Kurdistanhi I can only active kwin desktop effects by running env  KWIN_COMPOSE=O kwin --replace. when I disable kwin effects and restart. Try to enable kwin effects again I get error message. If I run the command line again kwin effects works. is it kwin/kde bug?00:44
qbitjust from curiosity what kind of video card and drivers are you using?00:46
Kurdistanqbit, nvidia geforce go 7400 and I am using nvidia 295.9 drivers.00:47
qbitwas just curious - here I have 280.13 with a gts-450 and have no problems00:50
qbitis the "go" version a laptop chip?00:50
Kurdistanqbit, yes.00:50
qbitjust looks strange - the geforce 7400 part00:51
Kurdistanand kwin effects does not even work at all in 280.1300:51
qbitbecause I thought that was fairly old00:51
Kurdistannot with 290.* either00:51
qbitthe reason I mention it was nvidia split their drivers some time back00:51
KurdistanI needed compile 295.* from source to even have chance to get it working.00:52
qbitat some point older stuff was moved out from the new driverbase and into what they called "legacy" support00:52
qbitand IIRC legact support would be something like a version 173.xxx something or other00:52
Kurdistanqbit, does not work either, the legacy drivers.00:52
qbitthere are lists that specify which are for which00:53
Kurdistanqbit, I do not understand.00:53
qbitone thing you can do to see if it is an OpenGL support problem is change the rendering00:53
Kurdistanqbit, how can I see that?00:55
qbitin system settings -> desktop effects -> advanced tab - change the compositing type to Xrender00:55
Kurdistanqbit, I did that ones. and changed back, with older driver. that was not a :) good move.00:55
qbitif it all the sudden seems happy using Xrender you aren't supporting OpenGL correctly00:55
qbitthe "Blur" effect was a problem for a while - do you have that 'on'?00:56
Kurdistanqbit, yes. but that should be fixed with kde 4.8.000:56
qbitwell I removed 4.8 from my box because it ain't ready for prime time00:57
qbitthing about the nvidia drivers there is a kernel module involved00:57
Kurdistanqbit, okey. what kernel module?00:58
qbitwhen you install the latest stuff downloaded from the nvidia web site, you will need gcc, make, etc and kernel-headers so the installer can compile this module00:58
Kurdistanqbit, :) I compiled nvidia drivers the "ubuntu way".00:58
qbitwhen you utilize the drivers from the kubuntu repos these come prebuilt and matching the kernel00:59
Kurdistanqbit, yes I know. I build the driver/package like normal kubuntu/ubuntu nvidia drivers.01:00
qbitbecause I used to use opensuse and after a certain release of nvidia drivers I used to do this too and no end of trouble01:00
qbitit's one of about 5 reasons I'm using jubuntu now01:01
qbitthe older driver that worked stopped working with kernel 3.x.x01:01
Kurdistanqbit, like I said I use kubuntu and nvidia drivers are build the same as nvidia drivers for all buntus.01:02
qbitiirc the install process was supposed to blacklist the nouveu module.driver01:02
qbitjust looking for differences as to maybe why mine works flawless and your doesn't01:03
Kurdistanqbit, you have the same card?01:03
qbithave you examined /var/log/Xorg.0.log for lucky hints01:04
qbitI have a GTS-450 Palit01:04
qbitdoes your laptop have 2 video chips in it?01:05
qbitI have seen people fight with those forever, and there is some headway beginning to made wrt to what they call 'Optimus', which is a laptop that has 2 video chips in it01:07
Kurdistanqbit, http://paste.ubuntu.com/819529/01:07
Kurdistanqbit, no I do not have any hybrid card01:07
qbitI don't see anything particularly jumping out at me wrong there (your Xorg.0.log)01:10
Kurdistanqbit, yeah I know. I am lost. :(01:11
qbitand I'm quickly running out of ideas too  :(01:11
qbitnow this is odd: Linux 2.6.24-29-server i68601:12
Kurdistanqbit, why?01:13
qbitis this really what uname -a reports?01:13
Kurdistanuname -r01:13
qbitOK - that;s as it should be01:13
Kurdistanqbit, yes.01:14
qbitOk 0 I just looked at mine and it's the same01:14
Kurdistanqbit, I wonder if I run autostart that command line like script01:14
qbitthe line right below has the in it as current operating system01:15
qbitI do recall some time ago you had to pass nomodeset on the grub boot line, but that should no longer apply01:15
qbitand iirc the problem that solved was a black screen with nothing01:16
qbitand if you turn desktop effects off entirely it works fine I bet01:17
Kurdistanqbit, did not get you.01:17
Kurdistanqbit, I added nomodeset and other thing to fix plymouth :)01:17
qbityes - you know then  :-)01:18
randomatix_Has anyone else here had problems with panels that won't auto-unhide?  I just get the blue glow when I move the mouse to that screen edge.01:19
qbitKurdistan: well I'm about out of ideas, other than deinstalling and using the Additional drivers menu option with the kubuntu repositories - and I strongly hesitate to even say that because it will probably reall make a mess01:23
qbitif you have enough performance to use the machine with desktop effects completely turned off and wait for someone smarter than me to come up with better ideas   :-)01:24
Kurdistanqbit, if I use kubuntus repo nvidia driver and try to active kwin effects01:24
Kurdistanmy desktop will freez01:25
Kurdistanand I will not be able to boot up after restart01:25
qbitso you've already been down that road....01:25
KurdistanI need then to edit from livecd kwinrc01:25
Kurdistanqbit, :) yes. tried that.01:25
qbitI know a while back I had a problem where I had to completely remove my kwinrc and reboot01:26
qbitand it put a default one back01:26
qbitthat was like 5 months ago01:26
Kurdistanqbit, that works also.01:26
Kurdistanbut you can also :) enabled=true to change to enabled=false01:27
Kurdistanqbit, do you know how to autostart a script in kubuntu? were should I put it? ~/.kde/env or ~/.kde/Autostart?01:31
qbitI was never entirely certain of that01:32
qbitthe gtk one is in env01:32
qbitbut I think it can be configured in systemsettings01:32
qbitthe startup and shutdown -> Autostart option01:33
qbitI'm confused by that because when you look there you'll see a gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh startup script, but that script is actually located in env01:34
Kurdistanqbit, exactly.01:35
qbitI suspect the Autostart directory is cruft for backwards compatible01:35
qbitdon't forget if you put one there to chmod it executable01:36
Kurdistanqbit, thinking on making script like this. http://paste.ubuntu.com/819548/01:36
qbithe he - "if it works don't fix0r it"   :-)01:37
qbitthat looks like to me it turns kwin compositing off and restarts kwin01:38
qbitor is that a O for "on"? and not a zero01:38
Kurdistanqbit, it force it to enabled/work it.01:39
Kurdistangot it from nvidia channel for time ago.01:39
qbitoh, and you're using Xorg on auto-pilot too I bet - I don't, I have a hand edited xorg.conf manually created to get my 2nd monitor to work using TwinView01:40
Kurdistanneed to sleep. will come back tomorrow.01:40
Kurdistanqbit, :) same here.01:41
qbitcouple more hours I'll be right behinf you01:41
qbitme getting sleepy too01:41
qbitwell best of luck to you01:41
qbithope it gets better  :-)01:41
Kurdistanqbit, sudo nvidia-xconfig this will create xorg.conf file01:41
Kurdistanthen you can edit the way you wanted01:42
qbitmine has followe me from FreeBSD through Solaris before transplanting it to Linux01:42
rocketfish2 http://pastebin.com/awgrAY6f <--- dmesg02:37
rocketfish2help , usb drive rocketfish 3.5 external usb drive can be used by windows and mac, but not linux. linux sees the hard ware and even a usb flash drive plugged into the rocketfish external drive, but accessing the drive fails.02:37
melI'm new to KDE, how do I find where it tells me what version I'm using?02:53
Kimlarouxmel, from any KDE app, like Dolphin or Amarok... Go to Help > About KDE02:58
melKimlaroux: Great thanks, now where do you find what version of Kubuntu your using?02:59
Kimlarouxuse the command cat /etc/lsb-release03:00
melKimlaroux: awesome thanks again03:01
indystormquestion- I am trying to access kcontrol in ubuntu server 10.04 running KDE.... It seems it is not available. How do I install it??03:33
pangolin!search kcontrol03:41
ubottuFound: launch-feedback03:41
indystorm!search kcontrol03:45
ubottuFound: launch-feedback03:45
indystormwhats that mean?03:45
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paulo_Can I get some help about using linux here?03:58
paulo_I use Kubuntu 4.7 and it always forget my dual screen resolution (2 monitors) when I reboot.03:59
paulo_Any clue about that?03:59
randomatix_Any ideas how to fix an auto-hiding panel that won't unhide?  4.8, been a problem since 4.7.04:06
randomatix_happens on old panels and newly-created ones.04:07
Kubuntu_UserHello, is anyone here?04:11
sohussainhello world!04:15
sohussaincould anyone be kind enough to point me towards a backup tool/app (preferrably gui based) for kubuntu 11.10? need one to create a backup/image of my /root partition.04:17
randomatix_is Kubuntu supposed to have the new 4.8 ksecretservice as depicted in http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.8/screenshots/ksecretservice-sync.png ?04:26
poyntzhi all04:33
poyntz- I'm having issues with iexplore 8 for wine on kubuntu04:34
poyntz- above is the dump. not sure how to fix. please assist thanks04:34
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MacSealhi,howto change the range of sizes in dolphin? only view in KiB, don't in GiB, MiB, etc.....04:48
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gartralwe need a stand-in op in #ubuntu, fast.06:04
Num83rGuyCan any one tell me where samba stors the list of folders you share it seems to be sending the wrong paths.06:13
Num83rGuyI cannot access them on the remote machine nor locally either.06:14
Num83rGuyAnyone have a clue?06:30
colgraлюди, поставил kubuntu 11.10 и не могу зайти в Центр программ Moun. выдает ошибку, что делать?06:31
Num83rGuyCan any one tell me where samba stores the list of folders you share it seems to be sending the wrong paths.06:38
Beertyused to be /etc/samba/smb.conf06:40
Beertymight still be there.06:40
