* tgm4883 isn't sure what we are partying about00:03
bkerensaOk guys I'm out I have to gather some sleep.... I have been running on empty and am moving this weekend ttyl00:09
c_smithbkerensa, when was the Hangout with the Community Manager? I won't be able to do this today, but tomorrow would be perfect.00:56
bkerensaTest Test Test03:54
c_smithbkerensa, are you around?04:48
bkerensaTest Travis06:18
bkerensac_smith: Kind of06:19
bkerensawhats up?06:19
TRAVISgbkerensa nope06:19
bkerensaare you sure06:20
bkerensayour not having any scrollback?06:20
bkerensalet me try one last thing06:20
TRAVISgI can scroll back but only to the time I was logged on06:21
bkerensaTRAVISg: go ahead and disconnect now06:21
TRAVISgAll raight06:22
bkerensaTESTING 12306:22
TRAVISgworks like a charm06:22
TRAVISgthank you so much that's great06:23
TRAVISgYou are a wizard or ninja of sorts pick your preferred mythical hero06:24
TRAVISgbkerensa didn't you once say that you had a copy of the official Ubuntu book I could possible borrow?06:25
TRAVISgany body here?06:26
bkerensaI think we have one in the Library if not I can get one06:28
bkerensaI could likely get many06:28
bkerensabut technically there should be a copy in our ever growing library06:29
TRAVISgI would love to get it for a bit07:01
TRAVISgI just put two and two together07:01
TRAVISgbkerensa how are you getting spotify to post to facebook? I am running it through wine and have to disable it's social features07:02
TRAVISgbkerensa wait you are using premium?07:03
TRAVISggotta run but thanks to you I can read anything you post whenI log back in thanks again07:04
=== kalosaurusrex is now known as albrigha
TRAVISghello all19:23
blkperlslangasek: ping23:50
bkerensahi nibalizer23:56

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