hendrikusacerimmer, Here ia >>> a new install 10.04 >>> And cheese is not stable!!!00:44
acerimmerhendrikus: what were your results??00:48
hendrikusacerimmer, one moment cheese take a video a moment later it make a video but there is no result a recording with no data00:49
hendrikusacerimmer, I will try vlc on your way00:50
hendrikusacerimmer, I think i will buy a Mac because linux is not do a simple video job like this00:54
acerimmerhendrikus: best of luck.00:54
hendrikusacerimmer, thanks00:54
hendrikusacerimmer,  No recording sound in VLC00:58
acerimmerhendrikus: sorry to hear it.00:59
hendrikusacerimmer, yes this is to bad for words -- because this is the 7 distro i installed and no one can make a proper webcam recording with sound .......01:02
hendrikusacerimmer, I also tried it on one of my other Laptops  /// also not working01:02
acerimmerhendrikus: b4 your drop dollars on a mac, might want to consider buying just a webcam...01:02
hendrikusacerimmer, how did you configure vlc to get sound recorded /dev/dsp is no working any more >>> how it looks your configureation?01:04
acerimmerhendrikus: i've got the standard installed webcam that came with my 2009 dell 1545 laptop.  I installed UStudio, added medibuntu and restricted-extras and never had a problem.01:05
hendrikusacerimmer, O.k i will take a lok to medibuntu01:06
acerimmerhendrikus: HOLD.  medibuntu is ADDED to UStudio - is NOT  a distro.01:06
acerimmerhendrikus: http://medibuntu.org/repository.php01:07
hendrikusacerimmer, yes a know it is a library but it is not in synaptic01:07
acerimmerhendrikus: right.  see http://medibuntu.org/repository.php01:07
hendrikusjip thanks01:07
hendrikusacerimmer, o.ki installed the two packeds01:10
holsteincheese is not the tool i would use to make a video01:10
holsteinhendrikus: how did pavucontrol work for you?01:11
acerimmerhendrikus: do you want to film with a video cameran and then edit the video01:11
holsteinselecting the audio device with pulse?01:11
holsteinthats the way i do it now... i just use a flipHD i got off craiglist for $30 ;)01:12
hendrikusacerimmer, Cheese is still having the same problem, I can make a creenshot to show you what is going on01:13
acerimmerholstein: nothing wrong with that method.  Especially since OpenShot can add some magic and audio and make it look like a 6 figure shoot.01:13
holsteinhendrikus: cheese is a toy01:13
hendrikusacerimmer, no i wont film with the webcame >>>01:14
acerimmerhendrikus: see holstein's suggestion...01:14
hendrikusholstein, my sound is ok the video is not ok >>>01:14
holsteinhendrikus: you *wont* film with the webcam? so you are goingn to do it with a video camera?01:15
hendrikusholstein, you mean the sound in vlc01:15
holstein19:58 < hendrikus> acerimmer,  No recording sound in VLC01:15
hendrikusholstein, indeed cheese is a toy >>> But what is better?01:15
holstein^^ thats wer i would be using pavucontrol to make sure i had the proper audio device01:15
holsteinhendrikus: VLC01:15
holsteinany of the editors that capture01:15
holsteinsomething in the browser01:15
acerimmerhendrikus: #30 video camera...heck, even a smart phone camera.  edit it ubuntu and done...01:16
hendrikusholstein, Yes i dont have sound in vlc when i record01:16
holsteinhendrikus: correct.. thats the case in which i would like for you to install the pavucontrol application01:16
hendrikusholstein, I will install it01:16
holsteinfrom that application i would like for you to make srue the proper devcie is selected for VLC to record/capture audio01:17
holsteinhendrikus: i would also try something in the browser01:17
acerimmerhendrikus: pavucontrol should already be there...01:17
hendrikusholstein, ok i first install  pavucontrol01:17
holsteinhendrikus: i realize this is frustrating.. but keep in mind, you dont purchase a mac or windows machine and just know how to do this01:17