Num83rGuySAMBA is effed yet again and I need to know how to fix it. Are the directories stored in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file or are they stored somewhere else?06:40
Num83rGuyI looked in smb.conf they aren't06:41
Num83rGuyAre they supossed to be any more?06:41
Beertynot sure06:43
colgrawhere to find the Update Center? kubuntu 11.10 (Rus)06:52
pavlovskI have a question about a problem Im having while trying to install kubuntu07:05
pavlovskis this the right place07:06
LINKSWORD2Hey guys, I get an error that goes by too quickly for me to read when I log in... And I have no sound at all.07:15
LINKSWORD2I can't say for certain, but I believe I'm missing some kind of driver file.07:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:18
datruthis there away to get a terminal with a transparent background?07:25
Kimlarouxdatruth, I can't remember which, but I believe one of the terminal client can do it... the easy solution is to use KDE's windows opacity on the whole window07:33
datruthno transparent options there07:37
jdhfrhow to change language in console?08:44
jdhfram i talking chinese or what?08:45
Martthi everybody I've got a question about the new 4.8 KDE version08:51
ok2cqrHello, i just installed Kubuntu 11.10 and upgraded to kde 4.809:15
ok2cqreverything is working fine except sftp09:15
Tm_Tok2cqr: go on09:16
ok2cqrI tried to connect to my server from krusader but didnt work09:16
ok2cqrI only got that auth failed09:16
ok2cqrbut i'm sure, the pass and username is correct09:16
Tm_Tok2cqr: does it work from Konsole?09:17
ok2cqralso can't find how to connect to sftp from Doplhin, is there something like that, please?09:17
ok2cqryes, it does09:17
Tm_Tok2cqr: write "fish://username@host:path" in the path/address field on dolphin09:18
Tm_Tyes, fish, not sftp (:09:18
ok2cqrTm_T: This works! Thank you!09:20
ok2cqrIt would be great if it could work also from Krusader.09:21
Tm_Tok2cqr: try fish there too?09:21
Tm_Talthough I don't know what benefit Krusader has over Dolphin09:22
ok2cqroh, you are right, it is working09:22
ok2cqrI must say, I really love new KDE09:26
ok2cqrAmarok with Jamendo is amazing09:26
Riddellthanks ok2cqr :)09:26
ok2cqrI've set panel to looks like in Win709:26
ok2cqrrunning it in vmware but for sure I leave Unity and will install Kubuntu09:27
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* jdhfr wonders why amarok is such crap09:36
Riddelljdhfr: many people find it a best-of-breed bit of free software09:43
Riddellok2cqr: how do you set the panel to look like windows 7?09:43
jdhfri turn it on and suddently have "0 tracks in my collection"09:44
Riddellsounds like you found a bug09:44
ok2cqrI added to panel "Icon-only task manager"09:44
ok2cqrit was in plasma widgets09:44
jdhfrsounds like amarok is what i said earlier09:45
Tm_Tjdhfr: if your only intention is here to comment the quality of apps, then I have to ask you to stop, as this channel is for support, not for rants09:48
jdhfrhow to enable hynernation?09:56
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jdhfrHOW to enable HYBERNATIOB?10:10
Kimlarouxjdhfr, you mean suspend to disc?10:10
Kimlarouxit's a choice in the leave menu10:10
Kimlarouxin the K menu, I see Hibernation10:11
jdhfrdoes it have an icon?10:11
Kimlarouxyes, it's like a snow flake10:11
jdhfroh. I would never had guessed because of braindead translators10:12
Kimlarouxyou can also find it in the leave menu when you right click on the desktop > Leave > then old left mouse button over the Shut Down button until "suspend to disc" shows up10:12
SIQKOif fan runs faster than usualy eventhough there is no such a process overloading the CPU what the reasom might be ?10:13
KimlarouxYou can also use Alt+F2 and type in "hibernate", there's a suspend to disc option that shows up10:14
KimlarouxSIQKO, have you looked at /proc/cpuinfo to see if your cores were running at high clocks?10:14
SIQKOnop but i checked with htop and system activity10:15
SIQKOfirst when i installed the os it was working and still works great but when i open a browser or package mannager or somthin else it just runs with high speed10:16
KimlarouxI never heard of htop, what's the difference between it and top?10:17
SIQKOit is interactive and easier to mainuplate10:18
SIQKOu can scroll down and approach in a selected poroc10:18
KimlarouxI'll check it out thanks10:18
SIQKOu'r welcome10:19
Kimlarouxare you running an old machine? Maybe your computer is having a hard time10:19
SIQKObut regarding my CPU worklead issue10:19
KimlarouxOh wow, htop is neat! =)10:20
SIQKOyeah it's cool isn't it10:20
Kimlarouxtry something: killall plasma-desktop10:20
SIQKOplasma desktop dude ... sure10:21
Kimlarouxthen use the alt+f2 menu to launch things and see if your cpu still runs like crazy10:21
Kimlarouxyou can always restard plasma-desktop through this menu10:21
KimlarouxMy guess is you've got too many desktop effects running10:22
SIQKOit appears only when i open a browser, multi tabing or as i said when i open the pcg manager etc10:23
SIQKOhow do i disable the desktop effects10:25
KimlarouxSystem settings > Look & Feel > Desktop > Desktop Effects10:26
Kimlarouxyou can see them all under the tab All Effects10:27
KimlarouxI used to run a bunch of them, but then hung my PC and made it run like crazy when I used too many apps10:27
SIQKOso do i disable all of them ?10:30
Kimlarouxnot really... but you can disable them all in the General tab. At least to see if it's the problem10:31
Kimlarouxright under the tab, there's an option to disable desktop effects10:32
SIQKOu mean at activation10:33
Kimlarouxyeah it might be difference, they like to change things from one version to another10:33
KimlarouxI'm running an "old" kde10:34
SIQKOmhh i see10:34
Kimlarouxkubuntu 10.0410:34
SIQKOand if that appeared in ur vers it must be very likely to be the same prbl here10:34
SIQKOu know what i am not concerned about10:35
SIQKOi runn the same os but in a different connections, when im in a wifi zone i open up so many tabs and flashes etc.. nothing happends10:36
Kimlarouxon the same computer?10:37
SIQKOso i doubt about the network but since i lack further knowlegde i cannot assume anything10:37
Kimlarouxit's weird though that the internet connection would affect the processing power needed... but meh, not impossible ;)10:38
SIQKOi don't know as u said u said it is possible10:39
SIQKOand u know it is killing the fact that the fan is running this fast when i engage in a simple operation where there is no need for such a proc power10:40
SIQKOi removed the browsers than lots of thing that might somehow affect the cpu workload but when it still im not convinced10:42
SIQKOthere is an option that says: very low display resolution and very high CPU10:44
KimlarouxYeah you can try it out10:45
SIQKOso low dp relsolution and low CPU (does low referes to CPU) ?10:46
SIQKOeventhough im goin to try whatever10:46
SIQKOso nex thing im going to try that with all effects i don't need tham if i wanted i'd be using mac10:49
Kimlarouxyeah the best way is to try, your problem could be somewhere else too, the only way to find it is to try things10:50
SIQKOisn't there any option how can i disable all of the effect cuz if i do manually an if thats not a prob how do activate tham again10:53
Kimlarouxyes there is10:54
SIQKOi mean how do i remember which one i deactivated10:54
Kimlarouxwhen on the "desktop effects" settings, isn't there 3 tabs on the screen?10:54
SIQKOand where do i find this10:54
KimlarouxGeneral tab?10:54
SIQKOgeneral all and advanced..10:54
Kimlarouxin General, just under the tab, there's a check box that disables all the effects10:55
SIQKOthere is one but refers for the start up meny10:56
SIQKOthere is an option that says:desktop effects can be toggled anytime using this shortcut (alt shift f12)10:57
Kimlarouxoh nice, I didn't know about this shortcut =P10:58
SIQKOwell is that useful in my case10:58
jdhfrwhy my volume tresets to 100% on each login?10:59
SIQKObut there is no options for all efects thought10:59
Kimlarouxwell yes, just use the short cut to toggle the effects on and off, then test your system to see if the cpu runs fast10:59
SIQKOso this shortcut will stop the effects than if that's not the issue i'll try somthin else11:00
KimlarouxSIQKO, http://mschlander.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/kde-is-slow-for-dummies/11:01
Kimlarouxthis is a nice article, with screen shots11:01
KimlarouxI am refering to step 311:01
SIQKOdummies ??? ok why not11:01
KimlarouxI don't care how the article is named... it's great11:02
jdhfrwhy my volume tresets to 100% on each login?11:05
Kimlarouxjdhfr, in kmix, there's a settings called "Restore volumes on login", you might want to toggle it and see what it does11:07
SIQKOno no it's pretty good im just kidin u know dummies ;)11:07
jdhfrit's on but it still does11:08
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Kimlarouxmaybe try it off?11:08
Kimlarouxand are you using puleaudio?11:09
jdhfrhave no idea what i use11:09
Kimlarouxis kmix showing "pulseaudio" in one of the tabs?11:10
KimlarouxI think I found something11:11
Kimlarouxjdhfr, go to system settings > system administration > multimedia11:11
KimlarouxWhat's the first thing showing up in the lists, analog or digital?11:12
Kimlarouxhhmm, so your problem isn't like this guy's http://delogics.blogspot.com/2012/01/kde-volume-resets-pulseaudio.html11:13
SIQKOwhen do you i download a new theme for the splash sreen at the start up how do you install it, where it is saved i can't find11:28
KimlarouxSIQKO, I never figured this one out... I simply install them from the control panel. There's a button that says "get more themes..."11:31
SIQKOControl panel .. on my way11:32
Kimlarouxfrom there you can make a search for the one you downloaded and install it11:32
SIQKOthat's what i was looking for but i wasn't sure how to approachit it thnx man11:33
SIQKOomg i am so lame where is the control panel dude11:35
SIQKOu'r using the older vers things are bit of different in this one so sry for my ..11:39
KimlarouxSystem Settings11:40
KimlarouxI'm just used to call it "control panel"...  XD11:41
SIQKOohh now i feel lil better :D11:42
SIQKOsys setting and11:42
KimlarouxLook & Feel > Appearance > Splash Screen11:43
