something like "sudo bash install.sh" instead, my bad10:49
dirghI have never tried from a USB, but I believe it should have a similar set of instructions on ubuntu.com10:49
dirghespecially on how to make the USB10:49
dirghbrowse to the particular directory, then right-click and open a terminal10:50
__godhelpmedirgh, you would think but i can't find it and i did fallow the guide that they have on the download page10:51
dirghyou need to boot it from the USB, are you doing that?10:52
__godhelpmedirgh, yes10:52
r4vnyea. i am installing now :)10:52
dirghI need more details on the error10:53
dirghor what happens when you boot from that USB10:53
DragonSlaydirgh, just boot10:54
__godhelpmedirgh, during the install process when it goes to find and mount the cd drive to grab the files thats where it has the error10:54
dirghthe only thing I can think of is making the USB correctly, format it, and re-try it again maybe10:55
dirghit might be an issue with your USB, or the way you created it10:56
__godhelpmedirgh, it's not the way i created it i know that10:57
__godhelpmedirgh, i guess i will try to recreate it10:58
__godhelpmedirgh, i'll be back if it dont work10:58
Serse*giochi wii10:59
diverdudeHow do i remove a package which i compiled and installed using sudo make install?11:00
LjLdiverdude: sudo make uninstall, if they were so kind as to provide that option. otherwise, tough beans.11:02
igashaвсем привет11:02
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:02
diverdudeLjL: i get: make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.11:03
LjLdiverdude: then they didn't provide the option. you will need to find and remove the files manually. this is why sticking to packages is recommended.11:03
diverdudeLjL: problem is that ubuntu packages tend to be a bit older11:04
LjLdiverdude: which often means more stable. anyway next time, at least consider using "checkinstall"11:04
diverdudeLjL: i didnt know there was such an option...anyway its ruby...im sure there is some way of uninstalling11:05
LjLdiverdude: you installed ruby from source...? good luck.11:05
afidegnumhello good morning all, I have installed ssl-cert as directed on http://pkgs.org/ubuntu-11.10/ubuntu-main-i386/ssl-cert_1.0.28_all.deb.html but how do get the ssl keys?11:06
LjLdiverdude: installing things like programming languages and libraries like that is a very bad idea. often, packages in ubuntu depend on a specific version of them, and they will break with your manually installed ones.11:06
LjLdiverdude: what i would try doing is reinstall using checkinstall, and then use the output to find out what files to remove.11:07
afidegnumin fact, the ssl encryption key filepath, that is what I am being asked11:07
afidegnumwhere do I locate it ?11:07
diverdudeLjL: so i do sudo make checkinstall ?11:10
afidegnumany answer pls ?11:10
LjLdiverdude: no "sudo checkinstall"11:10
LjLdiverdude: after installing checkinstall, that is11:10
branantHow to change the repository mirror? I am running Ubuntu server 11.10.11:11
diverdudeLjL: it has created some package dog11:11
diverdudewhere can i find that?11:12
LjLdiverdude: checkinstall creates a (non-standard) .deb package for your program. try uninstalling that package first, apt-get remove ruby or whatever it has called it11:12
woozlyhow to killall by procname?11:13
DoctorDi disabled the menu bar in Konversation..how can i see it again ?11:13
diverdudeLjL: what about : dpkg -r ruby-1.9.211:14
diverdudeLjL: it suggests that11:14
LjLdiverdude: same difference11:14
diverdudeok..ill do that11:14
branantwoozly: run "top" and get the process name from there11:14
DoctorDi disabled the menu bar in Konversation..how can i see it again ?11:14
LjLDoctorD: i think Alt+M11:15
DoctorDLjl: Ctrl + M. thanks ^_^11:15
diverdudeLjL: its still 1.9.2 :S11:15
LjLdiverdude: you mean apt-cache policy ruby says 1.9.2?11:15
__godhelpmeljl, could you help me install from usb11:15
diverdudeLjL: no ruby --version11:16
LjLdiverdude: what does apt-cache policy ruby say now though11:16
LjL__godhelpme: how have you gone towards doing it? i usually use unetbootin11:16
woozlybranant, I mean automatically11:16
woozlybranant, with one command11:16
LjLwoozly: killall does accept a name11:16
diverdudeLjL: also 1.9.211:17
diverdudeLjL: no wait11:17
__godhelpmeljl, universal usb installer from pendrivelinux.com11:17
LjL__godhelpme: dunno, i'd try with unetbootin11:17
diverdudeLjL: it says this: http://pastebin.com/4dkicQzS11:18
DoctorDhow can i make in Konversation all the tabs channel to see it in "tree mode" like you do it in xChat for example..11:18
branantwoozly: ok, so killall [option] [process name]11:18
__godhelpmeljl, k will try11:18
LjLdiverdude: ok that just means you [also] have the Ubuntu package installed. what does "which ruby" say?11:18
diverdudeLjL: that says: /usr/local/bin/ruby11:19
diverdudeLjL: so i have both packs installed...hmm so i need to remove the 1.9.2 somehow11:21
LjLdiverdude: the 1.9.2 package is probably *not* installed at this point, but you still have the files. to make sure, type "dpkg -S /usr/local/bin/ruby", it should say it belongs to no package11:22
LjLdiverdude: right now i'm trying to find out how to list the files contained in a package, because i don't remember, short of extracting the package and seeing (which is a viable option but)11:22
LjLdiverdude: oh here we go, it's "dpkg --contents filename.deb"11:23
aminHey Babies !!!11:23
diverdude LjL: hmmm it says: dpkg: /usr/local/bin/ruby not found.11:23
diverdudeLjL: but the file is in that location when i ls it11:24
LjLdiverdude: that's ok, it's just saying that it cannot find a package to which it belongs11:24
diverdudeoh yes okay11:24
LjLdiverdude: now try the dpkg --contents command on the .deb file created. that will list all the files it contains, and then you can remove them11:24
diverdudeso..filename.deb is what ?11:24
LjLdiverdude: the file created by checkinstall11:24
diverdudeLjL: this outputs this: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/205220263411:28
diverdudeLjL: do i have to manually remove all those files?11:29
xslhello all , did ltsp-server-standalone packages changed ?11:30
diverdudeLjL: ?11:31
=== seshagiri is now known as coreGUI
diverdudeLjL: you there?11:34
toninhoalguem fala português ??11:38
diverdudetoninho: nâo11:40
llutz_!pt | toninho11:41
ubottutoninho: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.11:41
toninhoxi ħadd jitkellem Portugiż?11:42
toninhoxi ħadd jitkellem Portugiż?11:42
toninhoxi ħadd jitkellem Portugiż?11:42
FloodBot1toninho: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:42
FloodBot1toninho: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:43
Myrttitoninho: no more warnings, next one will get you kicked.11:43
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:43
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__godhelpmeljl, you still there11:44
aammckubottu: hello11:45
toninhoyou is gay?11:45
toninhoyou is gay?11:45
toninhoyou is gay?11:46
__godhelpmeaammck, !ubottu11:46
__godhelpmeljl, it works like a charm11:47
ravn2What command is to change directories in terminal?11:49
jribravn2: cd11:49
go8765can i use some command to see all ppa in my system?11:53
ravn2LjL can you remind me what command with before install.sh i should write?11:54
auronandaceravn2: what are you trying to install?11:54
ravn2printer driver11:54
auronandaceravn2: what printer?11:54
Anomie21Anyone have any experience repairing flash drives in ubuntu?11:54
ravn2i allready installed by usb. but i am trying now to make it work by wireless11:55
auronandaceravn2: no idea what that is, but to run scripts put a ./ infront11:55
damien__did someone get Authentec fingerprint working on oneiric ?11:56
auronandaceravn2: some scripts might need to be run as sudo (make sure you trust the script before running it): sudo ./nameofscript11:56
ravn2yea... but after sudo i should write something like bush11:57
auronandaceravn2: do you mean bash? usually no11:57
ravn2yea bash11:57
auronandaceravn2: most scripts have a shebang in them that tells the system to use a certain shell11:58
ravn2why no?11:58
* Alienwarfare Gets up and gets a beer for ravn2 and everyone in #ubuntu11:58
=== rdw is now known as millun
ravn2thx :) i did that11:59
berserkrhello all. i've tried to download ubuntu 11.10 for i386 64bits, but, the only version of 64bits that i've seen is for AMD, it is right?? doesn't exist a version of 64bits for i386??12:02
llutz_berserkr: amd64 is intel+amd, only the name is confusing12:02
auronandaceberserkr: i386 means 32bit12:02
berserkrllutz ahh! ok, so i'll download amd64. ;D thanks12:03
berserkrauronandace: ok, i was wrong12:03
zerocool1234ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)12:04
zerocool1234do ameone have solution of above mysql error?12:05
zerocool1234ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)12:05
BuboI have a problem with a nvidia driver. It worked, but I restarted my pc for the updates to finish and now it doesnt work and I cant install it through the "additional drivers"12:05
zerocool1234ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)12:06
BuboSorry, installation of this driver failed.  Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log12:06
zerocool1234do smone have solution of the above problem12:06
zerocool1234ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)12:06
zerocool1234plz help me solve it12:06
mgaunard_is the ubuntu website down?12:06
Bubonope it isnt12:07
zerocool1234ERROR 2002: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)12:07
MonkeyDust!repeat| zerocool123412:07
zerocool1234plz sm one he l me12:07
ubottuzerocool1234: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:07
mgaunard_Bubo: what IP do you have for ubuntu.com12:07
BuboWhat do you mean?12:07
Bubohow do I see the ip?12:07
mgaunard_host ubuntu.com12:07
mgaunard_for me it's
mgaunard_and it doesn't even respond to ping12:07
Buboyes same12:08
silver_ubuntuhi, does anybody know about the ubuntu unusual zombie problem12:08
mgaunard_Bubo: and it works for you?12:08
silver_ubuntuthey start about half and hour after i turn on12:08
glebihanmgaunard_, same IP here, works fine12:08
ravn2anybody know how to configure wireless printer? i have Mac Adress, IP adress, Pin.. But i cant find how to use them to finish configuration12:09
Buboyes mgaunard_12:09
Buboi can ping it12:09
=== ravn2 is now known as r4vn
silver_ubuntuhow to killl zombie process in ubbunto?12:09
MonkeyDustsilver_ubuntu  cannot kill a zombie, it's already dead12:10
LjLdiverdude: sorry, had to leave. yeah you should manually remove the files at this point.12:10
llutz_silver_ubuntu: kill the parent or just wait12:10
Bubowhy is ubuntu slow on a quad core pc with 4gb ram? :|12:10
mgaunard_something is wrong with my side of the internet side12:10
silver_ubuntuThey start about half an hour after i turn on12:10
BuboI have a problem with a nvidia driver. It worked, but I restarted my pc for the updates to finish and now it doesnt work and I cant install it through the "additional drivers"12:11
silver_ubuntuthere is no service or anything running on my os12:11
silver_ubuntuDoes anybody know if there is somekind of bug in ubuntu?12:11
silver_ubuntuhello im here, plz help me12:13
__godhelpmeubuntu wont detect my raid12:18
Tony_is there a program specifically designed to make bootable cds12:19
__godhelpmeljl, i'm back12:19
Culiforgeubuntu 10.04. when I run lsdvd -a I get buffer i/o error on device sr0. is that a hardware problem or is something not installed right?12:20
MonkeyDustTony_  you mean unetbootin12:21
Tony_Monkeydust, no12:23
wingnut2626Good morning!  Its 730 am here in delaware, usa12:27
sophogood afternoon! it is 1327 here in frankfurt, germany12:27
rottenhubertGood morning from Halifax NS: Can anyone tell me what's up with this sox error under 10.04.3?  http://pastebin.com/rwyDe8XL12:29
sophoarmada :)12:29
icerootrottenhubert: you installed it with apt-get?12:30
rottenhuberticeroot: yep12:30
=== ravn2 is now known as r4vn
rottenhuberticeroot: and all the libs etc.12:30
__godhelpmehelp installing ubuntu with raid12:30
icerootrottenhubert: can you please open a bug about the issue with "ubuntu-bug sox"12:30
icerootrottenhubert: also please provide your paste there12:30
rottenhuberticeroot: will do, thanks.  uh (noob q)... where do I do that?12:31
rottenhubertnm, found it.12:31
diverdudeis /usr/local/bin in the path by default?12:32
Sparky-UKHi, can anyone tell me what is the best way to get fsck to run on an unbootable ubuntu box?12:32
llutz_Sparky-UK: live-cd12:32
llutz_diverdude: yes12:33
wincidehi, i cannot write into a vol /almacen i've on my new 11.10 ubuntu. I've changed fstab with defaults,rw,user,auto parameters , and after a  mount -o remount /almacen , log shows this  EXT4-fs (sda4): re-mounted. Opts: (null)12:34
wincide 12:34
llutz_wincide: check permissions, use chown/chmod to adjust. unix-fs like ext-fs don't use mount-options for this12:34
__godhelpmei need help installing ubuntu with raid12:35
eutheriadoes anyone else have an issue with the skype:i386 package going nuts eating all the ram and then crashing out?12:37
wincidellutz, permissions are 775 , enough for this issues. My question refers mainly to fstab because is not working properly according to Opts (null) although i've specified rw  ( EXT4-fs (sda4): re-mounted. Opts: (null)  )12:37
loxsfolks, I try to change the max open files limit in /etc/security/limits.conf but nothing changes (even after reboot). Basically I add this to the end of the file:  riak soft nofile 8192  (and another one for hard limit)12:37
loxswhat am I doing wrong?12:37
wingnut2626Is there any command that I can run to amplify my wifi receiver?12:38
llutz_wincide: " mount -o remount /almacen" re-mounts without any new option, so Opt=012:38
llutz_wincide: that won't show fstab-option after a re-mount12:39
wincidellutz, i guess remounts with fstab options , isnt it ? , these : defaults,rw,user,auto12:39
llutz_wincide: that won't show fstab-options after a re-mount12:39
wincideanyway , i 've rebooted before the remount to try to get rw access12:39
llutz_wincide: " mount -o remount,rw,bla,foo /almacen"   would have shown those as Opts12:40
babaliI want ti instal ver.11.10 on an old laptop that does not have settings for AHCI or sata on bios.will this be a problem?12:41
wincidewell llutz :  sudo mount -o remount,rw  /almacen ->  EXT4-fs (sda4): re-mounted. Opts: (null)12:41
auronandacebabali: ubuntu supports ide drives too (you don't need a sata drive)12:42
llutz_wincide: it already was rw, so no change12:42
babaliauronandace>,i have a sata drive but no settings with AHCI on bios.is this ok?12:43
auronandacebabali: you need to check what connections are available on your motherboard12:44
babaliauronandace>this is a laptop only SATA supported12:45
auronandacebabali: then why do you say the bios doesn't support sata?12:45
babali<auronandace>I said that bios has no setting for AHCI or SATA12:46
dmiejifdefedc d ev12:46
FloodBot1dmiejifde: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:47
auronandacebabali: lets take this from the top, you want to install ubuntu on your laptop?12:47
auronandacebabali: your laptop has a harddrive in it?12:47
auronandacebabali: if the answers to those 2 questions are yes, then you can install ubuntu12:48
wincidellutz, thanks, but i think this is not the cause, i will read more documentation about fstab :)12:49
llutz_wincide: what do you really want to do?12:49
llutz_wincide: check ownership of /almacen,  775 means nothing, if its root:root owned a user still won't have writeaccess12:52
KentAnyone know anything about data recovery? Some Excel files on an NTFS partition were corrupted and are sitting at 0 bytes. I'm using some recovery utilities but don't really know what I'm looking for...12:58
magicJI have a system with lp configured.  I can transmit and print jobs until for some reason I start getting them held because it reports"Alerts: printer stopped" - what is setting this status - if I reboot the jobs come out - if I cp to /dev/usb/lp0 the text comes out12:58
researcher123hello friend. can somebody help with this http://paste.ubuntu.com/800529/ ?12:58
magicJKent: was it user error or disk failure?12:59
KentmagicJ, the system crashed, probably a video card12:59
Kentdisk is fine12:59
researcher123Please help here http://paste.ubuntu.com/800529/12:59
auronandaceresearcher123: are you using extra repos?13:00
vi390hi, having problems with getting a touchscreen to work, maybe someone can help   http://paste.ubuntu.com/800530/13:00
researcher123auronandace: How do I check that?13:00
babali<auronandace>ok Thank you13:00
llutz_magicJ: sudo cupsenable printername13:00
magicJKent: run a copy of SpinRite13:00
vi390when i run through the xinput_calibrator it does not calibrate somehow13:01
vi390any idea?13:01
KentmagicJ what does that do?13:01
auronandaceresearcher123: you don't know if you've added extra repositories? check your sources.list13:01
researcher123auronandace: ok13:01
auronandacebabali: no worries :)13:01
magicJKent: get to the web site and look grc.com - it repairs disks - and it really does an amazing job - I have had many disks that have been damaged beyond repair supposedly that it has recovered13:02
KentWhen did I say the disk was broken?13:03
magicJKent: I acutually have an advert in the local college  that if everyone else sayds your drive needs to be replaced, bring it to me, if I fix it is $100 if not free.  Tyoicall make a few $100 per month13:03
KentCan someone kick magicJ for spam13:04
KentI said the disk was fine13:04
magicJKent: you said the data was inaccessible and that you thought that hardware did it13:04
KentThe files were corrupted after the system crashed13:04
KentThey were left with 0 bytes, so I'm trying to recover any deleted backups and autorecover files13:04
magicJKent: if you are suer that the files were corrupted I would agree with you - but how do you know that the disk sectors are not damaged13:05
KentExcel makes backups and deletes them regularly as normal operation. I'm hoping to find one of these backups13:05
KentI'm not going to pay for your mates program13:05
magicJKent: ok - good luck - if the data is important it is woth trying anything - I agree13:05
magicJKent: I could ask - why didn;t you have a backup, too13:06
leontopodso the new ubuntu 11.10 gui interface looks like it can run on a pad computer13:06
KentmagicJ, I do have backups, but not for the recently changed data13:06
cipherboyKent: might try testdisk.13:06
magicJllutz: 1) cupsenable did not help, 2) why would the thing have gone to that state anyway, 3) lpstat reports that the lp is accepting jobs13:07
KentUsing testdisk now, but I don't know if it's dumping whole files or just partial data and giving it a file name13:07
cipherboyKent: you will have to test that once it is done.13:08
=== cipherboy is now known as cipherboy|afk
shacharHi , i need help with ubuntu 11.10 , i`ve installed ubuntu on my laptop and updated my video adapter drivers , since then my touchpad scrolling is very very fast. the touchpad sensetivity is set to lowest. any idea what can cause the problem? ( also all the transitions animations are faster then usual) , thank you13:12
kelemvorHi, I have a problem I need some help solving. It seems like my disk space is being eaten, but I can't figure out why. http://pastebin.com/t1VXAine -> output from du. http://pastebin.com/6esZFt6B -> output from df.13:15
MooCow93This Ubuntu TV thing... what *IS* it actually? Is it an OS distribution? A software running inside some other OS? Is it an actual piece of hardware? It talks about "one remote" and "no boxes"?! The about page doesn't explain ANYTHING AT ALL!13:15
shacharHi , i need help with ubuntu 11.10 , i`ve installed ubuntu on my laptop and updated my video adapter drivers , since then my touchpad scrolling is very very fast. the touchpad sensetivity is set to lowest. any idea what can cause the problem? ( also all the transitions animations are faster then usual) , thank you13:15
MooCow93I've read http://www.ubuntu.com/tv and it doesn't explain a thing.13:15
kelemvorIt seems like I've lost 700+ gb on nonexisting files.13:16
auronandacekelemvor: lost 700gb of non-existing files? if they didn't exist in the first place then you can't have lost them13:17
kelemvori don't know, but they don't show up other than when i use df or in the program Disk Utility13:18
kelemvorIn Disk Usage it shows that I use ~950gb in my home folder, but it won't show me where, and it doesn't show up on 'du'13:19
kelemvorDisk Usage = Disk Utility13:19
kelemvorDisk Usage = Disk Usage Analyzer. I'm sorry, but I13:19
kelemvor've been at it a while13:20
drussellkelemvor: this could be the root reserved space on the filesystem... "tune2fs -m 2% /dev/foo"13:22
=== max is now known as Guest25191
