jmichaelxalso, when trying to change font size in the settings for lxterminal, they apparently do not save. upon restarting lxterminal, it always reverts back to the original (smaller) font size00:00
pederindijmichaelx: what graphic card have the laptop?00:00
MrChrisDruifcousteau; I think it firstly depends if Wayland will be heavier on system resources, but for that we'd need a working Wayland first to test...don't we?00:01
cousteauwell, my impression is that, being a graphic server oriented towards direct hardware acceleration, it'll be slower... but who knows00:02
MrChrisDruifSo the coming two years, if not more we don't need to worry about that cousteau. Btw, it would be a nice discussion over at #lubuntu-offtopic00:03
jmichaelxpederindi: it is an nvidia geforce 420 go (nv17)00:05
pederindinice, so I recommend you to install the official driver00:06
jmichaelxpederindi: you would recommend the proprietary driver over nouveau?00:06
pederindiseems that you have problem with a open-source driver00:07
jmichaelxpederindi: ok... that may well be the case, although i would almost expect nouveau to perform better overall than the ancient nvidia driver00:08
pederindiyou can test if official nvidia's driver solve your problem00:08
phillwjmichaelx: have you tried https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp/LXTerminal00:09
phillwplease let me know if it is not working & I'll raise a bug for it.00:09
jmichaelxphillw: ty00:11
jmichaelxpederindi: would you recommend 'version 96' or 'version 96 updates'?00:11
Sillionwhy cant we switch users on lubuntu as in lxde we can?00:12
phillwSillion: you can in 12.04 :)00:12
Sillionok ok00:12
Sillionis it because of lxsession?00:13
phillwgive the devs a bit of breathing space. 1st up was a stable release accepted by Canonical :)00:13
pederindijmichaelx: i put geforce > geforce 400 series > geforce gt 420 > linux 32-bit | here: http://www.nvidia.es/Download/index.aspx?lang=es00:13
pederindibut I don't know if is your card!00:14
jmichaelxpederindi: probably similar, although mine is the mobile (laptop) version. ty for the suggestion. i think i will try one of the drivers in the repos first00:15
phillwfor video cards and the discussion of which driver is best etc. the best place to head is http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=334 It is dedicated to sound and vid cards :)00:15
jmichaelxagain, ty, phillw00:16
phillwIf any of you are asking questions on the main forum area, would you please use the lubuntu tag...  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation#Ubuntu_Forum has how to set it00:18
pederindiI go to bed, good luck jmichaelx00:19
jmichaelxok, the nvidia 96 (updates) driver from the repo did NOT work. i now have a completely white screen00:23
phillwjmichaelx: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1753978 but take care to read the entire thread as the last post is important!"00:27
Sillionbye everybody00:37
cousteaujmichaelx, nvidia 96 is usually synonim of "install them manually"00:49
phillwcousteau: as I don't use nvid, is http://joeslifewithubuntu.blogspot.com/2011/09/update-on-that-nvidia-96-driver-for.html still relevant for 11.04 / 11.10 people?00:55
cousteauI use 10.10...01:00
cousteauphillw, the drivers on repositories sometimes work, sometimes don't...  I usually install them myself, with all the messed up consequences that has01:01
phillwI'm glad I've only ever had intel or AMD video card systems on my laptops :)01:02
phillwcousteau: well, this one has a [solved] tag for 10.10 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159726401:06
cousteauphillw, well, it basically needs a new [solved] for each version01:06
jmichaelxi found the problem with nvidia-96 and my geforce 420 go in this fprum post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=417188&highlight=geforce+42001:07
cousteauit usually gets solved as soon as ubuntu repos get an upstream version of the nvidia drivers, solving incompatibilities with the current xorg version01:07