kerloiHi all. I want to install java on my computer but I am completely lost. The more I read the kubuntu doc the less I understand want I'm suppose to do ...11:44
SIQKOactualy i did that11:44
Kimlarouxyeah, java can be confusing at first11:44
SIQKObut the installed ones are not showing on the list11:44
kerloiIs there any tuto to help install java. I don't mind using any version but I just want  it to work (I'm using a 64 bits version of kubuntu ...)11:45
KimlarouxOracle's java isn't supported on Ubuntu anymore, you have to install OpenJDK11:45
SIQKOso i don't know where they are located11:45
kerloiKimlaroux: Ok so I install openJDK and IcedTea plugin right ?11:45
Kimlarouxyep... you just have to search for "java" in your application manager11:46
Kimlarouxyeah, nevermind that11:47
KimlarouxI just tried it, and a bunch of other stuff comes up11:47
Kimlarouxkerloi, the package you want is openjdk-6-jre11:48
kerloiWell I was using the openJDK since now but I had some trouble. When I use java application within firefox, everything on the screen bug (black section, blinkering buttons etc ...)11:48
kerloiand even if I close firefox it doesn't change anything. I have to restart the X session ...11:48
Kimlarouxyou're not the first one to have problems with it, personally I can't even recall the last time I needed java11:49
kerloiWhat about openjdk-7 ?11:51
Kimlarouxyou have it?11:52
Kimlarouxit's not showing up in my system, but I'm running 10.0411:52
kerloiWell I can see it in muon logithec11:52
kerloiI have 11.1011:52
Kimlarouxyeah you have access to more up to date packages than I do ;)11:53
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SIQKOKimlaroux: i did it, just needed to be installed after downloaded in in folder specified than it insalled12:02
Kimlarouxwhere's that?12:04
KimlarouxI tried to install one and it didn't install, even though the "get new themes" window says it is12:04
SIQKOyou just follow the link or copy it than chose the location12:05
SIQKOand after that u go to install and just installit no need to extract12:06
SIQKOwhere the themes are and instead of direct insalling em you download them and since you know where they are located it is easier to install then12:07
SIQKObut as i said do not insall manually try the meny next to get new themes, intall the theme and install the already downloaded one12:08
KimlarouxOh! How blind am I, I never noticed this button, thanks12:11
SIQKOno pob thank you too12:14
BluesKajHiyas  all12:54
mydogsnameisrudyah coffee is good today, we got 3 inchs of snow also12:55
BluesKajyup, we received about 2" yesterday12:55
mydogsnameisrudywere are you?12:56
mydogsnameisrudyim in michigan12:56
BluesKajCanada, what is known as Northern Ontario , about 200mi N of Toronto as the crow flies , and you ?12:57
BluesKajok , been thru mich many times, where exactly12:58
mydogsnameisrudyjust 50 mile south of the canada us border12:58
BluesKajI75 nearby?12:58
mydogsnameisrudyyep little town of Hessel12:59
BluesKajwe basically get the same weather then12:59
mydogsnameisrudyya i think so12:59
BluesKajit's just around freezing mark here this morn, cloudy and dull13:00
mydogsnameisrudy31 deg f your 0c i think13:01
mydogsnameisrudyyou been using linux a long time?13:01
Tm_Tthis is slowly becoming a conversation that would use #kubuntu-offtopic (;13:02
mydogsnameisrudyok Tm_T  what do you want to talk about13:02
BluesKajjust bought an iindoor outdoor thermometer m gonna hang the outdooe sensor in the birch tree in the back13:02
BluesKajmydogsnameisrudy,  Tm_T is right, join us in #kubuntu-offtopic13:03
mydogsnameisrudyok fine ;) sorry13:04
Tm_Tnp (:13:04
datruthis there away to get a terminal with a transparent background?13:10
Peace-datruth: yes13:10
Tm_Tdatruth: see the Konsole settings13:11
datruthPeace-: how?13:11
Peace-datruth: google konsole transparent?13:11
Tm_TPeace-: telling people to google is not the way to help here13:12
Peace-Tm_T: if he doesn't find ... i will help13:13
Tm_Tdatruth: if you go configure Konsole profile, edit the appearance preferences, there's transparency slider13:13
Tm_TPeace-: when people come to ask help here, you don't ask them to google first and only then help, this is not the purpose of this channel13:13
soeeis there some command to download all files from remote server directory ?13:14
Peace-Tm_T: it was an easy question , the most of time here doesn't answer anyone13:14
Peace-so if it's a problem this..13:15
Peace-i can always leave...13:15
mydogsnameisrudydont leave Peace-  Tm_T  is just being cranky ;)13:15
Tm_TPeace-: lets continue this on #ubuntu-ops so we don't disrupt the channel any further, ok? (:13:16
BluesKajwow , Tm_T . lighten up , you made your point13:17
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datruthI guess compiz  is needed for that13:21
Tm_Tdatruth: hm?13:21
Tm_Tdatruth: should work just fine with Kwin13:22
datruthi found it hidden away in settings13:25
Tm_Tdatruth: got it working?13:25
datruthNo it doesn't want to work with my desktop13:25
datruthbut I did find the option13:26
Tm_Tdatruth: how it doesn't work? does it give any error message?13:26
datruthoh nvm13:26
datruthI have to restart the program for it to take effect13:26
skaczorsoee: have you tried "wget -r http://blah/"13:27
datruthPeace-: thx for the search string13:27
soeeskaczor, yeah got it already13:27
georgehello. I want to set ONLY the icons of my kubuntu 11.10 to default. How can I do it?13:28
Tm_Tgeorge: icon theme you mean?13:28
georgeTm_T: yeah, but I don't want to delete .kde folder at ~ because it will mess up my other kde settings...13:30
Tm_Tgeorge: Oxygen icon theme is the default one, would selecting it do the job?13:30
* datruth likes the transparent background now13:32
georgeTm_T: the thing is that I've changed some app icons, folder icons and stuff. I don't quite remember which ones, so I just want to revert it to default. oxygen theme is already selected.13:32
Tm_Tgeorge: oh, individual apps?13:34
georgeTm_T: yep.13:34
Tm_Tgeorge: individual folders have .directory files that contains the icon data13:35
Tm_Tremoving those files does the job13:35
georgeTm_T: ok, by the way. is there some specific folder for games? I've set an individual one but since the icon folder change (kde 4.7 I guess), it looks bad with the other folders.13:39
Tm_Tgeorge: forder icon or folder?13:40
Tm_TI think it's no for both, though13:40
georgefolder icon :). Oh, ok, then. Thanks for your help.13:41
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Tm_Tgeorge: not in oxygen anyway, but I suppose internet is full of icons, that's what I try if none other fits13:42
georgeTm_T: sure, that was I've done. but with the new folder icons, it just doesn't go with. I've already searched, but there is no  s13:43
georgeuch game folder with the new folder look.13:43
georgeTm_T: Anyway, thanks again.13:44
Tm_Tgeorge: np13:46
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SIQKOhey guys15:17
SIQKOscreensaver installation proc15:17
Tm_TSIQKO: uh, you haven't told yet what is your problem15:17
SIQKOhave downloaded but don't know how to install em15:18
Tm_TSIQKO: does the package contain install instructions? or the site from where you obtained it?15:18
SIQKOi just says download15:19
Tm_Thow and from where did you obtain it?15:19
SIQKOdon't remember15:19
Tm_T...what kind of file it is?15:20
SIQKOi googled for a while than i found15:20
SIQKOso what should i do know i mean there isn't any options on the system seting on getting and installing the screensaver15:22
Tm_TSIQKO: unpack the file to see what it contains, I suspect you have install instructions there15:22
SIQKOno there are no instructions15:31
Tm_TSIQKO: what kind of files did the package contain?15:32
Tm_T...no instructions doesn't promise much15:33
Tm_Trandom source and no instructions provided, I wouldn't touch myself15:35
jdhfrwhat is best tool to replace amarok with?15:38
Tm_Tjdhfr: I'm unsure what you're asking exactly15:41
Tm_T!best | jdhfr also this15:42
ubottujdhfr also this: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:42
BluesKajjd  my personal fav is VLC , just as aplayer , not as asource for music info or band history etc15:42
BluesKajjdhfr, ^15:42
jdhfryou just kde fanboys, you disgust me15:43
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* BluesKaj shrugs , as if we care15:44
=== ruud is now known as Guest4540
rockl@search getting things done16:17
=== root is now known as Guest69764
* dies_irae wants to let out a meme soooo badly.16:47
dies_iraewhy in the h.. eavens middle click URL is broken on firefox????16:48
dandellion_yelloanybody had this problem when after reboot, mic is muted ?17:06
argoblastWhat's with the integration of LibreOffice and KDE in Kubuntu 11.10? The graphics and such are a bit messed up. I've tried most basic things and none seem to fix it apart from making it even more uglier.17:10
=== Gray is now known as Strattonpond
dies_iraeargoblast: for flawless integration try Koffice, now changed to Calligra Suit.17:15
argoblastdies_irae: aye, just apt-got it. but i'd prefer to let somebody use libreoffice rather than koffice in these days. as i'm setting it up for someone else.17:16
=== root is now known as Guest78914
dies_iraeargoblast: you got a screenshot of the fugly part?17:17
markus___I use libreoffice on kubuntu. seems to work fine?17:18
dies_iraetry Calligra Suit instead of Koffice.17:18
markus___maybe you do not have the original fonts installed?17:18
argoblast11.10 check the About box and you'll see the ugly things, along with menus not looking correct, and tooltips slightly blackened, and so on..17:18
argoblastit's the livecd, and i've checked numerous times17:19
dies_iraeargoblast: you know after an install there are crap tons of updates??17:19
argoblastyes, i do know that17:19
argoblastbut it didn't change anything17:20
dies_iraeargoblast: which program in particular? I want to double check here. Maybe you got faulty hardware.17:20
argoblastyou can try in virtualbox, same thing17:20
argoblastany libreoffice17:20
dies_iraeargoblast: like the word processor?17:21
dies_iraeargoblast: I can't reproduce the problem here, also running off LiveUSB.17:23