drussellkelemvor: would reduce the reserved space from 5% (iirc the default) to 2%13:22
shacharHi , i need help with ubuntu 11.10 , i`ve installed ubuntu on my laptop and updated my video adapter drivers , since then my touchpad scrolling is very very fast. the touchpad sensetivity is set to lowest. any idea what can cause the problem? ( also all the transitions animations are faster then usual) , thank you13:22
auronandacedrussell: would root reserve 700gb?13:22
kelemvorDisk Usage Analyzer is contradicting itself as well. It says: Total fs capacity: 966 GB (used 917, available: 49) on top, and after a scan of / it says in the summary: folder '/' size 140GB13:23
MooCow93This Ubuntu TV thing... what *IS* it actually? Is it an OS distribution? A software running inside some other OS? Is it an actual piece of hardware? It talks about "one remote" and "no boxes"?! The about page doesn't explain ANYTHING AT ALL!13:23
MooCow93I've read http://www.ubuntu.com/tv and it doesn't explain a thing.13:23
drussellkelemvor: ahh no it wouldn't be anywhere near that amount for a single drive13:23
p0rchohi there. I'm trying to install ubuntu 11.10 using the USB, but I get a message saying that the installer could not unmount /cdrom and can't continue because of this. I've already googled for a answer but couldn't find anything that worked. any clues?13:23
kelemvorI also get a strange listing when i write 'ls -lha' where it lists only the last ~20 lines13:25
kelemvorabove that is a lot of whitespace, enough to push everything above out of the screen13:25
auronandaceMooCow93: i tend to find about pages are written by marketing people that want to make the product sound great or the next big thing without telling you much about what it actually is13:26
drussellMooCow93: it's software running on ubuntu13:26
drussellMooCow93 / auronandace : if you want to try it yourself look here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/how-to-install-ubuntu-tv-right-now-via-ppa/13:26
auronandacedrussell: no thanks13:27
drussellauronandace: fair enough13:27
drussellMooCow93: but do read the warnings, it's development code right now13:27
shacharHi , i need help with ubuntu 11.10 , i`ve installed ubuntu on my laptop and updated my video adapter drivers , since then my touchpad scrolling is very very fast. the touchpad sensetivity is set to lowest. any idea what can cause the problem? ( also all the transitions animations are faster then usual) , thank you13:27
Anomie21f**k! I think I just erased my 600GB drive full of movies. Is there anyway to reverse this command? sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb113:28
ponrajuganeshHave any installed the package wput? I am not able to do that? any help pls? When installed it says some error and then is not working13:28
llutz_Anomie21: try photorec/testdisk but chances are low13:28
iceroot!work | ponrajuganesh13:28
ubottuponrajuganesh: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.13:28
Anomie21llutz_: It was only 164MB in before I stopped it13:29
Ciphhi im trying to install ubuntu with HDMI (I have no other option) but screen goes blank. how can i fix this?13:29
rottenhuberticeroot: sox bug submitted: Bug #91475613:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 914756 in sox (Ubuntu) "symbol error launching sox v14.3.0 under 10.04.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91475613:29
icerootrottenhubert: great, thank you13:30
LiNuX`supanyone here good with troubleshooting wide format printing from ubuntu 11.10? I have the Epson Stylus Pro 989013:30
auronandaceAnomie21: good time to point out the advantage of back ups13:30
Anomie21auronandace: I got this far - http://pastebin.com/TzNQFehc - any hope13:30
ponrajuganeshhave any installed wput?13:31
LiNuX`supit appears that weather I connect to the printer as a share or directly to IP it will print a test page but not find the connection after13:31
MrHeathi folks! anyone know what load average the uptime command returns?13:31
icerootponrajuganesh: again, please post usefull details13:31
MrHeatthe three numbers13:31
auronandaceAnomie21: sorry i don't know13:31
LiNuX`supthe driver seems to get readings on ink levels etc but has an error when trying to send13:31
auronandaceAnomie21: i'm just extolling the virtues of making backups13:32
ikoniaMrHeat: 1 5 15 minute load13:32
LiNuX`supit will work again for 1 print after uninstalling and reinstalling13:32
auronandaceAnomie21: it seems to me most people never think about backing up something until its too late13:32
Anomie21auronandace: I would never back that data up. It's not sensitive.13:32
MrHeatikonia: thanks13:32
icerootponrajuganesh: what commands you are using, what errors you get and so on13:32
llutz_Anomie21: why do you care about the lost videos then?13:33
Anomie21llutz_ Because it'll take me months to redownload them13:33
Edicochromium 15.0.874.106~r107270-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 is older or newer than chromium 14.0.835.202~r103287-0ubuntu1?13:33
llutz_Anomie21: you see, theres a reason even to backup this stuff next time :)13:33
icerootEdico: newer13:34
Anomie21If I had enough hard drive space to back that onto I would've just used it for more movies13:34
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
icerootEdico: the first number is the version, 15 is newer then 1413:34
llutz_Anomie21: you are our hero, good luck with recovering13:34
sopho600gb download will take months?13:34
icerootsopho: is that a real question?13:34
sophoiceroot: if you can see it, it must be there, so it is somehow real13:35
Edicoiceroot, how come ubuntu 10.04 has a newer version of chromium than ubuntu 11.10?13:35
Anomie21sopho: If I had it all available to download on my seedbox still it'd take me 20 days13:35
drussellAnomie21: you could try http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/13:35
icerootsopho: time to do some math13:35
sophoiceroot: be my guest13:35
kelemvorDoes anybody have any tips for discovering what's eating my disk space?13:35
CiphIm trying to install ubuntu server with a usb-stick. But after a while loading from the usb the screen goes blank. Im using HDMI > TV (I have no other option). Can I fix this somehow? Thankful for suggestions13:35
drussellAnomie21: however I think as you've dd'd over the filesystem.... you may be out of luck13:35
icerootsopho: take the complete size and also take the download-speed, then total-size / downloadspeed13:35
icerootsopho: which is a result in seconds, make that to hours, days and so on13:36
drussellkelemvor: what does "du -h" show?13:36
sophoiceroot: so there's variables in it :-) i guess u'r arriving at the point i was refering to :-)13:36
=== xtreme- is now known as bobkaare
icerootsopho: what is your real (ubuntu releated) question?13:36
sophoiceroot: obviously, there is none.13:37
MooCow93auronandace and drussell: Well, it kept talking about "no box" and "one remote"... so I don't see how it can be software.13:37
kelemvor'du -h' shows 124G in home13:37
drussellMooCow93: that's because those pages are aimed at TV manufacturers13:37
kelemvor'du -h' shows 132G in /13:37
drussellMooCow93: hence why it's being demonstrated at CES right now13:37
MooCow93So they are supposed to ship a PC with Ubuntu and Ubuntu TV inside the TVs?13:37
MooCow93I have never used or owned a "Smart TV", so I have no idea how they work... but I assume (and hope) that it's some kind of removable module on the back side.13:38
drussellkelemvor: so run "du -h --max-depth=2" from /root13:38
MooCow93And not actually integrated into the core electronics.13:38
drussellMooCow93: no, they're integrated13:38
drussellMooCow93: usually low power ARM devices etc13:38
Edicowhy ubuntu 10.04 has a newer version of chromium than ubuntu 11.10?13:38
MooCow93So you cannot get rid of them? You have to pay extra for a crappy, slow browser (as it usually seems to be according to stories)?13:38
kelemvor'du -h --max-depth=2' in /root gives 1,2M13:39
drussellkelemvor: sorry not /root just /13:39
Anomie21Great, now the hard drive isnt mounting :/13:39
anandhello i have two folders and i want to sync them folder wise.how can i do that?13:39
drussellAnomie21: yeah, because you've blown away the filesystem13:40
iceroot!info chromium-browser lucid13:40
llutz_Anomie21: what do you expect after dd ing it?13:40
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.0.874.106~r107270-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 17278 kB, installed size 61280 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all)13:40
iceroot!info chromium-browser13:40
kelemvordrussell: I assumed that so I ran it right after, but it took a while. :)13:40
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 15.0.874.106~r107270-0ubuntu0.11.10.1 (oneiric), package size 18844 kB, installed size 69092 kB13:40
kelemvor'du -h --max-depth=2' in / gives 132G13:40
icerootEdico: i dont see a difference in the version13:40
Anomie21llutz_ : dunno, dont know what 'dd' is13:40
urthmover!info bacula13:40
drussellAnomie21: lol13:40
ubottubacula (source: bacula): network backup, recovery and verification - meta-package. In component main, is optional. Version 5.0.3-1ubuntu5 (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 20 kB13:40
llutz_Anomie21: why dod you use it then?13:40
icerootEdico: Version 15.0.874.106~r107270 on both13:40
onrekelemvor, something in your home directory/directories is eating the space.13:41
Anomie21llutz_ Because I was trying to repair a USB drive and someone told me to try that13:41
onrekelemvor, cd /home; du -sh *13:41
llutz_Anomie21: someone fooled you or you got it wrong13:41
anandhello any one plz help me. i have two folders and i want to sync them folder wise.how can i do that?13:41
onrekelemvor, you'll get a listing of how much each file and/or directory uses space. also: du -sk|sort -nr|less - you get sorted listing in kilobytes13:41
kelemvor'du -sh *' in /home gives 124G13:41
Anomie21How do I use extundelete if it wont mount?13:41
icerootAnomie21: you cant undo dd-actions13:42
icerootAnomie21: dd is very good to destroy datas completly13:42
onrekelemvor, well, it prints a directory name, too. that is the directory containing the 124 gigabytes. go to that directory and continue the process.13:42
lironhey guys..13:42
llutz_Anomie21: try photorec/testdisk13:42
lironI need some help on  linux..13:42
Anomie21iceroot: It didn't complete though, only ran for a few seconds13:42
icerootAnomie21: just my opionion, dont use a command starting with sudo if you dont know what the command is doing13:42
kelemvoronre: the prolem isn't the 124G that is listed. Its the 700G of disk space I'm missing.13:42
icerootAnomie21: thats enough to kill all datas13:42
lironhoW CAN I USE the driver acx1100?13:43
Anomie21iceroot: Says it only got 164MB into it13:43
lironOn Ubuntu 11.10?"13:43
icerootAnomie21: because you killed the first superblock and the partition-layout (first 512byte)13:43
onrekelemvor, that sounds very interesting indeed. du -sh / gives what?13:43
drussellAnomie21: as mentioned, the start of the disk contains important information13:43
lironit so complicated13:43
Anomie21They should really put those bytes at the end :(13:43
drussellAnomie21: though as llutz_ mentioned, photorec and similar tools might help13:43
icerootAnomie21: i did something simliar, i got a 2zetaByte partitoon, because i messed up the partitonlayout and superblock and the size was complety wrong13:43
shacharHi , is there a way to search\list apt - get using the CLI?13:44
icerootAnomie21: your data are gone, dont waste time on that, just thing about as good backup-solution and be carefull when using "sudo commands"13:44
drussellAnomie21: but they'll recover blocks of data, you'll need to find out what each recovered file is, rename it etc13:44
icerootshachar: apt-cache search foobar13:44
kelemvor'du -sh /' gives me a total of 132G13:44
drussellkelemvor: and "df -h" shows?13:45
kelemvor'df -h' on the other hand suggests that I use 855GB on /13:45
drussellkelemvor: can you pastebin the outputs from both commands somewhere?13:45
kelemvorand that I currently have 4k left13:45
kelemvorhttp://pastebin.com/6esZFt6B -> df13:45
kelemvorhttp://pastebin.com/t1VXAine -> du13:46
shachariceroot : How can i see which one of the list items are installed ?13:46
Anomie21If anyone knows lkraemer from the ubuntu forums tell him I'm coming after him.13:46
CiphDoes anyone know how to install ubuntu with a HDMI > TV screen. (It keeps going blank)13:46
icerootshachar: dpkg -l | grep ^ii13:46
Weaselwebwhy was fbgrab replaced by fbcat? it lacks features13:48
shachariceroot : Thank you , i entered the followin line to sudoers but when iam trying to 'sudo' i still need to enter passwd : shachar ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL13:48
drussellkelemvor: wow, that's..... odd. I seriously don't know what to make of that output... one sec13:49
blast007Anomie21: the advice was probably not intended to be bad.. had you provided the correct device, it would have simply erased your flash drive.  In any case, you shouldn't blindly run commands without researching exactly what they will do.13:49
g[r]eekHi I'm trying to find the .deb install file for dnsmasq so that I can copy it onto my offline server, any suggestions?13:50
Anomie21blast007: Probably not, but I stated it was a 32GB hard drive in the title of the thread and I'm assuming he got that drive path from my fdisk output which states that /dev/sdb1 is a 640GB drive13:50
pangoling[r]eek: packages.ubuntu.com13:50
g[r]eekpangolin, thanks13:50
Anomie21blast007: plus I also said that the drive I was trying to repair wasnt in fdisk13:51
shachariceroot : Thank you , i entered the followin line to sudoers but when iam trying to 'sudo' i still need to enter passwd : shachar ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL what is the right syntax?13:51
kelemvordrussell: I deleted a vm I don't need and got 5.6GB free. The only problem is that the free space is being eaten up. It's currently at 5.0GB a minute after deletion.13:53
drussellkelemvor: have you done anything with "sparse files" on your drive?13:53
drussellkelemvor: ahh sounds like if you've got vm images, that could be it13:54
shacharHi , can some one tell me what is wrong with the syntax? , i am trying to 'sudo' without password :  shachar ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL13:54
Anomie21Whats the easiest way to get the drive back to a blank usable state then so I can start piecing my life back together?13:54
* Anomie21 sobs13:54
kelemvordrussell: not that i know of13:54
kelemvorThe VMs are contained in my home dir, so they are listed there. Hence the reason my /home is 124 gb13:54
go8765is this ppa good to update weechat? or i haveing problems with dependences https://launchpad.net/~number5/+archive/ppa13:55
kelemvorAnd none are running now, but I'm currently at 4.0 GB of free space13:55
MonkeyDustgo8765  i think weechat is in the repos13:55
milliganI'm going to be upgrading my comp in the next few days, and it will be packing 16GB+ of RAM. It's going to be used mainly for developing.. more specifically doing java/jsp/tomcat etc etc.. Should I be installing a 64 bit system, or will I be able to utilize its full capacity with 32bit? What quirks might I run into running 64bit ?13:55
drussellkelemvor: you're certain none of them are running?13:55
blast007Anomie21: you probaly just need to partition it again and then format the partition13:55
g[r]eekpangolin, ok I've got the deb file on my server. How do I install it from my terminal?13:55
go8765MonkeyDust: but not fresh version13:56
pangoling[r]eek: sudo dpkg -i file-name.deb13:56
MonkeyDust!info weechat13:57
ubottuweechat (source: weechat): Fast, light and extensible chat client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.5-1 (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB13:57
kelemvordrussell: very certain. I've rebooted, and not started them up again13:57
rzechow can I tell if my install of ubunut is 32 or 64 bit?13:57
rzecubuntu server that is13:57
pangolinrzec: uname -a13:57
pangolinrzec: if you see x86_64 it is 64 bit13:57
Anomie21which file system is best?13:57
g[r]eekpangolin, thanks13:58
pangoling[r]eek: welcome13:58
Anomie21ext2 ext3 ext4?14:00
drussellAnomie21: ext4 is the current default14:00
Anomie21drussell: thx14:00
kelemvordrussell: heres a screenshot of my Disk Usage Analyzer: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/434822/dua.png14:02
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Anomie21drussell: blast007: I deleted all the partitions and made a new ext4 partition and it mounted, I cant do anything with it though. There's one read-only folder called 'lost+found' in it I cant access and I cant make any new folders or move stuff over?14:05
MonkeyDustAnomie21  what is it you want to do?14:07
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
Anomie21MonkeyDust: I want to be able to use it as a hard drive14:07
MonkeyDustAnomie21  why not partition it during a fresh install?14:07
compdocAnomie21, make sure the directory you created to mount it in has permissions14:08
iHileAnomie21: type "mount" in terminal after you mount14:08
drussellkelemvor: pastebin the output from "sudo tune2fs -l /dev/sda1"14:08
Anomie21Ah the owner is root because you run gparted as root14:09
MonkeyDustAnomie21  makes no difference during fresh install14:10
Anomie21MonkeyDust: 'fresh install' ?14:10
kelemvordrussell: http://pastebin.com/NPVccVJ914:10
MonkeyDustAnomie21  is that not what you want?14:10
Anomie21Well I'm not installing anything so not sure what you mean14:10
Anomie21This is an external hard drive, not my main HD14:10
MonkeyDusti missed that part14:10
MonkeyDustAnomie21  then you can use gparted to do the job14:12
Anomie21MonkeyDust: I'm in gparted but I dont see any options to give anyone write access14:12
MonkeyDustAnomie21  you don't do that in gparted14:12
kodenhey all really noobie question but I accidentally deleted my panel on one of my dual screen monitors and I am setting it back up but whenever I open anything in my monitor the tab to open and minimize it goes to the other monitor, how do I get it to stay in the monitor I opened it it14:12
compdocyou do that with Nautilus14:12
blast007kelemvor: just curious - have you booted from a LiveCD and tried mounting that partition?  wondering what it would show anything differently there.14:12
kodenusing ubuntu 10.10 if it matters14:13
Anomie21MonkeyDust: chown?14:13
MonkeyDustAnomie21 for folders, yes14:14
kelemvordrussell: No, I haven't tried that. There's just one problem: I don't have space left on my disk to download Ubuntu. :D14:14
MonkeyDustkoden  use more interpunction, you question is unreadable14:14
Anomie21MonkeyDust: Do you always speak in riddles? lol14:14
MonkeyDustAnomie21  i think it's you speaking in riddles, you want to use gparted to set permissions14:15
kelemvorI meant for that message to be to blast007.. :/14:15
Anomie21(14:12:40) MonkeyDust: Anomie21  you don't do that in gparted14:15
r4vnis anywhere guide how to configure wireless printer? :)14:15
pangolinAnomie21: you formatted the drive?14:15
Anomie21pangolin: yes14:15
compdocAnomie21, you can use chown or run:  gksu nautilus14:15
pangolinAnomie21: ok close gparted14:15
Anomie21pangolin: K14:16
MonkeyDustpangolin  actually, i don't get what Anomie21 wants14:16
MonkeyDustgood luck14:16
pangolinAnomie21: now open your file browser and try to create a folder on that drive14:16
Anomie21pangolin: It's greyed out14:16
compdocI guess Anomie21 cant see my posts14:17
Anomie21sorry compdoc I was messing about with gksu nautilus whilst talking to pangolin14:17
pangolinAnomie21: close your file browser, hit alt-F2 and type gksudo nautilus and then right click on the drive and check the permissions under properties14:18
Anomie21pangolin: There's no 'properties' when I right click the drive in gksudo nautilus14:18
pangolincompdoc: some help :)14:19
drussellkelemvor: hmm I'm puzzled, I can't see anything out of the ordinary there...14:19
kodenok MonkeyDust, I have two screens. In one I accidentally deleted a panel (we will call it monitor A). I have recreated the panel in monitor A. When I open a window monitor A the little tab button that can open and close that window displays on monitor B.14:20
Anomie21Only options I have are 'Open, Open In New Tab, Open In New Window, Add Bookmark, or Unmount'14:20
drussellkelemvor: I've passed the urls to a few people, will let you know if they think of anything14:20
compdocpangolin, I was the first to suggest checking permissions fot the mount folder, and I use Nautilus for that. so whats your problem?14:20
pangolincompdoc: he sees no "properties" when right clicking14:20