phillwquite possibly, that is why I try to herd people over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33401:07
cousteauit tends to happen always, every release01:07
jmichaelxmy display is now slightly off-center. does anyone know whether or not it could be shifted slightly one direction.. or even stretched slightly further one direction, on a laptop LCD?01:16
wxlis it possible to change the behavior of clicking on the notify window?02:57
jmichaelxi just installed razor-qt from the ppa on a newly installed lubuntu system, but cannot get a razor-qt session started, either using lxdm, or by killing lxdm, and running 'razor-session' from the command line'02:59
jmichaelxany suggestions02:59
jmichaelxis there a way to adjust monitor power settings? after a while, my laptop lcd panel shuts off, and will not wake back up without rebooting03:46
phillwjmichaelx: yes, Menu --> Preferences --> ScreenSaver03:49
jmichaelxphillw: duh. sorry about that.03:49
phillwjmichaelx: np, in the advanced tab, you have the power settings.03:49
h4ckm3anyone familiar with remastersys?04:01
phillwh4ckm3: nope, but the http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/remastersys set of intructions are good,04:05
phillwjust be aware what he says about it being discontinued04:06
wxlphillw: do you know if true transparency is possible with lxsession?04:07
wxlphillw: next question: what about changing the behavior of clicking on the notify window?04:08
phillwI wish i could kill the notify window.04:12
phillwwith an axe or a chainsaw, actually04:12
phillwbut, at just gone 4am, I'm off to bed :)04:13
h4ckm3I'll read it!04:15
h4ckm3I think he has recently been talked into continuing it!04:16
iDiyttoHow can I get compositing to work so I can use docky?05:10
holsteini like using kupfer05:14
holsteinthere is cairo compositing iDiytto05:14
iDiyttoDoes it come with lubuntu?05:14
iDiyttoholstein: How can I enable it?05:16
holsteiniDiytto: not that im awaro of05:16
iDiyttoWell I thought there was a visual effects menu, but I can't find it05:16
holsteini would start here http://cairo-compmgr.tuxfamily.org/05:16
holsteiniDiytto: ?05:17
holsteintheres not effects like that in lubuntu05:17
holsteinLXDE is light05:17
holsteinlubuntu is light05:17
iDiyttoOh okay05:17
holsteineffects are arguably heavy05:17
holsteinyou can install and enable compiz if you want05:17
iDiyttoI do have compiz installed05:17
iDiyttoNo idea how to use it05:17
holsteiniDiytto: right05:17
holsteinso maybe you want to use cairo05:18
holsteinwxl: right05:18
holsteinwxl: the math is happening on the graphics card no?05:18
holsteinwho really cares?05:18
holsteinbut... i find it slows things down05:18
wxli guess05:18
iDiyttoI have the CompizConfig settings manager05:18
wxlthere is the hard drive space :D05:18
holsteinwxl: this would be where an arguent could be inserted ;)05:19
holsteini just say, try it iDiytto , and see for yourself05:19
wxlenlightenment's kind of nice for light+fancy05:19
holsteiniDiytto: you'll need to start it05:19
Unit193xcompmgr is another option05:20
holsteiniDiytto: orrect05:20
holsteinUnit193: what do you think of it?05:20
holsteini think cairo is more stable05:20
wxlam i wrong or is there no cairo package?05:20
Unit193holstein: I don't use any comp managers, but someone else thought it worked well enough05:20
holsteiniDiytto is stuck on copmiz though05:20
Unit193And it's already in repo05:20
holsteinUnit193: thats true05:21
iDiyttoWhy am I stuck on compiz?05:21
holsteiniDiytto: not sure05:21
holsteinit'll look a lot like this05:22
holsteiniDiytto: ^^05:22
holsteinotherwise, check out xcompmgr, or cairo05:23
iDiyttoOh yeah its not running then05:23
holsteinwxl: i think you just get it from here http://download.tuxfamily.org/ccm/cairo-compmgr/05:24
iDiyttoIll try cairo05:24
holsteiniDiytto: if you didnt "run" it, its not running05:24
iDiyttoWell i tryed to run compiz in terminal but everything failed :p05:24
holsteinbut like Unit193 and wxl say, xcompmrg is in the repos05:24
holsteiniDiytto: you can read that link i gave you05:24