argoblastinstalled the updates, tried reinstalling it, tried the official debs, tried the ppa. same thing everywhere. can't see it in any other distros, so i dunno17:23
dies_iraeargoblast: the only slight cosmetic blemish is tiny black corners around bullets under format drop down menu.17:23
argoblasthow about the About?17:24
dies_iraeargoblast: wait, you're right, pop up messages appear as BLACK boxes.17:24
dies_iraeAbout looks clean excpet for the pop up message over the link.17:25
dies_iraeargoblast: but that's most likely fixed with an upgrade after install. 100% sure we are not the only ones noticing this.17:26
argoblastbetween the build number and the copyright, the space between, is it grey or white? should be white..17:26
argoblastin the About..17:26
argoblasti've installed it in virtualbox to see if an update fixed it, but seemingly no17:28
dies_iraeargoblast: this --> http://ompldr.org/vY2k0Zw17:28
argoblastand the menus look slightly weird too, no borders17:28
argoblastyeah, shouldn't look like that17:29
dies_iraeargoblast: if you're installing for someone they prolly don't give damn that much.17:29
dies_iraewon't be as finnicky as you.17:29
viKtor_can anyone tell me why kde is better than gtk? i'm still playing arround with kubuntu and ubuntu and still i don't decide which one my computer should run as a main computer :S17:30
dies_iraeviKtor_: there's some dilemma with Gnome's direction, with ubuntu's gnome fork etc.17:31
argoblastdies_irae: true perhaps17:31
viKtor_dies_irae: yeah i know, actually i don't really like unity but gnome shellç17:32
dies_iraeviKtor_: to such an extent that Mint Linux started their own Gnome fork http://cinnamon.linuxmint.com/17:32
viKtor_my own dilema is that i like the way gnome shell looks and works, but i really love some kde apps, but i don't like too much kde interface... too much windows vista :S17:32
dies_iraeviKtor_: so, that's question is so suggestive impossible to answer. I actually use fluxbox.17:32
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dies_iraeviKtor_: lawl, nothing prevents from using apps from another toolkit on either Desktop.17:33
viKtor_and then, even if dolphing it's amazing... i thing evolution and gnome telepathy is way better and easy to configure than kde analoguesç17:33
dies_iraeya, dolphin pretty neat.17:34
dies_iraebut nothing beats CLI terminals.17:34
vandenoeverafter installing kubuntu (or ubuntu) with latest updates, it boots with a black screen17:34
viKtor_after using it... i can't use nautilus (iive been using gnome for 6 years and kde just  a week)ç17:34
vandenoeveris this a know X regression?17:34
BluesKajviKtor_,  you can theme kde to look like you want it to , mostly ..but windows vista? no way kde was here long beforew windows vista was released17:35
dies_iraevandenoever: which GPU card are u using and which kubuntu release?17:35
markus___viKtor_: Everybody likes other things :D I always deinstall kmail and install thunderbird. I need some of the plugins it has17:35
BluesKajer no way ,17:36
argoblastkde, the main theme, has too much whitespace. wasting too many pixels on nothing.17:36
viKtor_BluesKaj: it's impossible for kde to imitate gnome shell interface i think the way you can access everything from the dash is fucking useful17:36
dies_iraew00t I missed that remart about m$$ vi$ta17:36
vandenoeverdies_irae: some intel, not sure atm, let me check (hp elite 2540p)17:36
* BluesKaj wonders where the vista comparison came from17:36
BluesKaj!language | viKtor_,17:37
ubottuviKtor_,: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:37
viKtor_BluesKaj: oops sorry ;)17:37
viKtor_i'm my native language the "f*" has lost its meaning meaning simply "amazing, awsome" ^^17:37
viKtor_so sometimes i forget it hehe17:37
vandenoeverdies_irae: ah booting with 'nomodeset' fixes it17:38
viKtor_and do you find calligra a real substitute to libreoffice?17:38
BluesKajviKtor_,  well, the idea of kde is to have a desktop that doesn't look like a cartoon/comic book17:38
argoblastBluesKaj: too bad the standard theme ruins it17:38
BluesKajargoblast,  themes are a matter of preference and taste , easily changed17:39
viKtor_BluesKaj: yeah that's true, the difference between gnome and kde look is SO obvious... but i still find oxygent theme kind of old and ugly17:39
dies_iraeviKtor_: yeah right!! lame excuse about f-bomb.17:39
BluesKajviKtor_,  read above17:39
viKtor_dies_irae: what's your native language?17:40
argoblastBluesKaj: aye, but then you could say that about the cartoon/comic books desktops as well17:40
viKtor_BluesKaj: i tried bespin that looks amazing but... i found some bugs specially with the k menu17:41
BluesKajnot really argoblast , your still stuck on gnome.unity ...not my cuppa tea for sure . but if you have complaints you can always air them in #kde17:41
Steve132Does anyone know if it is possible to install the kdevelop plugins under kubuntu or do they have to be built from source?17:41
viKtor_can i see your k desktops in a screenshot just to see how i could customize mine?17:43
BluesKajSteve132,  install kdevelop-custom-buildsytem17:43
Steve132BluesKaj: From what I can tell thats not a package in the package manager17:44
Steve132What did you mean?17:44
dies_iraeargoblast: check this one out --> http://www.calligra.org/17:44
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BluesKajviKtor_,  lookin system settings>aplication appearance , or workspace behaviour and workspace appearance17:45
viKtor_BluesKaj:  but i have no idea of how to change the windows theme17:46
BluesKajSteve132,  odd , it shows up in mine ...make sure you have your canonical partner repos enabled17:47
viKtor_in gnome it's easy but what about kde? i just can get bespin or oxygen? :S17:47
Steve132What's the best way to check that?  Also, I'm on 11.10...maybe the package is older?17:47
=== amichair is now known as amichair_
BluesKajviKtor_,  look in the above places i mentioned in system settings17:47
Tm_T!find kde-style17:48
ubottuFound: kde-style-polyester, kde-style-qtcurve, kde-style-skulpture17:48
viKtor_ok there i can change plasma theme, window border and coulours... but what about the oxygen theme?17:48
BluesKajviKtor_,  choose get new themes17:48
Tm_TviKtor_: see the "application appearance"17:48
viKtor_BluesKaj: you mean in style preferences?17:49
argoblastdies_irae: are the beta packages of calligra newish?17:50
Tm_Targoblast: yes17:50
viKtor_argoblast: yeah i'm using it actually17:50
BrickRiskI'm having an issue with installing xbmc-eventclients-wiiremote, everytime i do apt-get uninstalls XBMC.17:51
argoblastthe ppa, does it include kde 4.8?17:51
BluesKajviKtor_,  workspace appearance>desktop theme17:51
viKtor_BluesKaj: but that's just plasma theme! hehe that's what i mean17:51
BluesKajit's more than that , viKtor_ , you need to use the 3 places in system settings that I mentioned , it's unfortunate that they aren't integrated into one place17:55
viKtor_i don't know... i just don't get the point of kde, everything looks newer than gnome, except for the interface that looks old as hell :S we should hav a kde shell! haha17:56
BluesKajviKtor_,  well then go back to gnome if you like it better , explore kde instread of compaining about it17:57
viKtor_blue i think you don't understand what i mean... air plasma it's ok, i just want change / customize the "oxygen" theme, there i can't find any way of getting new styles, and the one i just know by heart it's bespin17:58
viKtor_BluesKaj: and i'm not complaining, even if i could... for example, i could say *ubuntu it's crap at least in kde, cause chakra it's way better with every little detail it has... but no, i'm not doing it ;)17:59
BluesKajviKtor_,  look at this www.kde-look.org17:59
dies_iraeviKtor_: try fluxbox18:01
Tm_Tdies_irae: that won't help him a bit18:02
Tm_The's not complaining about window decorations AFAIK18:02
Tm_TviKtor_: did you find the app style config?18:03
viKtor_haha fluxbox is ugly! i used to use openbox too18:03
dies_iraeviKtor_: no one can decide for your own personal preferneces. So your questino 'how to decide' is stupid.18:03
Tm_Tdies_irae: please18:04
viKtor_and i'm the official spanish translator foran e17 distro18:04
viKtor_i don't think it's too hard to understand... what can i use instead of oxygen theme, that's it ;)18:05
BluesKajBrickRisk, I think the remote option of xbmc is a different version not just a plugin18:05
viKtor_how can i set a single touch as a keybind?18:05
Tm_TviKtor_: there's plenty of themes by default where to choose from, but did you find the dialog where it can be chosen?18:05
viKtor_these little thinks i can't do it! :S18:05
BrickRiskBluesKaj: XBMC dissapears and if I launch the xbmc-wiiremote all it does is look for a wii remote, its weird18:06
viKtor_Tm_T: you mean plastique, motif, cleanlooks?18:06
BrickRiskI've tried other repositories too, according to xbmc-docs you launch xbmc-wiiremote and then xbmc..I can get it to work if I launch xbmc-wiiremote then install xbmc and launch it18:07
BrickRiskbut the next time around xbmc-wiiremote is gone of course18:07
BrickRiskwhat repo does everyone use for XBMC?18:08
BrickRiskor ppa whatever it is now18:09
BluesKajviKtor_,  in system settings>application appearances >style>widget style >click on the options there , then choose and configure18:09
viKtor_BluesKaj: ok thanks dude18:10
BluesKajBrickRisk,  I thought it was compiled from source , at leas thtat's what i did when i tried it last yr18:11
BluesKajI don't see xbmc in my package manager18:11
BrickRiskBluesKaj: Im thinking of going that route, Im wodering if I'm having trouble because they are transitioning to Eden18:12
BrickRiskno XBMC has its own you need to add18:12
BrickRiskAhh I think Im gonna go from source BluesKaj18:13
BrickRiskIm not in love with this Muon...it is a little flacky18:14
BluesKajBrickRisk,  for what it's worth xbmc is cool if you want a server style setup with xbmc doing all the heavy lifting , but I found VLC for Dolby Digital and DTS works fine , for regular 2 ch videos dragonplayer fits my needs18:14
IppatsuManHi all. I'd like to update KDE to version 4.8 using the backports ppa. But when I try to upgrade (via aptitude dist-upgrade) aptitude says that there is a package conflict (kdepim-groupware, libplasmaclock4abi2, libtaskmanager4abi2) and proposes to remove about a hundred of packages. Full output here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/820341/ . Any suggestion on how to fix it?18:14