holsteinyou can use similar tools in the browser too like ustream01:18
holsteinhttp://avidemux.berlios.de/ is one of my favorite tools01:18
hendrikusholstein, I got it  pavucontrol01:18
holsteinive used it since i was using windows01:19
holsteinhendrikus: OK01:19
holsteinhendrikus: try it out.. and see that VLC is using the device you expect it to01:19
holsteinOR, try avidemux01:19
holsteinor try ustream01:19
hendrikusholstein, Ok i will try both01:19
holsteinor try an external camera.. assuming that 20:14 < hendrikus> acerimmer, no i wont film with the webcame >>> doesnt mean you wont to that01:19
holsteinwont do that*01:20
hendrikusholstein, ye nex week i will buy a extern usb webcam --- but i am not shure if this will help01:20
holsteinyou can also try some of the actual channel for those video projects01:21
holsteinits best to just pick one, and try and get used to it01:21
holsteinopenshot is nice, but i found kdenlive to be my fav.. though i tend to use whatever is the best tool for the job01:21
hendrikusholstein, I dont understand that >>>  you can also try some of the actual channel for those video projects01:22
holsteinlike /join #openshot "im trying to get audio to my video"01:22
acerimmerhendrikus: do you have any short videos on your computer right now?01:23
acerimmergot an idea....01:23
holsteintheres a #kdenlive channel01:23
hendrikusholstein, openshot itried but is also not stable to make a webcame video with sound01:23
holsteinhendrikus: what do you mean by stable?01:23
holsteindid it crash?01:23
holsteinwhen and why?01:23
holsteinwhat was the terminal output?01:23
hendrikusholstein, Kdenlive is also not able to do the job I tied this all01:24
holsteindid you try a current version? or version from PPA?01:24
holsteinhendrikus: kden didnt do what?01:24
holsteindid you ask the channel?01:24
holsteini found it very capable01:24
hendrikusholstein, Both Kdenlive and openshot are not able to make a webcam video with sound01:24
hendrikusholstein, now i will first install avidemux and ustream01:25
holsteinhendrikus: nah.. i think you are having some configuration issues01:25
holsteinif *all* these programs are not getting audio, there are 2 constants to look at01:26
holsteinyour audio hardware, and your audio hardware config01:26
hendrikusholstein, why you think so? This i s an brand new installation01:26
holsteindo you know that your caputer device is working?01:26
holsteinhendrikus: have you *ever* heard anything from the device you are trying to capture?01:27
hendrikusholstein, yes that is working the red lamp of the cam burnds and it make video in Goolge chat and in skype01:27
holsteinhendrikus: sure... but does it "make" audio?01:27
holsteinhendrikus: im talking about the audio captuer device01:28
hendrikusYes also audio EVER sinds i am in skye and Google chat01:28
hendrikusI am a recording man I am always working with Sox >>> see my website01:28
hendrikusso i no how i can capture sound01:29
hendrikusbut not how i can capture sound in VLC01:29
holsteinhendrikus: right... i think you might be needing to tweak VLC a bit to captuer the audio01:29
holsteinmaybe you are not grabbing the correct audio device01:29
hendrikuscapture sound in Sox >>> rec file.wav01:30
holsteini would refer to the applications that are working correctly01:30
holsteinhendrikus: sure.. and thats what VLC, or any of these devices need to be configured to use as well01:30
holsteinany of these programs*01:30
acerimmerholstein: got a quick/easy test for him to try...put this in terminal:  cd  && mplayer '/usr/share/example-content/Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase/UbuntuIsHumanity.ogv'01:31
hendrikusyes i have to tweak vlc but what do i have to place in for the capture audio device /dev/dsp is not working anymore what01:31
holsteintry http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/02/webcam-linux/ ... GUVCviewer01:32