holsteincompiz --replace is what you need05:25
holsteinbut, you dont need compiz for docky05:25
iDiyttoWell i just want compositing for docky05:25
holsteini like wbar05:25
iDiyttoNothing fancy like compiz does05:25
iDiyttoWhat is wbar?05:26
holsteinits a dock05:26
holsteindoesnt need comp to be fancy05:26
iDiyttoDo you have a screenshot of it?05:27
iDiyttoIs it like a dock like docky or more like a bar thing05:28
iDiyttoLike a panel05:28
iDiyttoI just want it to auto-hide05:28
holsteinits nothing like docky05:29
holsteinits light05:29
holsteiniDiytto: it can be configured to do whatever05:29
holsteinnot hide05:29
iDiyttoOkay cool05:29
holsteinbe big.. whatever05:29
holsteinits got a config file05:29
iDiyttoDoes it have a settings panel05:29
iDiyttoOh okay05:29
holsteiniDiytto: nope05:29
iDiyttoI think i can do that05:29
holsteinnot that im aware of05:29
holsteiniDiytto: yup... its actually kind of fun05:29
holsteinlike conky )05:30
iDiyttoIm on the google code page05:30
iDiyttoWhat deb package do i want to get?05:30
iDiyttoOh nvm its in package manager05:30
holsteini used to have it in the  middle of my screen :)05:31
iDiyttoLol cool05:31
iDiyttoWhere is the config at?05:32
holsteinyou can start it with command line arguments05:32
holsteinyou can point it to a config file05:32
holsteinits up to you... i forget.. its been a while05:32
holstein^^ you can read there, but i am pretty sure it *does* auto-hide now05:33
holsteinlooks like there is a *-config GUI05:34
iDiyttoYeah im working on installing that now05:38
iDiyttoWow this is awesome05:42
iDiyttoWhere are the Fonts installed to?05:44
holsteiniDiytto: im not sure.. but im sure its all customizable05:45
holsteinprobably more like you just point it to some fonts you want it to use05:45
iDiyttoWell yeah05:46
iDiyttoBut i dont know where the fonts are05:46
iDiyttoI need to have a font05:46
holstein /usr/share/fonts?05:46
holsteini dont do docks anymore, but when i do, i use wbar... i like it for family or whatever to because i find its less breakable... and so light05:48
iDiyttoTheres not an auto-hide05:48
holsteiniDiytto: i might have just always done "let windows cover" or whatever05:48
holsteini remember not needing auto-hide05:49
holsteini thought i had tried it recently and it had that added to it though... but im not sure...05:49
holsteinif its a deal-breaker for you.. then its a deal-breaker05:49
iDiyttoNah I like this more05:50
iDiyttoIll figure something out either way :p05:50
iDiyttoYep :p05:54
JohnDoe_71Rushttp://postimage.org/image/x6fpf64hz/ Why?07:51
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joeseppHello! I would like to disable screen locking after computer wakes up from suspend. xscreensaver-demo and ~/.xscreensaver have lock: False. What am I missing?10:31
MrChrisDruifI'm not sure that is possible joesepp , but I hope others will be able to prove me wrong10:33
joeseppMrChrisDruif: Why not?10:34
MrChrisDruifBecause your system almost completely shuts down, keeping all the programs info in RAM and such as difference10:37
MrChrisDruifjoesepp; http://forum.lxde.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1836#p528310:38
joeseppThanks, but this still  doesn't resolve it10:40
MrChrisDruifAlright, continue searching10:41
MrChrisDruifYou want to prevent entering your password after suspend right?10:42
joeseppthat's right10:42
* MrChrisDruif wonders what would happen if you remove xscreensaver all together10:43
MrChrisDruifjoesepp; source: http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/hardware/449602-disabling-password-resume-suspend.html10:44
joeseppHow can I disable xscreensaver starting up in the first place?10:46
MrChrisDruifWell...if you remove it would be one way10:48
joeseppshort of that?10:49
MrChrisDruifThe other would require delving into unknown config-files (unknown to me at least) and removing it their from starting.10:49
MrChrisDruifjoesepp; http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/disable-screensaver-in-lxde-745203/#post363303410:51
MrChrisDruifDid that help joesepp ? (I can't try because I'm not running Lubuntu myself)11:00