viKtor_i'm reinstalling my gnome ^^ kde has just somethings i don't like :S18:14
viKtor_thanks anyway dudes!18:14
BrickRiskBluesKaj: Yeah I use VLC also I love it18:15
BluesKajMuon is very flaky , BrickRisk, practically broken IMO18:15
BrickRiskBut my wife likes the point and click of XBMC18:15
BrickRiskI have the Apple TV doing xbmc in the living room trying to setup the laptop for in the bedroom18:16
BluesKajreally , BrickRisk all those menus ?18:16
* BluesKaj nods18:16
BrickRiskBluesKaj: Well its organized she can search by genre and all that18:16
BluesKajI setup VLC to open DD and DTS videos by file ext , same goes for dragon layer , wife just neds to got o videos click on what she wants18:18
viKtor_BluesKaj: last thing, is it possible to use external subtittles in a video playing in dragon player?18:18
BluesKajexternal subtitles ?18:18
BrickRiskYeah that's not bad18:18
viKtor_like not incrusted in a movie18:19
viKtor_two different files one for movie and other for sub18:19
BrickRiskincrusted heh18:19
BluesKajviKtor_,  no idea18:19
BrickRiskI would just use VLC viKtor_18:20
viKtor_yeah i tried right now and it just works fine with vlc18:20
BluesKajcheck vlc>tools>preferences>subtitles and OSD , viKtor_18:21
viKtor_yeah yeah in vlc it's still easier, you take your sub file and drag it into vlc window ^^18:22
BrickRiskI love yakuake should be standard on Kubuntu18:23
=== primozc is now known as Cinober`
BluesKajviKtor_,  ok , I only needed to do that once ," the girl with the dragon tatoo" ..it was in swedish (which i still undestand a bit of ) but the subtitles had to be added and it worked fine... it had some unnessary explicit sexual content IMO18:25
BluesKajer unecessary18:26
=== Cinober` is now known as Cinober
viKtor_you should watch "Grimm love" haha that's what i'm trying to see with spanish subtittles cause my boyfriend doesn't speak english at all18:26
viKtor_and with the shit of megaupload now... i can't find movies in spanish... so for torrents only VOS with sub18:27
BluesKajnever used mega18:27
BluesKajbitsnoop ftw18:28
viKtor_i always use/used it  :( so i feel really R.I.P. now :(18:28
viKtor_i gotta go18:29
viKtor_BluesKaj: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4391704ç18:29
viKtor_BluesKaj: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/439170418:29
viKtor_sorry, the second one18:29
dies_iraethat's one sick movie :/18:36
BluesKajwhich movie?18:36
dies_iraeI wouldn't wanna be anywhere near viKtor_'s sick mind.18:36
BluesKajdidn't bother18:37
dies_iraeBluesKaj: the link he posted.18:37
dies_iraeI just checked the link.18:37
BluesKajyeah i didn't DL it ...too old for that crap18:37
dies_iraerr.. that's not comforting either, do you mean if you were younger you'd be into that??18:39
Steve132hey BluesKaj:  I just checked, and I do have the partner repositories enabled18:53
Steve132and I don't have kdevelop-custom-buildsystem18:53
Steve132I didsearch it and it looks like its in precise pangolin18:55
dies_iraeso, what about my earlier question about middle click URL not working in firefox?18:55
BluesKajSteve132, ok that explains it , I'm on precise 12.04 and kde 4.819:01
DaskreecHKDE 4.9 ftl19:02
BluesKajhey DaskreecH , 4,8 is edgy enuff :)19:03
Tm_Tthere's no 4.9 /:19:04
BluesKajI'm sure there is , it's just not available to us19:05
Tm_Tthere's no 4.9 /:19:05
Steve132BluesKaj:  I can't even seem to find the source code to the qtdesigner plugin19:10
BluesKajinteresting stuff here , http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTAxOTE19:11
Steve132How do I dl or checkout the source?19:11
BluesKajSteve132,  try asking in #kubuntu-devel , the guys there are really helpful19:11
DaskreecHhi BluesKaj :)19:12
DaskreecHTm_T: y no foo point nein?19:12
Tm_TDaskreecH: same in english?19:13
DaskreecHTm_T: Why is there no 4.9 ?19:14
WhitePelicanI'm running xubuntu under lucid, how do I get the latest version of kde?19:14
Tm_Tthere's no 4.9 yet19:14
WhitePelican4.8 just came out19:14
DaskreecHSure there is19:14
DaskreecHJust not released for whiny people :)19:15
Tm_TDaskreecH: ok, where then? don't say "git master" as it's not any version19:15
DaskreecHTm_T: It's 4.9 :)19:15
Tm_Tas you say19:15
DaskreecHor 4.8.60 if you want to be technical19:15
DaskreecHbut considered to be 4.919:15
=== JackyAlcine_ is now known as JackyAlcine
DaskreecHsame as KDE 4.8 RC has a 4.7 version number but no one calls it that advanced 4.7 release19:16
Tm_Tas you wish (:19:16
DaskreecHGranted if you were in here complaining to people trying out KDE 4.8 Beta that it wasn't KDE 4.8 then sure I'll agree by that definition there is no KDE 4.919:18
Tm_TDaskreecH: let's return to this discussion when there's 4.9 beta19:19
DaskreecHBut as soon as the beta's branch off the master gets earmarked as KDE 4.9 as can pretty eaily be seen from the planet blogs :)19:19
WhitePelicanok folks, enough with the semantics, I asked a question and would like some help19:19
Tm_TWhitePelican: sorry, see the instructions at http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.8.019:20
KimlarouxWhitePelican, what version of ubuntu are you running?19:20
DaskreecHI didn't see the question. What is the inquiry?19:21
Tm_TWhitePelican: ah, I see, see the most recent update here that mentions lucid: http://www.kubuntu.org/news19:21
Kimlarouxlucid, that's 10.04 right?19:22
Kimlarouxfrom my knowledge, the best way to get the latest version of kde is to upgrade to 11.1019:23
DaskreecHIn general it's put on Kubuntu+1 and current Kubuntu in a PPA19:24
IppatsuManHi all. I'd like to update KDE to version 4.8 using the backports ppa. But when I try to upgrade (via aptitude dist-upgrade) aptitude says that there is a package conflict (kdepim-groupware, libplasmaclock4abi2, libtaskmanager4abi2) and proposes to remove about a hundred of packages. Full output here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/820341/ . Any suggestion on how to fix it?19:24
DaskreecHif it's one removed from a LTS and there are security updates the LTS will get it pushed as default but after a few months19:24
WhitePelicanTm_T, there is no mention of "lucid" or 10.04 on that page19:25
Tm_TIppatsuMan: it should remove those three packages instead19:25
DaskreecHOther than that if someone doesn't package it for older versions then it doesn't get done19:25
KimlarouxI'm on Lucid and I'm running kde 4.4.519:25
Tm_TIppatsuMan: one moment19:25
IppatsuManTm_Tr: sure, thanks19:25
IppatsuManTm_T: sure, thanks (typo)19:26
WhitePelicanKimlaroux, 11.10 does NOT work all that well for me.19:26
Kimlarouxme neither, that's why I'm still on 10.04 =P19:26
Tm_TIppatsuMan: try apt-get dist-upgrade instead19:26
DaskreecHIppatsuMan: What version of Kubuntu are you using?19:27
IppatsuManDaskreecH: 11.1019:27
DaskreecHBluesKaj: this is the busiest I've seen the place in a while. Though I guess it's a "new release" time period19:27
IppatsuManTm_T: http://paste.ubuntu.com/820429/ , apt-get actually removes these packages19:28
Tm_TIppatsuMan: so it did it right, nice19:29
BarkingFishAnyone got any experience yet with the 16 series kernel?19:29
BarkingFishDoes it work properly, any issues, drama, etc?19:30
IppatsuManTm_T: it was apt-get -s, but it seems right to me. Thanks for the hint, I'll try upgrading now.19:30
DaskreecHBarkingFish: Which kernel version is  that?19:31
BarkingFishthe one with the 16 at the end, not the 15, DaskreecH :P19:31
BarkingFishwell, I'm about to find out. It's just installed during my update, so a quick reboot will tell me.19:33
DaskreecHAh was thinking 3.16.019:34
jmichaelxso, kde 4.8... i cannot get the display settings to save. every time the machine is rebooted, it forgets its display settings, and looks ridiculous. anyone else running into this?19:36
Tm_Tjmichaelx: yes, unfortunately19:36
jmichaelxoh well, that sort of thing doesn't matter. what REALLY matters is nepomuk, akonaki, virtuoso, etc19:37
vandenoeverjmichaelx: a stored setting for that would be nice, even a list of recognized setups and remembered configurations for them would be nice19:38
Tm_Tjmichaelx: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18314319:39
ubottuKDE bug 183143 in kcm_randr "Display Settings are Lost on Logout" [Normal,Reopened]19:39
Tm_Tvandenoever: it's a bug that has reappeared19:39
jmichaelxvandenoever: i had this problem earlier on in 4.7, then somewhere along the line my settings finally saved.... yea, it has reappeared19:39
jmichaelx4.7 was an embarassment to KDE, and i wonder if 4.8 will be better in any way19:40
jmichaelxi notice that the pop-up calendar is at least readable now, after having been useless through the entire lifespan of 4.719:42
BluesKajjmichaelx,  4.8 is ok here now , tho there was a python bug that's been fixed , "but your experince may be different" :)19:42
argoblastmaybe not a kde problem, but a kubuntu problem?19:42
DaskreecHargoblast: probably not if it's listed on the b.k.o19:43
DaskreecHIf it's a kubuntu problem the bug would be closed with Kubuntu GYKT19:43
jmichaelxargoblast: it's a KDE problem... i use kubuntu, fedora and gentoo, all with KDE, and the same bugs are pretty much equally available across each of these machines19:44
DaskreecHalso part of the reason I try to verify bugs against other distros before filing a comprehensive bug19:45
emCould I take .debs I like from19:45
jmichaelxi actually think the kubuntu team has been doing very well, given what they have to work with19:45
jmichaelxKDE, on the other hand, is in perpetual slappy mode19:46
Tm_Tjmichaelx: it's not that, unfortunately19:46
emCould I ake .deb files I like from /var/cache/apt/archives and then install a fresh installation and put those back into /var/cache/apt/archives to have them install without a network connection?19:46
DaskreecHApparently it was fedora that patched the bug the last time it was resolved. Perhaps link with them to see if it can be improved?19:47
Tm_Tem: you don't have to put them back to /var/cache/apt/archives, you can install them from anywhere19:47
DaskreecHem: yes19:47
emTm_T: with dpkg -i ?19:47