kodenhttp://b.4sm.biz/screenshots/clippings/773a68ef84c16baa1cfffb5c8fc873d099d0dfbd.png see where it says, "xchat: koden @ FreeN..." that tab button thing. Not quite sure what to call it MonkeyDust14:21
kelemvordrussell: I'm considering a clean install, but the thing is, I'd rather not, due to installed packages, configs and whatnot.14:21
blast007drussell: could running an fsck maybe help his issue?14:21
compdocso help him fix it - youre in charge now14:21
pangolincompdoc: who said I was in charge? also I asked you to help me...14:22
drussellblast007: maybe...14:22
drussellkelemvor: if you run "touch /forcefsck" and then reboot, when your machine boots up it will check the filesystem to ensure there is no corruption14:23
drussellkelemvor: I don't think that's the problem, but it shouldn't do any harm either14:24
kelemvorI ran SMART Data self test a little earlier, and that didn't report anything. I'll be back after a reboot14:25
blast007might take quite a while for a disk that large14:25
kelemvorblast007: I know. :(14:25
blast007could it be a rootkit?  I haven't encountered one (that I know of), so I'm not sure how "advanced" they are14:26
kelemvorwhatever it is, it's hiding quite well..14:26
blast007you had mentioned that 'ls' gave weird output?14:26
kelemvorblast007: it's like it's putting a lot of extra whitespace above the last lines.14:27
gartralis it possible too purge *all* java installs from a system? every time I go too remove openjdk it wants too install sun-java-6 and vice-versa14:27
nomad__i'm a newbie who screwed up grub, can somebody here help me?  i accidentally set it to timeout at 0 and the default is memtest14:28
llutz_kelemvor: ls -l /whatever >file && less file14:28
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kelemvormight have to do with little disk space, but I don't know. 'du' is the same14:28
nomad__i'm running ubuntu from the LiveCD now, hoping to gedit the grub file14:28
kelemvorllutz: less is more stable, yes.14:28
nomad__can somebody walk me through this?14:28
kelemvorllutz: there I get the entire output without whitespace14:28
blast007kelemvor: that was kinda worrying me too - as though the binaries had perhaps been modified/replaced14:29
llutz_kelemvor: thats what this action  was for14:29
Anomie21now the hard drive isnt being recognised by gparted :/14:29
Anomie21I'll just wipe it on mac osx14:30
kelemvorllutz: Haha - ls: write error: No space left on device14:30
llutz_kelemvor: nice try :(14:30
blast007kelemvor: try running the ls with sudo14:31
blast007since root has some space reserved14:31
kelemvorblast007: that worked14:31
kelemvorblast007, llutz: I can't see anything strange in the output14:33
rib0f1avinmy fan noise increases in ubuntu 11.10 compared to windows14:34
hwilderib0f1avin,  that's because it's running all the time and doesn't scale down14:34
hwilderib0f1avin, if you find the right driver for your hardware it will throttle the fan14:35
rib0f1avinbut its fine on windows14:35
rib0f1avinis it problem with ati drivers or the bios?14:35
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shobhahello, how to start ibus daemon on startup in ubuntu 10.10? I added it through system settings(GUI), any command line help is appreciated.14:37
Anomie21sudo chown -R (user name) /dev/(device name) is the ubuntu command to change the permission to a different user14:37
Anomie21But what permissions are hard drives set to when you first buy them? So that they just work on any computer?14:37
llutz_Anomie21: NO14:38
icerootAnomie21: dont do that14:38
kelemvorI'll be back after a restart and fsck14:38
icerootAnomie21: you are never working directly on /dev/foobar14:38
llutz_Anomie21: those disk never come with unix-filesytems. make it ntfs/vfat whatever if youwant that14:38
nomad__i am trying to sudo gedit a grub file that's on another partition and i can locate it in the file browser, but how can i see what the file path is so i can enter in the terminal?14:38
shobha hello, how to start ibus daemon on startup in ubuntu 10.10? I added it through system settings(GUI) but no effect, any command line help is appreciated.14:38
KircleGuys is it possible to instead of assinging the expo function a shortcut (expo key is where it shows you all your workspaces) could I do it via a bash command? So I could just have a button in my launcher instead?14:39
llutz_Anomie21: if you want to use ext4, sudo mount /dev/sdXY /wherever && sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /wherever14:39
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Anomie21llutz_: Made it NTFS, still not giving me permissions to access it though?14:40
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE14:40
llutz_Anomie21: ^^14:40
Anomie21oh it works on my mac now though14:40
Anomie21woo working on ubuntu now14:41
helo_hello, I was updating my system and it will no longer boot. It comes to a screen saying BusyBox v1.13.13 ....14:44
helo_Can anyone help?14:44
researcher123Please help here http://paste.ubuntu.com/800529/14:44
EvilResistancehelo_:  anything else on the screen?14:45
diverdudedoes scripts in /usr/local/bin have precedence over scripts in /usr/bin? If i have a scripts with same name in both folders and both are executable...which one will be executed then?14:45
llutz_diverdude: echo $PATH   shows you the order scripts were searched14:45
EvilResistancehelo_:  that wasnt my question.  it should usually tell you why it dumped you into initramfs14:46
llutz_diverdude: from left to right14:46
helo_"No init found. Try passing init=bootarg"14:46
diverdudeubuntu users are supposed to put their own scripts in /usr/local/bin right?14:47
llutz_diverdude: personal stuff ~/bin14:47
diverdudeand global stuff?14:48
llutz_diverdude: /usr/local/14:48
diverdudei knew it...aha14:48
FloodBot1diverdude: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:48
llutz_diverdude: sry "their own scripts"  reads for as "personal"14:49
kelemvordrussell, llutz: do you know what makes me feel like an idiot? Being an idiot.. I thought I had restarted the system earlier, because I pressed restart and went to the bathroom. Upon returning I had the login screen. When I tried it now, I saw it didn't actually restart, but just closed the prompt. So now, after a restart, everything seems fine.14:49
Anomie21Hmm, still having problems moving files onto the drive from other computers. Saying the drive cant be modified. It's set to NTFS, is there anything else I need to do?14:49
helo_I tried booting to the previous kernel as well and same issue.14:50
diverdudellutz_: yeah ok. bad formulation. im so sorry...im just trying to clean up a messsy system i made by installing ruby from source using make install14:51
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gartralnomad__: ever get your grub config figured out?14:51
drussellkelemvor: lol14:52
drussellkelemvor: so it was a runaway process writing to the disk14:52
Sparky-UKCan someone advise me what I need to do to fix "mountall: fsck /boot [316] terminated with status 1" error on boot14:52
kelemvordrussell, llutz: Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Lesson learnt: Never take anything for granted.14:53
drussellkelemvor: no worries, glad you got it sorted14:53
kelemvordrussell: yes, but not to a spesific file it seems, as I would have found that file14:53
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nomad__can somebody please teach me how to get write access to a file on a file on my ubuntu partition on my hard drive, when i'm currently running from a LiveCD?14:55
gartralnomad__: sudo gedit14:55
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
nomad__gartral, thanks, but how do i specify the file path?14:55
researcher123Please help here http://paste.ubuntu.com/800529/ http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/5503/desktop1c.png14:55
gartralnomad__: I assume you want access14:55
nomad__the partition appears to be called "11 GB Filesystem" but that doesn't work14:55
gartralnomad__: I assume you want access too /boot/grub/grub.conf?14:56
nomad__to etc/default/grub14:56
helo_Can someone help me get my ubuntu to boot? It was running perfectly until I tried to update this morning. It now dumps to busybox and an initramfs prompt14:56
blackshirthello, is there limit capacity on ~/Desktop directory on user home dir14:57
nomad__but sudo gedit etc/default/grub doesn't work14:57
Anomie21In gksudo nautilus when I try and change the permissions for 'Others' to Create and delete files/full read & write access it won't let me? Just jumps back itself14:57
researcher123Why I cant update or upgrade. Kindly see the error messages and screen-shots here Please help here http://paste.ubuntu.com/800529/ http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/5503/desktop1c.png http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/5692/desktop2i.png14:57
gartralnomad__: keep in mind that while your in the livCD environment your root (/) will be the livecd's root, too find the drive mountpoint you should check ls /media14:57
gartralnomad__: your leading slash is missing there14:58
gartralnomad__: it would be /ect/default/grub14:58
diverdudewhen i write which ruby it says /usr/bin/ruby. But when i then write ruby to execute it it says no such file or directory. Why is that?14:58
nomad__thanks, but i'm not sure i understand how to ls /media14:58
gartralnomad__: open a terminal and type ls /media14:58
blackshirt hello, is there limit capacity on ~/Desktop directory on user home dir?14:59
nomad__okay, i did that got the long string of digits14:59
gartralnomad__: ls is LiSt14:59
nomad__should i type "sudo gedit /long-string-of-digit/etc/default/grub" ?14:59
gartraloi.. it's giving you the GUIDs of te partitions..14:59
geirhablackshirt: What do you mean?15:00
gartralnomad__: first ls /media/long-string-of-digits15:00
diverdudewhen i write which ruby it says /usr/bin/ruby. But when i then15:00
diverdude    write ruby to execute it it says no such file or directory. Why is15:00
diverdude    that?15:00
FrozenpacketJust installed ubuntu 11.10 Wanted to know how to check for updates15:00
gartralblackshirt: by default /home's capacity is as large as the partition /home is on15:00
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nomad__okay, that gave me a list15:01
blackshirtgeirha:  i mean Desktop directory on Gnome-based under user home directory ?15:01
geirhablackshirt: Yeah, but what type of limit are you talking about?15:02
gartralblackshirt: so if you have all your mountpoints on the same partition (which gennerally isn't a great idea) of a size of 300 gb, then /home and everything under /home would have a theoretical capacity of 300gb.15:02
gartralARGH java is a pain in the butt15:03
blackshirtgeirha, gartral: can we place file with 500 MB in size or above in specific Desktop folder ?15:03
EvilResistance!privmsg | helo_15:03
ubottuhelo_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.15:03
AdvoWorkjust done a fresh install of 11.04 on a laptop. Im trying to change the desktop back to the classic. It says search for Login screen and change it that way, yet i can't find that option. Searching for Login only shows the user accounts sections. Any ideas please?15:04
geirhablackshirt: Sure, as long as there's enough free space for it.15:04
nomad__gartral, is one of the items in this list the path i need?15:04
gartralblackshirt: yes, if your using a standard ext3/4 partition your maximum filsize is like.. 2.4tb15:04
gartralnomad__: that depends, is /ect in that list?15:04
diverdudewhen i write which ruby it says /usr/bin/ruby. But when i then15:05
diverdude    write ruby to execute it it says no such file or directory. Why is15:05
diverdude    that?15:05
nomad__yes, it is15:05
gartral!spam diverdude15:05
EvilResistancediverdude:  did you perhaps install ruby firsta?15:05
gartral!spam | diverdude15:05
EvilResistancegartral:  i think its !enter15:05
EvilResistance!enter | diverdude15:05
ubottudiverdude: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:05
diverdudeEvilResistance: well im not sure15:06
gartralnomad__: than chanches are good that it's your HDDs root. or / so yes, that's what you need15:06
diverdudeEvilResistance: how can i find out15:06
blackshirtgartral, geirha: thanks for enlightmnet15:06
EvilResistancediverdude:  apt-get install ruby15:06
EvilResistanceif its not installed, it'll install it15:06
EvilResistanceif it is installed, it'll say 0 packages removed, 0 upgrade, and 0 new packages installed.15:06
FrozenpacketJust installed ubuntu 11.10 Wanted to know how to check for updates ..... Might be a stupid question but 11.10 looks alot different then 10.0415:06
EvilResistanceotherwise, it'll go ahead and install ruby15:06
llutz_diverdude: ls -l $(which ruby)15:06
nomad__gartral it's opening the wrong grub, i think it's opening one on the LiveCD15:06
ThePendulumEverytime I boot Ubuntu, my display(s) look like this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25683105/Screenshots/001%20-%2011-01-2012%2016%3A01%3A53%20%20-%20Workspace%201.png15:07
ThePendulumI need to manually reset the settings to get it right again15:07
ThePendulumAny idea how to fix this permanently?15:07
gartralnomad__: sudo gedit /media/long-list/ect/default/grub15:07
FrozenpacketI am hoping the Updates that i need to get will fix my Microphone problem.15:08
gartralnomad__: no problem, i've borked grub so much that this is rutine from years back for me :P15:08
ThePendulumObviously, it looks like http://dl.dropbox.com/u/25683105/Screenshots/001%20-%2011-01-2012%2016%3A07%3A24%20%20-%20Workspace%201.png after reconfiguration. It's not a lot of work, but a bit annoying to keep doing it every boot lol15:08
chmacHow do I disable the top gnome-panel? Right clicking on the panel does not give me the option to delete it. I'm running gnome-panel on top of unity.15:08
chmacRight clicking does not bring up a menu at all. in fact.15:08
felipe_Brzneither the SQLite3 or  the PDO_SQLite extensions are installed by default on php downloaded via apt-get on ubuntu 11.10... is that correct?15:08
ThePendulumchmac: Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome 3?15:08
gwelterchmac: how about alt-rightclick?15:09
gartralnomad__: I've been spoiled by EFT and GPT lately >.>15:09
chmacThePendulum: Precise15:09
gartralchmac: unity --replace in a terminal should kill all panels15:09
chmacgwelter: Nothing on alt-rightclick either?15:10
chmacgartral: I actually want the bottom panel, just not the top.15:10
ThePendulumchmac: Considering my own experience, I concluded that editing things like that is no longer an option :| That's why I'm still on 11.04 with Ubuntu Classic (Gnome 2)15:10
chmacI was thinking something in gconf-editor, but I haven't found the correct option to kill it yet.15:10
FrozenpacketJust installed Ubuntu 11.10 Don't know how to update drivers so i can get my microphone working any help would be greatful :)15:10
gwelterchmac: k, i asked because in the new gnome lots of actions are behind the alt key15:10
chmacgwelter: Aha, ok, I'll try to remember that, thanks.15:10
gartralchmac: don't run gnome-panels with unity unless you like alot of wierd problems15:10
nomad__gartral, it won't let me save now15:10
ThePendulumAnyone on my display issue?15:10
Deck`i have to install a package with many dependences, how to delete the all packaged when i dont need them, should i use tags ?15:11
chmacgartral: I really, really, really like the window list, being able to minimise into it, track what's open in this workspace, etc.15:11
helo_I am getting this error and my system will not boot: Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init. Drops to the (initramfs) prompt. Everything was fine before trying to update the system this morning. Can anyone help, I'm totally stuck.15:11
chmacFrozenpacket: I'd recommend finding out the name of your soundcard / motherboard and searching for keywords like "sound problem", etc.15:11
gartralnomad__: you should be able too save-as too your desktop then cp ~/Desktop/grub /media/long-list/ect/default/grub15:11
gartralnomad__: make that sudo cp15:12
AdvoWork"Hi there. I need a new laptop, but I must be able to put Ubuntu on it. If i buy one, where I find Ubuntu will not work, am I able to return it? Thanks"......raghava_reddy_varala - You can install Ubuntu OS on the laptop yourself and it would definitely work on it......"how do you know though? I've not even specified a model"......raghava_reddy_varala - The Dell laptops are built in such a way that, all the latest operating system would work on15:12
Frozenpacketokay thanks, It was working fine with 10.04 or what ever, But the problem i had with verison 10 is i couldn't get webcam working now its opposite... lol15:12
dariusHey, can someone give me the command for chaning javas priority? I can't do it through system monitor.15:12
gartraldarius: sudo nice -n java15:13
nomad__gartra, sorry i was wrong that worked15:13
nomad__now i have to run update-grub somehow though, right?15:13
gartralnomad__: yes. sudo update-grub15:13
dariusDoes that increase the priority? I wanna play minecraft, but for some reason my computer runs it horribly, I have 1 gig of dedicated video ram, 3 gigs of ram and a 3.2 ghz dual core proccessor but it cannot run minecraft to save it's life, but it will run games like call of duty and skyrim without even a studder, I don't understand.15:15
gartraldarius: which java do you have?15:15
dariusOracle java 615:15
gartraldarius: ok. and what grapics card?15:16
DaZdarius: do you run it with flags suggested on minecraft website? :f15:16
dariusATI Raedon, I don't remember the exact series, it doesn't list it in system info.15:17
dariusAnd no daz I haven't tried that yet on this computer,15:17
nomad__gartral sudo update-grub says can not find a device15:17
gartraldarius: ok firstly try running the game with java -jar -Xms 1024 -Xmx 1024 ~/Desktop/minecraft15:18
gartralnomad__: hang on15:18
dariusunable to access jarfile 102415:20
diverdudewhat is the difference between packages ruby-dev and ruby-full?15:20
gartralnomad__: sorry had too dig up my notes sudo grub-mkconfig -o /media/long-list/ect/default/grub15:20
gartralnomad__: sorry had too dig up my notes. sudo grub-mkconfig -o /media/long-list/ect/default/grub15:21
dariusI tried copy and paste and it says invalid heap size -xms15:21
kelemvordrussell: I think I found the culprit. I did some 'df -h' to see that disk space wasn't eaten again, and everything seemed fine, until i started spotify. Using iotop i can see that it has a disk write of ~8 M/s, but it's cache isn't growing.15:21
diverdudeor how do i see the contents of a package b4 installing it?15:21
kelemvordiverdude: are you installing ruby for rails?15:21
gartraldarius: WHOOPS my bad15:22
gartraldarius: ok firstly try running the game with java -jar -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M ~/Desktop/minecraft15:22
Picidiverdude: take a look at the output of apt-cache show packagename, or did you mean the exact files that the pacakge installs?15:22
diverdudekelemvor: yeah...well in order to get gitoriuos up and running sometime hopefully15:22
nixnineI have a portable hard drive but cannot see or mount it.  It did fine in Mint but I am trying to access it using 11.10.  Any suggestion?15:22
dariusI'm trying the parameters on Minecraft.net and seeing what that does15:23
kelemvordiverdude: all sources says that you should avoid the repositories when installing ruby15:23
nomad__gartral, no problem about the wait, but it says can not find device again15:23
skelnixnine: unplug it and then tail -f /var/log/messages and plug it in again, see if it gives you a device or even recognizes it as a drive15:23
gartralnixnine: does it come up in your file browser?15:23
dariusThat didn't work, can you repost the other parameters? I don't know how to scroll up with Irssi15:23
kelemvordiverdude: https://github.com/sstephenson/rbenv or https://rvm.beginrescueend.com/ are places to look. I personally prefer rbenv15:23
gartraldarius: page-up or /last gartral15:24
dikiAnyone here using lm_sensors?15:24
nixninedoesn't show up i file browser15:24
dikiI wish to know if it includes information about a graphics card's VRM temps15:24
gartralnixnine: huh.. does it come up when you go to System>Administration>Disk Utility?15:24
dariusIt's not letting me post the command in a whole command, it's breaking it's self up.15:25
drussellkelemvor: ouch! spotify is the culprit? strange15:25
gartraldarius: java -jar -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M ~/Desktop/minecraft15:26
diverdudekelemvor: why?15:26
gartralnomad__: very strange.15:26
dariusUnable to access jarfile15:26
kelemvordiverdude: because you may want to run to rubies at once. 1.8.7 and 1.9.3 for instance..15:26
EvilResistancedarius:  try using minecraft.jar instaed of minecraft in gartral's statements15:26
gartralnomad__: try cd /media/long-list/ect/default and run the command again15:26
