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o0o0oFile Sync error. (auth failed (AUTH_FAILED))05:52
o0o0owhere can i fix that in my ubuntu installation05:53
o0o0obtw i love ubuntuone and lots of my friends an employees use it couse i tell them05:53
o0o0oThe information could not be retrieved. Maybe your internet connection is down?06:00
o0o0owell, its not, right?06:00
ryeo0o0o, hello09:21
JamesTaitGood morning, everyone! :D09:32
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mandelczajkowski, hello, how are you recovering from the surgery?10:59
czajkowskimandel: good thanks, catching up on readin11:02
mandelczajkowski, reading is always good in those cases...11:07
mandelczajkowski, I remember when I spent 10 days in hospital back in the day when tv worked by the hour with coins..11:07
mandelczajkowski, so I kinda know the pain11:07
czajkowskiat least I'm at home11:07
czajkowskijust not allowed/able to sit for more than 20 mins11:08
czajkowskireally not good at doing nothing11:08
mandelczajkowski, can you walk properly?11:10
mandelczajkowski, I saw the pictures.. did not look good to be honest11:10
czajkowskithanks :)11:10
czajkowskimandel: yup I can walk, just slowly and as long as nobody bumbs into me I'm good11:11
czajkowskigetting there slowly will take some physio as well to help the nerves in my back get back working11:11
mandelczajkowski, in all this things the physio and the work afterwards is usually one of the most important parts11:17
czajkowskimandel: true, in my case I've been leaning toward the right for the last 6 months so a bit lob sided, so need to retrain my back to stand straight11:17
mandelczajkowski, well, I hope it works out well, I'm sure it will11:21
czajkowskimandel: thanks11:21
czajkowskimandel: not working so loads of time to get better11:21
czajkowskiand a weekend in brussels in 3 weeks time :D11:23
ralsinagood morning ubuntuoners!11:25
mandelralsina, morning!11:25
mandelralsina, hard day with the internet connection, right?11:26
ralsinamandel: oh yes11:26
ralsinaI have a 3g dongle that doesn't work, and I can't connect to the bar's wifi for some reason11:26
ralsinaBut I am staying for the coffee11:26
ralsinaI can't drink it but it smells great11:26
mandelralsina, he, that is unlucky..11:27
ralsinamandel: tethering is legal in argentina. Specially when they don't know what phone you have ;-)11:28
mandelralsina, same here, but as soon as the phone company finds out the limit the bandwidth11:29
ralsinahey, the phone can connect to the wifi??? WTF! Tethering to wifi now!11:29
mandelralsina, that makes much more sense!11:30
ralsinamandel: except the part where the notebook can't connect to the wifi by itself11:31
mandelralsina, which os?>11:31
ralsinamandel: windows. I tried linux yesterday. Got a whole 92minutes of battery life (it's impoving!)11:31
mandelralsina, they are working on it11:32
ralsinamandel: I know11:32
mandelralsina, don't use twisted, it makes it last less :P11:32
ralsinamandel: using windows is driving me nuts11:32
mandelcygwin and vim :)11:33
mandeland a ubuntu vm11:33
mandelor archlinux, your choice11:33
ralsinausing VMs forces the CPU to run multicore all the time and cuts battery in half11:34
ralsinain fact, I think that's the problem with linux, it's not throttling the CPU right11:34
mandelralsina, important question, can you run the ubuntuone-client tests on windows?11:34
ralsinamandel: of course11:34
mandelralsina, in my machine I have tests failing :(11:34
gatoxgood morning11:34
ralsinamandel: yikes. Trunk?11:35
mandelralsina, yes, clean trunk check out11:35
mandelgatox, buenos dias!11:35
ralsinamandel: there were some proplems 2 weeks ago where test file paths were too long, but verterok fixed it11:35
ralsinamandel: running them as soon as the pull finishes11:35
gatoxmandel, i propose a branch for u1-client yesterday with new tests, merged with trunk and the tests were ok11:35
mandelgatox, I have broken tests with a clean install, I fear we broke something at some point11:36
ralsinamandel: quick question: if you go here, what's the captcha for you? https://autogestion.personal.com.ar/individuos/CambioClavePaso1.aspx?Login=false11:36
mandelralsina, PAAIR511:37
ralsinamandel: interesting. I get the same captcha every time. Damn proxies.11:37
mandelralsina, ah, I love proxies.. they are soooo much fun ;)11:37
ralsinaat least it respects Shoft-F511:38
gatoxmandel, try this one if you want.... it's synchronized with trunk and tests are ok: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/fix-links11:39
gatoxmandel, i think i fix a test that was broken in trunk there11:40
ralsinaInteresting: you can't branch from launchpad without ssh keys anymore11:40
mandelgatox, ok, let me wait 'til the other tests are done and I'll try your branch11:42
mandelralsina, weird, did you setup the launchpad-login?11:42
ralsinamandel: yes I did11:42
mandelralsina, might be that11:43
mandelralsina, if you do not give the lp id to bzr it does not care11:45
mandelralsina, otherwise it cries11:45
ralsinamandel: ack11:45
mandelgatox, I see that we have a new dep with comtypes, I suppose that there are no issues with py2exe, right?11:49
mandelgatox, I'm getting a few issues with the filesystem notifications, yet I suppose is my vm11:56
mandelralsina, ha, I found the issues!11:59
mandeland they are easy to solve11:59
ralsinamandel: should I stop the tests? ;-)11:59
mandelralsina, paste.ubuntu.com/80048512:00
mandelralsina, wait 'til the end12:01
ralsinamandel: ok, waiting12:01
ralsinamandel: that looks like a path that is way too long12:02
gatoxmandel, it shouldn't be any problem with py2exe.... it's just a python library that uses ctypes12:02
ralsinayes, comtypes should be no problem. Of course now gatox can try it for himself ;-)12:02
nessitahello everyone!12:04
gatoxnessita, hi12:04
mandelralsina, yes, so I have 'broken' tests because tritcask is not using \\?\12:04
mandelnessita, morning!12:04
mandelgatox, oks12:04
gatoxralsina, yes of course.... can you point me to the branch or something were it was the necessary to build an installer?12:05
ralsinamandel: yes. However, verterok did a branch 2 weeks ago to limit path length. But I suppose it can still go too long12:05
mandelralsina, and no one got those errors because 'til now we all had set the temp dir of trial to C:\Temp or something of the type hehe12:05
nessitahola gatox, mandel, ralsina12:05
ralsinagatox: it's in trunk now!12:05
mandelralsina, is due to the test using the trial _temp_dir12:05
ralsinagatox: in ubuntuone-windows-installer, you need to go to scripts and read the README12:05
gatoxralsina, ahhhh it's already merged! great12:06
mandelralsina, so, shall we consider that a problem?12:06
ralsinabuen dia nessita12:06