DaskreecHem: that would work as well19:47
emTm_T: does it matter to apt if you use dpkg -i or apt-get install?19:47
DaskreecHem: apt-get calls dpkg -i19:48
emyeah but when you use dpkg -i on a .deb are you going to get all the benefits of updates and stuff?19:48
DaskreecHem: Yes it's written into the same database since dpkg -i is doing all the install work and maintainence19:48
DaskreecHyou can look at apt-get as the network layer and then dpkg as the package layer19:48
emDaskreecH: Then why do we always use apt-get install (or aptitude install) rather than just dpkg -i ?19:49
jmichaelxTm_T: i'm sure my previous statement doesn't really accurately describe what the problem is, but i do not get things like the pop-up calendar. i mean, good grief. throughout 4.7 is looked like garbage, the fonts were illegible, the settings did not work... why in the world was it even included, and after it was included, why was it never fixed?19:49
DaskreecHapt-get asks dpkg what's installed then checks on the network for any updates then drops them in /var/cache/apt/archives and asks dpkg to install them19:49
Tm_Tjmichaelx: the fact it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for developers19:49
emDaskreecH: yeah so say i do dpkg -i tsocksxxx.deb    it installs on my new machine. Later I get network access on it, when I do apt-get update will the tsocksxxx.deb get updates too?19:50
jmichaelxTm_T: it does not work for developers, or for anyone else19:50
emor just stuff i installed with apt-get install?19:50
DaskreecHjmichaelx: I actually had much better fonts in KDE 4.719:50
Tm_Tem: ofcourse they all get the same19:50
Tm_Tjmichaelx: you sure?19:50
DaskreecHem: yes because all >actual< installations are done by dpkg. But Apt-get just checks to see if there are updates19:50
jmichaelxDaskreecH: i am only referring to the pop-up calendar, right now... otherwise fonts were fine19:51
emTm_T: then it seems to me that even if I install a .deb from a third party site, manually, it can get updated by apt-get as long as its in the repos.19:51
DaskreecHem: correct19:51
Tm_Tem: yes19:51
jmichaelxTm_T: of course i can't speak for everyone, but i do know that devs were aware of the problem.19:51
emdo you guys prefer apt-get or aptitude or no preference?19:51
DaskreecHjmichaelx: why just the calendar did it have it's own methods for displaying?19:51
DaskreecHem: Whatever gets me Frozen Bubble19:52
emactually I think kubuntu has adept?19:52
jmichaelxDaskreecH: beats me. i just know that on the 3 distros i used, it looked like crap, and attempts at somehow changing that did not work well for me19:52
DaskreecHem: kpackagekit or muon depending on which version you have19:52
jmichaelxfrozen bubble, ftw19:52
DaskreecHjmichaelx: ah. was there a bug for that?19:52
jmichaelxDaskreecH: there is a bug for how crappy the calendar looks, yes19:53
Tm_Tem: asking "what's your favourite" isn't the purpose of this channel /:19:53
BluesKajem  , aptitude used to be the better choice , but lately apt=get has surpassed aptitudes capabilities , at least in my experience19:53
BluesKajerr apt-get19:53
DaskreecHAptitude has some better logistics for handling conflicts but apt-et has more features so which ever solves your current problem you can use19:54
DaskreecHthey all use dpkg to actually install and remove so jumping between them doesn't hurt the system19:54
DaskreecHAh UNIX mindset how easy you make life19:54
DaskreecHFun to see  Microsoft rewriting Windows to be UNIX19:55
BluesKajaptitude used to dependencies more accurately ,  afew OSs ago19:55
jmichaelxseems like aptitude was less likely to pull in unnecessary dependencies, at leat a while back19:56
DaskreecHprobbaly just didn't have install recommends by default as per Ubuntu Policy19:57
DaskreecHThough  that is conjecture on my part19:57
BluesKajDaskreecH,  Microsoft rewriting Windows to be UNIX?19:57
DaskreecHBluesKaj: Look at the security model for Vista and the hybrid model of Windows Phone 7/Windows 819:58
DaskreecHSounds a lot like UNIX security model and having shared programs with one doing a job well and the others relying on it19:59
jmichaelxDaskreecH: yea, i think you're right. i should have said suggested packages, rather than dependencies19:59
desadeanyone feeling up to answering a dd question?20:00
DaskreecHjmichaelx: I think uner debian they still are dependencies. Just considered a lower priority. If not installed the program will lose some capabilties but still offer it's core function20:00
DaskreecHdesade: depends on the question20:01
jmichaelxDaskreecH: ok, i would not have been aware of that20:01
desadeheh, fair enough ;)  I'm trying to do an image backup/restore of a hard drive with it20:01
BluesKajheh , W7 on wifes pc sees my linux boxes in it's networking panel ,but ai haven't bothered trying to work on it to access the linux machines20:01
desadeI used straight disk-to-disk: dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb    from a 100GB HD to a 120GB HD and it worked great20:02
desadepartition table, MBR, everything cloned right20:02
BluesKajno need anyway , i can access her pc just fine20:02
DaskreecHSamba :)20:02
desadebut then I realized I'd rather do it to an image:  dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/drive/100gb.img20:03
BluesKajyeah , i guess samba20:03
desadewhen I tested it by restoring to the 120GB HD ( dd if=/mnt/drive/100gb.img of=/dev/sdb ), it appeared to work, but the partition table was all screwed up.20:04
desadeany idea why it worked disk-to-disk but not disk-to-image-to-disk?20:04
DaskreecHnot sure. preexisting partition data?20:08
BrickRiskdesade: drive wasn't mounted was it?20:08
desadeBrickRisk: nope, not mounted20:08
BluesKajSteve132,  you around ?20:09
BrickRiskhmm, so it writes the img but will not write it back?20:09
desadeDaskreecH: the 120gb target was also the target of the earlier disk-to-disk, so to make sure I wasn't seeing leftovers I killed its partitions, re-made them, and did a mkfs -t msdos for good measure20:09
DaskreecHdesade: just to be clear this is three disks we are talking about right?20:10
desadeBrickRisk: yeah, and it seems to do the writing, but the result isn't bootable and doesn't have a valid partition20:10
desadeDaskreecH: yes, sorry -- image file stored on a 3rd disk20:11
DaskreecHdesade: to be fair I normally simply dd to an image then mount the image and copy back files I care about20:11
BrickRiskI would mount the img to check it at least20:12
DaskreecHbut ##linux might have more information for you20:12
desadeDaskreecH: yeah, this is a particular goal: perfect backup of primary system drive for bare-metal recovery20:12
desadeok I can try that channel, thanks20:13
BrickRiskcould use partimage software20:13
desadeand mounting the img is a good idea, didn't think of that... just do a fsck on the mount point to check it? or something specific?20:13
BrickRisktake the guess work out20:13
desademaybe that's a good plan, too... luckily I haven't wiped the source disk yet20:14
DaskreecHBrickRisk: but ... learning! It's a great thing :)20:14
BrickRiskdesade: use partimage it uses dd I style or can dump to a tar.gz and saves boot and partition info20:14
BrickRiskcan restore to larger disks also20:15
BrickRiskahh why take the time when partimage did for you :)20:15
desadeok, thanks for the advice, guys ... I'll take a look at all the above and see how it goes20:16
BrickRiskthen report back...with a 1-2 page essay on your results20:16
desaderight now waiting for dd to finish again to see if maybe something just went haywire the first time20:16
desadeheh careful what you wish for20:16
BrickRiskdid you set a blocksize for dd?20:17
desadeno, figured I would do more harm than good if I tried20:17
BrickRiskshouldn't just speeds things up bs=4M20:18
desadeok if I end up doing the disk-to-image step again, I'll use that flag20:19
BrickRiskI would goto partimage personally...are you sure the source is not damaged?20:19
desadeheck I hope not... it's my Ubuntu install20:20
DaskreecHBrickRisk: seems to work if done directly disk-to-disk if desade's testing is correct20:20
BrickRiskohh thats right i forgot20:20
desadewas just typing that... ;)20:20
BrickRiskanyways after that maybe fails try sysrescuecd it has partimage on it, you can dump the images to an external drive or what have you and then restore20:21
mellinHey all. I have a small issue I need help in resolving. When I close my laptop lid, or the screen times out. When I log back in my internet connection does not reconnect. I have to open the tray applet and tell it to reconnect to the wireless network. How can I make it automatically connect?20:23
DaskreecHmellin: what version of NetworkManager are you using? I think that was a bug that was resolved20:24
mellinDaskreecH: Not sure20:24
BrickRiskI have to do the same thing, although I think usually its because of kwallet or whatever20:25
desadeI can't talk on the ##linux channel for some reason20:25
DaskreecHdesade: try registering20:26
mellinBrickRisk: Not in my case. That is only if I need to restart(even though that is almost never) Even then though after kwallet it still doesn't do the auto connect like I have it set to do.20:26
BluesKajkwallet a pita app poorly implemented , maybe I'm just thick headed , but i don't see the point of how ir20:26
BluesKajit's supposed to work20:26
BrickRiskYeah same here it is kind of annoying...Im on a fresh install of Kubuntu 11.1020:26
jmichaelxhmm, new amarok seeming pretty broken20:27
DaskreecHBluesKaj: You put in one password that holds multiple passwords20:28
vandenoeverwould be fun to have software with way less functions but all guaranteed/proven to work20:28
BluesKajjmichaelx,  yeah , it's not working very well here either , totally disappeared after I installed  kde 4,820:28
BrickRiskIm researching mellin but so far nothing good20:29
=== desade is now known as desade_mm
DaskreecHdesade: registered?20:29
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i have also had to switch away from the xine phonon backend of late to get it to work20:29
BluesKajDaskreecH,  yeah , i get that part,  but why bother20:29
DaskreecHvandenoever: Dragon?20:30
DaskreecHBluesKaj: cause you don't want to remember 60 different passwords20:30