nixnineit show up but with 0.0 kb capacity15:26
gartralEvilResistance: actually the launcher is .zip15:27
gartralnixnine: what partition format?15:27
nixnineskel, can you explain your suggestion?15:27
kelemvordrussell: i know, and I don't think I've had the problem before now. When I whink about it, though, I have rebooted once in a while, and it does use some time filling up 700+ gb at ~8M/s15:27
dariusOkay, the launcher is open and loading.15:28
Edicowhy google chrome is not in any repos?15:28
skelnixnine: open up a terminal15:28
dariusedico sudo apt-get install chromium-browser15:28
diverdudekelemvor: here is a recommendation then... NEVER install ruby from source...it will give you only pain and grief...only use repo15:28
gartralEdico: because Chrome is closed source, you need too add the repo manually15:28
diverdudekelemvor: never install anything from source15:28
gartraldiverdude: good advice.15:28
nixninedisk utility says its not partitioned.  But from mint, I actually managed to partition and install fedora 1615:29
gartraldiverdude: second suggestion is Bad Advice.15:29
diverdudei learned that the hard way15:29
diverdudegartral: its good advice15:29
gartraldiverdude: I have mplayer, vlc, and many other programs that are installed from source.15:29
kelemvordiverdude: I've never used repo when installing ruby. I wan't to easily switch versions if I have an old app that needs another ruby version15:29
nixnineok skel15:29
diverdudekelemvor: then at least bundle it in a deb pack first15:30
skelnixnine: do you know the device name? if so we can skip that step15:30
EvilResistancegartral:  actually is .jar.  what version of minecraft are you using that has the launcher as a ZIP?15:30
diverdudekelemvor: i have manually been sitting and removing ruby files because they dont make an uninstall program15:30
diverdudekelemvor: that was not fun15:30
diverdudekelemvor: and why...because gitorius uses older ruby version15:30
dariusPlaying minecraft is about 3fps on my regular server and about 1fpm on my tekkit server, even with optimine and all of the parameters you suggested.15:30
gartralEvilResistance: my launcher is from back in the 1.6 days.15:30
nixninedont know15:30
nixninewould that be /dev/sdb?15:31
skelnixnine: yeah thats a device name15:31
nomad__gartral, sorry it took so long, i did cd and then tried sudo grub-mkconfig again, but still says cannot find device15:31
gartraldarius: that's really odd. i mean, minecraft runs like absolute dogcrap on my comp but i'm on an over-sized netbook. you shouldn't have that issue15:31
nixninegot it in disk utility15:31
skelnixnine: so if you want to see if that has a good partition table, do sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb15:32
skelnixnine: in a terminal15:32
gartralnomad__: something has changed. I haven't used GRUB in a few years. I'm sorry but I have no further advice15:32
kelemvordiverdude: I've never had that problem. It lacked an dependency once, so it botched installation, but I had no problem removing/replacing it15:32
dariusI have a redicoulously powerful computer, I can run call of duty and skyrim at the same time on multiple monitors with out even a little bit of studder, but I cannot play minecraft,15:32
skelnixnine: you should see any partitions you made when installing fedora on it, they'll have the type "linux" or "linux ext"15:32
nixninenothing happens with that command15:33
gartraldarius: do me a favor and try replacing your sun-java-6 with openjdk.15:33
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nomad__gartral, it's okay, at least i'm very close now, thank you for all your help!15:34
skelnixnine: what is the output?15:34
dariusI have openjdk and it runs even worse on that, and it won't even open with tekkit installed.15:34
skelnixnine: chances are thats not the right device name then15:34
gartralnomad__: your quite welcome!15:34
nixnineno output, just username@machine~$15:34
=== matt_ is now known as Guest19869
dariusDoes anyone else here have minecraft? Maybe it's my server that's being laggy, I don't know why though15:34
skelnixnine: if you unplug the drive, then do sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog  and plug it back in, what do you see?15:35
skeldarius: did you specify enough memory for it to run and do you have enough native memory?15:35
gartraldarius: try logging into mine (addy in pm)15:35
gartralskel: he said he had 3 gb15:35
skeldarius: ie, if your heap is too low it could constantly be doing garbage collection15:35
dariusI have 1gig of dedicated video card ram, and 3 gigs of ram15:36
gartralskel: 1 gig should be MORE than enough for minecraft15:36
dariusminecrafts minimum is 156mb15:36
skeldarius: are you specifying -Xmx when you start the server?15:36
skelnixnine: if there's more then one line of output, paste it to pastebin if you want to share it. fyi15:37
dariusI'm not running the server on this one, I'm trying to log onto my server, I have a premium hosted server,15:37
skeldarius: ah ok15:37
gartraldarius: hit ctrl-3 in your irssi.15:37
Anomie21Hmm, still having problems moving files onto the drive from other computers. Saying the drive cant be modified. It's set to NTFS, is there anything else I need to do?15:37
skeldarius: well I modified my daughters link to specify -Xmx for the client as well, I think 512 is the default15:37
dariusI started minecraft with a command for 102415:37
skeldarius: kk15:38
dariusCan I try starting minecraft with all of my ram?15:38
gartraldarius: can't hurt15:38
dariusI really don't care about messing up this computer, I am getting rid of it soon it won't even boot up to windows.15:38
gartraldarius: unless you have a hundred BIG mods installed15:38
nixnineHere's the output:http://pastebin.com/xPRkmV9K15:38
gartraldarius: what are you doing with it?15:39
dariusI have the Tekkit mod installed because I also have a tekkit server, along with optifine and optifine for multi threading15:39
dariusAnd I'm probably going to run it over with my truck.15:39
diverdudewhat version does ruby-dev and ruby-full install?15:39
dariusIt's a year old and it runs horribly.15:39
skelnixnine: looking15:39
gartraldarius: I'll take it!15:39
dariusYou don't want to deal with this computers problems, trust me. I can't STAND toshiba.15:40
tmusjoin #openvpnas15:40
gartralalso you have *both* optimine and optifine? that might be your issue,15:40
gartraltmus: slash-fail :P15:40
dariusI have optifine, and the add for multithreading which uses both cores of my proccesors instead of the one core that minecraft uses by default.15:41
RoObbanHello! Anyone in here know how to install the Swedish BankiD, well any swede in here?15:41
gartraldarius: seriously switch tabs i want too talk too you in private15:41
tmusgartral, yup - darn it ;-)15:41
RoObbanUbuntu 11.10 btw15:41
dariusHow so? I forgot.15:41
diverdudewhat version does ruby-dev and ruby-full install?15:41
Anomie21Is there an equivelent of CHMODing my NTFS external HD to 0777 ?15:42
skelnixnine: do you use a different usb drive sometimes ?15:42
skelnixnine: for other things?15:42
Picidiverdude: the output of apt-cache show ruby-full says that it depends on ruby1.8-full15:42
skelnixnine: have you ever manually edited /etc/fstab ?15:42
skelnixnine: it's possible if you did, that you have a custom entry for /dev/sdb and its using wrong defaults or FS type15:43
mackminerguys, I'm looking to clear files in my home folder in bash, there are a few files beginning with the same name foobar. I'm wondering if I can use a wildcard on foobar (foobar*) with an option just to delete folders as opposed to files!15:43
nixnineI am running 11.10 from a flashdrive now15:44
rileypanyone tried ubuntu tv15:44
skelnixnine: and now when you plug this one in, udev gives it "sdb" and then the system trys to match it to that in fstab and the settings don't apply15:44
skelnixnine: do you have another usb port on a different bridge you can try ? like if you're plugged into the front, try the back etc15:44
Anomie21Anyone? I've tried cd /media/your_external_drive // sudo chmod -R 777 *15:47
EvilResistancegartral:  ah... the launcher was changed to a .jar around 1.8beta15:48
gartralEvilResistance: perhaps I should update it >.>15:49
EvilResistancegartral:  probably15:49
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nomad__gartral: i figured out i should just edit the grub.cfg file directly, and that worked...just wanted to let you know in case this comes up again15:52
nomad__even though your grub days are behind you :)15:52
mobius420Greetings #ubuntu15:52
skelnixnine: based on the error in your syslog it looks like more then a simple config issue.15:53
ts2nomad__: /boot/grub/grub.cfg will be regenerated whenever the kernel is updated, so don't expect changes to stick around15:53
excelsiorhelp, can't blank rw dvd, when running "cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fast" I get "wodim: Operation not permitted. Warning: Cannot raise RLIMIT_MEMLOCK limits.15:53
skelnixnine: if switching ports doesn't work, try the solution here if you're comfortable with navigating via shell and editing files: http://askubuntu.com/questions/61010/cant-mount-external-laptop-hdd-on-laptop15:54
plukim running xubuntu 11.10, trying to get dvd playback to work. Ive installed the medibuntu stuff and libdvdcss2, but somehow it still doesnt work..15:54
mobius420I am running ubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 15R laptop. I wish to use a USB based headphones set but sound still comes from the speakers even when the headphones are plugged in. Can anyone suggest a fix?  maybe alsamixer?15:54
gartralnomad__: Ok, thanks for the heads-up, I'm glad i was able too point you in the right direction for the mountpoint15:54
nomad__gartral, yeah i don't think i ever would have figured that out, i was clueless :)15:55
excelsiorwith "sudo" I get "Errno: 5 (Input/output error), blank unit scsi sendcmd: no error"15:55
mobius420or is there an audio channel on freenode?15:56
SigmaVirus24can anyone point out to me where (if anywhere) ubuntu stores the X11/xorg source?15:57
skelexcelsior: do you know what module or driver is being used for your rewriter driver?15:57
hatebwhere do I find installed programs, something like "program files" folder on win ?15:57
SigmaVirus24hateb: /usr/bin or /bin and sometimes /usr/sbin15:57
schnuffleSigmaVirus24: source? Do you mean the config?15:57
SigmaVirus24schnuffle: no I want the source tyvm15:58
schnuffleSigmaVirus24: Have you installed the source package?15:58
skelhateb: they're in different locations based on the program.  most everything you need is usually in your $PATH by default so you should have to provide absolute paths15:58
skelhateb: *shouldn't have to proved absolute paths15:58
SigmaVirus24schnuffle: I was just added as an admin to a system of ubuntu machines, i'm more accustomed to slackware which actually includes the source for items15:58
skelhateb: *provide    .. sheesh15:59
* skel is taking crazy pills15:59
schnuffleSigmaVirus24: a debian package contains only the binaries, but there exists a source package as well15:59
SigmaVirus24well does the package include build options? that would rule out at least one problem we're having16:00
hatebI'm asking because I wanna add couple programs to autostart, but I can't find it16:00
SigmaVirus24hateb: use "which prog-name"16:00
SigmaVirus24i.e. which ls16:00
skelhateb: like to run as services?16:00
schnuffleSigmaVirus24: The source package contains the build options for the package. It's in the rules directory of the source package16:01
hatebwhere do I use this which prog16:01
SigmaVirus24thanks schnuffle16:01
skelhateb: anywhere, its in your path16:01
skelhateb: you just type: which <command> and it'll tell you the path of that binary16:01
hateboh I see16:02
magicJi have a system where lpstat is reporting that the printer is stopped - I can copy directly to the device and can not start the printer - a reboot will cause the queued jobs to print - whats uo?16:03
schnuffleSigmaVirus24: small correction its's ./debian/rules16:03
SigmaVirus24ok thanks schnuffle16:03
SigmaVirus24schnuffle: what's the complete path?16:04
SigmaVirus24(if you don't mind)16:04
schnuffleSigmaVirus24: if you install a source package with apt-get source <package> it gets downloaded to the actual dir16:04
skelmagicJ: sounds like an issue with the spooling daemon16:04
skelmagicJ: after you restart, how long before it stops working again?16:05
Anomie21I can't put files onto my external HD from other computers. I've tried cd /media/your_external_drive // sudo chmod -R 777 - any help?16:06
=== Guest39662 is now known as jolla
skelAnomie21: what do you mean by "from other computers". Have you set it up as NFS or iSCSI ?16:06
schnuffleSigmaVirus24: And of course you need the source repos enabled16:07
jutnuxHave you setup up file sharing Anomie21?16:07
SigmaVirus24alright, thanks schnuffle16:07
Anomie21skel: I've tried it on two Mac OSX and its giving me a permission error. Should've mentioned it's NTFS16:07
=== Cinober is now known as Cinober|Off
Anomie21jutnux: I'm not transferring the files over a network, getting this error when I plug it into another comp and try and move files over.16:07
jutnuxRun sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g in a terminal for me please.16:08
skelAnomie21: there's a few things you need to install to OSX before you can write to NTFS16:08
jutnuxOh, it's Mac OSX. Shouldn't you be asking in #mac rather than here?16:08
Anomie21jutnux: It worked fine before on NTFS. I just had to format the drive16:08
nixnineskel, i've commented out the lines in terminal like it says, but who do i save the change?16:09
PiciAnomie21: You're not running Ubuntu?16:09
Anomie21Pici: I am16:09
jutnuxBut you said it won't work on a Mac.16:09
PiciAnomie21: Where does OSX fit in then?16:09
skelnixnine: let me go take a look at the link, one sec16:09
jutnuxThus making your problem a Macintosh problem.16:09
Anomie21It's a seperate computer that I backed up some files onto earlier16:09
Anomie21and I'm trying to move them back over after I formatted/partitioned16:09
hatebIs it possible to change view settings in one window and apply that to all others as well (make it a default) ?16:09
skelnixnine: ok so they're just having you make a copy of /lib/udev/rules.d/80-udisks.rules and make changes and save it to /etc/udev/rules.d/80-udisks.rules16:11
diverdudei have inserted usb disk in my terminal only ubuntu machine. how do i browse it?16:11
skelnixnine: what you put in /etc/udev/rules.d will overwrite the default stuff in /lib/udev when it boots16:11
skelnixnine: so once you've done what its shown and saved the changes in the new path (/etc/udev/rules.d) then just try restarting and see if that helps16:12
jutnuxdiverdude: Can you run sudo apt-get install, we're going to need it.16:12
jutnuxsudo apt-get install pastebinit I mean16:12
schnufflediverdude:  mount it and then browse the mounted dir16:13
nixnineI did the editing in terminal but don't understand what to do after I've edited.  I don't know how I am supposed to save it.16:14
skelnixnine: what editor do you currently have up?16:14
=== vincent is now known as Vin100
nixninenano?  is that an editor?16:15
diverdudeschnuffle: yes but i have to find out what device it is?16:15
skelnixnine: yup :) ok so you just need to tell nano to save your changes16:15
skelnixnine: I don't use nano so give me a sec to google it16:15
skelnixnine: is there anything apparent that says save in the editor?16:15
schnufflediverdude: yes, sudo fdisk -l should show you your devices. If you have only one harddisk it should be /dev/sdb116:15
Picinixnine: press ctrl-o to save. ctrl-x to quit.16:15
skelPici:  ty =]16:16
Piciskel: np :)16:16
skelnixnine: brb16:16
diverdudeschnuffle: it shows sda1 to 616:16
christo_mhello, has anyone had success using WinFF for batch conversion of flv to mp4? i cant seem to get it to work.16:16
schnufflediverdude: and no /dev/sdb?16:16
magicJskel: if i reboot the jobs print immediately16:16
diverdudeschnuffle: its not 4,5 or 616:16
mneptoknixnine: do you usually use a graphical text editor?16:17
diverdudeschnuffle: nu. only sda16:17
nixnineThanks Pici, that saved it16:17
nixninegedit usually16:17
diverdudeschnuffle: nr 1 is boot device...so probably also not that one16:17
schnufflediverdude: Then check if the hardware is recognized: lsusb should show your USB pen drive16:17
mneptoknixnine: try install the package "ne" and use ne to edit text from the command line. ne's menu system is much more intuitive for people accustomed to a GUI.16:17
mneptok!info ne16:18
ubottune (source: ne): easy-to-use and powerful text editor. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2-3 (oneiric), package size 201 kB, installed size 760 kB16:18
diverdudeschnuffle: its there16:18
schnufflediverdude: sdaX are te partitions from your first harddisk16:18
jutnuxdiverdude: pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l please16:18
schnufflediverdude:  do you know what filesystem is on the stick?16:19
hahahafhdfhhey guys16:19
skelnixnine: back, so as long as you saved those changes to the file /etc/udev/rules.d/80-udisks.rules  you should be able to reboot and udev will read those and hopefully that'll fix the issue with your drive not mounting16:19
diverdudejutnux: i cant really do that because its on a machine where ubuntu is crashed and its in recovery mode...now im just saving data16:19
hahahafhdfhi need to speak to UBUNTU OP pls16:19
diverdudeschnuffle: i think its ntfs16:19
mneptokhahahafhdfh: #ubuntu-ops16:19
skelmagicJ: I caught that it prints immediately after reboot, but how long before it stops working after that16:19
jutnuxdiverdude: then run sudo fdisk -l and find your USB drive16:20
jutnuxdiverdude: then type sudo mkdir /mnt/USB16:20
nixninei need to reboot system?16:20
jutnuxdiverdude: then sudo mount /dev/sdb1 (or whatever your usb is called) /mnt/USB16:20
diverdudejutnux: but if its sdb1 why aint it listed in fdisk -l ?16:21
jutnuxdiverdude: It is.16:21
jutnuxdiverdude: Please pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l16:21
skelnixnine: you could try sudo /etc/init.d/udev reload16:21
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schnufflediverdude: so you need at least ntfs-3g installed to be able to mount it16:24
FloodBot1locaiap: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:25
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Dirangedive got a system that i want to leave in GMT… but i would like my users to be able to set their cron entries up in any timezone they want. specifically, PST8PDT.16:25
DirangedI know i can set TZ="US/Pacific" and when the app runs, it will think its in that timezone.. but i want them to actually be able to use say "0 8 * * *" as a time setting,and have the job run at 8AM … PST… or PDT..16:26
diverdudeschnuffle: here is fdisk -l output: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/18/photo1tyj.jpg/16:26
diverdudejutnux: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/18/photo1tyj.jpg/16:27
jutnuxThen your USB isn't being recognised.16:27
jutnuxCan you see it in lsusb diverdude?16:27
diverdudejutnux: yes and schnuffle already asked me that16:27
jutnuxI don't think you can use USB devices in safe mode.16:28
reCAPTCHAHi... I want to change permissions of a directory and every item in it so that any user can access it... what's the chmod command for that?16:28
diverdudejutnux: hmm how then can i safecopy my harddisk16:28
schnufflereCAPTCHA: chmod -R xxx /path16:28
jutnuxreCAPTCHA: chmod -R 0123 /folder16:28
fumanchu182For an Apache install I use /var/www/ as my base and create a "sites" folder there.  What should the permissions of this folder be?  www-data or root?16:28
reCAPTCHAjutnux... that's rwx, right?16:29
ekaleidothe user running the daemon16:29
Cube``lol wtf is up with them spammers16:29
jutnuxfumanchu182: That would be the owner of the folder, not the permissions.16:29
fumanchu182ekakela, I believe Apache runs under www-data.16:29
schnufflefumanchu182: www-data, but it's depending on your setup16:29
diverdudejutnux: ??16:29
jutnuxCube``: Don't talk about them please, you'll only encourage them.16:29
ekaleidofuman: everything under /var/www should be owned by www-data16:29
schnufflediverdude: are you in safe mode?16:29
diverdudeschnuffle: yes i am16:30
Cube``jutnux: well you just mentioned them too, no?16:30
PiciLets get back to support folks.16:30
fumanchu182ekaleido, thank you, that's what I was doing figured I should double check, thanks.16:30
schnufflediverdude:  can you boot in normal mode?16:30
Cube``Pici: k16:30
diverdudeschnuffle: no...the ubuntu suddently cannot boot normally...thats why im trying to save my data16:31
