novid‎i cant install apache2 properly :(00:00
ubluntuAntiCasp3r: looks the same to me?00:01
htmlnovid, did u install the dependenties?00:01
bookpageim having trouble trying to ssh into my machine, the output of ssh is very unhelpful to me too00:01
AntiCasp3rubluntu: thats strange00:01
ubluntuAntiCasp3r: unless you can tell a difference between these outputs00:01
AntiCasp3rubluntu: should i try coping the alsa-base-conf?00:01
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pooltableKinect for linux does any one know if it work or how to get it to work ???00:02
dr_willisbookpage:  ssh has verbose error reporting with 'ssh -v' or 'ssh -vv'00:02
bookpagemy authenticated_keys is exactly the same as another server and it works FINE, -v output of ssh: http://pastebin.com/yG1P5Bsy00:02
dr_willispooltable:  first google hit for kinect for linux --> http://openkinect.org/wiki/Main_Page00:02
AntiCasp3rubluntu: gonna boot in 11.10, thanks for your help man00:03
AntiCasp3ri appreciate it00:03
novid‎html: i get error for libapache2-svn00:03
pooltablethanks dr_wills00:03
Ben64In /proc/meminfo, vmalloc size seems wrong... what should I do? VmallocTotal:   34359738367 kB00:03
AntiCasp3rubluntu: gonna keep your nick in my mind for more help,maybe00:03
AntiCasp3rubluntu: bye and wish a good night if you live in europe :D00:04
htmlnovid,  likke ?00:04
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ubluntuAntiCasp3r: yea sorry it's not working.00:05
AntiCasp3rubluntu: maybe some day, i will pray or choose again another distro00:05
htmlnovid,   urs pc is a 32 bit? or a 64bit?00:06
bookpagedr_willis: looking at the -vv output, it's like the server bounces from private to public to private to public and then my side is like: i didn't send a public, screw this00:06
novid‎html: 64 bit00:08
htmlnovid,   what is the error you get? and please for future refference ,time saving , and getting the person right for  your problem thus will get you help and everone else less of a 21 questions .. then find out i cant help00:09
novid‎html: is there any way i clean remove apache 2?00:09
htmlnovid,  * state your whole problem and what your pc is (hardware and os )00:10
novid‎html: ok :)00:10
Rogue|Panda_dr_willis, installing the additional drivers got my machine to (kinda) work with the TV00:10
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htmlnovid,  first look at google and the web,"i get error for libapache2-svn"   and  is there any way i clean remove apache 2?  then come back when you read enough to set it up and remove it in a consistant way00:13
Rogue|Panda_OK so I got this TV working as a monitor, but it isnt showing my whole display... and will only work in mirror mode I get errors when trying to set the TV as a nonmirrored monitor00:13
Rogue|Panda_no matter what resolution I try00:13
novid‎html: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157866600:14
novid‎I had some issues with my apache2 install and didn't really need to save current config so decided to delete and reinstall. Now I'm getting the following when installing libapache2-svn:00:14
htmlnovid,  the latter of the two i see getting more results, but play around with the word, rearrang them ,,, and youll get a totally differant seaech00:15
htmlnovid,  pm when you find some thing ,, i need to eat,00:15
novid‎html: np00:16
novid‎i cant remove apache2 remove completely00:18
novid‎i get this error00:18
novid‎Virtual packages like 'apache2-common' can't be removed00:18
Oernovid, did you stop the service first ?00:19
novid‎Oer: yes00:20
Rogue|Panda_I really hate this wifi on/off button on my laptop00:22
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zuhaitzim gay00:24
ubluntuzuhaitz: ok00:24
zuhaitzbisexual indeed00:25
bookpageokay, who knows where the POS that makes you NOT login as root in the ubuntu ec2 images?00:26
bookpage+ is00:26
Rogue|Panda_that is starting to get annoying00:26
UbuntuRulesHello Everyone.  I have a ubuntu workstation that tried to do an update from 10.04 to 11.10.  It crashed due to the video card no longer supported.  I need to know if it is possible to get this machine operational long enough to copy off the emails and attachments, and the other documents00:29
UbuntuRulesCan anyone help me with this00:29
jadekitteni know this isn't what the channel is for but can anyone help me with vb.net or tell me where i can get help?00:29
htmlUbuntuRules,  :(   well did you back up,   data and a clone?00:30
dr_willisUbuntuRules:  what video card?  it would be odd it would 'crash' due to video card support.. not boot to X.. perhaps.. but not crash.00:30
Rogue|Panda_if the files are stored locally then you can boot a livecd and access them that way00:30
UbuntuRuleshtml I can access it via a console login, just not via the interface00:30
ottoshmidt"...Ubuntu operating system is used by 20 million..." wtf ubuntu isn't an operating system.. it's a distro isnt it?00:30
aBoundjadekitten, Have you tried the channel ##vb.net00:31
jadekittenno but i will00:31
dr_willisottoshmidt:  its a computer operating system and one of many linux disrtbutions....00:31
Rogue|Panda_I didnt know you could put . in a channel name00:31
Oerhi ottoshmidt 20 million +100:31
ottoshmidtno I don't use it00:32
aBoundNo problem.00:32
kophow do I get kernel source from http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/smb/linux-2.6.32.y-drm33.z.git;a=commit;h=7b6e2e94398ac87a6725c6d9b663b76c1f664749 == and before anyone asks git compile failed due to lack of source ...00:32
ottoshmidtsince ages :P grew up from that age00:32
WhiteOwl-mit's used by 20 million and its fucking hard to find a appropriate wireless stick/card ;)00:32
UbuntuRulesRogue|Panda_,  thank you for that. I will try that now00:33
Rogue|Panda_ok... so TV working as monitor only in mirror mode... any ideas?00:33
Rogue|Panda_UbuntuRules, for what?00:33
Rogue|Panda_oh the livecd idea?00:33
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dr_willisRogue|Panda_:  what sort of mode are yoyu wanting to use?00:34
Rogue|Panda_as a separate screen00:35
OerWhiteOwl-m, good start > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported00:35
dr_willisRogue|Panda_:  you enabled Twinview?00:35
WhiteOwl-mthanks Oer, I know all the pages by hard ;)00:35
WhiteOwl-mstill I wanna be really careful.. I would have one if I was american but I can't order an american one..00:35
dr_willisRogue|Panda_:  i just recall it beign somthing like 'enable twinview' 'use one wide desktop'   - is all i don.00:36
dr_willisRogue|Panda_:  you have a nvidia card?00:36
htmlUbuntuRules,  if it the card that crazed out, then out of a wild idea , try  to fix the drivers/X.?00:36
EyePulprats - I have a service that spawns/manages child processes.  I use upstart to launch/manage the service.  When my service has errors in a child process, it handles them and starts a new child process.  The problem is, somehow upstart is getting wind of the child process error and restarting the whole service.  Any way to make upstart ignore child process issues?00:36
Rogue|Panda_I just went into the display properties and unchecked "mirroring mode"00:36
Rogue|Panda_dr_willis, ATI00:36
Rogue|Panda_requested position/size for CRTC 148 is outside the allowed limit: position=(1366, 0), size=(1366, 768), maximum=(1920, 1920)00:37
Rogue|Panda_that is the error I get00:37
almoxarifeEyePulp: a service? does this service have a name?00:37
Rogue|Panda_the size changes for each resolution I try but I always get the error00:37
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EyePulpalmoxarife: a node.js based web service - I haven't named it.00:38
seakinghelpwhere is the off topic room please?00:38
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htmlWhiteOwl-m,   wifi care your looking for?00:39
aBoundnVidia ftw. :P00:39
kopaBound, what you said00:39
kophow do I get kernel source from http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/smb/linux-2.6.32.y-drm33.z.git;a=commit;h=7b6e2e94398ac87a6725c6d9b663b76c1f664749 == and before anyone asks git compile failed due to lack of source ...00:40
Dualitywhere can i edit grub config ?00:40
kopthis all stems from ...Sound Blaster Live Value SB0200 (emu10k1x) is there a way short of hell freezing over to get this snd-card to work on any recent distro that includes nvidia-current ?00:40
WhiteOwl-mhey html, one that is a) available in europe, b) works with my netgear c) supports WPA2-PSK00:40
WhiteOwl-mand works out of the box or preferably without ndiswrapper00:40
htmlWhiteOwl-m,   wifi care your looking for?   well this card is a plug in play on ubuntu 10.04?  i think it was 10.10 ,,, but its the only few i know of "just to work....00:40
Rogue|Panda_oh wait... it works now lol00:41
htmlWhiteOwl-m,   http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1076836&SRCCODE=SHOPPINGDF&cm_mmc_o=2mHCjCmtB55bETCjCVqHCjCdwwp&cpncode=30-13334496-200:41
Rogue|Panda_dr_willis, guess I figured it out lol... thanks for the help anyway00:41
Oerkop that soundcard is not well supported, in any distro00:41
WhiteOwl-mthanks html, will check it out!00:41
WhiteOwl-mlike this irc, always helpful inputs :)00:41
kopRogue|Panda_, magic ?!00:41
Rogue|Panda_I guess lol00:41
WhiteOwl-mshould I get it in PCI probably right? always better?00:42
htmlwell ur lucky i saw your im cuase i wouldnt of hellped,,, i was busy00:42
WhiteOwl-mhm doesn't say anything about 64bit system.. forgot to mention that00:42
kopOer I am cli fluant , multi distro syntax agile and frustrated beyond belief :-/00:43
* kop kicks Dell-OEM-snd 00:43
kopmy real issue is ublotto kicked OSS to the curb and PA doesn't play nice w/ anything00:45
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aBoundTo edit grub: nano /etc/default/grub once edited you'd have to save the file and update grub. sudo update-grub. :P00:45
kopRogue|Panda_, get used to it , i jus thin i cn tpye00:45
hatebrecommended swap file size with 3 gigs of ram and no swap partition is ?00:45
WhiteOwl-mthanks html, american page again :/ should move to america.. switzerland sucks anyway. but thanks, maybe I get the device here somewhere00:45
Oerno need for sudo : update-grub will do00:46
Rogue|Panda_jut figured that being the word that it is... someone should correct it00:46
Rogue|Panda_OK, now if I can figure out why this thing is chopping off the left side of my screen then I will be good00:47
Oerhated, 3 Gb needs 3 Gb, and more if you want sleep/hybernate00:47
htmlWhiteOwl-m,  well just get the exact think somewhere else00:48
kopOer,  (there is a real need for a sarcasm font ) "thankyou for stating the obvious to the apparently oblivious "  Yeah emu10k1x is not well supported but was working up to mid 10.04 (around april-may of the year )00:49
hateb2xmem size for hibernations ?00:49
dr_willishateb: at least mem size.. 2x mem would be very safe size.00:50
dr_willishateb:  depends on what your sustem is doing also. :)00:50
kophateb, then for those of us w/ 40+ tabs open in a browser ...00:50
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Oerhateb, a little more than 3Gb , 4 will be enough to save mem & systemstate00:51
koshieHello. That's true in Ubuntu 11.10 we can update the system graphicaly witouth password ?00:51
anynicknamehi, could I make a quick request? I'm using adium (OSX) for IRC, and would like to see how it handles notifications when someone says my name00:51
anynicknamecould anyone just say my nickname in a few moments so I can test it?00:51
anynicknamethanks in advance00:52
* dr_willis pokes anynickname00:52
somsip!test | anynickname00:52
ubottuanynickname: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )00:52
Oerkoshie no00:52
kophateb, a fair rule of thumb is total memory consumed in the output of "top" in a typical session x200:52
anynicknamethank you somsip00:52
anynicknameworks great00:52
hatebthx guys00:53
anynicknamesomsip, I did not know about #test, not a big IRC user, thank you00:53
aBoundWill 16GB be enough to hibernate. :P00:53
koshieType /join #test00:53
koshieaBound, I'm not sure :D00:53
code_junkieid go 24GB to be safe00:54
IceheartI have my daily question =D00:54
aBoundcode_junkie, It was a joke. :P00:54
Iceheartlaptop disconnects from my router and asks me to reenter the password every time I close it00:54
IceheartBut restarts, and shutdowns do not do it.00:55
IceheartOnly when I close it.00:55
Tony_i am at a motel, and the wireless is not connecting to the network. i am using 10.04 LTS recent install, should the wireless adapter pick up the signal or do i need more drivers?00:55
hatebwhen you in motel you need a hooker not more drivers00:55
aBoundTony_, It would normally pick up if you previously had it working elsewhere. Unless, you haven't installed the wireless drivers for your system.00:55
hatebyou are*00:55
Tony_hateb, lol00:56
WhiteOwl-mWireless connection Iceheart? Not that I have an answer but if you have a working wlan card..00:56
OerIceheart, disable password in your energy-config00:56
IceheartYes it is a wireless connection.00:56
dr_willisTony_:  has it worked at other wireless locations?00:56
Tony_dr_willis, no recent install at this location00:57
Tony_dr_willis, the wireless is built in to the computer00:58
aBoundTony_,  To check the network controller you're currently using. Open a terminal and type: lspci | grep Network01:00
aBoundBlah, he left.01:01
aBoundThe "locate" cmd rocks.01:03
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WhiteOwl-maBound, ur an expert on wireless Ubunutu 11.10 64 bit? ;)01:04
aBoundWhiteOwl-m, Nope but would be nice.01:05
jolarenI'm trying to launch xterm from my srv and it says xterm Xt error: Can't open display: localhost:10.001:05
smwhow can I install a local package with apt?01:05
cheapiesmw: You mean a package on your hard drive?01:05
WhiteOwl-mit would! so I guess you don't have any personal wireless pci/usb recommendations for me ;)01:05
smwcheapie, yes01:05
andyvysmw: double click on it.01:05
anynicknameaBound: can locate do something that find can't?01:05
WhiteOwl-mI know all the public pages and they're great, but sometimes they're contradicting..01:05
cheapiesmw: sudo dpkg -i (package)01:05
smwcheapie, with apt01:06
aBoundanynickname, Yes.01:06
smwcheapie, with automatic dependency resolution01:06
aBoundanynickname, Open a terminal and type: find signal.h (it won't find it). Now type: locate signal.h01:06
cheapiesmw: Hmm - i'll go read the man page and see what I can do for you...01:06
jolarenI'm trying to launch xterm from my srv and it says xterm Xt error: Can't open display: localhost:10.001:06
htmlTony_ in a public place sometimes you need to login to a web portal like  ,,, "WWW.hotel8.com/uyrb/wifi,,, look for that  ask around01:06
jolarenwhat can I do?01:07
aBoundLocate finds files by name whereas Find searches for directories in a hierarchy.01:08
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cheapiesmw: It looks like you'll have to either set up your own repository, or pull the dependencies list from the package and feed it to apt-get.01:08
anynicknameaBound: but what about concerning regular files? (I'm asking because I have a script that I could change, using that)01:08
htmlWhiteOwl-m,  i thought i gave you one... what are you looking for?01:08
smwcheapie, thanks01:08
jolaren xclock01:08
jolarenError: Can't open display: localhost:10.001:08
cheapiesmw: Is this just something you want to install once?01:08
WhiteOwl-mhtml, yours looks fine and I will test it but it does not explicly state 64 bit support which is rather important for me01:09
dr_willisjolaren:  ewhat os is on your server? how did you ssh into the remote box?01:09
WhiteOwl-malso it does not support wpa2 which is a minor setback, but still.. *nice-to-have*..01:09
WhiteOwl-mappreciate your help tough a lot! don't get me wrong01:09
sgo11hi, i have a file called [ under /usr/bin/. what is it?01:10
cheapiesmw: If you just want to install this a few times, you could see what dpkg complains about, and install that with apt-get.01:10
anynicknameaBound: the script does "find $HOME/Library/* -iname "*$APPNAME*" -exec mv -v {} $HOME/.Trash/$APPNAME$/ \;"01:10
anynicknameaBound: could I change that to use locate, effectively?01:10
aBoundanynickname, Regular files probably with a command switch. Haven't fully used the command to it's full extent.01:10
smwcheapie, just found gdebi01:11
anynicknameaBound: I'll look into it, sound promising01:11
cheapiesmw: Whoops - I forgot that existed.01:11
aBoundNo problem.01:11
smwcheapie, it seems to install local packages01:11
smwcheapie, yep :-)01:11
cheapiesmw: Yeah, that's what you want.01:11
dr_willisgdebi foo.deb    is handy01:11
DarkStar1which came first chromium or google-crash chromium?01:12
htmlWhiteOwl-m,  its good for 32bit, and 12$ for a big name company i would try it,,, cuz in my exp. some 32 bit still works with64but,,, it doesnt matter cuz ubuntu seems to pull the driver that works01:12
DarkStar1aka google chrome01:12
jadoeis there a way to mount apple's sparsebundles? disk image, split up into 8mb chunks, hfs+ inside, aes encrypted. i fear there is not. :-)01:12
FxMastawanna learn how to trade, e book + system, daily 200 $ in 3 hours http://uploading.com/files/3m785864/Forex%2BTrading%2BStrategies.rar/01:13
WhiteOwl-mwanna learn how you can not really learn to trade? Read Fooled by Randomness from Nassim Taleb01:14
IceheartAnybody else have any ideas on how to fix it?01:14
cheapieIcehart: Fix what?01:15
smokycataBound: find . -name "signal.h"    isn't it work?01:15
Iceheartclosing laptop causes it to lose password to my wireless connection01:15
Iceheartrestart and shutdown does not cause it.01:15
aBoundsmokycat, Nope.01:16
htmliceheart , have you looked at your "keyring?01:16
dr_willisIceheart:  if you reenter the password it reconnects?01:16
Iceheartyes it reconnects as soon as password is entered01:16
dr_willisIceheart:  gnome has a keyring feature to rember those passwords.01:16
aBoundlocate grub01:17
aBoundlocate grub >> mygrubfile01:17
sgo11how gnome-shell dock handles the icon? how to change the icon ? thanks.01:17
almoxarifeIceheart: easy enough to check, suspend/return and look to see i if the process gnome-keyring daemon is still running01:18
smokycataBound: signal.h is in your home directory ?01:18
aBoundsmokycat, Nope it's somewhere other than my home directory. Seeing as signal.h is part of the kernel in itself.01:18
almoxarifeIceheart: i assume it is running now01:18
Tony_i am in a motel and i recently installed 10.04 LTS, how do i check if the built in wireless adpt. is working.01:18
dr_willisTony_:  see what lspci says the wireless is. the addational-drivers tool may want you to install extra drivers also.01:19
aBoundsmokycat, No worries I can easily find it with the "locate" command.01:19
htmlIceheart, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Keyring01:20
hatebswap total: 6134, used: 1 haha overkill01:20
Iceheartgnome_keyring is running after I suspend01:20
almoxarifespeaking of gnome-keyring, its in the auto-run config screen, would some one copy paste the command line here please?01:20
dr_willisive noticed it saying  'used: 1'  befor... which is odd .01:20
cheapiehateb: The family computer here has 32GB swap...01:21
dr_willisno matter what i was running.. 1 was used..01:21
hatebI coubt you ever need it :)01:21
dr_willisRounding up perhaps.01:21
smokycataBound: I think find / -name "signal.h" will work with using enormous time. use locate will better.01:21
IceheartDid the keyring change between 11.04 and 11.10? Because this did not occour until after upgrading to 11.10.01:22
almoxarifeIceheart: who are allowed to use your wireless? anyone? or you only and do you login or auto log?01:22
aBoundsmokycat, No doubt that worked but looks like locate is easier. Interesting.01:22
IceheartI am allowed to use my wireless, only those I give the password too are allowed to use it.01:22
IceheartI manually log in with a password.01:22
wirelessUgh.  Airbase-ng is having a bug where it goes to channel 255 and wont change.  Its a bug in the newer kernels.  I have no idea how to sersolve this issue. Any ideas?01:23
htmltony_ just like you do in windows 7 ,, if there a singal your picking up then its on  if you conneted then you on the net,,  but if you see no wifi names that show up then its not on01:23
StepNjumpCould someone tell me what permission you show on file .thunderbird/1z695qsl.default/panacea  thank you01:23
aBoundeBooks to the rescue.01:24
IceheartI also have it set to connect automatically in my network settings.01:25
wirelessWill virtualbox properly virtualize my usb wireless adapter and my builtin wireless card?  I know in the past when I'v used it, it turn wireless into ethernet, which is not what I want.  THANKS01:25
htmltony_ ?01:26
almoxarifeIceheart: there is a log file for suspend, look at it for anything odd, pm-suspend.log in /var/log/01:26
almoxarifewireless: you get to chose the connection type, eth or wlan , that choice just chose your hardware01:28
wirelessalmoxarife: is it possible to have my builtin wireless card connected as eth, and my usb wireless card connected as wlan at the SAME time>>01:29
wirelessthrough virtualbox that is01:29
wirelessOr, is there a better virtualization program that handles networking?01:30
almoxarifewireless: possible? anything is possible, you need to ask the #virtualbox world though01:30
IceheartSays "having network manager wake interfaces back up...failed.01:30
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:30
wirelesshow do I find out my current wireless drivers in the terminal?01:30
IceheartOnly thing I found.01:30
aBoundwireless, Open a terminal and type: lspci | grep Network01:32
aBoundOops, wireless drivers.01:32
aBoundBlah! my mistake.01:32
WhiteOwl-mand report your card, personal interest xD01:32
wirelessthanks aBound01:32
aBoundwireless, My mistake it only finds the Network controller in-use. The drivers I can't say if it'll find.01:33
balt11tmy flashdrive boots on all of my computers, except for the one I need it to. When I select the USB device, it says that no bios is found, but I know it works, because I tested it on other computers01:33
wirelessaBound that only shows wlan0 not wlan101:33
almoxarifewireless: thats because wlan1 is usb01:33
almoxarifewireless: your words01:34
wirelesshow do I show the drivers for the wlan1 usb?01:34
wirelessit is01:34
aBoundwireless, You could just type: lspci01:34
almoxarifewireless: do you look anything up yourself?01:34
aBoundTo see what it contains.01:34
wirelessI have looked it up but getting only ways to show wlan001:34
almoxarifewireless: tried looking at the various forms of 'ls........'?? could one be lsusb?01:36
wirelessI'm still not seeing it by just lspci by the way01:36
aBoundwireless, lshw -C network01:36
wirelessthanks aBound01:36
aBoundTry that.01:36
balt11tno ideas then?01:37
almoxarifewireless: or you could use 'lsusb' bet you find your wlan101:37
wirelessthat worked thanks01:38
htmlWhiteOwl-m,   loook !!! google has done   https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&channel=fs&q=nic&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=nic&hl=en&safe=off&client=ubuntu&hs=9HV&sa=X&channel=fs&tbs=cat:290,pdtr0:709607|709610,pdtr1:709591|709594&tbm=shop&ei=cTgOT7oOiaHxA9uwzdUF&ved=0CPQBEMEJKAE&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=dadc9add28a0c478&biw=853&bih=31301:38
WhiteOwl-mwow, how the hell did you do that01:39
WhiteOwl-mthanks html!01:39
aBoundA nice tinyurl would of been cool. :P01:39
WhiteOwl-mI like em long.01:39
htmlim not sure,,01:39
aBoundWhiteOwl-m, haha01:39
balt11tAlso, I can't get Ubuntu to detect my second display, although Windows does01:40
wingnut2626aAnyone know how to disable a power on password on a thinkpad t420?01:40
balt11tBut truly, I'd really like to figure out my first problem >,<01:40
almoxarifewingnut2626a: pull the battery?01:40
html looOOKK!! Ubuntu /channel  is in the name !01:40
wingnut2626aDidn't work01:40
almoxarifewingnut2626a: ask the owner?01:41
wingnut2626aAlso disabled.it from the BIOS to no avail01:41
almoxarifewingnut2626a: ask the owner?01:41
wingnut2626aI am the owner01:41
dr_willisa bios password?  Not really a Ubuntu Specific question. :)01:42
WhiteOwl-mshit it's 3 am in the morning here.. html, thanks a lot, will check em out tomorrow and order them. have a good evening/night/morning wherever you are01:42
almoxarifewingnut2626a: can you tell your other self the password to your laptop?01:42
WhiteOwl-mbb and thanks01:42
htmlWhiteOwl-m,  frind me01:42
aBoundWhiteOwl-m, Blame IRC.01:42
htmlWhiteOwl-m,  friend me01:42
wingnut2626aIts the right password!  I can start it with the password.its just annoying01:43
almoxarifehtml: can you two take it private?01:43
WhiteOwl-mcu guys and thanks again :) bye01:43
balt11tScrew it, I'll put it on a DVD01:43
almoxarifewingnut2626a: oh, how about blanking the password  ?01:44
wingnut2626aTried that too01:44
almoxarifewingnut2626a: tried calling support?01:44
htmlalmoxarife,  for what? he wanted a wifi card that plays well with linux ,,, but hes g2g ,,, so well doin this later01:44
wingnut2626aThey told me to blank it which I did01:44
almoxarifewingnut2626a: dr_willis had it right, live with it01:45
hassI have a weird problem with my Ubuntu installation.  Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.01:47
hassIt seems that Nautilus is running as root01:47
wingnut2626aYeah #ubuntu01:47
xanguahass: like in: it seems you are running nautilus as root¿¿01:47
hassthe root desktop is shown01:48
xanguahass: how did you¿ because it can't happen on it's own ;)01:48
hasswhen I open my home folder the icon is the standard folder icon instead of the little house icon01:48
hassI'm sure I did something, but I can't figure out what I did01:48
hassit has been this way for a while01:48
hassalso I have been having permission problems.  If I copy a file in Nautilus it sets the owner to root01:49
almoxarifehass: if you were asked for a password to start nautilus then i can see you being in root, or you are in the root account to begin with, otherwise no, it would not01:49
hassit does not ask for a password when I start the computer01:50
almoxarifehass: permission problems related to you playing with sudo/su/gksu etc?01:50
=== Youri is now known as Iruoy
hassit does ask for a password when I open my home folder through the Places menu01:50
hassok, yes01:50
almoxarifehass: yes, more like01:50
hasswhen I open nautilus it asks for a password, even when I open my home folder01:51
almoxarifehass: that would do it01:51
hassbut why is the root desktop displayed?  And why is it opening my home folder as root?01:51
joebobjoeI need help making a Live USB. I've followed the instructions but the USB is not recognizable by OS X, and not bootable. It has an fdisk partion scheme and on Apple's website, a GUID scheme is required... :(01:52
hassAlso, some programs seem to have trouble accessing files01:52
almoxarifehass:  cause it opened as root01:52
almoxarifehass: permission problems related to you playing with sudo/su/gksu etc?01:52
BuMmRGreetings fellow adventurers!01:52
hassI don't run sudo/su/gksu.  It seems to run gksu automatically01:52
anynicknamecan anyone explain the difference (if any) between chat.freenode.net and irc.freenode.net? (adium had chat.freenode,net in the options)01:53
pangolinanynickname: there isn't, one is an alias for the other. #freenode for more info01:53
=== hendaus is now known as guzard
anynicknamepangolin: thank you01:54
guzardhello friends01:54
pangolinsure thing01:54
guzardwhere can i ask about a name of an old movie plz?01:54
hassalmoxarife: My root issues may have started when I was setting up the fstab file01:55
almoxarifehass: care to pastebin your /var/log/auth.log ??01:55
almoxarifehass: share the fstab too01:56
almoxarifeguzard: #linux , try there01:56
hassalmoxarife: http://paste.ubuntu.com/801275/01:57
hassalmoxarife: http://paste.ubuntu.com/801279/01:58
diverdudeIs there a ppa which serves ruby 1.9.2?02:01
xanguayou can search on launchpad.net diverdude02:02
diverdudeis it difficult to make a debian package manually?02:03
pangolindiverdude: https://launchpad.net/~pratikmsinha/+archive/ruby192+bindings02:03
almoxarifehass: the log sort of says it all02:05
=== oakdog8 is now known as Guest27617
ArcademanMay I ask is there a way to remove lubuntu from Ubuntu 11.10?02:05
hassalmoxarife: what's that?  I don't know what to make of it02:05
aBoundArcademan, sudo apt-get remove lubuntu ??02:06
almoxarifeaBound: that wont work, it will leave remnants to no end.02:07
ArcademanaBound, it be lubuntu-desktop even then it leaves it all there02:07
Dualityhow long does it take to compile and install a kernel ?02:07
aBoundWhat about sudo apt-get autoremove02:07
almoxarifeArcademan: already have another desktop installed?02:07
ArcademanYes almoxarife02:07
NotJimCarreytrying to get hdmi audio working in 11.10 on a gt430 and get "aplay: main:660: audio open error: Device or resource busy". Can anyone help me fix this?02:07
pangolinArcademan: go to http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome scroll down to the command to remove lubuntu02:08
almoxarifeArcademan: yeap, what pangolin said02:08
pangolin!list > luoshupeng02:08
ubottuluoshupeng, please see my private message02:08
almoxarifeNotJimCarrey: boy are you in luck, thats what i got, except on a 11.0402:09
NotJimCarreyi've tried a lot of stuff from googling, but can't get it working02:10
Arcademanthanks pangolin I edit this I want a few packages :)02:10
gh0striderhey i was hoping that someone could help me out because i am really desperate i have to get this project done for schoool and so i really need someone's advice...when i was doing "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" before it used to print out readable lat/longs in readable text but now its printing out weird encrypted stuff that i can't read, can anyone tell me how to change it back?02:10
gh0strideri could really use someones help...02:11
soloquiemI need some help uninstalling ubuntu 11.1. I don't have a dual boot, just ubuntu. Any help would be greatly appreciated02:11
hassalmoxarife: could you explain what the log file tells you?02:11
almoxarifeNotJimCarrey: you have onboard sound as well?02:11
NotJimCarreyyeah, but it's disabled in bios02:12
anynicknamesoloquiem: what do you mean? How do you want to uninstall?02:12
almoxarifeNotJimCarrey: did you make conf changes anywhere?02:12
pangolinsoloquiem: put in the cd of whatever you want to install instead of ubuntu02:12
anynicknamesoloquiem: can't you just install whatever OS you intend on top of it?02:12
NotJimCarreyto /etc/pulse/default.pa02:12
soloquiemI have a windos usb boot drive, but ubuntu my system will not boot from the usb.02:13
NotJimCarreyload-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,302:13
pangolinsoloquiem: make sure you have boot from usb enabled in bios02:13
pangolinsoloquiem: more help with windows in ##windows02:13
soloquiempangolin: how do I change that in bios?02:14
AlbireoXHi, is there a term for the design pattern of passing arguments to static methods for the static methods to do stuff? (Not factory as it doesn't create anything or singleton because it isn't an object)02:14
pangolinsoloquiem: when you boot your computer it should tell you what key to press to get into SETUP.02:14
anynicknamesoloquiem: when you boot your computer, try one of the F's (F2, F8 or F11 should Work), or Esc02:14
NotJimCarreyrestored original default.pa, but still the same error02:15
anynicknamesoloquiem: or as pangolin said, it should appear when you boot, but it's usually one of those02:15
almoxarifeNotJimCarrey: make a copy of the files you made changes to, save them in your home folder, and re-install 'pulseaudio' , you can save the files and remove pulseaudio before reboot, but install pulseaudio after reboot, got it?02:15
soloquiemanynickname: I will try that02:15
anynicknamesoloquiem: when you're in the BIOS settings, it's easy, just go to "boot order", and change it there02:15
kieppiehi all. I'm having trouble getting MPD to push ASLA audio out through my secondary sound card. SLSA to XBMC on my primary (HDMI) works fine02:17
soloquiemanynickname: is the number key specific for ubuntu, or the computer I'm using?02:17
anynicknamesoloquiem: the computer02:18
almoxarifekieppie: ask in #xbmc , someone will assist02:18
anynicknamesoloquiem: but as pangolin pointed out, it should appear when you boot (usually does, although I've seen cases where it doesn't, or it's just to fast)02:19
kieppiealmoxarife: my XBMC setup is OK in that regard, so my query's not really relevant there (alshough I have IR keymapping under kernel 3.0.x that I'm trying to work through002:19
almoxarifekieppie: suit yourself02:19
soloquiemanynickname: haven't seen it, restarting a couple times now02:19
kieppiealmoxarife: I'm already in the #XBMC channel..02:20
almoxarifekieppie: me too02:20
anynicknamesoloquiem: if I does not tell you which key it is, just try Esc and all of the function keys02:20
anynicknamesoloquiem: you can even try them all on the same boot, it should work too02:20
soloquiemanynickname: that worked, thanks02:22
MagusOTBIs there a way for me to formally express the fact that I think banshee is horrible and should be replaced as the default audio player in ubuntu?02:22
anynicknamesoloquiem: glad to help02:22
hatebare there any good rpg or strategy games on ubuntu ?02:22
anynicknamehateb: battle for wesnoth is a popular choice02:23
anynicknamehateb: it's actually cross platform (even iOS)02:23
anynicknamehateb: it's turn-based, and incredibly complex02:23
almoxarifeMagusOTB: thought of trying something else?02:24
almoxarife!ot | hateb02:24
ubottuhateb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:24
anynicknamehateb: oh, and it's free, which is always a plus02:24
hatebI see, but graphic is from commodore age :)02:25
MagusOTBalmoxarife: I do use something else (audacious), but I think defaulting to banshee is a bug. Nobody I know thinks it makes any sense.02:25
almoxarifeMagusOTB: having issues with audicious?02:25
MagusOTBIt's the only program I've ever used with a failure mode of "Blast metal music"02:25
NotJimCarreyok, there's pulseaudio, alsa, oss, esound. any others?02:26
anynicknamehajhouse: video for battle for wesnoth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIt69vznegs&feature=player_embedded02:26
NotJimCarreygonna rebuild my audio section from scratch02:26
MagusOTBNo, audacious is great, but my DE is all messed up so I'm using the standard ubuntu session, which has banshee, and it is behaving really strangely02:27
NotJimCarreypurging them, reinstalling, then getting it to work02:27
anynicknamehateb: if you want real time strategy, there is Glest (I never played it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyEZV5uqM2g&feature=player_embedded#!02:27
MagusOTBLike, is randomly jumping off the play queue into this horrible metal music I didn't even know I had.02:28
faggotwhats up losers02:29
almoxarifeMagusOTB: i can help with that, yes, you seem to have the 'horrible metal music'02:29
iggymydogi turned my old junk dell windowns xp into ubuntu and its super slow eny tips?02:29
faggotDebian is gonna destroy your silly forum in a hour02:29
faggotjoin #debian for details02:29
faggotWe are going to DDOS you into oblivion ;)02:30
aeon-ltdiggymydog: don't use unity?02:30
faggotYour distro sucks and you`ll be finished soon02:30
aeon-ltdfaggot: he heheheheheheh02:30
faggotHappy downtime :)02:30
aeon-ltdheheh heheheh02:30
urlin2ufaggot, k jimmy02:30
iggymydogwhats unity?02:30
MagusOTBwell, I do have it, it's in my rommate's folder on our fileserver. The question is why does it seemingly arbitrarily believe that it's finished the play queue and move on to that?02:30
aeon-ltdiggymydog: the default gui on ubuntu02:30
iggymydoghow do i change it?02:30
MagusOTBAlso, I find it annoying that there's no intuitive way to play an audio CD02:30
iggymydoghow do i change it02:30
leontopodUnity is the new graphical interface for Ubuntu, it is meant to run on pads and cellphones02:31
MagusOTBif I select all the somgs, I can't drag them to the play queue, if I start with the first song, it skips to the play queue after that, if I select all the songs and right click and hit play, it only plays the one I right clicked on02:31
iggymydogso its quick02:31
aeon-ltdiggymydog: firstly install another Desktop Environment (for future ref 'DE') like xfce (xubuntu) lxde (lubuntu)02:31