ralsinamandel: well, it is a problem because tests fail "randomly"12:06
ralsinamandel: if changing it to use literal paths is trivial, go ahead12:06
mandelralsina, ok, then I'll file a bug then12:07
nessitamandel: saw my email re: the review?12:15
mandelnessita, yeah, let me file a bug and run some tests and will get to it right now12:19
mandelnessita, you will have it before I go for lunch for sure12:19
ralsinamandel: all tests pass for me, except one that didn't stop in time, but may be because the notebook is kinda slow today12:21
nessitamandel: nice!12:22
ralsinamandel: that would be tests.platform.test_filesystem_notifications.MutedSignalsTests.test_file_moved_from_partial12:22
mandelralsina, yeah, I had the same issue with my vm...12:22
mandelralsina, I'll look closer into that since I have a branch I wanted to land that won't because of that :(12:23
ralsinamandel: hmmm then maybe that one is really broken12:23
mandelnessita,  from ubuntu_sso.main import SSOLogin installs the reactor, right?12:23
mandelralsina, I sure hope they are not..12:23
mandelralsina, I'll run them in the mac where they did pass12:23
ralsinamandel: ack12:23
nessitamandel: it should't. If it does, is a bug12:23
ralsinabut anyway, having a tet that only works on fast machines is not great12:24
nessitamandel: the import is there because that code is a tremendous hack and will fly away soon12:24
mandelnessita, ah.. ok12:24
mandelralsina, nessita FYI: bug 91473212:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 914732 in ubuntuone-client "Tritcask tests are broken on Windows (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91473212:26
nessitamandel: hum, weird, they run ok in my computer. Timing issue?>12:26
nessitamandel: is this failing in trunk too?12:27
mandelnessita, yes, but they work in your machine because you did set up TRIAL_TEMP_DIR12:28
mandelnessita, so that they work in the vm, remember?12:28
nessitamandel: yes... and how that fix the issue?12:28
mandelturns out that tritcask is not using \\?\ and when you set it the paths are shorter :)12:28
mandelnessita, ^12:28
mandelnessita, the technical def 'suerte de narices' jeje12:29
nessitamandel: right, and tritcask will never use \\?\ as per what we have talked with guillermo...12:29
mandelnessita, exactly, so we need to do something smart about that12:29
nessitamandel: can you please edit the bug description so it reflects the real problem, please?12:30
mandelnessita, it states the issue AFAIK12:30
mandelnessita, but in the long comment and not the title12:30
mandelfrom the bug report: 'The following occurs when running the tests on Windows if the TRIAL_TEMP_DIR was not set to a location that will ensure that the paths are not longer than 256:'12:30
mandeland 'In the above error we have a 257 path length.'12:31
nessitaright, but as how you present it this looks that could be an issue in real life?12:31
mandelnessita, ok, I'll edit the title then12:31
ralsinanessita: it could be a problem only if a username was over 128 characters in length or so12:31
nessitaralsina: yes12:31
ralsinanessita: which I think we can safely ignore12:32
nessitaralsina: well, if we make something smart for the test, that will also fix that case IRL, no?12:32
ralsinanessita: it's only annoying  for testing. To which I say "set TRIAL_TEMP_DIR", if fixing it takes more than 20 minutes12:32
ralsinanessita: the IRL is ignorable, and the tests are workaroundable. So I wouldn't spend all that much time in it, unless it's an easy fix12:33
ralsinaI mean, mandel could do his checkouts one folder level up and it would work ;-)12:33
mandelnessita, updated bug 91473212:33
ubot4Launchpad bug 914732 in ubuntuone-client "Tritcask tests are broken on Windows when the test paths are longer than 256 chars (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91473212:33
nessitamandel: awesome, thanks12:34
mandelralsina, or set TRIAL_TEMP_DIR and forget about it hehe12:34
nessitaralsina: + to not dedicate time in the short term12:34
ralsinamandel, nessita: verterok did something to limit test path lengths, maybe it's just making a constant lower12:34
ralsinahe set it to 32, maybe set it to 2012:34
mandelralsina, that is not really a way to solve it, someone stupid (me) could check them out in a deeper folder12:35
mandelralsina, nessita lets leave it as a known issue, focus on important things and later revisit it12:35
ralsinamandel: any smart solution can be broken by just checking out in a path that's 200-char long :-)12:35
mandelthe bug report tells you how to solve it, set TRIAL_TEMP_DIR12:35
ralsinamandel: good, moving on then ;-)12:36
mandelralsina, no, those would be average solutions, a smart one will allow it to always work :)12:36
mandelbut is a blah bug, so lets move on hehe12:36
ralsinamandel: a smart solution would operate a robot hand and smack you for using 200-char paths ;-)12:36
mandelralsina, I'm more worried about the event tests failing12:36
ralsinamandel: yes, if it's really timing dependent it's broken12:37
mandelnessita, can you please run the windows tests from trunk? ralsina and I are seeing problems12:37
nessitamandel: sure12:37
mandelnessita, in your branch, when sending a signal for an error we are doing error_dict = except_to_errdict(error) yet we are logging the error, do you forsee that as a problem?12:39
nessitamandel: not really... do you?12:39
nessitamandel: you would like to log the dict?12:40
mandelnessita, no, but since we are sending the dict and not the error.. I wanted to double check12:41
nessitamandel: we're sending the dict to the "IPC" layers12:41
mandelnessita, ok12:42
mandelnessita, what is the reasoning for 'len(credentials) > 0:' in line 636 of the diff12:43
mandelnessita, do we ever get '' ?12:43
nessitamandel: we may get {}12:45
mandelnessita, ok12:46
mandelnessita, another question, addCallbacks is not used due to readability, right?12:46
nessitamandel: addCallbacks with 's' to the end?12:47
nessitamandel: or you meant addCallback?12:47
nessitamandel, ralsina: my test run was OK (the only failing test is caused because my username is a very-weird-unicode-one and the fix-links branch has not landed yet) http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/800512/12:48
ralsinanessita: ok, so there is a test that fails intermittently :-/12:48
nessitaralsina: can I see your failures?12:48
mandelnessita, with an 's' at the end, the method that adds the callback and the errback: http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/8.2.0/api/twisted.internet.defer.Deferred.html#addCallbacks12:48
mandelnessita, ralsina hm.. that is bad, having tests that fail like that is a PITA.. specially when they happen in my vm..12:49