holsteinhendrikus: place in the audio device the same that is working and capturing for skype, and the others01:32
holsteini would choose one, and work with it til you get the audio working01:33
hendrikusholstein,  what did you put in by audio capture? alsa hw 0.0 ore something???01:35
holsteinhendrikus: i put in what works for my hardware, but i use JACK, so im not going to be much help01:40
holsteinhendrikus: i would literally fire up skype, since that working.. see what its using for the device, ad then put that in whichever of the applications youa re most comfortable with01:41
hendrikusholstein, o.k understand01:41
hendrikusyes thats what i do know01:41
holsteinsometimes you can search around and find those config lines relating to your particular hardware01:41
holsteinyou can look in aplay -l and get an idea of what you are searching for01:42
holsteinor arecord -l in this case i suppose01:42
hendrikusholstein, sorry but you don can see the device in skype not more then that it go to pulsaudio but not how01:43
holsteinhendrikus: ?01:44
holsteinskype is not allowing you to see the device?01:45
holsteinhendrikus: try the other applications that are working for you01:45
holsteinwhat is sox point at?01:45
hendrikussox I dont no to alsa01:45
holsteinhendrikus: what would you like to use?01:46
holsteinill set that up here and tell you how i did it...01:46
holsteinor try at least01:47
holsteinfirst thing im doing is opening pavucontrol to see if my mic is working01:50
holsteinand its not01:50
hendrikusholstein,  that would be great to get that info!01:50
holsteinhendrikus: is your mic working in pavucontrol?01:50
hendrikusYES and my line in also01:50
holsteinthe little meter moves?01:51
hendrikusholstein, I like to use Vlc01:51
holsteinif that meter is moving, then all you need to do is tell VLC, or whatever to just use it01:51
hendrikusYes they move01:51
holsteini need to get some hardware that works...01:52
hendrikusYes but how do i tell vlc that???01:52
holsteinhendrikus: right... lemme get some hardware, and i'll help you out further01:52
holsteinat least with what it takes to make my hardware work...01:53
acerimmerhendrikus: alsamixer will display all your sound hardware.  f6 in that menu will take you to your soundcard01:54
hendrikusacerimmer, o.k take a look01:54
hendrikusacerimmer, 0 HDA intel01:55
hendrikusacerimmer, is that what i have to put in vlc to capture from?01:56
acerimmerwait one01:56
holsteinyeah, or just try it01:56
holsteinjust try whatever til you hear something01:57
holsteinthats what im about to do01:57
hendrikusac no thats not corrct 0 HDA intel01:57
holsteinjust keep trying them01:59
holsteinyou'll not break anything... its just at some point the mic will work01:59
hendrikusholstein, It try to open somthing in alsa   >>> alsa://    < but i don't know what02:00
holsteinhendrikus: it will only do what you tell it to do02:00
holsteinhang on.. i gotta install pulse.. you have pulse correct hendrikus ?02:01
acerimmerhendrikus: copy and paste in terminal  http://paste.ubuntu.com/818365/02:03
hendrikusholstein, http://pctonic.net/use-vlc-as-a-screen-recording-tool02:04
hendrikusyes pulse is working02:04
holsteinhendrikus: im just trying to get as close to the same software case as you have.. i was asking if you were *using* pulse02:04
holsteinby all means, if that guide helps you , use it02:04
holsteini wouldnt expect the windows audio hardware setting to help you in your case though02:05
hendrikusacerimmer, cd  && mplayer '/usr/share/example-content/Ubuntu_Free_Culture_Showcase/UbuntuIsHumanity.ogv'02:05
hendrikus That is working sound and video02:05
holsteinand, i didnt think you were trying to captuer the screen...02:05
hendrikusholstein, yes i am using pulse audio02:06
hendrikusholstein, No that quide helps me not it say there is no sound capture posible in vlc02:07
