leontopodwhat is xubuntu that makes it different from ubuntu?00:13
nanotubeleontopod: it uses the xfce desktop environment00:14
nanotubewhich is lighter on resources generally speaking00:15
leontopodok thanks00:15
nanotubea big bonus (for some people) in that the UI behaves a lot like the old gnome200:15
nanotubewhat with the panels and all.00:15
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KvaksXFCE uses GTK+2 and Unity uses GTK+3, right? Is it possible to have both installed?00:23
nanotubeKvaks: i have installed xubuntu-desktop on top of regular ubuntu oneiric, no problems here00:24
nanotubethey seem to coexist just fine00:24
KvaksOk, nice. I thought that there would be a conflict there.00:25
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Sebastienwhere is the path to change the "motd" greet when you log on terminal ?01:40
nanotubeSebastien: /etc/motd iirc01:40
Unit193~/.bashrc on default install01:40
Sebastieniirc ?01:40
Unit193Talking SSH?01:40
nanotubeiirc == if i recall correctly01:41
nanotubeUnit193: i don't see any reference to motd in .bashrc01:41
Unit193nanotube: I'll have to show you mine sometime ;)01:41
nanotubeand i do see the content of /etc/motd when i log in on one of the vtys :)01:42
Unit193/etc/update-motd.d/ too01:42
nanotubeUnit193: haha no time like the present. ;) though even better would be if you just tell me about all the cool stuff ;)01:42
nanotubebonus question: what does 'motd' stand for? :)01:42
Sebastienmessage of the day01:43
nanotube\o/ you win ... i dunno, an irc hi-five01:43
* nanotube _o/\o_ Sebastien 01:43
Sebastiendo i have to restart the box when i change this nanotube ?01:46
nanotubeiirc, no01:47
Sebastienhttp://puu.sh/d1Ai its still the default one01:47
Sebastienas soon i log off the file goes back to default.01:48
Unit193Yeah, that's because the system updates it, man update-motd01:48
nanotubei suppose stuff in update-motd.d resets it01:48
* nanotube hasn't really mucked around with motd since i ran multiuser servers ... a decade ago. :)01:49
nanotubeall this newfangled update-motd stuff. meh. :P01:49
TVasEyesmay not be popular, but here goes anyway: http://deadmemes.net/2010/10/19/fear-and-loathing-in-debianubuntu-or-who-needs-etcmotd/01:50
Sebastienso editing /etc/motd is not the easy way anymore ?01:53
Sebastienwho was that stupid to re-invent the wheel?01:54
TVasEyesmotd is constructed from a handful of scripts.01:54
* Sebastien found another reason why to use Centos...01:54
TVasEyesis actual work to get it back to standard behaviour.01:54
Sebastieni saw that...01:55
TVasEyesSebastien: if you want another reason, what do you see when you type 'who' ?01:56
Sebastiennothing important01:57
TVasEyesmore than I get, I get noting, nada, zilch.  user doesn't exist?01:57
Sebastien<Unit193> ~/.bashrc on default install02:13
Sebastienwhat do you mean if i may ask ?02:13
Unit193Sebastien: Right you're going to want to chmod -x the files in /etc/update-motd/ that you don't want to show, and edit /etc/motd.tail for your message02:13
Unit193Well, didn't have to start at the beginning, but yep02:13
Sebastieni dont have /update-motd/02:14
Sebastienbut i do have /update-motd.d/02:14
Unit193Woop, typo02:16
Sebastienso i chmod +x * frim in this folder02:16
Unit193Well, the ones you don't want to run, -x02:17
Sebastienya -x * typo :(02:17
Sebastienwhat is motd.tail ?02:18
Sebastieni can't find it02:18
Unit193/etc/motd.tail you may need to create02:18
Sebastiennow this is all i got: http://puu.sh/d1Nz02:20
Unit193You left /etc/update-motd.d/99-footer with executable?02:21
Sebastienya, and look what the file is: http://puu.sh/d1P302:24
Sebastienbut the motd didn't show.02:24
Sebastieni only see this: http://puu.sh/d1Pc02:24
Unit193Things to check: /etc/update-motd.d/99-footer has +x /etc/motd.tail is the file, and then put it in /etc/motd and wait for it to refresh (It doesn't right after you edit, iirc)02:26
Unit193(To test, I just tried it)02:27
Sebastiengot it02:28
Sebastienperfect :)02:28
SebastienThank you :)02:28
Unit193You are welcome02:28
* Unit193 removes pookie from motd.tail02:28
Sebastienhttp://puu.sh/d1Qx exactly what i wanted \o/ \o/02:29
Unit193Awesome! That's actually quite handy too02:30
Unit193You can also use banner02:30
Sebastienill put some usefull infos for everyone here using the server too02:30
