MrChrisDruifjcastro; what did you do? ^_^ http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/should-ccsm-be-purged-from-the-ubuntu-repos/01:10
MrChrisDruifAll hell broke loose on omgubuntu ^_^01:14
bkerensahttp://linux.org/ <-- for fun02:39
cjohnstonblah blah blah03:07
nigelbczajkowski: Were you running Ubuntu on a Mac?07:15
czajkowskinope never07:17
nigelbI guess I have to get used to mac.07:22
dholbachgood morning08:03
dholbachhola dpm, do you know if there is a link from developer.u.c to the NewPackages wiki page now?08:50
dpmhi dholbach, I don't think so, no. We should probably add it.08:51
dholbachI thought you were goint to add it because you asked for the link :)08:51
dholbachand there's a work item from one of my blueprints to check if there is ;-)08:52
dpmdholbach, hahaha, no I was genuinely interested to know what happened with new packages08:52
dpmbut I can add it08:52
dholbachI guess it'd make sense08:52
dholbachshall I file a bug for it?08:52
dpmgive me a few mins and then you can tick off that WI08:52
dholbachah nice08:52
dholbacheven better08:52
* dholbach hugs dpm08:52
* dpm hugs dholbach :)08:53
bkerensadholbach: Next weeks interview is complete :D08:56
AlanBelljcastro: https://code.launchpad.net/~alanbell/ubuntu/precise/compizconfig-settings-manager/safetyfirst/+merge/9038909:12
* AlanBell has no idea if that was the right way to propose a change to something09:12
dholbachbkerensa, nice! who did you get?09:12
bkerensafrom Germany09:12
dholbachawesome! :)09:12
dholbachget a picture! :)09:12
bkerensaI have added to interview to Google Docs with his photo09:12
bkerensaI did09:13
bkerensait is in my canned interview template to request one now :)09:13
dholbachAlanBell, it looks good09:13
dholbachbkerensa, I added some more interview suggestions to the list09:13
bkerensaok cool09:13
dholbachbkerensa, haha, nice picture09:14
dholbachhe looks like he knows what's going on :)09:14
bkerensaheh :P09:14
bkerensaWell I will start moving this weekend so I hope to be moved and internet migrated by next issue day09:15
bkerensaTomorrow I have to go buy some new furniture even09:15
dholbachbkerensa, I wish you all the best with that!09:15
dholbachand thanks for your tireless work09:15
dholbachI'll blog about what's going on in the new-devs world soon and hope we can attract some new folks for the dev updates09:16
bkerensadholbach: I actually talked to cody and he is on board... He hopes to do a hangout with us09:17
dpmdholbach, http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tools/packaging/ - let me know what you think. I've also added a point about PPAs10:41
dholbachdpm, sweet :)10:43
dholbachthanks a bunch10:45
dpmno worries :)10:45
dpmdholbach, I wrote a blog post on d.u.c yesterday, but it didn't appear on the planet (it did have the right tag to be syndicated). The only thing that I can think of is that I had to change the title and the URL of the post after noticing a typo, but that was like 2 mins after publishing. Could it be that the planet aggregator got confused? Do you have any other ideas?10:47
dholbachI guess other posts worked alright, didn't they?10:50
dholbachit sounds weird to me that it should be about the title and url10:50
dpmI'm checking if I misspelled the tag or something as well10:50
dholbachsorry, I have no idea10:50
dholbachmaybe IS can check the logs?10:50
dpmnot sure. But perhaps easier: do you know how to make the planet pick old posts? I could perhaps try to update it, in the hope that the planet picks it up10:52
dholbachno, no idea :-/10:52
dpmno worries, I'll experiment :)10:52
dakerdholbach, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/celebritynews/9042512/Brad-Pitt-I-suffered-depression.html11:15
dholbachdaker, on the flight back from Casablanca, they showed lots of videos from the Marrakech Film Festival - I think Pitt was also shown a couple of times11:23
dakerdholbach, btw where are the photos ?11:24
dholbachha, good thing you remind me of  it11:26
dholbachI'll upload some more this WE :)11:26
dpmdholbach, kelemengabor tells me he's already signed up for a UDW slot \o/11:55
dholbachdpm, yep :)12:08
dholbachdpm, did IS every reply to the packaging guide ticket?12:10
dpmdholbach, actually, now that I think of it, they did! They fixed the firewall issue, I think, let me check...12:11
dholbachah yes12:11
dholbachhey cjohnston12:12
