knomei think i'm off to sleep now00:02
knomesee you tomorrow00:02
astraljavaSee ya, have a good one!00:10
knomemadnick, thanks for sending the email :)11:51
* knome is off until late11:51
knomesee you11:51
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ochosii haven't upgraded in a while (always did clean installs), it's really a bit scare when icons and gtk disappear :)18:18
ochosiluckily the cli still looks the same18:19
micahgochosi: I've been meaning to file a bug, I get the offline icon now for network applet on precise when I'm connected18:33
ochosimicahg: in the tray/indicator or in the notification-bubble?18:41
ochosii don't know exactly what version of elementary-xfce you're using, the first upload had a few small bugs (so this might be fixed in bzr already)18:42
micahg12.04.0 of xubuntu icon theme18:42
ochosihm, so i guess it's still the initial version18:43
micahgare there upstream releases of elementary xfce?18:43
pleia2knome: I updated the Website wiki page todo list18:43
ochosino, i'm releasing/maintaining it18:43
micahgochosi: is this work beneficial for others18:43
ochosiso, in that respect yes: since i'm upstream =)18:43
ochosii don't think anyone else uses elementary-xfce yet18:44
micahgI'm just wondering if we should give it its own source18:44
ochosihm, maybe ask the studio-guys18:44
ochosii dunno what icon-theme they're using18:44
ochosibut if they're using elementary then they'll be in trouble in precise18:44
micahgthat way other derivatives as well as other distros can easily include it18:44
ochosi(elementary-upstream decided to drop a shitload of symlinks, so... breakage)18:44
ochosiyeah, i agree that giving it its own source might make sense18:45
ochosialthough it might be odd for lubuntuers to use a theme called elementary-xfce :p18:45
ochosi(iirc they also use elementary)18:45
ochosimicahg: seems -studio guys haven't decided yet what icon-theme to go with. still it might be a good choice to put the icon-theme in a separate package. any opinions on the matter mr_pouit ?19:14
holsteinScottL: you around?19:14
holsteinthis something i know we were discussing19:14
holsteinochosi: ill make sure i get this in the dev channel, or get you guys talking at some point19:15
ochosik, thanks19:16
ochosig2g now19:16
mr_pouitochosi: why not, I don't really mind21:30
mr_pouitochosi: btw, I think the bluetooth systray icon (e.g. with blueman) is missing from elementary-xfce-dark. I tried quickly on my debian here, and it's the only icon that stayed dark on the dark panel ;>21:31
ochosimr_pouit: ah, good to know, i never use blueman/bluetooth devices21:35
micahggah, I still need to update/SRU that21:39
ochosimr_pouit: in case i forget about the bluetooth-thing, feel free to poke me again... (sry, got a lot of things in my head atm)21:46
mr_pouitochosi: hey, don't forget about the bluetooth-thing21:50
* mr_pouit hides21:50
ochosiwell e.g. remind me @fosdem after a few beers. i'm sure i'll remember it then ;)21:50
ochosiok, so green light on putting the icon theme in a separate source then21:51
ochosimr_pouit and/or micahg: feel free to get on with it then ;)21:52
micahgochosi: you need to make an upstream release first ;)21:52
ochosiok, i guess i'll maintain it in github then21:52
ochosiunless you prefer bzr (it's soo slow...)21:52
mr_pouitno, bzr isn't slow, it's all the other that are faster ;-)21:53
* mr_pouit runs21:53
mr_pouitcan you do a shimmer-themes compilation too? I'm too lazy to fetch all shimmer themes separately for the shimmer-themes package :321:55
ochosiyou mean in github?21:55
mr_pouitmmh, maybe not if you have to duplicate everything21:57
ochosiwell, it's not a big deal21:57
ochosii can even move all themes to one repo21:57
ochosithe only downside is that if $users want to download a tarball they always get all the themes21:57
micahgochosi: you can do multiple tarballs (source format 3 FTW)21:58
mr_pouitoh, I forgot about that21:58
ochosimicahg: hmm, true, i think i can add individual tarballs to the download-section in github. but i think they wouldn't be up-to-date21:59
micahgochosi: you make an upstream "release" when you want to, we pull that in, what's not up-to-date21:59
ochosimicahg: sounds good22:01
mr_pouitI'll put albatross+bluebird+greybird in shimmer-themes then22:03
mr_pouitwhat's the status of shearwater?22:03
ochosiit's stalled (or even abandoned)22:04
ochosiwe'll revamp albatross first and make a gtk3 version22:04
* Unit193 perks up at greybird22:04
ochosii don't think shearwater is going to happen unless someone else steps up22:04
ochosiUnit193: you just tought me a new word .)22:05
Unit193ochosi: My mind s/greybird/blackbird/ :P22:05
mr_pouitochosi: fyi, it's included in murrine-themes22:05
ochosimr_pouit: what, shearwater?22:05
mr_pouityeah ^_^22:05
ochosimr_pouit: oh lord... iirc it was in a very early state. i mean i guess it's usable, but not exactly pretty22:06
mr_pouit(heh, you should ping Corsac about that)22:07
ochosiyeah, probably should do that... otoh if he likes it why not22:08
ochosii think there are more themes in that package that are unmaintained and underdeveloped22:08
mr_pouitmicahg: with 3.0+multiple tarballs, the drawback is that I've to invent a version number for the compilation ;-)22:10
ochosino problem, can do :)22:11
micahgmr_pouit: indeed :), that depends on whether or not the "upstream" releases are in sync22:11
ochosii think we discussed that earlier, that we need a version number for shimmer-themes anyway22:11
ochosiwe'll make it 1.1 (target for 2.0 is having full gtk3 for all three themes)22:11
micahgmr_pouit: I haven't merged murrine-themes as I wasn't sure if our version of greybird was newer than Debian's22:12
mr_pouitochosi: yeah, I hope you don't mind tarballs like shimmer-themes_1.1.orig-{albatross,bluebird,greybird}.tar.gz22:13
mr_pouitmicahg: indeed, I don't remember either. The current plan is to split the shimmer themes to a shimmer-themes package, as we don't want so many murrine-themes by default (that's the clean-up-something-blueprint)22:14
micahgsounds good22:14
micahgI assume Corsac is ok with this in Debain as well?22:15
mr_pouitGood point, I haven't asked him yet :[22:15
ochosiright, i'm off for tonight, too tired to get more work done22:22
astraljavaAnyone tried installing from desktop today? Our tester reports ubiquity crashing.23:32

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