skeldiverdude: in those situations I boot off a livecd like sysresccd.org and just mount my drives and copy them over the network to somewhere else16:32
diverdudeskel: good idea16:32
schnufflediverdude:  Apparently your stick isn't recognized for some reason. I think boot from a usb live distri and do the backup that way16:32
skeldiverdude: instead of attempting any data rescue from the borked system16:32
=== go8765|off is now known as go8765
reCAPTCHASo, how can I make myself an owner of a file?16:35
=== marcio is now known as Guest98459
CoreyreCAPTCHA: chown youruser file16:35
skelreCAPTCHA: the chown command assuming you have root on the system16:35
CoreyAh, that's right, there's a sudo in there in ubuntu-land.16:36
=== Guest98459 is now known as Marcius81
reCAPTCHAOkay... how about recursively chowning a directory... chown -r dir does not seem to work.16:37
skelreCAPTCHA: -R16:37
reCAPTCHATried that too...16:37
diverdudeschnuffle: hmm now im in live boot and fdisk -l shows nothing16:37
skelreCAPTCHA: what was the output?16:37
reCAPTCHAmissing operand after file?16:38
skelreCAPTCHA: it should be like sudo chown -R <user>  <path>16:38
Coreyskel: Be careful with recursive flags. :-)16:38
skelCorey: :)16:39
diverdudeschnuffle: i found it16:39
skelreCAPTCHA: usually the system man pages have decent examples.  ie. man chown16:39
diverdudeis it possible to remove an old installation of ubuntu and replace it with a new without touching the also installed windows7 system?16:40
reCAPTCHAThanks, skel, I am just being lazy... sorry. :-)16:40
skelreCAPTCHA: no worries :) just good info when people aren't responding etc16:41
diverdudeskel: do you know?16:41
skeldiverdude: I don't see why not. as long as you make detailed notes of what disk / partition ubuntu is on16:41
diverdudeskel: or can i somehow repair the old one?16:42
skeldiverdude: when it gets to the partition segment of the install, you'd need to do an advanced install16:42
FloodBot1ROBERTTREVORS: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:42
skeldiverdude: whats the symptom you're having?16:42
diverdudeskel: ubuntu 11.1016:43
diverdudeROBERTTREVORS: GO OUT!!16:43
ikoniadiverdude: just ignore it it will go away soon16:43
hatebhow do I make HDMI work in ubuntu ?16:43
Guest46471you pray16:44
diverdudeschnuffle: it fails at startup16:44
skeldiverdude: what symptom are you seeing that you want remedied ?16:44
reCAPTCHAhabeb, what's your graphics card?16:44
diverdudeschnuffle: and then it shuts down again16:44
diverdudeskel: ^16:45
schnufflediverdude: what fails?16:45
skeldiverdude: whats the message on startup that indicates failure?16:45
diverdudemoment i will get it16:45
diverdudeits statins checking battery status.....  and then it just hangs there16:48
diverdudeskel: until i press the powerbutton16:48
diverdudeskel: then it writes more stuff16:48
skeldiverdude: have you tried modifying the grub boot line to turn acpi=off ?16:49
skeldiverdude: when did this start happening?16:49
abhinayhi, I'm not able to copy text from gnome-terminal, (able to copy text from other applications such as Google Chrome). something went wrong? any suggestions? Thx!16:49
reCAPTCHAabhinay, have you tried ctrl+shift+c?16:50
diverdudeskel: i had screen problems (hardware) and rebooted some times to figure out what was wrong and suddently it came this16:50
vtohi, can i file be owned by more than one group?16:50
diverdudeskel: now i got a new display16:50
vtocan a file or directory*16:50
llutzvto: no16:51
abhinayreCAPTCHA: I tried it, that didn't help too.16:51
skeldiverdude: hmm its difficult to diagnose when you can't get online and access logs to paste etc16:51
skeldiverdude: is your windows 7 install on the same drive?16:51
diverdudeskel: moment im uploading image of screen16:52
diverdudeskel: yes16:52
abhinayreCAPTCHA: also "Copy" of contextual menus isn't saving the text to clipboard.16:53
reCAPTCHAabhinay, can you paste INTO the terminal?16:55
diverdudeskel: ok this is the screen: http://imagebin.org/19307816:55
skeldiverdude: looking16:55
abhinayreCAPTCHA: yes, I'm able to copy from other application and paste into terminal16:55
diverdudeskel: in the other side of the screen it says ok16:55
diverdudeexcept int the first line - starting automatic crash report generation it says fail16:56
mksogdnehow i can use kismet ?16:56
skeldiverdude: and this is 11.10 ? or 11.0416:56
diverdudeskel: 11.1016:56
reCAPTCHAmksogdne... you mean as in UDK kismet?16:57
llutzmksogdne: http://www.kismetwireless.net/documentation.shtml16:57
reCAPTCHAabhinay, try uclip -z and then try ctrl+shift+c again.16:57
mksogdnei mean how i can search for wireless network by my wi-fi ?16:57
diverdudeskel: do you know what could be wrong?16:58
diverdudeskel: it just hangs there16:58
skeldiverdude: I see that /dev/sdb fails to mount, whats on that drive?16:58
_raveni set a root password - how to remove it again?16:58
diverdudeskel: hmm it might be my external HDD. ill try to remove it and reboot16:58
skeldiverdude: forums and various bug reports say that gnome-power-manager will hang on disks with insufficient space16:58
skeldiverdude: if its got nothing from the OS perspective on it, then its probably fine16:59
skeldiverdude: just didn't know if you put some ubuntu partitions on it16:59
diverdudeskel: there should be plenty of space on the main disk16:59
diverdudeskel: if ~ 300GB is ok at least16:59
diverdudeskel: getting you another picture17:00
_raveni set a root password - how to remove it again?17:00
reCAPTCHA_raven passwd17:01
_ravenreCAPTCHA which command exactly?17:01
skeldiverdude: I believe you, you don't need to take a pic :)  I'm just reading through some bug reports and threads17:01
_ravenreCAPTCHA and is this root account disabled then?17:01
Gnea_raven: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/enable-and-disable-ubuntu-root-password.html17:02
skeldiverdude: when it boots like that, can you do ctrl-atl-f2 and get to another console where you can login to shell ?17:02
helo_hello everyone. I updated my ubuntu this morning and now my sound does not work. No hardware devices are shown when I go to sound preferences. Where should I look next to get to the bottom of this issue?17:02
skeldiverdude: some people suggest re-installing gnome-power manager17:02
Gnea!sound | helo_17:02
ubottuhelo_: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.17:02
reCAPTCHA_raven, to set the root password type sudo su and then passwd... and it will prompt you for a password.17:03
diverdudeskel: here i have booted without the disk connected: it looks slightly different: http://imagebin.org/19308017:03
mksogdne i mean how i can search for wireless network by my wi-fi ?17:03
GneareCAPTCHA: NEVER sudo su, use sudo -i17:03
GneareCAPTCHA: or just use the proper argument switch to passwd17:04
skeldiverdude: try the last solution on this page: http://superuser.com/questions/303343/ubuntu-11-04-hangs-at-checking-battery-state-while-booting17:04
_ravenreCAPTCHA i want to REMOVE this root account again17:04
skeldiverdude: the one where he switches to a console, and runs startx manually17:04
Gnea_raven: please see the URL I provided17:04
GneareCAPTCHA: if you read the manpage for passwd, you'll see what I mean17:05
skeldiverdude: its probably not power related at all, thats just the last successful message before X fails to load17:05
skeldiverdude: brb17:05
brahmanaHi all,17:05
reCAPTCHA_raven, it's just sudo passwd -l root, then17:05
reCAPTCHAWhat's wrong with sudo su, Gnea?17:05
mksogdnehow i can search for wireless network by my wi-fi ?17:05
brahmanaThe network notificaiton applet icon has disappeared. How do I get it back?17:05
diverdudeskel: it would make a lot of sense if it was due to graphic drivers17:05
abhinayreCAPTCHA: uclip command not found..17:05
GneareCAPTCHA: it's actually using 'su'17:05
brahmanaThe network works fine.17:05
brahmanaI am running Lucid (10.04.1) 32 bit17:06
_ravenreCAPTCHA ok tnx17:06
brahmanaUpdate Manager tells me that my system is up to date.17:06
skeldiverdude: yeah, its probably trying to use your old monitor config for the new one and its different vertical and horiz sync17:06
diverdudeok when i run startx it gets an error17:07
skeldiverdude: if startx doesn't work try X -configure17:07
brahmanaHow do I get the network notification icon in the gnome panel?17:07
reCAPTCHAabhinay, have you been having this issue since install, or has it just cropped up recently?17:07
diverdudeskel: it says number of created screens does not match number of detected devices. Configuration failed17:08
skeldiverdude: hmm ok one sec17:08
lololgentoodo you provide ubuntu support17:08
smerzbrahmana, if it's an applet. you could try right clicking a the top/bottom panel and use "add to panel". maybe it's in there. otherwise I got no suggestions sorry :(17:09
cba123I'm getting "Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" when I try to upgrade with "sudo apt-get upgrade". I've tried "sudo apt-get install -f" and still nothing.  Any ideas?17:09
abhinayreCAPTCHA: this is recent issue.. don't know what went wrong. upgraded by system recently17:09
lololgentoojust wanted to say despite being a binary based distro you guys hell lot better than those gentoo people17:09
smerzbrahmana, on my desktop I use cable. and the network manager, I ditched it some time ago. On my laptop i run an alpha version of 12.04 and there it "just works" :-/17:10
skeldoes anyone know if X -configure is still a valid way to reconfigure xorg on 11.10 ?17:10
lololgentoogentoo sucks bigtime and they dont realise it17:10
lololgentoodamn tards17:10
ikonialololgentoo: drop it17:10
skelit looks like the config system is modularized17:10
ikonialololgentoo: name calling is not helpful17:10
HannspreeUbuntuHello guys. I've been having problem installing ubuntu, segfaults. I was able to install the base system but no functional packages. So no I wanna apt-get irssi but it tells me to put in a cd. Seems like apt-get doesn't know i'm connected to the internet. Any ideas?17:10
brahmanasmerz: It used to work for me about 4 hours ago. I shut the system down and now I don't see it.. !17:10
reCAPTCHAabhinay, from what I understand, ubuntu sometimes has issues with its clipboards (note the "s" at the end). Stupid question, but have you tried restarting?17:10
lololgentoothey think that copying ideas from good os (FreeBSD) will make their horrific codes and ugly shit better :/17:11
brahmanaoh.. more wierdness.. The icon is just invisible, but it is there.. If I carefully click I get the regular network manager menu.. it's there but not visible.. !!17:11
BinaryMastertrying to install software and getting a dependency error on libboost-regex1.46.1 any way to apt-get the lib?17:11
lololgentooikonia: ok i drop it17:11
lokomisbrahmana - Alt + F2 and run nm-applet.  I'm not sure if that is the most proper way of restoring it or if it'll persist after reboots but that should bring it back.17:11
diverdudeskel: ohh it also says failed to load module "vmwgfx" (module does not exist)17:12
lokomisbrahmana oh, if it's there gnome-panel might be acting buggy.    you could try a killall gnome-panel and see if it becomes visible when the panel restarts17:13
skeldiverdude: I haven't been keeping up with xorg changes and it looks like they modularized the config, I'm searching around for the best way to reconfigure. thats probably it.17:13
reCAPTCHAbrahmana, I would remove and then restore the indicator applets on the bar... but you've probably tried that.17:13
diverdudeskel: heh ok and below it says please ignore the above warnings about not being able to load module/driver wmwgfx17:13
=== lololgentoo is now known as ohai___
smerzbrahmana, also there's a thread about your issue (likely) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1328631     may be usefull if none of the other tips help17:13
mksogdnehow i can search for wireless network by my wi-fi ?17:14
abhinayreCAPTCHA: restarting the system may resolve the issue. But, I've lots of applications running in the background. It's almost using it as a server. If there is no other workaround, I'll have to restart it anyway17:14
rickb06hey, is there a directory only flag in chmod?17:14
rickb06i wanna recursively set permissions on only directories i am too lazy to do it manually per tree :p17:15
reCAPTCHAmksogdne: right click on the wifi indicator on the panel.17:15
llutzrickb06: find path/ -type d -exec chmod xxx ;17:15
skelrickb06: no, but you could use xargs to pipe the output of a find command to chmod17:15
brahmanareCAPTCHA: bad bad idea.. I removed it and now I can't add it.. it's not in the list that pops up when I choose "Add to panel" .. !! :(17:15
reCAPTCHAmksogdne: and by right click... I mean left click.17:16
rickb06ah that makes sense17:16
rickb06i love the good ole pipe17:16
rickb06and not the crack pipe! :)17:16
reCAPTCHAbrahmana, it's 'indicator'17:16
skeldiverdude: I've reached my limit of knowledge on Xorg config issues, unless you can find someone who can direct you on reconfiguring it to support your new monitor, I'd say try a re-install17:16
diverdudeskel: maybe i need to reinstall nvidia drivers?17:16
reCAPTCHAbrahmana: 'indicator applet'17:16
lokomisbahmana - ALT+F2 to bring up Run Application.  Run "nm-applet" without the quotes17:16
mksogdnei want to search for nearest wireless  or broadband network ?17:17
skeldiverdude: I would just go back to generic ubuntu drivers to start17:17
diverdudeskel: its the same monitor...just a new version...he just changed the broken display to another that works17:17
skeldiverdude: if you can. that'll at least get you to a working X session17:17
diverdudeskel: maybe if i remove old nvidia drivers first?17:17
brahmanareCAPTCHA: that one adds three icons, the battery, sound, messages -- those three are already there..17:17
skeldiverdude: so did this happen after the monitor fix or the system upgrade?17:18
skeldiverdude: can't hurt to try17:18
reCAPTCHAbrahmana: gah... sorry.. it's 'notification area'.17:18
diverdudeskel: no. before17:18
christo_mHello, has anyone had success using WinFF for batch conversion of flv to mp4?17:18
brahmanareCAPTCHA: aah, yes.. that's the one.. still invisible though..17:19
diverdudeskel: it happened after the display broke but before the fix17:19
brahmanatrying smerz's suggestion now (from that forums thread)17:19
diverdudeskel: how do i remove nvidia drivers from a terminal?17:19
skeldiverdude: if they were installed via package system, you could use apt-get --purge remove <package-name>17:20
smerzbrahmana, yeah the guy claims it' caused by legacy settings after upgrading from previous ubuntu version. not sure if that applies or not. and removing all  hidden files without knowing what they're fore could loose you settings and potentially data17:20
skeldiverdude: but the X config is still going to reference them17:20
reCAPTCHAdiverdude: apt-get purge nvidia-current17:20
ContraMundumokay so I have a question. Is the unity interface we all use on 11.10 meant for tablets too? Or will there be a new shell for touchscreens?17:21
brahmanasmerz: It might. Sometime back I had put in extra stuff in /etc/network/interfaces (based on a disscussion here for an entirely different problem)17:21
smerzworth checking perhaps then yes :)17:21
GarbeeContraMundum, It will be universal.17:21
brahmanasmerz: bingo.. that worked... those extra lines and the managed=false was the problem. Changed those, restarted network manager and it worked.. :)17:23
brahmanasmerz: Thank you..17:23
smerzyou know more about that than i do haha17:23
smerzand you're welcome ;-). was glad to point you into the right direction hehe17:23
brahmanareCAPTCHA and lokomis -- thank you guys.. will remember your hints too, just in case.. :)17:24
bobweaverHello there I have installed ubuntu 11.10 server to one of my servers. I am new to backend web. I would like to learn how all of this comes togeather like mainly how apache works and how to configure it. and what is host files on servers ?17:24
reCAPTCHAbrahmana: No problem... sorry for freaking you out there for a moment.17:24
Gnea!lamp | bobweaver17:25
ubottubobweaver: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)17:25
wasanzy_using awk, is it possible to do addition17:25
brahmanareCAPTCHA: haha.. yeah.. was reminded of my Slackware days for a moment there.. :)17:25
Gneabobweaver: that website will get you in the right direction17:25
ContraMundumGarbee : so this unity interface that shipped with 11.10 is also meant for tablets?17:26
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
snowrichardi'm using xchat on my beagleboard17:27
diverdudeskel: i removed it17:27
Gneasnowrichard: nice17:27
GarbeeContraMundum, It is meant for all devices.  TV, Phone, Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, etc.17:27
wasanzy_ I have a file which contain http://paste.scsys.co.uk/17453117:27
HannspreeUbuntuIs there a way I can use apt-get to install a whole base system, (or to fix it)??17:27
diverdudeskel: and now the screen is just black when i restart17:27
jessica1is the tool sharesec avialable for ubuntu?17:27
HannspreeUbuntusomething like apt-get install ubuntu-base?17:27
brahmanabobweaver: http://httpd.apache.org/ also has pretty decent documentation and tutorials17:28
skeldiverdude: ctrl-alt-f1 and try X -configure again17:28
Gnea!find sharesec17:28
ubottuFile sharesec found in samba-doc17:28
wasanzy_and I want to sum the first column and get a total using awk in one command run, please how possible is that?17:28
Gneajessica1: ^^^17:28
bobweaverthanks guy I know a little about it17:28
Gnea!info samba-doc17:28
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.5.11~dfsg-1ubuntu2.1 (oneiric), package size 1645 kB, installed size 7872 kB17:28
diverdudeskel: ctrl+alt+f1 dont work :(17:29
chaospsychexcan someone point me to a tutorial on how to use ubuntu to deploy a winXP img or do an xp install over PXE using ubuntu? which version of ubuntu should i use to accomplish this?17:29
=== Cinober|Off is now known as Cinober
bobweaverwasanzy_:  something like  ps aux | awk '/bash/ {$print 1} ' ;17:29
jessica1thanks guys17:29
zagibuchaospsychex: what kind of "image"?17:29
llutzwasanzy_: like awk -F\- '{ SUM += $1} END { print SUM }'17:30
chaospsychexzagibu: my bad, i would have to have it installed then clone the hdd. how can i use ubuntu to install xp over pxe?17:30
diverdudeskel: do you think it would be difficult to just remove the entire old ubuntu installation and replace it with a new?17:30
wasanzy_I don't really know but I will try that17:30
chaospsychexor can i install ubuntu over pxe using ubuntu ?17:30
zagibuchaospsychex: if you use pxe, ubuntu is not involved17:31
skeldiverdude: no, I think you can do it pretty easily via the installer17:31
skeldiverdude: when you go to install it'll show you what partitions you've got and ask which you want to use17:31
zagibupxe means preboot xecution environment17:31
chaospsychexthe client machine is a pentium 3,256mb ram,40gb hdd. no floppy,no optical drive, can't boot from usb17:31
skeldiverdude: so you could just pick your existing ubuntu partition and tell it to use that and wipe it out17:31
chaospsychexzagibu: how can i boot ubuntu over pxe ?17:31
diverdudeskel: ill do that instead17:32
zagibuthen you need a tftp server that responds to the broadcast packets the pxe client sends17:32
chaospsychexzagibu: i can setup a tftp server on ubuntu? can ubuntu be booted and installed via pxe?17:32
zagibuyep to both17:32
skeldiverdude: I gotta run to a meeting, I'll be back in about an hour.17:33
chaospsychexzagibu: which version should i use considering the laptops specs which are a pentium 3,256mb ram ?17:33
chaospsychexzagibu: 10.04?17:33
Gneachaospsychex: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/installation/131514-xp-pxe-install-linux.html17:33
chaospsychexzagibu: that would run good on it?17:33
zagibui have no idea, but check out this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot17:34
zagibuor this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto17:34
zagibuor google ubuntu pxe tftp17:35
wasanzy_llutz: thanks it worked17:35
diverdudeskel: are you still there?17:35
GneaI just googled: pxe network install xp linux17:35
chaospsychexthe laptop doesn't have a fdd17:36
chaospsychexi'm not going through all this to just install XP. changed my mind17:36
zagibuwho needs xp anyway?17:36
smerzi don't have anything but ubuntu on my laptop ;-)17:36
zagibusame here, although I also have fat from my greasy fingers on my laptop17:37
Gneazagibu: some people that still need the random program that only works in xp17:37
Gneawine has gotten better, but there are still some critical program that it just won't run right17:38
ch1ch4rr1t0bomb has been planted17:38
Gneagames notwithstanding, usually highly technical programs17:39
chaospsychexwill the x86 work on a pentium 3?17:39
Gnealike HRD17:39