cjohnstonanyone had a look at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/2011-10-31/ yet?12:12
dholbachdpm, ~fougner just had a look at updating the look of the packaging guide12:17
dholbachit might need a few small tweaks but it should be much better than it was :)12:17
dpmah, cool12:20
dpmdholbach, I've just manually run the script and seemed to give me no errors, but I'm not sure if the html was updated, does the version look ok to you? -> http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/singlehtml/12:24
dholbachdpm, the new look was not merged yet, but I'm working on it12:31
dpmdholbach, cool12:32
akgranermhall119, are "lens" and "scope" the same thing? If not, what's the difference?14:55
mhall119akgraner: lens defines the content and categories14:56
mhall119they are per-content-type, generally14:56
mhall119scopes do the work of finding results and plugging them into a lens, they are per-source generally14:56
mhall119akgraner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Lenses/Guidelines has a better description14:56
akgranerthanks for the link14:59
jcastroakgraner: hey, I could have sworn we had a "submit button" on the fridge15:19
jcastroam I crazy or can I just not find it?15:20
akgranerwe used too - hmmm15:20
akgraneroh I know we took it down when SSO wasn't working15:21
akgranerwe have a webform as well that I can put back on there as well15:22
akgranerjcastro, would that be helpful?^^^15:22
jcastroI just need to know where to submit news15:23
jcastroeven text there that was like "Mail us news" that sent to the right place would work I think15:24
jcastroanyway, where do I send my news. :)15:24
dpmakgraner, I was looking for the translator interviews we posted a while ago in the fridge, but they seem to have gone. Do you know what could have happened? Was there a migration of data gone wrong some time, or something like that?15:25
akgranerok we are re-doing our wikis15:25
akgranerdpm, let me look - I'll get back to you on that one15:25
akgranerjcastro, I'll add that to the site :-)15:25
dpmakgraner, in case it helps, here's one (broken link) http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/2067 and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152495115:26
dpmI can't find it in the fridge nor in the interwebs15:26
akgranerI'll look once I get off my call :-)15:27
jcastromhall119: balloons: I don't travel until end of Feb if we want to plan a get together.15:27
cjohnstona whole month of no traveling?15:27
mhall119yeah, he's slacking15:30
akgranerdpm - I found this - http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2010/07/06/ubuntu-translations-interviews-aron-xu-simplified-chinese-team/15:32
akgranerbut it looks like some stuff didn't migrate well15:32
dpmakgraner, yeah, the picture is missing, and it seems it's authored by boredanblogging, so does that mean it was migrated manually?15:33
mhall119now there's a nick I haven't seen in a long time15:34
akgraneryep he pulled in the information when we went to wordpress15:34
akgranerI'll have to dig into everything with pleia2 and IS and find you a better answer - but I figure it out and get you a better answer15:35
akgranerdpm, do want a list?15:36
akgranerI can get you all the links for those interviews if that will help you15:37
dpmakgraner, that'd be really helpful, yeah15:37
akgranerok - can I get it to you Monday?15:37
dpmakgraner, sure. However, if it's something you can show me how to do myself, I'm equally happy to do it15:37
akgranerI'm just searching the Fridge using the spreadsheet15:38
dpmakgraner, which spreadsheet, the interviews one?15:45
akgranerdpm yep15:45
akgranerdo you need the link?15:45
dpmakgraner, if you've got it handy, that'd be really helpful, otherwise I can try to find it15:46
akgraneryep one sec15:46
dpmakgraner, also do you know where the pictures that were originally in the posts could have gone?15:46
dpmgot the link to the spreadsheet, thanks!15:53
akgranerdpm, nope  - but I can find out.  I may still have copies of them locally so if I do I'll send you what I have - the problem I think happened when everything had to go back to the Canonical servers that's when we lost some stuff :-(15:53
akgranerbut I don't know all those details, but I'll dig into it15:54
dpmakgraner, speaking of local copies, I think I should have the pictures on e-mail somewhere. Don't worry about it, I'll find them.15:54