Sebastiensome bash scripts to install stuff..02:30
SebastienThank you :)02:30
Sebastiensecond question, how do i add programs to startup on boot02:38
Sebastienlike eggdrop and irc server02:38
TVasEyesadd to /etc/rc.local02:40
TVasEyes(is one way)02:41
eleekis anyone here?02:43
eleekthen what is this room used for?02:44
shoenignobody really knows02:44
pleia2eleek: there are people here :) feel free to just ask your question, if folks know the answer they will reply02:44
eleekI was needing help setting up samba on xubuntu, I have an older laptop that is running it and I am trying to connect to my workgroup.02:45
pleia2what problem are you running in to?02:46
Unit193Are you just trying to connect to a server? or setting one up?02:46
eleekwell I was stuck in the default "WORKGROUP" then I went to change it and now the computer is not showing up anywhere.02:47
eleekit is for a home network02:47
eleekI can see the workgroup that I have set up for my other computers with the system running xubuntu, but I can not see the system running xubuntu with the other systems.02:51
eleekno one knows what I am talking about?02:54
Unit193I did it a while back, but I wasn't listening when I was telling myself what I was doing :/02:55
Unit193Sounds like you want to get AND send files from that computer02:55
Unit193Well, if the others can already "see" your computer, you could just use Gigolo to connect to others02:57
Sebastienhow can i put color in my banner /motd/ ?02:58
Sebastienthis is fail02:58
eleekthe xubuntu machine can not be seen at all02:59
eleekbut on the xubuntu machine I can see all of the other computers02:59
Sebastienrefresh the page on the new computers?03:00
eleeki have.. and I have tried to reboot the xubuntu machine.03:00
Sebastienhow can i enable the root login account on xubuntu03:44
Sebastieni need it for winscp ( i use this to edit configs, its quicker and easier when i log on root@ from it )03:45
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openSSOGood day everyone! Is there anyone who would be able to help me set up a working Single Sign-On (SSO) system for Apache2 and PHP5 on Xubuntu 11.10?05:34
holsteinopenSSO: you mean, one user?05:35
holsteinyou dont really need XFCE for that05:35
holsteini would probably do a server install, or minimal05:35
holsteinthe default is to get on user account05:35
openSSOWhat I mean is... a server that hosts user accounts so that people who visit my website can use the same account for all parts of the site. I just need help with the server portion. I can probably configure my website systems (WordPress and Moodle) myself.05:36
openSSOauthentication system05:36
openSSOlike PAM or LDAP05:36
holsteinmight want to consider http://www.turnkeylinux.org/lampstack05:37
holsteinsomething with webmin...05:37
holsteinthey have moodle and wordpress appliances05:38
holsteini do ssh key authentication05:39
openSSOah okay I thought I already installed LAMP but I guess what I installed were actually just the Apache2, MySQL, and PHP5 packages all separate.05:39
openSSOhmm thing is though this looks like an operating system... I need to keep what I have now because I run Rivendell which is a radio station system.05:41
holsteinopenSSO: sure... you can also run those live, or in Virtualbox05:43
holsteinyou can do literally anything you want05:43
openSSOokay how do I run live?05:43
holsteini would start here05:43
openSSOis it like a program?05:43
holsteini use ssh... what i mean by "live" is that you can run one of those turnkey appliances live05:44
holsteineither for the project, or to just learn about how they have configured ubuntu05:44
openSSOah okay05:45
openSSOI'm looking at Turnkey appliances and it isn't looking like something I want... I still don't think that... for example... if LAMP Wordpress and Moodle appliances were installed, and someone created an account on WordPress... that they could use that same account on Moodle. That's basically where I'm getting at... same account for all parts of the website (presently only WordPress and Moodle). I tried LDAP but it's for some reas06:02
openSSO...I tried following LDAP guides too and it didn't work.06:03
pleia2LDAP is complicated and the applications have to be LDAP aware (I don't know about wordpress and moodle)06:06
