jdstrandman that took a while. first of 2 jobs done. I am going to let the publisher have a run then do the 2nd job02:27
jdstrandok, publisher started and I disabled the cronjob again02:31
jdstrandok, publisher run finished, starting command 2 of 2. it will take about 3 hours03:30
jdstrandpublisher back online07:01
* jdstrand heads out07:01
tumbleweedLaney: probably not around tonight (up to my ears in scaleconf)08:14
pittijdstrand: ah, saw your publisher comment too late -- that explains a bit :)08:16
pittijdstrand: I just released the corresponding langpacks, they need to go along with the firefox bits08:16
Laneytumbleweed: I thought that said scalaconf and got excited08:53
Laneyalso ack08:53
highvoltagethat actually deserved an appluase :)09:30
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jdstrandpitti: which langpacks did I miss? I did all the langpacks in -proposed and saw when I copied firefox that it had several as well13:46
pittijdstrand: hm, I didn't see any of them, but maybe that was also just a victim of the publisher delay13:47
pittijdstrand: at least "6 hours ago" corresponds to the time when I moved them over13:48
jdstrandpitti: probably-- I did maverick + langpacks, ran the publisher then lucid + langpacks. when I ran the publisher in between I think it took an hour and a half13:48
jdstrandyou came on about 1 and 15 minutes after I reenabled the publisher13:48
pittijdstrand: so, maybe we just both copied them over then13:49
pitti(which doesn't hurt)13:49
* jdstrand nods13:49
jdstrandit takes a while to copy those :)13:50
pittiyeah, some 10 minutes13:50
jdstrandoh-- how do you do it?13:50
pittisru-release --pattern lucid language-pack-13:50
jdstrandhmm, I used copy-package on each individually. that was painful13:51
pittiurgh, yes13:51
* jdstrand jots down sru-release13:51
pittijdstrand: that's in ubuntu-archive-tools; there's also an sru-release script on cocoplum, but it's deprecated13:51
pittiwe just need it for kernels and big SRUs these days, which make sru-release LP-timeout13:52
jdstrandcool. I learned something :)13:53
cjwatsonI'm going to try http://paste.ubuntu.com/818818/ next time I have occasion to do this kind of thing13:55
* jdstrand notes sru-release is not mentioned on ArchiveAdministration. I've made note of it and will document once I've used it once14:03
jdstrand(if no onw else does before me)14:03
jdstrandwell, I'm off tody so I better get out of here. have a nice day :)14:06
Riddellwhy does backport-helper.py not find bug 922601 ?14:13
ubot4`Launchpad bug 922601 in oneiric-backports "Please backport 0.9.0~rc4-0ubuntu1 from precise to oneiric (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92260114:13
cjwatsonno package name14:13
cjwatson    PACKAGE_RE = re.compile(r'Please backport ([a-z0-9][-a-z0-9+.]+)', re.I)14:13
Riddellyeah I saw I needed to add a "Please" :)14:14
cjwatsonalso ubuntu-archive not subscribed14:14
LaneyI don't see a backporters ack14:15
cjwatsonand that14:15
RiddellLaney: does the script enforce that? (don't worry I'm going to get scottk to check it over)14:16
Laneyno, it just sounded like you were processing it without one14:16
Laneywell, s/no/I don't know/14:16
cjwatsonI don't think so, though arguably it should14:17
Riddellit's still not being picked up by backport-helper.py :(14:20
LaneyWouldn't be that hard to check that ubuntu-archive was subscribed by a backporter, as a first approximation. Otherwise, iterating bug_activity collections isn't the nicest thing.14:20
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micahgRiddell: you still need approval from the backports team15:45
Riddellmicahg: what sort?  something that stops the backport-helper.py script seeing the bug?15:49
micahgRiddell: BTW, is the current version in oneiric broke?15:49
micahgRiddell: to backport anything15:49
Riddellmicahg: but I'm trying to understand what stops the script seeing it15:50
Riddellmicahg: it's not broke but upstream wants a way to point people with problems to a newer version15:51
micahgit shouldn't see it if a backporter hasn't approved it15:51
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Riddellmicahg: that's not what I'm asking, I'm asking what is the technical change that a member of ~ubuntu-backporters needs to do to get the script to see it15:54
Riddelljust a comment?15:55
micahgI think a backporter setting to IN PROGRESS15:56
ScottKPoint me at the bug and I'll approve it.15:57
RiddellScottK: bug 92260115:58
ubot4`Launchpad bug 922601 in oneiric-backports "Please backport networkmanagement 0.9.0~rc4-0ubuntu1 from precise to oneiric (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92260115:58
Laneyit searches for bugs which are In Progress15:59
Laney(and that the archive is subscribed to)15:59
LaneyRiddell: ^^^16:00
RiddellLaney: ah hah, thanks16:00
Laneyand it actually /does/ walk the history to find out who to credit the backport too16:01
Riddellhmm now I'm getting no output from ./mass-sync.py --flush-backports  should I?16:06
cjwatsonyou probably forgot to run mass-sync on the output of backport-helper16:07
Riddellcjwatson: hmm it didn't like that either http://paste.kde.org/194042/16:13
cjwatsondunno sorry16:14
cjwatsonoh maybe you need to set your cocoplum username16:15
cjwatsonideally configure it in ~/.ssh/config16:15
cjwatsonor set UBUNTU_ARCHIVE_HOST in the environment if you don't normally ssh to "cocoplum.canonical.com" - see synclib.py16:16
cjwatsonthis annoyance will go away once we convert to backportpackage ...16:16
Riddellawesome thanks16:21
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cjwatsonCould somebody process multipath-tools through NEW for me, please?  I have a dmraid upload pending which will require it23:20
cjwatsonthe new kpartx-udeb binary wants to go to main23:20

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