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dholbachgood morning07:39
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head_victimdholbach: ping11:18
dholbachhead_victim, pong11:46
czajkowskihead_victim: moderated your email11:47
head_victimdholbach: ah was just going to get an opinion on it before sending and you were the last council member I saw talk anywhere :)11:50
head_victimczajkowski: cheers11:50
head_victimFIngers crossed we begin some forward motion on the topic.11:51
dholbachI'm in the middle of four other things right now, but I'll have a look later on11:55
dholbachthanks for pinging about it11:56
head_victimdholbach: no dramas, was thinking of having it proofed but now it's sent it's less urgent.11:58
head_victimSorry it's taken a while to get it out there.11:58
dholbachno worries11:58
czajkowskinigelb: your mail is moderated12:02
nigelbczajkowski: Thanks :)12:03
nigelbczajkowski: Sorry about being late, its been a crazy week12:04
bkerensadholbach: http://paste.ubuntu.com/817529/ =/12:04
dholbachbkerensa: I have none of these packages installed over here12:05
bkerensahmm well I'm trying to login with unity but the option is no longer listed in the lighdm login screen12:05
dholbachthe first one have been removed12:06
dholbachis the unity package installed?12:06
dholbachah no, I'm sorry - indicator-appmenu I do have installed12:06
dholbachbut indicator-applet and indicator-applet-complete seem to have been removed from precise12:07
bkerensaI have not uninstalled unity but its not showing oddly12:08
bkerensaand when I try installing it gives me some nonsense about libindicator3-7 being uninstallable12:08
bkerensaLogin options used to be Ubuntu and Ubuntu 2D plus Classic and Classic (No Effects) but when I went to try Unity today so I can see how HUD works I noticed Unity disappeared12:08
dholbachinstall it :)12:08
dholbachwhich mirror do you use?12:09
popeybkerensa: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^12:09
popeyto make sure you're not missing anything12:09
popey(the caret is important)12:09
bkerensapopey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/817539/12:12
bkerensano go =/12:12
popeybkerensa: apt-cache show unity12:13
popeybkerensa: also pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list12:14
bkerensapopey: Result http://paste.ubuntu.com/817540/12:14
bkerensasources.list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/817542/12:15
bkerensasources.list.d: http://paste.ubuntu.com/817543/12:15
popeyshows the mirror you're using is probably outdated12:16
popeyswitch to a main mirror and update again12:16
bkerensaI see12:17
popeydoes it fail if you just "sudo apt-get install unity" ?12:17
bkerensawell 536 updates12:22
bkerensajust by changing mirrors12:22
bkerensaDo mirror providers not have some sort of obligation to sync with main every so often?12:22
s-foxdholbach - I have sent you the forum stats for last year.12:35
dholbachs-fox, awesome, thanks muchly! :)12:35
s-foxJuly had a big surge on new registered users, but you'll see that yourself.12:36
dholbachmaybe new people who tried out Ubuntu during the summer holidays :)12:37
s-foxMaybe, but the number of new threads didn't increase that much. :)12:37
s-foxAlmost like they registered, but never did anything more.12:38
dholbachhm ok12:39
s-foxbit weird, haha ;)12:40
s-foxI am going to see if I can pull some details for those who registed. Perhaps we got hit by a bot creating accounts.12:41
dholbachsure, if it interests you - don't do it just for me - I feel like I asked for enough already :)12:41
dholbachI don't know how hard it is to do, but maybe there's a way to do a cleanup every now and then, let's say a user who didn't post anything after 6 months - maybe there's even a plugin for that12:42
s-foxI would seriously be against that, we have several known users who haven't posted in over a year but still do login to check threads / mails etc.12:43
s-foxI would add that having a "dormant" accounts doesn't really hurt us ;)12:44
bkerensa Its like Pandora for cats14:08
dholbachHeise writes about UDW: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/Ubuntu-Developer-Week-fuer-Ubuntu-12-04-1422539.html15:15
dholbachnow we'll get loads of Germans ;-)15:15
bkerensaawesome :D15:17
dholbachyeah, that's one of the biggest tech news sites in Germany15:17
dholbachI was a bit surprised15:17
