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tdr112its turning into a tax state18:43
czajkowskistill over here we pay water charges and council charges18:43
czajkowskiif we lived 500 meters across the bridge our council tax would be crazy18:44
czajkowskibut equally bins get collected our roads are good and my gp service and hospital is top notch18:44
tdr112forgot that20:53
ebelIRC meeting shortly20:58
tdr112was it not 8pm20:58
ebeler... was it not 9pm?!20:58
ebelhas the meeting happened?20:58
moylanhasn't happened yet20:59
moylani thought it was 920:59
moylanit was an easier time for all20:59
ebelyes 9pm20:59
ebelhttp://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/308/detail/ as is on the agenda20:59
moylanand something to do while wikipedia is offline :-)20:59
ebelwell we could start now, or wait a few mins for people to join ☺21:00
moylanwait 5 mins might be best21:00
ebelso... how's everyone doing? </watercooler-talk>21:03
moylanwondering if the old dublin bbses are online while the web is shutdown.  come back toppsi! :-)21:04
moylanof course then i realised i'd need to find a) modem, b)cables, c) serial port, d)bbs numbers21:06
ebelSo, shall we start?21:06
ebelairurando was on to me and said they couldn't make it, so i'll chair the meeting21:07
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ebelWelcome to the January IRC Meeting for Ubuntu IE21:08
ebelplease say PRESENT if you're here and paying attention.21:08
ebelthe agenda for this meeting is here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/308/detail/21:09
ebel#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/308/detail/21:09
ebel#topic review21:10
ebel#subtopic DNS21:10
ebel(Changing ubuntu-ie.org DNS to point to blacknight)21:10
ebelI haven't looked into this yet, sorry.21:10
moylanchristmas happened. :-)21:10
ebelCanonical have some fancy commands you can do to change DNS parameters w/ permissions etc.21:10
ebelbut haven't looked into it yet.21:11
ebelsorry, i'll try to look into again21:11
ebel#subtopic infoturtle to be ready to maintain, install & admin new website21:12
ebelbut infoturtle isn't here....21:12
ebelperhaps we leave this until later, infoturtle might show up21:13
moylanshelve it till next meeting?21:13
ebel#subtopic ebel to reply to people w.r.t. cds21:13
ebelI have replied to everyone who expressed an interest in getting some CDs, and gave my address. I haven't recieved any SAEs and haven't sent any CDs out ☹21:13
ebelSo we still have about half the CDs left.21:14
ebelAnyone want any?21:14
moylani use netbooks so cds are superfluous21:15
ebelI'm unsure why the uptake has been so low this time, could be a combination of (a) me idlying too long with sending them out (b) people waiting for LTS (c) "send me a SAE" is more effort than when I posted them CDs for free21:15
moylani think these days most installs are from usb21:16
ebelany comments on the review of previous action items?21:19
ebel#topic Campuscon this Saturday from tdr11221:19
tdr112i will be along this weekend21:20
tdr112and i will be giving a talk and giving out ubuntu cd after / during the event21:20
ebelDid you get the CDs I left in TOG? Do you want/need any more?21:20
tdr112i have them21:21
tdr112i am in tog now21:21
tdr112if any is in the area feel free to drop by and get a cd21:22
tdr112thats all21:22
ebelanything else we can do to help?21:23
tdr112nope , thanks for the cds21:23
ebel#topic Any other business?21:24
ebelWe've reached the end of the agenda, any other business?21:24
moylancan't think of any21:24
tdr112all done here21:25
ebelOh, I should mention that I'll get the DNS looked at by next meeting21:25
ebel#agreed ebel to look at DNS for next meeting21:25
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Jan 18 21:28:05 2012 UTC.21:28
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2012/ubuntu-ie.2012-01-18-21.08.moin.txt21:28
ebelthanks for coming everyone!21:28
moylanthanks for hosting21:28
Victor9098Finally made it to my first meeting! Was painless (lots to learn)21:28
moylani must go through the old minutes to see if there's anything there that could be useful21:29
ebelVictor9098: cool. feel free to say anything you want21:29
Victor9098ebel: Thanks you21:31
moylanthought today with sections of the web offline there would be more irc activity.  much less though.  twitter was busier though21:33
Victor9098Do not think the students trying to write essays will have rushed to the irc, maybe if it was the end of semester there would have been more of a panic21:37
moylanwell when one medium goes down i would have expected them to use another channel (irc/twitter) or step away from computer entirely.  seeing one medium twitter busier than irc though to my mind is odd.21:38

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