holsteinhendrikus: thats for deskto capture.. in windows02:07
holsteini assure you that if i can find a device around here runing ubuntu and pulse and VLC, i will get it working02:08
hendrikusholstein, no i dont wont to record the screen it is only a tutorial wich tells you how to configure vlc and it says there is no way to capture sound in vlc for tha tyou need a separate recorder02:09
holsteinhendrikus: fine.. you want to move on then?02:09
holsteinyou want to try other software?02:09
holsteinthere are audio capture settings in VLC02:09
holsteinthat you have seen, and tried to use.. but you just tell me what you want to use02:09
hendrikusYes i now but waht do i have to fill in02:10
holsteinhendrikus: litereally whatever it takes for your hardware02:10
hendrikuscan i make a video capture with avidemux02:11
holsteinhendrikus: try it02:13
holsteinhendrikus: did you try gcvuview?02:13
hendrikusholstein,  it is not in ubuntu  gcvuview02:14
holsteinhendrikus: correct02:14
holsteinsee either that link ^^ of the one from earlier02:15
holsteini think that will work just like cheese, except it is a better tool02:15
holsteinyou see the link to the deb?02:15
astraljavaHA! Figured it out, finally.02:15
astraljavahendrikus: Have you seen this page, yet? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133210702:16
astraljavaWay to find out the name of the recording device. Then, you open vlc normally, from the menu, select Open Capture Device... and set video device as /dev/video0 and audio device according to that page instructions.02:17
hendrikusholstein,   gcvuview? will not work libasound2 (>> is not correct02:17
holsteinhendrikus: OK.. so try looking at the link astraljava just gave about choosing the proper device in VLC02:18
holsteinit envolves running arecord -l in the terminal like i suggested02:18
astraljavaOh, sorry. I didn't have time to follow all the conversation. :)02:19
hendrikusYou see I have to buy a Macintosch there all this simple thing are working out of the box >>> I have spent more then two weeks in hourse and installing lInux but nothing bring me a simple toll that works and make a video with sound from the webcam02:19
holsteinhendrikus: do what you like.. there are learning curves to everything.. cheese "just works" for me02:20
holsteinhendrikus: i feel like you get the proper settings from arecord -l and put then in VLC and you are good to go02:20
holsteinhendrikus: i thought you had checked there earlier02:20
holsteinhendrikus: i actually use these tools on MAC as well02:21
holsteinVLC is the tool i prefer to use for capture on mac, for a lot fo the same reason i dont like to use cheese... i consider a lot of the tools that "just work" to be toys02:22
holsteindoes that mean it wont work for you?02:22
holsteinno... but i do feel like you are working really hard, and unecessarily02:22
holsteinif you can chose a distro, and a pacakge, and a hardware base to "live in" for a bit02:23
holsteinand take some time to get used to it02:23
acerimmerhendrikus: do you have an external mic you could try?  I've got a USB mic - plug it in, select it via sound preferences and done.  Just a thought.02:24
holsteinusing an exteranl mic is a great way to boost the quality too02:24
holsteinyou'll still need to point whatever application you end up going with to it02:25
holsteini dont find VLC simple, easy, or intuitive02:25
holsteini find it professional, configurable, and free02:25
acerimmerholstein: i don't think ANYONE finds it simple, easy or intuitive.02:25
holsteinacerimmer: hehe02:25
hendrikusholstein, >>> arecord -l02:25
hendrikus**** Lijst van CAPTURE hardware-apparaten ****02:25
hendrikuskaart 0: Intel [HDA Intel], apparaat 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]02:25
hendrikus  Sub-apparaten: 0/102:25
hendrikus  Sub-apparaat #0: subdevice #002:25
hendrikuskaart 0: Intel [HDA Intel], apparaat 2: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]02:25