aeon-ltdiggymydog: the specifications would be nice to know02:31
iggymydogim a noob02:31
MagusOTBiggymydog: select another session when you login. After you type your username, hit the little gear thing02:31
Ralliasis there an sh script in ubuntu to mass rename files?02:32
MagusOTBand select 'ubuntu classic'02:32
Oeriggymydog, how much ram is in that old dell ?02:32
aeon-ltdiggymydog: do you know how to use terminal?02:32
iggymydogthe ram is maxxed02:32
NotJimCarreyif i'm redoing the whole sound section from start, do i need to remove gstreamer too?02:32
almoxarifemaxed at ?(insert number)02:32
iggymydogim on my mac right now02:32
MagusOTBaeon-ltd: he doesn't need to know how to use a term to use the old DE02:32
iggymydogyes i know how to use term02:33
aeon-ltdMagusOTB: depending on the amount of ram that may not be much faster/lighter02:33
iggymydogso i click switch users?02:33
aeon-ltdMagusOTB: but yeah couldn't hurt to try first02:33
aeon-ltdiggymydog: logout, then change session02:33
MagusOTBaeon-ltd: The lack of the compositing stuff had made a huge difference in my experience02:33
iggymydoghow do i do that02:33
iggymydog@aeon-ltd how?02:34
MagusOTBiggymydog: log out, then after you enter your username, hit the gear thing next to it (I think, I don't remember exactly, but somewhere there's a menu that says 'sessions'02:34
iggymydogleeme try02:34
MagusOTBiggymydog: try them out, see if any of them are better02:34
MagusOTBI think what you want is ubuntu classic 2d02:34
iggymydogdont see a gear or menue...02:35
MagusOTBjust a sec, I'll check on mine02:35
iggymydogits a dell demention 4600002:35
iggymydoggot it02:36
iggymydoguser defined session i click?02:36
Oeryou can change session only after giving username02:36
iggymydogi gave one02:36
iggymydogdo i click user defined session?02:36
Oerjups, it gives you choice02:37
iggymydogi click it02:37
iggymydoguser defined session02:37
iggymydogwhat ever i clicked it lol02:38
iggymydognow im logged in like normal?02:38
iggymydoghi?? enyone? help??? my computer faster?02:39
magusOTBiggymydog: Yeah, there should be a gear next to your name on the login screen02:39
sgo11where does awn preference store? I can't find it. it's not in ~/.config/awn/.02:39
iggymydogleeme try again02:39
iggymydogill log out02:39
magusOTBAlso, not even sure if that conversation is still happening, my xsession is still hosed and I had to reboot02:39
magusOTBiggymydog: ?02:40
iggymydoghere it is02:40
iggymydoglog in as dillon02:40
iggymydogi click it?02:40
magusOTBis there a gear next to the name?02:41
magusOTBjust to the right of the lettering02:41
iggymydoga persoin to the left02:41
magusOTBthen select the name, and while you're typing your password, is it there?02:41
magusOTBAre you on 11.10?02:42
iggymydogjust the grey avatar to the left02:42
magusOTBto the right of the name02:42
iggymydogim on like 11.03?02:42
magusOTBoh, then it'll be in one of the menus along the bottom IIRC02:42
iggymydogyepp here it is02:42
magusOTBI don't remember exactly what it looks like02:42
iggymydogdesktop eddition02:42
iggymydogrecovery consol02:42
iggymydoguser defined session02:42
iggymydogor safe mode02:42
magusOTBwait, what?02:43
iggymydogits a drop down menue02:43
magusOTByeah, it doesn't have the classic option?02:43
karmicthreat_TGGSo I'm having a grub 1.99 problem  I need the machine to auto boot but it gets stuck waiting for me to hit enter.  I've tried a bunch of stuff including manually setting timeout in 00_header.02:43
magusOTBiggymydog: Strange... I'm not sure what package it's in, You could look into installing XFCE, it's designed to be fast02:43
magusOTBand resource light02:44
iggymydogdeskyop eddition02:44
iggymydogbut not classic02:44
iggymydogis that in the app get?02:44
magusOTBshould be02:44
iggymydogkk leeme log in ill look02:44
iggymydog??!?! a hard disk may be failing02:45
iggymydoghard disk fail immenent02:45
iggymydogok...thats cool02:45
iggymydogeny ways....im at  app get...i mean software center02:46
iggymydognow what?02:46
Oerkarmicthreat_TGG, put a # before #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=002:46
magusOTBI think you want xubuntu-desktop02:46
iggymydogthattl do what exactely?02:47
jameslordhzhow to know which command the package libqt4-sql-mysql  installed?02:47
magusOTBiggymydog: Install all the XFCE stuff, which should give you an xubuntu/sfce option in that dialog when you log in02:47
magusOTBwhich will be faster and less resource heavy02:48
magusOTBassuming that's still why you want to change from the new one.02:48
iggymydogthats alot of stuff.....02:48
magusOTBif you dislike it you can apt-get uninstall xubuntu-desktop02:48
magusOTBand then apt-get autoremove02:49
magusOTBand it will clean up the mess02:49
karmicthreat_TGG0er: having a brain fart, whats the cmd to rebuild the cfg after I edit default/grub02:49
aBoundapt-get autoclean02:49
urlin2umagusOTB, that will not clean out the desktop.02:49
xanguamagusOTB: it wont, xubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage02:49
iggymydogtheres 109 items02:50
iggymydogwhich ones do i do?02:50
magusOTBIt works on other metapackages, are the *-desktop ones special?02:50
iggymydogand this will speed it up for sure?02:50
almoxarifemagusOTB: yes02:50
aBoundkarmicthreat_TGG, update-grub02:50
almoxarifeiggymydog: its time you tag the nick you are talking to02:51
magusOTBalmoxarife: So how do you clean them out?02:51
urlin2uiggymydog, how much memory do you have?02:51
iggymydogive never used an irc02:51
sgo11I found the answer by myself. awn settings stored in gconf. very stupid. why does it want to do that? so hard for user backup.02:51
iggymydogi have 32 gigs02:51
magusOTBiggymydog: of RAM?02:52
urlin2uiggymydog, memory s ram how much02:52
karmicthreat_TGG0er: nope, commenting that out didn't work.02:52
pp7__anyone tried unity 5.0?02:52
almoxarife!who | iggymydog02:52
ubottuiggymydog: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:52
xangua!puregnome | magusOTB for example if you just want pure gnome02:52
ubottumagusOTB for example if you just want pure gnome: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome02:52
iggymydogum.........i have no clue02:52
xangua!pangolin | pp7__02:52
ubottupp7__: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 | Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:52
iggymydogalmoxarife i dont know02:52
pp7__xangua: so?02:52
Oerpp7__, only available for 12.04 wich is not out yet.02:52
iggymydogalmoxarife: idk02:52
magusOTBiggymydog: cat /proc/meminfo |grep Total02:52
pp7__Oer: no way to install it on 11.10?02:53
almoxarifeiggymydog: good job, you got it02:53
magusOTBiggymydog: at a terminal02:53
iggymydogmagusOTB magusOTB ???02:53
iggymydogmagusOTB: ???02:53
pp7__Oer: its out for testing: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/unity-50-available-for-testing-in.html#disqus_thread02:53
magusOTBiggymydog: Yeah?02:53
iggymydogmagusOTB im at term02:53
urlin2uiggymydog, run this and the memory=ram will show free -mt02:53
iggymydogmagusOTB: im at the term02:53
magusOTBpaste this without quotes: "cat /proc/meminfo |grep Total"02:54
Oerpp7__, i would not reccomend it, look at te ppa, only for .. ?02:54
aBoundpp7__, Woot regression free and smoother.02:54
iggymydogmagusOTB:  now what?02:54
aBoundI can't wait.02:54
magusOTBiggymydog: and paste the first number here.02:54
iggymydogmagusOTB: i cant im on my mac......02:54
SiCKahttp://www.facebook.com/FinancialSTOCK like this page please02:55
magusOTBiggymydog: Do it on the machine in question...02:55
xanguaSiCKa: stop that please02:55
iggymydogmagusOTB xangua hold on02:55
magusOTBwell, the first digit and the number of digits is what's important02:55
iggymydogmagusOTB:  ok hold on02:55
oooaaaooohi guys i have a samsung nc110 netbook running 11.04 and its been running quite "warm"(58C) idle; googling has led me to believe that the fix is to enable pcie_aspm(some kinda power saving mode). Before I edit grub i was wondering if anyone has done this before and had some comments on it?02:56
iggymydoghow do i payste?02:56
iggymydogit wont let me02:56
almoxarife!who | iggymydog02:57
ubottuiggymydog: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:57
oooaaaooohold down both mouse buttons02:57
magusOTBiggymydog: right click in the term, it should paste.02:57
magusOTBor just type it in.02:57
NotJimCarreyok, i got aplay to play on 0,9, and added "load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,9" to /etc/pulse/default.pa, but can't get xbmc to play audio02:57
iggymydog1dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$ memory=ram dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$ ^C^C  dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$02:57
iggymydog1k now what?02:58
oooaaaooodoes anyone have any experience with enabling pcie_aspm?02:58
magusOTBiggymydog: That output didn't make any sense, did it come from the command I gave you?02:58
almoxarifeNotJimCarrey: ask in #xbmc02:58
NotJimCarreyjust did02:58
iggymydog1magusOTB: yes02:58
iggymydog1magusOTB: mabey i should try again?02:59
magusOTBiggymydog1: Try just cat /proc/meminfo, and one of the lines of output should be the total memory you have02:59
snuffthi everyone02:59
snuffti'm having a little trouble resetting my password on a ubuntu 10 install. it's a vm that i haven't started in a good 4 months or so.02:59
anynicknamehi snufft02:59
snuffthtml: hi :)02:59
iggymydog1dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$ memory=ram dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$ ^C^C  dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$ cat /proc/meminfo MemTotal:         507784 kB MemFree:           55204 kB Buffers:           17664 kB Cached:           145468 kB SwapCached:        19352 kB Active:           151728 kB Inactive:         204768 kB Active(anon):      89744 kB Inactive(anon):   113936 kB Active(file):      61984 kB Inactive(file):    90802:59
snufftwhenever i try the passwd username, it gives me the list of options, because my username has a space in it03:00
snufftanynickname: hi :)03:00
armadaiggymydog1: lawl, there's free -m for that.03:00
HeGurusnufft: passwd "username"03:00
snufftHeGuru: then it tells me that there's no username like that03:01
HeGurusnufft: or, passwd user\ name (replace space with \ )03:01
snufftuser does not exist03:01
iggymydog1armada: what do you mean -m03:01
htmlsnufft,  next time you shuould of had a second account , then you can reset it  from there03:01
iggymydog1armada: ?03:02
SolarNRGThis is my gf in the bath with one of her new blue bath bombs and it fizzes and turns the bath blue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OxvtYVsLRw03:02
HeGurusnufft: are you sure your username, try: getent passwd03:02
snuffthmmm, maybe i've got the username wrong... will reboot and try again :)03:02
HeGurusnufft: that should give you all the users03:02
magusOTBiggymydog1: It's another way of getting the information from meminfo that's cleaner than actually catting meminfo, but I didn't know about it.03:02
armadaiggymydog1: free -m03:02
snufftHeGuru: even root?03:02
magusOTBiggymydog1: as in tye that into the terminal03:02
iggymydog1illon-Dimension-4600:~$  dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$ free -m              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached Mem:           495        440         55          0         17        138 -/+ buffers/cache:        283        211 Swap:         1497         32       1465 dillon@dillon-Dimension-4600:~$03:03
snufftHeGuru: next question, is how do i scroll up in the list lol03:03
HeGurusnufft: Ctrl+PGUP03:03
snufftthanks :)03:03
iggymydog1how do i allow more memmory for ram?03:03
iggymydog1or something like that03:03
magusOTBiggymydog1: Yeah, you should probably be using xfce or something light. However, apparently the desktop packages don't behave like things I"m used to, so somebody ese will have to help with getting it going03:03
HeGurusnufft: sorry its shift+PGUP03:04
magusOTBiggymydog1: in order to get more RAM you have to get more RAM... like, the actual thing.03:04
GrymmoireSo the terminal program doesn't show up in the launcher when I run it nor is it available as a window I can alt-tab to, and once I minimize the window I can't get at it anymore, since it's not in the launcher or a tab03:04
iggymydog1dam ...03:04
oooaaaooohold down both mouse buttons03:04
oooaaaooodoes anyone have any experience with enabling pcie_aspm?03:04
iggymydog1well i give up03:04
HeGurusnufft: you can always use getent passwd | more03:04
GrymmoireMakes it a bit more annoying to use the terminal, and by a little I mean a lot03:04
snuffthtml, HeGuru: thank you both very much, I think it's worked :)03:05
iggymydog1thanks bye guys03:05
GrymmoireIs there any way to restore the application to its original state or something? Reset system setting associated with it, etc.03:05
urlin2uiggymydog, 512 ram rather small ...increased by buying ram sticks.  Yiu can probably run lubuntu fairly well it is the ubuntu base with another desktop.03:05
xanguaGrymmoire: you can reset unity setings: unity --reset03:05
HeGuruGrymmoire: depends on the application, what application?03:05
Grymmoiregnome terminal03:05
HeGuruGrymmoire: you can use gconf-editor to erase gnome-terminal customizations03:07
oooaaaoooanyone? aspm experience?03:08
xangua!anyone | oooaaaooo03:08
ubottuoooaaaooo: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:08
nivyajI'm a noob to ubunutu, and I'm trying to install JAVA03:10
xanguanivyaj: you can install openjdk, java will be removed from repositories03:10
Tony_how do i check the stats of my computer03:10
xanguaor already is¿03:10
nivyajxangua: is openjdk legit?03:11
xanguanivyaj: openjdk is the open source part of oracle java03:11
aeon-ltdTony_: stats like what for example?03:12
nivyajxangua: ok03:12
stan_i'm having issues with attached expanding desktop to additional screen, i'm on ubuntu 11. i'm attaching a trinitron crt monitor that i have used (with ease) on win xp.03:12
stan_Requested size (2080, 1024) exceeds 3D hardware limit (2048, 2048).03:12
stan_You must either rearrange the displays so that they fit within a (2048, 2048) square03:12
stan_or select the Ubuntu 2D session at login.03:12
stan_that's the error message i get03:12
Tony_aeon-ltd, mhz mem. etc03:12
stan_any ideas03:12
xanguanivyaj: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:13
xanguathat will install Openjdk, the browser plugin and other stuff like adobe flashplugin, audio/video codecs and window fonts, etc.03:13
NotJimCarreywell huh03:13
NotJimCarreyi was testing audio in smplayer, it worked, went back to xbmc, and more audio options appeared03:13
NotJimCarreyfinally working again03:13
aeon-ltdTony_: lshw -C processor ; and for mem lshw -C memory ;03:14
NotJimCarreynow back to my compiling problem of "for thumb inter-working we require an architecture which supports blx" when i try building node.js in an ARM environment03:14
nivyajxangua: i typed in sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre03:14
nivyajxangua: and it asks for my password... i didn't set up a pass!03:15
xanguanivyaj: YOU DID03:15
xanguaupps sorry fo the caps03:15
nivyajokay, I did :)03:15
nivyajwhen i type in the command sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre ..... do i need to  dl  anything?03:16
TailkinkerI've got multiple sound cards in LUbuntu 11.10.  There used to be a program called asoundconf that would let me select which I wanted to use.  This appears to be gone.  Any suggestions?03:16
nivyajbecause this is what i got03:17
nivyajReading package lists... Done03:17
nivyajBuilding dependency tree03:17
nivyajReading state information... Done03:17
nivyajE: Couldn't find package openjdk-7-jre03:17
FloodBot1nivyaj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:17
nivyajoh. sorry03:17
htmlTailkinker,  see if theres an updated version or a app that the same but different name03:18
magusOTBDoes default ubuntu have a screenshotting program that allows you to drag a box over the screen?03:18
magusOTBby 'default' I mean the default session03:18
urlin2umagusOTB, yeah its called screenshot03:19
TailkinkerI've already been through the package list forwards and backwards.  Further, I can find no help on the forums for versions after 9.10.03:19
nivyajI think I for it working!03:19
nivyajxangua:  thanks for your help!03:20
MrKeunerhello, is it normal to have a red battery in the notification area when power drops below 30%?03:21
MrKeunerwhere do I adjust that in /apps/gnome-power-manager?03:21
htmlTailkinker,  http://wiki.marklesh.com/How-to/Asoundconf03:22
Tailkinkerhtml:  Thanks.  That did the trick.03:26
anynicknameis there an IRC command to see all the channels listing?03:27
GrymmoireHeGuru, using gconf-editor to reset all the configurations didn't fix the problem, the terminal still isn't being recognized as something that I should be able to alt-tab to or have in the launcher...03:28
HeGuruGrymmoire: that might not be due to gnome-terminal settings but due to window manager settings03:29
GrymmoireHow do I change those?03:30
Grymmoire(Still new to ubuntu, just installed it the other day)03:30
LinuxRulesWhy does ubuntu restrict root , yet sets /home 755?03:30
foxhoundzWhy is Linux so awesome?03:30
HeGuruGrymmoire: sorry can't help with that, could be a lot of things03:30
LinuxRulesand alow sudo to be root?03:30
anynicknamefoxhoundz: because it's made by awesome people03:31
GrymmoireDoes anyone here know how to change window manager settings03:31
GrymmoireHeGuru, well I know what started the problem03:31
LinuxRulesI meant why is it insecure?03:31
HeGuruLinuxRules: whats wrong with /home 755? What makes you think that insecure?03:32
GrymmoireI put the terminal in the launcher by default but then took it out right after, and then I started having these issues with the terminal03:32
LinuxRulesheguru do you know file permissions?03:32
HeGuruLinuxRules: yes I do03:32
LinuxRulesso read access for anyone is good?03:32
HeGuruLinuxRules: you need r and x on directories to be able to enter the folders03:33
LinuxRulesyea thats what 755 grants03:33
MrKeunerreading a directory means reading the list of files and directories in it03:34
anynicknameLinuxRules: you can have read access for all on /home, but your /home/username be accessible only to you, I believe03:34
LinuxRulesread access on /home for groups and other is not secure03:34
LinuxRulesI am meaning /home/*03:35
MrKeuneranynickname, each directory has its own read permissions03:35
=== gcunha__ is now known as GuilhermeCunha
LinuxRules755 is not safe03:35
LinuxRulesnot exploitable but can give enough away to make it exploitable03:36
MrKeuner755 for /home is not a problem, 755 for user's home is a problem03:36
anynicknameMrKeuner: right, that's where I was getting at, so it can not be a big deal, depending how one has the rest of the system set up03:36
Nate_Quick question:03:36
htmlGrymmoire, Grymmoire> "Does anyone here know how to change window manager settings" FOR what ? 10.04 kubuntu ? lubuntu??03:36
urlin2uLinuxRules, this is a support channel nopt your personal opinion forum.03:36
LinuxRulesmrkeuner thats what Im talking about and corrected /home with /home/*03:37
Grymmoirehtml, ubuntu, Unity03:37
Nate_Is there a way to dump the entire contents of my HDD onto a USB stick using the command line from GRUB?03:37
GrymmoireI think it's like 11.1003:37
LinuxRulesurlin2u understood , was just bringing it up in the main place it could get seen03:37
GrymmoireThe version of ubuntu that I'm using I mean03:37
MrKeunerhowever user's home directory must be readable for public_html to work03:38
LinuxRulesmrkeuner on servers yeah but not desktops03:38
Tony_i can see the wireless networks bu i cant connect to them, any ideas03:38
HeGuruLinuxRules: agreed, and this has been mentioned ubuntu guides with instructions to change this behaviour (have user readable only home folders)03:38
MrKeunerLinuxRules, on desktops too if you ahve a webserver on the desktop03:38
anynickname755 is rwxr-xr-x, right?03:40
LinuxRulesmrkeuner wether apache or any servers are installed 755 is default on users /home03:40
MrKeuneranynickname, correct03:40
anynicknamethan OSX uses that same configuration03:40
MrKeuneranynickname, 4 for read 2 for write 1 for execute03:40
MrKeuneranynickname, it's posix convetion03:40
anynicknameright, and it's owner,group,everyone, in that order, right?03:41
anynickname(haven't used linux, for a while)03:41
almoxarifesomeone care to share the default 'keyring' command line shown in their 'startup-apps' ? thnks03:41
htmlGrymmoire,  ohh so if i was asumming something else then  i would not be as much help since i know little ,from what litte details you told me.. mine 10.10 32bit ubuntu  2gb ram atom cpu... gmone03:41
anynicknamewhat does rwxr-xr-x+ mean? (the plus sign)03:41
LinuxRulesheguru yeah ubuntu is doing alot of good for Linux at the m just there slipping down the M$ ways of offering easy use at lack of security but then again theres no other way you either know how or you dont.03:41
htmlwhat was that channel op?03:41
Nate_(Reason: my netbook was running fine on Ubuntu, then it began freezing every time Ubuntu loaded.  I can get as far as the purple screen, but then it's stuck, even in recovery mode.)03:42
Tony_what is the diff between adhoc and infrastructure03:42
hassalmoxarife: /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --components=pkcs1103:42
LinuxRulesLinux isnt for noobs03:42
LinuxRulesby that I mean Linux wont be what it actually is if its catered for03:43
Nate_I have just a few files I need to grab from the HDD before I wipe it clean and reinstall.03:43
Grymmoiresorry html I didn't know I needed to give more details, let's see03:43
almoxarifehass: thanks03:43
LinuxRulesLinux is for people who want to dive under there hood windows is for them who just want to use a computer03:44
almoxarifehass: nothing special about your setup is there? straight forward? i am trying to duplicate a vanilla setup03:44
LinuxRulesLinux does free you from paying for a lesser OS though and its free03:44
ejv!offtopic | LinuxRules03:44
ubottuLinuxRules: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:44
anynicknameMrKeuner: do you know what the plus sign in rwxr-xr-x+ means?03:44
hassalmoxarife: I fixed my Nautilus running as root issue.  I deleted /home/hill0703/.local/share/applications/userapp-gksu-RH19MV.desktop03:44
GrymmoireUbuntu 11.10, running Unity, Memory 3.5GiB, Processor Intel® Core™ i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz × 4, OS type 64-bit03:45
GrymmoireI don't know what else to give03:45
LinuxRulesand Ubuntu are taking over CentOs on server side too keep it up!03:45
hassalmoxarife: Can't open Google Chrome now for some reason, but I'm sure a reinstall will fix it03:45
almoxarife!offtopic | LinuxRules03:45
ubottuLinuxRules: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:45
hassalmoxarife: thanks for looking at it03:45
htmlGrymmoire,  its in the newbie manual ,, just do it and ppl that need help, and someone that knows about it can , with out the mess and the 21questions ,,,03:45
MrKeuneranynickname, no03:46
LinuxRuleshass you set /dev/shm read only03:46
MrKeuneranynickname, appears like related to ACL03:46
sonanbulof+ means "add this"03:46
hassLinuxRules: you mean to fix chrome?03:47
vassagushass try to run chrome from console, to see what is going on.03:48
Nate_Alternately, is there a USB-bootable program that would allow me to access the HDD and copy files to it, so I don't have to boot non-working Ubuntu?03:48
ejvanynickname: + causes the selected file mode bits to be added to the existing file mode bits of each file03:48
hass[3885:3894:754175093:FATAL:base/shared_memory_posix.cc(193)] Creating shared memory in /dev/shm/com.google.chrome.7BVJNT failed. This is frequently caused by incorrect permissions on /dev/shm.  Try 'sudo chmod 777 /dev/shm' to fix.: No such file or directory03:48
LinuxRuleshass meant to say is your shared memory read only? (/dev/shm/) thats one thing that makes chrome fail but it wont be read only unless you modified fstab03:48
hassmakes sense now03:48
hassi'll try chmod03:48
IneedMyWowok getting more into my new ubuntu switch but i got some things to work out, how do i look at files in my comp more specifly the crossover files connected to c: or wow folder how do i look at that?03:49
LinuxRuleschmod wont fix03:49
IneedMyWowi have 3 copies of wow on here and i need to delete two is theresome ubuntu equiv of explorer03:49
ejvIneedMyWow: nautilus03:49
anynicknameejv: could you elaborate, please? If it helps, I'm asking because I've noticed OSX's user folder has rwxr-xr-x+ permissions03:50
LinuxRulesmount -o remount/rw /dev/shm might03:50
ejvanynickname: not really, the definition is the definition, might help to read the documentation pertaining to chmod03:50
hassLinuxRules: I changed the permissions and Chrome opened03:50
vassagusIneedMyWow, use nautilus03:50
ejvanynickname: 'man chmod'03:50
LinuxRuleshass cool03:50
haylochmod uses a 3 digit number03:50
furanI just installed ubuntu 11.10 and I hate the interface, is there any way I can uninstall all this crap and get back the interface 10.04 gave me? I've already tried gnome-session-fallback but that's not even close.03:50
anynicknameejv: will see that, thanks03:51
IneedMyWowcan someone quickly tell me how i can 'explore' my folders in ubuntu? i need to look at my wow folder03:51
haylochmod 777 filename  for full permission03:51
hassLinuxRules: I do have a modified fstab file.  Will this happen again if I restart?03:51
ejvIneedMyWow: stop ignoring us, two people said to use Nautilus03:51
acerimmerIneedMyWow: Places > Wow Folder03:51
IneedMyWowis there some GUI windows computer explore equivelent03:51
LinuxRuleshass what did you change it to though , nothing like 777?03:51
vassagusIneedMyWow, open your home folder, for instance03:52
hassLinuxRules: UUID=48c8edf9-f238-41d3-94a8-e9b6209cb488  /              ext4         defaults                                      0  103:52
hassLinuxRules: That's the line from my fstab file03:52
MrKeunerIneedMyWow, is a bot friends...03:52
vassagusthere you have nautilius03:52
haylols -l  lists file permissions03:52
IneedMyWowclose vassagus but i need to get into the folder that crossover uses03:52
LinuxRulesyour fstab is fine03:52
ejvgood thing i'm not an op, he'd be gone03:52
IneedMyWownautilus under home03:52
haylochmod xxx filename changes them03:52
hassLinuxRules: OK.  Thank you03:53
LinuxRuleswhat was the xxx though it wast 777 was it?03:53
vassaguscrossover map to a folder on the main system03:53
hayloit can be whatever number you want03:53
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
LinuxRules777 would insecure your box03:53
IneedMyWowi have no idea what that means03:53
hayloyeah do 700 or 710 depending on what you want03:54
vassagusi mean, crossover use a folder that points to a real directory on linux03:54
vassagusjust need to know where is it,03:54
IneedMyWowok i cant find nautilus or the folder im hunting at all03:54
IneedMyWowi used to have a browse c folder03:54
anynicknameejv and MrKeuner, found it: via man page 'ls'. "If the file or directory has extended security information, the permissions field printed by the -l option is followed by a '+' character.". This generally means the file is encumbered with access restrictions outside of the traditional Unix permissions - likely Access Control List (ACL).03:55
IneedMyWowsome wine thing i think03:55
vassagustry to use find03:55
LinuxRulesineedmywow open a terminal and type nautilus03:55
ejvIneedMyWow: stop being dense, the default gnome file manager *is* Nautilus, when you clicked on Places -> Location; it launched an instance of Nautilus03:55
IneedMyWowok did that now where is my c: folder that crossover uses?03:55
MrKeunerIneedMyWow, you have to reboot into windows to see that03:56
LinuxRulesc: folder thats win****03:56
IneedMyWowstop being dense? now thats not very useful ubuntu style love and help is it ya queer pants03:56
acerimmer...and it begins03:56
vassagusIneedMyWow, i think that the folder is in /home/user/03:56
xanguaIneedMyWow: then you sure know your virtual c directory is on .wine, to show .wine you need to press 'Control+h' on your home directory03:57
ejvsince when did this become #crossover ...03:57
* ejv sighs03:57
IneedMyWowim aware its windows but crossover access wow.exe on here where is that folder i need to edit the config file03:57
vassagusprobably something like .wine or .crossover03:57
LinuxRulesask win**** support03:57
vassagusopen a terminal, and use find03:57
haylojust open the windows files from nautilus- mount the drive it doesnt matter if it says C on it03:57
hayloyou will have more acess to the win files through nautilus than you have in windows probly lol03:58
vassagusIneedMyWow open a terminal and type this find / -name 'wow.exe' -print03:58
hariomwhat is the best tutorial/guide to understand build automation (Configure, build and install process). I am beginner and want to know how to put together my python pieces for deployment in automated fashion. I do have packages like Apache2 httpd, httplib2, lxml etc to compile and install. I am absolutely beginner when it comes to build system (new to build terms like target dist etc)03:59
vassagusthat should return the path where the wow is store03:59
LinuxRuleswhy are you guys supporting someone to find to run in wine?04:00
IneedMyWowand how do i use find04:00
LinuxRuleswhen they eventually find it probbably wont run04:00
IneedMyWowcuz they are good people, unlike...04:00
vassagusIneedMyWow here is an example find / -name 'wow.exe' -print04:00
sonanbulofmaybe locate04:00
ejvlol @ vassagus04:00
ejvIneedMyWow: man find04:01
vassaguslol :D04:01
MrKeunerIneedMyWow, I am amazed people still try to help you04:01
IneedMyWowwhy cant i just search for it in nautilus?04:01
IneedMyWowok that got me a bunch of permission denied04:01
doc-saintlyI was using the disk manager to check the health of my Raid 5 array and I mistakenly clicked the "check" button and now it is "rebuilding" the array even though there was nothing wrong with it04:01
IneedMyWowdont worry nobody has helped me with nada04:01
doc-saintlycan I stop this safely somehow?04:01
hayloLinuxRules it is funny, but they are right thats the only place its called c04:02
vassagusIneedMyWow thats couse you are not root04:02
LinuxRulesif they dont know how to find files in Linux god help ,them wityh getting all the dll's without errors pointing them to those dll04:02
vassagusIneedMyWow try to do a find in your home folder04:02
IneedMyWowi did that and still nothing, i know its in here04:02
vassagusfind ./ -name 'wow.exe' -print04:02
ejvhariom: check out gentoo portage ebuilds, terrific example of automation04:02
=== ETERNiTY is now known as Guest84824
=== wad_ is now known as wad
MrKeunerbye girls04:03
xangua(21:57:16) xangua: IneedMyWow: then you sure know your virtual c directory is on .wine, to show .wine you need to press 'Control+h' on your home directory04:03
xangua(21:57:35) vassagus: probably something like .wine or .crossover04:03
sonanbulofcd ~/.wine/c_drive/Program\ Files/Wow/04:03
ejvhis partition with 'wow' may not be properly mounted, so no amount of find-ing will be sufficient04:03
IneedMyWowxangua...u rawk04:04
IneedMyWowcontrol h thats all i needed04:04
LinuxRulesWine running things in wine is harder then before package managers and you had to go through compile after compile04:04
IneedMyWowsheesh guys put down yer weapons04:04
IneedMyWowdont worry tho ill be back fer moe04:05
vassaguslast time i help a noob04:05
IneedMyWowyea cause everyone starts out pro right... elietest fool04:05
LinuxRulesmost dont work because you need the dll but the fails/errors never point to that04:05
IneedMyWowvassagus was born writing linux code04:06
jeniahello everyone04:06
jeniawhen i run sshd, it does not seem to listen to port 2204:06
ejvIneedMyWow: I recommend as a beginner, you concentrate on a dual-boot configuration, ubuntu on one partition or disk, windows on the other; this is your best avenue.04:06
hariomejv: Would you point to appropriate link you are mentioning. I am new to build automation therefore would need to understand how and why of things and terminology04:07
sonanbulofi recomend google04:07
neildomoHow do you know it's not listening on port 22?04:07
ejvhariom: just google gentoo portage04:07
jeniafor of all, the i try to connect with a client it says that the the connection was refured04:07
vassagusIneedMyWow, just saying, maybe you have to read a couple of books, before asking04:07
jeniafirst of all*04:07
jeniasecond, when i run fuser on the sshd process, it return nothing04:07
LinuxRulesjenia if the service is started whats the output of netstat -ln | grep 2204:07
jeniaone second04:08
neildomojenia     ps -ef |grep sshd      do you get output?04:08
ejvhariom, freebsd's software policy is another good example of automation, unix brother to portage04:08
jeniatcp        0      0    *               LISTEN04:08
jeniatcp6       0      0 :::22                   :::*                    LISTEN04:08
neildomojenia  firewall running?04:08
LinuxRulesits listening then have you tried a restart?04:09
neildomoselinux enabled, but not configured for sshd?04:09
jeniahow do i check if the firewall is running?04:09
ejvare you trying to ssh to your daemon as root, and you've denied root in your config?04:10
neildomo/sbin/iptables -L04:10
LinuxRulesjenia you have physical access to it then or was that netstat from you PC?04:10
jeniaits from my pc04:10
jeniai have physical access04:10
sonanbulof hariom look here http://www3.fh-swf.de/fbin/roth/download/prg3.howto_autoconfmake.pdf04:11
LinuxRulesjenia is this a dedicated or virtual server hosted some where else?04:11
LinuxRules^^ seen what you posted04:11
jeniathis is just my pc, and i want to be able to connect to it from elsewhere04:11
LinuxRulesthe failure will be at your router04:11
LinuxRulesthat will be blocking incoming (most of it any way)04:12
LinuxRulesor are you connecting on LAN?04:12
vassagusare you testing from the internet, or LAN?04:12
=== asrblr is now known as Guest93352
jeniabut i my router, i open port 22 for external and forwarded it to port 22 internal04:13
jeniawait, thats the problem.04:13
jeniafrom lan04:13
jeniathe external port will be what? 80?04:13
vassaguswhatever you want04:14
LinuxRulesjenia what is it you need just ssh?04:14
neildomoTo make things easy,  I'd use 22 on both sides.04:14
hariomsonanbulof: looking at it. Thanks04:14
neildomoLater you can change the Internet side to cut down on script kiddies.04:14
jeniayea, that what im using.04:14
LinuxRulesalways change default port if only to stop /var filling04:14
neildomoYou have two computers on your lan?04:15
LinuxRulesyou will get pwnd04:15
vassagusare you forwading to your LAN ip?04:15
jenia i want to start with ssh and see how it works. than ill use other program to transfer files over the la04:15
LinuxRulesjenia does ssh respond calling from a local session?04:15
LinuxRulesi.e ssh root@localhost04:16
neildomoLinuxRules   I was just going to suggest that!04:16
vassagusme 2, lol04:16
jeniayes it responded to a local session04:17
neildomoYou can add  '-v'  to be verbose04:17
LinuxRulesit usually fixes the prob 90%04:17
vassagusyes indeed04:17
LinuxRulessorry jenia its user error04:17
neildomojenia   so sshd is responding, at least locally04:17
LinuxRulesor your firewall04:17
geoffmccjenia: i also use port 22, however you will get alot of hack attempts on your ssh, so i would suggest using something like fail2ban to protect your box04:18
jeniacan you tell me, how do i find out what my name is on the network? like whats the name of the computer?04:18
vassagusconnect to your ip04:18
vassagussometimes hostname dont resolve on lan04:19
LinuxRuleshostname dont resolve its whats set on the server04:19
vassagusbut i think that he is trying to conect to a pc that is locally on his lan04:19
LinuxRuleswill need to use IP then04:20
jeniaokay i did hostname and it printed it04:20
LinuxRuleshostname wont help04:20
htmlAPU supported in the kernel Uubntu?04:20
jeniawhat is it then?04:20
vassagusjenia use /sbin/ifconfig to find the ip04:20
vassagusthen connect using the IP not name04:21
sonanbulofcat /etc/hosts04:21
overcluckerhostname will be useless from a remote system04:21
LinuxRulesjenia well unless you know the IP of the box you want to connect6 to you will need to can the IP range of your network to find it04:21