joeseppthat one basically suggests the removal of xscreensaver again. I think I might just do it..11:01
MrChrisDruifDid you read the comment about the autostart.sh?11:02
joeseppyes, doesn't work i did: grep -R screensaver ~/.config/*11:04
joeseppreturned nothing11:05
MrChrisDruifDoes grep also look inside files with that command?11:08
joeseppbut i found something now11:08
joeseppa global autostart dir appears to be here: /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart11:09
joeseppit's a file actually that has "@xscreensaver -no-splash" written on the first line11:10
joeseppso i'll try to comment that out11:10
MrChrisDruifI'm sorry I can't help you11:13
joeseppok thanks anyway11:13
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smileHi can someone help me? :) I'm trying to execute a .sh script at the end of the startup procedure (executable .sh file into .config/autostart)18:04
smilebut it doesn't work18:04
Unit1931. Does it have the executable bit? 2. Are you the only user for the system or do you want it to run for all?18:06
smileUnit193: 1) Yes 2) Only. :)18:07
smilemaybe the executable i want to kill is launched later in the boot process (and the sh is before it)18:07
smilecan i startup it with a delay than? :p18:08
Unit193You *can* place those commands in /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/autostart but I'm not sure that's exactly supported ;)  (Shhhhhh, but I've done it)18:08
smileUnit193: with an @ before it? :p18:09
Unit193It's what I did18:09
Unit193But remember what you did as that's NOT a "recommended" section18:09
smileUnit193: no problem. I'll reinstall if it fails :p18:10
Unit193That's the file for when you select the "Lubuntu" session (or one of them)18:10
Unit193Backing up the default is also good18:11
smileyeah, I understand & i've already done that :)18:12
smilei'll reboot in half an hour :)18:13
Unit193Great, just making sure you know all what that does18:14
smileUnit193: and now i hope it will work :)18:16
smileUnit193: didn't work18:28
Unit193You seem to be killing somethinjg that starts on boot, wouldn't it be better to just disable that?18:29
smileUnit193: I need it once every time my pc boots up :)18:30
Unit193May also depend on what gets started first18:30
smileAmberJ: hi. :)18:30
smileUnit193: It restores my volume level. :)18:30
toschowhy does pcmanfm keep a usb active so long after copying a file to 100%18:42
Unit193smile: Killing something restores? Heh18:53
Unit193Copying a file to 100%....18:53
smileUnit193: it restores the volume level for example to 70%18:53
smileand then i want to close the program :)18:54
Unit193How do you have it run?18:54
smileUnit193: how do you mean? :p18:57
Unit193Well, you said you have it on startup, how? Or did it put itself there?18:57
AmberJhey smile and everyone19:01
smileUnit193: It's by default. Part of gvfsd :s19:03
Unit193Ah, alrighty19:04
AmberJWhy does not my PC speaker "beep" in linux?19:21
Unit193Linux, or Ubuntu?19:22
AmberJOn XP (on same dual boot system), it beeps fine.19:22
AmberJLubuntu 11.1019:22
smileAmberJ: I hate the beep so i would be happy :p19:22
Unit193Some annoying Ubuntu dev got annoyed at it and disabled it 30 different ways, I have only found 17 ways to enable the terminal bell (Not quite the same, but close)19:23
AmberJsmile, I use that primarily for feeble but audible hilights during night (when my parents are sleeping).19:23
holsteinpretty sure thats what it looked like when i turned that off19:23
holsteinUnit193: i bet thats what i have going on19:23
holsteini *want* the terminal bell :/19:24
holsteindidnt think about that til just now19:24
Unit193holstein: I gave up after the first 17 (Little kidding, I have done at least 7 different ways to enable it)19:24
AmberJisn't terminal bell same as the beep sound coming from PC speaker?19:24
Unit193I ended up just using an awesome script for irssi19:24
smileAmberJ: ok :p19:25
JuanHey, is there a way I can replace chromium with midori on 11.10? Trying to remove chromium defaults to installing firefox automatically.19:26