hendrikus  Sub-apparaten: 1/102:25
hendrikus  Sub-apparaat #0: subdevice #002:26
hendrikuskaart 0: Intel [HDA Intel], apparaat 6: Si3054 Modem [Si3054 Modem]02:26
hendrikus  Sub-apparaten: 1/102:26
hendrikus  Sub-apparaat #0: subdevice #002:26
holsteinhendrikus: you can reference http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1332107 to see what to do with that information02:26
holsteinhendrikus: you can also use http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:26
holsteinhendrikus: what i see from that is.. you should use either 0:1 or 1:102:27
hendrikusholstein, Yes I have external mic in to the laptop >>> that is not  to point02:27
holsteini would have already tried just *every* combination02:27
astraljavahendrikus: This is what works for me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/818396/02:28
holsteinentering "default" should work02:28
astraljavahendrikus: So just use ":input-slave=alsa://plughw:NAME_OF_SOUND_DEVICE"02:29
astraljavahendrikus: As you can see from the pastebin entry, for me it was SB, the first entry after the card number, before the longer name in brackets.02:30
hendrikusastraljava, VLC kon de MRL 'alsa://plughw:SB' niet openen. It say can not open device SB02:32
hendrikusastraljava, But what is th name of my device ?02:33
holsteinhendrikus: what is SB?02:33
astraljavahendrikus: You have to find your card name, it's not the same as mine.02:33
hendrikuswhere ca i find that name02:33
astraljavahendrikus: Seems to be Intel for you.02:33
astraljavahendrikus: From the output of `arecord -l`.02:33
hendrikusno not intel02:34
holsteinhendrikus: yeah, its intel02:34
hendrikus>> arecord -l02:34
hendrikus<hendrikus> **** Lijst van CAPTURE hardware-apparaten ****02:34
hendrikus<hendrikus> kaart 0: Intel [HDA Intel], apparaat 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]02:34
hendrikus<hendrikus>   Sub-apparaten: 0/102:34
hendrikus<hendrikus>   Sub-apparaat #0: subdevice #002:34
hendrikus<hendrikus> kaart 0: Intel [HDA Intel], apparaat 2: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]02:34
hendrikus<hendrikus>   Sub-apparaten: 1/102:34
hendrikus<hendrikus>   Sub-apparaat #0: subdevice #002:34
astraljavaNo, it's Intel.02:34
hendrikus<hendrikus> kaart 0: Intel [HDA Intel], apparaat 6: Si3054 Modem [Si3054 Modem]02:34
hendrikus<hendrikus>   Sub-apparaten: 1/102:34
hendrikus<hendrikus>   Sub-apparaat #0: subdevice #002:34
holsteinhendrikus: if you dont mind, use a pastebin for that02:34
astraljavahendrikus: Look, I told you, the first thing after the card number, before the longer name in brackets.02:35
holsteinhendrikus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/818402/02:35
acerimmer*really* looking to seeing a pastebin hendrickus...02:36
hendrikusholstein,  but i dont see what you mean02:36
holsteinhendrikus: you should use a pastebin so you dont flood the channel02:37
hendrikuswhere do yo see the name off my soundcard device02:37
acerimmer...and so we can see02:37
holsteinhendrikus: i see it from the output of that command... arecord -l02:37
holsteinits intel02:37
hendrikusyes i will use past the bin02:37
holsteinhendrikus: you dont need to paste that now..02:37
holsteinyou can just look and see what you need.. its intel02:38
hendrikusyes i tried intel tried Intel but both not working02:38
holsteinhendrikus: right... but you know what you need to do now02:38
astraljavahendrikus: Just out of curiosity, _how_ did you try it? Did you type the command like I showed you? Can you pastebin the output of that, please?02:40
holsteinthis is what worked for me...02:40
holsteinwith a capital I02:40
acerimmerholstein: other than turining of the webcam via vlc, what does this do?  vlc v4l2:///dev/video0 :input-slave=alsa://plughw:Intel02:40
holsteinyup.. thats what worked for me02:41