overcluckeryou can add the hostname to your hosts file04:22
LinuxRulesnot with out knowing the IP they cant!04:22
geoffmccjenia: also if your trying to connect locally, i would suggest assigning a static ip to server if you havent04:22
michaelgamblehey you guys familiar with libappindidcator?04:23
vassagusmaybe he is used to wins resolution04:23
Madgunnertake a look at this04:23
Madgunnertell me what you think04:24
sonanbulofnope, sorry04:24
FloodBot1Madgunner: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:24
Madgunnerits about windows 804:24
h00kMadgunner: this isn't the place04:24
michaelgamblei installed zentyal, and it looks like its a paired down version of ubuntu server running lxde04:24
h00kubottu: ot | Madgunner04:24
ubottuMadgunner: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:24
LinuxRulesnmap 192.168.0./24 -n -sn -sP will usually pick up servers on your network unless your IP range is different04:24
vassagusLinuxRules, thanks thats very usefull to me04:25
besogonMy computer is in a domain. The problem is that I have to unblock SAMBA printer every day to print. Is it possible to unblock forever?04:25
michaelgamblemy challenge is i compiled and installed an app the same way i have four times today on lubuntu and ubuntu.. but for some reason this flavour the app won't show up in the task bar and i think its cause they have some really crappy peered down task bar? is that possible? and if so is their a way to fix / upgrade the task bar?04:26
sonanbulofMadgunner i already boycott windows, don't need to boycot somthing that i dont use or maybe dead by itself04:26
telloneWhat does, basename: extra operand `3' mean?04:26
vassagusbesogon you should log your box into the domain04:26
stersanyone know of a good chan to talk about dpkg?04:27
LinuxRules<michaelgamble> its because your using different desktops04:27
michaelgamblebut i had it working on lxde from lubuntu04:27
michaelgamblethis is also a variant of lxde04:27
michaelgambleit just seems to have a worse taskbar04:27
chowdermichaelgamble: what is the name of the taskbar application you are using? As far as I know you need to write a .desktop file. These files are able to be read by menus that conform to the freedesktop standards. Basically .desktop file = nice menu icon. Also did you get any errors while you compiled the application?04:27
michaelgambledo i have any options?04:27
vassagusbesogon you must configure samba to ldap configuration or ad, research about that04:27
michaelgambleno errors compiling the app04:28
LinuxRulestheres no reason you cant ask about dpkg here04:28
michaelgambleeverything looked gravy04:28
michaelgamblealso the config wizard of the app worked as normal04:28
sonanbulofruntime error or warnings?04:28
LinuxRulesit wont be the compiling it will be the differencies with desktops04:29
michaelgamblei think its running to be honest (my hunch) i just think this desktop isn't supporting displaying the icon in the taskbar04:29
sonanbulofsrtange, maybe the taskbar is buggy (or uses other ways to handle windows list)04:29
michaelgambleis it hard to install a different desktop?04:29
LinuxRulesthats what I was trying to tell ya :)04:29
chowdermichaelgamble: what taskbar are you talking about? Unity? I'm still pretty sure that you need to write a .desktop file.04:29
michaelgamblei installed zentyal for easy fileshare management04:30
mebigfatguy_yup need a foo.desktop file04:30
michaelgambleso whats my best bet here04:30
michaelgamblerepaire or replace?04:30
LinuxRulesno installing a new desktop or installing anything isnt hard unless you dont know how to use bash04:31
LinuxRulesnew gui only ^^04:31
michaelgamblethats cool i got a pretty good hang of bash, and point me to the right tut from google and I'm a happy camper04:31
besogonvassagus: Now I'm working with user who is not participate in domain. BUt samba is tuned to log in to domain. I write  usermap file which has string (rak = VSCC/rak) where rak is my ubuntu user. hope it would be enough04:32
michaelgambleso needs a replace04:32
LinuxRules<michaelgamble> so what you running now?04:32
chowdermichaelgamble: just write a .desktop file for your application. Its not that hard.04:32
besogonbut it's not04:32
michaelgamblelet me google how to do that :)04:32
sonanbulofyes google rules04:32
LinuxRuleswhats .desktop gonna fix he wants to change his desktop shell04:33
besogonvassagus: moreover samba is connected to the domain correctly. ubuntu doesn't remember my password for the printer04:33
LinuxRulesi.e kde to gnome04:33
michaelgamble:) conflicting perspectives huh04:34
chowderLinuxRules: well I mentioned it because he seemed to want to get an icon on his taskbar. Now about changing desktop shells that's a different topic.04:34
nixninehey guys, how can i tell if my computer is bluetooth capable?04:34
nivyajnixnine: check your reciept.04:35
sonanbulofnixnine read vendor specs manual04:35
nivyaji just installed ubuntu  and am a noob. my screen is kind of glithy04:36
nivyajglitchy-  what do i do?04:36
phenomFlash videos are playing back very choppy. Anyone have any ideas, or possible solutions?04:36
LinuxRules<michaelgamble> going bed but sudo aptitude install gnome-desktop && service *dm restart or stop then start in this instancce gnome gdm04:36
sonanbulofanyone with version control knowledge?04:36
nivyaji guess i need to install some drivers- but i don't know how or where?04:36
michaelgamblemy app uses libindicator04:36
chowdersonanbulof: I have a bit of experience with git, svn, and cvs.04:36
vassagusbesogon can you create a user on AD, and added to the printer,04:37
vassagusand replicate that user on the box04:37
nixnineno way to check in terminal?04:37
gh0striderhello everyone, i have a usb gps device that has been assigned to /dev/ttyUSB0, and when i run gpsd i check the output by running "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" and it used to show me readable text with long/lat numbers, now it shows me just gibberish and non readable text, is there anyway to change it back so readable text?04:38
sonanbulofi never used any version control but i feel that i need for future crossplatform development only for myself, wich is the best(easy to mantain, and deploy) solution?04:38
gh0strideri really need some help changing it back, this is for a project for school and i am going to be in a heap of trouble if i can't figure this out...04:38
vassagusgh0strider maybe its the device config. Protocol maybe its on binary.04:39
besogonvassagus: no I'm participate in the domain but have no rules to change the domain... I'm reading in the Samba Official  web documents. Think I should ad something into my smb.conf04:39
chowdersonanbulof: sorry, multiple servers in my chat client04:40
mebigfatguy_sonanbulof, i'm partial git w/github04:40
chowdersonanbulof: I find that git is pretty good04:40
=== Axlin is now known as Axlin^
chowdersonanbulof: sourceforge uses git as its default. I was working on a network manager called QDnet but I'm not on the team anymore. I don't really have a preference for version control. I just use what's agreed upon.04:41
sonanbulofsorry for buggin you, git it's fine for only one coder?04:41
=== Axlin_ is now known as Axlin
mebigfatguy_sonanbulof, sure04:41
vassagusbesogon i was thinking about it. If you find a solution, i really appreciate if you share it.04:41
mebigfatguy_wouldn't be very good for multiple coders if it wasn't good for 104:41
gh0stridervassagus: i am running gpsd with these options "gpsd /dev/ttyUSB0 -b -n" and for some reason it just started printing out gibberish when i do this command "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" and i really need to change it back it is so important to me...04:41
sonanbulofthanks, i look only for git04:41
StepNjumpAnybody familiar with the /dev/dsp file in the pulseAudio server?04:42
mebigfatguy_sonanbulof, look at github.com while you are at it... really nice04:42
chowdersonanbulof: well any kind of version control can be used by just one person. Its a great way to keep your code and revisions organized.04:42
vassagusgh0strider you said, that your device was working normally earlier04:42
besogonvassagus: lpadmin command should help as they advice. gonna try it04:42
gh0stridervassagus: yes it just started printing this non readable text today, i am not sure what caused it...04:43
vassagusgh0strider have you tried to reset the device to factory defaults,04:44
gh0stridervassagus: i think it happened when i disconnected the usb gps device from my guest os (ubuntu vmware player) and then i connected it back to my guest linux os...04:44
gh0stridervassagus: how can i reset the gps devices back to its defaults...04:45
sonanbulofi'm worried about changes in time and regresions from one platform to another (sorry for my english) and cant recover old versions code (i'm using OSX TimeMachine for that but i dont trust on it for this task)04:45
dagerikHow can I grep a binary file for only ascii values? I only want to get words and sentences and such.04:45
mebigfatguy_dagerik, you are looking for specific words, or just looking for ascii of any form04:45
dagerikmebigfatguy_: Any form.04:46
vassagusgh0strider it depends of your device, did you tried to read from your host OS04:46
gh0strideri have a globalsat bu-35304:46
sonanbulofthanks chowder and mebigfatguy for the help i look for git04:47
chowdersonanbulof: any time and good luck04:48
vassagusgh0strider be aware that factory reset will clear custom configurations on your device,04:49
gh0strideri am really scared because my grade is depending on this project and i need to fix this issue and find out how to change it back to readable text...04:49
dagerikgh0strider: What is the problem?04:49
gh0stridervassagus: whatever it takes to get it so when i do "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" and have it print readable text...04:50
vassagusgh0strider tried to read from your host PC04:50
gh0striderwhen it was normal and i would do "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" my gps device would print this kind of output:04:50
FloodBot1gh0strider: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:50
gh0stridernow it prints gibberish..04:50
gh0strideri tried setting different baudrates but it didn't help...04:51
vassagusgh0strider try from you host OS, to discard Vmware issues04:51
gh0strideri don't believe that it vmware issues...04:52
vassagusme either, but you have to try every posibility04:52
gh0stridermy whole grade is depending on this project and i don't have time or money to order a new gps device =-(04:53
maginotgh0strider, whats your issue?04:54
gh0strideri feel so depressed...04:54
gh0stridermaginot: i have a usb gps device, and i setup my gps device with gpsd and it was working great and now for some reason when i do "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" it prints gibberish, non readable text04:55
gh0striderwait i am going to try it with another linux distro...see if its a linux issue or a gps issue04:55
dagerikgh0strider: google how to debug usb devices04:55
Oergh0strider, change your location :-)04:55
maginotfirst, are your sure its your device?04:56
maginotsecond it may be not human readable04:56
maginotuse dmesg first04:57
vassagusgh0strider look the device's manual for factory defaults04:57
gh0striderdmesg is not going to tell me why its printing non readable text04:57
gh0strideri thought maybe it was a baudrate issue but i don't think so because my gps device is running at the right baud rate...04:57
maginotof course not, but you must first guarantee that its your gps device04:58
Oermaybe GPS is down for the moment04:58
maginotif you are doing to do a cat on the device baudrate will not apply, actually cat will not work as a terminal reader04:59
maginottail -f or od are recommended05:00
haldollHi everyone, I'm new to Ubuntu and I've figured out how to load stock applications, but if one has downloaded drivers from, say "creative" for linux, what is the best way to install the drivers?05:01
maginotusually you recompile the kernel with right support or download the modules and build'em05:03
haldollmaginot, could you be more specific05:03
vassagusgh0strider try to changed your device from binary to nmea ascii05:03
haldollI'm sorry, new at this thing and don't know specifically what to do, sorry05:04
vassagusgh0strider gpsctl -f -n /dev/ttyUSB005:04
Oerhaldoll what drivers ? sound should work OOTB05:04
haldollI'm just saying "creative" as the sound drivers as an example, but when I down load the drivers, I can "extract" them, but don't know how to get it into the operating system after that05:05
haldollI try using the "sudo apt-get install" command, but this doesn't seem to work05:05
maginotokay, I had a little connection problem05:06
maginotwho was talkingto me?05:06
haldollHaldoll was05:06
Oerhaldoll, what are you trying to install ?05:06
maginothaldoll, do you have the device model?05:06
maginotwith that you can google for more information on the right driver05:07
haldoll"Xfi" drivers from creative05:07
maginotit may already exists in the kernel05:07
socommHey guys is there a Ubuntu/Debian equivalent of Redhat's KickStart?05:07
maginothaldoll, did this help ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44086605:08
=== agus_anu is now known as agus_sintang
haldollI'm looking at the link now, thanks05:09
maginotsocomm, what is RedHat KickStart?05:09
maginothaldoll, maybe it give you some directions?05:09
=== agus_sintang is now known as agus_maem
smwsocomm, preseed files05:11
nitinabi just installed tracker, but the indexing is not getting done, the tracker-store component is running, but nothing else.05:11
nitinabhow can i force start it to start indexing05:11
smwsocomm, the debian installer in the alternative install cd uses preseed files. They probably don't work with the live cd05:12
haldollmaginot, I found the link, and was able to download a driver (again), but what do I do when it gets to the Archive Manager, i.e. how do I then install it?05:12
maginotwhat is the link ?05:13
maginothaldoll, the file is .deb?05:13
haldollIt was in the section you gave me, but I have the drivers already.05:13
haldollit is "tar.bz2:05:13
maginothaldoll, tar xf name_of_file.tar.bz205:13
maginothaldoll, cd folder_i_just_extracted/05:14
michaelgambleoh man.. looks like I'm installing all of ubuntu with all of the useless guy apps05:14
haldollyeah  ...   oss-linux-v4.2-2005-i686.tar.bz205:14
maginothaldoll, if its expected to be compiled so you will have to probably run configure && make && sudo make install05:15
michaelgamblei did apt-get install ubuntu-desktop05:15
michaelgambleI'm not even sure what its installing now :p05:15
maginothaldoll, but I suggest to search for some info/readme textfile inside first05:15
maginotoh, oss05:15
maginotoss is the coolest to compile ;)05:15
multipassanyone know of a FTP client that lets you edit files and upload on save automatically (checks for a save)?05:16
=== friskd_ is now known as friskd
haldollok, that is probably what I needed to know, "configure && make && sudo make install"05:16
maginothaldoll, probably05:16
socommsmw: thanks05:16
nitinabi just installed tracker, but the indexing is not getting done, the tracker-store component is running, but nothing else. how can i start the indexing ?05:17
haldollhow do I know what directory it is in, or will it run from the default "home" director?05:17
scott951questiom my mouse pad is to touchy with ubuntu is there a way to turn it off while typing?05:17
maginothaldoll, didnt you just downloaded from the website?05:18
maginotit will be there05:18
maginotwhere did you save it?05:18
michaelgambleholy smokes… i feel like apt-install ubuntu-desktop is installing every package under the sun05:18
michaelgamblegeese .. going on 20 min now :p05:18
firstlasthello all05:18
haldollsimply / it was it says05:18
maginotmichaelgamble, did you had a server install before? Why are you doing that anyway05:18
michaelgamblestupid mac autocorrect built into the OS now05:19
haldollsorry, I don't mean to be dumb, but I'm really knew at this....05:19
firstlastjust upgraded to 11.10 and I wish to change the default driver form radeon to fglrx to use all 3 of my monitors05:19
michaelgambleyeah installed zentyal for the filesharing management05:19
firstlastbeen trying a variety of things, but X simply won't start05:19
maginothaldoll, what you mean about / ? did you save in the root of the system or under some folder in you home folder?05:19
firstlasthow do i replace the default radeon driver with fglrx?05:19
michaelgamblewhich ran lxde but not properly configured to run an app that i wanted05:19
haylofirstlast did you install fglrx through "additional drivers"05:19
maginothaldoll, did you downloaded this file with firefox or what?05:19
gh0striderokay so when i went on my other linux distro and did "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" it printed gibberish, non readable text which means that it is an issue with my gps device, so does anyone here have any idea on how i can change my gps device to its default settings in linux?05:20
michaelgambleso i want the server but a different desktop05:20
haldollyes, firefox05:20
gh0strideror will i have to do this in windows?05:20
nitinabscott951: you can either use the fn-button combo that comes on most keyboards, it must be a key with touchpad crossed out, or you can go change your settings in the System Settings>Mouse and Touchpad settings05:20
haldollthen it asked if I wanted to open it with the archive manager and I said yes.05:20
gh0strideri really need some help on this...like i said my grade depends on this...05:20
maginothaldoll, so? isnt there "Save as ?" option so you can save it under you desktop or in the Downloads folder (I think its this the default option)05:20
gh0stridermy entire grade...05:20
maginotyou said yes, and extracted the files to some place05:21
scott951nitinab: thanks05:21
maginothaldoll, I would do everything from command line05:22
maginotactually you will need it05:22
haldollI did, say download section, but then how do I install it?05:22
maginotif you give me  the path where for the file will be much easier to help you05:22
gh0strideranyone have any ideas on how to restore a usb gps to default settings?05:23
gh0striderif i can't figure this out i am in big trouble...05:23
firstlastanyone? :(05:23
haldollwell, when I look for it in "DASH" it is in the downloads section05:23
haylogh0strider, i can tell you that the device should just be a file to linux. do ls -la in the directory that contains your device. and search for the related config files in nautilus perhaps you could get rid of the stuff that is interfering with your "default settings"05:23
pangolingh0strider: if you have the option of doing it in Windows that is what you should do to not compromise your grade. figure out later what the problem is and try to get it fixed.05:24
maginothaldoll, do me a favor would ya05:24
maginothaldoll, open the gnome-terminal05:24
maginothaldoll, like alt+f2 and type gnome-terminal and hit enter05:24
hayloyes i have virtualbox installed in case i need windows for class gh0strider05:24
maginothaldoll, ok, no what is the name of the file you said before?05:25
haylodid you get your thorzine haldol?05:25
haldollit is in a subdirectory called "xfidrv_linux_public_us_1.0005:26
haldollit is in the downloads subdirectly when I look for it in DASH05:26
maginothaldoll, type in the console:  find ~ | grep xfidrv05:26
gh0strideri don't know what to do and i am freaking out...05:26
maginothaldoll, pastebin the results05:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:26
gh0strideri don't know how to reset back to its default state (my gps device)05:27
maginotgh0strider, I tried to help you, but since you are freaking out you didnt listened anything05:27
haylodid you search for "gps" in nautilus under file system gh0strider ?05:27
pangolingh0strider: setting it back to default would be done in the devices settings menu05:28
haylolol yeah you make a great claim for help but dont seem to be trying anything05:28
nitinabi just installed tracker, but the indexing is not getting done, the tracker-store component is running, but nothing else. how can i start the indexing ?05:28
haldollI did, and it just gave me "no results" and went back to the origin again05:28
gh0striderthe gps goes to /dev/ttyUSB0 and there is nothing to list its not a directory...05:28
haldollI'm really trying05:28
wingless2434I've Googled about GVFS, but haven't found much useful info.  In one sentence, can someone sum up why I, a normal desktop end-user, would want GVFS on my system?  as far as I can tell it only exists to frustrate commands that fail to read it05:28
maginothaldoll, not exactly? are you logged as root??05:28
gh0striderhaylo: i have tried many things05:28
gh0stridermany things05:28
haylook what is the utility or app that controls the device?05:29
maginotgh0strider, you tried many things wrong. What you want to do, read the output? proccess it? Use some application?05:29
haldollI think so as it lists my name as "haldoll@haldoll:~s05:29
wingless2434case in point: the .gvfs file in my home directory: wtf is it and why should i want it?05:30
nitinabwingless2434: why do you need gvfs for ?05:30
almoxarifewingless2434: you would use gvfs if you kept a mirror of a remote drive locally, .gvfs would be the place where it sat05:30
maginothaldoll, do this instead:  find ~ | grep oss05:30
wingless2434almoxarife, nitinab, is it some kind of network file system protocol?05:30
haldollk give me a sec05:30
almoxarifewingless2434: long story short, you cant get rid of it, nautilus depends on it,05:31
haldollit gave me the following response....  /home/haldoll/.cache/software-center/icons/sc-agent-crossover-pro.png05:31
nitinabyes wingless2434 ... when you connect to anything like sftp, ftp, or smb, a its mounted under .gvfs05:31
maginothaldoll, use pastebin, and Im looking for the path to the oss file you downloaded earlier05:32
gh0strideri am trying to see how to reset this usb gps device back to its original factory settings but i can't find a good link with instructions on how to reset a bu-353 gps device05:32
wingless2434almoxarife, nitinab: I suppose that's useful.  But why is it integral to GNOME?  Seems really weird to be integrated into the GUI layer...05:32
maginotgh0strider, do you have its model?05:32
haldollnot sure what "pastebin" is, sorry05:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:32
almoxarifewingless2434: if you can pull nautilus from gnome you wont have gvfs anymore, you wont have nautilus either05:33
nitinabwingless2434: some later programs need it , or depend on it . so just ignore it05:33
haldollpastebin: command not found05:33
haylopastebin is a thing you learn to use real quick on irc05:33
haylolook it up it is self expanatory05:33
almoxarifewingless2434: why the fixation on gvfs?05:33
nitinablol @haldoll05:33
wingless2434can you use this GVFS stuff without using nautilus...? e.g. if i were to log into my machine remotely via ssh and didn't start up a windows session05:33
maginothaldoll, pastebin is a site, where you post the text, like you can post many lines >> paste.ubuntu.com05:33
almoxarifewingless2434: yes05:33
haylopastebin is a website05:33
maginothaldoll, hey, I have a way better ideia05:34
haldollgot it sorry, like I said i'm new to this05:34
maginothaldoll, go to the gnome-terminal05:34
wingless2434almoxarife, it's just puzzled me and i haven't been able to understand it from preliminary googling.  where can i find more info on the topic?05:34
maginothaldoll, type: mkdir A && cd A05:34
=== robert__ is now known as CyFus
wingless2434almoxarife, I don't undersatnd why something like GVFS would be wanted if we already have NFS05:35
CyFuscan anyone tell me where menu applets are stored?05:35
haylothey are stored all over the place i think05:35
maginothaldoll, what is the link from the file you downloaded?05:35
almoxarifewingless2434: you are looking at gvfs with out a 'use' for it, you got a networked house? more than one pc ?05:35
hayloif you look at the properties you can see the file path to their execution command05:36
CyFusi cant find the one for sound control05:36
haldollI have to back track on creative's website, give me a sec05:36
hayloyou might need to add an applet outside of the unity enviornment05:36
CyFusim running 10.1005:37
maginothaldoll, ok, do that its important.05:37
=== AndChat| is now known as lonewulftp
hayloright click and add applet- there will be an option to add just the thing you want05:38
haldollbottom is the linux link05:38
CyFushaylo yeah i did that but its missing from the menu :/05:38
hayloyoull find it you are on the right track05:39
haylonight guys haylo out05:39
wingless2434almoxarife, sorry, important phone call came in.  I'm on a one PC home system, so I have no need to network stuff right now.05:40
wingless2434almoxarife, I think that's probably teh issue - i don't have the problems it's trying to fix, but i'm still curious05:41
FluxDHi, what is the easiest way to start a pure compiz session without unity launcher, I dont want to use gnome fallback or gnome 3.05:41
almoxarifewingless2434: have a network outside the home you want to connect to?05:42
nitinabhow can i force start it to start indexing05:42
pangolinnitinab: start what?05:43
wingless2434almoxarife, i don't, no05:43
almoxarifewingless2434: stop fixating?05:44
guest829385Greetings! I bought and installed ddr3 204 pin ram in a netbook. It won't boot, and it's failing as if there were no ram in there at all. There's no further comaptability issue, right? Since it fits the socket, ddr3 204 pin should work yes?05:44
wingless2434almoxarife, probably the best solution for now.  i'll revisit it later if i need to.  thanks!05:44
nitinabthe tracker daemon that does the actual indexing pangolin05:44
pangolinnitinab: sudo updatedb05:45
nitinabpangolin: we aren't talking about the updatedb-locate combo but the tracker-search tool05:46
almoxarifenitinab: you should have three processes associated with tracker running, all of them user processess05:47
pangolinnitinab: try man tracker05:47
almoxarifenitinab: look at system monitor05:48
nitinabi did that pangolin , it says the indexing tool tracker-miner-fs should be started at login automatically05:48
pangolinprobably is. install tracker-gui05:48
nitinabbut all i have in the process list is tracker-store... which is the hub to serve queries but not the indexer05:48
almoxarifenitinab: you should have three processes associated with tracker running, all of them user processess05:49
almoxarifenitinab: how did you install 'tracker'?05:49
nitinabjust one is running ... the tracker-store, the gui is needle, which gives up no results when run05:49
vagothcppon the 11.10 amd64 there is no xorg.conf, has the location moved?05:50
nitinab"apt-get install tracker tracker-gui"05:50
SwedeMikevagothcpp: nope, but if there is no special config, there is no xorg.conf. sane defaults.05:50
almoxarifenitinab: you need the 'tracker' package05:50
nitinabso i dont think i have any componentss missing almoxarife05:50
almoxarifenitinab: you need the 'tracker' package05:50
nitinabi did that almoxarife already ... the packages are available, i can get the ui and preferences page. just not the indexer05:51
almoxarifenitinab: install the 'tracker' <-- one word, package05:52
nitinabok done that almoxarife : says "tracker is already the newest version."05:53
almoxarifenitinab: log out, and return05:53
IcemanV9vagothcpp, there isn't one05:53
vagothcppIcemanV9, so far that is what I have found to be true, however my nvidia driver is giving me an absolute headache atm05:54
nitinabdid that almoxarife ... no indexer ...05:54
gh0strideri don't see how in windows i can reset my bu-353 gps device back to its default settings...05:54
IcemanV9vagothcpp, to fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:55
gh0strideri am so screwed...05:55
gh0strideri am going to fail my project and thats not good....05:55
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almoxarifenitinab: in terminal                 tracker-preferences05:55
gh0strideroh man i am so stressed...05:55
IcemanV9vagothcpp, plus i do not know anything about nvidia driver05:55
vagothcppIcemanV9, I keep receiving a message along the lines of "THe nvidia driver is currently not in use"05:55
vagothcppIcemanV9, ahk05:55
almoxarifegh0strider: is it a hardware gps unit, the kind you connect via usb?05:55
pangolingh0strider: stop wasting your time and ours please. Do your project in windows and worry about fixing getting the device working in linux later.05:55
JBunnyHi everyone. just installed drivers for my NVidia card and the resolution is stuck at 640x480. Any ideas?05:56
nitinabalmoxarife: that brings up the preferences dialog, there are folders set to be indexed, i even tried setting it to index always, even when there are other programs running .. no effect05:56
gh0striderhas anyone here ever had to reset a usb gps device to its default settings?05:57
vagothcppJBunny, it was just said to me: to fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution05:57
almoxarifenitinab: find the logs at ~/local/tracker i think thats the place, see whats up05:57
IcemanV9vagothcpp,  it may help if you see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:58
nitinabhold on minute almoxarife05:58
almoxarifegh0strider: there is no config, there is nothing to return to default, those rom units spit out garmin protocol nmea and thats it05:59
vagothcppIcemanV9, I think the main problem is that I have 2 graphics cards, 1 internal (and not able to disable), and an nvidia 520mx, on windows, a program can be set to use either, not sure how this is going to work for ubuntu06:00
JBunnyalmoxarife: what was that command you had me enter the other day that let me know what my VGA adapter was ie VGA0 or 1?06:00
almoxarifeJBunny: not sure, you sure i gave it to you?06:01
nitinabalmoxarife: the path is .local/share/tracker and the logs are for tracker-store (empty) and tracker-needle (with previous search terms)06:02
JBunnyalmoxarife: pretty sure. it gave me a big list of things including my monitor.06:02
almoxarifeJBunny: xorg.0.log?06:03
almoxarifenitinab: i dont think the install worked, you use synaptic?06:03
prince_jammysJBunny: maybe xrandr.06:03
almoxarifeJBunny: that was not me06:04
Pascoal!seen fooka06:04
ubottuI have no seen command06:04
nitinabi can use all of them , apt-get was how i installed it ... purge and then a reinstall should help?06:04
IcemanV9vagothcpp, ah. not sure about that one. i believe it needs to be disabled in order for ubuntu to see nvidia.06:04
JBunnyalmoxarife: really? sorry, you and JStrong were helping me at the same time, maybe it was him.06:04
vagothcppIcemanV9, which is not possible, Ubuntu can see the nvidia, just X is unable to take advantage of it since I cannot find where to change the driver used06:05
almoxarifenitinab: use synatpic, search for tracker, there should be at least three apps installed, needle i believe makes it four06:05
nitinablet me do that almoxarife06:05
vagothcppi am about to attempt the manual install over the apt install and see if i get anywhere06:05
IcemanV9vagothcpp, any good from wiki? perhaps xrandr may help?06:05
vagothcppIcemanV9, possibly, I am looking into it06:06
cpgowhere am I supposed to put a script to run at either login or startup06:06
JBunnyI cant get mydisplay above 640x480. xrandr is saying that is the max. any ideas? I just installed the nvidia driver.06:06
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cpgoI tied ~/.bash_login but that didnt work06:06
vagothcppIcemanV9, if i pull the recommended settings from nvidia-xconfig and use xrandr to set them perhaps06:07
prince_jammyscpgo: do you have a file ~/.profile ? if so, there.06:08
cpgoprince_jammys, ok06:08
IcemanV9vagothcpp, i do not know as i never play with nvidia card06:08
vagothcppIcemanV9, sorry, speaking my ideas through my hands06:09
IcemanV9it might work though06:09
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=== ian_ is now known as ian29
prince_jammyscpgo: depends on how you log in. try .profile06:09
prince_jammysi think that's sourced by gnome on login.06:09
almoxarifeJBunny: what package did you install for the nvidia?06:11
gh0striderman i am so fucked...06:12
gh0striderwhen it rains it fucking pours..06:12
almoxarifegh0strider: watch your mouth06:12
pangolin!language | gh0strider06:12
ubottugh0strider: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:12
JBunnyalmoxarife: the Nvidia accelerated graphics driver version 173 from Additional Drivers in System Settings.06:13
almoxarifeJBunny: i mean initially, to get the drivers on the pc?06:14
pawan_tejwanihow to install ubuntu-deskop on ubuntu-server-11.10 using ubuntu-desktop-11.10 cdrom ?06:15
almoxarifeJBunny: is the package 'nvidia-current' installed?06:15
cpgoprince_jammys, that didnt work. do I need /bin/bash _then_my_script ?06:15
JBunnyalmoxarife: idk. how do i check?06:15
prince_jammyscpgo: how do you log in? through a gui?06:15
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cpgoyea prince_jammys06:16
cpgoubuntu 11.1006:16
prince_jammyscpgo: is your script in a directory in your PATH? how did you invoke your script?06:17
cpgojust /full/path/to/script at the end of .profile06:17
prince_jammysand it didn't run?06:17
almoxarifeJBunny: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current <-- what is the response to that?06:17
prince_jammyscpgo: that's curious. do you have a file called ~/.bash_profile ?06:18
JBunnyalmoxarife: it is installing.06:18
xtgyalHello how can I transfer files to and from an MP3 player plugged in via USB?  Rhythmbox can read the files, but I cannot find the player in the file explorer.  I'd like to copy the files on it to my hard drive and then transfer new files to the device.06:19
cpgoprince_jammys, no, theres history, login (which I created), logout and rc06:19
cpgoprefixed bash_06:19
prince_jammyscpgo: donput something like '' echo Hello > ~/test_file ''  at the end of .profile, log in and out, and see if the test file is created.06:19
carolosI'm trying to run sudo update-grub after editiing etc/default/grub in ubuntu oneiric running from the live cd. I get: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for  / (is /dev mounted?)06:19
almoxarifeJBunny: you clobbered your setting though with all that xrand stuff, i think06:19
prince_jammyscpgo: err, don't create .bash_profile and remove .bash_login that you created. Try what i said with .profile.06:19
xtgyalI'm on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx06:20
JBunnyalmoxarife: what do you mean?06:20
prince_jammyscpgo: 'donput' was a typo. I meant 'put'06:20
almoxarifeJBunny: i mean all that xrand stuff is for the birds06:20
prince_jammyscpgo: if the test file is created, the issue is with your prog.06:20
almoxarifeJBunny: you will need to reboot after the install completes06:21
cpgoprince_jammys, well I have other stuff in .profile that work. I export a var and I see that its set. Im going to do that file creating in my script and see if the script itself is being called and what I have it doing in there is failing06:21
prince_jammyscpgo: sounds like the issue is with your script, then.06:21
JBunnyalmoxarife: alright. I should be able to change the resolution then right?06:21
almoxarifeJBunny: maybe, reboot!06:22
JBunnyalmoxarife: I will in 2 minutes when it finishes06:22
almoxarifeJBunny: later you need to add the ppa that keeps nvidia-current, real current, but that is later06:23
prince_jammysxtgyal: you probably need to write something more than 'MP3?' to get an answer.06:25
xtgyalI did, "Hello how can I transfer files to and from an MP3 player plugged in via USB?  Rhythmbox can read the files, but I cannot find the player in the file explorer.  I'd like to copy the files on it to my hard drive and then transfer new files to the device.'06:25
almoxarifextgyal: did you look in /media?06:25
xxxalmoxarife: hey again ... a purge , reinstall , log out and log in later i am back where i started, no indexer06:26
Morphemeprobably it use mfs06:26
caroloshello, I'm trying to run update-grub after reinstalling windows on a dual boot. i get and error "cannon find a device for /"06:26
xtgyalit's a SanDisk Sansa06:26
xtgyalmaybe 2006 or so06:26
almoxarifexxx: what processes are running?06:27
xtgyalRhythmbox is playing06:27
