micahgubuntu-qa looking for US input in #ubuntu-meeting17:37
astraljavaThanks micahg for the heads up!17:40
micahgno problem :)17:40
astraljavaI wonder who, if anyone, from us is noted as a contact person regarding this.17:41
astraljavaBetter read up on that.17:41
charlie-tcaWho does the testing for milestones?17:42
charlie-tcawell, maybe that wasn't such a good question after all17:42
astraljavaWhoever has time, but unfortunately too often it's about who has interest.17:42
astraljavaScottL did mentioned around the time when Alpha-1 was to be released, that we wouldn't take part in that.17:43
astraljavaI'll try to get involved with this more, as Scott just can't handle it all, as capable as he is. :)17:43
charlie-tcaI do some of it, too, when I can17:46
astraljavaThanks for that!17:47
astraljavaI subscribed to the Meetings page for QA team, so I'll get notified for the meeting schedules.17:47
charlie-tcaWe just do what we can17:48
astraljavaHey how does one manage fridge calendars? Our meetings are incorrect at the moment.17:54
holsteinastraljava: i have it added to my calendar17:55
holsteinthats how it works17:55
holsteinwhat do we need?17:55
holsteinis the time we need open?17:55
holsteinare we using *-meeting?17:56
charlie-tcaI do it by emailing the news team mailing list 17:57
astraljavaholstein: Yeah  I'm looking at that now. We switched to bi-weekly formal meetings, and yes, on #ubuntu-meeting.17:57
holsteinastraljava: i dont mind editing17:57
charlie-tcaI send to ubuntu-news <ubuntu-news-team@lists.ubuntu.com> 17:58
astraljavaholstein: Great, if you could that would be awesome, so that fridge gets corrected.17:58
astraljavacharlie-tca: Good to know, thanks! I'll keep that in mind if something happens to Mike's calendar.17:58
charlie-tcaHad too many items that people scheduled, then they disappear and no one else can change it17:59
holsteini dont remember how formal that invitation was... not sure if amber graner hooked me up, or if i just got on there17:59
astraljavaWell it's enough if it is there, but I'll save Charlie's method just in case.18:00
astraljavaholstein: Next up is 22nd of January.18:04
astraljavaCan you make the change soon?18:04
astraljavaI think I mentioned this on the mailing list, too.18:04
holsteinastraljava: so, whats the deal?18:05
holsteinis that a change?18:05
holsteinno more on the first sundays?18:05
holsteinyou want my to ditch that?18:05
holsteinor just add this one?18:05
holsteinsame time?18:06
holstein1pm EST is what i have18:06
astraljavaholstein: Yeah, we re-scheduled back in December already, I think. Or even November. :D18:06
astraljavaBi-weekly, starting from 22nd, at 1700 UTC, on #ubuntu-meeting.18:06
holsteinok... every other week then?18:07
holsteinnext one on the 2218:07
holsteinthen on 5th18:07
astraljavaYep. Every other week is informal on our own channel.-18:07
holsteinastraljava: i'll let you know when i have something to look at18:08
holsteinlet me check the fridge and seee if there are conflicts18:08
holsteini'll want someone to confirm the TZ's too18:09
holsteini always screw that up18:09
astraljavaNo conflicts, Sundays are pretty free.18:09
holstein^^ take a look and make sure the TZ look right and all that18:14
holsteinastraljava: ^ when you get a minute18:14
astraljavaholstein: Looks good. This is nitpicking, but can you change the title to Ubuntu Studio contributors? I know it doesn't really matter, but it would look better. :)18:17
* holstein checking18:17
astraljavaI mean not all caps, just the initial chars, as the derivate name suggests.18:18
holsteinastraljava: i think its updated18:19
holsteinmight need control+F5... let me know18:19
astraljavaYep, it updated. Thanks a bunch!18:20
holsteinastraljava: im just glad to do something useful 18:20
astraljavaOnly problem is that the calendar switches to DST your time.18:20
holsteinastraljava: i noticed that18:20
astraljavaIt'll become 4 pm. in March.18:20
holsteinastraljava: lets roll with it for now18:20
astraljavaOh ok.18:20
astraljavaYeah we can work it out when the time comes.18:20
holsteini can always change it then, or whatever18:21
astraljavaThanks again!18:21
astraljavaAt least I could mark it as GMT when copying to my own Google cal, so I'll be in time always. :D Nevermind if I am there late or early, as long as _I'm_ correct.18:24
holsteini'll try and remember to ask amber next time i see her18:33
holsteinmight just be a limitation to the Gcal system18:33
* holstein looking for TZ options..18:33
holsteini dont see a way to set it to UTC or GMT or whatever18:37
holsteinjust the US ones18:37
astraljavaIt might be due to your personal calendar settings. I forget, it's been a while I tweaked that.18:38
holsteinastraljava: we got a while :)18:39
charlie-tcaYou can go to calendar preferences, and add a time zone in google calendar18:39
* holstein looking... 18:39
charlie-tcaThen you have to find the place to tell it to show all time zones18:39
holsteinlemme see if it worked... thanks charlie-tca :)18:42
holsteinlooks good to me18:42
holstein^^ double check?18:42
charlie-tcaYou are welcome. Seems I know less and less these days18:43
holsteincharlie-tca: hehe... i think you are doing great!18:43
astraljavaYes indeed. Charlie's an overflowing source of wisdom. At least my hat's off to you, sir!18:53
astraljavaholstein: Yep, looks alright to me. Thanks, the both of you!18:53
astraljavaI've been wanting to get this project going better for a long while now. It's the little things like this, the tiny steps, that take it off.18:55

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