hendrikusholstein, I have to stop everything breaks down there was a total crash on my system02:44
holsteinhendrikus: OK02:45
holsteinthis worked for me02:45
holsteinwith a capital I02:45
holsteinin a terminal ... vlc v4l2:///dev/video0 :input-slave=alsa://plughw:Intel02:46
hendrikusholstein,  thanks for taking time to hel me forwards i am tiered have to sleep >>> Ol that line i missed iwill tried it one more time02:46
acerimmerholstein: my webcam popped right up in vlc @ that command...02:47
holsteinyup... webcam and for me, i start to get horrible feedback from the mic working02:47
hendrikusholstein,  O.k this give no error aldo i dont have sound >>> I will take a look02:49
holsteinhendrikus: nah.. you have sound going to the video i berty02:49
holsteinim not sure what you are expeting from "sound"02:50
astraljavaholstein: You berty? :D02:50
acerimmerhendrikus: best audio is going to be from a mic which is NOT mounted on your laptop.  I used my skype headset and that is WAY better than the laptop mic.  Just sayin...02:51
hendrikusacerimmer, IT WORKS!!!02:52
hendrikusholstein, IT WORKS!!!02:52
* astraljava taps foot02:52
holsteinhendrikus: yup... its just a matter of prepoer configuration, and know how to test.. and not giving up and jumping around so much02:52
acerimmerhendrikus: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7001421/success%20kid.jpg02:52
hendrikusholstein, I use sE Microphones true a Korg Mr 1000 I bit micrphone reamps02:53
holsteinand you are getting in with the internal soundcard?02:53
hendrikusholstein,  yes on this laptop not on my other macines there I use RME02:54
hendrikusacerimmer, THANKS FOR THE KIDS!!! you di dit man!!!02:55
acerimmerhendrikus: WRITE DOWN the settings!  I've learned thru hard experience to keep my computer install/delete/configure records in a spreadsheet via dropbox.02:55
astraljavaNah, man. Learn how to find out that stuff. That's the proper way.02:56
acerimmerpeace out y02:56
hendrikusacerimmer, yes I hav everything on my website >>> and in Google Docs >>> But for shure i will place this onle liner with both off your name on the bet place i can find02:56
holsteinhendrikus: consider a http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/UCA202.aspx ..its a cheap way to get a cleaner way in the machine03:00
holsteinthe RME stuff is usually well supported in linux03:00
hendrikusacmeinc, I have to sleep it to late here The Netherlands03:02
hendrikusholstein, also thanks for helping me03:02
holsteinhendrikus: sure03:02
hendrikusholstein, Yes thats why i use RME for many years03:03
holsteinfor linux support?03:03
hendrikusholstein, Yes PCI03:03
hendrikusholstein,  Alsa has a special sound device for the pci card of RME works out of the box03:04
holsteinyup... its on my radar03:04
hendrikusholstein, But only for the pci cards03:04
holsteini use firewire right now03:04
holsteinthe PCI express cards might work as well03:05
hendrikusholstein, YES03:05
holsteinor so i was told03:05
hendrikuspci works in linux out of the box03:05
holsteinmy firewire does now too03:06
hendrikusholstein, I am not familair with firewire03:06
hendrikusholstein, http://hendrikusgodvliet.appspot.com/korg.mr1000.html03:08
holsteinso you are using that for the preamp?03:08
hendrikusholstein, yes in this situation at this moment03:10
holsteingood to know03:10
hendrikusholstein, i have more stuff03:10
holsteini generally avoid korg unless i need a synth03:10
hendrikusholstein, HO HO this is the best there is >>> Google on this machine Korg Mr 1000 >>> Not only the best mobile sample recording but also one of the best master recorders at the moment It is DSD 5.6 biljoen samples / sec03:12
holsteini would go for a zoom H4 or H203:13
holsteinbut i can just take my studio rig with a laptop around03:13
hendrikusholstein,  U never heard  so a clear recording as with htis Korg mr 100003:13
holsteinhendrikus: glad you are enjoying it03:14