Morphemextgyal, *mtp06:27
xxx'ps -e | grep tracker' gives nothing06:27
Morphemextgyal, media transfer protocol06:27
almoxarifextgyal: your player sees the files?06:27
=== xxx is now known as nitinab
xtgyalyes Rhythbox can read the files06:28
cpgoprince_jammys, looks like I had to replace a sudo with a gksu06:28
xtgyalit can list the memory usage too under Properties06:28
Morphemextgyal, mtpfs                                                   - FUSE filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol devices06:28
almoxarifextgyal: so you know where they are located locally06:28
xtgyalit just says device name Sansa06:28
xtgyaldoesn't give a location06:28
prince_jammyscpgo: you should wrap your code in :  if [[ $DISPLAY ]]; then .... ; fi   # for when you happen to log in outside of X (say through ssh)06:29
xtgyalits plugged into the USB port06:29
almoxarifextgyal: the app must show a location for the file being played06:29
Morphemecouse it use mtpfs damn06:29
xtgyalwhat s mptfs?06:29
Morphemetry to install mtpfs and then: mtpfs /mnt for mount mp306:29
prince_jammyscpgo: or maybe use gnome's startup directory for scripts, if you run gnome.06:29
busybyeskijust use mass storage and it should be sda?06:29
prince_jammys!startup | cpgo06:29
ubottucpgo: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot06:29
faux_shoxtgyal: maybe you could try searching for one of the song names in nautilus.06:29
Morphemextgyal, search it on aptitude06:30
xtgyalI have to install mtpfs in order for Nautilus to see the files?06:30
almoxarifeMorpheme: he can hear the music from the mp3 player on his system, he must have access to the thing to do all that06:30
Morphemealmoxarife, rhytmbox has mtp as a feature06:30
xtgyalshe :-&06:31
xtgyalyeah the files play fine on Rhythmbox06:31
xtgyalis there a way to transfer them in the player perhaps?06:31
Morphemextgyal, sudo aptitude install mtpfs & mtpfs /mnt & ls /mnt (try please)06:31
xtgyalwhat is mtpfs?06:32
prince_jammys!info mtpfs06:32
ubottumtpfs (source: mtpfs): FUSE filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-3build1 (oneiric), package size 15 kB, installed size 88 kB06:32
MorphemeOMG, search it on aptitude/google06:32
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=== malv_ is now known as m00se
gh0striderholy shit man i am so freaking depressed...06:32
pawan_tejwanican anyone tell me how do I install ubuntu-desktop from ubuntu-desktop-11.10-x64 cd on ubuntu-server-11.10-x64 ?06:32
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xtgyalyes I06:32
gh0strideri can not fix this and my grade depends on it...06:32
=== malv_ is now known as m00se
Morphemegh0strider, :*06:33
xtgyalI'm on Ubuntu Software Center, just a sec, gonna install06:33
Morphemextgyal, nice06:33
aedenIs there a way to force telling my nvidia graphics driver how much vram I have? It thinks I have MORE than my card actually does (GeForge Go 6400) and as a result I'm seeing some weird corrupted graphics06:33
pawan_tejwaniit's heavy download if I install it from internet... but from cdrom I am getting some error06:34
sivikI added some repos via ppa and when I run sudo apt-get update, they get ignored.  How do I figure out why they are being ignored?06:34
Morpheme"Nautilus has MTP support with gphoto2:// URIs."06:35
ActionParsnipsivik: how did you add the ppa?06:35
xtgyalits installed06:35
sivikActionParsnip, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name with that command but with the right user and ppa name06:35
sivikand then it added the key06:35
xtgyalI don't see it in Nautilus though06:35
Morpheme"Rhythmbox has MTP support through libmtp."06:35
ActionParsnipsivik: sweet sounds good. We assume the ppa also supports your release06:36
sivikActionParsnip, Yes.06:36
sivikActionParsnip, I even got it to tell me the speific stuff for 11.1006:36
xtgyalit says it is installed already06:37
Morphemextgyal, open a terminal: sudo mtpfs /mnt  (or where you want)06:37
Morphemeor without sudo, if your user is in 'fuse' group06:37
ActionParsnipsivik: then: apt-cache policy packagename   should show the ppa (change packagename for one from the ppa)06:37
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xtgyal"Portable Players - MTP" is installed on the Rhythmbox plugins06:37
sivikActionParsnip, when I run apt-get update, it ign the repo06:37
Morphemextgyal, ;D06:37
xtgyalok what does /mnt do?06:38
xtgyalmounts the MP3 player?06:38
sivikActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/Ag5bJz8G06:38
Morphemeno, mtpfs mount the MP3 player, "/mnt" is the mountpoint06:38
prince_jammysxtgyal: /mnt is an example mount point, a directory where the files will get mounted.06:38
xtgyalok I just did it06:38
Calinousivik: have you correctly entered the right key?06:38
xtgyallooks like nothing happened?06:38
Calinouyou can add key by hand, this may be needed06:39
Morphemenow, let's open in Nautilus: /mnt06:39
prince_jammysgo to /mnt and see what's there.06:39
xtgyalyes it says I don't have permission06:39
gh0striderdoes anyone know how to reset the bu-353 back to its default settings?06:39
ActionParsnipxtgyal: its a folder you can use to mount stuff, either the folder itself or manually created subfolders06:39
caroloscan somebody help me with restoring grub in ubuntu oneiric?06:39
xtgyalshould I do gksudo nautilus?06:39
Morphemextgyal, in terminal: ls /mnt06:39
xtgyalcannot access, permission denied06:40
xtgyalfor ls /mnt06:40
njathanI referred 'Method 3' in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent , but while booting through USB, i get the error - "isolinux.bin is missing or corrupt" . Any ideas?06:40
Morphemewith sudo sorry06:40
ActionParsnipsivik: have you contacted the ppa maintainer?06:40
Morphemeif you see your MP3 folder / music we can go on06:40
xtgyalits doing something06:40
ok_waitcarolos, copy the output of 'sudo grub-mkconfig' to your /boot/grub/grub.cfg file06:40
xtgyalhopefully not trying to list 4 gigabytes of files...06:40
Morphemewith 'sudo ls /mnt'?? :x06:41
carolosok_wait I'm using sudo update-grub06:41
xtgyalyes its still working06:41
ActionParsnipcarolos: omgubuntu has a how to on reinstating grub using a chroot from live usb or cx06:41
xtgyalI did "sudo ls /mnt"06:41
xtgyalnothing is happening, but it hasn't opened up a new line in Terminal06:41
Morphememaybe you need to close rhytmbox06:42
xtgyalhm ok06:42
sivikActionParsnip, weird thing is, thats not the only repository igned06:42
xtgyaloh ok06:42
Morphemextgyal, what?06:42
xtgyalsoftware caused connection abort06:42
sivikActionParsnip, dl.google.com is being ign as well06:42
xtgyalI'm in06:42
xtgyalit opened in Nautilus06:42
xtgyalmedia / Sansa m26006:43
sivikActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/Pk2zb9q506:43
ActionParsnipsivik: you added it correctly, you should see an aptly (pun intended) named file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d06:43
xtgyalyeah cool thanx! :-)06:43
carolosok_wait "sudo grub-mkconfig" gives the same error message as "sudo update-grub" the error is "cannot find device for /"06:43
_NeshaD_!seen hah06:43
ubottuI have no seen command06:43
xtgyalhm maybe not06:43
sivikActionParsnip, yes, its there06:44
sivikActionParsnip, so why is it being ign?06:44
Morphemextgyal, ??06:44
sivikalong with other ones06:44
xtgyalit doesn't display any of the MP3 files, just the player's config files06:44
xtgyalyou don't think it was formatted somehow?06:44
sivikActionParsnip, nvm, i'm dumb, the package i'm looking for is there06:44
xtgyalwell nothing is here except the default folders and a config file06:45
xtgyalno music06:45
almoxarife!info qlix06:45
ubottuqlix (source: qlix): Manage MTP devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.6-0ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 312 kB, installed size 768 kB06:45
xtgyalno it wasn't formatted06:46
xtgyalsays 185 MB out of 4 GB free06:46
xtgyaljust doesn't display in Nautilus06:46
faux_shoxtgyal: try ctrl+h in naitilus to see if there are any hidden folders06:46
ActionParsnipsivik: http://paste.ubuntu.com/801427/  may help06:46
xtgyalI just did sudo ls /mnt again and says transport endpoint is not connected06:47
grendal-primeim going crazy here06:47
faux_shoxtgyal: so you can see/play them in rhythmbox? and you wanna know what folder they're in06:47
almoxarifextgyal: may i suggest you install 'qlix' , then unplug and replugin your device, start 'qlix' see if the device is found06:47
xtgyalthey should all be in the main directory06:48
grendal-primeall i need to do is take my desktop and copy it to a flash file that can be displayerd on a web page06:48
ActionParsnipsivik: no need to ru06:48
ActionParsnipsivik: run that then ;-)06:48
grendal-primelike vnc capture what is happening...so i can do a damn presentation with it..06:48
grendal-primelike team viewer but without the 800 buck bill06:48
xtgyalwhat is "transport endpoint not connected" mean?06:49
xtgyalits plugged in06:49
xtgyalthe player says "USB connected: MTP"06:49
prince_jammysxtgyal: i'd slow down and check out https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/music-portable.html06:49
ActionParsnipsivik: bit slow sshing to your server to pastebin a file then manually copy the url when you are on a phone ;-). Glad you got the gold06:49
almoxarifextgyal: may i suggest you install 'qlix' , then unplug and replugin your device, start 'qlix' see if the device is found06:50
xtgyalyes I have all that06:50
prince_jammysxtgyal: well, at least to check if you've carried out all the steps.06:50
xtgyalRhythmbox plays and reads the files fine06:50
xtgyalI can't access them in Nautilus06:50
grendal-primerhythembox is the bomb06:50
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: omgubuntu have a piece on a new desktop recording app06:51
xtgyallol I'm not too fond06:51
almoxarifextgyal: yes, it has mtp support, question is can you use it to do what you are wanting to do06:51
xtgyalI can try again06:51
ActionParsnipDeadbeef is the daddy06:51
xtgyalit was blocking Nautilus earlier06:51
grendal-primeActionParsnip, that a website...or a twater06:51
grendal-primesorry fat finger06:51
grendal-primei and a are sooo close together you know06:52
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: www.omgubuntu.co.uk06:52
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: i call it the same ;-)06:52
faux_shoxtgyal: when you're playing a song have you tried going to Music>Properties to see where the file is?06:52
xtgyalthe player showed up in media/ but it won't display the MP3 files06:53
almoxarifextgyal: may i suggest you install 'qlix' , then unplug and replugin your device, start 'qlix' see if the device is found06:53
gh0striderwell i want to thank everyone who tried to help me...06:53
gh0strideri guess i am going to fail my school project..06:53
gh0striderwhich is going to drop my gpa06:53
almoxarifegh0strider: sad :(06:53
gh0striderwhich means i am going to loose my finanical aid...06:53
xtgyalhm it doesn't seem to be displaying now06:54
almoxarifegh0strider: sad :( , double dooper sad06:54
xtgyalI was able to find the device in Nautilus06:54
gh0strideri am so fucked...06:54
gh0striderso fucked...06:54
xtgyalthe config files display but not the MP3 files06:54
xtgyalwhat does Qlix do?06:54
almoxarife!info qlix06:54
ubottuqlix (source: qlix): Manage MTP devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.6-0ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 312 kB, installed size 768 kB06:54
ActionParsnipxtgyal: is there a switch on the device to set it to 'disk mode' or similar, so OSes see it as a USB storage device06:55
xtgyalhmmm maybe but I don't think so, it's kinda old06:55
xtgyalok Rhythmbox found it again06:55
xtgyaljust took a while06:55
almoxarifextgyal: unless you just love the cli version of getting anything done, cause if thats true you would hate it, its a gui06:55
xtgyalI do Ctrl+A select Send To but that does nothing06:56
rex_ryans_assi have windows and ubuntu installed. i would like to reinstall windows, but i think this means ill have to reinstall ubuntu which i would prefer not to do, since it is setup exactly how i like. whats my best option?06:56
grendal-primeActionParsnip, i see something but there is no download link06:56
xtgyalso I need to install Qlix to see the MP3 files in Nautilus?06:56
ActionParsniprex_ryans_ass: you'd just need to reinstate grub. I assume you didn't use wubi06:56
grendal-primeis that what you spake of?06:57
ActionParsnipgrendal-prime: afaik there is a ppa06:57
grendal-primeya i found it...im running 10.04 on all this stuff though06:58
carolossudo update-grub and sudo grub-mkconfig ask if /dev is mounted. the ubuntu oneiric partition is mounted. what should I do?06:58
grendal-primeteam viewer does what i need06:58
grendal-primebut damn its steep in price06:58
xtgyalinstalling Qlix06:58
xtgyal@grendal-prime there's plenty of free alternatives to TeamViewer06:59
xtgyalwhat are you trying to do?06:59
damnocan I have sunJava and open JDK  installed @ the same time?06:59
almoxarifextgyal: perhaps, but teamplayer works, and it is free for 'personal' use06:59
xtgyalits the same thing as remote desktop yes?06:59
grendal-primei just need to take my desktop and make it available (via a web browser) to several people06:59
grendal-primejust so the can see it07:00
almoxarifextgyal: nope, remote desktop has to get thru a firewall07:00
grendal-primethey will have no control of it07:00
xtgyaloh you want to broadcast what is displayed on your desktop as a video?07:00
ponrajuganeshI have got a .war file, how to deploy that in ubutnu07:00
grendal-primeactuall almoxarife this will be on a local lan or vpned in guests07:00
nitinabpeole .. i really can't get the tracker desktop search thing to work on my machine, i have tried a few things , but to no avail. anyone using it ?07:00
xtgyalyou can do that, just search for encoders on software center07:00
almoxarifegrendal-prime: look at chrome-remote-desktop07:00
xtgyalMS Expression Encoder is free on Windows07:00
xtgyalso is MS Windows Encoder07:01
grendal-primewhats windows?07:01
grendal-primehavent used that in like 10 years literally07:01
xtgyalyeah but there's a bunch of free alternatives07:01
xtgyalfor Linux07:01
xtgyaljust search for encoders, I was looking at them earlier today actuall07:01
xtgyalat least one of them should be able to encode & broadcast07:02
bullgard6Where is in Nautilus 3.2.1 the button »Open the parent folder«? (In Nautilus 2.30.1it was in the third line the fifth button from the left.)07:02
Guest6596do any on know any python communit availabe in freenode07:02
prince_jammysGuest6596: yes, #python07:03
Guest6596i tried07:03
Guest6596but not connecting this channel07:03
prince_jammys!register | Guest659607:03
ubottuGuest6596: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:03
almoxarifebullgard6: look in 'go'07:03
Guest6596go menas07:03
nitinabbullgard6: you can just use backspace in nautilus to go to the parent folder07:04
prince_jammysGuest6596: welcome. That's probably the problem.07:04
xtgyalok I'm in Qlix, see if this works07:04
grendal-primextgyal,  here is the problem...i got about 30 machines servers...some desktops mostly ubuntu..some debian i log into them and i have to show managennt, dev, qa people what is happening on them..the use windows..mac..linux...beos(ya no shit) ..anyway i need the simplest browser based...'here is what is on my desktop now do you see this carzy stuff"  package07:04
almoxarifextgyal: unplug the device and plug it back in07:05
xrfanghi, in which directory are the answers to questions asked during package installation (apt-get or dpkg) stored?07:05
xtgyaljust says detecting devices...07:05
peglerhi all.  I have an ubuntu 10.10 box that keeps losing its internet connection.  from the logs, a program named os-prober runs consistently right before the box "crashes".  I am not 100% sure what exactly is happening when the box loses connection though.  from my googling os-prober is for grub2.  is disabling it as simple as editing /etc/default/grub?  is there something I need to restart?07:05
calmpitbullis there anyway to change unity launch Animation with my animation07:05
grendal-primeactually we have one productct that has 60000 nodes07:05
grendal-primesorry 600007:05
xtgyalyeah you just need a Linux equivalent of MS Expression Encoder07:06
grendal-primeyou talking to me?07:06
xtgyaldo a search of like SourceForge for desktop encoders07:06
xtgyalor just encoders in general07:06
leontopodwhat does ms expression encoder actually do?07:06
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)07:06
grendal-primeive tried several cocktails of vlc streaming to a file and then connecting a web server to it..07:07
grendal-primeit was just to slow...07:07
xtgyalit does a lot, you can encode whatever is on your desktop (audiovideo plus microphone input) or just a single window as an audio/video file or as a live broadcast07:07
grendal-primesounds like wink07:07
grendal-primewich i like just no..live broadcast07:07
xtgyalso viewers can tune in on their media player and watch live what you're doing, including mouse movements and whatever is playing on the sound mixer07:08
grendal-primewink is the bomb (just no 64 bit yet)07:08
xtgyalthe MS Expression Suite is free for students on MS DreamSpark but you'd have to run it in Wine and it'd probably be way too buggy and you couldn't record much07:09
grendal-primeya but xtgyal  see...that mac people and the linux dev'ers whould not have media player07:09
xtgyalthere should be an open-source version though07:09
almoxarifextgyal: get off the spamming07:09
xtgyalit's a pretty common task07:09
bullgard6nitinab: So pressing Bcksp and Alt+Up are equivalent?07:09
almoxarifebullgard6: look in 'go'07:10
xtgyalwell any media player than can open a media stream07:10
xtgyalmost can nowadays07:10
grendal-primextgyal, everybody says that but ive yet to see it in roduction07:10
grendal-primeproduction that is07:10
bullgard6almoxarife: Yes, it works. Thank you very much for your help.07:10
xtgyalI've used it before when I had Windows, it worked pretty well07:11
xtgyalI haven't tried anything here yet, I'm very new to Linux07:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:11
almoxarifei have heard about enough of windoz apps, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:12
xtgyalI'm here out of necessity, my Windows crashed completely and wouldn't take the reset discs :-&07:12
xtgyalI like Ubuntu though07:12
award85variety is the spice of life07:12
milambergrendal-prime: google-fu came up with this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/webcamstudio/07:13
grendal-primeI tried that too07:13
grendal-primekinda hoky07:13
milambergrendal-prime: howso?07:14
JonathanRWis there anyone around that has expierence with Kerrighed clusters and ubuntu? i'm looking to be pointed to some info about what you can do with it, building a 10 node cluster just to learn and play with it, but what can i do with it once its setup and running?07:14
xtgyalok when I reconnected the player it popped up in Nautilus, same just the config files and no MP3s though07:14
xtgyalgonna close and try Qlix07:14
almoxarifextgyal: no need for the blow by blow07:15
grendal-primelooking again...looks liek it has changed some07:15
grendal-primeill check it out thanks milamber07:15
xtgyallooks the same, just says detecting devices...07:16
xtgyaloh wow, ok looks like I'm in07:17
almoxarifextgyal: no need for the blow by blow07:17
paulus68I have added a new hd to my server how do I format it to be an ntfs Note(that I already tried several options however the file system it's mentioning is still linux when entering the command sudo fdisk -l07:17
carolosafter doing chroot in ubuntu oneiric, should I do grub-install /dev/sda or update-grub?07:18
Seveaspaulus68, what fdisk thinks the partition is and the filesystem that's formatted onto it are two different things unfortunately07:18
xtgyalawesome!  it's working, transferring now, thanks!!! :_D07:19
Seveaspaulus68, and for a linux server I'd format it as ext4, not ntfs07:19
paulus68Seveas: is this drive then also available for window users?07:20
paulus68Seveas: that's the reason I wanted to have it in ntfs07:20
grendal-primeya this is considerably more versatile than the last time i looked at this07:20
grendal-primethanks man this may just do it07:20
Seveaspaulus68, how would windows users access it? Over the network or rebooting into windows?07:20
svaisaneiäm trying to get NFS mounting to work, what log file should i look for the diagnostic smessage on the server?07:20
svaisanei have ubuntu latest07:20
paulus68Seveas: over the network07:21
Seveassvaisane, /var/log/syslog07:21
svaisaneSeveas: nothing there from NFS07:21
Seveaspaulus68, then the local filesystem does not matter. Samba is what you need :)07:21
Seveassvaisane, then look on the client07:21
svaisaneSeveas: cannot07:21
Seveassvaisane, well, then it's impossible for us to help07:22
paulus68Seveas: I agree with you there just wanted to be certain that ext4 is not a problem for the window users07:22
svaisaneactually i'm just testing now, iä'm trying to mount locally07:22
svaisanethe serer is the same machine as the client07:22
JonathanRWis there anyone around that has expierence with Kerrighed clusters and ubuntu?07:23
svaisanei get access denied07:24
svaisanebut syslog has no new entries07:24
svaisaneso there's no log entry to diagnose?07:27
Seveassvaisane, if you get permission denied, look at /etc/exports, you may be missing
Seveasthough I've never tried nfs to localhost before. It may just refuse that anyway.07:28
svaisaneno it doesnt07:28
svaisanewhen it works it works over local link as well no problem07:28
svaisanefucking pos07:31
aBoundsvaisane, What's wrong?07:33
JonathanRWanyone here know anything about smp clusters?07:34
svaisaneaBound: struggling with NFS, trying to export a  fs and mount it locally. just get "permission denied" nothing in syslog07:35
JonathanRWsvaisane you try samba? or you using samba?07:36
svaisaneJonathanRW: its not an option07:37
aBoundsvaisane, Have you tried with sudo or with logging in as root?07:39
svaisaneonly sudo can mount07:39
aBoundSudo somewhat acts as a temp root.07:40
svaisanesame privileges07:40
aBoundsvaisane, Have you tried changing the permissions on the file or what have you. chmod +x <filename> without the arrows.07:40
=== batman is now known as Guest38166
svaisaneaBound: nfs exports the file system as is, it should still mount fine07:41
=== Guest38166 is now known as batmann
svaisanehmm... i made another entry in /etc/exports and that one works fine07:45
svaisanesame parameters and stuff07:45
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest49443
detrix42since the upgrade to 11.10, I have not been able to get handbrake (since they have not updated there ppa). I want to install an older version, but apt-get says that libnotify1, and libnotify1-gtk2.10 are need, but not installable. Is there a way to still get them???07:56
flintwingeldetrix42: it works if you use the handbrake snapshot ppa07:59
flintwingeldetrix42: deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/stebbins/handbrake-snapshots/ubuntu oneiric main07:59
detrix42flintwingel: thanks so very much08:00
=== seshagiri_ is now known as seshagiri
svaisanepermission problem!08:05
svaisanesorted out now08:05
intokthere anything for linux like Toast that will let me drag a bunch of random video files into it, tell it I want it to make it a simple single layer DVD and it'll just go ahead and transcode from whatever to mpeg2 and burn the disc automegically?08:06
svaisaneintok: and also make coffee?08:06
icerootintok: i guess "k3b" can do that08:07
dagerikIn which file is PPA's added?08:08
icerootintok: its a burning application for kde, which also can be used on gnome/unity and so on. if i am correct there is an option like that08:08
intoksvaisane is it really too much to ask for any of the OSS burning software to tie into FFMPEG? I've been able to do that on my old Mac for as long as I can remember, oldest version of Toast Titanium I have is 6, and it does it just fine08:08
icerootdagerik: /etc/apt/sources.list08:08
icerootdagerik: if not, use "grep -r ppa-searchstring /etc/apt/*08:08
dagerikiceroot: Nope, cannot find mine which is causing a 40408:08
JLucit happens irregularly that the application switcher disappear : 1) pressing Windows Key doesnt launch anayting (nothing happen) , and 2) no application bar appear when ALT TAB, i have to choose blindly, trying one, 2, 3, 4 presses until the right app is selected. Plz How to cure or avoid this deadlock to happen ?08:09
JLucOn oneiric08:09
dagerikiceroot: Yes thanks. It was inside /etc/apt/sources.list.d/<here>08:09
detrix42flintwingel: thanks again very very much08:10
intokiceroot nice, was thinking I'd have to spring for Nero08:10
flintwingeldetrix42: np08:10
=== retoaded is now known as retoad
=== retoad is now known as retoaded
intoksofa king retoaded ?08:12
* intok ducks08:12
retoadedI am Sofa King08:12
leontopodit's too quiet08:15
leontopodI should start trouble08:15
icerootintok: maybe you need some codecs but k3b should inform you about that. k3b is something like nero from the amount of features. i like it very much.08:20
tertl5why does ubuntu so ugly?08:22
Calinoutertl5: install proprietary drivers08:23
tertl5why dont you do it for me nerd?08:23
Calinou... it isn't hard to do. there's a menu for that08:23
tertl5i said no so dont force me08:24
* cpgo looks for a troill08:24
Calinouwhat's your exact problem?08:24
* cpgo finds tertl5 08:24
tertl5do you want a jolly rancher?08:24
leontopodeverything is going the way of cell phones and tablet computers08:25
leontopodhence the new look for ubuntu08:25
leontopod(in my humble opinion)08:25
tertl5nobody asked you08:25
=== sagaci_ is now known as sagaci
tertl5or your humble opinion08:25
leontopodtertl5, shut up!08:25
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:26
tertl5u mad bro?08:26
CharminTheMooseBut a desktop PC isn't a cell phone or a tablet. :P So why make it look like one? Meh, I just use LWM anyway :P08:26
Myrttiif you don't have a direct support question, move the discussion elsewhere08:26
leontopodCharminTheMoose, I am thinking of switching window managers08:26
tertl5switch to windows plz08:27
tertl5guess what?08:27
Myrttitertl5: did you have a Ubuntu support question or problem?08:27
tertl5how do I make ubuntu be not gay?08:28
Myrttimoving on08:29
hetiiHello :)08:29
wiggmpkor not08:29
tertl5what was that for?08:30
tertl5i am asking support in here08:30
CharminTheMoosetertl5, keep the language family friendly.08:30
tertl5define family08:30
hetiiI have huge trouble with serial modem that is connected to ttyS0. When i use minicom od cu -l /dev/ttyS0 i got response from my modem on AT commands but when i run probemodem (tools from hylafax) i got Unable to deduce DTE-DCE speed :(08:30
* tertl5 kidding08:30
tertl5my dog is so awesome08:31
tertl5i love him08:31
Myrttitertl5: if you can't keep the discussion to Ubuntu technical problems, you will be removed again.08:31
sophois your dog running ubuntu?08:31
tertl5sopho idk, I never asked him08:32
tertl5but he mostly runs "puppy linux"08:32
dagerikI was editing autorized_keys, and now I can not log back in. I only get Connection closed.08:33
pnormandagerik: With ssh?08:33
dagerikpnorman: yes08:34
Myrtti smw> Guest86293, look at AOL or yahoo08:34
Myrtti[10:24] < Keshl> Guest86293: Then don't do business with Freenode.08:34
pnormanAre you using keys or passwords to log in?08:34
Myrttioops, sorry, mispaste08:34
tertl5good night goobuntu08:36
pnormandagerik: Are you using keys or passwords to log in?08:37
dagerikpnorman: i use keys08:37
sliktssearch in nautilus is disgustingly f***ed, you can't see the location of the results AT ALL, even from properties, because it's truncated08:37
pnormandagerik: There's an option to force it to use passwords - it sounds like you've screwed up your authorized_keys somehow08:38
sliktswtffff, how do I search with nautilus :(08:39
pnormandagerik: Trying to recall what it is08:39
agus_sintangweh, are you kidding slikts08:39
NSQhello, i'm using ubuntu for almost 1 year now, just curious, is there a way to donate to the "ubuntu guys" that not getting paid for?08:39
KrissedGood morning. Question: Is there a particular reason i cant append a line to /etc/skel/.profile even when using sudo ??08:39
sliktsagus_sintang: tell me how to find the full path of search results in nautilus08:40
agus_sintangslikts: Ctrl + F for basic ehm, yo want to get full path08:40
Krissedim attempting this: sudo echo "echo smb:\\path to some windows share >> .gtk-bookmarks" >> /etc/skel/.profile08:40
sliktsagus_sintang: what?08:40
leontopodsudo vim08:41
MyrttiNSQ: you can donate to some upstream developers...08:41
dagerikpnorman: thanks, I got it!08:41
agus_sintangslikts: Ctrl + F and then type ".extension"08:41
MyrttiKrissed: you may want to use "tee" instead of >> or |08:42
sliktsagus_sintang: do you even understand the question? I know how to ctrl+f, but when I have the results, it doesn't show the path of the results even in the properties dialog08:42
pnormandagerik: When debugging ssh keys I find it's helpful to leave a connection open and try to open a second connection, to avoid locking yourself out08:42
sliktsI have to open each individual result and look at the path from there08:42
agus_sintangweh, it's should show "properties" if right-click08:43
sliktsagus_sintang: yes, and in the properties the path is TRUNCATED08:43
KrissedMyrtti hmm well since i just rememberd i altered sudoers file i suppose i should reboot before trying this first.. i tried making an empty file in the skel folder and see if i could append the line to that file. i couldnt08:43
agus_sintangowh, oke slikts08:43
onreKrissed, you certainly do not need to reboot. your problem is that the redirection happens in the normal user's shell, as in, sudo only affects the command before the redirection.08:44
onreKrissed, use sudo -s to get a root shell, then run your echo thing08:44
Krissedonre im trying to make instructions to configure a special version of ubuntu 11.10 so i need this to be as inactive as possible.08:45
=== yann_ is now known as aya
Krissedbasicly i just want a string added to the file08:45
onreKrissed, then you might try sudo "echo ... >> file"08:45
Krissedhmm ok ill try that08:46
onreKrissed, as i stated earlier, the problem is that sudo command >> file only runs the command as root. >> file "happens" as normal user.08:46
Krissedahh like that.. ok08:46
icerootKrissed: sudo echo foo > bar is not working, you have to use "tee"08:46
icerootKrissed: because sudo is acting on "echo" not on ">"08:46
Krissedi was just afraid it would get messed up when it sees two echo commands08:46
Krissedok thanks ill give it a try08:46
onreiceroot, how would pipe and tee make it any different? of course, unless you did echo something | sudo tee file08:47
=== ek23 is now known as lioman
icerootonre: the difference is "it is working"08:47
Krissediceroot even when i attempt to add to a normal file it gives me access denied..08:51
=== PMP_ is now known as Guest36393
icerootKrissed: the owner is root?08:52
Guest36393Anywhere I should go if I need help installing GLUT?08:52
sliktswhat's a good nautilus replacement that doesn't SUCK as much?08:53
tertl5go to install glut08:53
Krissediceroot so youre telling me to do this: sudo echo "echo smb:\\share destination  >> .gtk-bookmarks | /etc/skel/.profile ??08:53
kireinstall vista08:53
mikelnautilus is great man08:53
Krissediceroot im logged in as the user who have root access yes08:53
kirethat's my answer08:53
anli_document viewer is always opening maximized when spawned from a browser, it seems08:53
sliktsmikel: yeah, like for searching… in that it doesn't show the locations of results. really great.08:53
mikelbetter than lesbian porn08:53
icerootKrissed: i am not telling you to use that command08:53
anli_It wasnt like that before, anyone that knows why?08:53
Guest36393Well I mean besides just googling tertl508:54
Krissediceroot its a bit tricky as im attempting to parse a command to a file so it adds a command to the file.. im afraid its getting confused as im parsing a command into a command08:54
icerootKrissed: i am telling you to use "echo "foobar" | sudo tee -a filename08:54
Krissedtee ?08:54
kiresudo vino man08:54
kiresudo vino08:54
mikelvino man08:55
sliktsjust kill me now, I'm so tired of ubuntu08:55
mikelvino is very good08:55
kirei'll do it08:55
kireyou can count on myyyy sword08:55
Krissediceroot ahh i think i got it now then..08:55
mikelslikts why do you say that???08:55
ubunteiro-novatohi all, i bought a generic web-camera and it was supposed to be plugplay, but i pluged and didnt play. could anyone help me? thnak you.08:55
woozlyguys how to read mail? every time I run some command, ive got: You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root08:55
mikelbuenas ubunteiro08:55
sliktsmikel: because of all the shit, probably08:56
mikelque eres gallego????08:56
ikoniaslikts: tone down the language please.08:56
icerootslikts: watch your language08:56
ikoniamikel: English please08:56
kireokkkkkkk okkkkkkkkkkkk08:56
sliktsmikel: go look at launchpad bugs for ubuntu08:56
leontopodsudo pine08:56
icerootslikts: if you only want to falme, feel free to use /wc08:56
icerootwoozly: "mail"08:57
kiretell me mikel08:57
kireare you a neeatza?08:57
sliktsiceroot: I'll use the wc when I need to08:57
flintwingelKrissed: alternative .... sudo sh -c "echo hello >/root/hello"08:57
woozlyhaven't this command08:57
icerootslikts: and i guess its a good time to fire up that command08:57
mikelkire: no man08:57
kireor are you?08:57
icerootslikts: this channel is for ubuntu support, if you have support questions feel free to bring them here08:57
=== Amr0d_ is now known as Amr0d
ubunteiro-novatohi all, i bought a generic web-camera and it was supposed to be plugplay, but i pluged and ubuntu didnt recognize the cam. what can i do? what can i download to make the webcam visible and able to work?could anyone help me? thank you.08:59
icerootwoozly: sudo apt-get install mailutils   should bring you the "mail" command to read mails on the shell08:59
mikelhi ubunteiro08:59
icerootubunteiro-novato: dmesg is showing the cam?08:59
mikelare you from galicia???08:59
sliktsiceroot: yes, I have a question: how to search in nautilus in a way that's useful? I mean, in a way I could see the locations of search results. now I just get a list of results that all look the same08:59
kireubenteiro-novato: try to use vista, ty08:59
sliktsiceroot: support this08:59
ubunteiro-novatono, brasil, quite the same language, i know, have some knoe people in galicia08:59
icerootslikts: i am just telling you how to use this channel correctly09:00
mikelah ok09:00
Myrttimikel: do you have a Ubuntu support question or problem?09:00
kirebrazil, me too09:00
sliktsiceroot: or another thing just from this morning — how do I remove broken items from the unity launcher? right click does nothing, do I really need to go to some hidden directory to look for links there?09:00
kiremoito agrigado09:00
wiggmpkubunteiro-novato: try using "lsusb" in the terminal to determine if it's being recognized09:00
kireq hace frio09:00
sliktsiceroot: go on, show by example how to do it correctly, support these issues09:01
mikelof course09:01
icerootslikts: i am not using gnome/unity so dont ask me, ask the channel. again i was just telling you how to use this channel correctly09:01
mikeli have a lot of problems09:01
bullgard6slikts: I find that a problem in Nautilus too. Therefore I prefer alternative search programs.09:01
mikelbut we have to tka the life with sense of humour09:01
kireyour problem has no solution, mikel neatza09:01
mikellike my friend kire09:01
sliktsiceroot: so you were just policing without an intention to help?09:02
icerootslikts: are you starting flaming again?09:02
sliktsiceroot: what do you think?09:02
icerootslikts: i think we dont need you here09:02
Myrttimikel, kire: if you can't keep your discussion here in this channel to only Ubuntu support problems or questions and solving them, you will be muted or kicked09:02
mikeldo you want to read a joke??09:02
sliktsiceroot: I noticed09:02
kireok sorrrry09:03
icerootslikts: but that is just my opinion, maybe others will help you09:03
mikelpoor kire09:03
mikelliberate him motherfuckers09:04
ubunteiro-novatoand my help? im trying to get help. can anyone?09:04