nessitamandel: right, I know the methof, but wanted to be sure what you were meatning. The thing is that d.addCallback(f); d.addErrback(g) != d.addCallbacks(f, g)12:49
nessitamandel: do you understand that? ^12:50
nessitaI can explain further12:50
ralsinanessita: lost the log... it was tests.platform.test_filesystem_notifications.MutedSignalsTests.test_file_moved_from_partial and it said "is still running after 8 seconds" IIRC12:50
mandelnessita, please explain it futher, it can be that I don't understand the method12:51
nessitaralsina: that may be cause if you computer is kinda slow or was too overloaded at that moment. Though not good, I would separate timeouts from errors12:51
ralsinanessita: yes, it felt overloaded, so I sort of ignored it.12:52
ralsinanessita: the thing is, if it can't run practically on a VM we are in trouble for testing on windows12:52
nessitaralsina: I run the suite in a vm with windows 7 and 1024 of ram12:52
ralsinanessita: it used to work but now that I am on battery it didn't so it may be because my CPU is throttled12:52
nessitaralsina: right12:53
nessitamandel: looking the drawing in the web, one sec12:53
ralsinanessita: which means it's close to not running :-)12:53
ralsinanessita, mandel: but yes, let's ignore this timeout, at least for now12:53
mandelralsina, nessita lets add a bug nevertheless.. I've seend the windows trunk going down to hell and it was painful. Keeping track is at least a good practice12:54
nessitamandel: a bug for what exactly? sorry I got lost12:55
mandelnessita, for the fact that some of the tests will be errors in slow machines12:55
ralsinamandel: I wouldn't know what to put in those tests. "tests on windows are slower"?12:55
ralsinamandel: that is not a bug, that's life :-)12:55
nessitamandel: I would avoid having yet another bug for this... since is not likely that we'll fix it any time soon :-/12:56
nessitamandel: in http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/core/howto/defer.html, go to the section "Basic Callback Functions"12:57
mandelnessita, ralsina if they fail due to time, there is something wrong.. at least if we consider them unittest, but I'm not going to argue :)12:57
nessitamandel: see how addCallbacks reads:12:57
nessitaIt adds a pair of callbacks parallel to   each other12:57
nessitamandel: if you go to the schema it references, you can see that12:57
nessitamandel: instead, calling a addCallback and after that an addErrback, will put the callback in one level, and the errback in the level below12:58
nessitamandel: so in the second case (d.addCallback(f); d.addErrback(g)), g will be run either if d failed or if f failed12:59
nessitamandel: makes sense now?12:59
alecuhello #ubuntuone!13:00
gatoxalecu, hi13:01
nessitamandel: ping?13:01
nessitahola alecu!13:01
mandelnessita, let me think about it..13:01
mandelnessita, ok, got you, I just did a small script to get it clear13:03
alecumandel, it's the second graph in this page: http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/core/howto/defer.html13:03
ralsinaMy notebook must be german, because it's now hungry for power!13:03
ralsinaI will have to go hunt for a socket to feed it, will be back ASAP13:03
nessitaimagine you have a queue of callbacks and errbacks:13:04
nessita|  callbacks  |  errbacks  |13:04
nessita|      ...               |          ...          |13:04
nessitacalling addCallbacks(f, g) will result the queues to be:13:04
nessita|  callbacks  |  errbacks  |13:04
nessita|       f                |           g           |13:04
nessitacalling addCallback(f) and then addErrback(g) will result in:13:04
nessita|  callbacks  |  errbacks  |13:04
nessita|       f                |       no_op   |13:04
nessita|       no_op    |           g           |13:04
nessitamandel: ^13:04
nessitayes, enjoy my ascii not-art13:05
mandelnessita, hahaha is not that bad, and I got it :)13:05
mandelnessita, shall we start using 2012 in the copyright?13:09
gatoxmandel, i did13:10
nessitamandel: I did too13:11
mandelnessita, ubuntu_sso/main/tests/test_clients.py in the branch, not that I would block a branch for such a stupid stupid thing :)13:12
mandelI think I'm more picky with other people branches than mine.. I feel like an asshole13:12
nessitamandel: will change it asap13:15
mandelnessita, don't worry to much, as I said, is stupid13:15
mandelnessita, FYI running tests on linux and widows, if they pass I'll approve :)13:16
nessitaoh no, a windows update broke my VM!13:19
alecudamn wifi13:21
alecunessita, mandel: can I have a re-review on this branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntu-sso-client/proxy-integration-tests/+merge/8753813:22
nessitaalecu: my windows VM just got broken due to a windows update. Were you able to fix the tests?13:22
alecunessita, yes, I changed "localhost" for "" and then windows tests stopped timeouting13:23
mandelalecu, windows is stupid..13:24
mandelI cannot believe tests failed due to that..13:24
alecumandel, it just took a bit of time13:24
alecumandel, my first solution was increasing the timeout of the tests, and it started working13:25
alecumandel, but it was an ugly solution, and it made the tests slower13:25
nessitaalecu: perhaps it was resolving localhost using a "real" dns?13:25
alecunessita, it certainly looked like that.13:26
nessitaalecu: anyways, I will re-review13:26
alecuI'm not sure if it's windows or Qtnetwork13:26
ralsinaHello again!13:26
alecuhello ralsina!13:26
alecumandel, nessita: did you guys saw this link I pasted before dropping out? http://twistedmatrix.com/documents/current/core/howto/defer.html13:27
alecu^ specifically the second graph13:28
mandelgot that page open already13:28
nessitaalecu: yes13:28
mandelnessita, why two steps: 271+            result = f(instance, *a, **kw)13:29
mandel272+            return result13:29
nessitamandel: I like it better, is easier to put a print in between when needed. But I don't feel that strong about that13:29
mandelnessita, meh, my neither.. python should be smart enough to deal with it13:30
mandelnessita, I'm approving, tests passed everywhere and I've read carefully the code and can't find anything wrong besides style differences between our coding :)13:32
mandeladios mega-branch!13:32
nessitamandel: thanks!13:32
mandelok, my lunch break is due13:41
nessitaalecu: I'm setting up another VM, will run your tests shortly14:09
alecunessita, btw: pylint on P is complaining about all this, both on your branch and on trunk: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/800608/14:24
nessitaalecu: we need a tweaked pylint14:24
nessitaalecu: which I need to build from source14:24
alecuoh, right.14:24
nessitaalecu: if you "eye" confirm it, you can see all those are not True14:25
dobeynessita: logilab issue?14:25