desade_mmthink so... let me try joining again20:30
mellinBrickRisk: Kewl appreciate it...I'm trying to figure out what version I have...it looks to be a kde control module app20:30
BluesKajjmichaelx,  yeah , xine is no longer default , gstreamer is20:30
DaskreecHSame reason the browser offers to rememer passwords for your websites20:30
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i have been using vlc backend, as i've historically hated gstreamer20:31
BluesKajDaskreecH,  60 diff pwds ? heh I don't think so !20:31
jmichaelxseems to be working well20:31
BrickRiskahh i found the answer maybe mellin20:31
mellinBriskRisk: Ok...20:31
BrickRiskclick the network manager then select manage connection20:31
desade_mmnope, no joy... I'll try the ideas you gave here and see where I get20:31
BrickRiskclick the connection you want to auto connect and select edit20:31
BrickRiskat the top select connect automatically20:32
DaskreecHBluesKaj: as with all else if you don't have any use for it feel free to not use it20:32
vandenoeverDaskreecH: what about Dragon?20:32
DaskreecHvandenoever: less features. basically works20:32
mellinBrickRisk: Alas I already had done that..20:32
BrickRiskahh shite20:32
vandenoeverDaskreecH: yes, but not proven to work, it's still dependent on a complicated buggy stack20:33
DaskreecHah I guess alsaplay then :)20:33
BluesKajDaskreecH,  it doesn't ask me to save any pwds , only once with chromium after I installed it20:33
vandenoeverDaskreecH: not event that is proven20:33
DaskreecHvandenoever: birds outside the window then :) they don't even have script plugins just /dev/random cron jobs20:34
BrickRiski wonder if your wireless card shuts off when you close the lid like a soft shutdown you could check it with rfkill20:34
BrickRiskif its not coming back up when the lid is opened that is20:36
mellinBrickRisk: I noticed below automatically connect was checked. When unchecked I can select advanced permissions. I added my username to the list of users that can connect. Maybe that will correct the issue. I'll be back if I get the NIC turned off20:36
BrickRiskworth a shot20:36
BluesKajI'm still trying to figure out why vlc player audio times out after 5 mins or so on avi files with 2ch pcm stereo audio stream , but doesn't on 5.1 DD or DTS audio..otherwise it would be the exclusive video player on my setup.20:38
SIQKOmicrophone is not working20:39
jmichaelxok, usinjg vlc phonon backend, and resizing panels, amarok 2.5 is now working for me20:39
SIQKOi tried with another os it's not the probl a the microph.20:40
SIQKOso what it might be20:40
SIQKOi am trying to have a conversation via skype and such but microphone is not functioning20:41
SIQKOwhat might be the problem any suggestions plz20:41
BluesKajSIQKO,  have you checked alsamixer and pulseaudio settings20:42
DaskreecHSIQKO: I've found if you have pulseaudio going into Phonon and switching from the card to internal audio makes the Mic flip on20:43
SIQKOwell i didnt cause  , alsamixer it's not installed20:44
BluesKajtype alsmixer in the terminal20:44
SIQKOkde has it's own20:44
BluesKajkmix is alsamixer gui20:45
SIQKOthanks but  already installed20:46
SIQKOand kmix is gui20:47
BluesKajSIQKO,  alsamixer shows more options20:47
SIQKOwell dud e same as kmix , same options20:50
BrickRiskSIQKO: Is it selected for the input device20:51
SIQKOanything else that ma ycause this to happen20:52
BluesKajnot om mine20:52
SIQKOyeah i think so , let me check20:52
fantihi! doesn't "modconf" exist any longer in recent ubuntu version?21:00
desade_mmBrickRisk: just an update, the 2nd dd restore didn't work either, but the image looks fine (e2fsck -vf /mnt/drive/100gb.img)21:02
desade_mmpartimage is a no-go because this filesystem is ext421:05
BrickRiskok try clonezilla21:06
BrickRisksupports ext421:07
desade_mmyeah, should work, looks like21:07
desade_mmkinda wanted good old dd to do it for me, but the point is to get it done, not score a win for dd21:08
BrickRiskyour dumping the image directly to the drive like /dev/sda not /dev/sda1?21:09
BrickRiskok try running gparted on the drive and see what it says about the partitions21:10
desade_mmthe source drive?21:10
BrickRiskno the receiving drive21:11
BrickRiskyou can not mount the drive you dumped to right>21:11
desade_mmfdisk -l ok? don't have a gui and I'm running from a usb live drive with no network21:11
desade_mmand correct, cannot mount it - doesn't even think it has a sda121:12
BrickRiskso its striclty the partition information that is being lost21:12
desade_mmI assume so...21:12
desade_mmif I manage to get the partition behaving, I'll know more about the data21:13
BrickRiskok I think there is extra steps you have to take when using dd to store and restore the partition and mbr21:15
DaskreecHfanti: modconf?21:15
DaskreecH!register | desade_mm21:16
ubottudesade_mm: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode21:16
desade_mmI'm seeing some stuff about grabbing the first 512 blocks... is that what you're talking about?21:16
SIQKOBrickRisk , yes it selected as input dvice21:16
desade_mmI was reading that as well, originally thought that was mbr-only backup, but now I'm not so sure21:17
fantiDaskreecH: the commandline tool to handle kernel modules?21:17
desade_mmstill don't understand why disk-to-disk worked21:17
DaskreecHfanti: modprobe ?21:18
BrickRiskyeah that is strange21:18
BrickRiskSIQKO: ok and is it selected in the skype configuration the same mic source21:18
BrickRiskSIQKO: try the test call and see if you can hear yourself21:19
SIQKOalready done , i can hear but .....21:20
BrickRiskdesade_mm: also gparted can be run from cmd line21:20
desade_mmok, this is extremely wordy, but it basically says to do exactly what I did:  http://www.backupcentral.com/wiki/index.php/Linux_%26_Windows_Bare_Metal_Recovery#Image_level_or_filesystem_level.3F21:20
desade_mm(if gparted is installed...)21:21
BrickRiskoh that's right no internet21:21
BrickRiskwhat good is a computer without internet?21:21
BrickRisklike a cart wihtout  a horse21:21
desade_mmit says the separate mbr backup/restore is unnecessary, because it's all part of the full drive image21:21
desade_mmit's like camping21:21
BrickRiskyeah I read that too...you should be find the way you are doing it21:22
desade_mmthe mbr must have gotten trashed in the img file somehow when I first made it21:22
desade_mmbetter re-backup the source, I think21:22
desade_mmnow I'm paranoid about the original... maybe I'll boot it again just to make sure21:23
BrickRiskAre you just going to a larger drive?21:23
BrickRiskor is this for backup purposes21:23
desade_mmbackup purposes... doing a big system upgrade (6.04 to current), and I need 100% fallback-ability21:24
desade_mmwhew, orig still boots like a champ  :D21:27
BrickRiskcouldn't hurt to do dd if=/dev/hda of=/mnt/sda1/backup-hda.mbr count=1 bs=51221:27
BrickRiskreplace dev with yours21:27
desade_mmyeah, good idea21:27
BrickRiskthen sfdisk -d /dev/hda > /mnt/sda1/backup-hda.sf21:28
BrickRiskagain sub with your info that would be to save partition information21:29
desade_mmnever used sfdisk... is it significantly different from fdisk?21:29
BrickRisksfdisk can do more21:30
BrickRiskdesade_mm: since you store the mbr and parition info seperatly you would only have to store the partition like /dev/sda1 to file21:32
BrickRiskthere are more steps involved this way, manually restoring the mbr & then partition info then image21:33
desade_mmI might try both: mbr+partition, full img21:33
desade_mmtrying to minimize the number of times I have to *not* screw this up ;)21:33
desade_mmgtg... ty and I'll let you know how it goes21:33
BrickRiskor clonezilla21:33
BrickRiskif you can21:33
BrickRiskFSarchiver also an option21:34
BrickRiskgood luck21:34
BrickRiskSIQKO: get it working?21:35
BrickRiskSkype test call all  you hear is the lady and not what you say21:35
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:35
salonxdcc list21:35
BrickRiskDo you have a front panel mic?21:36
SIQKOi cant understand w!21:36
BrickRiskusb? etc21:36
BrickRiskDoes you mic plug into the front of your computer or directly into the soundcard21:36
BrickRiskcause on my desktop I have to select between the front mic and the rear21:37
BrickRisksometimes the naming of the devices can be misleading like line-1 line-221:37
BrickRiskwhat soundcard do you have?21:38
BrickRisklsmod and private msg me the results21:39
SIQKON10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller21:39
BrickRiskalso do arecord -l21:40
SIQKOyes jus t a sec21:41
SIQKOlsmod : soundcore              12600  1 snd21:42
BrickRisktell you what to alsa mixer select f4 and make sure that internal mic or something similar is selected21:44
SIQKOarecord -l : No protocol specified21:44
SIQKOxcb_connection_has_error() returned true21:44
SIQKOcard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: AD198x Analog [AD198x Analog]21:44
SIQKO  Subdevices: 0/121:44
SIQKO  Subdevice #0: subdevice #021:44
FloodBotK3SIQKO: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:44
SIQKOok sry21:45
BrickRiskwe need to check the capture source and the capture level to make sure that it is set properly21:46
SIQKOok so , how do we capture tail -f  , or ....21:48
BrickRiskno, need lets first check alsamixer21:49
BrickRiskit may just be that the capture level is set to 021:49
SIQKOso first alsamixer  ,just a ssec21:50
=== root is now known as Guest10510
SIQKOyeah i see mic21:51
BarkingFishEvening guys.  Has anyone here gone up to the 3.0.0-16 kernel yet?21:51
BarkingFishIf you haven't, for the love of mike, don't.21:51
BrickRiskMake sure you hit f4 for capture21:51
Tm_TBarkingFish: if there's a bug, please report it21:52
BrickRiskthen turn up the levels on the capture devices21:52
SIQKOohh it says that mic is off21:53
BrickRiskmight be the problem21:53
BarkingFishTm_T: There is a major bug in it for anyone using ndiswrapper.  It keeps losing connection to the device you're using, and when you try to reactivate it using modprobe, it just panics and dumps you out of the whole setup21:53
SIQKOcant turn it on21:54
Tm_TBarkingFish: is it reported?21:54
=== rob_____ is now known as huhCooLio
