cjohnstonwelcome aq!15:53
cjohnstonnewz2000: ping18:16
newz2000hey cjohnston, what's up?20:10
cjohnstonnewz2000: i dont know who the right person is now days, but there is a convo on the website ML about the website banner that someone should probably look at20:12
newz2000cjohnston: I have a meeting on Tuesday Feb 7th to begin planning that20:14
newz2000I'll post a reply to the list.20:14
newz2000thanks for the heads up20:14
cjohnstonthey want to move it to spreadubuntu20:14
newz2000I highly doubt the spreadubuntu site can handle the load20:16
aquariusmhall119, cjohnston, ping22:29
cjohnstonaquarius: pong22:29
aquariuscjohnston, o hai. Am trying to run summit22:29
aquariusthe makefile insists that I install loads of stuff (which is fine), but then make env downloads it all again and puts it in env/ !! What's that all about?22:30
aquariuscan't I just run it? I hate virtualenv :)22:30
cjohnstonif you have the right versions of everything, you could just run it...22:30
cjohnstonthe problem is that it normally doesnt pick the right versions of stuff22:31
aquariusok. How do I just run it? :) Is the whole of summit just the django app in summit/ ?22:32
cjohnstonaquarius: yes22:32
aquariusblimes, there are docs. :)22:32
cjohnstonstill virtualenv stuff22:32
cjohnstonhere is a db to get you started with some info in it22:32
mhall119aquarius: pong22:32
aquariuswhat's The Summit Scheduler?22:33
aquariusis that just a posh word for summit?22:33
mhall119aquarius: yeah22:33
aquariusor is it a separate thing? :)22:33
mhall119aquarius: since it's running more than just UDS now22:33
aquarius$ ./summit/manage.py runserver22:34
aquariusYou will need to run ./manage.py init-summit to make The Summit Scheduler fully work.22:34
aquarius$ ./summit/manage.py init-summit22:34
aquariusUnknown command: 'init-summit'22:34
mhall119did you run init-summit?22:34
cjohnstonif you use the database I linked to you will need:22:34
cjohnston./manage.py migrate22:34
cjohnston./manage.py init-summit22:34
mhall119aquarius: cd summit; ./manage.py init-summit22:34
cjohnston./manage.py pullapps22:35
mhall119you have to be in the summit directory22:35
mhall119or the pythonpath won't be right22:35
cjohnston./manage.py runserver22:35
aquariusok. have now run init-summit, which worked22:35
aquariushowever, runserver still says I need to run init-summit22:35
mhall119did it give any errors?22:36
aquariust$ ./manage.py init-summit22:36
aquarius * Adding Bzr Apps: added.22:36
aquariusaquarius@faith:~/Programs/Others/summit/mobile-summit/summit$ ./manage.py runserver22:36
aquariusYou will need to run ./manage.py init-summit to make The Summit Scheduler fully work.22:36
cjohnstonit always gives that error22:36
cjohnstonwe can't seem to find a fix22:36
aquariusoh. lulz :)22:36
cjohnstonyou do need to run ./manage.py pullapps though22:36
cjohnstonthat will get you the theme22:36
aquariusah, that's why it's throwing an importerror for ubuntu_website in the browser then ;)22:37
cjohnstonwe use the same theme for multiple sites, so we made an easy way to import the current theme22:37
aquariusok, now, no such table schedule_summit -- do I need to ./manage.py initdb?22:37
aquarius(I know I could download that db and use it, but... I'd rather get a handle on how to set it up myself)22:38
cjohnston./manage.py syncdb22:38
cjohnstonwill create the db22:38
cjohnston./manage.py migrate22:38
cjohnstonwill add everything you need22:38
aquariussyncdb, that's what I meant :P22:38
aquariusdo I need to define a superuser?22:38
cjohnstonif you want admin access22:39
cjohnstonif you dont, no22:39
aquariusI don't :)22:39
cjohnstonthen no22:39
aquariuswoo I have summit running! with no summits defined :P22:39
cjohnstonafter running migrate, you can run ./manage.py import_live_data -s uds-p to import the schedule from uds-p22:40
cjohnstonitll take a few22:40
aquariusand I have summit data!22:41
aquariusit all works. With no frigging virtualenv. Yay!22:41
cjohnstonnot too horrible huh?22:41
aquariusnice one dudes :P22:42
aquariusmight wanna bang this conversation into developer.setup.txt or somethign :P22:42
cjohnstonsounds like a good first mp ;-)22:42
mhall119virtualenv isn't so bad22:43
aquariuswanna try it out?23:18
aquariuscjohnston, mhall119, lp:~sil/summit/mobile-view-for-daily-page23:20
aquariusgrab it, run it, check it's different on a mobile :)23:21
aquariusor, y'know, it isn't, and I've done it wrong.23:24
aquariusI didn't do much, though. Custom styles for devices less than 480px wide; tiny bit of JS to override the hover stuff and toggle the details div on and off; one extra class added as a convenience hook; that's it. You guys had already done all the hard work.23:24
aquariusIf you're happy with this, I'll have a look at making it offline-capable.23:25
aquariusmhall119, and we shall agree to disagree on virtualenv ;)23:30
aquariusduh, forgot to actually propose a merge ;) https://code.launchpad.net/~sil/summit/mobile-view-for-daily-page/+merge/9055523:31
aquariusno response. cjohnston, mhall119, did I do something dreadfully wrong? :)23:42
* cjohnston is writing a paper23:42
cjohnstonaquarius: its in the neighborhood of dinner time, so mhall119 may be offline for a couple hours with his family23:44
aquariusah, OK, that's fine, no problem then. I'll let you guys look at it whenever you get a chance ad comment on the MP :)23:45
aquariusno rush!23:45
cjohnstonokie.. ty for your work23:45
cjohnstonaquarius: he has a test server, so hopefully he can out it on there and we can get some good testing out of it23:48
aquariuswasn't much work!23:48
aquarius(making summit work offline is a bit harder, but that's step 2 once you guys have commented on step 1 and I've fixed all the bugs you identify :))23:49

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