pleia2what you're asking is not trivial, it's a complex problem06:06
openSSOWordPress has an LDAP authentication Module... as well as Moodle. I'm trying to do it over from scratch now.06:10
pleia2LDAP sounds like the way to go then, but the learning curve is steep :)06:11
openSSOnah LDAP won't work... it's saying that some credentials are invalid06:21
openSSOI typed everything correctly so I must have done something wrong06:21
baizonis there a tool (gui) with that i can watch the active connections (host: port)?09:46
_Pete_baizon: dont know about GUI but jnettop does that in textmode/console09:49
baizonyeah, got it with netstat09:50
xubuntu182is there anyone there?11:25
oobilozi am here11:29
xslcan someone tell me plz where to look for help related to xubuntu and ltsp ?11:29
olbiyay, I have compiling latest ristretto for Xubuntu 11.10 :D looks cool :)11:36
augustlxsl: what's ltsp?11:38
xsllinux terminal server project11:38
xsland i use ubuntu for ltsp-server11:39
xslstarted to use xubuntu because i prefer xfce over gnome11:39
go8765can i use some command to see all ppa in my system?11:53
csenger41hello everyone12:01
smjmsxfce doesn't have the option to lock screen?12:50
TheSheepxfce does have the option to lock the screen12:53
augustloh nice, disabling the indicator plugins enables the notificaiton icons13:07
go8765smjms: xlock?13:11
cYmenhm..where does ubuntu store how to set up displays?13:43
cYmenI have to run xrandr to fix everything after every startup...13:43
go8765is this ppa good to update weechat? or i haveing problems with dependences https://launchpad.net/~number5/+archive/ppa13:55
nanotubecYmen: heh, i've made a little script in my ~/bin to set my displays, also have to run it after a reboot. that said... i don't reboot often. suspend is my friend. :)14:32
cYmennanotube: in other words you tried to find out how to fix it and couldn't? :)14:39
nanotubecYmen: no i didn't really much try. making a one-line shell script using xrandr was easier. :)14:41
nanotubebut there's something you can do in settings editor iirc.14:41
nanotubehttp://kenneho.net/2011/06/30/setting-up-dual-monitors-in-xubuntu-11-04-on-fujitsu-p7120/ <- appears to be the same technique... so i guess it works. :)14:44
baizoncYmen: try arandr14:46
cYmennanotube: looks good, thanks15:03
nanotubenp :)15:06
xubuntu802I need  an xubunto that can run in a pc with 64mb of ram15:06
xubuntu802help me15:08
HannspreeUbuntuHello guys.15:58
HannspreeUbuntuI'm trying to install xubuntu in my laptop but installation process fails because i'm not sure exactly why.15:59
HannspreeUbuntuI finally was able to install the base system but without any functional packages. So I have only access to console.15:59
ilkmgfHi everyone. Q: Does xubuntu 11.10 include clipman or another clipboard manager? I'm not finding it in the list of available panel plugins.15:59
Thermihi, did you try it with another DVD/CD?15:59
HannspreeUbuntuI figured i need network to do the apt-get stuff and get my system to work.16:00
ThermiHannspreeUbuntu exactly.16:00
HannspreeUbuntubut my network uses static ip16:00
Thermiilkmgf i'll take a look at my current install on my Laptop. Please wait16:00
ilkmgfThermi, thanks a lot.16:00
ThermiHannspreeUbuntu do man ifconfig and use it to configure your ethernet interfaces16:00
Thermitype "man ifconfig" and read the manual :p16:01
HannspreeUbuntuThermi, I'm following the serverguide network config on the ubuntu docs16:02
HannspreeUbuntuI just wanted to know if what I'm doing makes sense, I mean, even if my system is not functional, use apt-get to get it to work.16:02
ThermiHannspreeUbuntu do you want to install a desktop environment like XFCE or Gnome?16:03
Thermiand yes, you are doing a lot of sense.16:03
Thermiilkmgf yes, clipman is installed16:04
HannspreeUbuntuThermi, I want xfce.16:04
HannspreeUbuntuBut I just ran into a problem16:04
ilkmgfThermi, thanks. Guess I'll just apt-get it16:04
Thermiilkmgf the packages "xfce4-climpan-plugin" and "xfce4-clipman"16:04
Thermithose are the ones you want16:05
ThermiHannspreeUbuntu tell us.16:05
HannspreeUbuntuAhh, I retried the command and it work.16:05
HannspreeUbuntuI'm gonna follow the guide, hope it works.16:05
HannspreeUbuntuAfter I get network running, what command should I run? is there something like an apt-get install xubuntu-base?16:06