dholbachbut now we might even get the best out of it :)15:17
bkerensaWe need some Russian developers15:18
bkerensathey are amazing at coding15:18
dholbachThe H too: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Ubuntu-Developer-Week-for-12-04-Precise-Pangolin-announced-1422218.html15:19
jcastroDaviey: hey15:26
Davieyhey mr castro15:28
jcastroDaviey: why does #ubuntu-cloud exist?15:28
jcastroit's not a trick question15:28
jcastroI just wonder why we keep splitting our communities into hairs15:29
Davieyjcastro: legacy15:30
Davieyjcastro: there was ALSO #ubuntu-virt a while ago.15:30
DavieyI'd be happy for #ubuntu-cloud to redirect to #ubuntu-server TBH15:30
Daviey#ubuntu-virt is now dead btw15:30
jcastroDaviey: ok so what do I do, just talk to ubuntu-irc?15:39
Davieyjcastro: hold fire.15:46
Davieyjcastro: i'll add it to the ubuntu-server teams agenda for discussion next meeting (tues)15:47
* jcastro nods15:47
popeyLets have a meeting about it!15:48
jcastropopey: that's the difference between guys like us15:48
Davieypopey: hmm, maybe this falls into you remit?15:48
jcastroand Daviey. :)15:48
Davieypopey: slashing resources people use, is your job, right? ;)15:49
jcastrono one is using it15:49
Davieyit /does/ get used...15:49
Daviey(not by me.)15:49
popeyI am trying to file a bug in bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website15:51
popeyyou are not helping! :D15:52
JanChttp://coworking.betagroup.be/hosting-the-fosdem-participants/ --> if you know any Ubuntu developers/teams that want to sit together to work/discuss/etc. on Friday or Monday before/after FOSDEM...15:58
jcastrobkerensa: nice work on that dev update dude16:32
bkerensajcastro: dholbach is a great teacher16:35
dholbachnono, I'm not :)16:35
dholbachbut it's definitely more fun writing those dev updates together16:36
jcastrodo you guys etherpad?16:37
bkerensadholbach: You are going to be at UDS?16:38
bkerensajcastro: Google Docs16:38
dholbachbkerensa, yep16:40
bkerensadholbach: Well I hope to go... Would be a good learning opp16:41
dakerjcastro, the link is wrong here http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2012/01/openstack-jenkins-dashboard-available-for-testing/16:47
jcastroyikes, ON IT16:48
technovikingdholbach: your thread should be sticky16:49
* dholbach hugs technoviking16:49
bkerensadholbach: If while fixing a bug a fixer sees another bug can they fix both or should one open another bug report then fix both and submit patch?17:05
dholbachas you like it, really17:06
mhall119jcastro: hangout invite sent17:28
jcastrodholbach: around?17:32
jcastrodo you have a link to the first patch pilot email you ever sent?17:33
jcastromhall would like to implement that for DX17:33
jcastroand we're looking for a template on how to yell at people17:33
jcastroI mean .... collaborate. :)17:33
dholbachI think it was Rick who mailed the whole team17:34
dholbachbut afterwards I sent a "here's how it works mail"17:34
jcastroah I see those now17:35
jcastrosending them to mhall17:35
dholbachde nada17:35
dholbachjcastro, you just forwarded a mail from myself to me? :)17:36
jcastroI was forwarding all your work to mhall17:38
mhall119thanks dholbach17:38
jcastroso he can implement it for dx17:38
dholbachmhall119, de nada17:38
dholbachalright my friends17:40
dholbach I call it a day - see you all tomorrow17:41
* popey hugs dholbach 17:45
* dholbach hugs popey back17:47
akgranerjcastro - could you take a look at the syndication settings for cloud.u.c again - there is still non-ubuntu related stuff hitting the planet?18:11
jcastroI fixed that18:12
jcastrolet me check18:12
jcastroI posted those18:12
jcastrothe charm school one and the openstack one?18:12
jcastroI wrote those18:12
pleia2those are great, these ones are not:18:13
jcastrowhat you won't see are the company syndicated ones, etc.18:13
akgranernope - http://www.cloudave.com/16853/next-iteration-of-paas-will-amazon-join-that-race/18:13
pleia2^^ those all hit the planet RSS feed this week18:13
jcastrobut I fixed that18:13
pleia2the last one ended up in the rss feed yesterday18:13
jcastroI just fixed that at scale18:13
pleia2the other two from "2 days ago"18:14
jcastroah, ok well by default now on cloud.u.c we don't use the planet tag18:14
pleia2ok, I'll let you know if another one shows up18:14
jcastroI don't see them on planet right now18:14
jcastroand the oldest post goes to the 21st?18:14
