micahgUnit193: Canonical rally08:14
Unit193Yea, didn't know one was going on now, but figured it out with "@conference/canonical-sprint/x-aftyeckbpmgjwupv"08:14
micahgxubuntu alternates no longer oversized, live images are still though10:05
micahgmr_pouit: I haven't merged murrine-themes since I wasn't sure if our snapshot was ahead of Debian or not11:48
nanotubeoversized images? just rip out the gimp! </ubuntu> :)14:25
astraljavaNooo! Without gimp, you can't scale down the images. *blink* *blink*14:44
nanotubei wonder how much space 'convert' takes up.14:45
astraljavaIt's in the imagemagick package. Probably could separate it, taking very little.14:46
nanotubeheh, the whole imagemagick takes < 300kb. gimp takes 14mb .... i figure there's no need for a split-up :)14:48
astraljavaSure, but you specifically asked for convert. :)14:49
nanotubeindeed :)14:59
charlie-tcaThe live session starts with compositing enabled now? Doesn't that severely limit those who are looking for a light-weight OS and can't use compositing?15:12
baizonnot really i think :)15:14
charlie-tcaNO? What about video cards that are unable to use that and therefore, fail to start the live session?15:14
charlie-tcaThat probably explains a lot of the video failures we get reported, where all they get is a black screen.15:15
baizonok, i didnt know that. sorry :(15:18
charlie-tcaIt also increases the required memory15:20
astraljavaCrap. Alarm's custom command won't be stopped if you stop the alarm that just went off.15:46
charlie-tcaYeah, I noticed that too. It is a change from a couple of releases back, too.15:47
charlie-tcaIt used to turn off both the on-screen indicator and the alarm15:47
astraljavaThat's what I thought.15:48
charlie-tcaI just added the alarm sounds back here, or I might have noticed it a lot sooner15:52
charlie-tcaappologies to Unit193 and GridCube. They have been documenting testing results, but it seems quite difficult to find the results from daily testing after the next image is out.15:55
astraljavaI just realized a moment ago.16:01
nanotubeastraljava: where do you find alarms in xubuntu? you mean orage?16:12
astraljavananotube: It's the alarm applet. I'm not sure where it belongs to, but adding it makes it appear in the applet list of indicator plugin.16:14
nanotubeastraljava: is that one of the things you can add to panel? i don't see anything called 'alarm' in there...16:15
nanotubemaybe it's an extra package16:15
astraljavaYeah. One sec.16:16
astraljava$ dpkg -l | grep alarm16:16
astraljavaii  alarm-clock                            1.2.5-1.2                               Alarm Clock for GTK Environments16:16
nanotubexfce4-timer-plugin ?16:16
astraljavaii  alarm-clock-applet                     0.3.2-1ubuntu1                          Alarm Clock applet16:16
nanotubethanks :)16:17
astraljavaNP. I'm not sure whether charlie-tca meant this one, but it used to work prior to oneiric. Not sure how far before oneiric, but in one of the earlier releases.16:18
charlie-tcaThe one I use is called xfce4-timer . It is a panel applet that you install16:19
charlie-tcananotube: that's the one I use. It used to have the external alarms turn off when you clicked the "time up" box. Now it keeps ringing until it is done16:20
nanotubehm ic16:21
nanotubespeaking of alarms... anyone can tell me why i'm not getting orage reminder notifications? events just pass on by16:21
charlie-tcaprobably a preference you need to put a check in. open the calendar by clicking the panel app, click edit, preferences16:22
charlie-tcaMight need to set an alarm or something in the event, too. Been a while since I used orage for events16:23
nanotubealready checked, nothing there about "don't show alarms even though you want to" :)16:23
astraljavananotube: You're talking precise, right?16:24
nanotubeah hmm, it seems my events have not been checked with "persistent alarm", so maybe they just pass me by when the computer was suspended? 16:24
nanotubeastraljava: precise what?16:25
astraljavaHmm... could be.16:25
astraljavananotube: pangolin. :)16:25
nanotubeastraljava: no, i'm on oneiric :)16:26
nanotubewell, let's see if that does it. :)16:29
astraljavaAt least it works without suspending.16:31
nanotubeheh yes. and i couldn't be arsed to suspend atm. so i'll just see how my regular notifications go now that i set them to persistent. :)16:37
astraljavaOk. I'll be going to the office tomorrow so I'll suspend then.16:42