alecunessita, yes, I know. pylint gets "bitchy" with each passing release.14:26
nessitadobey: yes, I did not built the patched package yet14:26
nessitaalecu: now, this is a pythonpath issue14:26
nessitaalecu: is an "old" issue -- pylint does not understand namespaces14:26
nessitadobey: would you have the diff patch handy? I'm not sure I have it anymore14:26
ralsinaalecu: if a lint checker detected fewer things on a new release, all users that fixed them on the previous one would feel stupid. It's bad marketing.14:27
dobeynessita: it's in the source package for the older versions in the PPA14:27
nessitadobey: great, thanks!14:27
alecuralsina, that's good marketing, for sure. But we are talking about pylint, a tool known for its bitchiness14:27
ralsinaalecu: being nitchy is its job description14:28
=== gatox is now known as gatox_brb
alecuralsina, well, if with each upgrade I get lots of false positives on code I already sprinkled with pylint "disables", then it's past the useful spot.14:29
ralsinaalecu: which is why dobey wants us to use pyflakes ;-)14:29
alecuright! and I could not agree more.14:29
nessitaalecu, ralsina: thought is true that we have some false positives with pylint, this is not a new issue14:30
nessitapylint can't handle the .pth files, so we patch it on every release14:30
ralsinathe problem is, pyflakes is not nearly bitchy enough14:30
ralsinait misses things like useless imports, which even have performance impact14:30
nessitaalecu: branch approved14:31
dobeyyay pyflakes!14:31
dobeyralsina: pyflakes complains about unused imports14:31
ralsinadobey: bad example then ;-)14:32
dobeyit also has a reasonable upstream, and isn't unreasonably complex itself14:32
nessitaralsina: 1-1!14:34
ralsinanessita: can't mumble because of ambient noise. IRC?14:34
nessitaralsina: oh I was looking forward to mumble/talk14:35
ralsinanessita: I can do mumble in maybe 30 minutes14:35
nessitaralsina: we have standup in 30 minutes...14:35
ralsinanessita: then I am right on time :-D14:35
ralsinanessita: after standup14:35
nessitagatox_brb: I still have test failures on windows for fix-links14:45
nessitaadded the traces to the MP14:46
dobeyalecu: did you get a chance to look at my branch again? i can't seem to find anything obvious. :(14:46
=== gatox_brb is now known as gatox
gatoxnessita, really14:49
alecudobey, not today, I'll take another look after the stdup14:49
dobeyseems to be a timing issue :(14:49
alecudobey, what I saw was that all tests passed when I ran it on my laptop with P.14:49
alecudobey, both with the gi and the gtk3 reactors14:50
dobeyi wonder if gtk3 gir is broken somehow on oneiric then. i should try it on P too14:50
alecunessita, I'm getting some timeouts on your branch when running under windows14:50
nessitaalecu: in tcpativation tests?14:50
nessitaalecu: I'm getting those in trunk as well (timeouts in tcpactivation)... and I changed nothing re: tcpactivation...14:51
* mandel back14:52
alecunessita, I'm getting some of those in test_clients, and on many random places too14:52
mandelalecu, nessita I ran it on windows before a a windows update and all passed14:53
nessitaalecu: can I see a trace please?14:53
alecunessita, here are some: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/800629/14:53
dobeyalecu: odd. they are indeed passing on P for me as well14:53
alecunessita, I'm running the whole tests now, and I'll send you the whole output14:53
nessitaalecu: can you try increasing the timeout from 5 to higher?14:53
alecunessita, I tried increasing the timeout of the first failing testcase to 20, and it failed too.14:54
nessitaack then14:54
alecunessita, after it finishes, I'll try by rebooting my VM14:56
mandelalecu, nessita I'll run the tests again just in case..14:57
mandelnessita, 'cause the timeouts are for the unify branch, right?14:57
gatoxnessita, yes.... i have some failures too.... but it was working yesterday.. i'll check that.... also.. some of the failures are from network problems :S14:58
dobeynot me15:01
gatoxmandel, ?15:02
nessitamandel: me?15:02
ralsinamandel is last, gatox, go!15:02
gatoxFixed some branches, changing u1-client to use u1-sso-client NetworkManagerState (i'm making some changes to use the network_detection module more properly because we have some mixed uses in the way of use it).15:02
gatoxFinish with network detection.15:02
gatoxralsina, go15:02
ralsinaDONE: reviews, trying to automate windows build further (looking good), mgmt call, fought for the internet and won (but it took me all day), shot the sheriff TODO: finish windows build automation, start interviewing mac devs, set goals and stuff for scope contractor, administrivia, shoot the deputy BLOCKED: no, as long as 3G keeps working NEXT: not dobey15:02
dobeyλ DONE: gireactor upon the brink of greatness15:02
dobeyλ TODO: write proposal for u1 packageset, finish gireactor work, start music store/libsyncdaemon work15:02
dobeyλ BLCK: No.15:02
nessitaDONE: reviews, chase reviewers for unify-signal-broadcaster branch, more on bug #83987715:03
nessitaTODO: exactly the same as above :-), plus 1-1 with ralsina15:03
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes15:03
nessitaNEXT: alecu15:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 839877 in ubuntuone-windows-installer (and 2 other projects) "When creating a new account, the credentials stored are invalid. (affects: 1) (heat: 7)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83987715:03
alecuDONE: review for nessita, some debugging with dobey, fixes for my branch being reviewed15:03
alecuTODO: get reviews, push restful-client branch, get back to use-restful-client branch15:03
alecuBLOCKED: no15:03
alecuNEXT: mandel15:03
mandelDONE: Work on 907511, got fix yet tests where failing in my vm. Re-reviewd nessitas branhc. re-reviwed alecus branch15:04
mandelTODO: more on the above bug 907511. Fix tests to work without a time dependence.15:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 907511 in ubuntuone-client "Windows: events from directories where no watch has been added should be ignored (affects: 1) (heat: 31)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90751115:04
mandelBLOCKED: no15:04
mandelalecu, nessita after the windows update the tests get blocked in test_get_port_if_service_already_started, this is in a Windows 7 x64 under kvm15:05
nessitamandel: run the tests again15:06
gatoxralsina, please let me know when you " shoot the deputy" :P LOL15:06
ralsinagatox: he deserves it15:06
dobeyshould i get a second monitor15:06
ralsinadobey: yes15:07
dobey4096x1152 is a lot of pixels.15:07
ralsinadobey: larger/multiple monitors are the single most significant factor in increased programmer productivity, says study15:07
ralsinadobey: or in your case, more powerful microscopes15:07