holsteinJuan: just install it, and enjoy :)19:27
smileJuan: first install Midori and then try to remove chromium? ;)19:27
AmberJholstein, That link says to add some text to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist to disable system beep....but my file is already empty. And, I need to enable it19:27
JuanI did.19:27
JuanIt install firefox.19:27
JuanThen if I try to remove firefox it install epiphany.19:27
JuanAnd so on.19:27
AmberJJuan, A couple of days ago someone posted a command to do that...wait, let me look at logs19:28
JuanI'd like just midori as disk space is scarse.19:28
JuanI'd appreciate it AmberJ.19:28
Unit193Juan: Did you install midori yet?19:29
holsteinAmberJ: you can try xset -b19:29
JuanFirst thing I did.19:29
holsteinand add that as a script or whatever19:29
smileJuan: try sudo apt-get remove chromium-browser --no-install-recommends19:29
Unit193purge is more fun ;)19:29
JuanI'll try that on epiphany, chromium and firefox already gone.19:29
Unit193AmberJ: "sudo apt-get purge chromium-browser firefox epiphany-browser midori dolphin konqueror" Was the line they posted19:31
JuanAs long as it works.19:31
holsteinUnit193: Juan is the midori one19:31
AmberJlol yea...Juan, that line by Unit193 was what I was talking about ;)19:31
smileUnit193: xD19:32
holsteinor maybe im wrong...19:32
JuanI am.19:32
smileI have to go, bye :)19:33
JuanSeems that's the way to go guys.19:33
Unit193holstein: Yeah, that's why I have it to amber, and said "was the line he posted"19:33
Unit193Juan: Alrighty!19:34
JuanOtherwise it'll keep wanting to install an alternate browser.19:34
JuanThat line has them all covered.19:34
AmberJ'xset -b' is to disable system beep(?) I read 'man xset' and found out that 'xset b on' was supposed to help. But I still *don't* hear a beep :(19:36
holsteinAmberJ: OH19:36
holsteini totally misread19:36
holsteini thought you were trying to turn it off19:36
holsteini try every year or so to get the beeps enabled ;)19:37
AmberJnaah. I want to turn it on.19:37
holsteinnever happened19:37
holsteini did get it turned off a few times19:37
MyrttiI've got "pactl upload-sample /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/bell.ogg bell.ogg" in my Ubuntu in startup, but I don't know if it would work in Lubuntu19:37
holsteini assumed maybe the machines in question didnt have the capability19:37
holsteinMyrtti: you use that just for startup? or does that get triggered for other things?19:38
Myrttiholstein: it sets the audiosample to be played on audible bell afaiko19:38
Unit193/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/bell.ogg doesn't exist in Lubuntu, but worth a shot with another file19:38
holsteinMyrtti: i would be fine with something like that19:39
AmberJI'm a bit confused here... Myrtti, Would not that beep be sent to speakers instead?19:39
AmberJI want audible PC speaker bell that beeps inside the cabinet/cpu19:39
MyrttiAmberJ: yes, it would, but it's still better than not getting anything at all19:40
holsteinyeah, thats what im assuming its just not working or not there...19:40
AmberJMyrtti, right thanks. noted.19:40
holsteini run a hard drive scan that beeps when its done, and it doesnt always beep19:40
holsteinthats from a live CD19:40
AmberJBut I'll still prefer pc speaker beep :D19:40
holsteinso i assumed it was hardware19:40
kosaidpohello guys19:42
AmberJholstein, In my case, it beeps fine on XP (same system). So, imho hardware is not at fault here19:43
kosaidpois there any small tool that ican use to change keymap easily without need to go the the lxkeymap ?? as in a one has a tray icon ? thanks19:43
Unit193Myrtti: Would you mind sending me that file? (Upload, direct, even email?)19:43
holsteinAmberJ: TRUE!19:43
holsteini havent tried enabling on one that i *know* beeps19:44
MyrttiUnit193: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/all/ubuntu-sounds/filelist19:45
Unit193Thank you19:45
kosaidpoanyone guys ?? welli wish ican change keymap with only some shortcut any idea how to ??19:46