jcastroI have dibs on bacon when he joins16:20
mhall119jcastro: watch your cholesterol16:25
jcastrojono: dibs!16:25
jcastroI can go whenever. :)16:26
jonohey all16:26
jonojcastro, eh?16:26
dholbachhey jono :)16:26
jonohey dholbach16:26
jcastrojust claiming you for a call today. :)16:26
jonojcastro, ahhh16:26
jonoyep, lets sync up this afternoon16:26
* jcastro nods16:26
dholbachjono, you didn't see the other part of the 'dibs' conversation:16:27
dholbach<jcastro> I have dibs on bacon when he joins16:27
dholbach<mhall119> jcastro: watch your cholesterol16:27
jonodholbach, what was it?16:29
dholbachjono, what I just pasted above :)16:29
jonodpm, brb, need to reboot then will call16:32
jonodpm, hangout sent16:35
jcastrodaker: your change is now live on the site, thanks dude!16:50
cjohnston /1116:58
mhall119all the way to 11?17:00
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
pleia2jcastro: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Submit17:25
pleia2we're rewriting all the wikis to make this stuff easier to find ;)17:25
pleia2(and deleting lots of pages, do we get a gold star? :))17:25
mhall119jono: are we still on for a call?17:29
jcastropleia2: you always get a gold star.17:29
jcastronew rule though, "keep jorge away from m&m's at ubuntu booths"17:30
jcastro"We have m&m's at the booth!" should be "We have a flu delivery mechanism at the booth!"17:31
jonomhall119, yeah17:31
jonojust wrapped my call17:31
jonoone sec17:31
balloonslittle flu candies!17:31
jonomhall119, invite sent17:32
jcastroballoons: I sent stefano your way17:33
jcastrodoes the tool work yet? :)17:33
balloonstalking to the guys right now :)17:34
balloonsbut yes we can test the charm, though the tool is still undergoing work17:34
balloonsit will deploy and will come up17:34
mhall119jono: I don't see it17:35
mhall119jono: did you send it to my canonical or ubuntu email?17:35
jonosent again17:35
mhall119or gmail17:35
jonowhatever I am connected to in G+ with17:35
mhall119jono: chromium is spinng, but not loading it...17:36
jonomhall119, restart maybe?17:36
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - have a great weekend everyone!17:38
balloonsgout noc dholbach17:39
dholbachballoons, which language was that? :)17:40
balloonsI mispelled gute.. :-(17:41
dholbachand Nacht? :)17:41
* dholbach hugs balloons17:41
balloonsand I didn't remeber night.. I only now morgen :-)17:41
balloonsso I used 'noc' inet slang for night17:41
balloonsnot bad eh?17:41
balloonsyou got it :-)17:41
dholbachhaha, ok :)17:41
dholbachit's "gute Nacht" - ask dpm: German is a nightmare to learn17:42
dholbachor ask jono :)17:42
akgranerso glad other people butcher languages more than me - it's sooooooooo refreshing17:42
dholbachsee you on Monday :)17:42
dpmbona nit dholbach!17:42
dpmalbeit a bit too late17:42
akgranerdpm are you finding what you need?17:43
dpmakgraner, I haven't had the chance to yet, but I will succeed! :-)17:43
dakerjcastro, you are welcome ツ17:44
balloonsakgraner, yea, your in good company.. my i should stick to english with only occasional attempts at french (since no one has to hear the terrible attempt at an accent)17:51
akgranerballoons, :-)17:52
jonoballoons, hangout invite sent18:11
=== dpm is now known as dpm-afk
dpm-afkhave a nice weekend everyone!18:11
cjohnstonbye dpm-afk18:12
greg-glet me just vent for a second:18:15
greg-g1) why are non-Ubuntu members posting to planet.ubuntu? (eg: members of the Canonical design team, through design.canonical.com)18:15
pleia2under the same policy as we allow corporate blogs18:16
greg-g2) was going to expand on getting multiple/duplicate hits due to the Fridge, but, whatever :)18:16
pleia2we could create a fridge feed that's planet-specific where if it was already syndicated to planet we don't put it there again18:17
greg-gpleia2: that list is out of date of approved corp blogs given the number that canonical has syndicated, I believe18:17
pleia2yes, it's out of date18:17
pleia2we should probably just remove the list entirely, it's difficult to maintain18:18
pleia2if anyone has questions about the non-member blogs the CC has approved they can just email the CC18:18
* greg-g nods18:18
pleia2(Dell was approved for a while until they broke their feed and sent us junk, we made them take it off)18:19
jonoballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity18:19
jonoballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/CommunityLeaders18:21
pleia2greg-g: we've actually been encouraging canonical blogs on the planet so they can feel more like part of the community and get their ideas out there with the rest of ours, the division between canonical and community is largely seen as not good, we want us all to be working together18:22
pleia2(design blog is a particularly good example of this)18:22
* greg-g nods18:23
balloonsmeh, http://support.google.com/plus/bin/answer.py?hl=en&ctx=go&answer=128934618:26
jonoballoons, hangout invite sent18:27
=== Pici is now known as Guest34884
* AlanBell is on unity2d19:09
AlanBellhaving broken system with ccsm ;)19:09
pleia2next person to mention ccsm has to put a quarter in the swear jar19:11
jonojcastro, I want to get UDS sponsorship out today19:14
jonois everything in place in LP, with the reg form etc for me to announce?19:15
jonoI just need to pick a closing date, right?19:15
=== Guest34884 is now known as Pici
jcastrojono: yep, but last I checked was 2 weeks ago19:18
jcastromhall119: have you made any changes since then?19:18
jonojcastro, could you look into this please19:18
jonoI want to announce today19:18
jcastrosure, gimme 5 to sort it19:18
jonodeadline is Fri 24th FEb19:19
jonoactually wed 22nd19:19
cjohnstonjono: afaik, its all ready to go19:19
jonocjohnston, cool19:20
jcastromhall119: ping19:20
jonojcastro, can you mail me the respective links to let me know things are good to go,and I will blog it when I get back from lunch19:20
cjohnstonjono: we do have a ton of changes, but none really on the sponsorship side19:20
jonothanks jcastro19:20
jcastrocjohnston: do you have summit admin privs?19:21
cjohnstonjono: i have already submitted a request as well, if you wanted to look and verify that it all looks good19:21
cjohnstonjcastro: depends on what for19:21
jcastroswitch it from published to "open" or whatever we call it19:21
jcastrocjohnston: it's in the django admin for uds-q19:24
* jcastro nods19:28
cjohnstonjcastro: jono sponsorship should be open19:47
cjohnstoni see the link19:47
jcastrocan you delete my record so I can test it one more time?19:47
cjohnstonI dont have that type of access19:48
cjohnstondo you?19:49
* jcastro is having his wife apply for UDS as a test. :)19:49
cjohnstonif she gets approved I cry foul19:50
bkerensaits open19:50
jcastrobkerensa: did you submit?19:51
bkerensaoh no19:51
bkerensabut I can19:51
jcastrocan you test it?19:51
jcastroyou don't have to really fill it out19:51
jcastrojust say "this is a test" so we can remove it later when you apply for real19:51
bkerensacan you delete it later so I can actually apply though?19:51
cjohnstonbkerensa: "I should go to UDS because cjohnston rocks"19:51
jcastro"jorge told me if I helped test I could hang out with Chris, is this a lie?"19:51
cjohnstonjcastro: do you still have the access to view requests?19:51
MrChrisDruifjcastro; no problem ^_^19:52
jcastroI texted michael to see if he's around19:52
bkerensaThanks very much for requesting sponsorship to uds-q. If you have any queries about your request, please e-mail jorge@ubuntu.com.19:52
bkerensaWe'll let you know whether or not your request has been accepted soon via email.19:52
MrChrisDruifI don't know if I'll be there thou ^_^19:52
jcastrooh whoa whoa19:52
jcastrothat email is wrong19:52
jcastrocjohnston: can you make that be mhall?19:52
cjohnstonjcastro: I asked mhall119, he said that we wants to try to get a uds@ubuntu.com type email address or something like that19:53
jcastroakgraner: pleia2: thanks for the fridge mention, does that mean it'll get mentioned in UWN too? Or is that another step?19:54
jcastrocjohnston: k, we'll see what he says19:54
bkerensajcastro: Be seeing you in July?19:55
jcastrojuly where?19:55
cjohnstonHe's stayin at your house for a week19:55
bkerensajcastro: OSCON19:55
bkerensawe should have a booth (we do every year)19:56
pleia2jcastro: yeah, it'll be in UWN19:59
jcastropleia2: http://www.theshirtlist.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/You-Know-How-I-Roll1.jpg20:01
akgranerjcastro, you are a media - um junkie :-)20:01
akgranerI like the shirt20:01
jcastrothere used to be a shirt somewhere with talking sushi that said "that's how I roll"20:01
jcastrobut I failed finding it just now20:01
