morrihow can I see how much my internet traffic is? can I see it in terminal?00:07
phillwmorri: not a default for lubuntu, but  there are programs which can do it.00:12
morriIs there one which just gives you the numbers via terminal (so doesn't need a gui or browser just show numbers?00:13
phillwmorri: let me have a quick dig for you, it will be several minutes.00:15
pcroquemorri: I like iptraf00:16
morrithanks it is not in the repositories is it?00:17
phillwpcroque: looks good so far... no dependaencies :)00:18
pcroqueProject page is: iptraf.seul.org00:19
morrilast news were from 2005 , but as long as it will work00:20
phillwmorri:  take a look over http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu-users.html and see which is best for you.00:24
morriI'll have a look thanks00:25
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LubuntuPoweredanyone have a screenshot of 12.04 so i can masturbate to it properly please08:51
bkerensa!rules | LubuntuPowered09:30
ubot5`LubuntuPowered: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:30
bkerensaLubuntuPowered: Lets keep it appropriate please09:33
bioterror? D:09:34
bioterrorbkerensa, next time: !language09:34
bkerensabioterror: thanks :)09:34
head_victimbioterror & bkerensa - also !codeofconduct ;)09:44
head_victimhttp://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi?db=ubuntu&search=&order=popularity%20DESC&page=0 if you get bored :)09:44
bkerensahead_victim: Thanks :) I was just tired with I did rules (It is almost 2am here)09:45
head_victimNo worries, I bookmarked the db so I can always find what i need in a hurry09:45
head_victimI didn't know it existed for ages though09:45
ubot5`Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:46
icerootgreat now we have a lock-screen shortcut and the focus-bug on lxpanelctl run fixed :)09:52
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LubuntuPoweredmy smart phone (birth year 2010 - free with 2 year plan) is more powerful than my pc (birth year 2000 - around $2000)17:44
LubuntuPoweredthat is all.17:45
Sentynelmoore's law strikes again17:50
DJango_Noviceim using and lubuntu and when try to open user and group management in gui.. it seems to be disabled18:35
DJango_Noviceany idea???18:35
DJango_NoviceLubuntuPowered: is it for me18:39
DJango_Novicemy user-admin is disabled18:46
DJango_Noviceany idea???18:46
holsteinDJango_Novice: what are you trying to accomplish?18:48
DJango_Noviceholstein: I juset want to add few users for SVN but my user settings is disabled18:50
DJango_Noviceit opens a window but every input control on it is disabled18:51
holsteinsudo adduser whoever... you can try opening the application in the terminal to see if you have any error messages... you can try opening it with gksudo command.... i cant remember what the application is called in lubuntu off the top of my head18:53
DJango_Noviceholstein: its called user-admin and im using gksudo ...its not giving me any errors on terminal but it should work in gui as well18:56
DJango_Novicethis user settings window seems to be loading forever18:56
smiledoei :)19:32
grobda24Can I setup a wireless access point in the gui to connect an eeepc and a nintendo ds ?20:53
bioterrorgrobda24, it should be possible to configure your wlan as hotspot21:16
grobda24bioterror, through the usual network config gui ?21:17
bioterrorthere should be option "Create a new wireless network"21:18
wxlgrobda24: assumedly you mean uhhh ad hoc mode? is that right?21:18
grobda24I don't think the nitendo ds deos adhoc21:18
bioterrorand remember DS likes WEP21:18
bioterrorat least my old 1st gen NDS only accepts WEP21:18
grobda24yes, I'm using an eee pc so I can isolate it all from my network21:19
wxli have the DSi doing WPA221:19
bioterrorthings have changed since 200521:20
wxla bit21:20
grobda24it's not for net access, just for transferring files21:20
wxlsure sounds like ad hoc to me21:21
wxlmaybe i'm confused tho so i'll shut up ;)21:21
grobda24but I wonder if the the ath5k driver is capable of it as this guide changes the driver .. which I don't have installed ... yet21:21
wxli guess there's only one way to find out :/21:22
micahganyone available to test gecko-mediaplayer on lucid and maverick from -proposed?21:32
wxlmicahg: i would but i'm running oneric and building a new precise vbox while doing my regular work so processor is a bit limited right now :)21:33
micahgwxl: doesn't have to be right, now, but you think you could do it?21:34
wxlmicahg: maybe. i've got a ton of things going on. maybe check if there's any others that can help in #lubuntu-offtopic21:37
wxlmicahg: possibly #ubuntu-testing21:38
micahgwell, I figured to try here since I thought lubuntu ships it, I put out a call for testing in other channels before and no one's tested it AFAICT21:41
wxlmicahg: my deal is i haven't used anything prior to natty EVER.21:43
micahgwxl: there's a version in natty-proposed as well :)21:48
AmberJI have xchat set to autostart on system startup. It worked fined for few weeks but now when system boots, neither xchat window is not in "Task Bar"  nor xchat button is in system tray21:50
AmberJ'ps aux | grep xchat' shos xchat running in background but I don't see any window/button21:51
SentynelAmberJ: try switching virtual desktop21:52
AmberJThis problem happens only with xchat that is autostarted on system startup. If I manually start xchat, I see xchat window on my desktop21:52
AmberJSentynel, tried that. It's not visible on any of virtual desktops21:52
Sentynelif you manually start it does it have a systray item as well as the taskbar?21:53
AmberJyes, both21:54
Sentyneltry changing the autostart command so xchat's stdout and stderr are written to a file somewhere, then have a look at that and see if there's anything illuminating in it21:55
wxlmicahg: i know i have it going in oneric but my time with natty was pretty short21:56
wxlit meaning -rposed21:56
wxlgrr proposed21:56
wxli'd be curious if that's not a problem with xchat21:56
wxlbut i gotta jet21:56

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