Gneachaospsychex: yes17:39
ch1ch4rr1t0its 32 bits17:39
HannspreeUbuntuGuys, does anyone know how I can continue an installation that installed only base system. I want to be able to apt-get the rest of the packages.17:39
savage2005how do i search for channels containing a certain parameter ex. java17:39
smerzyou could use the synaptic package manager17:40
chaospsychexwhich one should i use for the host machine? the server install? alternate install?17:40
ubuntu_join #design17:40
GneaHannspreeUbuntu: have you acquired a network connection?17:40
diverdudewhen i try to install a new ubuntu into the same partion as the old installation (my hope is the old will be erased) in the install menu, i get an error message saying: "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu". BUt i already selected something17:41
HannspreeUbuntuGnea, yes.17:41
zagibuchaospsychex: doesn't really matter17:41
arunkumar413hi friends, my thumb drive is infected with virus and i'm unable to delete the files from the thumb drive.17:41
zagibualternate is smalles, IIRC17:41
Sparky-UKCan anyone help me with a boot error related to mountall, it appears unresponsive apart from the Esc key which seems to print out the same information again, fail is due to name resolution on a cifs17:42
GneaHannspreeUbuntu: did the installation fully finish? you should be able to apt-get update  and recieve updates via http17:42
arunkumar413hi friends, my thumb drive is infected with virus and i'm unable to delete the files from the thumb drive. please help me17:42
Gnea!patience | arunkumar41317:42
ubottuarunkumar413: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:42
HannspreeUbuntuGnea, but for some reason there is something wrong with packages and dependencies. (probably due to not so clean installation)17:42
chaospsychexzagibu: could i achieve what i am trying to do if the host is a VM Ubuntu?17:42
arunkumar413Gnea: ok17:43
HannspreeUbuntuGnea, a simple apt-get installa irssi gives me unmet dependencies errors17:43
diverdudehow do i remove ubuntu installation17:43
GneaHannspreeUbuntu: try this command first:  sudo apt-get -f install17:43
^SiL3nTdiverdude: delete partition17:43
mtrg"man ubuntu" doesn't work -- why? i have manpage-dev, libstdc++..etc-doc, glibc-doc17:44
Gneamtrg: ubuntu is not a command.17:44
chaospsychexhas anyone in here booted the ubuntu installer over pxe with the server running inside a VM ?17:44
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)17:45
mtrgGnea: sorry, i mean "man cout"17:45
HannspreeUbuntuGnea, it tryed to install lynx ('cause i tried it before and didn't work) and  it exited with error code 1.17:45
mtrgGnea: i'm getting old17:45
GneaHannspreeUbuntu: please run the command I suggested, what is the output?17:45
diverdude^SiL3nT: so i just go ahead and delete the partition...what if grub loader is on that partion also? Wont that give me a big problem?17:45
Gnea!find cout17:46
ubottuFound: icoutils, libpocoutil9, libpocoutil9-dbg17:46
=== mrballcb is now known as cannonball
mtrganyone knows how to have "man cout"?17:46
HannspreeUbuntuHannspreeUbuntu, it's big and I cant copy paste it because i'm in differente computer I'll try to write what I think it's important17:46
Gneamtrg: try installing the icoutils package17:46
mtrgGnea: already there17:46
^SiL3nTdiverdude: depends on how many other OSs you have on the machine. If one, no. If yes, the other OSs should have they're own boot loaders. Therefore, no ;)17:47
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)17:47
GneaHannspreeUbuntu: is it possible to copy the textfile via a usb thumbdrive? you can then use pastebin instead of flooding irc17:47
Mac_Weberwhat is the default folder of screenrc for all users?17:47
mtrgGnea: are you kidding dude? wtf has icoutil to do with cout?17:47
Gneamtrg: then there probably isn't a manpage written for that command17:47
mtrgGnea: it's not a command, it's an object name in c++..17:47
Gneamtrg: please mind your language and attitude17:47
mtrgGnea: ok, sorry. i'm usually a jerk. nvm.17:48
diverdude^SiL3nT: well i have win7, but i suppose that after i installed ubuntu dual boot the Grub loader took over and disabled the windows (MBR i think)17:48
diverdude^SiL3nT: But i dont know if my grub loader has its own partition. How can i find out?17:48
Gneamtrg: this is an OS support channel, not a programming support channel. try libpocoutil9 then17:48
mtrgGnea: nope, something else17:49
mtrgGnea: it was my mistake. i actually had it17:49
Gnea!info libpocoutil917:49
ubottulibpocoutil9 (source: poco): The C++ Portable Components Util library. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.6p1-1build2 (oneiric), package size 111 kB, installed size 372 kB17:49
Gneamtrg: ah, okay. no problem.17:50
^SiL3nTdiverdude: Use GParted and go through the tags of the partitions, Ubuntu usually doesn't create a partition for the grun loader, but if you only have win7, it's MBR will take care of the boot - no grub needed.17:50
^SiL3nTgrub *17:50
mtrgGnea: i had to type "man std::ostream" instead of "man cout"17:51
ch1ch4rr1t0i how i can help ubuntu?17:51
Gneamtrg: nice17:51
ch1ch4rr1t0where is the development irc?17:51
diverdude^SiL3nT: are you absolutely sure that if i just delete my old ubuntu partition....Then windows will figure out how to boot?17:51
theadminMac_Weber: /etc/skel/ contains files which are copied into the new users' home folders if that's of any help17:51
mile123diverdude: it is better to recover mbr from windows first17:52
ch1ch4rr1t0i how i can help ubuntu?17:52
ch1ch4rr1t0where is the development irc?17:52
theadminch1ch4rr1t0: #ubuntu-devel17:52
andyvyhow come Ubuntu does not allow moving the launcher? This looks so much cleaner: http://imageshack.us/f/267/desktopsh.png/17:52
^SiL3nTdiverdude: Windows is a very independant OS, it won't get rid of the MBR just because of linux. If GRUB came with your Ubuntu, then no problem. If not, I must check, but Windows wouldn't let it happen for it not to boot17:53
diverdudemile123: if i do that will mbr then take over and boot always?17:53
Mac_Webertheadmin: I'm looking for something like /etc/bash.bashrc, so if I have to change something later, I will have to change only once17:53
ch1ch4rr1t0theadmin,  thanks17:53
theadminMac_Weber: Ah, I see, then I dunno17:53
gompassoscan i downgrade gnome 3 to gnome 2 on ubuntu 11.10 ?17:53
webPragmatistguys i'm trying to fix postfix by reinstalling it but apt doesns't delete things like the spool and such17:53
webPragmatisti want it to just drop everything17:54
gompassostry --purge17:54
andyvygompassos: you can use gnome-shell-fallback, it looks just like gnome 2 without any effects.17:54
diverdude^SiL3nT: all i want to do is to remove my dualboot so that i have only windows again...and then install a new ersion of ubuntu17:54
webPragmatistapt-get purge packagename you mean?17:54
webPragmatisti tried that17:54
gompassosandyvy, tks17:55
^SiL3nTdiverdude: Boot GPArted from a CD, delete the partitions, add new ones, boot from new ubuntu, install it. done !17:55
Mac_Webertheadmin: ok, I found it on /etc/screen, I must have mistyped it earlier =P17:55
mile123diverdude: if you recover mbr from windows it will setup it as the win7 is the only os. If you will not see the grub during reboot then remove partition17:55
theadminMac_Weber: I see. Good for you.17:56
mile123diverdude: if you are going to install another version of linux you may skip all that steps and just start instalations.17:58
=== marcelo is now known as Guest20889
ryncan anyone recommend a malware scanner for servers?17:58
ryni'm using rkhunter but want a 2nd opinion17:59
Gnearyn: clamav17:59
ikoniafor linux ???17:59
ikoniathat's not going to do anything17:59
Gneasure it is17:59
phoophoo /msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL18:00
rynikonia: it can't hurt i suppose to run clamav… but i'm wondering if there are more specific tools geared at LAMP boxes18:01
nixnineI am still trying to access a portable harddrive in 11.10.  It is seen but not accessible.  Can someone decipher this: http://pastebin.com/2Ywa7aTy18:01
ch1ch4rr1t0there is anyway to xchat save the server and the channels ou are in?18:02
ikoniaryn: what you're running doesn't really matter18:02
ikoniaryn: lamp/email/webserver etc etc18:02
ikoniaryn: is there a reason you feel you may be compromised ?18:02
GrizzLyCROhowcan i force .deb to install? i have newer version installed and i want older18:03
rynikonia: i found this code in an index.html file: http://pastebin.com/jASbeqFt18:03
ikoniaryn: where did the index.html come from ?18:05
rynit was existing, but the chunk of code wasn't in it originally18:06
ikoniaryn: eg: is it a site you designed/installed, is it something like (for example) wordpress18:06
ikoniaryn: what's the file modification date and who is the owner of that file18:06
rynjust a static page in a static folder18:06
=== shinji__ is now known as WanderingEnder|N
^SiL3nTdoes it need a malware scanner ?18:06
rynwww-data www-data 2.5K Dec 15  2009 index.html18:07
ikoniaryn: what's the permissions on that file18:07
ryn^SiL3nT: that's what i'm asking about… i'm using rkhunter but want a 2nd opinion18:07
rynikonia: -rw-r--r--18:07
ikoniaryn: ok, so it could only be edited by someone with sudo access18:08
ikoniaryn: how many other people have "sudo" access on this machine18:08
diverdudemile123: how do i recover MBR from windows?18:08
=== Guest20889 is now known as marcelocb
Myrthhi, how is it possible to get orginal file checksum in apt package?18:08
LjL!info debsums | Myrth18:08
ubottuMyrth: debsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.49 (oneiric), package size 54 kB, installed size 324 kB18:08
rynikonia: i'm the only one with root… not sure how to check members of sudo18:09
rynwill google it18:09
MyrthLjL, thanks!18:09
ikoniaryn: you've set a root password ?18:09
rynoh yes18:09
ikoniaryn: just look in /etc/group who is in the admin group18:09
ikoniaryn: can you login directly as root to the server ?18:09
diverdudehow do i recover windows MBR?18:10
ikoniadiverdude: the guys in ##windows can tell you how to use the windows install cd to put the mbr back18:10
mile123diverdude: that's a good question, I know what should be done but not how18:10
oxproxyls -las18:10
HannspreeUbuntuGnea, I was finally able to do it, sorry for big delay http://paste.ubuntu.com/800858/18:10
rynikonia: only root is listed in /etc/sudoers18:12
ikoniaryn: that's not what I asked18:13
ikoniaryn: is this a vps by any chance18:13
rynikonia: yes vps… i didn't see "admin" in /etc/group18:13
ikoniathat's why18:13
ikoniaryn: vps with a dodgy / non-official ubuntu install18:13
ikoniaryn: ok - so if only you have root access to this machine and your web page has been changed, I would suggest you re-install the OS,18:14
ikoniaryn: once your machine is compromised, which from what you've said, it is, you cannot trust anything18:14
rynikonia: yes the infected was Jaunty (i've since rebuilt a clean server on Squeeze)18:14
ryni still have the infected Jaunty slice tho, using it to poke around18:15
rynyou think it was a Jaunty hole?18:15
ikoniaryn: ok, so if you've deleted the OS and done a clean install, you should be "ok"18:15
chaospsychexhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WindowsServerNetboot i'm following this tutorial but i get 'pxe boot file not found' on the client machine?18:15
ikoniaryn: no, I think it is a "vps" hole, as the company that built your VPS changed the default ubuntu install breaking the security model (sudo/root password/admin group) they normally do this sloppy and leave holes18:16
ikoniaeg: root logins allowed18:16
ikoniathat's how I knew it was a VPS tons of companies run these modified ubuntu versions that are put together sloppy and put customers at risk18:16
=== gompassos2 is now known as gompassos
chaospsychexi'm trying to pxe boot the netinstaller but getting 'file not found' error18:17
subcoolneed help with VNC - please. ~~~~~~~~~I ran this command: echo "/usr/bin/x11vnc -forever -rfbport 5900 -rfbauth ~/.vnc/x11vnc.pass -o ~/.vnc/x11vnc.log -loopbg -display :0" > ~/.config/autostart/x11vnc.sh18:18
subcool<subcool> chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/x11vnc.sh18:18
MeanEYEIs there a way to make Empathy auto open new chat windows instead of blinking in contact list?18:18
subcool<subcool> and now i have a loop18:18
subcool<subcool> http://paste.ubuntu.com/80085218:18
makarahi. I wanted to try the alternative office suit Calligra, but the dependencies include project-neon-base and 133meg of KDE wallpaper. Is possible to exclude this deb from the install??18:18
=== ReTFEF is now known as TheTFEF
makaraI also need to sync an iPad2 to iOS5. there was discussion on this here a few days back. Any ideas?18:20
skeldiverdude: any luck?18:20
diverdudeskel: hey....i have booted on a new live disk and now im trying to install a new ubuntu alongside windows and my old ubuntu18:21
MeanEYEIs there a way to make Empathy auto open new chat windows instead of blinking in contact list?18:21
diverdudeskel: i figured it would be safer this way and then try to delete the old ubuntu after18:22
skeldiverdude: ah gotcha. then if the new one works you can just delete the old and resize18:22
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
subcoolVNC users?18:22
skelMeanEYE: I think there are preferences in Empathy on whether or not to use notify18:22
diverdudeskel: yes exatly. Now i am waiting for the new ubuntu install program to finish its partition resizing...hoping that nothing goes wrong18:23
skelsubcool: not a big fan of vnc. using NX atm18:23
MeanEYEskel, "Display incoming events in the notification area"?18:23
skelMeanEYE: yeah, thats it18:23
lordjjAnyone knows where I can find a small ASCII Art of a coin? :P18:23
diverdudeskel: the fragile part is the windows installation....i would really like to keep this one since the kids sometimes use if for their videogames18:23
LjL!ot | lordjj18:24
ubottulordjj: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:24
MeanEYEskel, That doesn't make any sense. So if I turn off notifications, chat automatically opens?18:24
skelMeanEYE: if you uncheck that supposedly it'll use systray and pop windows based on your prefs18:24
skelMeanEYE: you're not turning off notifications, its poorly worded imo. you're chosing to not use the notify tray18:24
MeanEYEskel, Weird, but I didn't find any preferences regarding that. Maybe I need to restart application.18:24
rynikonia: i see what you're saying… altho i can't imagine Slicehost ever doing anything wrong - they are perfect!18:24
MeanEYEskel, It is poorly worded. Thanks though. I'll check!18:25
skeldiverdude: if you ever have to completely wipe, maybe consider windows inside a vm using kvm or virtualbox18:25
subcoolhow the hell do i google this?18:25
skelsubcool: sorry I may have missed something, just came back from away .. google what?18:26
ikoniaryn: apart from allowing your box to be exploited.......that's far from perfect18:26
subcoolskel, scroll up- my issue..18:26
diverdudeskel: yeah...but i dont know how well games perform in a vbox18:26
rynno they're perfect! perfect i say!! ;)18:27
rynikonia: thx for the tips18:27
skeldiverdude: that way if you ever have to re-image ubuntu, you can just copy the virtual disk image of windows somewhere else and then re-install your box and re-import it18:27
MeanEYEskel, It works. Thanks! :D18:27
skeldiverdude: yeah, you have to have enough resources. but I know virtualbox supports opengl direct3d etc18:27
skelMeanEYE: cool, glad to help :)18:27
lloydyanyone there lol :)18:29
skellloydy: :)18:29
Sparky-UKCan anyone help me with "mountall: fsck /boot [317] terminated with status 32" on boot, it wont go any further18:30
sskalnikkey combo to switch workspaces?18:30
lloydywhere you from skel18:30
kenperkinsdoes anyone know what the equivalent of libsnmp5-dev is for oneiric18:30
theadminsskalnik: Ctrl-Alt-left/right18:30
sskalniktheadmin:  thanks18:30
Pici!ot | lloydy18:31
ubottulloydy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:31
skelSparky-UK: check out http://www.linode.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=28115#2811518:31
AndroidLoverInSFhow can i change my system env variables, say i modify /etc/profile, how to have a new env var active?18:31
dweezI'm running Gnome3 on 11.10.  Whenever I hit Alt+tab, I lose most input functionality.  I can move the mouse and click on things in the toolbar, but the keyboard doesn't work and the mouse clicking doesn't work (except in the forementioned top toolbar)18:31
Sparky-UKskel: thanks18:31
theadminAndroidLoverInSF: Log out and back in18:32
w30dweez, probably alt tab is a compiz function and something in compiz is not configured like certain window manager functions18:34
gartraldoes anyone how Ubuntu would react too something like THIS http://www.razerzone.com/projectfiona/tech_specs18:34
jessica1Gnea: samba-doc that has the sharesec are just documents, samba the suite package has the sharesec tool, however when i installed samba, the sharesec tool is not included in the install18:35
dweezw30, thanks, I'll look into it.  My previous "googling" hasn't found anything pertinent but maybe the compiz factor will narrow it down18:35
w30dweez check in ccsm and see what <alt.<tab> is bound to.18:35
=== seemawn is now known as SchattenFell
dweezw30, is there an easy way to search or do I just have to click through each enabled option?18:36
skelgartral: from a processor architecture it would be fine.. as long as the rest of the hardware (bluetooth / wifi etc) is relatively common I'm sure it'd work just fine18:36
jessica1!info sharesec18:36
ubottuPackage sharesec does not exist in oneiric18:36
=== smit_ is now known as smit
skelgartral: there'd probably be some initial config cycles to go through18:36
jessica1!find sharesec18:37
w30dweez, if move place window functions are unchecked stuff happens. worse case check everything back to defaults and start over18:37
ubottuFile sharesec found in samba-doc18:37
gartralohh big time, but I might consider using Unity on that bad boy18:37
gartralunfortuently it's SO new that no-one has complete specs18:38
skelgartral: if they're shipping to the U.S. already I'll bet you could find some on the FCC website18:39
squaregoldfishThunderbird just updated itself, and now it won't do anything. Just quits with exit status 1. Any ideas?18:39
subcoolsome help with my vnc please? - i googled it.. and only found my last attempt to get this to work last may.. with lil resolve18:39
skelsquaregoldfish: run it with strace ?18:39
sskalnikgartral:  Isn't that just a concept that doesn't physically exist yet?18:39
w30dweez, my alt tab is bound to shift switcher so long ago I forgot what default is, check ring switcher and maybe desktop wall.18:39
Sparky-UKskel: now I get mountall: fsck /boot [314] terminated with status 118:39
skelsubcool: could you provide some details around whats not working?18:39
stanmanhow do i revert to default settings under compiz config?18:40
squaregoldfish@skel I have, but I don't know what I'm looking at. If I pastebin it will you look?18:40
michaelgambleanyone know why i can use ssh-copy-id on my mac to gain passwordless access on my server but when i do the same thing in lubuntu it prompts me for a password every time18:40
skelsquaregoldfish: sure18:40
dweezStatic Application Switcher is enabled18:40
skelSparky-UK: what version of Ubuntu?18:40
Sparky-UK10.04 Server18:40
chaospsychexcan someone help me pxe boot the netinstaller?18:40
chaospsychexhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WindowsServerNetboot i am following this tutorial18:41
chaospsychexthe client reports 'pxe file not found' everytime18:41
gartralsskalnik: I'm still drooling..18:41
stanmanhow do i revert to default settings under compiz config?18:41
squaregoldfish@skel http://pastebin.com/NWpqjzTJ18:42
w30stanman, in preferences on the left reset profile default click  reset to defaults18:42
chaospsychexi have all the files in the proper place per the tutorial instructions18:42
chaospsychexi have the base directory set in tftp32 as well18:42
gartralsskalnik: also, at least three test units exist. they were debued (?) at CES18:42
sskalnikgartral:  debuted ;)18:42
w30stanman, second from bottom on left; just above advanced search18:42
chaospsychexshould i disable dhcp on the router?18:42
gartralsskalnik: thanks, I screw up a few words here and there18:43
sskalnikNo prob. But this is all neither here nor there.18:43
skelsquaregoldfish: can you try moving .thunderbird in your homedir to like .thunderbak and restarting to see if it comes up18:44
skelSparky-UK: one sec, looking up a few things18:44
subcoolskel- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11603405#post1160340518:44
squaregoldfish@skel Tried that. It created a new profile but still exited silently.18:44