akgranerpleia2, we are re-doing the network here this weekend so it may look like I am not online - but I've got local copies of the UWM links and wiki stuff that I can fix offline then as soon as we're back up I'll drop it in.20:04
akgranersigh wrong channel, right person.  :-/20:05
akgranerby "we" I mean I'll be watching Pete and asking is it fixed yet every 5 minutes until I am back on the internet20:08
jonoakgraner, around?20:17
akgranerjono, I am20:18
akgranerwhat's up?20:18
jonoakgraner, can you post http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/01/27/ubuntu-developer-summit-sponsorship-now-open-3/ to the fridge for me?20:18
akgraneryep will do that now20:18
jonothanks akgraner20:19
bkerensajcastro: Can you nuke my test sponsorship app :)20:32
jcastroI don't have access for that, but mhall does20:33
jcastroLet me send him a mail so he knows20:33
akgranerjono - http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2012/01/27/ubuntu-developer-summit-sponsorship-now-open-3/20:33
jcastrowhat's your email so I can cc you?20:33
jonothanks akgraner20:33
bkerensajcastro: bkerensa@ubuntu.com20:34
akgranerjono yw  - also sorry to add creating wiki pages to your todo list20:34
jcastrojono: I'm ready whenevs btw.20:34
jonoakgraner, no biggie :-)20:34
jonojcastro, give me a few mins to wrap something up20:34
jcastrono worries20:34
jcastroI will just fire up METAL20:35
jonofinishing up the UDS thing and  a status update blog20:35
jonoawesome :-)20:35
jcastrohmm, gangsta rap came on instead20:36
* jcastro rocks out20:36
* jono listening to heavy Alice Cooper20:38
* balloons is mellowed out listening to potheads sing about utopia20:40
jcastroheavy alice cooper, you mean Kiss?20:54
* snap-l listens to Scar Symmetry20:55
* jussi notes the EU has a cool page for encuoraging women in IT: http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/activities/itgirls/index_en.htm20:55
* snap-l also considers whether or not to try for sponsorship again this year20:55
jcastrowhy not?20:56
snap-lBecause I have a better shot of winning the lottery and flying to cali that way. :)20:57
jonojcastro, damn, I forgot I have a call lined up with Charles in a few mins20:58
jonoI will take that and then we can chat - that work?20:58
jcastroI have no place to be tonight20:59
jcastroexcept donating my time at that soup kitchen that I now have to cancel.20:59
cjohnstonThat soup kitchen was my house feeding my kids20:59
popeyjcastro: dude! You could spend some more time online telling everyone how great myunity is! :D21:00
snap-lHEy, HUD and MyUnity should keep everyone happy21:01
jcastropopey: if someone makes something better than that's fine21:01
snap-lthat is, if their version of happiness is bitching online21:01
jcastroI know myunity isn't awesome, but ccsm is /that bad/.21:01
jcastroit's in basic too21:01
jcastrosomeone can write up the features they need right now and be done21:01
popeyyeah, I'm just trollin' ya dude21:02
jcastroAlanBell came through though with actually trying to fix it21:02
jcastrohe would be commit #39 out of ..... 38 in three years.21:02
snap-ljcastro: I have the utmost respect for you. Seems every single time you post on a miling list, you get a deluge21:02
jcastrosnap-l: you should have seen the responses I got via email (that get posted before they get moderated)21:03
AlanBelljcastro: it is fixable21:03
snap-l"Hi, I'm Jorge, and I want to give everyone free money" "JORGE, YOU"RE A DICK FOR SUBSCRIBING TO A CAPITALIST IDEA OF CURRENCY REDISTRIBUTION!"21:03
AlanBelland no, I have not committed anything, I have a merge proposal that I don't think anyone will review21:03
jcastroif the end solution is fixing that tool then I'm all thumbs up for that.21:03
snap-lAlanBell: But at least you tried21:04
jcastroAlanBell: mhall119 can hook you up to make sure someone on DX reviews it21:04
snap-las opposed to the myriad of other folks getting indignant21:04
AlanBellas far as I can tell unity only crashes when a plugin is loaded or unloaded, which ccsm does too dynamically21:04
jcastrowe need to sort that patch pilot system anyway21:04
AlanBellit is trivial to stop people changing the loading state of unity (it is just as bad to turn it on in a kde session as it is to turn it off in an ubuntu session)21:05
AlanBelland we can patch the xml file of any plugin to not expose dangerous options21:05
AlanBelland I have patched out the dangerous and redundant scrollbars21:05