jcastrodid they initially show up and then disappear?18:15
pleia2the date of these articles is mostly the 20th, but they ended up in the RSS feed this week18:15
jcastroI think that was my fault, I told robbie to use a certain tag and it was misconfigured in the blog18:16
jcastrobut I think on saturday I fixed it18:16
jcastroand I just posted guidelines to the cloud list18:16
jcastroso if it happens from now on it's either my fault or robbies.18:16
jcastrothere should be no automated stuff going on18:16
pleia2ok, thanks for looking into it18:16
jcastroI shall endeavour to suck less18:16
jcastrotheoretically the only ones you should see is the ones I post by hand, which are going to be ubuntu related.18:17
jcastrono more gigaom, etc. etc.18:17
akgranerjcastro, thank you!18:18
jcastronote that this is how I set it up last time18:18
jcastroand I failed.18:18
jcastrothird time is a charm though, I can't fail this time!18:19
akgranerjcastro, you said "charm"  :-)18:19
jcastrohah that was totally on accident18:20
akgranerjcastro - is there a wiki page for the super user information/goals etc19:25
akgraneryep that's it19:26
jcastroI don't get the question19:26
akgraneryou know more that beginner user but not a developer19:26
akgranerI though there was an Ubuntu Superuser group effort or something like that?19:27
akgranermaybe I am making that up?19:27
jcastropoweruser thing?19:27
jcastroyeah there's a mailing list19:27
akgranerahh that's it - /me needs caffeine it seems19:28
* balloons is listening19:34
akgranerjcastro, thanks19:36
akgranermhall119, do you have a list of all the current lenses available Unity  or know where I can find the list?19:37
mhall119akgraner: I have a list, not sure if it's all19:37
akgranerI hear you are the lense knowledge base :-)19:37
akgranermhall119, would you mind sharing it with me - we are starting work on the 7th edition of the official Ubuntu Book19:38
mhall119akgraner: you should have a google docs invite19:38
akgranerthank you!19:39
mhall119it's not all of them, but it's what I managed to find19:39
mhall119I was working on sorting and categorizing them for a blog post19:39
akgranerThis is awesome!  Thank you so much.19:39
mhall119akgraner: if you end up sorting/categorizing, let me know and I'll help (as long as I can turn around and blog it)19:40
akgranerof course :-)19:40
mhall119akgraner: also, we're putting together a set of guidelines for "When to make a new lens, and when to reuse one"19:40
mhall119it should hopefully be done this weekend19:40
mhall119if that would be of interest19:41
akgraneroh yes19:41
mhall119akgraner: slightly related, but lenses will also work on Ubuntu TV (once it's developed enough to support them)19:42
mhall119as in, the same lenses made for the desktop will be installable on TV19:42
akgraneryeah we should have a demo of Ubuntu TV on a pandaboard at Connect next month I can't wait to see it19:43
mhall119sweet, too bad I won't be there to see it19:44
mhall119akgraner: does Linaro support Rasberry PI? do you know?19:44
akgranernot using the current toolchain Ubuntu and Linaro are on ARM v7 and Raspberry PI is ARM v4 I think - you need to go back to a Maverick build for that19:46
popeybug 84815419:48
ubot2`Launchpad bug 848154 in ubuntu "ARM version not supporting V6 RaspPi" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84815419:48
akgranerthanks popey - I new the ARM versions were different19:49
akgranerknew even :-/19:49
mhall119that's what I thought, but I keep seeing articles about RP being able to run Ubuntu19:49
popeyyeah, lies19:49
akgranerjust drop back to Maverick :-)19:49
mhall119glad it wasn't me that was mistaken, just a bunch of widely read articles on the internet19:49
popeyunfortunately they reported early on in development that they could use ubuntu19:50
popeyand that fact stuck19:50
mhall119ah, I see now19:50
akgranermhall119, however, let me see what our guys are saying about it and I'll get back to you.19:51
AlanBellmhall119: they are a nice bunch the raspberry pi people19:52
mhall119akgraner: all I hear from your guys is "Enhance Summit"19:52
mhall119and then "Change it back!"19:53
akgranermhall119, :-)19:53
mhall119akgraner: I don't suppose they've roped you into managing connect scheduling yet have they?19:53
AlanBellmhall119: I thought most of the articles were fixed, I certainly spoke to them really early on and got them to stop saying it would support ubuntu19:54