mandelnessita, ok15:07
dobeya new desk would certainly be helpful right now15:08
nessitamandel: I'm getting the same symptom but in trunk as well15:08
mandelnessita, in the second run, from the unify branch (will run trunk next) I got a couple of timeouts like alecu yet it did not get stuck15:10
dobeyhrmm, no. that was the wrong monitor :(15:10
ralsinanessita: mumble when you are ready15:10
nessitamandel: try trunk... run a couple of times15:10
mandelnessita, on it15:10
mandelnessita, alecu I ran trunk 5 times and I got the time outs in one of the runs15:15
* gatox lunch....... FYI: my parents came to visit me... just in case having lunch take me more than 1 hour15:16
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
nessitamandel: that's trunk?15:19
dobeyoh wow :(15:20
mandelnessita, yes, trunk failed 1 out of 5 with a timeout issue like the ones reported by alecu15:20
dobeyfirefox appears to have locked up X hard on my workstation15:20
mandeldobey, where you looking at X ?15:20
dobeyzombie X15:20
dobeythe machine won't even reboot correctly15:21
dobeyall i wanted was a second monitor :(15:21
mandeldobey, Ha ha ha ha ha15:27
mandelyofel_, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want15:27
mandelSo tell me what you want, what you really, really want15:27
mandelI'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want15:27
mandelSo tell me what you want, what you really, really want15:27
mandelI wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha) I wanna, (ha)15:27
mandelI wanna really, really, really wanna zigazig ah15:27
dobeyalecu: btw, your dbus logging branch caused the tests to break on maverick and lucid15:27
mandeldobey, at monitor somewhere there..15:27
dobeygrr, firefox crashed again, immediately after restoring the session :(15:27
dobeyalecu: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/89535265/buildlog_ubuntu-maverick-i386.ubuntu-sso-client_3.1%2Br829-29~maverick1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:28
karnimandel: I could almost hear the music in my head when I read these words ;]15:29
dobeyman, firefox on oneiric really hates life15:33
dobeyand i'm running 9.0.1 even15:33
mandelkarni, lol15:36
mandelkarni, I did when I read dobey  :P15:36
* karni hasn't noticed dobey's signing ;)15:37
nessitaalecu: did you see mandel's comment re: trunk timeouts?15:37
dobeyi sign all the time. singing not so much though15:37
dobeymost of the signing is automated though. yay bzr+gpg15:38
alecunessita, the "1 out of 5", right?15:39
karnidobey: don't make fun of a foreigner ;d typos happen.15:41
nessitaalecu: seems like it15:41
mandeldobey, we are majority...15:41
karnidobey: I've done too much around Single _Sign_ On recently, I guess ;)15:41
mandelalecu, nessita I can write a script on the windows vm to run it a large number of times, shall I?15:42
mandelalecu, nessita I need to finish some work first15:42
nessitamandel: no need :-)15:42
nessitamandel: thanks, really15:42
alecunessita, mandel: so, after rebooting the windows vm, all tests now pass... I'll try running them 5 times.15:47
nessitaalecu: can you also try trunk, if you get timeouts? I would like to confirm if my branch is adding those or not15:48
dobeyoi, already 11:00 :-/15:53
dobeymaybe i should upgrade my workstation to precise today15:53
dobeyalecu: you don't need to bug with my twisted branch any more btw. seems like an issue with gtk+ gir on oneiric :-/15:59
dobeyalecu: thanks for helping debug though16:00
alecudobey, cool!16:00
alecudobey, anytime.16:01
nessitawell, the precise installation in my laptop is stuck in "removing conflicting operating system files"16:04
nessitawhat shall I do?16:04
* nessita better asks in #ubuntu-desktop16:04
ralsinanessita: nothing moving in the other terminals?16:07
nessitaralsina: "other" terminals?16:07
ralsinanessita: ctrl+alt+Fwhatever16:07
ralsinanessita: there you can see what the installer is actually doing16:07
nessitanothing on those screens, just a login16:07
nessitaralsina: top shows no activity16:08
ralsinanessita: no idea then16:09
nessitadobey: ping16:13
nessitadobey: how can I confirm if we still need the "DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS := nocheck" in the rules file for logilab-common?  I see you put in the changelog "to avoid running broken tests" but I debuild the package without that and have no errors16:15
dobeynessita: it was probably only needed on oneiric, and may even be fine on oneiric now. but the tests were broken when i fixed the package for oneiric, so i added that in. if it works without on precise, leave it out.16:17
nessitadobey: ack16:18
dobeywell, re-proposed the gireactor for twisted. hopefully it will get approved/landed this time16:22
alecudobey, \o/16:23
dobeyand now, lunch :)16:23
nessitagatox_lunch: network-detetc branch has more than 2 lint issues :-)16:23
nessitawhich are no false positives!16:24
alecunessita, after rebooting the windows VM, I've ran the tests a few more times, and it passed every time.16:31
alecunessita, I'm approving the megabranch.16:31
nessitaalecu: you rock :-)16:31
nessitaalecu: and, the patched pylint is building right now in our ppa for precise, so it can handle namespaces properly16:31
nessitaalecu: so it will be available for you (and all) in a few minutes16:32
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
gatoxnessita, ok.... i'll check that16:33
nessitagatox: you running precise?16:33
gatoxnessita, no.... O16:33
nessitagatox: ah, ok, then you don't need what I'm building16:34
nessitaalecu, mandel: now that you reviewed the mega branch, this is also needed for u1client nitgthlies to keep working. Is really small: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-client/make-it-work/+merge/8776716:42
mandelnessita, cool, let me do a 5/10 mins errand (give food to the dog) and I'm on it16:42
nessitamandel: sure16:43
mandelalecu, nessita the first 3 lines are hurtful hehehe16:43
alecumandel, please also try to finish the review of my branch16:43
nessitamandel: I'm just doing that in every file I modify (and that I remember)16:43
mandelalecu, uh, sorry I just have to run the tests on windows16:44
alecumandel, cool16:44
mandelnessita, I know, it was a joke hehe16:44
nessitaok, lunchtime for me!!!16:44
mandelok, I'll be back in 5 min16:44
nessitaalecu: does this also depend on your proxy branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntu-sso-client/restful-client/+merge/8823016:45
alecunessita, yes, right :-)16:45
alecuI'm adding that to the MP16:46
nessitaalecu: can I delay the review until that is merged? should be shortly, no?16:47
nessitasecond precise fresh install attempt is also stuck!16:50
nessitaok, will have lunhc before re-trying16:50
