greg-gpleia2: yay!00:18
nhainespleia2: \o/01:12
nhainespleia2: congratulations!  :D01:12
bkerensapleia2: Do you sign all of your e-mail?02:36
bkerensaJust wondering because we are have a discussion in our channel on the importance if any of signing e-mail02:37
pleia2bkerensa: I don't sign any of it02:38
pleia2I only use gpg for debian package signing and as an encryption method (I'll email gpg encrypted files to specific recipients so only they can open them)02:38
bkerensaexactly :D02:39
akkI've never managed to get mutt to do anything useful with GPG signatures.02:40
pleia2I had it all set up for a while, but it was tedious to maintain02:42
bkerensayeah I just noticed one member of the loco signs all his e-mail and imho when I see GPG in e-mail its kind of distracting :P so I asked why he was in the practice of doing such and told him that I didnt sign e-mail unless I was sending something important I didnt want others to have02:44
pleia2it's not a bad practice to be in if you can be bothered to do it, email is ridiculously easy to spoof02:47
pleia2I'm just lazy, and it makes heads of non-geeks explode02:47
akkI did once get it working briefly in mutt, and found that it added 5 sec or so to displaying every email02:48
akkwhile it went off and did ... something ... that didn't end up giving me any more info than I'd had before02:48
pleia2yeah, even on a beefy server it takes a second or two, and that's annoying02:48
akk(except that yes, this email was indeed signed by someone)02:49
akkEven when it was someone I'd been to a keysigning with, that didn't seem to give me any higher level of info02:49
akklike "yes, this is the person whose key you've signed and vice versa"02:49
pleia2I have other ways to contact people if they send a suspicious email anyway :)02:50
akkbecause that info was on some random server somewhere that wasn't the one being checked by mutt02:50
=== izdubar is now known as MarkDude
bkerensaMarkDude: When you come up for CLS we are doing a big BBQ you know?20:46
bkerensaHave some UbuBurgers :P20:46
Guest80204redundant. should be UbuRgers20:46
bkerensaI thought redundancy was a good thing though?20:48
bkerensaIn technology anyways20:48
Guest80204food technology is not healthy20:49
* Guest80204 is a fan of -Os over -O320:49
Darkwingyay! new toy20:53
* MarkDude would like to20:54
MarkDudeAnd Fedora gold-plated steaks20:54
* MarkDude kids20:54
MarkDudeWe would most likely bring Beefy Miracles20:54
Guest80204steaks with hats?20:54
Darkwinghttp://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_Pad/Eee_Pad_Slider_SL101/ wife got it for my birthday.20:55
MarkDudeSteaks covered in edible gold20:55
Darkwinggold... bah20:55
nhainesDarkwing: it's not just for breakfast anymore.21:07
Guest80204duck is typically dinner, not breakfast21:13

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