jcastrowell, we could have done a "call for help" to fix ccsm, but we've been doing that for years and if you look at the history it's basically abandoned21:05
jcastrowhich is why I recommended removing it and asking people to improve the newer tools21:06
AlanBellI didn't know it was broken21:06
AlanBellit is the one accessibility tool we have that is actually better than any other operating system21:06
jcastroyou're certainly correct to point out the horribleness of having that a11y feature in there instead of where it should be, we have no excuse for that one.21:06
AlanBellenhanced zoom, show mouse, the colour filters, the ADD filter21:07
AlanBellgetting rid of ccsm is like getting rid of the dash because some lenses are buggy21:08
snap-lAlanBell: Well, that's what happened to systray.21:10
snap-lexcept systray was buggy to boot21:11
AlanBellwell there was a replacement for systray21:11
snap-lAnd that's what MyUnity is looking to become21:11
* snap-l can't believe he's taking jcastro's side. ;)21:12
jcastrosnap-l: it comes down to simple math21:12
jcastroYou want the cube21:12
snap-l1/0 = CUBE21:12
AlanBellI don't want to be nasty about myunity because people have put effort into that21:12
jcastrothen I tell you, you can have the cube, but one in every 6 times you select it we break your desktop21:12
AlanBelljcastro: my proposal was to drop the cube plugin.21:13
jcastroarmed with this information you would say "hmmm, let me make a risk assessment."21:13
jcastrowe did this 2 cycles ago21:13
jcastro"we are going to drop the cube if no one maintains it."21:13
jcastrothen we got flamed in the same manner21:13
AlanBellpersonally I like the cube plugin, it makes more sense than the wall to me21:13
jcastrothen people whined and whined, and we let the cube we enabled21:13
jcastroand the people who were being the loudest BAILED.21:13
snap-lBut but but but how the hell am I going to make awesome Youtube videos of me playing games in Wine while moving the around in a cube?21:14
jussimeh, I have none of these issues :D21:14
jcastronow no longer do we have an unmaintained plugin, but we don't protect people from turning it on.21:14
* jussi hugs kde :D21:14
popeycube is the first thing my ex-boss enables in ccsm21:14
jcastroI love the cube too, I still love the cube21:14
popeyhe loves it21:14
AlanBellwe do still have the cube though, it just breaks unity21:14
Pendulumjcastro: what's your proposal for how to not lose the accessibility aspect, especially in a LTS?21:14
jcastrobut to me if the decision is "cube and users have to make a saving throw" or "no cube", I'll pick no cube every time21:14
jcastroPendulum: I wasn't aware of the a11y issue until Alan brought it up21:15
snap-lWhat's the target number?21:15
Pendulumthey were on the list21:15
AlanBellI suggest removing the cube plugin from the disk, let it burn, shoot an arrow in it's knee21:15
jcastroPendulum: well I know what they are now21:15
Pendulum(as in, he brought them up on the list, as well as here)21:15
jcastrobut I didn't at the time when I posted21:15
Pendulumfair enough21:15
jcastroclearly that is a big problem, I just didn't think that we had useful a11y tools in there21:16
AlanBellccsm is a nice python app, with a gui that makes sense and builds based on XML files it reads, it is totally maintainable and separate from the scary 3d stuff in C21:17
jonojcastro, looks like Charles bailed on me21:17
jonolets go21:17
Pendulumjcastro: I'm pretty neutral on CCSM in general, but I feel like at least tha a11y side of things needs to be worked out before it's dropped. And I have no idea how much work that will take (I've poked Luke, but it's his weekend already)21:18
jcastrothat huge block of cheese that was consuming his arm probably finished him off.21:19
jonojcastro, G+ work?21:20
cjohnstonis ccsm good with a11y Pendulum ?21:20
jcastrojono: yep21:20
AlanBellcjohnston: you mean navigable with orca as a gui?21:21
Pendulumcjohnston: it's the only access to screen magnification, among other things, that we have (eZoom plug-in)21:21
Pendulumjcastro: I just want to apologize for being overly harsh earlier. I hadn't read enough scrollbrack and made some wrong assumptions, and that's my fault for jumping before knowing the conversation background.21:30
jcastrono worries. :)21:34

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