mandelalecu, FYI running tests on Windows if they pass I'll approve the branch16:54
nessitamy laptop grub is now busted!16:55
mandelalecu, +116:55
alecumandel, yay!16:58
mandelalecu, that means that with that landing I can move to proxy again :)16:58
mandelalecu, let me finish today the filesystem watcher fix (some of the corner cases are giving me issues) and I'll work on it tom :)16:59
alecunessita, after upgrading my laptop to P a few things were broken all around. suspend didn't work fine, gsd kept crashing so some icons were missing from the unity toolbar, other stuff broken too. I ended up reinstalling, and everything works fine now (minus the usual rmmod+modprobe on the wifi)17:00
alecumandel, great17:00
nessitaalecu: in my case I can not move forward on the install... it freezes17:02
nessitaon the step "removing conflicting operating system files..."17:02
nessitaeven though the partition I marked to be used as / is clean17:02
alecunessita, oh, I had an issue too while installing from scratch: you should keep *unchecked* both "install mp3 and other stuff" and "download updates while installing"17:03
nessitaalecu: those were unchecked as well...17:04
nessitaanyways, will have lunch now :-)17:04
* alecu should have lunch too17:04
nessitaalecu: python-logilbab-common is now available on precise (0.57.1-1ubuntu1~precise1)17:05
alecunessita, is that on the nightlies, or main?17:05
nessitaalecu: nigthlies17:06
mandelok, while you guys are lunch I'm going to have a cup of coffee :)17:06
* mandel => coffee 17:07
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
ralsinadobey: give me good news!17:27
dobeyi hath consumed lunch17:28
dobeywill poke at the CD image manifest and deps for a little bit, to see what we can get pulled off the CD; then finally on to the libsyncdaemon move17:29
ralsinadobey: thanks about the manifest work17:31
dobeynessita: does ubuntu-sso-client use a twisted reactor for the UI?17:39
nessitadobey: nopes, uses the glib+dbus mainloop17:39
dobeyok, cool17:40
nessitadobey: that may change after the branch I'm building17:40
nessitadobey: the dbus service will use a "basic" reactor and the UI will be opened as a different process, and then the UI can use the toolkit specific mainloop17:41
dobeynessita: but the UI *will* be a separate process, right?17:43
dobeywell, it doesn't matter as much once, the new reactor lands. but for now it matters :)17:43
nessitadobey: in that case, yes. The goal is to not need qt4reactor in linux17:43
dobeynessita: well the gtk+ ui wouldn't use qt4reactor anyway17:44
dobeynessita: or have you hashed some new scheme to get rid of gtk+ in sso as well?17:44
nessitadobey: oh no, we need to keep the gtk sso UI... for software center *at least*. And yes, we need to migrate it to gtk317:44
nessitadobey: the qt ui would need the qt4reactor if we run it inside sso service, but that's not the idea17:46
dobeybut that's irrelevant to pulling webkit gtk2 off the cd :)17:46
dobeyso it appears to be us, gwibber, and shotwell, that are keeping webkit on the cd17:49
nessitadobey: and shotwell nor gwibber are not going away, no?17:49
dobeyi don't know what the plans are for them17:50
nessitadobey: what aboue gtkmm, that you mentioned yesterday?17:50
dobeyand everyone is in budapest this week, so asking on irc isn't the quickest thing :)17:51
dobeythe gtkmm .deb is only 997K :(17:52
dobeyso not really helpful17:53
nessitabu :-/17:53
nessitahow much is webkit?17:53
dobeywhat all does pyqt pull in that totals 13MB exactly?17:53
nessitadobey: no idea how to check, that was info from pitti17:54
nessitadobey: would you teach me?17:54
gatoxpeople.... i'll be back around 18 ART (parents at home).... see you later17:57
dobeyhrmm, more qt libs18:03
dobeynessita: apt-cache depends <binary_package_name>18:03
dobeynessita: you'd have to manually weed out the ones that aren't already on the CD, which may or may not be easy18:04
alecunessita, remember that the sso backend will either use libsoup or qtnetwork, so the gi reactor work is very much needed18:04
nessitadobey: how can I know the weight of each one?18:04
nessitaalecu: I was talking about qt4reactor, not the gi reactor18:04
dobeynessita: apt-cache show <package_name>|grep "^Size:"18:04
dobeywhy are the pyqt4 bits not split up into separate packages :(18:06
alecunessita, I heard you say "the dbus service will use a "basic" reactor"... so I was assuming you meant the standard twisted reactor as opposed to the glib reactor.18:06
nessitaalecu: sorry, I mean a reactor provided by twisted itself18:07
dobeyalecu: hrmm, with your proxy integration tests branch, sso has a lint error when qt4reactor isn't installed now18:10
alecu_dobey, do you have a paste?18:11
=== alecu_ is now known as alecu
dobeyin ubuntu_sso/utils/webclient/tests/webclient_demo.py18:12
dobey    23:  [F0401] Unable to import 'qt4reactor'18:12
nessitahum, that's a demo18:12
nessitaalecu: can you remove that, or make it conditional?18:13
nessitaalecu: since qt4reactor is not in the main repo18:13
alecunessita, dobey: I'm removing that file since it's a demo script to test the webclient module IRL18:14
alecuI'm doing it in my next branch, that will fix the filter issues on maverick and lucid18:14
dobeyalecu: great, thanks!18:16
alecunessita, dobey: https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntu-sso-client/textfilter-quacks/+merge/8824818:23
nessitaalecu: why you removed the call to __init__?18:23
dobeynessita: so i'm counting about 9.5MB but perhaps those dependencies pull in a couple others that add the other 3MB18:23
dobeynessita: because he changed it to a plain object18:24
alecunessita, is it really needed to call __init__ in classes that inherit from object?18:24
nessitadobey: so what? __init__ has to be called the same18:24
nessitaalecu: you should...18:24
nessitais not mandatory as in it will work the same18:24
nessitadobey: and ack to the size thingy... would you please add all that to the email with thye summary?18:25
alecunessita, stackoverflow says: "You don't need to initialize object; its __init__ is a no-op. It's still good practice, though, as you might want to introduce an intermediate class in the hierarchy later on"18:25
dobeywell, pyqt can be made smaller18:26
alecunessita, so, I can restore it if you request.18:26
nessitaalecu: if it's not that much trouble for you, yes please18:26
dobeyah. i am dumb18:26
dobeyforgot to also include size of python-qt4 itself :)18:26
dobeythat makes it 12.15 MB18:26
nessitaalecu: I used to have an example of multiple inheritance that is busted if you don't call super() for classs inheriting directly from object... let me find it, is interesting18:27
nessitadobey: nice! (not)18:27
dobeyor 12.74 using 1000 instead of 102418:27