wiggmpkubunteiro-novato: try using "lsusb" in the terminal to determine if it's being recognized09:04
ubunteiro-novatook, thanks you09:05
ubunteiro-novatojust trying09:05
sliktsiceroot: also, /wc doesn't work in pidgin09:05
icerootslikts: please stop it now09:05
sliktsiceroot: you can always /ignore, since you like commands so much09:06
wiggmpkubunteiro-novato: what make/model webcam is it? The vernacular "plug & play" is more of a Windows term09:06
iceroot!ot | slikts09:06
ubottuslikts: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:06
ubunteiro-novatoif im not crazy, it recognize it! it says"Bus 004 Device 002: ID 1c4f:3000 SiGma Micro Micro USB Web Camera"09:06
=== brian is now known as Guest8279
sliktsiceroot: sorry, YOU brought /wc up09:07
Myrttiiceroot, slikts: please take your personal quarrel elsewhere09:07
wiggmpkslikts: actually, the / is entering commands that Pidgin doesnt understand unless you add the plugin (so technically it would work in Pidgin)09:07
ubunteiro-novato1st step was great, thank. but i dont know how to use it. nay program i can test it?09:07
icerootubunteiro-novato: cheese and skype09:07
ubunteiro-novatowiggmpk, webcam pctop09:08
irc-freehi all09:08
wiggmpkslikts: that plugin is called "/exec 2.6.3"09:08
irc-freeis this the # on ubuntu software center?09:08
irc-freeim interested in applying09:09
sliktswiggmpk: I can live without commands since it's gui, but thanks09:09
irc-freedoes ubuntu software center allow games that run on an emultaor?09:10
wiggmpkubunteiro-novato: unfortunately thats not enough information, if you open the terminal "ALT + F2" then type gnome-terminal and enter, type "lsusb" and look for your webcam to be listed09:10
dagerikI installed 10.04, but firefox does not have the sync feature. How can I upgrade friefox?09:11
ubunteiro-novatowiggmpk, ok, i'll09:11
ian_help: i have a package to be installed that's supposed to be linux-compatible but no progams can open it09:11
flintwingelian_: what is the package and where is it from?09:11
ian_supermeatboy-linux-12132011b-bin.vol001+02 form humble indie09:12
wiggmpkubunteiro-novato: it might not be obvious what device is your webcam, because the manufacturor can list it how they see fit, for instance, my asus laptop internal webcam is listed as Bus 001 Device 004: ID 04f2:b106 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd09:13
Cplusminusis the lib extension on linux .lib like librarya.lib or .a librayb.a ?09:13
wiggmpkubunteiro-novato: manufacturer*09:13
bullgard6What Ubuntu tool do you recommend to delete part of a .,ogg music file where the moderator talked in between?09:13
Guest36393I shouldn't need to install a different distribution of opengl for freeglut to work right?09:14
ian_So basically on the humble indie site i picked the linux verison but hey it dosent do anything / explain anything09:14
Guest36393I am on a fresh install of ubuntu09:14
flintwingelian_: have you used gnome-terminal: what does it say if you type "file supermeatboy-linux-12132011b-bin.vol001+02"09:14
ubunteiro-novatowiggmpk, dont know but it appears this: Bus 004 Device 002: ID 1c4f:3000 SiGma Micro Micro USB Web Camera09:15
ubunteiro-novatoi hace opened cheese, for instanc, and dinidt recognize any webcam09:15
ubunteiro-novatowiggmpk, i have opened cheese, for instanc, and dinidt recognize any webcam09:15
ian_flintwingel: thats funny... the file is on my board but it shows : ERROR: cannot open `supermeatboy-linux-12132011b-bin.vol001+02' (No such file or directory)09:17
leontopodhow do I switch to another window manager?09:19
flintwingelian_: not sure what you mean by "board"09:19
ian_oops i mean desktop09:20
bullgard6leontopod: By de-installing the old window manager package and installing the new window manager package and login anew.09:21
flintwingelian_: what happens if you right click on it and view properties?09:21
bullgard6!ask | irc-free09:22
ubottuirc-free: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:22
ian_http://s4.noelshack.com/uploads/images/11543174167140_capture_du_20120112_042221.png yeah i use the french verison09:23
AdvoWorkin ubuntu 11.10, my system menu is missing, normally its Applications Places then normally System. Can I re-enable that somehow? Im looking for Update Manager09:24
tertl5hello goobuntu ftw09:25
makarai'm looking for a LibreOffice Writer alternative that can handle Indic fonts and open Word documents09:25
tertl5MS Office09:26
Myrttimakara: what's wrong with Libreoffice that you need to replace it?09:27
DJones!hi | ian_09:28
[deXter]makara, Try AbiWord; although I'm not 100% sure it handles Indic fonts09:28
makaraMyrtti: Large documents without carriage returns in Indian fonts become impossible to edit09:28
flintwingelian_: it looks like its part of a PAR2 archive. this is a series of files that need to be unpacked as a whole. You need to find the first file in the series and unpack. You may need to install the par2 utility and possibly pypar2 if you want a  graphical front end09:28
[deXter]makara, On an average though I find that it renders word documents better than LO09:28
flintwingelian_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Par209:29
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irc-freeid like to know if theres any special requirements when submitting software to ubuntu software center09:29
SnicksieAdvoWork, do you use unity? :) You can find update manager by [super key] and start typing 'update'... it will find your update manager :)09:30
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Snake1Hi, does anyone know how to download a whole public repository to a server?09:30
irc-freelike, special keyboard shortcuts, special resolution requirements and such09:30
makara[deXter] Abiword crashed opening a half-meg docx09:30
ridsSnake1: you can rsync the repository09:31
dagerikWhy does 10.04 include a so old version of firefox? I am unable to use firefox sync :(09:31
ian_flintwingel: found the source: http://s4.noelshack.com/uploads/images/905655635379_capture_du_20120112_042942.png but still the same stuff it does nothing09:31
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins09:31
Snake1rids: exactly what i want, BUT. i know i am in the wrong channel because im having trouble to do so whit my CentOS server09:31
[deXter]makara, Hmm, well you could try KingSoft Office then, it's the best thirdpart Word compatible package I know of though. It's not free however09:31
Snake1rids: but do you know an easy step of acomplish that, the thing i want is. Centos-5-Addons-x86_64.repo09:32
Snake1nothing else09:32
AlanBellSnake1: you want to mirror an Ubuntu repo onto a centos server?09:32
flintwingelian_: can you open a terminal there? what happens if you type "sh ./supermeatboy-linux-12132011b-bin"09:33
Snake1AlanBell: no not an ubuntu repo..09:33
NeophobiAG'day Aall09:33
Snake1AlanBell: i want to Rsync Centos-5-Addons-x86_64.repo to my CentOS 5.7 machine do you know how i can acomplish this on an easy way ?09:33
StarminnI am trying to install eog (Eye of GNOME/default "Image Viewer") in Ubuntu 11.10 w/ Unity, but it keeps giving me an atrociously long list of unmet dependencies, saying it won't install them. This is sudden because out of the blue, eog stopped working. Apparently it uninstalled itself, so this is why I am reinstalling it. Suggestions?09:34
AlanBellSnake1: ask in #centos I guess, or an RPM based distro at any rate09:34
ridsSnake1:you can do this  rsync -rltpHS --delete-excluded rsync://name of mirror/  /you home dir/09:34
ian_Can't open ./supermeatboy-linux-12132011b-bin oh well09:34
flintwingelSnake1: wget will allow you recursively download a website, including a repo. Check the man page first... it's got lots of options09:34
Snake1rids: do you know if this is an valid mirror, http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/os/Linux/distributions/centos/5.7/addons/x86_64/09:34
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ian_any help?09:36
bullgard6What Ubuntu tool do you recommend to delete part of a .ogg music file where the moderator talked in between?09:37
flintwingelian_: can you post a screenshot showing the permissions on the file09:37
flintwingelbullgard6: audacity is a good audio editor09:38
ian_<flintwingel> : Thanks bud i didn't look hard enough... basically it was cuz it didnt gave permission to the file te exceute propely... thanks again lol09:40
larstrbullgard6: what flintwingel said09:40
flintwingelian_: :)09:41
bullgard6flintwingel, larstr: Thank you very much for your help.09:41
ian_see ya guys later09:43
chiiiiizcoyotus: tu peux me rappeler comment envoyer la sortie d'une commande en pastebin, sans copier le texte dans un fichier, STP?09:44
DJones!fr | chiiiiiz09:45
ubottuchiiiiiz: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:45
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DarsVaedacan I edit the properties for a launcher icon?09:59
Snake1flintwingel: thanks for the info09:59
DarsVaedarun path and such09:59
Snake1rsync -rltpHS --delete-excluded rsync://ftp.sunet.se/pub/os/Linux/distributions/centos/5.7/addons/x86_64/ /storage/rpm/10:00
Snake1worked flawlessly10:00
DarsVaedaor other question: I have eclipse installed, but as user the version is much older than as root?!? why is that10:03
luis_que hora es?10:03
DJones!es | luis_10:04
ubottuluis_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:04
AdvoWorkin 11.10 i added some shares yesterday > connect to server, did all that and it worked. ive rebooted and theyve gone.10:05
AdvoWorkany suggestions pleae?10:05
MyrttiAdvoWork: did you add them as bookmarks?10:06
gogo_help: This command runs in terminal but not in "Exec" in .desktop file: command && notify-send 'PPPOE Connection Activated' -i gdu-smart-healthy "`gksu pon dsl-provider`" ....wat sld i do? help10:06
pixie79Hi all, how do i get dpkg-buildpackage to rebuild me a package but with full optimization and debug symbols enabled? ( i have the source and built the original package)10:11
DarsVaedahow do I place a custom icon in the unity launcher?10:13
geirhaDarsVaeda: Drag and drop10:14
DarsVaedayeah but I need to edit the options10:15
andreihow can I change the number of workspaces in ubuntu ?10:15
DarsVaedato be more exact I need to run the program as root10:15
dr_willismake a custome foo.desktop file DarsVaeda10:15
geirhaDarsVaeda: Well, you just edit the .desktop-file10:15
dr_willisfor the app10:15
dr_willisor use alacarte to make a menu item for it. then drag and drop ;)10:16
DarsVaedawhich one desktop file? in .gnome or in .local?10:17
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Guest23607toy 72010:18
geirhaIf you make a custom menu item, it will end up in ~/.local/share/applications10:18
DarsVaedanow the icon is gone -.-10:19
Guest36393When compiling code with gcc, did they recently change where in the terminal instruction the libraries need to be listed?10:20
StarminnOH goodness. Alright, running Ubuntu 11.10. The font color was off, so I ran unity --replace. This created multiple instances of Unity overlaying each other. So I said screw it and ran "unity --reset." Now the font still isn't fixed, I've lost all my settings( which is my own fault), and now my background won't change either, and of course this happens as I'm going to bed. Anyone care to assist?10:20
gogo_i wan to use this command from exec: command && notify-send 'PPPOE Connection Activated' -i gdu-smart-healthy "`gksu pon dsl-provider`"   ......how do i make it work10:20
ikoniaGuest36393: no10:21
aleale97Ciao a tutti10:22
AdvoWorkMyrtti, i didnt see a box/anything to tick bookmarks unlike previous dist versions?10:22
Guest36393ikonia: So you always listed the libraries at the end, like gcc test.c -lm -lGL -lGLU -lglut10:22
ikoniadepends what I'm doing, but it's still -l as normal10:23
dr_willisgogo id put the commands in a script. then make a launcher run the script10:23
agus_sintangBanshee: 08. Mutiara by Letto [www.freeck.co.cc] on Cinta... Bersabarlah [www.freeck.co.cc] (3:57)10:23
suppli tried to ./configure something but i got error due to sqlite3 dont there... after i installed sqlite i still get the same error. why?10:23
Myrttiagus_sintang: if that is a script, please disable it or don't use it in this channel. Thanks.10:23
flintwingelsuppl: you generally need to install the -devel package for .configure to work10:24
dr_willissuppl:  you installed the needed -dev packages?10:24
JLucHello : it happens irregularly that the application switcher disappear : 1) pressing Windows Key doesnt launch anayting (nothing happen) , and 2) no application bar appear when ALT TAB, i have to choose blindly, trying one, 2, 3, 4 presses until the right app is selected. Plz is there a way to make leftscreen app bar in such a situation ?10:24
agus_sintangMyrtti: owh, no... hehe, i just input /np10:24
StarminnWho can help me be able to set my backgorund in Ubuntu 11.10? Nothing is working.10:24
suppli didn't... one sec flintwingel dr_willis10:24
Guest36393Uggh, I guess I still don't have glut installed right then. My code compiles on the command line but gives referencing errors in codeblocks10:25
supplim sorry, its "sqlite3-dev" or "sqlite3-devel" ?10:25
supplis it*10:25
suppllibsqlite3-dev ?10:26
flintwingelsuppl: yes10:27
supplflintwingel, yeah works like a charm... thanks.10:27
rileypanyone tried ubuntu tv http://www.ubuntu.com/10:30
who_meguys any idea on what the package: linux-lts-backport-oneiric-tools is ? My friend google does not like me today10:31
SoothsayerOn my local development server, it's damn painful to keep changing file permissions so apache can access it. Would it be convenient to just run apache as my user? instead of www-data10:31
StarminnI have tried to change the desktop background from the Appearance menu to no avail. Assistance? Ubuntu 11.10 w/ Unity10:31
supplyou can just open the image and set it as background?10:32
StarminnActually, I seem to have a bigger problem10:32
StarminnUnity seems to be stuck in an infinite loop of "unity --reset" so I cannot change *any* options. Any suggestions?10:32
Starminnsuppl, No, Image Viewer uninstalled itself. I will be getting 4 hours of sleep at this rate so that's tomorrow's ordeal10:33
suppldoes it provide any errors on where its stuck or something like that?10:35
diverdudeis it posible to somehow log error messages that occur at startup?10:35
ikoniadiverdude: they are logged10:36
diverdudeikonia, where?10:36
Starminnsuppl, Is that directed to me?10:36
ikoniadiverdude: depends what sort of thing you are looking for, but the syslog captures most of the startup10:37
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:37
Starminnsuppl, No errors. Just a lack of action10:37
diverdudeikonia, ok... different servers and daemons etc. are initiated at startup, and they fail and send error messages and i need to debug it10:37
ikoniadiverdude: what's failing10:38
diverdudeikonia, something i have installed. Its not core ubuntu10:38
ikoniadiverdude: ok - so tell me what's failing10:38
diverdudeikonia, well its gitorious10:38
ikoniadiverdude: that's a gui as far as I know10:39
Guest23607d:/mirc emule/load -rs GlobalFind.mrc10:39
diverdudeikonia, and sphinxx server10:39
diverdudeikonia, yes it is10:39
diverdudesphinx server10:39
ikoniadiverdude: ok - so a gui won't start at boot up, so I'm not sure why you are expecting a gui to be lauched as part of the boot sequence10:39
ikoniadiverdude: ok, so first question. 1.) how did you install sphinx10:40
diverdudeikonia, well its using some scripts at bootup that fails10:40
diverdudeikonia, sudo apt-get install sphinxserver10:40
ikoniadiverdude: ok, what repo did it come from ?10:40
ikonia!info sphinxserver10:40
ubottuPackage sphinxserver does not exist in oneiric10:40
diverdudeikonia, the default. i did not add any ppa10:40
Octav .10:40
diverdudeikonia, its a v. 10.1010:41
diverdudeubuntu 10.1010:41
ikoniadiverdude: ok, can you start the sphinxserver manually ?10:41
diverdudeikonia, hmmm good question. i think i can but i am not sure how10:42
ikoniadiverdude: ok - so this is what you need to check10:42
ikoniadiverdude: that will give you information on any problems/errors10:42
ikoniadiverdude: you should also see the server trying to start in the syslog10:42
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:43
diverdudei installed it and edited  /etc/default/sphinxsearch and set START=yes10:43
ikoniadiverdude: that's not what I said10:43
diverdudeikonia, no it was just an information10:43
ikoniadiverdude: I said you need to manually start it to test it, and you can also check the syslog to see it start10:43
diverdudeikonia, where do i see the syslog?10:44
ikoniadiverdude: /var/log10:44
ikoniadiverdude: when you boot the machine, you should also see it try to start it, do you see it then ?10:44
diverdudeikonia, yeah i do...it squirts out lots of messsages but it goes away again to quick. thats why i waanted to log it10:45
ikoniadiverdude: ok, so try to start it manually is the best way forward10:46
diverdudeikonia, ahh /var/log/boot.log has the info10:46
ikoniathat may not contain what you want10:46
diverdudeikonia, it has the errors i see at startup...at least the ones i can i remember i saw10:48
diverdudeikonia, git-demon script uses some depricated gems (its a ruby app)10:49
ikoniaok ?10:49
diverdudeikonia, ok thx. now i can start to try and resolve first that deprecation error which is printed like a million times10:53
ikoniadoubtful that's going to get fixed10:53
SVNDRDoes anyone have a link the the best minimun requirements to run Ubuntu11.10 .. all i really find is RAM and HDD size.. but im trying to find a more detailed requirement page10:54
icerootSVNDR: like?10:55
icerootSVNDR: what else do you think is important?10:55
erwti want to write an auto resolution program in the linux kernel  ,for now my kernel 2.6.31 supports only one resolution 1024x768 ,i want to add multiple resolution formats in the kernel ,this is my screen .c file http://pastebin.com/rv9Mubf9, but before the above i want to know how ubuntu detects the multiple screen  resolution  and then chosses automatically10:55
SVNDRiceroot: like processes, and the speed, graphics card ect..10:55
dr_willisbest minimum.... is an odd term10:56
ubottuHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu or !Lubuntu10:56
icerootSVNDR: no special vga needed, minimum cpu is i58610:56
ActionParsnipSVNDR: also the server install will need less than desktop initially. Depends what services you intend to run10:56
icerootor was i586 dropped?10:56
ActionParsnipi believe i586 was dropped10:57
icerootSVNDR: ok, every i686 cpu will work10:57
icerootSVNDR: speed doesnt matter10:57
ActionParsnipSVNDR: if you have a PC which is less than about 7 years old, it will run well in most cases10:57
SVNDRActionParsnip: i have seen that once.. im looking for more though.. or is that pretty much it.. because i have better then all them specs, yet Ubuntu really doesnt run well10:58
ActionParsnipSVNDR: what do you have in the way of CPU/RAM and video chip?10:58
icerootSVNDR: why not ask your real question? "why is my ubuntu slow" instead of "what minimum does ubuntu needs"10:58
SVNDR1.6GHz, 3GB RAM, my graphics is intergrated..10:59
icerootSVNDR: what does not run well? what ubuntu version, what desktop10:59
ActionParsnipSVNDR: what chip is it? the output of:  lspci | grep -i vga   will tell you10:59
SVNDRiceroot: i have, like 10 times.. and ive tried. like 50 different things.. its not helping..10:59
icerootSVNDR: what is top telling? what is the output of "free -m"10:59
ActionParsnipSVNDR: is the system a laptop?11:00
dr_willisintegrated still has a chipset11:00
SVNDRiceroot: Ubuntu11.10, and Ubuntu heats up my laptop to close to 80C sometimes.. it gets pretty laggy when switching pages.. umm theres another stuff but ive been over it before..11:01
ActionParsniphopefully it's not some SiS rubbish11:01
icerootSVNDR: your system is getting slow because the cpu will underclock itself if getting to hot11:01
ActionParsnipSVNDR: in a termiinal run:  lscpi | grep -i vga   what is output?11:01
SVNDRIntel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller11:01
iceroothope "underclock" is the correct word for it11:01
SVNDRiceroot: yea i know that.. and ive tried to fix the overheating, in so many ways.. with no good outcome.. not even an ounce of positive feedback11:02
SVNDRunderclock sounds bout right11:02
icerootSVNDR: but that info is important11:02
farrukhjonhi all! how get info about installed package for example path of installation...version etc.11:02
icerootSVNDR: because that is the reason for your problems and not the amount of ram, the vga or something else11:02
phoenix_firebrdi am using the onboard intel gma x4500 graphics card. Google earths needs libgl.so, what is the package i need to install to get the libgl.so11:03
icerootfarrukhjon: dpkg -L packagename so see the paths11:03
dr_williscleaned the fans and hestsinks lately?11:03
icerootfarrukhjon: apt-cache policy packagename to get the versions11:03
farrukhjoniceroot:  now try it... -)11:03
SVNDRdr_willis: new heatsink installed like 2 days ago.. also applied thermal paste to the cpu, fans are clean as a whisle11:03
icerootSVNDR: please install lmsensors11:04
SVNDRAnd its not my laptop thats over heating, its Ubuntu over heating my laptop.. windows rans cool, at about 30C11:04
dr_willisexternal fans :)11:04
iceroot!sensors | SVNDR11:04
ubottuSVNDR: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.11:04
SVNDRiceroot: already have11:04
diverdudeI am getting this error: Gem::SourceIndex#add_spec called from /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/source_index.rb:127 -> that line containing: add_spec gemspec if gemspec. Do you know how to get rid of that error?11:04
SVNDRlmsensors doesnt detect my fan, no matter how i try11:04
SVNDRand i also can find my chipset in lmsensors11:04
Pumpkin- /win 3311:04
icerootSVNDR: the problem (and i thinkg i already told that to you some days ago) is... that your OS cant detect the hardware correctly, e.g. temp, fanspeed and so on and because of that its not running the fan (correctly)11:04
ActionParsnipSVNDR: is the system a laptop or desktop ?11:05
iceroot[12:04]     SVNDR | lmsensors doesnt detect my fan, no matter how i try11:05
lorddeltaQuestion for the wireless officiandos in the room (if any): Has WPA2 over Ad-hoc been properly supported yet?11:05
SVNDRdr_willis: i have bought a cooling pad.. which helps, barely though..11:05
icerootSVNDR: i told you that some days ago11:05
diverdudethe full error is: Gem::SourceIndex#add_spec called from /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/source_index.rb:127.11:05
diverdudeNOTE: Gem::SourceIndex#add_spec is deprecated, use Specification.add_spec. It will be removed on or after 2011-11-01.11:05
lorddeltaAnd if so, how on earth to get it working...11:05
ActionParsnipfarrukhjon: apt-cache policy packagename    will show the installed and available versions11:05
SVNDRiceroot: what do you mean you told me that??11:05
farrukhjoniceroot: thanks for help :)11:05
icerootSVNDR: i am sure we already talked about your issie11:05
icerootSVNDR: and i named you the exact reason11:06
ActionParsnipfarrukhjon: the path is fairly irrelevant, all you need is the binary to launch the app which you can see with:    which command      e.g.    which gedit11:06
SVNDRiceroot: yes we have, and iive talked to about 10 other people also.. and ive tried almost everything thats been suggested11:06
icerootSVNDR: your OS (ubuntu) cant read the hardware-infos correclty and because of that its failing at adjusting the cpu-speed and fan-speed11:06
ActionParsnipSVNDR: do you have the latest BIOS?11:06
dr_willisdry ice. ;)11:07
icerootSVNDR: new bios and/or new kernel is a possible solution11:07
lorddeltaI've tried NetworkManager, ad-hoc network, security WPA/WPA2. It "associates", i can run wpa_cli and see that its "connected", but I can't seem to get any computers running on said network to speak to one another...11:07
SVNDRiceroot: just lmsensors cant detect it.. im pretty sure ice ramped up the RPM but changing something in a conf file somehwhere.. cant remember what now though11:07
ActionParsnipSVNDR: what make and model is the system (if it has one)11:07
icerootSVNDR: what?11:07
lorddeltaWorks fine without encryption.11:07
icerootSVNDR: rpm?11:07
dr_willis12.04 should help from what ive read with power issues.11:07
icerootSVNDR: you installed rpm-files?11:07
SVNDRiceroot: ive got the latest BIOS for my system, and it doesnt show anything about fan control either11:08
ActionParsnipSVNDR: what make and model is the system (if it has one)11:08
SVNDRiceroot: im not sure, this was like a week or two ago..11:08
lorddeltaI'd ask about this in networking, except it seems to me the problem is wpa_supplicant/NetworkManager/the state of linux wireless drivers...11:08
JLucOn oneiric11:08
JLucHello : it happens irregularly that the application switcher disappear : 1) pressing Windows Key doesnt launch anayting (nothing happen) , and 2) no application bar appear when ALT TAB, i have to choose blindly, trying one, 2, 3, 4 presses until the right app is selected. Plz is there a way to make leftscreen launchbarappear  in such a situation ?11:08
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity11:09
icerootSVNDR: what is the output of "cat /etc/issue" and "uname -r"11:09
SVNDRActionParsnip: lenovo 3000 n200, the models like 0678 or something arather11:09
SVNDRiceroot: invalid option r11:09
JLucthats for me rodant ?11:09
icerootmichael@eeebuntu:~$ uname -r11:09
lorddeltaI did find this: http://lists.shmoo.com/pipermail/hostap/2007-June/015836.html which indicates that wpa may not be properly supported..11:09
ActionParsnipSVNDR: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/11431211:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 114312 in linux-source-2.6.22 (Ubuntu) "Lenovo 3000 N100 overheats when running 2.6.20-15-generic" [Undecided,Won't fix]11:10
lorddeltaIf no one knows I suppose the next thing would be to file a bug/look into ubuntu's kernel?11:10
ActionParsnipiceroot: how is precise going for you?11:10
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic11:10
SVNDRiceroot:  3.0.0-14-generic11:10
icerootActionParsnip: best release since 8.0411:10
SVNDRiceroot:  Ubuntu 11.10 \n \l11:10
SVNDRiceroot: the only thing i havent done yet is downgrade the kernel11:11
ActionParsnipJLuc: can always install XFCE and it will look and smell like Gnome2. There is a how to on omgubuntu to tweak Gnome3 to look like Gnome211:11
icerootSVNDR: as you see there is already a bug opened for your issue11:11
SVNDRiceroot: ive tried LXDE and other light version and that didnt hekp either11:11
ActionParsnipiceroot: snap :), although karmic was badass here11:11
SVNDRiceroot: what do i do about that bug then?11:11
=== gmasterboots is now known as werder
icerootSVNDR: first you should go to the bug and click on "does it affect you?" -> yes11:11
icerootSVNDR: then you should do some reading on the bug if there is a workaround11:12
SVNDRiceroot: well what is the bug.. i dont know what 'Ubuntu 11.10 \n \l' means?11:12
ActionParsnipSVNDR: try Precise liveUSB/CD  may help11:12
icerootSVNDR: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/11431211:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 114312 in linux-source-2.6.22 (Ubuntu) "Lenovo 3000 N100 overheats when running 2.6.20-15-generic" [Undecided,Won't fix]11:12
ActionParsnipJLuc: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-make-ubuntu-11-10-look-and-feel-like-gnome-2/11:13
icerootActionParsnip: it will be very hard to go from 12.04 to 12.10 because its running so great here :)11:13
JLucamof i quite  like unity but  there are  problems sometime11:13
ActionParsnipiceroot: hehe I always in stall the pre-alpha just to see if my hardware will still always work out of the box11:13
JLuci'd prefer to keep as standard as possible11:14
SVNDRiceroot: i have read that forum11:14
JLucif gnome3 is standard now i'd prefer stay gnome 311:14
JLucso i'll first try gnome3 shell if only known solution is getting rid of unity11:15
SVNDRonly thing i havent done is change the kernel.. for a couple reasons, i dont know how and i dont know what it will affect11:15
=== agus_sintang is now known as agus_rest
ActionParsnipJLuc: could use XFCE, it's built using GTK 311:16
JLucis there a channel for unity related topics ?11:16
ActionParsnipJLuc: right here11:16
JLuconly answer is "get rid of unity" !11:16
JLucsi its not supportive of unity11:17
ActionParsnipJLuc: if you don't like it, don't use it ;)11:17
JLuci like it11:17
ActionParsnipJLuc: then keep it :)11:17
JLucbut i have a problem with it11:17
JLucas with any software11:17
ActionParsnipJLuc: whats the issue?11:17
JLucit happens irregularly that the application switcher disappear : 1) pressing Windows Key doesnt launch anayting (nothing happen) , and 2) no application bar appear when ALT TAB, i have to choose blindly, trying one, 2, 3, 4 presses until the right app is selected. Plz is there a way to make leftscreen launchbarappear  in such a situation ?11:17
=== mingoes is now known as jcarpenter
JLucor to make ALT TAB display the app bar as usual ?11:18
JLucmaybe reseting unity would do the trick11:19
JLucbut how ?11:19
SVNDRSo what else am i supposed to do then?11:19
SVNDRim pretty much past 'keen', to get this fixed11:20
ActionParsnipJLuc: have you tried a different Alt+Tab effect?11:20
ActionParsnipSVNDR: try the precise liveCD11:20
JLucive never thought of  that11:20
hil001hey, does anybody know whether the Ubuntu Servers for South Africa is down?11:20
SVNDRActionParsnip: i installed Ubuntu using Universal USB11:21
icerootSVNDR: the easiest would be to test 12.04 if it is still affecting you (just use a live-cd of 12.04)11:21
icerootSVNDR: you dont have to change your system for that11:21
terohow can I disable updating one specific package? so if i use sudo apt-get upgrade it won't update to a new version ?11:21
icerootActionParsnip: i love "bug-hunting" to much, so i always need a unstable-release :)11:21
rileypAnyone tried ubuntu tv11:22
iceroottero: with hold "man dpkg"11:22
icerootrileyp: not released yet11:22
airtonixtero: it's called pinning11:22
SVNDRiceroot: how unstable is 12.04?11:22
icerootSVNDR: its a alpha-release, so please dont use it as a production system11:22
airtonixtero: as in 'pin a package down to a specific version'11:22
icerootSVNDR: its just we want to see how linux 3.2.x is working on your machine11:22
hil001struggling to get online with Ubuntu 11.0411:22
wwwdhil001: What's stopping you?11:23
hil001internet works on Windows PC11:23
SVNDRiceroot: i will give it ago a bit later and let you know if there is any improvement.. i actually looking at buying a new laptop next week, i dont know why im stressing so much, but like you said, bug hunting is fun ;p11:23
rileypiceroot https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTV/Contributing11:24
hil001just doesn't get Etrhernet to pick up ADSL11:24
icerootSVNDR: it is :)11:24
icerootSVNDR: and its also helping other people with the same issue11:24
rileypdownload and build install instructions11:24
hil001I plugged in ADSL cable like always, but nothing ... clean install ... check the cables ... check the ADSL ... but nothing?11:25
icerootrileyp: #ubuntu-tv11:25
iceroothil001: so you are directly conntected to the modem? or a router?11:25
rileypmeh ok11:25
hil001rounter yes11:25
wwwdHave you been on with earlier ubuntus?11:25
hil001router yes, windows PC next to mine OK11:25
g[r]eekHey fellas. I've set up dnsmasq on my one ubuntu server. In order to use it as a DNS server on our LAN, I had to configure my laptop's /etc/resolv.conf to include the server's IP address as a nameserver. All was working fine until I rebooted my laptop. It seems /etc/resolv.conf has been re-written again. How do I ensure that my LAN server stays in there as a nameserver? Thanks11:26
hil001I also got online with 12.04, but not 11.0411:26
iceroothil001: so you are using DHCP to get automaticly an adress11:26
JLucwell thank you anyway actionparsnip11:26
iceroothil001: please paste the output of "ifconfig"11:26
iceroot!paste | hil00111:26
hil001yes, don't know how to set IPs manually11:26
ubottuhil001: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:26
llutzg[r]eek: add your dns-server to networkmanagers connection, rightclick connection, edit11:26
ActionParsnipg[r]eek: you'll need to set the interfaces on the clients to: dhcp (address only) then set the DNS to the IP of your DNS server, then some web ones11:26
hil001I cannot, because I chatting from Windows 7 on another PC11:27
ActionParsnipg[r]eek: http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html   has a how to, just change the DNS to yours :)11:27
llutzg[r]eek: if you use /etc/network/interfaces add "dns-nameservers y.b.x.s" and make sure package "resolvconf" is installed11:27
g[r]eekllutz, we're using iface eth0 / wlan0 inet dhcp in our /etc/network/interfaces11:28
llutzg[r]eek: then edit your dhclient.conf, "prepend dns-name-server...."11:29
ubunteiroi was loking for some support in how to use my generic camera with skype. plz anyone.11:29
ActionParsnipubunteiro: does it work in cheese. There is no such thing as a "generic camera"11:32
bullgard6"Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (itpc) isn't associated with any program." What Ubuntu program does process the protocol »itunes podcast« (itpc)?11:35
ubunteiroActionParsnip, sorry, dont work in cheese. a friend helped me here to coinfig and work with luvcview, it works, but not on cheese or skype.11:35
ubunteiroActionParsnip, dont know why. can u hel p me?11:35
ActionParsnipubunteiro: run:  lsusb   one line wil identify the device, you can use the 8 character hex ID to find guides11:36
ActionParsnipbullgard6: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154630711:37
ActionParsnipbullgard6: seems to be some iTunes crap11:37
ubunteiroActionParsnip, Bus 004 Device 002: ID 1c4f:3000 SiGma Micro Micro USB Web Camera11:38
ActionParsnipbullgard6: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Register_protocol   you can register the new protocol in about:config11:38
ActionParsnipubunteiro: if you run:  LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so cheese       does it work?11:39
ubunteiroActionParsnip, no. it worked on luvcview, not on cheese or skype11:40
ActionParsnipubunteiro: you said, but if you use the command I gave, does it work then?11:40
Chotaz`WHey guys, quick question here, when I tunnel into my home comp, it says my external hdd will be checked for errors on next reboot, could I trigger this manually without restarting the computeR?11:41
ActionParsnipubunteiro: I found this: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/SkypeWebCams  which has the ID you gave11:41
bullgard6ActionParsnip: It is iTunes crap, yes. But I need it..11:41
ActionParsnipbullgard6: the how to shows how you can add a protocol handler in about:config and make it use something else (may work)11:41
ubunteiroActionParsnip, dont work it, also.11:42
ActionParsnipubunteiro: check the link I gave11:42
ubunteiroActionParsnip, it has the id? i didnt found.11:42
ActionParsnipubunteiro: ID 1c4f:3000    copied and pasted from YOUR output...11:42
ubunteiroActionParsnip, copy this ID where?         sorry11:43
dharrizarax did you click on the X button by mistake? lol11:44
ActionParsnipubunteiro: the link I gave mentions that ID11:44
=== Milos|Netbook is now known as moneybagses
jattwill ubuntu run on a macbook air?11:45
ActionParsnip jatt sure11:45
ubunteiroact, didnt understand what u are meaning11:45
dharrihave u tried running a live CD on it?11:45
ubunteiroim on that link11:45
jattcan I dual boot it?11:45
ActionParsnipjatt: why you'd want to is a bit strange but its possible11:45
ActionParsnipjatt: yes11:45
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages11:45
ubunteiroActionParsnip, didnt understand. i got the link. the ID. what do i have to do?11:45
ubunteiroActionParsnip, copy where?11:45
ActionParsnipubunteiro: I gave a link, if you search the page you will see a suggested command11:46
Chotaz`WHey guys, quick question here, when I tunnel into my home comp, it says my external hdd will be checked for errors on next reboot, could I trigger this manually without restarting the computeR?11:47
ActionParsnipChotaz`W: unmount the partition and you can fsck it11:47
onreChotaz`W, umount the drive and fsck it11:47