mhall119AlanBell: I never went back and checked, I just remember seeign it said and that causing my confusion19:54
akgranermhall119, um no!19:54
Pendulumakgraner: how many people have you paid so that you don't have to manage the connect schedule?19:55
mhall119btw, if you know of any lenses/scopes not on my list, would you mind adding them to that doc?19:55
akgranerwill do19:55
akgranerPendulum, :-) I'll never tell.19:57
mhall119Pendulum: probably just cjohnston20:02
akgranermhall119, debian still has an armv5-targeted port - if you want to pop into #linaro if you need more info or explanations :-)20:07
jonomhall119, how is the Sumo report going20:08
jonowill you be ready for our call tomorrow?20:08
jonoremember, this needs to be something we can give to the web team20:08
mhall119jono: I'm putting it together today, it should be ready20:08
mhall119jono: the isd web team? or the ubuntu.com team?20:09
jonomhall119, the ubuntu.com team20:09
jonoI talked to Peter the other day about this20:09
jonotaking off back to my day off20:09
mhall119ok, so a lot of the technologies used are alternatives to what's commonly found in ubuntu20:09
jcastrojono: ok so in my last review I totally missed a blueprint, mine should be set now20:33
jonojcastro, thanks20:33
jcastroI don't get why fixing oxton's wouldn't have plunked the graph, he had like 14 outstanding ones20:34
jcastrothat should have made a dent20:35
balloonsanyone know what version of moinmoin the ubuntu wiki is on? and how can I get the cool WYSISYG editor they have?20:39
jcastroballoons: investigate editmoin20:39
jcastroit lets you open a wiki page in whatever editor you have20:39
jcastroand then when you save it pushes it back to moin20:40
jcastroit's like the only way to fly and remain sane20:40
balloonsbut look at this: http://moinmo.in/4ct10n/edit/WikiSandBox?action=edit&editor=gui20:40
balloonswhy don't we have it?20:40
balloonspretty slick, move back and forth between text and gui edit mode.. anyways, thanks for the tip.. I'll look @ editmon20:41
jcastro"why don't we have it?"20:42
jcastroyou must be new here. :)20:42
jcastrodon't worry, mhall119 is going to fix all our problems20:43
* balloons thanks mhall119 for being an allstar20:44
balloonsit's like mhall119 don't care, he gonna replace that wiki with sumo20:44
mhall119which is also a wiki20:44
mhall119only with mediawiki markup, not moin20:45
* balloons would love mediawiki20:45
balloonseditmoin is pretty funny.. I mean, why be stuck with the browser text box when you can use vi!20:46
mhall119balloons: have you ever used bitbucket?20:47
balloonsrofl, i'm going to use the sandbox gui editor and then copy the source back to our wiki20:48
balloonsmethinks that should work out20:48
mhall119I want to bzr branch http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Article/ and work on it offline20:48
mhall119then bzr push my edits20:48
balloonsohh yea20:49
balloonsi have an unhealthy disdain for atlassian20:49
balloonsand jira..pretty sure I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like jira and finds it painfully annoying20:50
bkerensamhall119: PopVox + Lens = Win :P20:50
balloonshowever, that's a good idea to work on stuff offline mhall119..20:50
balloonsyou could selfhost your git repo tho on your ec2 box..20:50
mhall119bitbucket is awesome, atlassian bought them a year or so ago21:32
AlanBellballoons: we have moin 1.921:36
AlanBellthe reason it is slow and we don't have good plugins is because the people who control the servers don't use the wiki21:37
balloonsAlanBell, thank you. So the gui editor I showed is in the build we're using...21:37
AlanBellsame reason the theme doesn't render table borders and has other unfixed bugs21:37
balloonsmmm sad21:41
AlanBellalso http://blog.vinceliu.com/2009/02/reanabling-fckeditor-for-moinmoin-wiki.html21:44
balloonsohh.. pretty http://ckeditor.com/21:54
AlanBellballoons: the moin theme is here https://code.launchpad.net/canonical-webmonkeys21:54
AlanBellyeah, ckeditor is nice21:54
AlanBellthe moin theme was in ubuntu-website, but got sucked into canonical-webmonkeys and they started making changes in production without going through bzr and I couldn't contribute fixes any more21:55
balloonsthanks for the info AlanBell22:31

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