dobeybut python-qt4 can definitely be split up into separate packages18:28
dobeyi wonder why debian doesn't do that already, actually18:28
nessitadobey: what else is inside it, in order to be split?18:28
dobeynessita: so qt itself already has lots of functionality split into separate packages (libqt4-dbus, libqt4-opengl, libqt4-network, etc…); but in python-qt4, the bindings for all of those are included in the one package, though they are actually built as separate extensions to python18:29
dobeyi don't know how much of kubuntu depends on pyqt though, so there is a potential migration issue18:30
dobeyhaving to have them all be Recommends: after splitting them out, won't really help much :)18:30
dobeybut it is something we can discuss18:30
alecudobey, so, does that mean that by depending on pyqt, you end up depending on libqt4-opengl and such, or is that optional?18:31
nessitadobey: sounds doable for not for P, with a quick overview18:31
dobeyalecu: that currently isn't optional18:31
nessitaalecu: I have the exmaple for you! is really interesting18:31
nessitaalecu: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/800883/18:32
nessitaalecu: run the alecu.py script with and without the super() calls in A and B18:32
dobeynessita: i think that is doable for P, depending on the circumstances. like i said, it is worth discussing as an option. and in fact, we had to do something similar for couchdb/erlang to get them on the CD back in the day :)18:32
alecunessita, oh, right: multi-inheritance. I hate that.18:33
nessitadobey: but, do you think/see a way to have python-qt4 splitted in a way that we fit in the CD18:33
dobeynessita: combined with other changes, yes. by itself, no.18:34
nessitaalecu: the thing is that even if you are sure you're not using multi-inheritance, other clients may use your class to do so18:34
* alecu hopes "the way of the couch" is not in our packages' future.18:34
dobeynessita: if we split the package, then we don't need to find 13MB any more. we might need to find 1-2MB instead.18:34
nessitaalecu: and if your __init__ does not call super(), you'll bust your client __init__18:34
nessitadobey: 1-2 counting the already free'd 6M?18:35
alecunessita, don't worry, I already got that, and I'm already running the tests for this chane.18:35
dobeynessita: what already freed 6M?18:35
nessitaalecu: is ok, I; m just amazed by that (like the time I found it)18:35
nessitadobey: mono and such?18:35
dobeynessita: i think that 6MB has already been subsumed by something else. the current images are already 705M18:36
dobeywell, except for ppc, which is 716M currently18:36
nessitadobey: well, but we need to fight for those 6M since we released them no?18:37
* dobey wonders what the hard limit there *actually* is18:37
nessitathose are "ours" :-P18:37
dobeywell, *we* didn't release them18:37
* nessita will fight for 6M in the CD18:37
nessitadobey: no? you break my heart18:37
* nessita cries18:37
dobeyand there is other stuff we should get rid of18:37
dobeyor push to get off the cd anyway18:37
nessitasuch as?18:38
alecunessita, super change pushed.18:40
nessitaso seems like the daily build of P has the installer busted, because i'm now using the alpha1 image and it will progress18:40
nessitaalecu: approved18:40
alecudobey, btw: I was unable to test said branch on lucid to see if it fixed the problem, since I'm not near my lucid vm18:41
mandelallu2, EOD for me, laters!18:43
dobeyalecu: i think the problem was with logging.Filter, so changing to object *should* fix it, i think18:43
dobeyhave a quick appointment, so be back shortly18:52
nessitatodo el mundo se va?18:58
* nessita piensa esto es un caos! :-P18:58
ralsinanessita: pilates! ;-)18:58
nessitaralsina: I don't have pilates until next week, I on withdrawal18:59
nessitaso I'm bitchier than usual18:59
nessitaalecu: my trackpad does not work on precise... does that happened to you?19:00
alecunessita, all of it works19:04
alecunessita, Xorg.0.log says: [ 69759.586] (--) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: touchpad found19:06
nessitaalecu: is it listed on lspci?19:06
alecunessita, it's connected to the PS/2 bus, so it should not show up on lspci19:07
alecunor on lsusb19:07
nessitaalecu: ah... well Xorg log for me has that line too19:07
* alecu is tempted to ask "is your clit still working?"19:07
nessitaalecu: it's, thanks for asking :-)19:07
nessitaalecu: I just commented on that in u1-internal :-P19:08
nessitasadly facundobatista was not there to confirm19:08
alecumy irc client is not connecting to the internal irc....19:09
* alecu will be back soon19:09
alecunessita, have you tried playing with the fn-key to enable it? it's Fn+F8 in this one19:10
nessitaalecu: yes, and looked at dmesg while doing it, to see if something changed19:10
alecunessita, I did Fn+F8, it got disabled (and I got the desktop notification bubble about that).19:11
nessitaalecu: me too, and another bubble when enabling19:11
alecuI tried again, to enable it, and the bubble popped up...19:11
alecubut it's not working anymore!!!!!19:11
* alecu hates the clit on the lenovo19:12
alecuI want my touchpad back!19:12
alecunessita, even the two bottoms below the touchpad are useless now19:12
nessitaalecu: those work for me...19:13
alecuwell, I'm rebooting19:14
alecuor restarting X19:14
nessitadobey: would you help me understand why given this http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/800943/19:27
nessitadobey: apt will not install the 0.57.1-1ubuntu1~precise1?19:27
nessitadobey: as far as I know 0.57.1-1ubuntu1~precise1>0.57.1-1ubuntu119:27
dobeynessita: 1~foo < 119:27
dobeynessita: you need to make it 1ubuntu2~precise119:27
nessitadobey: oh, I see... bu19:27
nessitadobey: I will change that then :-/. Thanks19:28
nessitadobey: would you please explain the rationale behind 1~foo < 1?19:28
dobeynessita: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/BuildingASourcePackage#Snapshots19:29
dobeyalthough maybe that isn't very clear :)19:30
dobeyyeah, just read through that, and it's confusing19:30
nessitadobey: I thought that the versioning was considering > when comparing the strings with > will give truw19:30
dobeynessita: dpkg --compare-versions19:31
dobeynessita: comparing strings directly isn't how it works. :)19:32
nessitadobey: ok, I learn something new today. Thanks!19:33
dobeysure :)19:33
nessitadputting logilab-common_0.57.1-1ubuntu2~precise1 now...19:34
alecunessita, I just found something that may interest you:19:50
nessitaalecu: show!19:51
nessitaCHOCOLATE CAKE!19:51
alecunessita, I'm sharing the syncdaemon folders from the host linux with the guest windows inside virtualbox19:51
* nessita drools19:51
alecunessita, and it kept throwing some weird errors19:51
