thafreakMorning Ohio15:02
thafreakdzho: well, regardless of how fractured the arm market is...I'll still be buying a $35 arm device15:03
dzhothafreak: no, I understand.  I've got a couple of NSLU2's, after all.15:15
thafreakha, yeah i have one...and a pogo plug15:15
dzhowhat irks me is that, in the face of hobbyist criticism, the Pi folk are all "but it's not *for* you guys"15:16
dzhowhen in fact, given the proprietary chunks that it'll take to run it, the support situation is going to be very much like that of the NSLU215:16
dzhowhich is to say, hacker-only support15:17
thafreakand may eventually just go away at some point15:17
thafreakyeah it's sad...15:17
dzhowell, it'll be just like the NSLU2, whoever gets an itch to do someting and then write about it, will.15:17
dzhothat'll never go away, as such, it'll just fade into "ooh, look at what I'm doing with my vintage Apple II" territory15:18
thafreakwhat do you have running on your nslu2 by the way?15:20
dzhowell, I don't run them, they're too slow.15:27
dzhobut when I did, Debian.15:27
thafreakwhich version, do you remember?15:28
dzhosorry, I don't15:28
thafreakwhere you able to run wheezy?15:28
dzhohaha, no15:28
thafreaki was going to re install mine15:28
dzhoI don't even know if I got sarge on one15:28
thafreakand lenny is almost EOL'd15:28
dzhothey switched the endianess of the arm architecture, or added an arch with the other endianess or something.15:29
dzhoso, I installed the newer one on one of them.15:29
dzhowell, on a usb flash drive attached to one of them.15:29
dzhoyou know, I almost wish they made usb keychain drives with dram15:30
dzhoto mount up as swap15:30
thafreaki had an external hard drive attached to mine...15:31
thafreakso i had swap on it15:31
dzhodid that for a short time, too15:31
thafreakand i had it at my moms house...but it seemed the thing would power itself off all the time15:31
thafreakwasn't real reliable15:31
thafreakcould have been something my mom was doing to it though15:32
dzhodid ur mom pwn ur slug?15:32
paultagoh jees15:34
paultagI fall asleep and dzho goes nuts15:34
paultag/topic 15:32 < dzho> did ur mom pwn ur slug?15:34
* canthus13 yawns.16:37
dzhopaultag: all in good fun.  I hope thafreak would raise an objecting if that went too far.17:38
dzhoer, objection17:38

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