micahgdo we want xdiagnose seeded to help debug X issues?17:04
charlie-tcanot really. It is really easy to install, isn't it?17:05
micahgsudo apt-get install xdiagnose17:05
charlie-tcaDoes it need to be there all the time? We already have turned on composite mode, which is going to create more fails17:05
micahgidk, needing to install it means needing to reproduce failures a second time17:06
charlie-tcaThat is true17:06
charlie-tcaand when they can't get anything but a black screen because they can't use compositing, it is going to fail anyway17:07
charlie-tcaIf the issue can not be reproduced, it is not going to get worked anyway, most of the time17:07
nanotubeso, why not turn compositing off by default?17:13
charlie-tcaThat would be my choice, but it is not my decision. I did not decide to turn it on, either.17:14
nanotubenot saying it was. just making the suggestion :)17:14
charlie-tca+1 :)17:14
nanotubeas long as it's easy enough to turn it on (it is, might want to make it more prominent if needed), should be fine either way17:15
nanotubeor... how about making it an available option at the livecd selection screen17:16
micahgis xubuntu-devel moderated?17:33
charlie-tcaand logged17:34
astraljavaModerated? How does that work?17:34
micahgcharlie-tca: no, sorry, I meant the ML17:35
astraljavaOr are we talking about mailing list here?17:35
astraljavaIn which case the logging doesn't make sense.17:35
astraljavaAhh... yes.17:35
charlie-tcayes, it is. I think cody-somerville is the moderator17:35
charlie-tcabut I might be wrong again17:35
micahghmm, ok17:35
madnickdevel cant be moderated afaik17:37
madnickI remember joining that last year and it happened instantly17:37
charlie-tcaThat doesn't mean so much. We can set them to allow that17:37
charlie-tcaxubuntu-devel list run by knightlust at ubuntu.com, cody-somerville at ubuntu.com17:38
micahgnot what I meant either17:38
cody-somervillewhats the question?17:38
charlie-tcanot sure how much is done, though, micahg 17:38
micahgmessage moderation for non-subscribed users17:38
charlie-tcacody-somerville: is the ubuntu-devel mailing list moderated?17:39
charlie-tcasorry, wrong one.17:40
charlie-tcacody-somerville: is the xubuntu-devel mailing list moderated?17:40
cody-somervilleNo. But some messages do get moderated17:41
cody-somervillelike from non-subscribers17:41
charlie-tcaThat's what micahg was looking for17:41
micahgyep, ok, I'll figure it out later then, thanks17:42
charlie-tcaanybody that can test desktop images today? We have the installer now, and need to make sure it works, both with "Try Xubuntu" and "Install Xubuntu"18:01
astraljavaI can do the 32-bit one.18:05
astraljava...on real hw.18:05
astraljava64-bit on virt.18:05
astraljavaWill that do?18:05
charlie-tcaOh, but of course. and it will be very much appreciated! 18:09
astraljavaOk I'll report on the tracker in a few hours.18:11
astraljavaWhat's the hardware profile asked in the iso testing results page?23:01
Unit193Something I ignore23:01
Unit193Might be for later use, I just put it in the comments23:01
astraljavaOk. Put what in the comments? CPU, RAM, what else?23:02
Unit193Whatever you feel, I normally put RAM and that I used VBox23:02
Unit193But that's me23:03
astraljavaOh, there you are.23:03
astraljavaHmm... can't do the wubi part of the tests, though.23:14
astraljavaUnit193: Charlie left, so can't tell him I got too tired to do the amd64 desktop tests, unfortunately. Did the entire disk and manual partitioning for i386 on real hw, however.23:36
astraljavaGoing to try to sleep now. G'night, all.23:42
Unit193Good night, I'll run some when I get home23:49
nanotubeso where are those desktop images that need testing? i can test one on liveusb on a 64bit box.23:49
nanotubeand can anyone point to the standard testing procedure?23:50
Unit193nanotube: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds23:51
nanotubethanks Unit193 . is there any details of what i should be looking at once i boot into a livesession?23:53
Unit193http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds/9687/downloads and http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/DesktopLiveSession23:54
Unit193There is a link with every one23:54
nanotubeah, i missed the little wrench icon which would have taken me to the second link, which is what i was looking for. :) thanks Unit193 23:55
Unit193Yep, as always23:56

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