Thermithere is apt-get install xfce416:06
Thermiit will install the standard xfce4 desktop environment16:06
Thermiinstall the recommendet plugins :p16:07
HannspreeUbuntuCool, i usually unistall most programms xubuntu comes with when my installation is succesful anyway.16:08
HannspreeUbuntuThank, Thermi16:08
Thermino problem.16:08
HannspreeUbuntuI'll let you know if I run into another problem.16:08
Thermii think it should also install synaptic16:08
Thermithen it should be much more comfortable :D16:08
HannspreeUbuntuwhoa, that was quick.16:09
HannspreeUbunturan into problem, Thermi.16:09
HannspreeUbuntuwhen I do the rout command to set up my gateway16:09
HannspreeUbuntui get SIOCADDRT: Not suck process16:09
Thermiwtf? :D16:10
Thermii never encountered this16:10
HannspreeUbuntuNo such*16:10
Thermiwhat is your gateway address?16:10
Thermilooks proper :D16:11
Thermii'm sorry, but i can't help you with that error except for googling it and directing you to any advice i find16:11
HannspreeUbuntuJust did... found some sites16:12
HannspreeUbuntuThermi, this page gives me a solution16:14
HannspreeUbuntuthe problem is that I don't even have nano installed and I can't edit the file16:15
Thermii hope it works for you now16:15
Thermitry vi16:15
HannspreeUbuntuhave it! never heard about it. :D16:15
Thermiit's a pretty difficult text editor :D16:15
Thermibut it can do a lot :p16:16
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HannspreeUbuntuThermi, i finally managed to get my laptop connected.17:06
HannspreeUbuntubut now when I do apt-get it asks me to put in a cd.17:06
HannspreeUbuntuI guess i have to change the software sources17:07
Thermicomment out the cd with a # in front of it or delete the line entirely17:08
HannspreeUbuntuThermi, which file?17:10
Thermigood question :D17:10
charlie-tca/etc/apt/sources.list ?17:10
HannspreeUbuntuit only has one line... the one with the cd.17:11
Thermicomment it out17:12
smjmshow do I update fonts.conf? :I17:25
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/17:26
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)17:28
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ThermiHannspreeUbuntu and?18:04
lordjjAnyone knows where I can find a small ASCII Art of a coin? :P18:23
holsteinlordjj: i usually google for them.. you can make one from the GIMP easy enough if you have a picture you want to use18:38
holsteinthe GIMP or something online18:38
TheSheeplordjj: here is one for you (_) :)18:55
TheSheeplordjj: anotther one: o18:55
lordjjI ended up drawing these : http://paste.ubuntu.com/800913/ :P18:56
holsteinlol... i like 0 personally18:58
HannspreeUbuntuThermi, i'm trying to install again, this time it seems it will do a clean install.19:00
nanotubeheh yea, 0 is pretty good. :)19:00
HannspreeUbuntuso problem solved, I guess.19:00
holsteinlordjj: hey, i like those :)19:01
tjingboemi want to write soemthing to a SD card, but permission denied. How can i change that?19:32
craigbass1976With nautilus, I was able to view a remote directory via ssh.  Can I do this in Thunar?19:47
TheSheepcraigbass1976: you have to mount it with sshfs (or gigolo if you prefer gui)19:59
craigbass1976TheSheep, http://roglev.info/?p=26  Like so?20:00
TheSheepyes, that works20:01
craigbass1976TheSheep, any idea why it changes ownership of the direcotiry I mounted it in to somethign else?  moultonlumber typically looks like this: drwxr-xr-x 2 craig craig    4096 2012-01-11 15:13 moultonlumber   After that command (sshfs) it looks like this: d????????? ? ?     ?           ?                ? moultonlumber20:32
TheSheepno idea, maybe it's trying to match the rights of the remote directory?20:35
craigbass1976TheSheep, same guy owns it, but UID is probvably different20:41
JosseHello guys, my system is not detecting the battery, before reinstall it did. Does anyone have any idea why this could be??23:32
Marzatayou battery in place?23:46
JosseMarzata, sure my lapton is running un battery now.23:47
Jossebut no indicator23:47
JosseMy power manager doesn't even let me tell it what to do when pc is running on battery.23:49
JosseYeah. I guess I'll work on it tomorrow, it's late.23:50
JosseThanks anyway.23:50

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