Dualitywhile trying to install ubuntu on a computer i get halfway the install a freeze, and the scroll and capslock start blinking what could this be? i've tried several cd/dvd drives...18:44
Gentoo64thunderbak :)18:44
chaospsychexcan someone help me pxe boot the netinstaller? i am following a tutorial but having no success18:44
skelsubcool: looking18:44
w30stanman, you need to export your profile to a home file at it's various configs because it is a lot of configuring to completely redo if it foobars18:44
=== folsto_ is now known as folsto
stanmangreat idea18:45
Sparky-UKskel: thanks much appericiated18:45
gartralDuality: that's ussually a sign that the OS did something too halt the machine..18:45
Gentoo64Duality, does the mouse work?18:45
* w30 knows; he has foobarred a lot *smile*18:45
sskalnikchaospsychex:  patience; may also post in the forums if you haven't already.18:45
Dualityyes the mouse worked, but not while blinking though18:47
gartralDuality: BIOS halt.18:47
stanmanafter reverting to default settings,  i can't do anything. all i have access to is this chat window :(18:48
stanmanrestart needed18:48
gartralstanman: try logout/login first18:48
skelsubcool: I don't know a whole lot about x11/vnc together. I do have a suggestion for a substitute (nomachine.com)  the NX server18:48
Dualityso why would it do a bios halt then?18:49
skelsubcool: it's like 4 deb packages that you install and then its all ready to go. it's faster then vnc, tunnels it over ssh so its secure and supports things like sound etc18:49
subcooli was looking at that- didnt work out last time i used it- but couldnt hurt.18:49
stanmanhow do i logout without the option to. i tried ctrl+alt+del18:49
stanmanno go18:49
Dualitycould it be cpu?18:49
skelsubcool: they've done quite a bit with the v4 preview18:49
Dualityit's pretty old, pentium III 1Ghz18:49
gartralDuality: no, more probably a wierd BIOS with bad ACPI implimentation18:49
skelSparky-UK: are you booting off a usb drive?18:49
skelsquaregoldfish: ok, still looking through strace output18:50
Dualityany way to overcome or is this computer gonna be useless? also the computer has dipswitches near the bios ...18:50
squaregoldfish@skel No hurry!18:50
Sparky-UKskel: nope, I am running on ESXi server, standard virtual disk18:50
skelsquaregoldfish: how did you upgrade it, via the package management system?18:50
sanilmI have a problem with Ubuntu Server18:50
gartralDuality: look up diabling ACPI in ubuntu18:51
sanilmIt seems to block PHP5's call using cURL to Google Maps Geocode18:51
sanilmHow can I correct that?18:51
skelSparky-UK: is this a recent issue or has it ever booted after initial install?18:51
jandrodoes anyone know of a good alternative to torrentflux-b4rt with multi-user support and is web-based? cheers18:51
w30stanman try ctrl alt F1 and then login and sudo gdm stop and then gdm start18:51
squaregoldfish@skel No, TB updated itself. I've tried reinstalling thru synaptic (using Mozilla Stable Channel for maverick) but no joy.18:51
lvhDoes anyone know if sqlite-analyzer is available as an ubuntu package?18:51
hatebhow do I remove bluetooth icon from system tray ?18:52
lvh(the thing from sqlite.org itself; not the third party commercial tool)18:52
squaregoldfish@skel NB I only did a reinstall, not a purge/install. Worth trying?18:52
Sparky-UKskel: I have had at least a 3 months uptime on this machine, its been stable for about a year and a half18:52
skelsquaregoldfish: try moving .mozilla to backup?  I don't really see anything useful in the strace output, I think there's a debug option in thunderbird though18:52
Dualityi've tryed acpi=off that doesn't work ...18:52
skelSparky-UK: ok18:53
squaregoldfish@skel No dice. Didn't even recreate .mozilla18:53
EyePulphowdy - anyone know if there's a way to make upstart ignore the death of a child process forked from a parent process that upstart is watching?  It seems to restart my whole process when a child worker dies, even though I've got error handling for worker death.18:53
=== z is now known as Guest18188
Gentoo64Duality, sounds like kernel panic maybe18:54
Gentoo64hard to tell on livecd18:54
Gentoo64if it happens every time try leaving tail -f /var/log/messages in a terminal and also kern.log18:54
daddysturgWhat do you think is the best WM for razer-qt? I like openbox, but isn't it GTK-based?18:55
skelSparky-UK: was it an upgrade to 10.04 or just one day it stopped booting18:55
Gentoo64daddysturg, you can use qt with openbox18:55
Dualitythe installer was in graphical so i couldn't see any message's ..18:55
helo_I need help with sound, I have already looked at the how to and documentation on the ubuntu website. Where should I go to ask questions since the last time I asked here I was fed a generic !sound response?18:55
Gentoo64Duality, im quite sure you can leave gnome terminal open18:55
diverdudeskel: the new ubuntu installation works fine18:55
daddysturgGentoo64: True, do you think it would have the least dependencies?18:56
skelsquaregoldfish: try http://wiki.dovecot.org/Debugging/Thunderbird ?18:56
Gentoo64daddysturg, i use openbox its very light18:56
diverdudeskel: i think ill just forget about the old for now...18:56
skeldiverdude: awesome :)18:56
Gentoo64daddysturg, because its minimal you can install whatever you want18:56
dr_willishelo_:  check the forums for your exact sound chipset and the forums perhaps.  'sound issues' can get very complex.18:56
Dualityso try and install from terminal, i'd first have to try without install right :)?18:56
diverdudeskel: gawd...now back to try and figuring out how to install gitorious18:56
daddysturgGentoo64: Right. razer-qt is a new DE based on QT, from what I hear. Weird, is openbox not in the main repo?18:56
Gentoo64Duality, i dont mean install from terminal, i mean leave a term open showing logs in real time view18:57
dr_willishelo_:  theres a few people in here at times with decent sound debuging experience.. but not me.18:57
skeldiverdude: you can always use something like gparted to remove the old ubuntu install and resize the partitions (do it from a livecd or something)18:57
Gentoo64Duality, that way you might be able to catch some error18:57
Sparky-UKskel: no upgrades or anything have been done, I manually manage updates as well so nothing should have been upgraded without me knowing. Machine was shutdown gracefully for preperation of a host upgrade, just didnt switch back on18:57
hatebhow do I remove bluetooth icon from system tray ?18:57
Gentoo64daddysturg, should be18:57
diverdudeskel: yeah...but i was just worried about where the grub loader was located...i wouldnt wanna delete that one18:57
Dualitysounds like a plan i'll let you know what happens ? :)18:57
coraxxis the 3D Cube Desktop feature from the compiz window manager available for Ubuntu 11.10 ...in both Gnome3 and Unity ?18:58
daddysturgGentoo64: Ah, I don't think I had universe enabled18:58
skelSparky-UK: would it be possible for you to get a pastebin of the bootup. would be helpful to see some context around the error18:58
skeldiverdude: ah yeah18:58
dr_williscoraxx:  the cube plugin can break/fight with Unity. theres some guides on getting it working at the webupd8 blog site i recall.18:59
coraxxdr_willis: thanx :-)   (do you have a weblink plz)18:59
Sparky-UKskel:I can get you a screenshot maybe18:59
dr_williscoraxx:  nope. go to the webupd8 blog site and use their search feature.19:00
dr_williscoraxx:  i hate the cube. i find it useles.19:00
Culiforgehi all, I'm getting libdvdread: Can't stat dvd on ubuntu 10.04 when handbraking a dvd. lsdvd -a shows up peachy.. any thoughts?19:00
Gentoo64do people still find that 3d cube impressive?19:01
dr_willisCuliforge:  i was thinking id read somewhere where handbrake cant rip comercial dvd's any more for legal reasons..19:01
skelGentoo64: no way, old news.. I use the 4d cube now19:01
skelGentoo64:  :-P19:01
aeon-ltdGentoo64: varies, but no19:01
dr_willisCuliforge:  i tend to use k9copy to put comercial dvd into a non-encrypted iso. then use handbrake on the iso.19:01
Culiforgedr_willis: tried about 6 different dvds all non commercial19:01
aeon-ltdGentoo64: it seems unneccessary to waste processing power like that, i'd rather a fluid faster change19:01
aeon-ltdjuniour_: yes?19:02
dr_willisCuliforge:  i tend to use tools other then handbrake these days.   so really cant suggest much else.19:02
juniour_hey how to open .srt file in movie player in 10.1019:02
helo_dr_willis: My sound has always worked on this machine. I did an update this morning that broke a lot. I wasn't even able to boot until after running a disk check from a live CD. And now I have no sound. My lshw shows the "audio device" as 82801I (ICH9 Family) but it doesn't show at all in the sound preferences gui.19:02
stanmanok so i reset compiz config settings to default and logged out, then back in to see if the panel and normal gui was back, and i had nothing. what do i need to do?19:02
stanmani am now under another user19:02
dr_willishelo_:  as a test you could try one of the older kernels from the grub menu.19:02
dr_willishelo_:  but other then that. I dont have much experience in sound troubleshooting.19:03
juniour_any one know19:03
dr_willisstanman:  had 'nothing' meaning what exactly.19:03
Gentoo64juniour_, is that a subtitle file?19:03
Gentoo64juniour_, if so, im pretty sure you just leave it in the films dir19:03
Culiforgeyeah, that's what I do on my desktop.. just trying for a solution on the htpc to have it all on there19:03
juniour_ya i kept it but not showing in the subtitle option19:04
michaelgambleok new question19:04
Gentoo64juniour_, nor sure :s19:04
michaelgambleplease tell me someone knows of an easy ui for managing users and groups access through smb, nfs and afp19:04
juniour_ya sure19:04
helo_dr_willis: Thanks, I'll try that and check back here in a few hours if I have no luck19:04
juniour_when i click on subtitle option i get empty19:04
stanmani had no ability to access "apps"  dash home...etc19:04
stanmanjust had file, edit,... up top left19:05
martianlobsteris there a way to open a remmina rdp session, and then copy paste from text in the session, to another window?19:05
Gentoo64juniour_, what movie player are you usingh?19:05
diverdudewhats the difference between using aptitude or apt command in console?19:06
juniour_it name is movie player19:06
juniour_default player for ubuntu19:06
juniour_movie player19:06
Gentoo64juniour_, idk what it is, maybe try another one19:06
michaelgambleanyone easy management interface for filesharing over a network??19:06
michaelgamblethinking something like what you would see on a commercial NAS product in the form of web gui19:06
=== david is now known as Guest50124
juniour_i have trie for many but it dident work for any one19:07
dr_willis!info ebox | michaelgamble19:07
ubottumichaelgamble: ebox (source: ebox): Zentyal - Core. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.16-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 666 kB, installed size 4052 kB19:07
dr_willismichaelgamble:  you are refering to 'samba' shares? or other ways?19:07
michaelgamblehopefully samba nfs and afp19:07
michaelgambleat a minimum samba19:07
peglerhi all.  I can't seem to find any info on where the setting is to extend how long syslog files are kept.  seems they are only being kept for a week on my system currently.19:07
skeldiverdude: I know aptitude will help you do things like remove unused packages (ie. you installed something that needed a bunch of deps but then uninstalled it)19:07
aeon-ltdmichaelgamble: ftp server?19:07
Gentoo64juniour_, no idea, sorry :(19:07
dr_willisI tend to just set them up by hand. :)19:07
michaelgambledon't care about ftp19:07
juniour_ thanks19:07
michaelgambleinternal network sharing only19:08
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).19:08
tom3pany recommends on pci scsi controller? to access Sysquest 4419:08
Sparky-UKskel: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=310719:08
skelSparky-UK: looking19:08
skelSparky-UK: what happens if you don't cancel the check ?19:09
skelSparky-UK: if you login to maintenance mode and do fsck -y /dev/sda1 etc19:09
Sparky-UKskel: one moment19:10
michaelgambleso i can install zentyal onto an existing ubuntu install?19:11
kasiihi all19:11
michaelgamblelooks pretty good btw thanks for pointing me at it19:11
abhinavmehtaI want to make my own pap, any good pointers to read-about..?19:11
abhinavmehtasorry *pap=ppa19:11
abhinavmehtappa(personal package archive)19:12
skelabhinavmehta: I've only consumed ppa's myself. I've been thinking of making one but no experience yet19:12
=== Cinober is now known as Cinober|Off
abhinavmehtaskel: same with me, but now I wan to save my network bandwidth…so looking to make one for myself now.19:13
skelis there anything like satellite for Ubuntu? or would that be the PPA system?19:14
abhinavmehtabut since from couple of hours….I'm trying and failing in-between…so thought, someone here with good-pointers to read.19:14
Sparky-UKskal: I dont cancel the check it just finished, when I enter that comamnd I get fsck.LVM2_member: not found19:15
skelSparky-UK: hm ok I see it's the fsck now thats terminating. one sec19:16
skelSparky-UK: missed that before, sorry19:16
Piciabhinavmehta: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide should be enough to get you started.19:16
cihhanhi all! im trying to use xen on ubuntu 11.10 and i couldnt manage it working. can anybody refer some good documents?19:16
hatebhow do I remove user and bluetooth icons from system tray ?19:17
abhinavmehtaPici: thanks…but don't mind, I was keeping official-blog as my last option, coz its little long. :)19:18
abhinavmehtaPici: but thanks for the inputs.19:18
skelSparky-UK: have you made any manual entries in /etc/fstab ?19:19
diverdudeskel: but is there a difference between apt-get install and aptitude install ?19:20
skeldiverdude: I think the only difference is how each tool analyzes the metadata about the package its installing19:21
skeldiverdude: I think aptitude is more flexible / diverse in that way19:21
folivoraGday, does someone know that where I can download spotify-client-qt (= 1: <- package... I need to .deb file :)19:21
Sparky-UKskel: yes I believe that there is an nfs/smb entry, again this has been working for at least a year, all seperate lines, nothing that was there has been changed19:21
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
skelSparky-UK: ok, just asking. udev will assign device names to volumes and if you put a manual entry in /etc/fstab and added an additional volume sometime back without restarting, it could re-assing the devices differently (why its good to use lables)19:23
Dualityi started the install from terminal and halfway it just stopped and quit, it's not even in system monitor anymore ...19:23
skelSparky-UK: let me see how to use fsck with lvm, one sec19:24
WhiteOwl-mhello :)19:24
Sparky-UKskel: sure, thanks19:24
=== gompassos is now known as Guest43941
WhiteOwl-mAnyone can recommend a good linux wireless stick which is available in europe and supports wpa2-psk? should work out of the box or with minimal installation (no ndiswrapper if possible). I've found some pages, just wanna hear your advice :D19:25
xakalet's assume i have 2 repos. both have the same package. can i configure APT somehow to always install package from specific repo?19:26
skelSparky-UK: do you know which volume is your boot volume?19:26
auronandace!pinning | xaka19:26
ubottuxaka: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto19:27
skelSparky-UK: under /dev/LV/19:27
Sparky-UKskel: one moment, just checking19:29
WhiteOwl-mok I see, I know I should use Ethernet.. :/19:29
Neosanowow, it's quiet here19:30
skelSparky-UK: I was just going to suggest running fsck on the volume device instead of the named one19:30
skelSparky-UK: ie. fsck -y /dev/LV/vol#19:30
kanazkyhey I am seeking some assistance setting up dwm19:30
Sparky-UKskel: sorry I am a bit lost here, fdisk -l gives me /dev/sda1 2 and 519:31
aeon-ltdkanazky: what is the problem?19:31
kanazkywell patches dont seem to work19:31
kanazkynot sure if they are out dated for dwm 6.0 or not19:32
Resistancecan i burn a livecd image to a USB stick from Windows?  my linux machine is explodified so i need to fix that from a livecd19:32
aeon-ltdkanazky: did you add them to config.h?19:32
skelSparky-UK: ok, you're using a Logical volume to create sdaX19:32
Sparky-UKskel: lvdisplay gives me /dev/cha/root and /dev/cha/swap_1 (if its relevant)19:32
kanazkyfigure id try my unedited one19:32
kanazkyand copy my edits over after19:32
NeosanoResistance, try unetbootin19:32
skelSparky-UK: do you know when the system was installed, aside from the swap partition, was it just one partition?19:33
kanazkyive been trying to get transparency to work19:33
aeon-ltdkanazky: what happens when try to compile?19:33
janisozaurhow do I get sum of sizes of files which are scattered across directories? 'du' is of no use for multiple arguments19:33
kanazkypatching file config.def.h patch: **** malformed patch at line 9: @@ -52,6 +54,9 @@19:33
skeljanisozaur: do you have some criteria by which to identify the files you want?19:34
kanazkyI am aware I could go through the patch file line for line haha but that is tedious for each patch I wish to add19:34
WhiteOwl-mok let me try this: Anyone got any experience with a Zyxel G-302 w-lan usb stick in ubunut 11.10?19:34
WhiteOwl-m64b it19:34
janisozaurskel, I can generate the list of them using 'find' and transform it to the desired format19:34
=== Bowler is now known as reagan
skeljanisozaur: then I'd just pipe it to xargs and feed it to du19:34
aeon-ltdkanazky: make a forum post, pastebin the config and link to the patch.19:35
skeljanisozaur: find / -type f -name *.png | xargs du -sh19:35
jesse`I'm installing on a new machine, and I'd like to generate a list of packages installed on the old machine *omitting* things like drivers, etc.19:35
tjingboemi want to write to my SD card but "permission denied", also as root. How can i change permissions?19:35
kanazkyaeon-ltd: sounds good, which forum should I post in?19:35
janisozaurskel, as I already mentioned, du is of no use. for each arg passed it gives the size of this arg and not sum of them19:35
jesse`I want games, and various software that is not hardware-dependent.19:35
aeon-ltdkanazky: ubuntu forums19:36
Sparky-UKskel: yes19:36
jesse`dpkg --get-selections provides a very, very long list.19:36
kanazkyaeon-ltd: There isnt a window manager forum :(19:36
Sparky-UKskel: single drive, partitions were automatically created, nothing was manually added19:36
benccI've added ericsson ubuntu repo http://files.labs.ericsson.net/ubuntu as explained here https://labs.ericsson.com/apis/web-real-time-communication/downloads19:36
skelSparky-UK: then maybe just try fsck -y /dev/cha/root19:37
benccbut apt-get update show Ign for ericsson. why is that?19:37
=== reagan is now known as Bowler
xakaauronandace: thanks! i've found what i need (pin based on hostname)19:37
auronandacexaka: no worries :)19:38
aeon-ltdkanazky: this may sound counter productive but ask in #archlinux however DO NOT mention ubuntu, state you are compiling from source and not using 'abs' - they have a lot more dwm users in there19:38
kanazkyaeon-ltd: oh19:38
kosaidpohello guys19:38
WhiteOwl-mDistro Wars?19:38
CrunchyWalrusWorld War 319:38
aeon-ltddon't start :)19:38
skeljanisozaur: so you get the amount of each file and total them in a for loop with bash ?19:39
WhiteOwl-mlet me ask my question like this: Anyone got experience with wireless ubuntu at all? :D19:39
kosaidpocan i shut down my machine using open box keybinding ??19:39
longcatlol @ "do NOT mention ubuntu"19:39
jandrodoes anyone know of a good alternative (or combination of alternatives) to torrentflux-b4rt with multi-user support and is web-based? cheers19:39
njathani am trying to create a liveusb with persistant storage and am referring to the ubuntu wiki. While copying the files to fat partition, i get the following error - "cannot create symbolic link `/media/mp1/dists/stable': Operation not permitted". How will it impact me later?19:40
Sparky-UKskel: when I run that I get "Warning the filesystem is mounted. If you continue you will cause severe filesystem damage....19:40
skelWhiteOwl-m: not beyond setting it up to connect to my home wifi19:40
kosaidpojandro: i guess transmission has a command line tool so you can use it on ur server19:40
janisozaurskel, that seems overkill, I suppose there is an app for that19:40
skelSparky-UK: ok so aside from that error (the mountall: fsck one) are there any side affects to the system?19:41
jandrokosaidpo: the idea is to provide to the users living in my household a nice webUI to put their downloads19:41