onreoh, echo :p11:47
ubunteiroActionParsnip, ok, but search waht, the ID?11:47
ubunteiroActionParsnip, didnt found nothing11:48
ubunteiroActionParsnip, sorry. what do i have to search?11:48
ActionParsnipubunteiro: yes, if you search the ID on the page you will see an example file11:48
ActionParsnipwell, command, not file11:48
Chotaz`WActionParsnip, onre I have a torrent client and a news reader actively using that drive, how can I check what jobs/processes are using that device, terminate them and then, how to unmount it via terminal?11:48
ubunteiroActionParsnip, they say the search is invalid11:48
ActionParsnipChotaz`W: kill / stop the proceses then11:48
Chotaz`WActionParsnip: I dont know how I can find these proceses.11:49
ActionParsnipubunteiro: let me make you a screen cap..11:50
ubunteiroActionParsnip, thanks11:50
bullgard6[Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME shell 3.2.1]Is dconf-editor the successor of gconf-editor?   '~$ LANG=C man dconf-editor; No manual entry for dconf-editor.'11:50
ActionParsnipubunteiro: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/ID.JPG11:53
ActionParsnipubunteiro: are you new to the internet ?11:53
werderbullgard6: I think so but its crazy weird and slightly unstable right now.11:53
werderbullgard6: not to mention not completed11:53
ubunteiroActionParsnip, no new to the net11:54
ubunteiroActionParsnip, oh, thanks, ill try right now11:54
ubunteirothan i tell u11:54
ActionParsnipubunteiro: you really couldn't find that on that page?11:55
ubunteiroActionParsnip, then i tell you, ok?11:55
bullgard6werder: Thank you very much for your judgment.11:55
werderbullgard6: when you look at both side-by-side, it looks like the devs decided to redo gconf except rip out all the features11:56
yan_nickmoin :) kann mir jemand sagen wie ich was in die /etc/resolv.conf eintragen kann ohne dass es beim neustart weg ist?11:59
llutz!de | yan_nick add your dns to networkmanager connection12:00
ubottuyan_nick add your dns to networkmanager connection: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:00
ubunteiroActionParsnip, aint got no time now12:00
ubunteiroActionParsnip, gotta leave12:00
ubunteiroActionParsnip, ill try later, thnaks12:00
Chotaz`WActionParsnip: sorry to be taking your time, how can I search for processes/jobs that are using a specific device?12:01
=== agus_sintang is now known as mode_mandi
bullgard6ActionParsnip:  [Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME shell 3.2.1] dconf-editor > desktop/gnome/url-handler does not exist.12:01
=== mode_mandi is now known as agus_sintang
yan_nickllutz: oh forgot it :D12:01
yan_nickubottu: just as a nameserver?12:02
ubottuyan_nick: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:02
yan_nickllutz: ^^12:02
ActionParsnipbullgard6: use about:config12:02
llutzyan_nick: yes, righclick, edit conenction and somewhere in ipv4 setting i guess12:02
werderChotaz`W: 'sudo lsof -t /dev/sdX' will give you the process ids of all the processes for the filesystem12:02
agus_sintang.imdb Johnny English Reborn12:02
DeathWolfJohnny English Reborn -- http://imdb.com/title/tt/ -- Movie from 201112:02
Chotaz`Wwerder: thanks12:02
yan_nickllutz: ipv4 settings, method manual?12:02
MonkeyDustDeathWolf  wrong channel12:02
werderChotaz`W: revised: omit the -t12:02
llutzyan_nick: check all possibilites, i don't have nm here atm12:03
ActionParsnipyan_nick: if you want to manually set nameservers then in network manager set the interface to DHCP (address only) then you can manually define the DNS servers12:03
yan_nickokay vut thanks12:03
ActionParsnipChotaz`W: lsof  may help12:03
Chotaz`Wwerder: using a process id, can I check its details(name of daemon, etc etc)?12:03
werderyeah try 'sudo lsof /dev/sdX'12:04
saju_mldap issue,  certificate is not valid  http://dpaste.com/68651912:07
saju_mgetting error while trying to run command: ldapsearch -d8 -x -H ldaps://  http://dpaste.com/68651912:13
sveinseI have a bash snippet http://paste.ubuntu.com/801670/ which works in bash, but it fails in upstart. Probably because the shell in upstart is not bash. Any ideas to what I need to do to alter it to work?12:14
=== sins-- is now known as sins-
Chotaz`WActionParsnip: so i unmounted the device by umount /dev/sdb1 and then i ran fsck -pv /dev/sdb112:16
Chotaz`Whow do i mount it back again12:16
ActionParsnipChotaz`W: sudo mount /dev/sdb1   assuming it is in /etc/fstab12:17
Chotaz`WActionParsnip: it couldnt find it there12:19
werderChotaz`W: where is it usually mounted?12:20
RevoDoes anyone know when ubuntu will update its version of mediawiki?12:20
Revoits old as shit.12:20
Chotaz`Wnot really sure, i just kind of "plug-and-play" it.12:20
FloodBot1Revo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:20
Fudgehi, whats that bedualed  game called on  ubuntu12:21
Fudgebejewled w/e12:21
werderChotaz`W: does 'sudo mount -a' do anything?12:21
Chotaz`Wwerder: no output12:22
werderi think12:22
NimeshNeemai have emacs23 installed but it always starts in graphical mode. how do i run a CLI version of the same ?12:22
crunchyemacs23 -nw12:22
NimeshNeemacrunchy: w00t !!! thanks12:23
werderChotaz`W: see if the drive's listed in 'sudo mount -l'12:23
Chotaz`Wwerder: the drive is usualy on /media/MyBook and I dont see it in this list12:24
ikoniadiverdude: why is your application looking in /usr/local/12:25
werderChotaz`W: you said you were tunneling so I assume you can't unplug and replug the drive?12:25
diverdudeikonia, hmm im not sure. where do you see that?12:25
Chotaz`Wwerder: thats about right12:25
ikoniadiverdude: your error12:25
ikoniadiverdude: /usr/local/lib/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/source_index.rb:12712:25
diverdudeohh suppose thats where ruby places the gems12:26
ikoniashouldn't do12:26
werderChotaz`W: ok the /media mount is udev black magick i think.12:26
diverdudeikonia, im using repo ruby12:26
ikoniashouldn't be putting anything in /usr/local then12:26
werderChotaz`W: can you get away with just making dir /mnt/MyBook and mounting it there till you get physical access?12:28
Chotaz`Wwerder: im not sure if I know how to do so.12:29
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic12:29
Chotaz`Wwerder: it's a 1TB HDD, heres the pastie of the output for sudo mount -l : http://pastebin.com/dYLKygP912:30
werderChotaz`W: 'mkdir /mnt/Mybook' (might have to use sudo) then 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/MyBook'12:30
werderChotaz`W: that should work12:30
JLuchello, if have sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback,12:32
Chotaz`Wwerder: i will have to mount it to /media/MyBook so my torrent client finds it there12:32
JLucbut choosing gnome or gnome (no effect) at login brings me to same unity desktop12:32
Chotaz`Whow cna I unmount it?, neither /mnt/MyBook or /dev/sdb1 work12:33
JLucwhat am i doing wrong ?12:33
JLuci have also autoremove12:33
werderChotaz`W: you can't unmount it?12:33
nenn3are there any ways to publicly access Ubuntu version control to look at commits etc?12:34
Chotaz`Wwerder: here http://pastie.org/private/s9kpw3ycco6hsrj07qiqbg12:35
werderChotaz`W: you just forgot to use sudo: 'sudo umount /mnt/MyBook12:36
Chotaz`Wwerder: sorry about that, and thanks, let me try to mount it on /media/Mybook :D12:37
werderno worries, ive done it loads of times12:37
werderforgotten sudo, that is12:38
Chotaz`Wwerder: all fine now and my rsync is finding the device again, thanks =D12:38
icerootwerder: great nickname :)12:41
werdericeroot: ain't it just12:41
gde33can ubuntu be moved to a different disk without problems?12:41
icerootgde33: is the other disc the same? (size)?12:42
gde33iceroot: bigger12:42
icerootgde33: you want a clone of the complete system?12:42
Humbedoohyes, but you have to angle it at precisely 90 degrees so the data doesn't spill out of the disk :>12:42
werdergde33: this is where Clonezilla enters12:42
icerootgde33: yes, you should have a look at clonezilla12:43
Chotaz`Wwerder, ActionParsnip: awesome tips are awesome, thanks guys, learnt some stuff today :D12:43
werderChotaz`W: good to hear it worked12:43
AaisleEhey.. i am following the steps here "http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/how-to-install-gnome-shell-themes-in-ubuntu-11-10/" to use a downloaded gnome theme.  For some reason in my advanced settings under shell extensions there is no options in the window.  Also under theme next to the shell theme drop down there is an orange triangle with an ! in it.  Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong? Sorry its my first day on linux12:44
zx81i have a problem with my sound config, all is done (but after 10 min using microphone the sound made crunch and the sound will stop) have you an idea ???12:45
glebihanAaisleE, that means you're not running gnome-shell (but probably unity, the default)12:45
AaisleEglebihan, before I logged in I chose the settings then gnome.  wouldn't that mean i am running gnome?12:46
rileypiceroot are you involved in ubuntu tv12:47
MonkeyDustzx81  in a terminal, type alsamixer, if you see MM somehere, type m12:47
glebihanAaisleE, unity is gnome12:47
AaisleEglebihan, oh ok.. ill do a little more searching around thanks for the help12:47
glebihanAaisleE, unity is a shell that runs on top of gnome (just as gnome-shell does)12:47
TeddyZhey guys, i'm looking to purchase a graphics card that works well on Unity 3D  (11.10) ... i've got ATI options but i don't know if they work ... is there some place i can check if certain models work well or not ?12:48
zx81MonkeyDust, all is right,12:48
glebihanAaisleE, by default gnome-shell isn't installed on ubuntu, so if you want to use it, you'll have to install it12:48
rileypnvidia all the way with linux12:48
rileypnot ATI12:48
werder+1 for nvidiad12:49
TeddyZrileyp: so ATI is a definite NO NO ?12:49
IamTryingFrom my Fedora i am connected with $ ssh -X ubuntuPC and when i start xclock it does not comes to my Fedora. I issued those but still not https://gist.github.com/1600317   how do i solve it?12:49
glebihanTeddyZ, depends, I prefer ATI12:49
rileypesp if you want to take advantage of vidpau software decoding of 1080p material12:49
AaisleEglebihan, ok.. under the software center i searched gnome shell and found it.  but it says remove instead of install so I take it i have it already installed? if so how do I choose it?12:49
rileypyes nvidia is much better supported12:50
werderthe nvidia blobs work better than the ati ones12:50
zx81MonkeyDust my config sound is ok, but when i use Skype or Rec with Qjack ctl server its the same result, after 10 minutes the sound cut, ( how check that)12:50
TeddyZrileyp: any nvidia works out of the box?12:50
glebihanAaisleE, it should there on the login screen12:50
AaisleEglebihan, ok im going to check. thanks a lot for the help i really appreciate it12:51
glebihanAaisleE, you're welcome12:51
rileypall vid card work out of box nut one needs to install better than vesa driver an nvidia driver Follow a guide safest bet12:51
werderTeddyZ: it will work out of the box but you'll want to install the nvidia-current for a newish card12:52
rileypYou can point and click to install nvidia drivers though12:52
rileypati pull out hair try 3 times and get a black screen is the rule for most12:53
gblahIs it just me or is Ubuntu running very hot? Asus notebook.12:53
TeddyZok thnx guys.. any model recommendations? i need it to work on 4 monitors... price is not an issue12:53
rileypnew users of ubuntu and using an ati card12:53
rileypwell then if money no object you would be mad not to get nvidia12:54
rileypfor any linux install fullstop12:54
TeddyZrileyp: ok i'm convinced :) i'm going for nvidia... just need find the correct model12:55
Tony_the wireless card sees the network but still is not auto connecting, do i need the essid or mac address put in?12:55
werderit is possible to sli just looks like its a bitch12:55
bullgard6andre_: ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapplications.list associates a mime-type to an application program (n times). What is the proper mime-type for the itpc protocol?12:55
AaisleEglebihan, the only options i have showing up  are "gnome, gnome classic, gnome classic (no effects), ubuntu, and ubuntu 2d".. i dont see anything about gnome-shell12:55
=== SVNDR is now known as farking
glebihanAaisleE, well I guess it should be the gnome entry then, but not sure, I'm not on ubuntu at the moment12:56
AaisleEglebihan, ok ill give it a try. thanks again for the help12:56
rileypany card > 9200 can do vdpau software decoding of 1080p content  on as little as a 1.6 ghz single core atom with 2 gig of ram12:56
werderrileyp: your wikipedia skills are par excellence12:57
OsmodivsWhy is Xuggle Xuggler is not in Ubuntu?12:57
rileypso I would set 9200 as the base model but they are only $40 Australian anyways...12:57
rileypor $40 US same diff12:58
MonkeyDustOsmodivs  what is xuggle?12:58
OsmodivsMonkeyDust: Something to make Java works12:58
Tony_the wireless card sees the network but still is not auto connecting, do i need the essid or mac address put in?12:58
icerootrileyp: no12:58
rileypah ok are you just watching?12:59
rileyplike me !12:59
=== farking is now known as SVNDR
rileypwerder thx lol12:59
Osmodivsjava.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no xuggle-ferry in java.library.path12:59
rileypbeen using mythtv for 2 years +  I know gpu reqs 1080p13:00
MonkeyDustrileyp  who are you talking to?13:00
Caifasguys, I made a custom install cd based on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization, but I can't find where I can change the plymouth, can anyone help me with that?13:00
=== angela-android is now known as nothingspecial
rileypMonkeyDust, I was iceroot and then werder13:01
werderCaifas: brute force: 'sudo find / -iname plymouth'13:01
TeddyZrileyp: thnx for ur help13:02
rileypno worries13:03
anshrpr1Ubuntu 11.10, screen brightness sets to full everytime I restart and mobile broadband connection doesn't work, I have to reconfigure my phone and the setup the connectino again every time I boot to Ubuntu....13:04
meerkatsi need help to combine columns and a line with libreoffice, its for a climograph, it has to look like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CalcuttaMetric.png13:04
minti did the traditional install to USB stick with 'startup disk creator'. i had a power outage one day.  now when i try to boot from USB, i get a Boot Loader window with casper/initrd.lz: read error @ 1439859713:13
mint*ubuntu 11.1013:14
mintwhich makes me sad13:15
ActionParsnipmint: did you MD5 test the ISO you transferred?13:17
ikoniaits just corruption13:17
ikoniahe's had a power outage13:17
ikoniait's on a usb stick13:17
ActionParsnipmint: sounds like the surge has damaged the device13:17
ActionParsnipor just the data13:18
mintreally? sounds like the file initrd.lz is damaged13:18
ikoniainitrd.lz ?13:18
anshrpr1Ubuntu 11.10, screen brightness sets to full everytime I restart and mobile broadband connection doesn't work, I have to reconfigure my phone and the setup the connectino again every time I boot to Ubuntu....13:19
minti don't know much about this file. was wondering if i'd lose data (eg. doccuments) if i replaces it13:20
ActionParsnipmint: you wil have made a backup if your data is important to you13:21
ActionParsnip!test | AaisleE13:24
ubottuAaisleE: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )13:24
werdermint: initrd.lz is just for booting the kernel. your data shouldn't be affected if only that is corrupted. I would suggest you  backup your data like ActionParsnip said and reformat13:25
dubeyi want to run a script when user logout. So i wrote a script and add a line in .bash_logout file, But when i tried to exit, the script is not getting executed13:25
ActionParsnipwerder: or boot an older kernel if you have one (might work)13:25
mintwerder: thanks, i might try to replace that file13:26
ActionParsnipdubey: http://z-computer-z.blogspot.com/2010/10/run-script-on-logout-ubuntu-linux.html13:27
Chees_BHWcan you tell me the apache chanel ? if there's any ?13:27
ActionParsnipChees_BHW: #apache  maybe13:27
ikoniaChees_BHW: #httpd13:27
werdermint: well if you want to do that download the iso of the distro you had on the stick, then loop mount it and copy over the initrd13:27
bobweaverHello there I am tring to create a script that lokks at what kinda package manager a linux distro uses. then echo >> alais sudo 'yum' ~/.bashrc ; but does anyone know a command that looks for what type of package manger there OS has ? <- only *nix13:27
Urchindubey: it was probably not a login shell you used13:27
ikoniabobweaver: this isn't an ubuntu issue13:28
werdermint: however, I assume that is not the only problem13:28
g[r]eekHi guys. I'm using the package resolvconf to include our LAN server's IP address in the list of nameservers. This nameserver is configured in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head. Now the problem we're having is that while all requests to the LAN server are very fast, requests to the outside internet are taking forever to resolve. That's because our ADSL router's dynamically assigned nameservers are being placed after our LAN server's IP in /etc/resolv.conf.13:28
g[r]eekAnd of course if we swap them around (ie: put the LAN server's IP in resolvconf's tail file), the internet requests are quick but LAN requests are slow. Any idea how to solve this so that both are quick? Thanks13:28
ActionParsnipdubey: yours will be lightdm as you are using Oneiric with Gnome more than likely, mine is lxdm as I use LXDE :)13:28
dubeyUrchin: i am sing Ubuntu11.10 and there is no /etc/gdm13:28
mintwerder: ok, i 1st booted from cd to make USB so i can copy that way13:28
ActionParsnipg[r]eek: use as the secondary name server13:29
dubeyActionParsnip: no GUI13:29
ikoniag[r]eek: fix your name servers from the router13:29
ActionParsnipdubey: I see, hmm13:29
g[r]eekActionParsnip, woah? How come?13:29
werdermint: well if you didn't put any personal data on the usb then remaking the live-usb with live-usb-creator or whatever you used is your best bet13:30
g[r]eekikonia, what do you mean?13:30
ActionParsnipg[r]eek: its free to try13:30
vreghow do you get to the terminal on a livecd ubuntu?13:30
ikoniag[r]eek: you have a list of name server, some are you internal ones, some are you adsl ones13:30
ActionParsnipdubey: ask in #ubuntu-server too13:30
g[r]eekActionParsnip, no what I meant was why would that work?13:30
ActionParsnipg[r]eek: might be faster than the ones you have set13:30
ikoniag[r]eek: your internal ones are quick13:30
ikoniag[r]eek: stop the adsl router giving out it's name servers to clients, or fix the adsl's name server forwarding13:30
werdermint: its a lot easier and cleaner to redo the usb stick as that will clear out other problems the stick most probably has13:30
vregi found the terminal once before13:30
mintso to restore from a backup, i'd copy over the other main file(s)13:30
vregbut i can't remember how now13:30
ActionParsnipdubey: could add the script in the rc levels, may work13:31
g[r]eekikonia, ok I see, thanks13:31
llutzg[r]eek: let your LANs namerserver proxy WAN-dns too, switch off routers dns-server13:31
ActionParsnipmint: your user datas and configs basically, the OS will be the sme13:31
vregctrl alt T13:31
werdermint: if you didn't put any personal files on the USB, just format it, then remake the live-USB13:32
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ActionParsnipmint: what distro/release is on the usb?13:33
Tony_actionparsnip, the built in wireless sees the network but still wont auto connect, do i need the bssid or mac put in?13:33
ActionParsnipTony_: my wireless skills aren't great13:34
ActionParsnipmint: which distro?13:34
ikoniamint: ubuntu or mint 11.10 ?13:34
werderthere aint no mint 11.1013:34
ActionParsnipmint: 11.10 is the release number, not the distro. Ubuntu is your distro :)13:34
ikoniai'm asking as you're running from mint now13:35
ActionParsnipikonia: you saw what I saw ;)13:35
g[r]eekActionParsnip, ikonia, llutz: thanks for the help13:35
ikoniaI know he's currently using mint, so it's worth checking13:35
mintyes, mint today from cd, not my ubuntu USB13:35
Tony_pici, the built in wireless sees the network but still wont auto connect, do i need the bssid or mac put in?13:35
ActionParsnipmint: if you can find the file, you MAY be able to copy the file over to repair it13:36
ActionParsnipTony_: have you tried wicd?13:36
ActionParsnipTony_: install wicd, uninstall network manager and reboot, wicd has a tick box to tell it to autoconect13:37
NimeshNeemanew version of Filezilla has rolled out. How do i upgrade my installation or Filezilla. "sudo apt-get update" doesn't seems to be working13:37
Tony_actionparsnip, thx will try13:37
mintActionParsnip: thanks, it's worth a shot!13:37
meerkatsI need to convert the orange columns into a line, like in a climograph http://imagebin.org/19321413:38
werderNimeshNeema: its probably not in the ubuntu repos yet13:38
werderNimeshNeema: there's probably a ppa for it13:38
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa13:38
ActionParsnipNimeshNeema: why use filezilla, nautilus can connect to anything filezilla can..13:39
NimeshNeemaActionParsnip: hmm u got a point thr... btw i was thinking of switching to CLI verion of ftp client13:40
vregis extlinux available?13:40
AaisleEis it true that gnome-shell wont work in VMWare?13:40
mintrAnDoM advice - i tried updating empathy via sudo in v.11.04 with a bad result.  yet updating firefox via sudo/terminal WORKED A TREAT!13:40
vregwhen i do apt-get install extlinux it says it might be obsoleted13:41
werderAaisleE: no13:41
vregwhich is weird13:41
ActionParsnipNimeshNeema: thats an option too, if you use nautilus, it will make downloading and uploading as easy as copying and pasting local files :)13:41
werderAaisleE: wait, I take it back. I don;t know13:41
vregand i already have syslinux, which is weirder13:41
AaisleEwerer, haha ok13:41
vreghow do i get extlinux?13:41
ActionParsnipAaisleE: it will need 3D accelleration. I'd use a light DE like LXDE or XFCE to make the VM snappier13:41
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werderAaisleE: I just assumed you said VBox and that you can have Gnome-shell on13:42
andrei_hallo baby13:42
ActionParsnip!info extlinux13:42
ubottuextlinux (source: syslinux): collection of boot loaders (ext2/3/4 and btrfs bootloader). In component universe, is optional. Version 2:4.04+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 77 kB, installed size 292 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 all)13:42
andrei_kak si ?13:42
NimeshNeemaubottu: ftp13:42
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd13:42
andrei_asl pls13:42
ActionParsnipvreg: its in software centre13:42
vregActionParsnip: no items match "extlinux"13:43
vregis what software center says13:43
werdervreg: try Synaptic then13:44
werdervreg: or good old command line13:44
vregwerder: i pulled up the terminal13:44
vregtyped apt-get install extlinux13:44
vregit says it might be obsoleted13:44
vregbut as far as i know extlinux is in most major distros, right?13:45
werdervreg: ???13:45
vregit's in active development13:45
vregit's part of syslinux13:45
vregwhich the ubuntu livecd says is installed13:45
vregbut exlinux is missing13:45
vregextlinux, even13:46
werdervreg: extlinux was merged with syslinux13:46
ActionParsnipvreg: do you have universe repo enabled?13:46
vregbut i need to run extlinux13:46
vregActionParsnip: it said i'll need to enable universe13:47
werdervreg: well if you want it it's there13:47
ActionParsnipvreg: yes, then enable it in software centre13:47
vregwerder: so there's an option to the syslinux command?13:47
vregto make it run extlinux itself13:47
Picivreg: its in the extlinux package.13:47
Picivreg: as ActionParsnip has said a few times.13:48
ActionParsnipvreg: its in the universe repo, you don't have that enabled so it won't appear as an available app13:48
vreghow do i enable universe13:49
werdervreg: being curious why do you need extlinux and not syslinux?13:49
vregbtw does ubuntu have the patch for extlinux that allows it to work on ext4 partitions?13:49
ActionParsnipvreg: in software centre, or you can uncomment the lines in /etc/apt/sources.list   which have the word universe in them13:49
vregwerder: i'm going to boot from a usb stick13:49
ikoniasyslinux will do that13:49
werdervreg: then you want syslinux13:49
vregi'm going to bootstrap a slackware from this ubuntu livecd13:50
SilfenXhello - I m having a slight problem accessing my homeserver when my VPN tunnel is up. The server has got one physical netowrk card, eth0, and a 'virtual' interface, ppp0, which is the VPN tunnel when it s active. When it s not, I can access the server just fine and services are responding on eth0. Do I need to configure services to also listen on the ppp0 interface somehow?13:50
vregit's why i need extlinux specifially13:50
ikoniasyslinux will do that13:50
werdervreg: if you're set on extlinux go to Software Sources and enable the universe repo in that13:51
ActionParsnipPici: can I PM you please dude?13:52
vregwerder: where is software sources?13:52
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vregalso, ActionParsnip: i don't see the option to enable universe in software centre13:52
werderi think system or administration. just search for it13:53
ActionParsnipvreg: its under on of the menus in the top bar13:53
ActionParsnipvreg: try looking about rather than expecting a big flashy button to grab your attention13:53
PiciActionParsnip: always13:53
prashant_123456what if i want to use gnome as well as kde ?? wanna use it both13:54
=== irenicus09 is now known as Guest30137
zulaxis the power consumption bug fixed on kernel 3.0.0-12? on ubuntu 11.10 ?13:54
bazhangprashant_123456, install the kubuntu-desktop package, select from login window13:54
icerootzulax: no13:55
werderprashant_123456: you can install kubuntu-desktop, but it'll add a ton of packages13:55
vregthe top bar with "software centre" written on it?13:55
vregit has no menus13:55
vregother than the right click one13:55
zulaxiceroot, any idea how long the fix might take? i am having to run windows these days :(13:55
icerootzulax: no but if i am correct its fixed in 3.2 (12.04) so i guess there will be a backport soon (but just guessing)13:56
zulaxok, thanks13:56
prashant_123456bazhang, and after that if i want to use gnome again then ??13:57
bazhangprashant_123456, same, choose from login window13:57
prashant_123456bazhang, ok thanks13:57
hansiHello. I am trying to import cliparts from ocal in an inkscape document. After installing gnomevfs2-extra I got all cliparts listed, but the preview  results ( and importing too) i the error "could not find the file in Open Clip Art Library). I am using natty, any ideas or hints?14:02
nothhroi, hello14:04
werderhansi: can you just point inkscape at the disk location for the ocal clipart?14:04
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caaakeeeyhey, im having issues installing ssh on a virtual machine, i get the error "start: Unknown job: ssh" when trying to install it through apt-get or trying to start the service14:07
werdercaaakeeey: you can't install it?14:07
MonkeyDustcaaakeeey  it's openssh-client and openssh-server14:07
caaakeeeysorry, i was installing openssh-server14:07
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hansiwerder, importing a clipart manually works (pointing to the file). But I can used search with tags. The preferences have an "open clip art library server name" field set to openclipart.org. I don't more details of the mechanics behind, but I think the gnome-vfs2 offers this (at least, they  are listed).14:09
werderhansi: I am in <-----------------------------thismuch-----------------------------------> over my head14:10
skypenthey there, i moved an important file to trash and than emptied trash without realizing it.  is there a way to get this back or is it gone?14:10
gamer90can someone help me please?14:10
rottenhubertgamer90: what's up?14:11
gamer90i have an Acer Aspire M3920 with intel hd 2000 graphics and some programs are having graphics issues14:12
andornautAnyone know how to merge menu categories? I have categories for "Games" and "Windows Games" (codeweaver/wine) that i'd like to combine into 1 category.14:12
rottenhubertgamer90: we'll need more info: what programs, what issues?14:13
werderandornaut: drag or move all the Windows Games to Games then delete Windows Games14:14
gamer90gcompris/screensavers and graphics experiemce and the issue is garbled graphics14:14
gamer90my graphics experience is standard or something14:14
=== jpds_ is now known as jpds
andornautwerder: that works for now, but if a new application is installed that specifies a "Windows Games" category then i'd be in the same spot. Was hoping for something more permanent.14:15
werderandornaut: true, its just a hack14:15
werderandornaut: it might be buried in the preferences of crossover14:15
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meerkatsI need to convert the orange columns into a line, like in a climograph http://imagebin.org/19321414:16
andornautwerder: will check14:16
gamer90it says my driver is Unknown14:16
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zx81help my computer its freezing ???14:17
gamer90my experience is  "Standard"14:17
zx81its since i install oneric14:17
loganrunhow to I install a pdf plugin on chrome for ubuntu14:17
zx81my computer is freezing since install oneric ?????14:17
gamer90intel core i3 2100 cpu W 3.10GHz x 414:18
=== LjL is now known as neutrino
gamer90os type 64-bit14:18
pragma_Suppose I have Ubuntu 11.10, is it possible to install from a ppa from Ubuntu 12.04?14:19
gamer90will anyone help ,e?14:19
zx81how check my computer ???14:20
werderwho was asking about recovering trash?14:20
icerootpragma_: yes but it is not recoomend14:20
zx81because its freezing14:20
icerootpragma_: and problems with something like that are normally not supported here14:20
zx81too much14:20
icerootzx81: eeepc or msi wind?14:20
zx81its a dual core14:21
pragma_iceroot: it's a fairly small package without many dependencies -- how would I tell apt to do this?14:21
zx81usualy no problem14:21
ai9371where should i put css files?14:21
icerootpragma_: you have to put the line by hand in your sources.list because pt-add-repository will set it to oneiric14:21
blast007zx81: you're not giving anywhere near enough information to even begin to narrow down your problem14:22
zx81iceroot ??14:22
ai9371media or static?14:22
icerootzx81: we need more details, just freezing is not enough for us to help14:22
Piciai9371: What does that have to do with Ubuntu?14:22
ai9371wrong channel14:22
Piciai9371: okay :)14:22
werderskypent: I think I found a solution: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/fedora-35/any-way-to-recover-files-deleted-from-kde-trash-810569/14:24
zx81exemple : when i use skype the sound is "crunch" (after 10 mn) and stop,  after the windows will have no more text in,14:24
zx81i can't open another windows14:24
skypentwerder; thanks bud14:25
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sameshitdiffdayhey all14:25
Guest25668Hello all. I've got a usb disk. I put some files on it using PCLOS and now on Ubuntu I cannot gain access to them. I've tried using Nautilus under root in order to change permissions, but it seems I cannot. Any advice?14:26
zx81iceroot what u want know14:26
sameshitdiffdayi'm on ubuntu 11.10 and when one user mounts a (probably LUKS?-)encrypted partition, another user can see this partition too, which is kind of ... useless14:27
sameshitdiffdayhow do i get rid of ths behaviour?14:27
icerootzx81: what ubuntu-version, what are you doing to freeze it, any errors? something usefull in /var/log/syslog14:27
Guest25668zx81 I want to know how to change the permissions so I can access my files.14:27
werdersameshitdiffday: that is remarkably terrible14:28
sameshitdiffdayyep, it is14:28
sameshitdiffdaywell, may be not THAT teribble14:28
saju_mi created a CA Issued Certificate based on http://www.openldap.org/pub/ksoper/OpenLDAP_TLS.html#5.0,   but  when i running "# openssl verify cacert.pem"   it showing      cacert.pem: C = IN, ST = Bangalore, O = Fluent, OU = Software, CN = Manager, emailAddress = sa@sa.com,   error 18 at 0 depth lookup:self signed certificate, OK14:28
icerootsameshitdiffday: can he see the content of that partition?14:28
sameshitdiffdayi was used to mount this specific encrypted disk with that special user, before14:28
icerootsameshitdiffday: or access the content in any way?14:28
sameshitdiffdaybut i'm shure i nerver asked the system to save the key, not even for one login14:28
sameshitdiffdayyes, i can14:29
emyi146Hi everyone! I need help, how can I force synchronous writting in a USB disk?? I need my files are writted inmediatly, avoiding safe umount. Any suggestion??14:29
sameshitdiffdayi can see it14:29
icerootsameshitdiffday: so you have user A and user B, A is mounting the drive and B can see it. B can not see the drive when A is not mounting it14:29
sameshitdiffday(while being the soecial user that's not supposed to see this right now ;))14:29
zx81my system : oneric14:29
icerootsameshitdiffday: but that scenario i mentioned is normal14:30
sameshitdiffdaywell, ok14:30
icerootsameshitdiffday: of course everyone can see the drive when someone is mounting it14:30
icerootsameshitdiffday: for linux/unix its a normal drive14:30
Picisameshitdiffday: Please change your nick if you wish to continue using this support channel.14:30
Guest25668Hello all. I've got a usb disk. I put some files on it using PCLOS and now on Ubuntu I cannot gain access to them. I've tried using Nautilus under root in order to change permissions, but it seems I cannot. Any advice? How can I change the permissions? Do I have to reinstall PCLOS?14:31
icerootsameshitdiffday: when it is mounted, there is no difference if it is encrypted or not when someone has already mounted it14:31
sameshitdiffdayyeah, ok, but ubuntu is doing many fancy things to make linux/unix behave different, doesn't it?14:31
sameshitdiffdayi guess that would be a usefull chance to do so ;)14:31
icerootsameshitdiffday: everything else would be bad. e.g. you have your username sameshitdiffday which is mounting a drive, then every other user (e.g. www-data, root, dbus, ftp,) cant access anything on that14:31
icerootsameshitdiffday: encryption is used when someone steal your HDD or trys to login into your system14:31
=== sameshitdiffday is now known as sashdida
emyi146Hi everyone! I need help, how can I force synchronous writting in a USB disk?? I need my files are writted inmediatly, avoiding safe umount. Any suggestion??14:32
icerootsashdida: no, you dont want to change that for ubuntu to make something different/"better"14:32
icerootsashdida: encryption is not for protecting already mounted data14:33
sashdidaso you're telling me it's nice to mount my encrypted disk as user A14:33
icerootsashdida: for that you have to encrypt the data itself14:33
sashdidaand everything it needs for user B to see my data is to be logged in by chance?14:33
icerootsashdida: if you have the key/pass yes14:33
iceroot!who | sashdida14:33
ubottusashdida: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:33
dydguys i just installed an application with wine14:34
sashdidawell OK, so there's no way to configure this, right? Last question? ;)14:34
dydbut where did it install the files? when i had to choose i saw a win filesystem... but where should "C" be?14:34
icerootsashdida: what exactly do you want to configure?14:34
werderGuest25668: so you used PCLOS to put data on a usb stick and now Ubuntu can't see it?14:34
zx81iceroot (Oneiric Ocelot 11.10,  amd64, 2 x 1Go RAM ,  2x 2.7 CPU, card ati )14:34
icerootdyd: ~/.wine/14:34
dydiceroot, what  ~ stands for?14:35
werderdyd: your home folder14:35
Chotaz`W_I need some tips on security here, anyone minds spending a few minutes?14:36
dydwerder, iceroot, browsing there i can't find a /.wine/ folder14:36
Guest25668werder, yes, exactly14:36
werderdyd: fire up nautilus and then press Cmd-h to see hidden files14:36
dommerChotaz its ubuntu, what security do you even need? >.>14:36
SilfenXserver using vpn and when active it s not accessible from web anymore which is kinda useless. With VPN inactive server is accessible just fine, Service provider is blocking the 0-1024 port range so all my services run above that intervall. Why do they cut off when VPN goes up?14:36