holsteini *have* heard a zoom H4, and i think the pres are very nice03:14
holsteinand the included mics are great03:14
holsteinand its a linux friendly sound card via USB03:14
hendrikusholstein, Thanks >>> Soom h4 you dont can compaire that with the Korg it cost at least 5 time more03:14
holsteinand what i am saying is, i consider the zoom to be more bang for the buck03:16
hendrikusholstein,  i have a tascam like the zoomh4 but that is not what the Korg Mr 1000 and the 2000 are made for.03:16
holsteinagain, im glad you like it03:16
holsteinand im not really in the market for standalones like that right now03:17
holsteini like the ones that can doulble as interfaces03:17
hendrikusholstein,  NOW I have to SLEEEEEPPPP ...Thanks and till another time03:17
holsteinhendrikus: o/03:17
hendrikusho see you03:17
Guest23311is the dvd is a 'livecd' ?18:09
Guest23311sry didn't read the message18:09
fanatåñòü ðóññêèå?22:25
fanatêòî ìîæåò ïîìî÷ü?22:25
acerimmerenglish plz22:26
fanathi man22:26
fanati have a problem22:27
fanatdo you help me?22:27
fanathelp me please!22:28
astraljavafanat: We won't be able to help you unless you present your problem.22:30
ubottufanat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:31
fanati install Ubuntu Studio on my notebook. After installation system reboot. When i power on my notebook monitor is black22:31
acerimmerfanat: notebook brand?  make mode?22:32
fanatLenovo ThinkPad22:32
acerimmerfanat: is your laptop ubuntu only or dual boot?22:34
fanati use Windows XP, then i use unet program to install ubuntu studio ISO on windows platform22:35
fanatmy english very bad... =(22:37
acerimmerfanat: your english is OK for  this discussion.22:37
fanatwhat can i do? i want use ubuntu studio.. but monitor black22:39
acerimmerfanat: did you md5sum check your ubuntu iso download??22:39
acerimmerfanat: and is this the first installation of ubuntu on your laptop?22:40
ubottufanat: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:40
fanatthis is not first installation of ubuntu22:41
fanati install ubuntu 10.x several moth ago22:42
fanati download ISO on official site with torrent22:44
acerimmerfanat: did you checksum test before you installed?22:44
acerimmerDo so now so we can eliminate one potential cause of problems...22:46
fanatwhat problems?22:46
acerimmerbad iso means ubuntu doesn't act right - like not booting...22:47
fanati whrite ISO inside files on DVD, boot from CD and disk not boot. I mean load Win XP22:49
acerimmerfanat: also you installed 11.10?  Not adviseable IMO.  Long Term Support (LTS) ubuntu is more heavily test and better maintained than interim releases.  Most recent LTS was 10.04.  Next one is 12.04.  STRONGLY recommend you install 10.04.22:50
fanati installed this  ubuntustudio-11.10-alternate-i386.iso22:52
acerimmerfanat: I see the installation method you used.  Our systems are similar specifications and age.  I've got a 2009 Dell 1545 laptop with Win7, Ubuntu Studio 10.04, OSX Snow Leopard.  I had ubuntu problems every 6 months because I would ALWAYS update.  I switched to LTS updates only - no more problems.22:52
acerimmerfanat: you STILL need to checksum.  A bad iso can cause your US to act strange.22:52
acerimmerfanat: my suggestion: install Ubuntu 10.04 then upgrade that to UStudio.22:54
fanatok, i can try do this. Thank you, man!22:55
acerimmerfanat: stick with LTS - life will be less stressful.22:56
fanatwhat is LTS?22:56
ubottufanat: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)22:56
fanataa... ok ok. I use google =)22:57
acerimmermods online??23:16
fanati see grub23:16
acerimmerfanat: this is good...23:17
fanati can chek all file system23:17
fanatbut i choose normal loading..23:17
acerimmerfanat: let it check - it's quick23:18
fanati feel.. system is installed.. but.. somethink wrong23:19
acerimmerfanat: ...more info23:19
fanatGNU GRUB 1.9923:19
fanat4 chose23:19