AmberJjust a minute kosaidpo19:46
kosaidpoAmberJ: sure ' ]19:46
AmberJkosaidpo, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145587719:47
kosaidpoAmberJ: ok thanks chekin it19:48
AmberJkosaidpo, for example: 'setxkbmap -option grp:ctrl_shift_toggle us,dvorak' .... sets Ctrl+Shift key combo to switch keyboards between QWERTY_US and DVORAK19:52
kosaidpoAmberJ: yeh got it ; ] thanaks19:52
AmberJPut that line in startup file and you'll be good to go.19:52
AmberJholstein, Unit193 got a system nearby that's supposed to beep but won't?19:58
Unit193That's any *ubuntu19:59
AmberJI think I found a solution...19:59
AmberJyea any linux will do :D19:59
AmberJsudo apt-get install beep19:59
AmberJWhen it's installed, try this command: 'beep'20:00
* Unit193 was sure he had it, then purged it20:00
AmberJ'man beep' is useful as well...20:03
holsteinAmberJ: no beeps yet20:07
holsteini fired up the box that beeped at me ealier when i tested the drive20:07
holsteinnah.. all my tricks have failed again... i not sure what im not doing properly20:10
kopopenssh-server & client installed , /etc/ssh/sshd_config configured and still refuses connection with permission denied ...20:11
kopholstein, what are you trying to do or not do ? I just got here20:12
holsteinkop: we ( AmberJ and others ) are talking about system beeps and how to *enable* them20:12
holsteinthe PC speaker, inside the box20:12
holsteini was saying i have gotten them disabled a few times20:13
saleemi was wondering if we can have lxmed for lubuntu for next release20:14
Unit193saleem: It's not in the repo, it'd have to be there first20:15
Unit193holstein: Oh, I did get it once, but only when I VNC'd in! Explain that one to me :P20:15
saleemUnit193, i checked, its not there on repos20:15
AmberJholstein, what about: 'beep -f 1999 -l 5000 -r 10 --debug' ?20:15
Unit193saleem: I know, I checked20:16
saleemits a good utility20:16
holsteini had forgotten about beep... trying...20:17
AmberJmaybe it is saleem ...but as Unit193 said, it needs to be in the repos first.20:17
holsteinnah... no beeps20:17
holsteinlemme look in alsamixer20:17
holsteinnah.. :/20:18
AmberJholstein, one last try. I know this is weird but if it works, I have found a valid explanation for this: 'sudo beep'20:19
Unit193holstein: Did you try Myrtti's idea? (Though the file I found seemed to be a null clip, must have found a different version)20:19
AmberJholstein, or better: 'sudo beep -f 1999 -l 5000 -r 10 --debug'20:20
holsteinnope :/20:20
holsteinUnit193: i feel like i can get that happening20:20
holsteinthis internal beep thing is "personal"20:20
saleemAmberJ, yes i read what Unit193 , i will put a request for this package to be added to the repo, hope it will be approved20:21
AmberJholstein, My 'sudo' trial was based on this: http://pastebin.com/AGTCe0Tp (source: 'man beep')20:22
holsteinAmberJ: ill keep trying though20:23
AmberJholstein, It says: "What this means is that root can always make beep work (to the best of my knowledge!)....."  (and so I asked you to try beep with sudo).20:23
holsteinevery new and then, i get into it and try again20:23
AmberJholstein, try try: 'xkbbell -force' ?20:39
holsteinAmberJ: i already closed it :/20:40
holsteinhave to get some things done before the gig.. like a nap ;)20:41
holsteinlets try and touch base about this in a few days though20:41
holsteinid like to know how to sort this out20:41
AmberJholstein, you should also try these two in order: 'sudo modprobe pcspkr' ....and then: 'beep'20:42
AmberJNote it down :) You can try later20:42
MrChrisDruifNote what down?20:42
AmberJholstein, my sources: http://askubuntu.com/posts/19909/revisions and http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man3/XkbBell.3.html (you might need this if one of above command works) :D20:43
AmberJMrChrisDruif, holstein and I are trying to get our system beep (PC speaker audible bell to work). Two commands worked for me and I gave them to him to note down and try later20:44
AmberJWhy doesnot unchecking/disabling [View]->[Toolbars]->[Menu bar] in firefox activate firefox's orange button?20:52