kanazkyaeo-ltd: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11603575#post11603575 is my forum post19:41
skelSparky-UK: if you're getting that message when trying to fsck it manually boot is obviously mounting ok19:41
jesse`Any easy way to copy a list of packages I want from a previous install, without also installing hardware-relevant stuff?19:41
WhiteOwl-mhm skel19:41
jandrokosaidpo: in which they can loggin and so on19:41
WhiteOwl-msame problem here, I have a Netgear usb sticvk WNA3100 which does not work with 64 bi19:41
WhiteOwl-mso I need some wireless stick which works out of the box..19:41
skelWhiteOwl-m: is it a broadcom chipset?19:42
kosaidpojandro: i see19:42
WhiteOwl-mbut it does not work with this broadcom wireless package19:42
ResistanceNeosano: any way to do it without installing unetbootin?  kinda limited to non-admin access here atm19:42
Sparky-UKskel: there are no other issues that I am aware of, but this error prevents me getting past it, so as far as I know its the only error19:42
aaa_hi all. i want to make a keyboard shortcut that will terminate the a process named "wow". how can i do it?19:42
skelWhiteOwl-m: older broadcom stuff doesn't work, I think the newer drivers are only for the newer stuff afaik19:42
WhiteOwl-mIt's pretty new19:42
WhiteOwl-mI read that you have to recompile ndiswrapper for it to work, and this is only for 32bit ubuntu19:43
skelSparky-UK: so enter / ctrl-c / etc  nothing takes you to a login prompt and net services like ssh aren't working?19:43
WhiteOwl-mdoes not work on 64bit.. as I'm fairly new, this is not really an option19:43
kosaidpoguys how can i turn off my pc using hotkeys in openBox19:43
greenithi, does any1 know how i get the auto-playback working in 11.10? in 11.04 it automatically started to play a song when your mouse was over it, i liked this function^^19:43
excelsiorCan anyone walk me through setting up a network printer?19:43
NeosanoResistance, as far as I remember you don't have to install it19:44
skelWhiteOwl-m: all I know about wireless is to stay away from broadcom and lean toward the intel / orinoco stuff19:44
Sparky-UKskel: nope cant get past it at all, intrestingly enough it does respond to pings tho, no ssh tho19:44
ResistanceNeosano: alrighty, i'll try that, i'll be back if it doesnt work :P19:44
greenitexcelsior, which one do you have?19:44
NeosanoResistance, yeah :)19:44
WhiteOwl-mhm ok skel19:44
WhiteOwl-mthanks for that info19:44
skelWhiteOwl-m: and those are just my personal preferences / prejudices19:44
WhiteOwl-mwas thinking about think penguin, but I think it's only available in the US19:44
skelSparky-UK: hmm so weird19:44
NeosanoResistance, you can reset your windows password if it limits you :D19:45
skelSparky-UK: does the mount command show /boot mounted?19:45
ResistanceNeosano: cant do that either, but not a bad idea xD19:45
diverdudehow do i install flash plugin for firefox in ubuntu?19:45
Sparky-UKskel: /dev/sda1 on /boot type ext2 (rw)19:46
Resistance!flash | diverdude19:46
ubottudiverdude: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash19:46
Neosanodiverdude, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras19:46
aaa_hi all. i want to make a keyboard shortcut that will terminate the a process named "wow". how can i do it (using ubuntu, latest version)?19:48
skelSparky-UK: yeah thats weird.19:48
WhiteOwl-mman I love this Ubuntu stuff, I just need it to work wireless.. damn..19:48
WhiteOwl-mprobably gonna end up with a windows home server :(19:48
skelSparky-UK: I'm all out of ideas :(19:48
excelsiorgreenit: it's a Brother, HL 2280DW19:49
bencchow can I force a package to upgrade from a custom repo?19:49
greenitexcelsior, oh, k... sry, don't know if i can help you....19:49
llutzexcelsior: 1st: get debs from http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_prn.html#HL-2280DW19:50
WhiteOwl-mskel, as you're the only expert here which is responding xD: what do you think, would this setup work: VirtualBox on a Windows Home Server and then install Ubuntu Server virtual as a mediaserver?19:50
aaa_hi all. i want to make a keyboard shortcut that will terminate the a process named "wow". how can i do it (using ubuntu, latest version)?19:50
skelWhiteOwl-m: if your end goal is to have an ubuntu media server, I wouldn't virtualize it within windows19:51
Spyrosaaa_, you have to add pkill wow to keyboard shortcuts19:51
skelWhiteOwl-m: I'd go out and get another usb wifi adapter that uses a well know chipset19:51
WhiteOwl-myeah but the problem is it has to be wireless too and with an ubuntu server I would've probably but it in virtualbox anyway19:51
benccis it possible to force a package to update from a specific repo?19:51
WhiteOwl-mhm ok19:51
excelsiorllutz: ok, then what?19:51
llutzexcelsior: install them, "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" in the dir you downloaded them to19:52
skelWhiteOwl-m: I havent' really had any suggestions because when you're limited by hardware, there's not much most of us can do19:52
WhiteOwl-myeah I understand that19:52
skelWhiteOwl-m: minus the brainiacs that write drivers :)19:52
WhiteOwl-meverything works fine with ethernet :D I just can't leave it in my roommates room running all the time (flat share) ;)19:52
skelWhiteOwl-m: what media server were you going to run?19:53
WhiteOwl-mor at least19:53
WhiteOwl-mas a part of it19:54
WhiteOwl-mI wanna put the server in the living room and then remotely control the sound output19:54
WhiteOwl-mmdp seems the best choice for this19:54
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: mdp ?19:54
WhiteOwl-mmpd :D19:54
WhiteOwl-m<- n00b19:54
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: I know what it is :-D19:55
ubluntuI use ubuntu for my pre-amp19:55
skelWhiteOwl-m: yeah I can't really think of any ways around the wifi issue. If you're not encoding 1080 video and are just doing music stuff you could probably get away with virtualizing from inside windows and bridging or nating  the wireless device19:56
WhiteOwl-mwell i don't think I will encode 1080 :D19:57
WhiteOwl-mmaybe stream it but I don't think so19:57
WhiteOwl-mrather just tell the server to play it19:57
excelsiorllutz: ok, so download relevant debs, sudo dpkg -i them, and then look for it on the network?19:57
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: stream to what game console ?19:57
llutzexcelsior: open "localhost:631" in your browser, add a printer, use "socket://192.168.x.y" or whatever your printers IP is as device19:58
WhiteOwl-mno game console, just tv/monitor19:58
WhiteOwl-mbut I haven't really checked if that's even possible19:58
WhiteOwl-mI will take care of that later, the wifi/Music player is my main concern :)19:59
excelsiorllutz: thanks19:59
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: mpd is great. try ncmpcpp for the control interface. its written in ncurses and uses the keyboard super easy.19:59
dr_willisexcelsior:  if you are lucky cups can scan the network and find the printer. :)19:59
WhiteOwl-muh thanks for the hint man ubluntu19:59
novid‎how can i remove completely apache 2?19:59
dr_willisnovid:  how did you install it?20:00
Sparky-UKskel: i've just fixed it, I removed a smbfs mount that I had, then it booted20:00
WhiteOwl-mubluntu, I don't know if you read my issue: wifi :D20:00
novid‎dr_willis: i run apt-get purge apache220:00
excelsiordr_willis: without the drivers?20:00
WhiteOwl-mI will probably try to virtualize it on a microsoft home server so I can use my wifi usb stick20:00
alien2050novid: try sudo apt-get remove --purge apache220:01
skelSparky-UK: heh weird. I didn't think the smb would be it because its net based and the local drive would always be recognized first20:01
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: no way to just run a long wire to the room, wifi sucks for media servers of any kind.....20:01
skelSparky-UK: good to hear though :)20:01
novid‎alien2050: i test it , but there is something related apache220:01
WhiteOwl-myeah the long wire is not possible cause of the door. should be able to close it. the ethernet plug is in my roommates room20:01
alien2050novid: elaborate?20:01
WhiteOwl-mI was also thinking about PowerLine but there are too many unresolved issues and it would be cheaper to find a ubuntu-wifi-card I think20:01
bencchow can I check a package version in a specific repo?20:01
dvrcoderi need help: 6 ubuntu clients which authenticate with LDAP and mount their homes with NFS. we migrated from an ubuntu server (NFS, LDAP) to a Synology server with LDAP directory and NFS. All users have new UIDs, all files have been assigned the new proper owners. Now seemingly at random, people don't get permission to access their files most of the time.20:02
novid‎alien2050:   /etc/init.d/apache2 or a2enmod command20:02
Sparky-UKskel: what I am guessing the reason is due to an upgrade of the nas and dropping the authentication on the smbfs (as its on a dedicated network now)20:02
WhiteOwl-mor maybe there are extra-thin ethernet cables I do not know about :)20:02
excelsiordr_willis: at what point should I try to find the printer with the print manager utility? Only after installing the drivers?20:02
skelSparky-UK: ah ok20:02
alien2050novid: its just an init script, why is it so important that its removed?20:03
dr_willisexcelsior:  yes. even if you found the printer. wouldent make much sence to try it befor hand.. unless you just wanted to see IF it found it.20:03
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: i'd see if you can work something out with a wire.20:03
novid‎alien2050:   because i cant install libapache2-svn20:03
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: and why do you need to virtualize ubuntu in windows? ubuntu is awesome for a media server. you can always dualboot if need be20:03
alien2050novid: if its unlinked from /etc/rc.x then it's no issue...20:03
dr_willisexcelsior:  my network printer supports several differnt 'printing protocals' so it actually shows up like 6 differnt ways  when cups scans the network for it.20:03
excelsiordr_willis: I was having trouble finding it before, so I reset the network settings on the printer to factory, and it just found it.20:03
novid‎alien2050: i want to reinstall apache2 clean20:03
alien2050novid: ah! I see...20:03
=== Jef91|AFK is now known as Jef91
WhiteOwl-mmy wifi stick is not compatible with ubuntu ;)20:04
WhiteOwl-mthat's why I was thinking about windows20:04
ubluntuget an intel one20:04
alien2050sudo apt-get install --reinstall apache2 ?20:04
novid‎alien2050:  K09apache2 -> ../init.d/apache220:04
WhiteOwl-many intel?20:04
ubluntuor use windows im sure you can run a media server from it. I guess :-)20:04
WhiteOwl-mI really don't wanna use windows, it's like the last resort..20:05
dr_willisexcelsior:  I really like my Wireless Brother laser Printer. :) worked great in Linux.  Now to take a Hammer to the lame 'canon' printer that is a total bear in linux..20:05
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: i'd do some research do you need N?20:05
WhiteOwl-mlinux has more possibilities20:05
dr_willis'Linux has possibilities'  -> marketing   phrase...20:06
WhiteOwl-mno, my netgear router does support N but it also supports G and so on20:06
ubluntuWhiteOwl-m: I feel like pci cards are more reliable also20:06
WhiteOwl-myeah I read about that20:06
ubluntuespecially for networking20:06
WhiteOwl-mwas reading that Zyxel G-302 should be working20:06
ubluntuic well if it's cheap works and has ok reviews pick it up20:06
WhiteOwl-mand I didn't find a lot of troubleshoot threads about zyxel g-302 which seems positive :D20:06
alien2050WhiteOwl-m: if you have 20$ to spare, I had the same issue and I bought the perfect wifi-N usb adapter on newegg, flawless on U11.1020:06
ubluntunever heard of zyxel tho and i'm an intel man my self20:07
ubluntusee there you go WhiteOwl-m pick that one up :-D20:07
alien2050so US should be same price maybe even less20:07
WhiteOwl-mdo they ship to europe? big issue, otherwise I would pick up a penguin wifi :D20:07
WhiteOwl-mI'm in switzerland ;)20:07
ubluntuis that pci-express to support N ? do you have pci-e WhiteOwl-m20:07
alien2050hmmm... I see... well you might find one on ebay as well20:07
WhiteOwl-mI have PCI and PCI-e20:08
ubluntunewegg will international ship won't they ?20:08
ubluntutry tigerdirect20:08
WhiteOwl-mwhat's the name of your wifi alien2050?20:08
alien2050this badboy is just amazing: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683316605620:09
alien2050and it's usb20:09
chiiiiizhi: I need help with a damaged grub conf20:09
WhiteOwl-muh cool it has WPA2 AES20:09
WhiteOwl-mcause encryption seems to be a big issue in linux too..20:09
ubluntuwow it's $20 also20:09
WhiteOwl-mthanks for the hin alien205020:09
alien2050I followed the reviews, they said it worked with ubuntu out-of-the-box , I tried like 5 adapters before this one (even pci ones); it's just the best20:09
WhiteOwl-msounds very good20:10
alien2050bandwidth is very good, never disconnects so there u go20:10
WhiteOwl-mu just plugged it in? what did you use for configuration? wpa-supplicant?20:11
alien2050no drivers necessary, just plug in, reboot and it says "wireless networks detected"20:11
WhiteOwl-mthanks a lot man, will try to get it :)20:11
epic93Maybe it's a bit too broad of a question but... is there anything about Ubuntu that is particulary better than other distros that would be worth knowing about?20:12
diverdudeI am trying to enable mod-rewrite like this: a2enmod rewrite   and I get this error: ERROR: Module rewrite not properly enabled: /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/rewrite.load is a real file, not touching it. WHat am I doing wrong?20:12
sskalnikadduser, not useradd?20:12
llutzdiverdude:  /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/rewrite.load  has to be a link20:12
diverdudellutz, yes ok...but why isn't it then?20:13
llutzdiverdude: idk, check it20:13
derpladeehey guys, i accidentally closed down gtk-window-decorator and now all of my windows are missing minimize/maximize/close buttons and that bar that's usually at the top of all windows .. how do i restart it?20:14
WhiteOwl-mdamnit. I knew I've should've moved to canada..20:15
WhiteOwl-mthey only ship domestic it seems20:15
WhiteOwl-mamazon can't ship it too to switzerland.. damn20:17
dvrcoderis there a place to look up the default settings for nsswitch.conf and all the pam.d files in the default state, with no ldap or anything enabled?20:17
w30derpladee, how did you close down the gtk-window-decorator? edit something?20:17
GrymmoireMore than 1600 users, I figured as much20:17
b1tbktanyone have an idea how I might coax ubiquity (noninteractive) to perform its install to a disk image rather than a raw disk? trying to create a preconfigured vm during install from a livecd20:18
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ossieso anyone tried out ubuntu tv yet?20:21
Jordan_Ub1tbkt: Why not run the LiveCD in the virtual machine?20:21
diverdudecan somebody do me a favor and pastebin the content of the file /etc/apache2/mods-available/rewrite.conf ?20:21
oCeanosse: maybe try in #ubuntu-offtopic20:22
WhiteOwl-mthank you alien2050, unfortunately they don't ship to europe ;)20:22
NimeshNeematext editor for programmer with support for "code folding" ???20:22
peterrushey, is there a difference between the ubuntu desktop kernel and the ubuntu server kernel?20:22
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sskalnikpeterrus:  https://help.ubuntu.com/10.10/serverguide/C/preparing-to-install.html#intro-kernel-diffs20:23
anshrprtouchpad and mouse buttons stops working when i log in to my account, while works great under guest account, i'm using ubuntu 11.1020:23
llutzdiverdude: .conf? isn't it  /etc/apache2/mods-available/rewrite.load20:23
peterrussskalnik: nice thanks20:24
sskalnikpeterrus:  no prob20:24
b1tbktjordan: I'm trying to avoid having to put the livecd image within itself. I just want to the vm install process to get its packages from the livecd's repo.20:24
Jordan_Ub1tbkt: You'll have to be more clear about your end goal. I don't understand what you're trying to accomplish.20:25
almoxarifeanshrpr: thats interesting, i would look at mirroring the guests input-device/s confs in your user account20:25
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anshrpralmoxarife : do you know how to do that?20:26
excelsiordpkg: error processing hl2280dwlpr-2.1.0-1.i386.deb (--install): package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)20:26
chiiiiiz-invalid filesystem on boot, with a grub2... that can not be repaired... does this ring any bell to someone?20:26
almoxarifeanshrpr: i have not thought about it before, you are on 'ubuntu'?20:27
excelsiordr_willis: or llutz: dpkg: error processing hl2280dwlpr-2.1.0-1.i386.deb (--install): package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)20:27
anshrpralmoxarife : yes, 11.1020:27
llutzexcelsior: you have to use dpkg --force-architecture ....deb20:27
llutzexcelsior: Brother doesn't ship 64bit-packages20:28
almoxarifeanshrpr: can you access the 'guest' home/folder structure?20:28
b1tbktboot live cd -> If desired, select 'Install'. This install process will run through the normal 'install-to-disk' process (using the preseed that I give it). For the 'late-command' option in preseed, I will point it at a script that builds a virtual machine (eg., using virt-install) using another preseed which fully automates the vm installation.....20:29
anshrpryou mean the Home directory, yes....20:29
almoxarifeanshrpr: from your user account, i dont mean login to 'guest'20:29
kasiihi all20:29
b1tbktI have come up with two ways to accomplish this...sort of...20:29
hatebhow do I remove bluetooth and accounts indicators ?20:29
almoxarifeanshrpr: i will assume yes you can20:30
anshrpralmoxarife : yes i can20:30
peterrushmm this is odd20:30
b1tbktmost likely candidate is to create a raw disk image with qemu-create, mount it and somehow point ubquity at it in noninteractive mode. then use virt install to create all of the vm metadata.20:31
almoxarifeanshrpr: i guess the next step is figuring where the confs reside, any ideas? Anyone?20:31
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b1tbktqemu-img create, that is20:31
b1tbktI'm basically doing an install within an install20:32
almoxarifeanshrpr: give me a sec, do what i am about to do, google it,brb20:32
excelsiorllutz: thanks20:32
anshrpralmoxarife : googling :)20:33
diverdudewill /etc/init.d/apache2 restart also do /etc/init.d/apache2 reload ?20:33
dr_willisexcelsior:  hmm. for my brother printer  drivers were included in some extra  file in the repos i think.20:34
dr_willisexcelsior: apt-cache search brother20:35
llutzdr_willis: unfortunately not for these brother models. those debs work but it is still ugly20:35
dr_willisllutz:  bummers. :) perhaps in next release they will get updated.20:35
dr_willisit pays to not buy cutting edge hardware20:35
llutzdr_willis: better to buy HP :)20:36
dr_willisMy brother was on sale. :) for $90 - replaceing my HP laserjet 6l that i had for 13+ yrs..20:37
BussDriverman, brother printers are awesome20:37
BussDriverproving great drivers for all OSes20:37
dr_willisits just a b/w laser. but it does what i need.20:37
llutzBussDriver: i would prefer they just push theyr ppds into the public20:38
llutzdr_willis: same here, bought a hl2250dn after my last laserjet 2200 died :(20:38
BussDriverjust curious - why do you need ppds when they have a whole linux driver suite?20:39
llutzBussDriver: because i don't like to have 3rd party debs in the system just for printing20:39
BussDriverIt does so much more than just printing though20:40
HSarenaHi! I install ubuntu 11.10 on VMware, i update it, but it can't find my graphical drivers! how can i install this additional driver in my ubuntu????20:40
BussDriverplus, you don't need the package if all you want to do is print20:40
BussDriverbut I agree with your sentiment20:40
llutzBussDriver:  right, i also want to use the duplex-thingy, which wouldn't work with plain PCL-drvers20:41
dr_willisPPD's defind the printer specs in ways that cups inderstands. drivers I think provide other thangs :)20:41
HSarenaplz help me..20:41
BussDriverllutz: Mine lets you scan documents from the printer and send faxes, etc.20:41
dr_willisHSarena:  vmware emulates specific hardware, so im not sure what 'drivers' you would be needing20:42
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware20:42
auronandaceHSarena: pretty hard to do with all the details you provided20:42
llutzBussDriver: i'm talking about printers, not multifunctional-super-devices :)20:42
BussDriverllutz: fair enough :)20:42
auronandaceHSarena: ah sorry, missed your post20:42
dr_willisHSarena:  normally theres some sort of 'guest' addations for vmware, or vbox. that &nb