alecunessita, stop, it's not cake!19:51
alecunessita, so the way I found to make it work, was to remove all *.pyc19:51
alecuand now it works.19:51
nessitaalecu: not sure what you mean exactly ... what thing does not work if you don't remove the pycs?19:52
alecuthe errors were weird, like: "WindowsError: [Error 123] The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect: '"c:'"19:52
alecunessita, it gave those kind of errors while running run-tests in u1-client inside windwos19:53
alecunessita, it didn't happen before, it seems to be happening after the move to P19:53
alecunessita, so, if it happens, that's something to try.19:53
nessitaalecu: ah, I'm not getting those... but will keep an eye on it. Thanks!19:53
dobeyso gtk2 is definitely not coming off the CD i guess19:55
nessitadobey: :-(19:57
alecunessita, it's too hot to be reviewing u1-client branches! My laptop going to your make-it-work branch is heating the room!19:57
nessitaalecu: but is a very small branch!19:57
* alecu votes to only keep developing -sso while the summer lasts19:57
nessitaok, I'm gone, need to go to the dentist20:31
nessitasee ya tomorrow!20:31
alecugatox, ralsina, dobey: if anyone of you want to do a small review... https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntu-sso-client/textfilter-quacks/+merge/8824820:40
dobeyalecu: +120:41
alecugreat, thanks!20:41
dobeyoh shotwell. what a fickle thing you are20:43
ralsinaalecu: I am EODing, sorry20:45
alecuralsina, don't worry, dobey already reviewed it20:45
gatoxback!!! finally20:46
gatoxalecu, i'll review it now20:46
gatoxalecu, ohhhh.... it's already approved20:47
gatoxbut.... good for you :P20:47
dobeyVERSION = 0.11.91+trunk20:47
dobeyinsanity :(20:47
alecuwhat's that version?20:48
dobeyshotwell git master20:49
dobeyand their daily builds are versioned as 0.11.6+trunk+$revno20:50
dobeyand they include debian/ dir inside the git tree20:50
dobeyso i'll just forgo the whole "build a snapshot of git master for precise" for now20:51
gatoxalecu, are you still working?21:48
alecuI am!21:48
alecugatox, want to do a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntu-sso-client/restful-client/+merge/8823021:48
gatoxalecu, trade!21:48
alecugatox, throw it here21:49
gatoxalecu, https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/network-detect/+merge/7704921:49
* alecu spent the past two days reviewing or fixing reviews21:49
gatoxalecu, oh...... sorry21:49
gatoxalecu, you can leave it for tomorrow if you want21:49
alecugatox, no prob :-) We had a lot of backlog, and we need to push code forward :-)21:49
gatoxalecu, i'll review yours now!21:50
alecugatox, oh, I already reviewed this branch... like an age ago!21:51
alecuI guess I should start with a clean review now :-)21:51
gatoxalecu, yap! that's why i need you :P21:51
alecugatox, self.setButtonText(QtGui.QWizard.CustomButton1, _("Agree && continue"))21:55
alecugatox, is "CustomButton1" a good name?21:56
gatoxalecu, que pasa con eso?21:56
gatoxalecu, it's from qt......21:56
gatoxalecu, i can try to change they mind..... but.... maybe is going to take a while :P21:56
alecugatox, oh, right. Well, it's an ugly API for sure :-)21:57
alecugatox, nevermind then.21:57
gatoxalecu, no..... :(21:57
gatoxit's not ugly21:57
alecugatox, I thought it was the default name that qtdesigner put for our buttons.21:57
gatoxalecu, nono, in the wizard you have NextButton, BackButton (or something like that), Finish, CustomButton1, CustomButton2, CustomButton321:58
gatoxand maybe something else21:58
alecuwell, it makes sense now.21:58
alecugatox, thanks!21:58
gatoxi don't recall exactly.... but thats the idea21:58
alecugatox, d = yield networkstate.is_machine_connected()22:02
alecugatox, usually the variable "d" is reserved to hold a deferred22:02
alecugatox, but since you are already doing yield, it's a result, not a deferred.22:03
gatoxalecu, ahhhhh you are right22:03
alecugatox, so perhaps "connected = yield networkstate.is_machine_connected()" may be a better fit22:03
gatoxalecu, i'll change that..... do you want to stop the review?? or check if you find another problems with deferred?22:03
gatoxalecu, yep22:03
alecugatox, no, I'll keep going, since it's not a problem but it's just a naming thing22:04
gatoxalecu, ok, thanks22:04
alecugatox, another smallish thing: I'm not sure showing in the UI the error text is the right thing22:06
gatoxalecu, can you point me to the line?22:07
alecugatox, by error I mean, the error that's coming from the network detect exception22:07
alecugatox, sure, just a sec22:07
gatoxalecu, i have a conflict in your branch22:07
gatoxi branch sso22:07
gatoxmerge with nessita's22:08
gatoxand then yours.....22:08
gatoxand a conflict appear there22:08
alecuoh, I thought nessita's branch was already merged22:08
alecugatox, I'll take a look in a minute, thanks for noticing22:08
gatoxalecu, ok.... let me know when that is done and i'll review it22:08
alecugatox, https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/network-detect/+merge/7704922:09
alecugatox, line 14022:09
alecugatox, so, unless the message in that exception is already i18n, I don't think we should show it.22:10
gatoxalecu, mmmmmm i know what you mean.... the problem is that the message is for the case when the detection of the connection fails with an exception, so we don't know if we had connection or don't.... just that something were wrong......22:11
gatoxdo you think that we just can avoid that message?22:11
alecugatox, I think we should have a generic/custom error message that's translatable in the U1-win-installer code itself; something like "Cannot get network state" and log the exact reason.22:11
gatoxalecu, good idea22:11
gatoxcan you add that with a need fixing please?22:12
alecugatox, we should ask design if we should show the message that comes in the exception (my gut feeling is: NO), but in any case it will not be translated.22:12
gatoxalecu, thanks!22:13
gatoxalecu, probably not..... that's why we have a method in sso to convert that kind of errors to a human readable message22:13
alecugatox, added NF to the MP22:15
gatoxalecu, thanks22:15
alecugatox, oh, cool. Then we should be either using that method or even better: throwing that human readable message too in the exception from sso22:16
gatoxalecu, yes.... but we probably need to twick a little that method for this situation..... but it's a valid solution22:16
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
alecugatox, if you are still around, I've fixed the conflict and pushed the changes.22:39
gatoxalecu, ok...... reviewing...22:47
alecugatox, I'm EODing22:58
alecugatox, bye!22:58
gatoxalecu, ok23:01
dobeylater all23:46
=== eu is now known as Guest5160

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