astraljavaPlease don't turn (even [possible|probable]) users away, not even for google. There's a lot of information in the ubuntu.com domain, and it would be nice if they were pointed that way instead. You know, to build a more friendly and hospitable community feel.00:04
astraljavaJoshieS: Does this webpage answer your question? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements00:05
acerimmerastraljava: point taken00:06
astraljavaThanks for understanding.00:06
JoshieSyep thanks00:06
acerimmerastraljava: related(?) 5 Golden Rules for a Successful Ubuntu Migration lists Xara Linux Extreme as the Open Source alternative to Adobe Illustrator.  Xara LX is doa.  Surely they meant Inkcape?  Pass the word.00:08
astraljavaacerimmer: Do you mean the Canonical ebook?00:18
acerimmerastraljava: yeah.  I downloaded it last night and found that little tidbit.  NOT the best way maybe to encourage widespread adoption?00:20
astraljavaacerimmer: www.xaraxtreme.org seems to suggest the project isn't dead, just changed its name a little. But yeah, that could be corrected. I'll see if I can find someone who could do that.00:22
acerimmerastraljava: cool.  Thanks.00:24
argesanybody used USB2.0 devices with Ardour/jack? looking at the Tascam US-800, looks like a decent device for a laptop rig13:24
KentHey guys, anyone help me with my Samson Co1 USB microphone?22:44
holsteinKent: o/22:44
KentIt's connected and recognised, and levels are turned up, but still no sound22:44
holsteinin what way?22:44
holsteinwhat are you trying to do?22:44
holsteinare you using audactiy?22:45
holsteinJACK? ardour?22:45
KentYeah, but i also want it to work in flash22:45
Kentalsa and pulseaudio22:45
holsteintry installing pavucontrol22:45
Kentokay, what does it do22:45
holsteini dont know anything about getting sound to or from flash22:45
holsteinthats going to be challening since no one you can talk to supports it22:46
KentWell the flash program recognises the microphone - just no sound, same as Audacity22:46
holsteinwell, lets assume when you get things properly routed, all will be well22:46
Kentthe CO1 is supposed to be well rsupporte22:46
holsteintry pavucontrol22:46
holsteinit allows you to select devices, and apps for pulse to use22:46
KentIn the recording tab I have a blank sreen with "No application is currently recording audio"22:47
holsteinalso, you can try in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners since this is not really ubuntustudio related22:47
holsteinnot that im trying to kick you out... we just mostly use JACK here22:47
KentI tried several times over the past few days, they are useless22:47
holsteini think its a routing issue22:47
holsteinlets focus on pavucontrol22:48
KentMaybe you're right, but I don't know much about routing audio22:48
holsteinthere are meters in there22:48
holsteinthey show acivity when tapping or snapping in front of the mic22:48
holsteinassuming its working22:48
Kentnot in pavucontrol22:48
Kentoh right, well its not responding22:48
holsteinOK, then what about on the unit?22:49
holsteinany switches?22:49
KentIt works fine i windows22:49
KentI just tested it now22:49
holsteinKent: so22:49
holsteinthat only means the unit isnt broken22:49
holsteinwhich *is* data22:49
holsteinanyways... open in a terminal22:50
holsteinhit F522:50
holsteintrust *no* labels22:50
Kentok, so turn everything up?22:50
holsteinKent: you can, but you can break things, or just make loud unwanted noises22:51
Kentso far so good22:51
holsteinjust try tweaking things there, ideally, while you can see a read out somewhere22:51
holsteina read out, or a meter...22:52
holsteinKent: no joy?22:52
KentEverything is up22:53
holsteini find a few things, maybe you have seen them22:56
holsteinis it a Co1u ?22:56
holsteinthat youtube video suggests22:57
holsteincapture HDA intel ACL88022:57
holsteinim sure its something fiddly like that22:58
holsteindont trust any labels22:58
holsteinand dont change anything you cant change back22:58
holsteintry all the devices listed though22:58
Kentright, I'll try that22:58
KentAudacity gives a huge list of input options for some reason22:58
holsteinyup, i'd try all those real quick22:58
holsteinand feel free to try #opensourcemusicians22:59

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