=== don is now known as Guest78461
werderGuest25668: what filesystem did you format the stick in?14:36
dydwerder, thank you14:36
ikoniaSilfenX: because you are creating a private network tunnel14:37
zx81iceroot (Oneiric Ocelot 11.10,  amd64, 2 x 1Go RAM ,  2x 2.7 CPU, card ati )  freezing ???14:37
icerootdyd: ~/.wine/14:37
SilfenXI can ping my VPN IP just fine, shouldnt I be abel to connect to services running on that IP?14:37
icerootdyd: ~ means /home/username/14:37
icerootdyd: and a dir starting with . means "hidden"14:37
Chotaz`W_SilfenX: if the ports are open, yes.14:37
sashdidaiceroot,  i would like every user to see only those mounts he mounted himself14:37
SilfenXthey are open14:37
dydiceroot, thanks14:37
Chotaz`W_SilfenX: if theres no firewall software blocking those services14:38
Guest25668werder, unfortunately that doesn't work. I know my files are there because the disk is a 64Gb ssd and I have 18Gb space. But I can see no folders or files14:38
SilfenXno fire walls, the server is accesible when VPN is down no problems14:38
emyi146How can I force synchronous writting (doesn't use buffer, it's inmediatly)  in a USB disk??14:38
werderGuest25668: what filesystem is the driven in? Ext4, Fat32, etc?14:38
Chotaz`W_oh i c, so the problem only arises when the said VPN is running?14:38
SilfenXcan it be a problem with services only using eth0 and not ppp0  somehow?14:38
icerootsashdida: controlling "see" is not possible (maybe with gvfs but i dont know) but controlling the access is possible14:38
zx81guest25668  ?? have u mount it ?14:39
OneFix_WorkDoes 12.04 still look to be on target for release in late April>14:39
sashdidawell, OK, thank you iceroot14:39
werderOneFix_Work: it shouldn;t be14:39
Chotaz`W_Can anyone help me in securing an SSH tunnel?14:39
=== neutrino is now known as LjL
Guest25668werder, it's ntfs. zx81, yes, it is mounted14:39
sashdidai just wasn't aware of this circumstance14:39
OneFix_Workwerder: Why is that?14:39
zx81guest25668  ?? have u nautilus ??14:40
zx81guest25668  ?? or thunar ??14:40
sashdidaI just made sure the file permissions are strict enough now, guess that's OK14:40
werderGuest25668: do you have the ntfs tools installed?14:40
sashdidai do thank you very much, nevertheless!14:40
Guest25668zx81, yes. I used gksu nautilus and tried CTRL+H and can see nothing. When I tried to change the permissions it immediately goes back to what it was.14:41
werderOneFix_Work: because Canonical should wait till they can bring in Gnome 3.4, which comes out a little before Precise Pangolin does14:41
zx81guest25668  ?? samba ?14:41
Guest25668werder I have ntfsprogs installed14:41
meerkatsI need to convert the orange columns into a line, like in a climograph http://imagebin.org/19321414:41
derpladeehey guys, i have some weird keys on my laptop that ubuntu has connected to doing some weird stuff14:42
derpladeelike some custon keys14:42
Guest25668zx81 Samba? I thought that was for networking14:42
meerkatswith openoffice ubuntu 11.10, I need to convert the orange columns into a line, like in a climograph http://imagebin.org/19321414:42
derpladeeand one of them turns up monitor brightness, but how can i see what all these keys do, and unbind them?14:42
derpladeei want to rebind them in compiz14:42
emyi146Can I automount USB whit inmediatly writting (doesn't use buffer)  in a USB disk??14:42
icerootmeerkats: #openoffice14:42
derpladeebut i can't as long as they're bound to all this weird stuff14:42
dommersomeone gimme a hand?14:42
icerootemyi146: you want to automount a usb-drive without caching?14:43
RaTTuS|BIG!ask dommer14:43
dommerI know this is for the python room, but :\ I can't register a nick on the net where I am14:43
emyi146iceroot: exactly!14:43
RaTTuS|BIG!ask | dommer14:43
ubottudommer: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:43
icerootemyi146: put it in fstab14:43
iceroot!fstab | emyi14614:43
ubottuemyi146: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:43
Guest25668werder & zx81, I suppose I could always dig up my PCLOS dvd and run live in root, but I was hoping there's be an easier way14:43
blitzdommer, http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration14:43
OneFix_Workwerder: Well, I'm really more interested in the LTS version for the server...but I believe there have been major package upgrades in minor releases before...I would much rather see a new LTS version of server...14:44
dommerIn playing with python, I try to show the window and the window is labeled undefined.14:44
zx81guest25668  PCLOS ???14:44
dommerblitz - I already said, I can't register a nick where I am :|14:44
Guest25668zx81 PCLinuxOS, another distro I sometimes play with.14:44
werderOneFix_Work: well you're in luck as the release will indeed be LTS14:44
hiltonmagkCan anyone help me with a innodb error?14:44
hatebhow do I turn off ‪hibernation completly ?14:44
emyi146Yes but how can I configure my USB to be writted inmediatly??14:45
werderGuest25668: do you have ntfs-3g installed?14:45
zx81guest25668  have u try sudo -i ?14:45
blitzso you can get on irc but you can't register14:45
blitzwhat are you using to display a window, what python module dommer14:45
Guest25668werder, yes I have it14:46
werderGuest25668: weird14:46
Guest25668zx81, what is sudo -i?14:46
emyi146How mount sync option is used in fstab file??14:46
zx81guest25668  have u try sudo -i     to pass in root mode14:46
icerootemyi146: there is amount option for that14:47
derpladeehey what program manages hotkeys/shortcuts in ubuntu? i have some custom keys on my keyboard laptop and they're bound to weird stuff and i want to bind them to useful stuff with compiz, but i kinda need to unbind them from the weird stuff first14:47
dommerblitz - terminator14:47
werderderpladee: should be under keboard settings in system settings14:48
hiltonmagkdoes anyone have any experience with enabling innodb?14:48
werderor keyboard settings even14:48
Guest25668zx81, just tried. No go14:48
zx81guest25668  wich command u use to mount your ntfs ??14:48
iceroothiltonmagk: its enabled by default on mysql14:48
emyi146iceroot: If I put usb dev in fstab, I will have conflits whith the same line in mtab...14:48
icerootemyi146: sorry i am not sure14:49
webczatHello! is python gobject for python3 available on 11.04?14:49
werdericeroot: isn't mtab about to be depracated anyway?14:49
dommerif you install packages webczat then yes14:49
derpladeewerder, thanks14:49
Guest25668zx81, I didn't I just plug and play. According to Disk-Utility, it's mounted14:49
webczati don't see it in 11.0414:49
hiltonmagkiceroot: I know it's supposed to be but it isn't on mine I've got have_innodb=NO and no skip_innodb in my my.cnf file14:49
icerootwerder: i saw a bug some days ago with an issue about mtab, so i am not sure but it seems its still in use (12.04)14:49
iceroothiltonmagk: #mysql14:50
dommergo to the software center14:50
blitzso you try to launch python in terminator and it isn't showing up dommer? I guess I'm a little confused as to what the problem is14:50
webczatapt-cache search doesn't get anything14:50
werdericeroot: i guess I've been reading too many fedora project maps14:50
webczatnot for python314:50
blitzcan you get it from python's site14:51
zx81guest25668  ???14:51
werderGuest25668: you've tried mounting and unmounting I suppose?14:51
icerootwerder: at the moment i am only reading one thing... "diego" :)14:51
Guest25668werder, yes14:51
Guest25668using Disk-Utility14:51
dommerblitz - I lunch python, import gtk, gtk.Window(), but when I try to make the window a visual instance it says the window is not defined.14:51
werdericeroot: ha! what fine tastes you have.14:51
Guest25668zx81, I didn't I just plug and play. According to Disk-Utility, it's mounted14:51
Guest25668werder & zx81, thanks for your efforts. I think I'm going to try using my PCLOS live dvd. Where Ubuntu fails, PCLOS succeeds and where PCLOS fails, Ubuntu succeeds. If we could only breed them. :D14:54
blitzok so you're using gtk dommer, that's what I meant by module14:54
blitzcan you pastebin your code14:54
werderGuest25668: that sounds like the best idea. ntfs I guess is still not fully stable in linux14:54
Guest25668werder, I just remembered, I have dual-boot W7/Ubu. I should give W7 a shot14:55
werderGuest25668: or that.14:56
Guest25668werder, I'll try it. If it works I'll come back and tell you, just for future reference if needed14:57
werderGuest25668: thanks.14:57
Guest25668werder, thank you14:57
zx81 i cant find where its come ?,  much of time its gone when i add more effect or after 10 min using, the sound crunch 1 min, and cut, and after all of windows GUI are break i'm obliged to reboot)14:57
zx81 hi !! (Oneiric Ocelot 11.10, cpu 2x 2.7Go, 2x1 Go Ram,  amd64, ATI video card)  problem freezing14:57
werderzx81: have you tried different kernels and graphics drivers?14:58
zx81werder i have a ,graphics drivers problem,14:59
zx81i must use unity or xfce, because gnome is crunching with ati15:00
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werderzx81: do unity and xfce cause problems or only gnome?15:01
zx81on gnome i cant see the menu very nice its in "pink square" and bad font ... but in the other no visual problem, in all mode its freezing when i charge memory15:03
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=== LogShed007 is now known as LogShed009
werderzx81: charge memory?15:04
zx81werder if i use more memory or after 10 minute using sound microphone...15:05
werderzx81: ok sorry mate that's well beyond my ability to troubleshoot15:06
SilfenXRaTTuS|BIG: of EVE Online fame?15:06
JixxarHi @ all15:07
zx81np werder15:08
Jixxarwhy doesnt this work for me15:08
Jixxar:PREROUTING ACCEPT [0:0]15:08
Jixxar:POSTROUTING ACCEPT [0:0]15:08
FloodBot1Jixxar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:08
zx81Help to install ATI CARD15:08
Jixxari need to past this in /lib/ufw/user.rules15:08
Jixxaranyone who can help me?15:09
Jixxarhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/801805/ doesnt work for me in /lib/ufw/user.rules. I cant restart/start service ufw15:10
rileypzx81 google your card and the word linux or ubuntu and you get a guide ati cards are a waste of time in linux15:12
rileypzx81 card model number might help15:13
rileypJixxar,  try sudo nano filename15:14
rileypfrom a terminal15:15
Jixxari already changed the file and saved it using sudo15:15
jprogramis there a place I could get help on installing java?15:15
jprogram(that actually works with firefox)15:15
rileypsynaptic and select it15:15
Jixxar@jprogram http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Java/Installation15:15
aaa_ubuntu does not recognize my portable hard drive. what can i do?15:18
aaa_is there anyone here?15:18
elijahHi guys, I have a Nvidia Geforce 8400GS graphics card, it has vga, dvi, and hdmi. I need to drive two 1080p TVs out of it. This link http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_8400_features.html suggests I can get 1900x1200 out of the single link DVI but I am having a hard time finding the total resolution it can handle. Does anyone know if this means one monitor or both monitors?15:19
Jixxar@rileyp http://paste.ubuntu.com/801816/ it should be right15:20
MonkeyDustaaa_  in a terminal, type df -h15:20
Jixxar@rileyp but i cant start/restart service ufw15:20
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blitzI thought single link DVI could handle up to 1900x120015:21
snowrichardis there any existing how to to use an ubuntu laptop to forward packets from an android phone with usb tethering to eth0 for use on another computer?15:21
blitzone single monitor15:21
Ivoz_When I open an mkv file, it still opens with Totem Movie player, rather than SMPlayer, even though I've selected that in default applications15:21
Ivoz_How can I get SMPlayer to be default?15:21
Ivoz_blitz, that's correct15:21
elijahblitz: Thanks15:21
MonkeyDustIvoz_  right click on the file and select 'open with'15:22
derpladeehey i've spent hours trying to install a new gdm theme, System->Admin->Login Screen doesn't have any feature to add a new theme and all the guides i've found to installing it manually doesn't work15:22
derpladeedoes anybody know why my gdmsetup doesn't have that feature?15:22
Ivoz_MonkeyDust: is there any way I can set it so I don't have to do that every time?15:22
snowrichardnetwork manager seems to kill the eth0 when usb0 comes up, so i guess i need to do the manual network configuration to start both15:22
blitzIvoz_, I haven't had any luck with default applications :|15:23
aaa_is there anyone here?15:23
Ivoz_aaa_: there are 1500 people here15:23
MonkeyDustderpladee  you need advanced settings, it's in the repos15:23
snowrichardonly 1565+2 ops15:23
jprogramim trying to get java working on firefox by: http://askubuntu.com/questions/56104/how-can-i-install-oracle-java-jre-715:24
Ivoz_blitz: heh, yeah it seems so :/15:24
MonkeyDustjprogram  you need openjdk15:24
emyi146Can I configure the "sync" command to be runned every "X" minutes??? I need to force writting my devices to avoid lose data...15:24
derpladeeMonkeyDust, can i install that through synaptic?15:24
ActionParsnipjprogram: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/sun-still-shines-for-java-users-on-ubuntu/15:25
MonkeyDustderpladee  yes15:25
derpladeewhat do i look for? gdmsetup gives me nothing15:26
MonkeyDustemyi146  i think you can use cron for that purpose15:26
jprogramhmm, got openjdk 6 installed still while i got jre7 u2(?) installed15:26
jprogrami guess that doesn't work15:27
rileypemyi with cron you can do it as often as you like15:27
tetrebAnyone had problems in Xchat-gnome with upper case symbols/ I can\t type any in here, terminal is OK, letters are OK too.15:27
blitzjprogram, you don't need openjdk if you dont want it15:27
emyi146MonkeyDust: can you show me a little example??15:27
MonkeyDust!cron| emyi14615:28
ubottuemyi146: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto15:28
blitzjprogram, http://paste.ubuntu.com/801832/15:29
ActionParsnipemyi146: if you have a desktop UI, install gnome-schedule and use that (to cron as roo, use:  gksudo gnome-schedule)15:29
zx81problem to install ati driver ????15:30
rileypemyi146, http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=793650&highlight=deluge+crontab15:30
zx81i try to made this http://linux-software-news-tutorials.blogspot.com/2011/10/ubuntu-1110-oneiric-problems-with-ati.html15:31
rileypzx81,  MODEL NUMBER15:31
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jprogramso, do i need to restart firefox for the java to work?15:32
jprogramlike, not closing firefox, but actually restarting the service?15:32
ActionParsnipjprogram: yes, so it loads the new plugin15:32
roadfishHave setup up /etc/network/interfaces on two PC with eth0 and ... but "ping" gives "connect: Network is unreachable". Do I need to start up some kind of server to handle ping, rsync, wcp, etc operations?15:32
zx81rileyp hd5450 ati15:32
ActionParsniproadfish: did you set the gateway IP?15:32
zx81i have amd 6415:33
brianHi werder. Still here?15:34
jprogramActionParsnip: is it easy as closing the browser windows, or do i have to restart the service or something?15:34
zx81rileyp so amd 64, oneiric 11.10, ati hd545015:34
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MonkeyDustroadfish  try sudo service network restart15:34
Guest60310zx81, I tried running the usb disk with W7. I could see all my files and now mysteriously it works on Ubuntu.15:35
sudiptajust installed kubuntu...its good but uses more memory than gnome15:35
jonfhi, are there any tools in ubuntu for debugging FAT32 filesystems? I need something similar to debugfs to find out which file a bad block belongs to15:35
roadfishActionParsnip:no, just address and netmask. So that could be my problem. ... Ok, will try setting up gateway. So then I don't need to start any kind of server to get "ping" working???15:35
=== david is now known as Guest4681
roadfishMonkeyDust: I did a reboot on both PCs. I think that does a "/etc/init.d/networking restart" automatically. Is that this the command you're talking about?15:36
blitzjprogram, you can quit stuff with ctrl-q15:36
RamtinAhello. how can i use socks5 in ubuntu15:37
zx81rileyp so amd 64, oneiric 11.10, ati hd5450  have u an idea ??15:38
ActionParsniproadfish: you wil need to set the gateway or the interfae will not know where the next hop is15:38
MonkeyDustroadfish  what does your /etc/network/interfaces file look like? use pastebinit15:39
rileypzx81,  yes #radeon15:39
rileypzx81, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man4/radeon.4.html Im looking15:40
jprogramhmm, followed the steps for adding the link into the plugins folder for firefox, no go :p15:42
RamtinA1How can i use socks5 in ubuntu?15:44
crazytimmy96i need help with netbeans download15:44
crazytimmy96I downloaded it, but it does not run15:44
ActionParsnipjprogram: did you link libnpjp2.so to~/.mozilla/plugins15:44
RamtinA1How can i use socks5 in ubuntu?15:45
ActionParsnipRamtinA1: for what purpose?15:45
RamtinA1cuz in my country they filter sites15:46
roadfishMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/801853/ ... I haven't tried the setting gateway yet which is what I'll do next15:46
ActionParsnipRamtinA1: so you want a web bproxy15:46
airtonixActionParsnip: RamtinA1 doesn't ssh allow you to use it as a socks proxy?15:47
crazytimmy96can someone help me?15:47
RamtinA1but i need socks5 client cuz VPN (L2tp and others) are slow in here15:47
kantlivelongdoes ubuntu support multitouch gestures from a mousepad yet?15:47
zx81rileyp ???  i have reboot  np15:48
MonkeyDustroadfish  there's no gateway... inet... address... netmask... all ok, now add the gateway15:48
airtonixActionParsnip: RamtinA1, at least thats' what Quassels 'connect to core via socks proxy' leads me to believe (since my socks proxy is just a reverse ssh connection)15:48
airtonixkantlivelong: not out of the box, you have to install a ppa for multitouch15:48
roadfishMonkeyDust: ok, thx15:49
zx81rileyp ???  i have reboot  after uninstall flgx15:49
kantlivelongairtonix: ah. i was thinking of getting a macbookpro and putting ubuntu on it:P15:49
airtonixkantlivelong: even then it's experimental and didn't work with apple magic mouse or macbookpro 8,2 last time i tried it (3 months ago)15:49
kantlivelongdarn :(15:49
RamtinA1airtonix: How?15:49
kantlivelongwish apple sold just the HW :(15:49
rileypzx81,  so its fixed?15:50
MonkeyDustwish unity were more configurable :(15:50
kantlivelongeff Unity15:50
indianamy gnome desktop keeps hanging and X fails15:50
airtonixkantlivelong: don't. although it's relatively easy to install ... ati sucks and so does apple hardware... we have the latest macbookpro at work and i can't run 11.10 on it (and even with ati drivers it still borks around and slows down)15:50
kantlivelongthe devs havent ditched that yet?15:50
kantlivelongairtonix: ah darn..15:51
kantlivelongairtonix: forgot it was ATI too :(15:51
airtonixkantlivelong: i'd wait for the i5 i7 ultrabooks coming out with ubuntu15:51
kantlivelongwish there was another vendor that made HW like apple15:51
kantlivelongairtonix: hmmz?15:51
* kantlivelong hasnt looked at laptops in a long time.. last one was a Clevo D901C shell15:52
Humbedoohquick question; I'm on xfce (yeah, shame on me) and my keyboard is stuck on US layout - how on earth can I change it :(15:52
zx81rileyp no its nt fix15:52
martianIs there a way to monitor what process is modifying a file? Like, something combining tail and lsof15:53
airtonixkantlivelong: i own a system76 servalpro, apart from being three times as heavy and high as a macbookpro... it screams and blows macs away in performance.15:53
airtonixkantlivelong: chassis sucks though.15:53
kantlivelongairtonix: im just lookiung for atleast an i5 similar to the macbookpro style15:54
airtonixkantlivelong: perhaps the hp envy series?15:54
raheelHow to restart apache?15:54
Humbedoohservice apache2 restart15:54
Humbedoohor maybe it's called httpd, it varies I suppose15:54
zx81rileyp i have just uninstall the driver15:54
airtonixkantlivelong: although you will have a darn hard time finding a laptop with a 1920x1080 95% colour gamut screen from anyone other than system7615:55
BussDrivermartian:    watch -n1 -d 'lsof | grep <file>'15:55
kantlivelongairtonix: funny ive never heard of em15:55
martianBussDriver: oh thank you!15:55
kantlivelongairtonix: its just a clevo shell :P15:56
airtonixkantlivelong: yeah :<15:56
zx81probably is ok15:56
rabbi1How can i download Facebook albums at one go ?15:56
rabbi1in Firefox15:56
zx81rileyp  tk15:56
kantlivelongairtonix: my last clevo was faster than some servers and weighed close to the same as them too lol15:57
BussDrivermartian: might need to change that to sudo lsof depending15:57
rileypzx np15:57
heliozThis is not strictly speaking ubuntu, but cfdisk says my HDD overlaps and cannot partition. Any ideas would be great15:57
rabbi1How can i download Facebook albums at one go in firefox?15:57
BussDriverHey all!  I'm having problems booting into ubuntu 11.10.  About 1/3rd of the time, everything works fine.. however, about 2/3rds of the time, I get a black screen.  I can switch to a virtual term and login, at which point it says "failed to start X server".  X.org.0.log simply says "No screens found - aborting".  I can't figure out why this is completely random.  Help!15:58
martianrabbi1: that doesn't really have anything to do with ubuntu15:58
ActionParsnipBussDriver: is the ram healthy?15:58
rabbi1martian: i search for firefox channel, any suggestion ?15:58
BussDriverActionParsnip: I can't find any reason to believe otherwise.  Windows works fine, and ubuntu works fine once it boots.15:59
emyi146ActionParsnip: thanks!!15:59
martianrabbi1: https://addons.mozilla.org/15:59
ActionParsnipBussDriver: Its worth a test, Windows may be able to manage bad ram differnt to Ubuntu15:59
rabbi1martian: i am on the same page....15:59
ActionParsniprabbi1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGhfZusLado15:59
BussDriverActionParsnip: Wouldn't the same areas of memory be used upon each fresh cold boot?16:00
ActionParsnipBussDriver: not sure tbh16:00
RamtinA1sdsddssd: dorood16:00
kantlivelongBussDriver: which video driver?16:00
BussDriverActionParsnip: Assuming the ram is fine, what would you think to check next?16:00
ActionParsnipBussDriver: its worth a test, even the first few checks will be ok16:00
BussDriverkantlivelong: ATI open source16:01
heliozany ideas what I might do with an overlapping HDD?16:01
kantlivelongBussDriver: ugh @ ATI16:01
BussDriverkantlivelong: It's what's in the laptop :)16:01
kantlivelongBussDriver: more than likely ATI video.. did u try the closed drivers?16:01
rabbi1ActionParsnip: that addon is removed16:01
BussDriverkantlivelong: It appears the only available closed source driver for my video card is still in 'prerelease' format.. thus it displays a splash over the screen and doesn't support much.16:02
BussDriverkantlivelong: For instance, font rendering.16:02
MonkeyDustBussDriver  is this link useful? http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/16:03
kantlivelongBussDriver: i would suggest installing ubuntu in a VM for the time being if u can16:03
kantlivelongthat way u dont have to deal w/ driver nonsense16:03
kantlivelongBussDriver: u can always convert the VM to ur physical box when the stable driver is out16:04
BussDriverkantlivelong: I rely on the performance a bit too much for that I'm afraid16:04
rabbi1ActionParsnip: facepaste is the one for now :)16:05
poli2hello all! I just installed libsasl2-modules-sql and the libsql.so file is correctly in /usr/lib/sasl2, but when I try a saslpluginviewer, it will not list this sql plugin. Any ideas why?16:05
ActionParsniprabbi1: if it works, cool16:05
kantlivelongBussDriver: theres not much of a loss when using vbox unless your looking for high end video16:05
BussDriverthat's exactly what I'm looking for16:05
kantlivelongBussDriver: then again your likely not goingto get highend video w/ the opensource ati driver..16:05
BussDriverI can drive 2 external monitors with ubuntu right now16:05
BussDrivercan't do that in windows unfortunately :\16:06
kantlivelongBussDriver: vbox supports multimon16:06
BussDriverright, if the underlying OS does too16:06
kantlivelongBussDriver: yeah16:06
BussDriverwhich it doesn't for me16:06
kantlivelongstupid ATI(AMD)16:06
kantlivelongthey need to open their drivers16:06
BussDriverthey did didn't they16:06
BussDriveri thought it was nvidia that hasn't opened anything16:07
kantlivelongBussDriver: oh? i musta missed something..16:07
RamtinA1any one know how can i use socks5 in ubuntu?16:07
kantlivelongBussDriver: i know nvidia is closed but i never had much of a problem w/ them minus the stupid powermizer bugs16:07
kantlivelongwhich may be fixed now..16:07
MonkeyDustRamtinA1  start here http://duckduckgo.com/?q=ubuntu%20socks516:10
ActionParsniplove that duck16:14
=== misha is now known as Michael11
=== Michael11 is now known as Michael1112
MonkeyDustthe duck becomes default in 12.04, i think16:16
BussDriverMonkeyDust: I looked through that info - it doesn't seem related16:16
savage2005what is a good html editor comparable to notepad c++?16:17
DougwiserI like gedit16:17
Dougwiserbut there are several16:18
savage2005gedit doesnt have the text coloring for key words does it?16:18
MonkeyDusthtml editing is the only reason why i still use the redmond OS16:18
Dougwiserit did yesterday when I created my first script in it16:19
savage2005haha ok then ill give it a try, thanks16:19
Dougwiserand notepad comes with wine16:19
tikaim having trouble getting ubuntu to recognize my usb wireless card. It is netgear wna110016:19
blitzgedit is kinda nice16:19
blitzI use geany though16:19
bullgard6!wireless | tika16:20
ubottutika: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:20
jhonnyboyhello all16:20
ActionParsniptika: run:  lsusb    and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides.16:20
ActionParsniptika: usually netgear needs ndiswrapper16:20
jhonnyboywhen doing 'sudo-apt update' what does 'Hit' and 'Ign'? These are shown before a url16:21
tikaBus 001 Device 006: ID 0846:9030 NetGear, Inc.16:21
theadminjhonnyboy: "Hit" means a new package list has been downloaded, "Ign" means the old version is used (mostly because there is no new one)16:22
alien2050tika: forget it, I tried 5 combinations of cards (USB and PCI) including yours and dlinks/ciscos, and all I got were dead ends, until I found this one: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683316605616:22
alien2050tika: it works right out of the box, no drivers necessary, just so you know... and the signal is very strong, even in basement like me16:24
jhonnyboytheadmin, thanks man16:24
MonkeyDust'man' :p16:24
theadminjhonnyboy: Why do you care anyway? :D16:24
sdsddssdwhats up16:24
MonkeyDust!ot| sdsddssd16:24
ubottusdsddssd: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:24
sdsddssdhow are you16:24
sdsddssdne yapıyorsunuz16:25
sdsddssdWhat do you do16:25
FloodBot1sdsddssd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:25
llutzsdsddssd: Do you have any ubuntu support related question?16:25
sdsddssdwhere are16:25
sdsddssdsen nerdesin16:25
blitzlooks like a bot16:25
sdsddssdwhere are you16:25
jhonnyboytheadmin, trying to make a security assessment for linux/mac machines. Wanted to check for linux missing updates16:25
FloodBot1sdsddssd: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:25
sdsddssdguidance is16:26
sdsddssdbenim uygulamam rehberlik yapıyor16:26
sdsddssddoing my application guidance16:26
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savage2005sorry irc question not ubuntu, how do i search what channals are on a server. i want to find all channals containing "java"16:27
VictorCLis there a way to update firefox from command line?16:28
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:28
VictorCLapt-update or something?16:28
BobCHi I'm trying to format a USB flash drive It says go to main menu Accessories wheere do I find Accessories under Ubuntu thanks16:28
llutzsavage2005: see ubottu16:28
jhonnyboytheadmin, is syslog installed on all linux boxes by default?16:29
conniehow do I go to linux16:29
auronandaceconnie: go to?16:29
connieforum linux16:30
auronandaceconnie: what do you mean by that?16:30
jhonnyboydoes sudo apt-get update search for software updates? or only kernel updates?16:30
connieso one told me /join## linux16:30
MonkeyDustjhonnyboy  it syncs your pc with the ubuntu sources16:31
auronandaceconnie: then type: /join ##linux16:31
jhonnyboyMonkeyDust, yeah but syncs and notifies of missing updates16:31
theadminjhonnyboy: "update" just checks for updates, "upgrade" actually installs them16:32
jhonnyboyMonkeyDust, are the missing updates shown of all software installed on my pc?16:32
MonkeyDustjhonnyboy  yes16:32
theadminjhonnyboy: As for syslog, no, not really.16:33
jhonnyboytheadmin, thanks bud. Is there any other way off the top of your head to obtain a machine's security logs then?16:34
jsschmidHi everybody!16:35
jsschmidSimple question (as I hope): mysql is not starting up, when my server reboots. Starting it manually works without problems... where to look? (Linux server1 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5.028stab079.2 #1 SMP Fri Dec 17 19:25:15 MSK 2010 i686 GNU/Linux)16:36
jhonnyboytheadmin, nvm16:36
Sifo777When ubuntu support android?16:37
Sifo777Is kernel 3.3 use in nest ubuntu?16:38
Sifo777Next :)16:39
jutnuxWhat do you mean?16:39
Sifo777Kernel 3.3 will support android :)16:39
pip__hello, I would like to watch BBC iPlayer  without using flash.  I think I need to know how to use get-iplayer can anyone give me some easy to understand instruction?16:39
auronandacejsschmid: 2.6.18? what ubuntu are you using?16:40
pip__I do you tube & the like in VLC standalone16:40
rootjediconnect #android16:41
jsschmidauronandace: Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS16:42
Sifo777Sudo connect#android?16:42
auronandacejsschmid: what is the output of uname -a16:43
AaronCampbellIs spell check in Firefox and Thunderbird related to some external package or is it actually part of those programs?16:43
jsschmidauronandace: Linux server1 2.6.18-194.26.1.el5.028stab079.2 #1 SMP Fri Dec 17 19:25:15 MSK 2010 i686 GNU/Linux16:43
auronandacejsschmid: so you are not using lucid then16:44
AaronCampbellThe reason I ask is that is seems that they're not spell checking properly for my locale (America).  Things like Customize and colors are marks as incorrect and I'm suggested customise and colours16:44
AaronCampbellI'm wondering what I might be able to do to fix it16:44
jsschmidauronandace: I really don't know ... sorry! Is it relevant for the startup of services?16:44
pip__thanks for the link, I've installed it, I'm just clueless as to what I'm supposed to do with it.16:45
ActionParsnipjsschmid: sure you aren't using centos?16:45
=== jack is now known as Guest20726
auronandacejsschmid: 2.6.18 is rather old, lucid uses 2.6.32, from your uname -a it appears you're not using ubuntu at all16:45
jsschmidActionParsnip: well, the output of less /etc/issue is Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS16:46
_sammy_hoping someone can point me in the right direction here...  I'm trying to file a bug regarding oneiric hanging during boot (this is before X starts...  it's early enough that I can't boot to single user mode, but late enough I can boot to recovery mode).  To report a bug, I need to identify the package.  If I knew the package which was responsible, I'd have taken the damn thing out of the boot process by now.  Any ideas?16:47
jsschmidIt's a vserver, there is nothing I can change about that... I can't update the kernel....16:47
ikonia_sammy_: recovery mode is single user mode16:47
ActionParsnipjsschmid: what is the output of: lsb_release -a   use a pastebin to host16:47
_sammy_iknoia: it's *a* single user mode.  it's different that what you get from specifying "single" on the kernel command line.16:47
ActionParsnipjsschmid: https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=32598&forum=4116:47
ikonia_sammy_: it's the same thing16:48
ikonia_sammy_: there is just a wrapper16:48
ikonia_sammy_: disable bootsplash and see what process is hanging16:48
FarallaHi. Can I switch to console-only mode in 11.10?16:48
roadfishMonkeyDust:thanks again ... adding gateway to eth0 got my two computer ping'ing each other. But now eth0 and ppp0 are in conflict.16:48
llutzActionParsnip: says nothing about the vps-system if thats the kernel of the openvz-node16:48
roadfishGood news, bad news. My two computers can ping each other after added a gateway line to eth0 /etc/network/interfaces.16:48
roadfishBut, bad news: I use a dialup-modem (aka ppp0) to get online ... and my modem fails after adding eth0 gateway. For instance "ping gnu.org" gives "unknown host" ... until I remove the eth0 gateway line again.16:48
FarallaHow can I shutdown X?16:49
_sammy_well, one works, the other doesn't.  fwiw, the last thing displayed is "fsck from util-linux 2.19.1".  I seriously doubt fsck is the problem, as the system boots if I set the bios to use the integrated intel graphics, and fails if I use the nvidia graphics.  I think the problem is near console-setup, but I can't actually nail it down.16:49
pip__cool, found some documentation.  Thanks again :)16:50
Tony_what is easier to install a tar.gz or tar.bz216:50
ikonia_sammy_: there is a known problem with the intel/ati ones16:50
ikoniaTony_: they are the same file16:50
ikoniaTony_: just compressed differently16:50
ikonia_sammy_: sorry, intel/nvidia ones16:50
_sammy_nor, for that matter, can I find where console-setup (via setupcon?) is actually invoked.16:50
MonkeyDustroadfish  i'm not familiar with ppp016:50
jsschmidActionParsnip: Well, I can't update and I am about to change the hosting anyway ... so it's just that I would like to know what the problem could be, in case something like that happens some other time16:51
ikonia_sammy_: there are quite a few bugs logged against it, there is a kernel option you need to pass to get it to force intel (I think from memory)16:51
jsschmidActionParsnip: http://tinypaste.com/813ee36216:51
_sammy_ikonia: interesting, that may be my bug, if it's a non-X-related crash.  also, I have an identical model laptop which does boot on the nvidia just fine.16:51
ikonia_sammy_: there is a ton of bugs against those cards16:51
_sammy_ikonia: erm, if I wanted to run with the intel graphics, I could force that in bios.16:51
roadfishMonkeyDust: bottom line is I want internet to go through ppp0 (dialup modem) but i want locat 192.168 to go through eth0 ... and they seem to be in conflict.16:51
ikonia_sammy_: many which have the same symptoms you suggest16:52
ikonia_sammy_: try it then, disable nvidia in the bios, see if it helps16:52
wiggmpkAlright, still having issues with my sound (finally got my speakers to work again) but my speakers wont mute when I plug in my headphones, any help would be awesome16:52
_sammy_iknoia: it does, it boots fine on the intel graphics16:52
ikoniaI have seen that bug before16:52
_sammy_as does natty on the nvidia16:52
roadfishI'm firing up some google queries but nothing is too obvious yet. So I'm poking around for search ideas and/or solutions (like using gateway).16:52
_sammy_ikonia: if you've got a pointer to an existing bug number, or even some helpful search terms, that would be great, I'm not seeing anything similar16:55
ikonia_sammy_: I've not got the bug numbers to hand, there should be quite a few though16:55
ikoniait's come up quite a few times16:55
Tony_anybody know of a good manual to turn tar.gz and tar.bz2 into .deb files16:55
lokushelp? ive been using this machine via vnc for a while... and initially i gave it some command from terminal so that my initial vnc was a full blown ubuntu desktop. i need to use another server now and i'm trying to do the same thing... but it just keeps coming up in xterm and thats all16:55
kantlivelongblasted ubuntu!16:56
Nuntczhva rwkkk rmtwk :I Love NataLia16:58
Nuntmdflt tjvrh gjrjq :I Love NataLia16:58
Nuntvpbvo ftqso irmhs :I Love NataLia16:58
Nuntzxvna xfoqe bisme :I Love NataLia16:58
_sammy_I suppose I could just file it against console-setup...16:59
Seveaswell, Natalia must be pleased with that16:59
spaceneedleFollowing Ubuntu 11.10 installation, I opened the dash and noticed a bunch of strange symbols. Same problem on the lts version with vlc player. Probably has to do with language packs.17:01
