benonsoftwaresagaci: Hi, I am wondering what the Australia localised CD image is about?02:13
sagaciI'll be back later, benonsoftware 02:18
sagacimoving house, so can't really type too much02:18
benonsoftwareHave fun :P02:19
sagacibenonsoftware: the idea behind the localised ISO is to have an ISO that has the en_AU locale/language packs preinstalled, customised bookmarks/wallpapers/internet radio, along with a few core packages that aren't available in the normal ubuntu install... ie. wvdial, usbmodeset, build-essential... packages that would take hours/days to download on a dial-up/constricted connection or those who...09:41
sagaci...simply don't have the quota to spare09:41
sagacisome people can download drivers or bits of software they have to compile to run properly so I've included build-essential, otherwise that would be a pain to have to install on a bad connection09:42
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