MrChrisDruifFirefox's Orange button?20:55
MrChrisDruifAmberJ; ^20:56
AmberJMrChrisDruif, http://img.technospot.net/Remove-the-Orange-Firefox-button-from-your-Browser.jpg20:56
MrChrisDruifI think it's due to the theme being used20:57
MrChrisDruifBecause you DO get that firefox menu-button right?20:57
AmberJI get the firefox's *traditional* menu bar right now...20:58
AmberJBut not that orange colored button...20:58
AmberJI don't need orange color....Even pink will do (j/k).20:58
MrChrisDruifI've got a "plain" colored button20:58
AmberJI want that button...20:58
MrChrisDruifBut that's in "normal" Ubuntu20:59
AmberJ"plain" button will do...but how?20:59
MrChrisDruifGot a screenshot of the current situation?20:59
AmberJjust a min20:59
AmberJMrChrisDruif, http://i.imgur.com/HhXDl.png21:01
MrChrisDruifAnd you've got Menu-bar unchecked in view?21:02
AmberJoops, that was with menu bar checked...just a minute21:04
AmberJwith menu bar UNchecked: http://i.imgur.com/1z0J4.png21:06
MrChrisDruifWhen was your last update of Firefox AmberJ ?21:06
AmberJI mean I did 'sudo apt-get upgrade' yesterday. Isn't that supposed to update firefox to latest version in 11.10 repos?21:08
AmberJFirefox 9.0.121:08
Unit193That updates the lists only21:09
AmberJsudo apt-get dist-upgrade ?21:10
MrChrisDruifUnit193; you are wrong. sudo apt-get update updates the lists only21:10
Unit193MrChrisDruif: Woops, read that wrong21:10
AmberJthat's^ what I knew21:11
Unit193AmberJ: That updates programs, but doesn't install new ones if they are in depends21:11
AmberJUnit193, which one? dist-upgrade? upgrade?21:11
MrChrisDruifI thought it did21:12
Unit193dist-upgrade will install new packages as needed (eg, kernel updates)21:12
Unit193AmberJ: Skim the manpage to see the difference, it's well marked21:14
AmberJMrChrisDruif, Can you please check if you have "Global menu bar integration" enabled in firefox addons?21:14
MrChrisDruifWhere can I find which ones are enabled? <_<"21:16
Unit193It'll be marked if it's disabled21:16
Unit193Tools > Addons21:16
MrChrisDruifFound it and it's enabled21:18
AmberJMrChrisDruif, I found the button! I use an addon "Tree style tabs" (vertical, tree style tabs addon) to manage tab hell :D Firefox's orange/gray button was in front of my eyes but I could not locate it21:27
MrChrisDruifGlad it is solved21:31
AmberJMrChrisDruif, See where I found it: http://i.imgur.com/kUzUw.png (right toppish corner) Thanks a lot :)21:35
MrChrisDruifSmarty pants ;-)21:36
AmberJMrChrisDruif, Do you have any idea why "global menu bar integration" addon is installed with firefox in Lubuntu? I thought it was for Ubuntu's Unity21:38
MrChrisDruifIt is, but it doesn't hurt in the other flavours so it would be hellish to "remove" it for the other ones21:38
AmberJFrom a different view, it would as well be 'hellish' not to remove it (since it won't be of any use in Lubuntu)21:41
AmberJBut then I forgot that Lubuntu ships with Chromium...21:42
MrChrisDruifGhehe, that is also the case and I think you can remove it without much difficulty21:42
AmberJYes, manual removal is not difficult except that it takes time ;)21:46
MrChrisDruifMaking it automatically remove for those few that even notice it being installed is too much trouble ;-)21:47
MrChrisDruifYou could probably make a small script for it and share it with the world ^_^21:48
AmberJMrChrisDruif, I was instead planning to add "sudo apt-get purge firefox-globalmenu" to my personal post-install config script. Now that you mentioned it, I may blog about this as well.21:55
MrChrisDruifYour welcome21:55
* MrChrisDruif should either look into a post-installation script for Ubuntu or an installation script for Debian/Arch21:56
MrChrisDruifAmberJ; could you share your post-installation script? ^_^21:56
AmberJUbuntu/Debian/Arch....No Lubuntu? :(21:56
MrChrisDruifAmberJ; I count Lubuntu to Ubuntu...21:57
MrChrisDruifShould've said *ubuntu21:57
AmberJSay *ubuntu instead :D21:57

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