holsteini would check the hard drive, and the memory23:19
fanati see this:23:19
fanat1. ubuntu linux 3.0.0-15-generic23:20
ubottufanat: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:20
holsteinfanat: yes, that the grub list23:20
fanat2. ubuntu linux 3.0.0-15-generic (.. mode)23:20
fanatmemtest and memtest serial console 11520023:21
holsteinfanat: yup... thats the grub list.. it'll have 2 enteries per kernel...23:21
fanatwhat i do?23:21
holsteinfanat: what i would do, is choose the first entry and boot it23:21
* holstein high-fives acerimmer !23:22
holsteinacerimmer: thanks for being so active in here23:22
acerimmerme blush23:22
fanatmy monitor is black and all... =(23:23
holsteinfanat: right... could be graphics card related23:23
acerimmerholstein: not a problem.  UStudio has provided a fine outlet for my suppressed creative urges...23:23
holsteini would try and boot a live CD to the desktop23:23
holsteini would try and test the hard drive from a live CD23:23
holsteini would try and test the memory23:23
holsteini would want to remove as many variables from the machine as possible, and make sure all the hardware if functioning properaly23:24
holsteinand i would want to make sure the downloaded CD image downloaded correctly, and that the installation media is created successfully23:24
holsteini would try forcing vesa23:25
holsteinfanat: i would hit control+F1, and see if i could get to a console23:25
holsteinyou can lots of troubleshooting options, its really up to you where you want to start23:25
fanatmy cd-rom is not open =)23:26
fanati can't open cd-rom! )23:26
fanatonly preboot OS23:27
fanatF1 is work23:27
fanati see grub list23:28
holsteinright.. thats where you choose the kernel and boot the machine23:28
holsteinif it doesnt boot, then you can try control+atl+F123:28
holsteinfanat: i forgot the alt last time... sorry23:28
holsteinanyways.. you are in good hands with acerimmer23:28
* holstein gotta run...23:28
acerimmerfanat: hey23:29
fanatwhy the GRUB list i see correct, but when system starting - not?23:30
fanati try fsck (check all file system)23:30
acerimmerfanat: boot 10.04 from DVD/CDROM??23:30
fanati try reanimation my Ubuntu Studio 11.1023:31
fanatwhat is this? /dev/sda1: 50559/9641984 files (0.1% non-contiguous), 843139/38566400 blocks [   106.471321] EXT4-fs (sda1): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remoutn-ro23:34
acerimmerfanat: installing ubuntu is "easy" so long as you follow the rules, IMHO.23:34
acerimmerfanat: that would be the outcput of your file system check - successful23:34
fanatload graphics devise FAIL23:37
acerimmerfanat: whatever's wrong here is not necessarily Ubuntu Studio specific.  More likely, it's at the grub installation level.  That said, you'll find LOTS more people over on #ubuntu.  OR we can try - but I'll need your cooperation for my process.  The first thing I ALWAYS check on a downloaded iso, ESPECIALLY via torrent is the md5 check...23:37
fanatlet's try23:37
acerimmerI'll send you the md5sum check link.  Follow the directions there and paste the output.23:38
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:38
fanati can not check ISO image because he was on hard drive previous install Ubuntu. In time install Ubuntu convert file system. I have only inside files in DVD23:49
acerimmerfanat: so you SAVED US to the DVD but you can't boot from that disk?23:51
acerimmerfanat: how did you boot the alternate install disk?23:52
fanati use unetbootin for Windows23:55
acerimmerfanat: right.  I'm trying to quickly learn how that works right now...23:56
acerimmerfanat: do you have a USB drive??23:56
fanati not have23:57
fanatjust Notebook (with Ubuntu Studio), netbook - this PC, and DVD-RW23:57
acerimmerfanat: to be fair to you, I suggest you take your question over to #ubuntu.  Never used unetbootin.23:58

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