BarkingFishI don't know, I don't even know where to report it... to the launchpad, devs, somewhere else...21:54
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:54
Tm_TBarkingFish: ^21:55
BrickRisktry highlighting it and pressing spacebar21:55
=== rob_____ is now known as huhCooL
SIQKO done21:59
SIQKOnothing happend22:00
SIQKOstill not working22:02
BrickRiskhmm says mic is off tho?22:02
SIQKOi tried the same in other pc and other os22:03
SIQKObut is working22:04
SIQKObut not here in kde22:04
emSo I just installed Kubuntu. It's rather nice looking.22:04
emI noticed that the start up sound was played a long time after it was all started up. Is that normal?22:05
SIQKOhow long do u mean22:05
SIQKOlike a minute ?22:05
SIQKOstill my mic isn't working in kde but whyyyy?22:08
BrickRiskSIQKO: try going through this http://alsa.opensrc.org/Record_from_mic22:09
BrickRiskI would have to see it there are sometimes multiple things that have to be set to get it working depending on your card22:09
BrickRiskinstall teamviewer and let me take control of your system22:10
DaskreecHem: It's normal for me :)22:10
BrickRiskalright im out have to finish the oil change on my bike good luck SIQKO22:13
SIQKOthank you man22:13
SIQKOok i've just installed give me your email , i'll send you the ID and pass OK22:15
=== ranmaruhibikiya is now known as RanmaruHibikiya
emSIQKO: yeah about a minute after it's started then i hear the start up music.22:23
SIQKOdoes the system starts properly at least22:23
emIf I install firefox on Kubuntu will it download a bunch of Gnome crap?22:23
emSIQKO: seems to. Kind of slow but i can live with that if its just once at startup22:23
SIQKOtry to disable the effects22:24
SIQKOsystem settings then desktop effects adjust them22:24
almoxarifeem: get chromium, you wont look back22:24
emalmoxarife: Well, I cannot download anything until I can figure out how to set up a SOCKS proxy with rekonq. I can do that in firefox but I don't see how with rekonq yet.22:28
Tm_Tem: it uses your KDE-wide proxy settings22:28
almoxarifeem: like tor?22:28
almoxarifeem: what Tm_T said22:29
emTm_T: is there an option for using SOCKS that was created with ssh -D ?22:29
emI don't have an actual proxy running at home. I just use ssh -D22:29
Tm_Tem: I don't think it cares what kind of socks proxy it is22:30
emTm_T: I'll see if I can make it go. That never worked with Gnome for me but maybe this has more clear settings.22:31
=== giovanni is now known as Guest12778
almoxarifegnome is dead22:33
almoxarifeany quassel gurus?22:33
almoxarifei want the input box to be bigger than it is, like 2-3 lines worth of box size22:34
emTm_T: in settings network proxy there is nothing there that says SOCKS that I see.22:34
almoxarifeem: there is in system settings > network22:35
Kwarkjealmoxarife, use shift+enter to separate lines, it will expand automatically22:35
emalmoxarife: Im in system settings network. Where does it say SOCKS?22:35
almoxarifeem: under 'manual'22:36
emalmoxarife: Im in System Settings > Network Settings is that what you are talking about?22:37
almoxarifeKwarkje: anything to fix it to 2-3 lines worth of box22:37
emalmoxarife: then i click on 'proxy'22:38
RanmaruHibikiyahow can I set the gtk apps language in kubuntu?22:38
almoxarifeKwarkje: but at thats a good start, thnks22:38
emalmoxarife: then i click on 'manually specify proxy settings'22:38
emalmoxarife: then i click on Setup..22:38
emalmoxarife: I see options there for HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. Nothing for SOCKS22:39
almoxarifeem: what is below 'ftp'?22:40
almoxarifeRanmaruHibikiya: did you search in 'system settings'?22:41
emalmoxarife: Nothing. It just says "use the same proxy server for all protocols"22:41
Tm_TRanmaruHibikiya: they should use the same language KDE uses, is it Firefox that is causing you the issue?22:41
emalmoxarife: I don't have a proxy server. I just have my connection at home which I use port fowardting with ssh -D5555 em@my.home.ip.addy22:41
emright now im chatting because of ssh to my hhome computer and screen with irssi22:42
almoxarifeem: strange, i do see 'socks' below 'ftp'22:42
RanmaruHibikiyaalmoxarife: sure, and I can set up style and fonts for gtk apps22:42
emalmoxarife: Im using Kubuntu 11.04 what about you?22:42
almoxarifeem: 11.1022:43
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: KDE is ES_MX, gimp and firefox shows in english22:43
emalmoxarife: So Kubuntu 11.04 did not have support for SOCKS proxy?22:43
almoxarifeem: i doubt that22:43
almoxarifeem: it may not be installed?22:43
emalmoxarife: how could I install it?22:44
Tm_TRanmaruHibikiya: enter "locale" in Konsole and pastebin the results?22:44
almoxarifeem: are you kidding? you got the ssh to the house blah blah all figured out but you cant figure out out to install apps/dependencies?????22:45
emalmoxarife: yes.22:45
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: LANG=es_MX.UTF-822:45
FloodBotK3RanmaruHibikiya: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:45
Tm_TRanmaruHibikiya: I said pastebin it (:22:46
almoxarifeem: i dont know that you need to install socks dependencies, it was a thing to look at22:46
emalmoxarife: Without the ability to point a web  browser at my SOCKS proxy at port 5555 Im not sure how I am supposed to download anything?22:46
emI cannot use apt-get until I can get tsocks. Or find some way to set the system to use my proxy22:46
emI cannot get tsocks until I can download something.22:46
Tm_Tem: I wonder if traditional way works22:47
almoxarifeem: want to explain exactly what kind of setup you have that requires all that overhead?22:47
emIm surprised that Rekonq does not have a way to use a SOCKS proxy. I thought that was normal.22:47
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: http://paste.ubuntu.com/820635/22:47
emalmoxarife: I brought my desktop to work. here at work there is a firewall or something. On the computers here at work we use a company proxy. When I used Ubuntu (and thus had firefox) I got around that by ssh -D5555 em@my.home.ip.addy and then setting Firefox to use SOCKS at localhost port 5555.22:49
Tm_TRanmaruHibikiya: hmmm, have you installed language packs for gimp and firefox?22:49
emSo I was using my own IP to surf here at home. That meant I could go to pages that had the debs and just download them that way. To get started.22:49
emThen I would get tsocks and I could even start using sudo tsocks apt-get install  ...22:50
emBut with Kubuntu it appears there is not support for SOCKS22:50
almoxarifeem: you can ssh into home?22:50
emYes I can ssh into my home machine.22:50
almoxarifeem: so you can apt-get?22:51
embut my home machine is not the same architecutre and it's a much older Ubuntu.22:51
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: no, i seach for them but i can't find them22:51
emIt won't be the same deb.22:51
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: I used Muon for searching22:52
almoxarifeem: why must you call home again?22:52
emalmoxarife: I call home so that I can ssh -D5555 to it.22:52
emSo that I can use my home IP here at work.22:52
emSo I can get around the firewall here at work.22:53
almoxarifeem: ah, i wont get involved in circumventing firewalls with a stranger, talk to IT22:53
emas it is right now, even though Im connected (obviously) to the internet, if I open a browser it won't work unless I put in the companies proxy (which I don't actually know anyway, but that's the beside the point, I wouldn't want to do it anyway since that sucks)22:53
emalmoxarife: Oh for goodness sakes.22:53
almoxarifeem: yeah, really22:54
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: no, i seach for them but i can't find them22:54
emI'm not asking how to steal my neighboors WiFi.22:54
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: I used Muon for searching22:54
Tm_TRanmaruHibikiya: one moment22:54
emIt's okay I don't hold you personally responsible for Kubuntu failure.22:55
almoxarifeem: the failure is yours. with all due respect, ego aside22:55
emalmoxarife: What failure did I make?22:55
Tm_Talmoxarife: em: please stick on the channel topic22:56
almoxarifeTm_T: agreed22:56
emTm_T: That will be best for his sake. I agree.22:57
Tm_TRanmaruHibikiya: I seem to fail with search too, sorry22:58
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: np, thanks for ur help22:58
Tm_Ttime to get some sleep, so good night all22:58
rosco_ydoes anyone know how to "select all" in mc?22:59
rosco_yI did a search for temporary files, and I want to delete them all22:59
RanmaruHibikiyaTm_T: good night23:00
almoxariferosco_y: bleachbit is what i use for cruff23:00
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emDoes anyone know why SOCKS would be in System settings > network settings > proxy > Manual   on Kubuntu 11.10 but not on 11.04 ?23:07
poyntzhi all23:22
poyntzhow can you configure mic volume in kubuntu?23:22
ts2you should be able to configure that from KMix, it should already be loaded in the system tray as a speaker icon23:23
poyntzwhen I click on kmix it doesn't open :S23:25
poyntzif I try to open it from bash I don't get a dump either23:26
poyntzpoyntz@poyntz-compaq-621:~$ kmix23:26
poyntzif I try to install it using apt-get I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/820678/23:27
ts2what happens when you right-click the icon?23:29
poyntzit's open23:30
poyntzsorry, it isn't opening because it's already open on the tray23:30
poyntzthat said, i'm still not sure how to use it to adjust my mic volume23:30
ts2for me, it's under the "Capture Devices" tab23:30
poyntzhaving no luck23:33
poyntzis pulseaudio supposed to be controlling the audio?23:33
poyntzI installed pavucontrol and it stopped everything working23:33
poyntz- in terms of audio23:33
poyntzno sound23:34
poyntzand can't fix it23:34
poyntzi'm going to try rebooting23:34
=== ranmaruhibikiya is now known as RanmaruHibikiya
soeehmm after some updates i have only black screen and cursor visible23:58
soeewhen i try to start plasma-desktop from terminal i have this error message23:58
soeeplasma-desktop(4269): KUniqueApplication: Cannot find the D-Bus session server: "Unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X11"23:59

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