roadfishWho is this Nunt. Some weird spamming bot? But what does the "zxvna" etc mean ... anyting?17:01
martianTony_: Well, to convert a tar.gz to a tar.bz2, simply gunzip the tar and the bzip2 it up, but a deb is more than just a file format; it's CONTENTS are what matters. I don't know how to create a deb personally, but there is lots of info on how to do so online.17:01
theadminmartian: A .deb is an ar archive, which contains stuff to be right into / in data.tar.gz (contained within it) and some instructions in other files. A rather difficult format.17:06
msterbrewerhow do i install my printer17:06
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: what make and model?17:06
msterbreweri downloaded hte driver as a .deb file and yet my printer still isnt working17:06
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: doesn't answer my question....17:07
oxproxymsterbrewer: any updates available for your driver?17:07
MonkeyDust!details| msterbrewer17:07
ubottumsterbrewer: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:07
theadminmartian: Move the .deb into an empty directory and "ar x" it if you want to explore17:08
msterbreweranyone here?17:09
FarallaStill nobody can tell me how to completely shut down the window manager?17:09
SilfenXhello - how can I make the PPTP VPN Client to NOT set a default route when it starts up so that not all applications will have to use it but rather those that specifically can bind to its ppp0 interface?17:09
Seveasmsterbrewer, no, we're just figments of your imagination17:09
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: one more time, what make and model is the printer?17:11
msterbrewerim runnign the latest ubuntu version17:11
msterbrewerand i installed the driver from the website for my printer17:11
* ActionParsnip smells troll17:11
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: what model is it?17:11
msterbrewerbrother dcp 115c17:11
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: why did I have to ask you FOUR times?17:12
msterbrewertheres a lag in the chat17:12
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc; uname -a17:12
msterbrewerLinux ubuntu 3.0.0-14-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 21 20:34:47 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux17:13
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: and the output of:  lsb_release -sc17:14
abhi_hello all17:14
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: cool, 32bit makes life easier17:14
abhi_is there any alternative of staff cop for ubuntu?17:14
abhi_i need one for my home users17:15
MonkeyDuststaff cop?17:15
EvilResistanceabhi_:  what's "staff cop"?17:16
abhi_MonkeyDust: EvilResistance  network usage and browsing history monitoring tool, used in offices to monitor online activities of staffs17:16
EvilResistanceabhi_:  lemme guess its windows software?17:17
MonkeyDustabhi_  a linux or a windows tool?17:17
abhi_EvilResistance: MonkeyDust for windows only17:17
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/801938/17:17
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: you need the driver deb, then the cupswraper deb17:17
MonkeyDustabhi_  should have mentioned that17:17
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: you need both for it to work. I recommend you install both files and delete any printers you tried to install, then reboot and it will detect and install it17:18
abhi_now i need something like this for ubuntu17:18
abhi_as i'm using ubuntu 11.1017:18
ActionParsnipmsif not then run throuh the add printer wizard as normal17:18
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: if you ask a question with no details, expect some questions back which you need to fill for us to help you and having to repeat ask is a little annoying ;)17:19
msterbreweri know there was just a lag in the chat17:19
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: sweet17:19
msterbrewerso i didnt see your question till a while later17:19
msterbrewerits almost as annoying as a net split in irc17:20
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: could disconnect and reconnect17:21
msterbrewerthe second part didnt work17:21
msterbrewersec while i paste it17:22
skypentIs GnuPG available in either DASH or Ubuntu Software Center?;  I can't see to find it when using the search gpg, but it seems to have been a program built for every ubuntu version so far.17:22
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: you get the idea though, you need both files installing from the site17:23
MonkeyDustskypent  i think it's called seahorse17:23
abvubuntu 11.10 i am on laptop my touch pad is stoping to work few after i book any help?17:23
msterbrewerwhy do you need both files17:23
msterbrewerjust wondering17:23
skypentMonkeyDust; Thanks17:23
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: sudo mkdir -p /var/spool/lpd/MFC210C17:23
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: its how the drivers are, brother make them17:24
MonkeyDustabv  find gpoint something in the software center17:24
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: if the folder doesn't exist (if you read the output) then you would have known to make the folder yourself to humour it17:24
SilfenXhow can I cd into a folder that says I dont have permission to?17:24
msterbreweri cant read the otput17:24
EvilResistanceSilfenX:  unless you're root, you cant really do that.17:24
msterbreweri put it in like a monkey17:24
EvilResistanceSilfenX:  if you dont have read rights on the folder, you cant.  if its your own folder you cant access you've got a problem17:25
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: the second file borked for some reason, but you know the site to go to, so you can grab it#17:25
sfsf32it should be illegal to be a nerd17:25
msterbrewerim going to it now17:25
msterbrewerinstalling printers is a pain on windows and on linux17:26
pensfananyone have problems with ubuntu systems randomly shutting down?17:27
ActionParsnipsfsf32: nerds make your facebook work17:27
msterbrewerwhy cant they just be plug and play17:27
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: because the driver database needed would be collossol17:27
=== dssdsdsd is now known as Kadir
sfsf32ActionParsnip, i don't use facebook17:27
ActionParsnipsfsf32: and your email and code your OS17:27
MonkeyDustsfsf32  don't make fun of nerds, in a fe years from now, they could be your boss17:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:28
ActionParsnippeople say the dumbest things17:28
sfsf32this is because my email and my os sucks17:28
CyrusActionParsnip: As opposed to gerbils?17:28
abhi_isn't there any such tool for linux?17:28
msterbrewerheres a bright idea put a tiny solid state driver on the printer and it install from that17:28
ActionParsnipabhi_: to do what? I don't see the first half of the question17:29
msterbrewerbut that would be smart17:29
ActionParsnipmsterbrewer: 3G modems do that, causes all kinds of annoyance in Linux17:29
abhi_ActionParsnip: i just want to monitor online activities of the users of my home network17:29
ActionParsnipabhi_: like a list of sites?17:29
msterbreweri guess17:29
abhi_ActionParsnip: yes, browsing history17:29
msterbrewerglad i dont have a 3g modem17:30
theadminabhi_: Umm, that's kind of illegal. Privacy, anyone?...17:30
ActionParsnipabhi_: you could create a proxy and log the activities, then have all web traffic go via your proxy17:30
CyrusIllegal? It's not illegal. That's silly.17:30
ActionParsniptheadmin: not if it's your own home LAN with your own PCs17:30
ActionParsniptheadmin: not illegal in the slightest17:30
ActionParsniptheadmin: how is it illegal17:31
theadminActionParsnip: Hm, well, he said "users of my home network", probably meaning other people... Looking at what others do, ESPECIALLY without their agreement to it... At the very least is not polite.17:31
abhi_theadmin: it's not illegal, sometimes we need to use such tools in office for our own safety17:31
CyrusSure, it's skeezy. But it's not illegal.17:31
abvMonkeyDust i installed the gpoint my touch pad stilldoesnt work17:32
TheBuntualt+f2 is not working to restart gnome shell17:32
ActionParsniptheadmin: helps adults to watch what their kids are looking at too17:32
abhi_ActionParsnip: agreed17:32
MonkeyDustabv  scroll down: http://www.linuxlinks.com/Software/Monitoring/Network/17:34
kantlivelongyay! a fork of gnome2 has been made :)17:34
MonkeyDustabhi_   scroll down: http://www.linuxlinks.com/Software/Monitoring/Network/17:34
MonkeyDustkantlivelong  cinnamon?17:34
kantlivelongMonkeyDust: MATE? They should just fork gnome3 and fix its crappyness17:34
auronandacekantlivelong: that is what cinnamon is17:35
abvMonkeyDust : ?17:35
budmangtrying to boot off the 11.10 cd and "try ubuntu" it just hangs after pressing try....17:35
MonkeyDustabv  wrong nick, i was addressing abhi_17:35
budmangwhat could I be missing? or disable maybe/17:35
* theadmin thinks everyone annoyed with gnome3 should switch to XFCE and sees no difference whatsoever between her current xfce setup and the old gnome2 one.17:35
zagibubudmang: how long have you given it time?17:35
ActionParsniptheadmin: +117:35
budmangid say almost 10 minutes now...17:36
* ActionParsnip thinks LXDE under GTK3 is sweeeet17:36
zagibu's a bit long, yeah17:36
abhi_MonkeyDust: thanks, found many useful tools17:37
mrtcHi there! I'm running ubuntu under VirtualBox and have mounted a shared folder with a sudo mount command. Is there somewhere I can put this command to auto run on boot?17:38
sfsf32why all of you talk nonsense? and why those strange acronyms used?17:38
ActionParsnipmrtc: in /etc/rc.local   above the exit 0 line will do it17:38
ActionParsnipsfsf32: which acronyms?17:38
mrtcActionParsnip: perfect, thanks!17:38
sfsf32lxde, gtk, ecc...17:38
ActionParsnipsfsf32: lxde is a name, gtk is short for Gnome Tool Kit, it is very understood in the Linux world. It's like VAT and such17:39
auronandacesfsf32: every area of expertise has jargon17:39
theadminsfsf32: Those are commonly known. Nobody wants to say "GIMP Toolkit" or "Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment"17:39
theadminActionParsnip: btw, GTK is "GIMP Toolkit", not "GNOME".17:39
ActionParsnipsfsf32: value added tax..17:40
ActionParsnipsfsf32: are you about 14 years old?17:40
auronandacesfsf32: how old are you?17:40
ActionParsnipauronandace: snap17:40
sfsf32i'm 3017:40
ActionParsnipsfsf32: when you pay for goods and services you pay tax, when you get a wage, you pay tax. Have you never noticed this?17:40
sstaprobably american.  read VAT as "sales tax"?17:40
pangolinHow is this Ubuntu related?17:41
sfsf32ActionParsnip, here almost noone pay taxes, so i don't know17:41
msterbreweri pay taxes...17:41
theadminpangolin: In no way at all.17:41
theadminOkay okay, guys and girls, please stop the offtopic talk17:41
ActionParsnipsfsf32: wel I'm sure you have acronynms in your life17:41
ActionParsnipsfsf32: here is a rundown of lxde (back on topic) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LXDE17:41
pangolinPlease get back to Ubuntu support. #ubuntu-offtopic will gladly entertain other subjects.17:42
sfsf32ok, thank you17:42
sfsf32is "ok" an acronym?17:42
theadminsfsf32: Yeah, used to stand for "Oll Korrekt", from broken English. But once again, this is offtopic, please do NOT talk about subjects not related to Ubuntu support issues here.17:43
sfsf32oh so you was right, i use acronyms too17:43
msterbrewerhow do i install a .gz file on ubuntu17:44
EvilResistancemsterbrewer:  is it a .tar.gz ?17:44
budmangany way to see a verbose mode in bootnig up from a cd? see wth is taking so long?17:44
jutnuxmsterbrewer: tar -xvzf filename.tar.gz17:45
jutnuxmsterbrewer: cd filename17:45
jutnuxmsterbrewer: ./configure17:45
EvilResistancemsterbrewer:  you extract the information in the .tar.gz first, you dont usually *install* directly from a tar.gz17:45
jutnuxmsterbrewer: make17:45
theadminbudmang: Add "nosplash noquiet" to the kernel line17:45
jutnuxmsterbrewer: sudo make install17:45
EvilResistancemsterbrewer:  you do have to do the commands which jutnux stated, or read the installation guide for the program (there sould be one from the devs)17:45
auronandace!compile | msterbrewer17:45
ubottumsterbrewer: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall17:45
budmangtheadmin: I dont think I see grub when booting from it but let me check again.17:45
msterbrewerhopefully i can find a .deb file17:45
JimuI'm asking here and #vbox, I'm trying to use 3D Acceleration in VirtualBox with Ubuntu 11.10, and I'm getting this result: http://static.inky.ws/image/1110/image.jpg17:46
EvilResistancemsterbrewer:  what program if i might ask?17:46
theadminbudmang: You need to hold LeftShift while booting for GRUB to appear (after your BIOS POST is gone)17:46
EvilResistancemsterbrewer:  why do you want hamachi on Ubuntu?17:46
msterbrewerto be able to use logmein17:46
olithow do i install new kernel, without disturbing old configuration?17:46
theadminmsterbrewer: Why do you need that, exactly?17:47
msterbrewerthe version for linux uses Hamachi17:47
ActionParsnipolit: that happens a ot with normal updates17:47
=== TRAP is now known as Guest58801
theadminmsterbrewer: I understand. Do you use logmein for... what? Remote control? If so I suggest you try teamviewer which has a more-or-less native Linux version17:47
EvilResistancemsterbrewer:  https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/haguichi  <--17:48
EvilResistancether'es a PPA :P17:48
ActionParsnipJimu: does 2D work ok?17:48
anynicknamemsterbrewer: or you can try the join.me website (it's made by the logmein team)17:48
auronandacetheadmin: you realise teamviewer is essentially a wine applicating that ships with its own version of wine17:48
EvilResistancemsterbrewer:  cant guarantee anything though17:48
JimuActionParsnip: sure does17:48
ActionParsnipJimu: I'd use that for now17:49
theadminauronandace: I know17:49
theadminauronandace: Still works well :P17:49
auronandacetheadmin: works well yes, but hardly what i'd call more-or-less native17:49
JimuActionParsnip: if you saw the screenshot, does that look like Ubuntu issue or VBox/Host issue?17:50
theadminauronandace: They did change the code in order for it to work with Wine though. Cut out some features which were broken, etc.17:50
anynicknamemsterbrewer: but if you really want hamachi on Linux, here, https://secure.logmein.com/labs/17:50
ActionParsnipJimu: ubuntu will use the hardware given, so I'd check settings etc17:51
ActionParsnipJimu: anything on the vbox forum?17:52
mf|laptopHello, anyone got any tips for fixing graphics on an Intel inbuilt laptop graphics card. Anything too graphics based comes up with weird images and seems to go through transparent17:52
mf|laptop00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)17:52
JimuActionParsnip: not much in their forums. my guess is vbox. thanks for taking a look!17:53
savage2005how do i switch file systems in command line17:53
ActionParsnipsavage2005: from what to what?17:53
theadminsavage2005: Huh? That doesn't even make sense.17:53
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savage2005sorry, i want to get into another hard drive or my thumb drive17:54
ActionParsnipsavage2005: then you'll need to mount it, should be listed in the left panel of nautilus17:54
theadminsavage2005: You need to use "mount" to attach them to a directory, then "cd" into that directory.17:54
theadminsavage2005: For instance - mount /dev/sda5 /mnt ; cd /mnt17:55
jutnuxtheadmin: Presumably he is using a GUI, don't confuse him ;-)17:55
theadminjutnux: He said "command line"17:55
savage2005haha ya gui is easy im trying to get familiar with command line17:55
* jutnux facepalms17:55
savage2005jutnux: np ;-)17:56
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount17:57
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zerefHi guys, I'm having trouble setting up my ICS, i followed the instruction @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing using the gateways method. I just want to ask what should my /etc/network/interfaces file look like. this is what i've tried so far:18:01
savage2005theadmin: can i view devices that are able to be mounted through command line?18:02
MonkeyDustzeref  same to you: there's no gateway18:02
Factranhello I want to launch VLC without it to have the focus, is there a way ?18:03
theadminsavage2005: Uh, pretty much, hm... "sudo fdisk -l"18:03
zerefMonkeyDust: ??18:03
savage2005theadmin: awesome this is exactly what i was looking for thanks!18:03
MonkeyDustzeref  address and netmak, ok, but you have to add the gateway address, too18:04
zerefMonkeyDust: on the client PC and Host?18:04
ActionParsnipFactran: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/400/18:04
mongyHaving trouble mounting the partitions in an lvm encrypted drive, says unmounable.  It unlocks the encrypted part but I cant see/mount any of the lvm partitions inside.  Any ideas?18:04
ActionParsnipFactran: http://askubuntu.com/questions/8494/prevent-windows-from-stealing-focus18:04
MonkeyDustzeref yes18:05
QualiaHi  ! Is it possible to assign different chrome applications for different chrome user accs ?18:05
LadyGoreyCould someone please help me? I'm having some issues using my external hard drive.18:05
MonkeyDustLadyGorey  shoot18:06
Qualiaill prolly have to explain it further18:06
Qualiaoh btw, i ask it for UNITY18:06
LadyGoreyOkay so I found some walkthroughs in the forums with the same problem that I have (which is that I have an external harddrive that's formatted for Mac, but I can't access a Mac right now so I'm using Ubuntu instead)18:06
LadyGoreyand it says I don't have permission to move files around on the hard drive18:07
LadyGoreyI tried to fiddle around with stuff in Terminal and it didn't work18:07
theadminLadyGorey: Might need to be root... Try: gksu nautilus18:07
theadminLadyGorey: Bad idea generally, don't abuse that too much18:07
zerefMonkeyDust: k, umm wlan0 is on 192.168.1.xxx and eth0 is on 192.168.0.xxx what should the gateway be?18:07
LadyGoreyIt keeps saying "Operation not permitted"18:07
MonkeyDustzeref  i guess your router, or so18:08
theadminLadyGorey: Wait, HFS+?... idk if Linux supports writing to that.18:08
theadminSince it's a weird filesystem, might be not...18:08
LadyGoreyI dunno I'm not super savvy when it comes to commands in termainl18:08
MonkeyDustzeref, in a terminal, type dig, check the server address18:08
theadminLadyGorey: Well, type "gksu nautilus" in a terminal right now (without quotes) and see if it works for you18:09
LadyGoreyI tried that, lemme show you what it said18:09
MonkeyDustnautilus as root :s18:09
kantlivelongheh cinnamon looks good so far.. gonan try it18:09
LadyGoreyand now it won't let me send18:09
LadyGoreyguest-tUIouN@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ gksu nautilus18:10
LadyGorey(gksu:2553): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",18:10
LadyGorey(gksu:2553): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",18:10
LadyGorey(gksu:2553): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",18:10
LadyGorey(gksu:2553): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap",18:10
LadyGoreysudo: unable to change to sudoers gid: Operation not permitted18:10
LadyGoreyo sudoers gid: guest-tUIouN@ubuntu:~/Desktop$ ^C18:10
auronandace!paste | LadyGorey18:10
ubottuLadyGorey: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:10
theadminLadyGorey: Okay, you have no admin rights, I take it.18:10
LadyGoreyI haven't used IRC in a very, very long time.18:10
LadyGoreyYeah, you're right, admin.18:10
LadyGoreyI can't even get into the admin portal on here, I don't think. I had to logon Ubuntu as a guest for now.18:10
sstaLadyGorey: (a) don't flood, use a pastebin; (b) you need to install gtk2-engines-pixbuf18:10
theadminLadyGorey: Not much you can really do then... Actually nothing at all, mainly because you can't remount the drive properly without being an admin18:11
zerefMonkeyDust: k, just to confirm, that server addr should go into eth0 config for both client and host?18:11
LadyGoreyIf I can login as admin should it all work?18:11
MonkeyDustzeref  yes, there is only 1 (default) gateway18:11
theadminLadyGorey: Basically, at least then we can diagnose the problem further...18:12
LadyGoreyOkay I'll try that and I'll be back, thanks18:12
gr33n7007hhow do u make a linux partition and swap partition18:13
MonkeyDustgr33n7007h  depends on how skilled you are18:13
gr33n7007husing gparted18:13
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auronandace!partition | gr33n7007h18:13
ubottugr33n7007h: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap18:13
FactranActionParsnip, thanks, I'll get work around with your links18:14
budmangwhats the live cd "su" password18:14
MonkeyDustbudmang  there is none18:15
budmangIve got 2 drives that were in an LVM... im trying to pull the data off them.. any easy way off the ubuntu live boot? ussually the drives are just mounted..18:16
budmangIm assuming the lvm makes it not mount?18:16
icerootbudmang: i dont think there is a root-account enabled on live-cd18:16
iceroot!sudo | budmang18:16
ubottubudmang: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:16
theadminbudmang: There's no "root" account on Ubuntu (well, there is but it's locked out by default), you must use "sudo -i" rather than "su"18:17
egchi, i am trying to list the metadata of a .deb with "ar -x foo.deb", but it's not listing anything for a couple of sample .debs.  Any ideas why?18:17
sudiptarecently i have installed kubuntu 11.10 and have ubuntu11.10.But when i logged into ubuntu my hard disk partition does not show up in the nautilus. How will I get it back?18:18
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esmirlinhi everyone! does somebody use tomahawk or/and skype wrapper?18:18
MonkeyDustsudipta  does it show in mount?18:19
theadminegc: Cause you don't need a - before "x"18:19
krummehey i have instal ubuntu from af ubunto.exe on a vist and now i try to remove the win but i cant can some one tell me why18:19
MonkeyDustsudipta  I rephrase that: in a terminal, type mount, do you see the partition18:19
theadminkrumme: Because you installed Ubuntu from Windows, you can't remove Windows that way... :/18:19
theadminkrumme: You need to do a proper install.18:20
icerootkrumme: i dont think that is possible because ubuntu is installed on the windows-drive18:20
kantlivelongis MATE==Cinnamon?18:20
krummeoki thanx18:20
egctheadmin, thanks for the suggestion...tried it, and got the same result18:20
theadminkantlivelong: No. Mate is gnome2.18:20
auronandacekantlivelong: no, mate is a gnome2 fork, cinnamon is a gnome3 fork18:20
kantlivelongah ah i was just confused by LinuxMints page (since they made cinnamon)18:21
kantlivelongCinnamon looks like the way to go w/ gnome318:21
theadminkantlivelong: Mate is a gnome2 fork started by the ArchLinux team. Basically identical to gnome2. Cinnamon is a GNOME3 fork by the LinuxMint team. Made to make gnome3 friendlier.18:21
kantlivelonghopefully ubuntu adopts it18:22
kantlivelongCinnamon that is :P18:22
kantlivelongthough i doubt it :(18:22
gr33n7007hwhen is 12.04 out?18:22
lowkieCould someone point me to a multi-site configuration of postfix?  site a, b, c all have local servers.  The send thought a public server d.18:23
MonkeyDustgr33n7007h  april18:23
anynicknameis there an easy way to make a bash script an executable binary, so I can send it to friends without having to explain all the chmod +x thing?18:23
auronandacegr33n7007h: the clue is in the name, 2012 april18:23
trismegc: dpkg-deb -e package.deb; will extract the control information to a directory named DEBIAN in the current directory (-x to get the files installed, -c to list them, doesn't seem to be a switch to list the control data)18:23
gr33n7007hcheers  :)18:24
MonkeyDustanynickname  chmod +x and then send it18:24
zerefMonkeyDust: hmmmm, just restarted the network got and error SIOCADDRT: no such process, failesd to bring up eth018:24
zerefMonkeyDust: the gateway ip is 208.xxx.xxx.xxx is that right18:24
MonkeyDustzeref  do you use a router at home?18:25
zerefMonkeyDust: shouldn't it be
egctrism, cool, that solves at least part of the problem... able to see the control file now18:25
MonkeyDustzeref  yes, that's what i said earlier18:25
zerefMonkeyDust: i'm at res, so i dont have access to it18:25
MonkeyDustat res?18:26
zerefMonkeyDust: Campus residence18:26
Tony_is there a program that will open a read a tar.bz2 file in winxp18:27
MonkeyDustTony_  wrong channel18:27
auronandaceTony_: 7zip18:27
theadminTony_: Many archivers do so... peazip for instance. Or 7-zip.18:27
anynicknameMonkeyDust: taht does not work, if I chmod +x, and then put it online for them to download, it loses it's executable state18:28
RamtinAhow can i use socks in ubuntu?18:29
budmang mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'18:29
MonkeyDustanynickname  must be for security reasons18:30
sstaanynickname: that's because the web (or email) doesn't understand unix permissions.18:30
Betarahi. how can i give executable permissions to another user from root? lets say i need to authorize user 'Betara' to run 'Executable' which is now as -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root18:30
sudiptaMonkeyDust:sry  4 the delay :)18:31
MonkeyDustanynickname  i mean, that way, files cannot be executed automatically on download, like in windows18:31
longcatanyone can execute that binary18:31
longcatthat last r-x is "other" or global18:31
anynicknameMonkeyDust and ssta: yes, but now I'm back to square one, I still need a way to do it, I've read about "shc", but it appears to not be in the repositories18:32
sstanever heard of "shc".  Is saying "you need to chmod +x it" that onerous?18:32
theadminBetara: You might want to look up ACL. Also, UNIX usernames can't have capital letters.18:32
sstaif they type "sh foo.sh" that will run it whether it's executable or not18:32
longcatuh he doesnt need to +x it...18:33
sudiptaMonkeyDust, :i have pasted the output on pastebin18:33
theadminssta: Not always. Only if "foo.sh" is an actual sh script.18:33
Betaratheadmin, that's only as an example. what's ACL?18:33
MonkeyDustsudipta  then paste the url here18:33
=== leeloodarko is now known as LadyGorey
sudiptaMonkeyDust: http://pastebin.com/1jWEJMEu18:33
LadyGoreyOkay I'm back. Still needing help with accessing my external hard drive and changing permissions.18:34
sstatheadmin: I thought he said it was a script already?  Maybe I misunderstood18:34
longcatwhat am i missing here?  that has sufficient permissions for anyone to execute18:34
anynicknamessta: believe me, for someone who never used the terminal, it's pretty difficult to make them understand, I went as far as making a video, once18:34
sstaanynickname: hehe, fair enough18:34
MonkeyDustsudipta  what was your initial question again?18:34
sdferfxAnyone know a good alternative to Gnome's Cheese photobooth clone?18:34
sudiptarecently i have installed kubuntu 11.10 and have ubuntu11.10.But when i logged into ubuntu my hard disk partition does not show up in the nautilus. How will I get it back?18:34
theadminBetara: ACL is Access Control Lists, allowing you to set permission on a per-user/per-group basis, say "user1 may read, write and execute, user2 may read and write, and group1 may only read, everyone else may not access" will be recorded as "u:user1:rwx u:user2:rw g:group1:r o::" in ACL.18:34
iceroothow to find out why "dist-upgrade" wants to remove a package?18:34
LadyGoreyWhat was I supposed to type into terminal again?18:35
rymate1234can anyone recommend a tool to convert mp3 files18:35
rymate1234for ubuntu18:35
theadminrymate1234: Convert into what?18:35
icerootrymate1234: to what?18:35
sdferfxiceroot, usually because the package has been renamed/replaced or the dependency are no longer in the distribution18:35
sstarymate1234: ffmpeg?18:35
dajhorniceroot: Which package?18:35
MonkeyDustsudipta  what's the output from df -h? pastebinit it again18:35
sdferfxtry searching for the package name on ubuntu packages to find out specifically?18:35
sudiptaMonkeyDust, :i have the partition earlier but now, after installing kubuntu 11.10 it's just gone18:35
icerootsdferfx: no, i am searching for the package which is causing it18:35
rymate1234an audio converter tool18:35
icerootdajhorn: evolution-exchange18:35
cwolf233running gnome - can someone help me instructions to install a game through wine? none of what i found on the net makes sense or works for me18:35
z0nedwhere do i go to see my smtp config?18:35
theadminrymate1234: Try winff (GUI) or ffmpeg (terminal)18:36
dajhorniceroot: Are you doing a dist-upgrade into precise?   Which version?18:36
icerootdajhorn: i am doing it on 12.0418:36
sudiptaMonkeyDust: http://pastebin.com/UPUp4GDv18:36
icerootdajhorn: but the ubuntu-version does not matter18:36
Betaratheadmin, ok, thank you. i only need to give executable permission to me or to the group 'somegroup'.18:36
sudiptathe partition label was 'DOCUMENT', ntfs format18:37
sstaiceroot: maybe apt-cache showpkg, which gives all the reverse-dependencies might shed some light?18:37
MonkeyDustsudipta  idd, only one partition, that's odd, what's the output from sudo fdisk -l (don't forget sudo)18:37
ActionParsnipcwolf233: is the game on a CD? What is the game?18:37
rymate1234theadmin: I was looking for a gui tool18:37
theadminrymate1234: winff then18:38
dajhorniceroot: Yes, it does matter.  This glitch happens frequently on ubuntu+1 during library upgrades.  Just wait until the mirror that you are using is fully sync'd.18:38
ActionParsniprymate1234: converting from MP3 to lossy formats will reduce quality18:38
theadminActionParsnip: There are lossless formats though. Flac for instance.18:39
sudiptaMonkeyDust:  http://pastebin.com/EUatfywm18:39
Betaratheadmin, is it possible by command line to add a group to that executable file, keeping root with normal permissions as they are now?18:39
pip__hello, my xterm has no scroll bars & I'm using a "nipple" (unfortunate term I know...) not a mouse with a wheel.  What do I have to do to get scrollbars?18:39
icerootdajhorn: if the mirror is not fully synced i would get an hashsum-missmatch because packages.gz is not matching the deb-files18:39
cwolf233the game is saved to my laptop18:39
sstaBetara: chown :somegroup filename; chmod 750 filename18:40
theadminBetara: Uh yes, see the manual of "setfacl"...18:40
cwolf233the .exe file that is18:40
MonkeyDustsudipta  great, we're getting somewhere, you see the partition, you just have to mount them, either manually or in /etc/fstab18:40
icerootssta: thank you i will have a look at it18:40
LadyGoreyIs there anyone who can walk me through accessing my external hard drive again?18:40
theadminBetara: You need to mount the filesystem with ACL support though. Or just change the owning group18:40
Betarassta Thank You!18:40
pdayton1why does the ubuntu download site recommend the 32 bit release?18:41
pip__I'll try again18:41
MonkeyDustsudipta  in a terminal: mkdir blah and then sudo mount /dev/sda5 blah18:41
ActionParsnipcwolf233: if the file is held on your linux partition, you can mark it as executable with:  chmod +x Setup.exe   (change the filename as needed), then run:   wine ./Setup.exe     The commands are VERY case sensitive too18:41
theadminpdayton1: Cause  the 32-bit architecture is more widely supported18:41
sudiptahow to do it with fstab? can u please help18:41
sstapdayton1: it does?  I thought they changed to recommend the 64bit now?18:41
icerootpdayton1: it will changed for 12.04 to amd6418:41
dajhornpdayton1: And because the proprietary things like Flash and Skype are more reliable on 32-bit.18:41
pip__My xterm has no scroll bars what do I have to do to get them?18:41
MonkeyDust!fstab| sudipta18:41
ubottusudipta: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions18:41
pip__I'm not using a mouse, just one of those funky buttons in the keyboard18:42
pdayton1thanks dajhorn18:42
ActionParsniptheadmin: oh absolutely, just warning of bad ideas18:42
dajhornpdayton1: Welcome.  This might change for the 12.04 release.   64-bit as the advertised default.18:42
Guest31464how i can change permission to editing my autorun file ? is sudo chmod 444 and sudo chmod 004 is god idea?18:42
sudiptadoes an entry in fstab ensure that the partition will be mounted automatically on start up?18:42
ActionParsnipdajhorn: not had an issue in 64bit with either, there are 64bit versions of both18:42
Tony_anybody good with installing tar.bz2 files18:42
icerootsudipta: yes18:42
LadyGoreyI'm super afraid I'll hurt my computer/hard drive if I attempt this myself18:43
JasonnTony_: what do you mean installing?18:43
ActionParsnipGuest31464: do you own the file?18:43
sstaTony_: tar.bz2 is just an archive18:43
MonkeyDustsudipta  first do it manually, so you see what happens: mkdir NTFS and then sudo mount /dev/sda5 NTFS18:43
dajhornActionParsnip: The packaging for 32-bit is better.  No nsplugin wrapper either.  Better PulseAudio support.18:43
theadminActionParsnip: Sorry?18:43
skypentanyone had experience with verifying pgp signatures using seahorse?18:43
ActionParsnipdajhorn: there is native flash 64bit, it is released and in the partner repo18:43
ActionParsniptheadmin: just warning users of converting lossy to lossy, that's all18:44
Tony_jasonn, getting the archive to work.18:44
dajhornActionParsnip: It wasn't there for a long time.  I was the guy running the 64-bit PPA for it.18:44
iceroot!anyone | skypent18:44
ubottuskypent: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.18:44
ActionParsnipdajhorn: nice!!!18:44
theadminActionParsnip: Ah... Yeah that's a bad idea :D18:44
sstaTony_: tar jxvf foo.tar.bz218:44
cwolf233ActionParsnip: thanks!18:44
JasonnTony_: tar zjf (file name18:44
sstaor whatever the gui archive tool is called will do it18:44
Guest31464ActionParsnip: yes18:44
ActionParsnipdajhorn: yeah if you enable the partner repo and instal adobe-installer you will get 32bit or 64bit depending on the ubuntu arch18:44
Jasonnxjf *18:44
ActionParsnipGuest31464: then why sudo if you are the owner?18:44
dajhornActionParsnip: And Adobe was a bit unreliable in keeping their 64-bit build updated.   They would go weeks with known vulnerabilities.18:45
ActionParsnipdajhorn: your ppa was the bom dude18:45
skypenticeroot: that was the real question....18:45
skypenticeroot: that's as specific as the question would ever get...18:45
dajhornActionParsnip: Thanks...  I think that the partner repo getting updated is probably why they're going 64-bit default.  Just a guess.18:45
Guest31464ActionParsnip: sory. may be i dont know good about permissions and cant correct answer to your question(18:45
=== ripps__ is now known as ripps
sudiptaMonkeyDust: it works fine......except one thing that i can not move anything to trash18:46
ActionParsnipdajhorn: its released now so is in the repos and that18:47
icerootskypent: ok, the answer is yes. so the question is answered18:47
icerootskypent: and now you will see you have a REAL question which it "how does it work"18:47
MonkeyDustsudipta  \o/ glad you're helped18:47
sudiptaMonkeyDust: thanks a lot :)18:47
Guest31464ActionParsnip: i try to make some permission to autostart file im my usb-drive for usind in windows pc with spyware,virus and other..18:48
skypenticeroot: i just wondered if anyone had; that's great to hear other people had also done that thing.  thanks, bud.18:48
theadminiceroot: Come on, don't... (s)he did ask the real question in the same line, anyway...18:48
pip__Xterm scrollbars...how do I get them please?18:48
theadminpip__: It doesn't HAVE any. Use pageup/pagedown to scroll18:48
iceroottheadmin: yes??? [19:43]   skypent | anyone had experience with verifying pgp signatures using seahorse?18:48
theadminpip__: Or use a normal terminal.18:48
ActionParsnipGuest31464: then make an autorun.inf file and windows will use it18:49
theadminiceroot: Yeah... "how to verify pgp signatures using seahorse" is the real question, it's pretty obvious from here :D18:49
pip__lol, I've installed lxterminal, didn;t think of page up or down, thanks :)18:49
iceroot[19:47]   iceroot | skypent: and now you will see you have a REAL question which it "how does it work"18:49
maginotwhat a mess …18:49
=== LouisJB_ is now known as LouisJB
pip__I tried +, - & many such combos to no avai