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dholbachgood morning07:39
bkerensagood morning dholbach07:39
dholbachhey bkerensa07:40
Rhondaabout Bug 921118, should I close it and run syncpackage instead?08:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 921118 in pokerth (Ubuntu) "Sync pokerth 0.9.1-1 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92111808:44
tumbleweedRhonda: syncpackage can close bugs08:45
Rhondaah, right08:46
Rhondasyncpackage: Launchpad bugs to be closed: 92111808:48
Rhondasyncpackage: Please wait for the sync to be successful before closing bugs.08:48
RhondaClose bugs [Y|n]?08:48
tumbleweedyeah, it's less than perfect :P08:48
RhondaSomehow that sounds like it doesnt want me to close bugs?08:48
tumbleweedlaunchpad 's syncing api doesn't offer to close08:48
RhondaSo will they get closed before the sync happens?08:50
dholbachI usually wait for the mail to show up, then hit "Y"08:54
Rhondadoes backportpackage only work for uploading to PPAs?08:55
tumbleweedRhonda: you have to tell it to close the bug08:56
tumbleweedRhonda: it's up to you to say "ok close it now"08:56
Rhondadholbach: how long does that usually take?08:56
Rhondatumbleweed: so it wouldn't pick up LP: #1234 from the changelog automatically?08:57
dholbachRhonda, 2-3 minutes, I think08:57
tumbleweedRhonda: no08:57
tumbleweedoh, sorry yes08:57
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tumbleweedLaney: thanks for taking this to the techboard13:01
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highvoltageLaney ftw.14:05
Laneyhighvoltage: make sure you comment or turn up to the meeting :-)14:08
highvoltageLaney: oh, I will14:10
highvoltageLaney: backtracking on that there's no seperate 'business' release and that 'parner' is now somehow part of Ubuntu is just BS.14:11
highvoltage(but that you know)14:11
Laneythe business thing is a proposed new product14:11
Laneywell I think it's more than proposed actually14:12
highvoltageat least in the default sources.list it always said:14:12
highvoltage## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from Canonical's14:12
highvoltage## 'partner' repository.14:12
highvoltage## This software is not part of Ubuntu, but is offered by Canonical and the14:12
highvoltage## respective vendors as a service to Ubuntu users.14:12
Laneyheh heh14:12
highvoltageLaney: actually I might even end up launching a campaign about it, I'm really worked up about it14:14
geserI hope it's easier than to teach Debian users that Debian non-free isn't part of Debian14:19
tumbleweedwell yeah, from most users' point of view it is part of Ubuntu. They see Ubuntu as a Canonical product, so this is totally part of Ubuntu14:20
LaneyDebian is easier, as SC#5 says that.14:20
LaneyWe should work with the TB in the first instance. I'm sure there's a sensible outcome to be had here (…)14:21
tumbleweedsure, and we'd all like to not see Ubuntu internal bickering in the news :)14:21
highvoltageLaney: I have a stong urge to blog about it, do you think that's ok?14:23
LaneyDepends how you write it :-)14:24
geserLaney: true, but how many Debian users have really read the SC and know about #5?14:35
LaneyAt least it is there to point people at, in a founding document14:37
Laneyi.e. it is unquestionable in that sense14:41
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Q-FUNKhowdy.  I seem to get warnings from CDBS' list-missing since I split one library into foo2 and foo-common, yet debc shows that the files correctly installed in foo-dev as intended.18:07
Q-FUNKwould anyone happen to know what causes list-missing to complain, even though everything was correctly installed?18:08
jtayloryey the lp ppa build queue is so long my daily builds are starting to queue up :O19:26
ajmitchyou're at the point where you've got more than 1 day of builds in the queue?19:27
micahgwow, PPA queue is longer than PowerPC now19:43
l3onHey.. someone can open bug 629246 for oneiric/maverick/natty ?20:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 629246 in ntfs-config (Ubuntu) "ntfs-config crashed with OSError in __init__(): [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/hal/fdi/policy" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62924620:26
TiMiDohey guys20:40
TiMiDohow is everyone doing. here20:40
roaksoax9/win 320:46
koolhead17hi all21:38
TiMiDohi koolhead1721:55
koolhead17hi TiMiDo21:57
TiMiDohi koolhead1722:26
* koolhead17 reading up on merging22:26
TiMiDonice I'm uploading some patches to upload,22:28
TiMiDoto see if that will get rid of the bug,,22:28
astraljavaHey Masters! Are packages synced from unstable still? Do I need to file a request for one?22:52
ajmitchthey've been synced from testing up until a couple of weeks ago, so a sync request is needed for anything newer22:53
ajmitchor merge if there are changes in ubuntu22:54
astraljavaajmitch: Thanks! I just noticed there is an update to audacious in unstable, and we're seeding that. But it FTBFS on some archs, so I will wait a little while to see if there are fixes. Thanks!22:54
micahgl3on: I don't know that dropping hal in the stable releases is a good SRU23:08
l3onwell, in oneiric works great23:10
jtaylortumbleweed: you're in the motu relase team right?23:10
micahgl3on: works, yes, but that might regress functionality23:10
l3onnot really, wait, there is a old debian bug ...23:11
micahgl3on: it's perfect for precise though as hal needs to die, so syncing23:12
l3onmicahg, see: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=61521023:13
ubottuDebian bug 615210 in ntfs-config "Uses deprecated HAL" [Important,Fixed]23:13
l3onseems that hal is not necessary23:13
jtaylortumbleweed: ipython upstream is discussing bugfix release or new upstream mid march if it would still got into precise23:14
micahgl3on: right, well, it's not used very much as all now, but in the stable releases, the further back you go, the more it's used23:14
jtayloris it still realistic to get a freeze exception based on this rational: core functionallty known from < 12.04 is not changed much, we don't want to keep 0.12 due to bugs and interface change in new parts of 0.13?23:15
l3onmicahg, so, what you suggest ? :)23:18
micahgl3on: no rdeps, so adding hal as a dependency seems safest23:20
micahgl3on: but feel free to discuss with an SRU team member, I"ll give you the bug tasks since you're working onthis23:21
l3onok, thanks micahg :)23:22

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